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Uconnect Access App

No matter where you are, your vehicle is never far away with the Uconnect® Access App. Take advantage of the following services designed to make your life easier… right from the palm of your hand! With this app, owners of vehicles with Uconnect Access are able to: - Lock or unlock your car from virtually anywhere - Start your car & cancel start remotely - Flash the lights & sound the horn to help find your car - Locate your car on a map using Vehicle Finder* - Send a destination to your car’s navigation system using Send ‘n Go* You can log in to the app using the same user name and password that you used when registering your Uconnect System. What can we help you with? Contact us directly from the app. Simply select Help in the main menu and then select Send Feedback. You can also push the ASSIST button on your rearview mirror to speak with a representative. Compatible with the following vehicles: - 2015 – 2017 Chrysler 200 - 2015 – 2016 Chrysler 300 - 2015 – 2016 Dodge Challenger and Charger - 2015 – 2017 Jeep Renegade - 2014 – 2017 Dodge Durango - 2014 – 2017 Jeep® Cherokee and Grand Cherokee - 2013 – 2017 Ram 1500/2500/3500 - 2013 – 2017 Dodge Viper Vehicle must be properly equipped with a Uconnect 8.4 or 8.4 NAV system. Vehicle must be registered for Uconnect Access fulfilling all registration and subscription requirements. Vehicle must be located within the 48 contiguous United States, plus Alaska and Hawaii. Also, vehicle must have an active and usable cellular connection. To learn more about these services and if/when they will be available inside your car, please visit To check if Uconnect Access is compatible with your phone, visit Uconnect Access Support © 2017 FCA US LLC. All Rights Reserved. Chrysler, Jeep®, Dodge, FIAT®, Ram, SRT® and Mopar® are registered trademarks of FCA US LLC.


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Uconnect Access app reviews

  • Hate loathe detest this app 1/5

    By Blah lame
    I "required" this app to link my phone to my Jeep so it also exists on my jeep. Upon updating it in my vehicle it "decided" to reorganize my app display and my music. It alphabetized my music so my song layout doesn't match the album layout I previously had. Plus it also "decided" to automatically repeat my music folders instead of going on to the next folder upon finishing one folder. Yeah, I totally want to listen to one folder over and over when I have over 100 folders with over 2000 songs on all of them. I'd give this app a 5 pile of feces rating and I loathe it so much I shudder to give it even one star. There may be a way to reset my settings the way they were, but I'm usually "driving" when I use my vehicle so attempting to figure that out is all but convenient... 👎👎👎👎👎
  • So far not working well. iPhone 6s 3/5

    By Yeah4it
    I just bought a brand new Jeep Renegade. I was pretty excited to use this app. First disappointment was there was not a remote start feature for my car. Secondly, it only works 1 out of 10 times I try it. I will continue using to see if it improves. DEVS: I want to give you guys a high five for replying to a lot of the commenters here. It's rare to get a response on reviews. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🤛🏻
  • Pandora never works 2/5

    By Frank M'
    You need this app in order to have pandora launch in the truck, but once I open this app and try and get pandora to open and play, it might work 10% of the time. It's horrendous
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By Agw54
    UPDATE: App stopped working properly - (Fuel indication stopped working) after latest push update on Uconnect system on my 2016 Cherokee. Location services are ok. Before that, it worked perfectly. ???? I would give it 5 stars WHEN it works again. Please fix...
  • The Future Is Here 5/5

    By Evan 41
    Amazing app for what it is. Yes, they app has bugs and yes, they could add more features. I've worked the app into my morning wake up routine. I wake up, roll over, open the app and get the car warmed up for me. Nothing is better then getting into a car with a heated steering wheel and seats prepped for enjoyment. Using the GPS feature of the app makes navigation mindless. Typing in the address on your phone, send it to your car, in a second your destination pops up on your cars screen. Other reviews seem to have small issues and give the app 1 star, shame on them. I hope their reviews don't skew future users from downloading this great app. Creating an account to control your car isn't to much to ask for. What I'd like to see from this app is maybe a climate control and radio feature added. If you'd really want to blow our minds maybe a function to control driver seat position memory. I'm a huge fan and constant supporter of the app. Can't wait to see where this app goes in the future. Keep on improving!
  • Issues 1/5

