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  • Current Version: 2.3
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Logitech Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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The UE MEGABOOM app has everything you need to get the most out of your UE speaker. From #PartyUp to voice controls and customizable EQ, unlock even more awesome ways to use your UE MEGABOOM. + #PartyUp lets you connect 150+ speakers to take your parties to a whole new level - wherever, whenever, whatever! + Say It to Play It! Siri integration for UE MEGABOOM is available now. You’ll always stay in the moment -- with nothing between you and your music. It’s now quicker, easier, and more convenient than ever to keep your party going. + You Control the Sound: All about that bass? In a tight space? You control the atmosphere with our custom EQ settings. + Remote On/Off: you’d never walk all the way to your TV to turn it on and you shouldn’t have to with your wireless speaker either. Use the app to turn your speaker on/off from afar. + Block Party: DJ with multiple friends using Block Party. + Much more: personalize your speaker’s name, wake up to your favorite playlist with the Alarm + Subscribe to updates so you never miss a thing. A simple tap in the app updates your speaker with the latest features in no time.


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UE MEGABOOM app reviews

  • I can’t turn my UE MEGABOOM On from the app! 2/5

    By AnonymousInLA
    I had a UE MEGABOOM speaker for over a year which i used to turn on and off from my iPhone and iPad using the app without any problems. I gave that speaker to a friend and got a new UE MEGABOOM speaker(the exact same model as the one i had for over a year). With the new speaker I’m unable to turn it On from the app, I’m only able to turn it Off from the app. I have called Logitech and they have tried all kinds of trouble shooting, but haven’t been able to fix the problem, one of the reps told me that it’s a problem with the app. Another rep told me that the app doesn’t support the feature of turning the speaker On, which i told her wasn’t true because i had the exact same speaker before and i was able to turn it On from the app.
  • Excellent as usual 5/5

    By Klingkling1
    Guys you don't complain about the app The app is good and everything is working perfectly, you're just too lazy, go and check the setting in the app you will find everything you need there, to power up the speaker from the app, etc
  • Poor commitment. 1/5

    By John Paul the second
    UE Megaboom is a fantastic speaker. The Hardwear is on point and for the value, the speaker sounds great and even performs to waterproof standards. This review is for the piss poor app that has no vision or commitment to to past versions. The ability to power on the speaker via Bluetooth came as an operating function. That really helped sell this $300 speaker for me. Now it’s just gone and no amount of talking to Logitech customer service will ever bring it back. Pull your sh!t together.
  • Can’t power on any longer remotely 2/5

    By Juancitonice
    Before the updates I was able to power on my speaker. I updated my phone, this app, and the firmware on the speaker and it no longer powers on remotely I’m furious I hate getting up to turn on the speaker !!!
  • Essentially Useless 1/5

    By Phreenom
    Does nothing I want it to do, particularly using the two speakers I have at the same time. Main reason I bought the second one. It won’t even recognize the one connected to my phone, even though it’s paired and playing music, the app thinks there is no speaker paired. Waste of money and time. Going to return the useless expensive second speaker I purchased.
  • Awesome, but 4/5

    By bjavorsky
    This app is pretty neat. It gives you awesome control over your speaker, and pretty neat functions and features. The only annoying thing that I don’t understand is why I can’t use the DJ feature (basically just a queue), on multiple speakers and just one? This should be a change, because I bought mine just for that function.
  • Useless 1/5

    By JaiDJade
    A year ago this app was incredible. Now I have no use it. First they took away the ability to have 2 devices connected at the same time. This was especially annoying when my laptop would turn on and automatically connect to my speaker, kicking out any device which was initially connect (typically being my phone). Now, I can't even use the app to power my speaker remotely. The power button on the app has disappeared. The only thing I can use the app for is to control volume, which I can already do from the device playing music. As of now, this app is basically useless. (EDIT: Apparently this is because the iPhone 6S doesn't have Bluetooth smart. Yet for some reason the iPhone 6, an older phone, does.)
  • Half a star 1/5

    By Slimdaddyskeetskeet
    With new update just made the app worse and and the app was already bad. I can’t turn on the speaker from phone anymore I have to physically stand up and press it. And when I turn my speaker on now it turns up all the way on the volume. These features are really unnecessary. I bought the large speaker and this isn’t what I spent my on/for.
  • I wish it would consistently work 2/5

    By Rocco1197
    I could only sometimes turn on and off my speaker, and only has lasted a day when it does work. It’s pretty annoying and that’s one of the best features about this app, I’m not sure what to do. It’ll sometime tell me my phone is not compatible but will also sometimes work, I have a 6s and I think it is compatible.
  • P.O.S. App 1/5

