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  • Compatibility: Android
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The UE BOOM app has everything you need to get the most out of your UE speaker. From #PartyUp to voice controls to customizable EQ, unlock even more awesome ways to use your UE BOOM and UE BOOM 2. + #PartyUp lets you connect 150+ speakers to take your parties to a whole new level - wherever, whenever, whatever! + Say It to Play It! Siri integration for UE BOOM is available now. You’ll always stay in the moment -- with nothing between you and your music. It’s now quicker, easier, and more convenient than ever to keep your party going. + You Control the Sound: All about that bass? In a tight space? You control the atmosphere with our custom EQ settings. + Remote On/Off: you’d never walk all the way to your TV to turn it on and you shouldn’t have to with your wireless speaker either. Use the app to turn your speaker on/off from afar. + Block Party: DJ with multiple friends using Block Party. + Much more: personalize your speaker’s name, wake up to your favorite playlist with the Alarm + Subscribe to updates so you never miss a thing. A simple tap in the app updates your speaker with the latest features in no time.

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  • Needs some updates 3/5

    By Abc awsomebuttcuttingcheese
    Love the speakers. But I think I should be able to partyup with ue rolls as well as booms. And it would be awesome to be able to blockparty with multiple speakers not just one.
  • Terrible for voiceover users 1/5

    By Paula2017
    This app still does not work properly with voiceover. This needs to be fixed. Apple is all about accessibility, this app is far from accessible.
  • Works but... 5/5

    By CptnAye
    Please add the Wonder Boom to party up please!!! 🙏
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By DZ018
    When I open the app, it keeps crashing. Since the update, I haven't been able to properly open the app. I'm not sure if it's just a problem with my phone or something.
  • Thanks for the update 5/5

    By Trice skinny
    My e u boom is back. I can't live without it. The new update on the app is working fine now.
  • Nice 5/5

    By Luisitonyc
  • Don't think "remote power on" is a real thing 1/5

    By dab _2016
    This app is terrible. For a company in the electronics industry, one would think you guys could get this right. App NEVER powers on the speaker. I have 2 UE booms that I have never ever been able to double up using this app. I just bought a new UE boom 2 and I doubt things will be any different. The app is integral to using the functions for which we pay. If the app doesn't work then the value of your product decreases substantially.
  • They don't even care 1/5

    By Coldcut502
    The speaker is great I love it! This app however is useless! What happened to being able to turn the speaker on and off from the app? That was the best feature...imo. With so many 1 stars where's the fix? Where's the good faith effort? Does the company even use their app?
  • Needs Work 3/5

    By Old Big Man
    I went out last week and purchased a second Boom because it could be "doubled up". Spent hours trying to do it with my Dot. I eventually called help (very poorly named). I eventually found that the instructions for doubling up and the actual way to accomplish the task are not even close. I have been able to double up on my Iphone and it works well. There is apparently no way to do it with my Dot or my Echo. I don't know for sure because the TWO emails I sent to support have not been answered. There is no app available for my Ipad. The app has not been updated since Dec '16. I think that is an exceptionally long time without an update, especially for an app that doesn't work as it is supposed to!
  • Works great 4/5

    By Madbear
    Easy setup combined with great app functionality confirmed that I made a good purchase. Just the ability to power on/off the speaker remotely is handier then I imagined. The sound is crystal clear even with my phone on another floor of the house. I was surprised by the negative reviews of the app and claims you had to get a "newer" app from a Logitech web site (which is impossible). Like it so much I ordered another speaker to pair.

    By De Lucca
    UE BOOM was working fine with both iPhone 6plus but now the phone does not recognize the UE BOOM device. Just got iPhone 7 and downloaded UE Boom app and new phone does not recognize device.
  • Party up doesn't work 1/5

    By Icemandg0718
    It says both speakers are connected. It is wrong, I can only get one to connect. I have even tried to put all the sound to one speaker on surrounding mode. The other speaker just drops in volume and the one I want to work still makes no sound at all. Manually putting them together is only way that is full proof. Without the app.
  • Atrocious downgrade 1/5

    By locoxoco
    The latest version has eliminated the ability to "double up" (now called "party up" two speakers. This is unacceptable.
  • I give up on UE Boom 1/5

    By CCL2112
    I wish I had read these reviews first. The app etiher does not download or does not work. Also simlar to others, the sound quality, BT or wired connection, has degraded. I now hate UE Boom. Pretty silly way to lose customers, but see no need to buy them any more.
  • Trash 1/5

    By 88Zuko88
    Support is almost as bad as the software.
  • Kinda disappointed 1/5

    By Joemonkey70
    Bought two of these ue boom 2 speakers and am kinda disappointed with the compatibility between my iPhone and having two of these speakers on one platform. They don't synchronize properly and it's poor connection. Maybe I should have just stuck to buying the sonos !
  • Update made things worse 1/5