    By Eleven11_
    App auto launches when you turn the car on. Major pain if you already have an app open. Also to close it each time. Lastly, Pandora doesn't stay connected for long and requires a password to reconnect
  • App opening after car is started?? 1/5

    By arimariex
    I don't get why this app needs to open by itself after I turn my car on. The purpose of the app seems to be to allow me to have the control to turn my car on/off and unlock/lock but if I'm already in my car and start it manually, the app turning on is pointless. And also killing my phone battery. PLEASE FIX!
  • App works fine but stops music when open. 2/5

    By DarienEndy
    This app has worked fine for me. My only issue is my music always pauses/stops when I launch the app to change a setting. This app should have zero control over the music settings on my iPhone. If there was a way to override this on my phone I would change this but I believe it's due to a programming error with this app by the developer. Please fix!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Apollo821
    App barely works and the linked apps in the car are finicky at best. I've got to restart the phone app and car apps multiple times to get them to work together, and then sometimes the car app won't come up after navigating away from it. (So if you're using Pandora or Spotify in the background and then use your navigation like a normal person, you can't change your Pandora station ever. Awesome.) I wish I could give this less than one star.
  • Constantly Pops Up On It's Own Very Annoying 1/5

    By Sjk1010
    This app has some useful information but it's a royal PITA when it constantly pops up every time I'm trying to do something. Needs a fix!
  • Nice start but needs more features 2/5

    By 8ipods
    Works as expected but needs more features. How about venting windows, closing sunroof shade, closing sun roof? Once the trial ran out they want $20 a month for remote start and unlocking doors. Give me a break. It's almost impossible to lock your keys in the car anyways. My key fob can do a remote start from my office window. Don't need the app for that. Via mobile works only about half the time I try to use Pandora. I often get an error after it tries to load. Then I have to open the app and toggle the enable switch to get it go work. The pandora app on the uconnect sounds way better than streaming over Bluetooth. Please fix.
  • Getting a Tahoe thanks to this app 1/5

    By Irfan k
    Worst of the worst , really just keeps disappointing, cannot connect to pandora always have to log in , doesn't have "passenger option" so have to pull over to log in to use phone, won't connect to phone half the time , just nonsense
  • Really? The app opens every time I start the car? 1/5

    By sportsscientist
    Further edit: I'm uninstalling. I didn't realize it but we had a trial subscription that included the remote start feature. An annual sub is $150, which is not worth it for us just to be able to start the vehicle remotely. I can still is the hands-free function in the car for voice calls and play media on my phone (or tablet). Edit: Please halt the insanity...the app opens up when my phone connects via Bluetooth...then again when I plugged it in? P Please roll this back or update this, it has zero functionality. The app does so little--which is totally ok. Remote start and unlock are great features. So with the app doing so little, why does it need to automatically open when the car and phone connect? It's already a pain that the car defaults to my phone when plugged in--which might be Chrysler and not an app feature--but now the app opens up as well. :(
  • App opens by itself. 1/5

    By 1500 longhorn
    Since the April update, every time I travel in my RAM 1500 the access app opens by itself. I don't even have to touch the iPhone and it opens. Have called customer service and until more people complain, they won't address the situation. App is draining battery on iPhone because it keeps opening. I have to delete the app. Not worth the trouble it is causing. It is great before the last update. Developers contacted me to relate that they are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the issue. Once the issue is resolved, I will definitely reinstall the app. It is a great app. Coming out of a sporting event, I could locate my truck in a large parking lot with no trouble. Installed the app again on 6/22, issue still not resolved. Had to delete the app again. Too much of a drain on iPhone battery. It is a shame because it could be a great app if it didn't open by itself. With the recent update to the Uconnect system, I thought the developers would have resolved the issue of the app automatically opening. Nope!!!!! App still opens by itself and drains battery. I probably won't purchase another year of Uconnect Service. Quite disappointed. Sufficient time to correct problem.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jmmmmm1052
    I just got a new Jeep andI had no clue what this was or how to use it. Very simple and user friendly for this 65 year old! Thanks!
  • Useless popup - constantly 1/5