    By MLites
    Wish I could give a zero star rating. Both alarm and equalizer don't work. Cant power the speaker remotely.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Roger22ek
    I don’t know how they managed to mess up the only feature they had going for them but for whatever reason I can’t remote power on my speaker anymore. Ever since I updated the app, the power button on the app is gone and in the settings it says that my device doesn’t support it. BRUH, it was just working last week! I also have the brand new iPhone 8. So don’t tell me that. Now I regret buying this speaker. Seriously.
  • iOS 11 2/5

    By Micheliandre2
    The power up is not working with iOS 11
  • Doesn’t do the only thing I use it for 1/5

    By Mitchell Roman
    I only use the app to power on my speaker, and now that feature doesn’t even work. Quite unhappy with this app.
  • So far so good 5/5

    By Tommylaw8
    I haven’t had a long time using this but so far I’ve had no issues. Connected both and made sure the speakers had the latest updates. Stereo coming through great with no issues. If things go wonkey I’ll come back and update my review but so far it’s been great.

    By danchitto
    Product is very good by itself(speaker) but app have to be more polished. A lot of sharp edges like YOU CANNOT CONNECT TWO DEVICES AT THE SAME TIME,LIKE IT WAS BEFORE IT TAKES MUCH MORE TIME (10-20sec) FOR PHONE TO CONNECT TO SPEAKER when you turning it on wirelessly via app then it was before (a couple of updates before) I love this speaker with all my heart but these problems must be fixed to say it's ready to use with ease and the way they describe UPDATE: Logitech, are you kidding me, Why it’s so hard to get a good crew of coders and make truly fascinating application. You have almost a top notch speaker, why don’t you create an application which will work for people?? You making updates to it but it getting only worse. Seems like you hired the crew of schoolers to work on the project. C’mon, we believe in you and waiting for all that bug fixes that been mentioned earlier. I HOPE you are listening to people.
  • Poor Hardware, Worse App 1/5

    By SonicSmitty
    Update: these things are so buggy. I cannot pair any longer. I’m no longer using. I regret this purchase and never had a good experience with them.
  • Tap to turn on 3/5

    By sobezap
    Please update the app ASAP so that these functions can still work. Thank you
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Ricke72
    Lousy app. Logitech should be embarrassed.
  • Avoid!! 1/5

    By soljah
    Speaker is the worse at connecting, dropping connections, etc. Zero customer support!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By NoDramaMama
    These speakers used to sound great. Latest update killed the sound on these especially with songs with base. No equalizer setting has been found to bring back sound quality. I might as well have purchased Walmart speakers. They also dont stay connected and crackle. Fix this please!
  • Great Speaker, Tough App 2/5

    By Sam is tired of this
    The speaker is great and the ideas they have for the app are awesome, but they just don't really work. The alarm is cool but won't play any music anymore (no matter what I select) which makes waking up a lot tougher. The app is buggy as a whole and missing a couple major necessities (more native alarm allowing you to choose what days it's on/ set multiple alarms, revamping tap controls, etc). I would recommend these speakers to anyone, but for now, I wouldn't share the app
  • Outstanding... 1/5

    By Back to illegal streaming
    ...ly bad.
  • Turns on and off from app 5/5

    By Dddddddd808
    Pretty good, that's all I really wanted.
  • Stop with the updates! 1/5

    By ozzijish
    This last update has greatly reduced the functionality of the speaker. It can only stay connected to one device at a time, so I can use the remote on and off controls or switch back and forth from my laptop to my phone to play music. edit-the app has become so buggy lately, with things crashing constantly. This time the app crashes every time I try access alarm settings. I used to recommend the MEGABOOM to everyone but now I think it might be wiser to warn people since the app makes using the speaker frustrating!
  • Crashes and locks up 1/5

    By Taylorm98
    I wondered how the app was getting such low ratings and now I understand why. It basically does nothing other than allow you to adjust some of the settings, set an alarm and turn on and off the unit. Unfortunately that's where it ends as all it does is crash in lock up in between. After you set it up initially you might as well just delete the app
  • No alarm 1/5

    By Nf128
    Alarm doesn't work. Please fix!
  • What a waste of an app 1/5

    By User543210
    98% useless. Only works 2% of the time.
  • Figures 1/5

    By UP42DAY
    Another cheap piece of gear that never works. Taking them back today after asking all the questions, trying to get support and still won't connect. These aren't cheap so why the app does not work with them is totally stupid. Fire your developers and start again!
  • UE Megaboom phone app 1/5

    By Machatooga
    I purchased a second Megaboom so that I could utilize the double-up feature. I can see no way to download the new 2.3 version even though my app store screen says it's been downloaded. it did not transfer to my phone. The previous version did not have the double up listed as a feature. So, I'm very frustrated. I will now simply double-up manually. It would sure be nice if Logitech went back to customer phone support because website instructions are useless. Even the u-tube instructions are not helpful.
  • No longer pairs multiple speakers 1/5

    By beachhead2
    This updated app is worthless. I used to pair multiple speakers with friends at the beach/pool. Now it won't work. Wake up Logitech!
  • No problems 5/5