    By Commander Keen
    Speaker was working great until I updated the firmware to 10.0.13 Now it disconnects randomly from my devices.
  • Works first 5/5

    By Say whaaa?
    Saw the negative reviews. What's that all about? Maybe old versions or hardware??? Received the speaker, started charging it, turned the speaker on, turned on Bluetooth on my iPad, connected just fine. Menu on app said firmware update available, updated to Ver. 2.0.101, took 3 minutes, turned on the music on iPad and the speaker worked just fine. Lowered the volume from the iPad app. (Whoa ... speaker works Grrrreat! Finally some volume after of years of not much sound). 5 stars with a 1 speaker hookup.
  • Just doesn't work - all errors 1/5

    By Janders9
    This app used to work for me - I could double up and use all features. Now I can't get the app to recognize that the speakers are connected - it just says 'something's wrong - power cycle'. Also - cut the crap with the cutesy phrasing on the error messages. It is infuriating, and feels flip and trite rather than friendly.
  • Can't update 1/5

    By Mattisbwe
    Says it's so easy to update but won't let me do it
  • So frustrating 1/5

    By 62829hh
    It never connects to my phone. I think I've tried everything and it is honestly the most annoying thing ever!
  • Fix the app 1/5

    By Johnny joes
    Your app isn't working to well for me. My speaker does work well but seriously need this app to be fix.
  • The app isn't working 3/5

    By It needss an update
    Every time the app says connect ue boom to Bluetooth I do it and when I go back on the app it won't work and I really wanna pair up with my other ue books plzzzz fix
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Bobby Wesley
    Can not find your phone number for customer service! My number is (706) 949-5828 Bobby Wesley I cannot get speakers to charge the charging ports are not good or maybe it's your batteries but the fact is I have two EU Boom speakers that are worthless. . $400.00 and I have taken very good care of these speakers. . I believe your company knows the charging ports or batteries are bad . . Let's see some customer service Bobby Wesley (706) 949-5828
  • Needs big improvement! 2/5

    By 99wrangler
    Many of the functions work well (equalizer, timer, etc), however since the latest update, there seems to be a problem with remote on/off and signal quality. It doesn't seem to recognize the speaker if it's off (although wasn't that supposedly a major improvement since the last version?) and sometimes even has issues if the speaker is first turned on manually. Other reviewers have noted the same issues. Also, when my iphone is in another room, although only about 15 feet away from the speaker, the signal goes in and out (didn't happen previously). This does not happen when using other bluetooth speakers with the same iphone.
  • Please test before releasing your app 1/5

    By RosyS.
    This is frustrating... With every app release we are told to change the way we can pair speakers to create double/surround sound. Each time, I'm able to do it initially and then cannot a second time. This new release has the cute visual. Nice visual, but if it doesn't work who cares about a new UI. The How To says to swipe left to get to the party up screen but that action isn't supported. Nothing happens. The manual option to pair speakers is gone or is not working either. In reality I shouldn't have to use your app every time I want to pair my speakers and the sticky setting doesn't stay. Honestly, please think about your end user. I want to be able to walk into my house, hit the power button on each speaker and have them work together (as long as both are connected by Bluetooth to a supported device). This isn't possible, though your advertising leads people to believe that it is. If the only way possible to pair speakers is going to be through the app then please fully test before releasing updates.
  • Update blows!!!!!!!! 1/5

    By IHeart-no
    Can't believe the trouble UE puts you through to update the software so you can play multiple speakers. Even when you're successful updating the software to your computer, your Mac tells you it won't download the software because it is from an "unidentified developer". What? What a farce!!!!!!!
  • Gets worse with every release 1/5

    By thomasgazillion
    This was once a decent app. It was rock solid connecting my two UE Boom's for stereo. But now I can rarely keep them synced and playing in stereo. Marketing got involved and had to move stereo pairing to some hip party mode 1up 2up crap. I loved these speakers with the original app. Now I hate them.
  • Worked for a day 2/5

    By Hogs2337
    App connected fine for a day and was quite useful. Speaker works great and I can still listen to music. The app won't connect to the device though. Tried forgetting device and reloading the app. No luck. Second star because I like the speaker and app was useful when it worked. Hopefully they can fix the bug.
  • Pls fix 1/5

    By StayinOnTop
    App is not a working one, the update should never be so stressful and wasn't able to still update. The update is not with Apple apps it's with something else that you have to give way to much information for. My son has the ue roll and his app worked perfectly.
  • Alarm doesn't work completely 2/5

    By Matt_Sanford
    When trying to select a song from your library to play as the alarm tune, it ignores it and will play a random song from your library. The only way to play the song you want is to play it before you go to bed and set the alarm sound to last played
  • Easy setup...great sound! 5/5