    By bjpavlik
    Someone needs to be fired. This app is nonstop invasive. The annoying constant pop ups of this app renders the entire Bluetooth function of the vehicle useless. I have unpaired my phone from the vehicle and STILL get a reminder to register/login every time I plug in the phone. 1.5 stars - great work FCA.
  • From terrible to even worse! 1/5

    By Elfas22
    After last update became useless! No more texts and voice commands removed anything media related! Even before update was pretty bad, now with even less options I want to sell my truck just because all other manufacturers have better options, even Fords Microsoft sync is better at this point
  • Ram 2500 Apple CarPlay - No Support 1/5

    By Jehnorris
    Just bought a brand new Ram 2500 limited and uConnect doesn't support Apple CarPlay in a brand new $75k truck? However it's supported in a $25k charger? Makes no sense. Same exact head unit
  • Terrible execution 1/5

    By GrOcK1983
    Almost never loads, forgets username almost every time now, can't find account....I guess it's to be expected with the quality of how our Jeep was designed
  • Neat app 5/5

    By gravveblaze
    I've been reading everyone has autostart problems with their iPhones. I use a iPhone 6 and have never seen the app start once without me physically starting the app itself. This includes connection USB or Bluetooth. The app just hasn't ever started. I haven't played around with it that much except sitting in the living room locking and unlocking the doors to the car and trying out the remote start.
  • Mobile app links don't work 1/5

    By kbutton1
    I can not get the mobile app links to work like Pandora. I have relinked and reinstalled the app multiple times (as instructed by Access Support) but the Pandora and other music apps give me an error msg every time I try to open. In the past 6 weeks since I bought the Grand Cherokee the mobile apps have worked twice out of many daily attempts. Wish I had my Apple Car Play. Much better system.
  • Auto launch unnecessary 2/5

    By Dissatisfied With Your Product
    There is no reason for the app to automatically launch when my phone connects to my vehicle. It is an annoying function with zero usefulness.
  • 0 stars!!! Totally 100% UNstable!!!! 1/5

    By ExcitedEYE
    I've spent hours on the phone troubleshooting this POS app with UConnect "support". Not my job!!! This app is completely unstable and very close to dangerous! When it does work it is when the app is shutting down. SCARY!!! You could leave your car unlocked and running, potentially... The developers here have completely missed the mark and I question their morality at this point. Do NOT use!!!!
  • battery killer 1/5

    By \][poi
    I have a new iphone 7 for about a month. For the last three days my great battery life deteriorated at a rediculous rate down to 50% in 4 hrs. I went to the apple store for a diagnostic check. I also noticed that this app. kept popping up whenever I entered my 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I just swiped it off and didn't think about it. It turns out that this app was the battery killer! First the apple expert shut down the refresh ability but evidently the app has stronger powers and that didn't help the battery drain. I deleted the app and now my battery life is great again. If I need to get into my locked car without the keys I will get the app from the cloud for that function and then delete it immediately after the doors unlock or I will just call AAA and save my battery. I have been driving for about 50 years and haven't locked myself out of any car yet so I should be ok. If you value your battery, do not install this app . You might actually need battery power in your phone for a real emergency.
  • Liked the app till it updated to auto launch 1/5

    By Jlray092
    Hate hate hate the app now- please STOP the app from auto launching!
  • Auto launch is horrible 1/5

    By twa0015
    This app takes over the phone every time it connects to the vehicle. It will interrupt whatever you are doing. Also, the remote start, lock, etc. are EXTREMELY slow to actually respond. I pretty much quit using it and just use the vehicles keyfob. I really see no reason to keep the app at this point.
  • App is good, but.... 4/5

