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  • Current Version: 3.2.5
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Udemy Online Courses App

Udemy is a global marketplace for learning and teaching online where more than 14 million students are mastering new skills and achieving their goals from over 42,000 courses taught by expert instructors. Whether you're looking to advance your career or explore a new hobby, it's all in one place. LEARN ANYTHING * Discover courses in 1200+ topics - from Web Development to Photography, Data Analysis, Machine Learning to Yoga * From short tutorials to comprehensive courses, learn new skills at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels LEARN ANYWHERE * Watch courses on the app, Udemy.com, and Apple TV * Download courses to learn offline - make long flights and commutes productive, no internet connection needed * Listen to courses in audio-only mode when you’re on the go LEARN AT YOUR OWN PACE * Ask questions to other students and the instructor and receive a response - fast * Personalize your learning experience with speed controls * On demand, lifetime access to courses that sync with Udemy.com Free and Premium Courses available in: * Computer Programming including Java, Swift, Python, Ruby on Rails, and JavaScript * Web Development including HTML, CSS * IT & Software * Data Science * Business and Finance * Design * Marketing * Entrepreneurship * Office Productivity including Microsoft Excel™ * Health and Fitness * Photography * Music * Languages * and more… "Udemy’s iOS app turns your phone into a 24-hour classroom" - Venture Beat We love feedback. Email us at support@udemy.com.


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Udemy Online Courses app reviews

  • Course prices are not same on different platforms 1/5

    By tanvir.thinks
    I’ve been seeing price $10 on the website and $49 on the app, for a same course! This is so stupid.
  • App unable to split screen and also unable to download resources 2/5

    By Vince318
    The app is unable to perform split screen with GoodNotes, where I wish it can where student can watch the video at one side and write notes on the other side. Meanwhile a lot resources cannot be downloaded.
  • Extremely buggy lately 1/5

    By crushed in spirit
    I have not been able to view my full course when in airplane mode it decides that it’s only going to show 70 lectures out of 200 but the full course is downloaded to my phone not sure how that works. Also when previewing other lectures I am contemplating buying I can’t the video just spins and I just get a black screen and audio playback but no video.
  • I paid for the desktop version why is it no longer available 5/5

    By Britney2B
    In November I bought the desktop version of this app and I love it. However, I am now severely disappointed that only the ios versions are available for download. When I train people to use software programs I never use, nor would I recommend that they learn on an ios device because the screens are just too small. Plus, you need to be able to open the app on a computer and use the programs your are studying at the same time. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way, but I am hoping you reconsider and offer the desktop version again. Mine still works so I am good for now. Thanks for listening.
  • Does not work offline 1/5

    By LondonInterloper
    I use this app a lot, but it is useless if you don’t have a good data connection. What’s the point of downloading content if you still need to talk to the network to use it? On a slow network it’s hopeless. If google is slow, this app will be nonfunctional.
  • Good but going down hill 2/5

    By .,,?!'
    I’ve only had this app for a short time and when I started my first course I was loving every minuet of it, but since a recent update I cant access any of the resources. MP3s won’t load and PDFs won’t load. They both show up as just blank screens. It has really set back my practice time and I’m really disappointed because the lesson is a lot harder without the resources.
  • Downloaded courses not available offline 1/5

    By Abhishek Bhor
    The app tries to connect to Internet first before providing the downloaded courses. What’s the use of downloading the courses, if they are not available offline? :(
  • Very very very very buggy app 2/5

    By Brian the Extremist
    Some the videos just won’t load...
  • Stupid and horrible app 1/5

    By IrritatedB20
    This is the third review in 2 weeks I have written and yet you will never see this published on their app. Horrible app. Stick to the web version. If it weren’t for their cheap courses this company would have been shut a while ago. After the new update their scrolling function is Q&A is messed up. You scroll to the bottom and it automatically comes back on the top (try scrolling faster and you will see it). Secondly their downloaded lectures need connectivity as well for some weird reason. In my train journey, when I open the app and try to access the downloaded videos the app will not load anything or allow access to ur lectures. Thirdly, you trying raising a support ticket but the great minds have allowed only 4 categories of issues. And if it doesn’t fit that criteria then what? This is a basic developer thought process to allow a category called “other”. But no, why allow that when we can be stupid? Stay away from this stupid app and as I said stick to the web version. Someone over there is doing their job right!!! Let’s see if this review ever gets published
  • Icons don't matter 5/5

    By dgd1027
    Someone on here gave you two stars because of your logo. It don't matter. Great app and company
  • Don't update 1/5

