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  • Current Version: 2.1.20
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United Airlines App

United Airlines is proud to offer the all-new Apple watch compatible United app, with a flyer-friendly design. The United app is optimized for the iPhone and compatible with the iPad. Offering features from flight booking to flight status and more, the United app is your indispensable travel companion. Highlights: The United app puts valuable travel information in the palm of your hand with our new home screen travel cards, ready to access at a moment’s notice. Cards include: ■ Mobile boarding pass card: Scan your mobile boarding pass directly from the app home screen for quick access. ■ Travel assistant: As your trip gets closer, the travel assistant updates with your departure information, your seat assignment and your destination’s current weather. ■ Flight status card: Once you subscribe for a flight notification, the flight status will appear as a home screen card, with direct access to expanded flight information. ■ My reservations card: Eligible reservations update on the home screen within the 24-hour check-in period, giving you the option to check in directly from the card. You can also manually add your upcoming trips. ■ United Club℠ and one-time pass card: United Club members who sign in with their MileagePlus® account will see a digital membership card with a bar code for access to United Club locations. United Club one-time passes can also be accessed and purchased in the app. ■ MileagePlus card: Display a digital version of your MileagePlus membership card. With in-app access to the most frequently used travel tools, including check-in, booking, flight status and MileagePlus account information, the United app provides easy, on-the-go travel planning. -Check-in: ■ Enjoy mobile boarding pass storage with complete Passbook integration. ■ Check in for flights, including international flights for eligible travelers. ■ Select alternate flight options if there are significant flight delays or cancellations. ■ Choose United Travel Options to enhance your experience: Purchase premium cabin or Economy Plus® seating, or enjoy Premier Access®. -Flight booking: ■ Book one-way, roundtrip and multi-segment travel. ■ Book MileagePlus award travel. ■ Purchase Economy Plus seating. -Flight status: ■ Access upgrade and standby lists. ■ View seating options on the redesigned seat map. ■ Get departure and arrival information. ■ Find out where your flight is coming from and its current location. ■ See inflight amenities. ■ Receive flight status push notifications: Monitor a selected flight and receive automatic updates sent to your device. -Reservation management: ■ Add and view current United reservations. ■ Automatically upgrade and receive upgrade information if you are an eligible Premier® member. ■ Purchase Premier Access, Economy Plus seating and more. ■ Add your flights directly to your calendar. -MileagePlus account: ■ View your Mileage Plus account and subscription information. ■ See recent activity and statements. ■ View flights, including current, past and canceled flights. ■ Enroll in MileagePlus. -Other helpful travel tools: ■ View airport maps. ■ See United Club locations and hours, and purchase one-time passes. ■ Play Sudoku games. ■ Share your reservations and check-ins with your social network and view our recent tweets.

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United Airlines app reviews

  • worst. 1/5

    By Swbean🐻
    worst airline, worst app :)
  • Poor use of technology 1/5

    By Rfdelgad
    You would think that a big airline would have a good mobile app. The app has various panels which have overlapping information. Want to see your reservations? that's one panel. This panel has some details. But, want to see the flight status? Goto another panel. How about my boarding pass...? Go to another panel. In total there are 6 panels. One of which has a copy of your mileage plus card. Ok, thanks for the useless info. Try to get messages? Good luck. Who designed this crap? It is too bad we, United customers are stuck with it.
  • Absolutely horrible!!!! 1/5

    By David "Thunder" Thornton
    12 o'clock flight from Houston to Jacksonville delayed because the plane had no brakes. Waiting three hours for another plane. When Reno Arden, we taxied out to the runway only to be told that The pilot had been "timed out" by one minute and 10 seconds. Deplaned again and all the passengers asked what was he going to happen. The gate agents told everyone to get away from the gate because they were passing out food vouchers. The passenger did want to go to eat since we've been sitting around all day. They should've had replacement pilots and some gate agents that had the patience to explain what was going on. There were no supervisors or anyone in charge and nothing but a bunch of surly gate agents. Absolutely horrible experience. I will fly any airlines except United in the future. No customer service whatsoever.
  • not as bad as United's service but... 1/5

    By selfself2009
    a close second. Worthless app. Onboard entertainment doesn't work.
  • Weird dates issue 2/5