    By jenjen0525
    I use this app quite often, and I feel it is very useful. Although I feel the location needs to be more accurate. I forgot where I parked my Jeep once. I opened the location in the app, and it said my Jeep was still at home. And this was after a few hours of being away from the house. I do find the rest of the app useful, such as the door locks and the gas gauge. Would be 5 stars if the location wasn't so undependable.
  • Network error 1/5

    By Kabello2152
    I continuously get a network error message even after reinstalling the app. Unusable. Cancelling service.
  • Awful 1/5

    By hateuconnect
    I hate Uconnect. It rarely actually connects. I want Onstar back.
  • Not bad 4/5

    By lordlibra
    Could add the os to be able to use the Apple Watch to start and lock my jeep, oh with voice command , how Star Treky is that ????
  • Useless 1/5

    By End of news
    I literally have no idea what this app does...This is the only car I have ever owned that requires me to have an app to use my Bluetooth. Junk!
  • Won't stop popping up DURING my drive 1/5

    By Jaelei
    Worst app ever!! I get it what Robert965 says that it automatically starts up when it first connects to my Jeep and that's all fine and dandy BUT it constantly KEEPS popping up while I'm driving and trying to keep an eye on the gps app for directions (which is also better than what my Jeep came with). Within a 1-2 minutes time it popped back up 4 times and every time it also changed my selection from radio to my phone. I'd get it if I'd just started my Jeep up but this was after 40 minutes of driving. I uninstalled it but then couldn't get my phone to connect to the handsfree so has to reinstall. Seems worse than ever in the last couple months and way worse in the last couple weeks. I've had this app for over 5 years and have never thought highly of it's actual function. I love the concept of this but how hard is it to fix this??!!!
  • Pandora app doesn't work 1/5

    By B-radGezzy
    Pandora app doesn't link to the uconnect app or stereo, plays via Bluetooth streaming but for a 50k truck you think it would have all the options advertised work and function properly
  • Can't believe it isn't 100% functional with the Pacifica 2/5

    By Robb0202
    Really disappointed that all the functionality isn't available with the new Pacifica. The van is supposed to be the most tech-advances in the segment and I can't send a location to it? Expected more.
  • Could it be worse? 1/5

    By Lunchbox1975
    I have now had the app for a year, my service is about to expire and per the email I received they believe that "once you have it, you won't want to be without it" Wow... just wow... they could not be further from the truth. This POS app has failed me almost daily!!!!! - logging in fails to allow Pandora app to open - remote assistance fail's to unlock truck - restart app and phone to get Pandora to work - if you send an address to "send n go" if you don't wait 10 - 15 min your navigation won't work!! DAILY PEOPLE!!! Every day on my commute I have to cycle my stereo and reboot it to make it work, when I call and ask for help they tell me to sync my phone again... and again... and again... Not a reliable app or service. There is NO WAY IN HELL I would pay $150.00 a year for something so piss poor... Don't get it, don't use it, save yourself the headache!
  • Only have it cause it's free 1/5

    Don't waste your time on app. Constantly doesn't connect pandora app. If I could rate it half a star I would.
  • Great app, ruined by auto launch 1/5