    By Opacake9
    I don't understand what people don't like about it. What do they expect a speaker to do besides play music and change the volume
  • Won't work 1/5

    By Srickss
    All I want to do is sync up 2 megabooms and it won't work. Old version worked but now it's broke. Tried everything. Get your act together UE!!
  • Annoying software for an otherwise decent product 1/5

    By badapps
    The app is always asking to link more speakers. All I want to do is power on and off the speaker and be able to use the EQ settings. I wish they would master the basic function before they try to sell me crap.
  • Only good for powering on 2/5

    By Ethan Jan.
    The speaker itself is excellent. The app, though, is terrible. It's really only good for powering on the speaker remotely with your phone, which is convenient. The app sometimes doesn't want to connect to the speaker, and because of that the alarm works about 70 or 80% of the time - not very reliable for an alarm. The feature I try to use the most on the speaker is the party-up feature that allows multiple people to connect to the speaker and allows the app user to kick people off, or skip the song. It's extremely finicky. Getting it going is great and easy and allows my friends to connect easily - it essentially puts the speaker into a prolonged discoverable mode. The problem is that the app crashes or disconnects from the speaker, so the device with the app completely loses control. This is very frustrating because it allows people to hijack your speaker, per say. Cool feature in the app that I'd love to use more, but unfortunately don't use much because it will inevitably fail on me.
  • Good news! 1/5

    By Soft_where?
    You can use Settings to sync to bluetooth. You can use Music app to select and play. All without ever using this dismal app. Typical Logitech... really nice hardware design. Software apps... not so much.
  • Alarm does NOT work 1/5

    By Erik.Wang
    I need waking up to music in the morning in order to feel energized, and ever since this update the app will crash every time I use the alarm. FIX IT! Could you guys test the updates throughly BEFORE releasing it to the public? The allowed this update pushed out to the public should be FIRED. He/she ruined the company's reputation which can't be fixed with an update.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Red in U.S
    One of the worst apps I have ever had. Despite the quality of the speaker, the app is useless. I have not bee able to connect my phone with the speaker for about two weeks now. A simple task of whether the battery is charging or not is not even clear. Incompetence at its best.
  • Solo control but no block party. 2/5

    By Kalloway,Dean
    The solo control for my UE megaboom works great. Turns on by control and everything. But using block party was way sketchy and would bump people off. Would glitch with texts even when no one was doing anything. Fix the connection problems and I think it'll be great.
  • Truly amazes me!!! 1/5

    By NBK101
    Like many others for the recent update the app work fine what truly amazes me is how quite often this is the case with many companies. Something is broken but then they break it. For the people who did this & allowed it to be released should be fired. Then sent to prison for absolute stupidity, stupidity too dangerous to be allowed in public. But hey that's just my opinion. 😁
  • Alarm doesn't work 3/5

    By RJ3000860
    Honestly, I have only one speaker so I can only rate the main features of the multi-use app. The ability to update the speaker through the app is awesome and I love the ability to remotely power on or off the device. However the alarm part does not work. Whenever I set the alarm to a specific song, it resets to none selected when I close the app or exit the menu. This needs a fix.
  • App won't open with newest update 1/5

    By SadBoomMan
    App was working fine but I was notified of a new update v2.3 - now the app won't open. Have tried restarting my iPhone 6 multiple times and uninstalling and reinstalling the app. App usually worked great for me but now I am unable to use. When I touch the app icon it shows like it's going to open for a second and then flashes back to my home screen.
  • What did you do?? 1/5

    By AngGH68
    This last update is awful. Prior to the update had no issues. Now NEVER connects have to go and do it manually each time. Even if was listening like an hour earlier. Keeps dropping or can't find second speaker. PLEASE FIX!!!
  • Doesn't work smoothly 2/5

    By Charles1771
    The app has bugs, it takes forget to manage more that 1 speaker. Please fix! Love the concept!
  • TWO BOOMS? No way! 1/5

    By HazRig
    Before the update I could connect to two MEGABOOM's with no problem. Just updated the app and now I can only connect to one. Really guys? This is your best effort?
  • Meh 3/5

    By IamTheeDuck
    It sound very well on a phone and easy to connect. But it was a let down due to the fact it had no instructions to connect to a television and pretty much had to buy an aux cord just to connect it
  • Speakers don't pair 1/5

    By pm108512
    Connection to pair is broken, will only play one Speaker.
  • Launching the app 1/5

    By Kkkdsda
    Occasionally starts in a black screen with no functions.
  • Smart Bluetooth still nonfunctional 1/5

    By Alucan
    Please fix!q
  • Great speaker won't double up 1/5

    By Trojan Dave
    The speaker sounds great but more tha an one speakers will not work. Customer services ignores this. Too bad, but don't buy this until fixed
  • Volume issue 4/5

    By glipglopC-137
    I'm having issues with turning up and down the volume using the app. everything else works great

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