    By Me.299
    App does absolutely nothing when you try to open it since the Oct 3 update
  • Udemy 5/5

    By b.ouachem
    I like it
  • iCon 2/5

    By 🐼ㄗ丹れ刀丹
    look I realize your company chose THAT shade of green. If you haven’t noticed the richest company in the world frequently changes its color to the chosen shade of color for the year... You’re icon is horribly out of tune with the rest of the bright almost neon colors.. I get it you wanna stand out like facebook did, you don't get it, thats not the reason why Facebook stood out. What happens is I have to hide your icon because I don’t wanna put it out there amongst my beautiful trophy icons.. So now I hide you and I don’t even wanna show em to my friends. We need a bright neonish green. This aint the 90’s and this ain’t windows 3.1 color schemes. Stick with the shade and the colors.
  • Unbelievably fast 5/5

    By GmapHater
    This app is so fast!
  • Closed Captioning doesn’t work 2/5

    By Dakkon7
    It appears that closed captioning doesn’t work at all on this iOS 11. Bummer because Udemy app’s closed captioning feature works great on Android. Will add more to this review later whenever this closed captioning problem is fixed.
  • Apple TV 1/5

    By gdoyle74
    It’s a great app unless you want too search for a particular course, the search function allows one letter and that’s it you can’t back space you can’t use another letter!!! Great programming!!
  • About CC 4/5

    By LeiQ107
    I still can't see CC, although I turned it on. Does anyone have the same problem?
  • No Refund 1/5

    By calibladex
    They claim that if not satisfied with the course, they will refund your money, but they dont. Scammmm!!!!!!
  • Terrible iPad app 2/5

    By La Blatte US
    Horrible design, the play status bar do not show in offline mode, do not resume....what a joke.
  • Terrible load times 1/5

    By SeniorSUS
    Doesn't load more than once. Have to restart my iPhone 7+ every time.
  • Course Doesn't Load 2/5

    By KCJoshi
    I am watching g course videos and it is supposed to automatically or manually load next chapter but it doesn't. The circle keeps moving and nothing happened for minutes. All settings look normal
  • Love Udemy!! 5/5

    By Sunseven
    Great site and great app. I just wish you had better control to organize and access all your courses. Gets a bit wild when you have lots of courses. But the app is great
  • Split Screen Please 4/5

    By JimmySide1013
    Great service but the iPad app could definitely benefit from split screen support. It'd be awesome to have a video running on one side and a noting taking app running on the other side of the screen. Udemy + note taking app with Apple Pencil support in split screen = winner.
  • i cant sign in with google. The OAuth client was deleted. 1/5

    By Burgundine
    come on guys! do you even test the app? it gives me a deleted_client 401 error. The OAuth client was deleted. uninstalling this nonfunctional app. so disappointed
  • Terrible UI; low resolution 1/5

    By eggimage
    Still not optimized for ipad pro. the UI has lots UX problems. Come on, udemy, do better and not lag far behind
  • Almost impossible to download videos 1/5

    By VR Fan23
    The whole offline viewing system is broken and/or horribly confusing. The videos play fine when online (except when downloading one or more videos - then they always seem to hang). Downloading is another story. The videos start downloading (all at once!) but after a few seconds the download progress stops indefinitely. Really a shame because I was hoping to listen to these in my car like a podcast.
  • Offline interface is terrible 1/5

    By Lipska
    I wanted to download a course to watch on a flight . The ui to show whether a lecture has downloaded is terrible You can not tell what has downloaded. How far the downloads are etc. turns out it never downloaded anything even though I was connected to a fibre connection Big fail !!
  • Great way to learn! 5/5

    By Mr-Flash-68
    Loving it so far!
  • Paid for the course and didn't get 1/5

    By rafacruz2017
    Paid for the course and didn't get. Trying the support and it is taking forever, totally unnaceptable situation. Not to mention how hard it is to even find your open complaints in a poorly designed UX for the support site.
  • Needs more support 2/5

    By Smallfry5555
    This app is ok. But it needs to support faster speeds up to 2x, chromecast, and picture in picture
  • Not doing its job properly 1/5

    By Totoyomo
    Lots of bug, my iPad crashes all the time when I am using this app. This app should do only one thing: saving courses for offline viewing and it is not doing it properly.
  • Great service and the app 5/5

    By Bombano
    Udemy provides great service that allows one to select relevant tutorials. But the mobile app makes it even better with the "download for offline viewing" feature and the player with various play speeds. It makes it convenient and saves tons of time!!!
  • Lectures won't play or download. 1/5