    By Aellus
    I had a 2014 Grand Cherokee and used Uconnect back in 2014, it was meh. Upgraded to a Pacifica in March of 2017 and tried out uconnect again with the trial. It's so much better! This app is great, it's a surprisingly usable, bug free*, simple app that actually does what it needs to do. Remote start and locking is easy, and the map tracking is awesome for finding the car. *That being said, holy crap auto-launch! I'm adding to the pile here to hopefully add some urgency to Chryslers team to fix for this. I completely understand what is happening and why it is happening. It was mildly annoying the first few hundred times I had to close it, but now it's just infuriating. My daily routine for commuting is to open Waze and put the phone in the mount. And every day when I get in the Pacifica, some time after the car turns on, Waze is replaced by Uconnect. Yes, as others have pointed out its just a tap to close it. But it's unnecessary and annoying, and it gets old really fast. The part of it that is frustrating is that it opens at a time when you'd never need the app. This Uconnect app is meant for use when you're explicitly *not* in the car. There's literally no reason to open the app when it's in the car. I don't know why the developers tied the app to the Bluetooth that way, I haven't figured out what purpose that's supposed to serve when it's paired with the Pacifica. But it's not helpful at all. If there was something I could do, a reason to have the app open, I'd find it annoying but take the opportunity to use it. But since there isn't, at least for the Pacifica, there's literally nothing to do in the app while you're in the car. The app auto-opens multiple times a day for no other purpose than to get in my way and give me a button to click. The reality is that this app is primarily what I use the Uconnect subscription for. I'm still on the trial from buying the van. This service is good enough that I'd plan on actually paying up for the subscription once the trial ends. But I'm also very close to uninstalling this app just so I don't have to keep closing it every time I get in the car. If I don't have the app, I have no reason to pay for a subscription to Uconnect. Please fix this, soon!
  • Opens every time you start your car, terrible. 1/5

    By Horrible111
    Every time you start your car the app opens. I am constantly checking emails, getting directions on google maps, or on a phone call as I enter my vehicle. This stupid app opens automatically every time it connects. I'm surprised apple even allows an app to do that. I googled how to stop this and found some posts that Uconnect "is working on a fix" since April. I would not recommend this app until that is fixed.
  • What happened to Pandora?!?! 2/5

    By Skbrad76
    I have the .15 version. There is no Pandora support for the app on my iPhone. There is no support for any app on my phone (Slacker,Pandora, or iHeart). I've emailed (7/17/17) gotten a response that told me to link my accounts, but there is no menu selection to do it. I responded but no reply. This app has never launched Pandora smoothly. Several updates and. Now it's worse :/
  • App auto launches 1/5

    By Zoeda
    App auto launches when in the vehicle. Kind of annoying and distracting if you are using another app for directions, music or something similar.
  • Erased all content a month before my lease was up 1/5

    By Anderson9876
    Don't update the app until you return your car!!
  • Auto launch! 3/5

    By Leandria28
    The auto launch is so freaking annoying!! It opens every single time I turn my car on and I can't stand it. Please fix it! Other than that, I really do enjoy the app and it's features.
  • From bad to worse 1/5

    By dreux36
    Latest update takes over and opens the app SEVERAL TIMES after getting in the car. To the reviewer saying hit the home button to go back to what you were doing, that's not working. Auto launch takes you out of what you were doing (stops the music), and hitting home takes you to the home menu and not back to what you were doing. Funny that they say it works great for them and then describes it not working. What a mess.
  • Auto start app 1/5

    By Smp696969
    Let us turn the auto start off super annoying. Deleting until it is resolved don't recommend
  • Annoying 1/5

    By abomb020
    This app only frustrates me. Needs a lot of work
  • Another unhappy auto launch. Can't even get away uninstalling! 1/5

    By Killa Hank
    Now I get a prompt telling me to download the app every time I start the car! Are you kidding me?
  • Please fix the auto-launch 2/5

    By Thunder weiner
    Why would I want to remote unlock my doors when I'm already in a running vehicle? Why would I need any of the information this app provides when I'm in the running vehicle? It's just a dumb feature and it shouldn't be hard to fix this.
  • Via mobile 1/5

    By JennyJennJenn24
    Where is the via mobile link?? I can't put any apps in my Jeep bc this app is useless all is does is constantly auto launch
  • Killing me 1/5

    By Ripleytalon
    This app is killing me… It will not let me login… It will not work… What is the deal. Uconnect people… Fix it!!!!!!
  • New upgrade a disaster 1/5

    By Kemmiebaker
    Used to love it. Now I HATE it. It removed the navigation system from my car. After mucking around with it, I finally found that you can eventually get to it, but not via the home screen. Of course, it wiped all of my presets too. Car is much less user friendly now. I have no idea why they would "upgrade" to a downgrade. But whoo hoo. I now have an OFF button instead of navigation, because you so often turn off your dashboard.....

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