    By Treborronnoco
    I bought the UE Boom 2 for myself as a birthday present to take with me on vacation. I opened the box, turned it on, connected it to my bluetooth (sync was simple and easy) and boom...music was playing. The sound was great for the size of te speaker. Next I downloaded the app and did a quick firmware update to the speaker. It said it takes 5 minutes but it was more like 2-3. Equalizer is easy to use. Remote on and off works perfectly. I'm very happy with the product and the use if the app.
  • Won't recognize second speaker 1/5

    By McBradd
    I bought a 2nd Boom 2 to use the 'double up' feature, but the app won't recognize it. It just sits on the 'Let's hook up' screen, telling me to make sure the speaker is connected to Bluetooth, meanwhile music is playing on the speaker. I'm pretty sure it's connected. Don't buy these speakers or count on this app. The company has no idea what they're doing in the consumer market. Go back the making high-end stage monitors.
  • A salute joke 1/5

    By Q topper
    Absolute joke much like there Teck support Highly overrated . App is useless!
  • Almost there 3/5

    By VV249
    A LOT of improvements on this version but you REALLY need to fix that "Let's hook up error" I can't restart my phone every time it happens (and closing the app doesn't do it). Also, you need to figure out a better way to let me manage both speakers individually or combined, not to mention that I have to go to my bluetooth settings and "connect" each speaker every single time. My music recognizes my other Bluetooth devices without me having to reconnect, why not this one? The alarm option wasn't working great either the last time.
  • Garbage of an app! 1/5

    By MrBilltheman
    The UE Boom app does not work with my Apple 6 plus phone. Why bother putting this app out at all?
  • Great Simple App 5/5

    By Bonnadooch
    Works perfectly for me, using iPhone 7 plus and UE Boom. Solid.
  • Boom off and on 2/5

    By Deb suda
    You use to be able to turn the boom on from the app, what happened now you can't. That was a great feature, let's bring it back. No point in app now.
  • What's going on man 2/5

    By Malclow
    The app keeps telling me to update my speaker but it won't allow me to do it... it keeps saying there's a 'form over quota' whatever that means
  • Completely doesn't recognize my speakers 1/5

    By adamali87
    You guys gotta clean this app up. Update the app immediately it's garbage. I religiously upgrade my firmware on my speakers and yet the app can't see them (but I can still play music on them)
  • Awful 1/5

    By Bleed_Green
    Won't open
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By nanopatel
    The app is very buggy and does not work as intended. Since today morning, it is stuck at the 1st screen asking me to connect to the speaker even though the speaker is already connected ( i am actually playing a song from YouTube on the speaker) Tried everything ( reinstall app, restart speaker and phone) still doesn't work!
  • This app has SO many things wrong! 1/5

    By Tai the AKA
    I bought 2 speakers to have them play at the same time, but the app randomly removes one for no reason...and lately, the app hasn't been working for me at all. I'm only able to use one speaker at a time and am honestly ready to return one, if not both, of my speakers. Please fix this ASAP because the speakers themselves are a quality product, but not when they can't be used as intended.
  • Updates should make it better, not worse 1/5

    By Truffles100
    I've had my 2 Boom 2 speakers for almost a year and things were working great until the latest updates to the app and the speakers. App doesn't detect speakers. Doesn't get further than Let's Hoook Up screen. Double Up feature is way more complicated than should be and web site insturction don't match app features.
  • Why complain 5/5

    By Ihaveasteoprosis
    There is nothing wrong with this app it does not deserve all these bad reviews. I have not had one problem yet.
  • Mad 2/5

    By The ap master
    Used to be better, why did they get rid of remote on/off
  • Doesn't work with Roll 2 1/5

    By Bob & Staca
    Have a Boom 2 and a Roll 2 that worked fine together until this update. Now, different devices cannot be paired together. This update made things worse for me. Tech Support said they "might fix this in the next update". Thanks for nothing, Ultimate Ears!
  • Works just fine 5/5

    By Banjo Benji
    Had no issues. Charged the speaker, connected it to Bluetooth and sync it up with the app. I even had no problem updated the firmware. Nice app to control the speaker from anywhere. Love the speaker. This is my 2nd one.
  • So expensive, such a crappy app 2/5

    By germanbeto
    I have two of these speakers. Worth $400 in total. They sound amazing when they do work, but it's so frustrating to use both in unison. Most of the time I ask it to pair as stereo, it just switches the sound from one speaker to the other and keeps doing it. It's like playing f***ing ping pong. It makes me super frustrated and that's not what technology is supposed to do. GG UE, get your app working right or you're gonna have a bad time doing future business...
  • Battery percentage 3/5

    By TRaw7025
    Great app, however on this app and the megaboom app, the battery percentages are not in line with what the percentages are in the control center for connected Bluetooth devices. Other than that, great app.

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