    By Patupi
    I watch courses on my laptop with no issues, but using the app on iOS is impossible on the same network.
  • Very Pleased 5/5

    By toiselects
    This app offers the best classes for anything and everything!!! I have the app downloaded to my phone, iPad, and PC and it works well on all devices. The two classes I've taken thus far are well written and presented. I'm very pleased with my purchases.
  • Chromecast and PIP support needed 3/5

    By burajin
    It would be great if you could support Chromecasts and picture in picture. It would make taking the class much more elegant so I could take notes on my phone while I learn.
  • Picture in picture support is needed 2/5

    By Jacki2003
    This app would be much more useful if it's supported picture in picture for playing instructional videos, so you can do other things while you're watching the video.
  • Doesn't work on Apple TV 3rd Gen 1/5

    By Asr_19
    I liked to use airplay all the time for watching courses on my Apple TV. Please bring back support for older Apple TV's so I can once again enjoy my courses the way I want too!!
  • Doesn't appear to support older Apple TVs, chromecast or Fire TV. 2/5

    By TimWalshMi
    Sadly with a recent upgrade Udemy dropped support of Apple Airplay from within the application. They now require you to have a new Apple TV, version 4 or newer and install the app on the Apple TV. I can still play the course material on my iPad but when I stream the screen they leave the controls displayed over the video as it plays. This also requires me to leave the screen up which adversely affects battery life. Previously I could close the cover and it would still play and I'd get more time before the battery ran out. I've opened a support ticket, and hope that I'm just missing a setting that will re-enable it, or allow me to use a firestick or chromecast device. Other than that I still like being able to download the courses to the iPad and watch them when traveling and don't want to burn data on my iPhone. The ease of erasing old courses that had been downloaded is also a good feature. The app is just a glorified video player with the ability to purchase new content and to take tests and provide feedback. It works as expected and they seem to spend a significant amount of time fixing bugs and adding features so it's definitely not dead.
  • Ok 3/5

    By Smookster
    I would give it a better review if it had cast function. I would prefer to cast to a monitor than to preview on a small iPad mini.
  • Stopped 1/5

    By Stupid45
    After buying several courses they all stopped streaming on all my devices, can't watch any course that I bought at all no way to contact them for help
  • iphone not able cast video through chromecase 3/5

    By Quazihrashid
    Udemy does not support apple product. I can cast udemy video to TV through android device. BUT not with iphone. Please update udemy app.
  • Best education 5/5

    By Pradipusa
    Awesome app, website and a platform for teachers and students!
  • Awesome App if you love learning 5/5

    By Beth getz
    If you love to learn this app is wonderful. Of course I only buy courses when they go on sale. But I think it is important to keep on learning at every age.
  • Good. But 4/5

    By Me_&_I
    Good app. Easy to learn. But I can not see the "shopping cart" on the app. If it is not there yet, i would suggest to the team management to add it. Thanks,
  • Best online resource 5/5

    By Marshal 786
    In my opinion this is one of the best and affordable online training websites
  • Almost Flawless 3/5

    By TornFalcon
    The app compared to the website is almost spot on. I have accumulated 186+ courses so far and my only complaint is that in the app the search function should give you a way to break down the courses by type or dates of purchase. Type would be amazing. Right now the way it's set up is that my new purchases courses go to the bottom of the pile, well for avid supporters of Udemy that means scrolling through countless pages to get to what we want. That is the only reason for not a five star app.
  • Nice to have this but... 2/5

    By Jo Dro
    Apparently after the update, some the closed caption is gone or "broken". I used online and it's working. This used to have cc but now can't. Waste of $$ to buy courses with cc
  • It is very useful 5/5

    By Sathish M
    It is very useful. I love to download the courses on iPhone, and use it listen and watch even when there is no connectivity. Classes are great, and app makes whole experience even better.
  • Good app but not stable 3/5

    By ChadGW
    I wish downloading for offline would work.
  • Decent material 1/5

    By Corey11B
    The material provided on the website for purchase is decent. However, this company does not hold the teachers to any kind of standard or promise. For example, if an instructor has a sale where you buy one course and get another course free. You WILL NOT get that course free, I can 100% promise you that. The instructor will ignore you and Udemy will take no action against the intructor. Eventually their tech support stops responding to support e-mails. Overall, I would say that this website is unethical and has no problem stealing money for promises they have no intention to keep.

Udemy Online Courses app comments


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