    By Iceepwn
    It says I have a flight on July 13th that's landing on the 10th.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By bleahy33
    Could not stay connected. Saw the first 15 seconds of my movie 25 times before I gave up.
  • I installed the app and 1/5

    By Goodappreviews
    I installed the app and someone showed up at my door from united and started beating me, I'd rate 0 stars if I could.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By RickReek
  • VR Passenger Dragging 5/5

    By Supldlsixdoxdjneod
    The VR Passenger Dragging is SO realistic! If only this happened in the real world.
  • Not too bad.... 4/5

    By EpicLegend29
    The app works fine. Entertainment and boarding passes work well. I think the app should have some more entertainment because I saw more on the IFE than on the app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Djc5485
    I got my boarding pass on it, but that's about all that functions. No wifi, which is really the whole purpose of getting this app. Absolutely useless.
  • Was prompted to download for international travel 1/5

    By KyleBauer
    Passport upload doesn't work- App crashes Couldn't check in using this app
  • Poor integration with Apple Wallet. 2/5

    By Tntoofore
    As an occasional United traveler, have had difficult to impossible experience trying to get boarding passes into Wallet. Have been able to do that with desktop, but not consistently with App. There needs to be an earlier option to indicate Wallet in the checkin/boarding pass process. Very unintuitive and much inferior to the Delta process. Additionally, putting in passport is excruciatingly difficult--seems almost impossible to get camera angle that will work. Appears to have been designed by technicians who have not used any "normals" to test their work.
  • constantly logs you out 1/5

    By simplepretty
    making it unusable when traveling. worked great before the update. please fix.
  • Immersive Passenger Dragging Simulator 5/5

    By Seal Team 2 Sniper
    This game is so much fun. You either play as a passenger or as a person dragging the passenger across the floor. I hope competitive matchmaking will be available soon, and maybe a co-op mode. I have high hopes for the sequel.
  • Worse than you think 1/5

    By UnitedCEO
    This is an absolutely horrendous app that an 8th grader could have outdone. Be prepared to have a lot of your time wasted in return for nothing.
  • Really good experience so far 4/5

    By Masquerade
    This is an awesome app - the ability to flexibly change flights if your flight was cancelled straight at the app screen is AMAZING and super fast. I like the "more information" tab about flights too. Seems like a useful, usable app.
  • Fantastic app! 5/5

    By derekcarder
    Great app! Everything I need to know about my travel experience is right there!
  • Very Good App... 5/5

    By SanPedroPilot
    I'm very happy with the app. It helps me book, track, and more.
  • requires you to re-login constantly 1/5

    By iPhoneForBiz
    The latest update broke something, so that every time I go to the app I have to login again, and once I also had to re-enter my security answers. Make sure you have all this info handy, otherwise the app will treat you according to their current corporate guidelines (hint: customers just get in the way)
  • An age of miracles.... 5/5

    By Joe_no_the_other_joe
    I have travelled almost two million miles in the last 10 years with United. 10 years ago you would buy a ticket on your computer or by phone, have to stand in line for a ticket and then sit on a plane where if there was a movie, odds are it's something you weren't that interested in. Now we live in an age of miracles where you can buy tickets on your phone, they send updates on status and literally hundreds of movies and TV shows are streamed wirelessly to your device while you hurtle through the air in a metal tube 5 miles up in the air. Hell - you can even check your mail on some flights. And people complain because occasionally the internet connection doesn't work and the incredible convenience of our modern lives is interrupted for a few minutes. The App works fine, the people complaining have a point, but the 1-star ratings are more of a reflection of the unrealistic expectations of modern travelers than anything else. So 4 stars for the App and 1 star to help balance the sense of entitlement that seems to be pervasive in my fellow reviewers posts.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By Tcox8213
    Never would let me watch a show or movie. Error connecting each time. 7.5 hour flight and tried many time. Worthless app
  • No option to add children when booking tickets 1/5

    By joyanmi
    There is option to add adults when purchasing ticket using the app. No option to add kids . Please fix this issue.
  • Keeps telling me to update! 1/5

    By Roxy2181
    I just downloaded this app and it's unusable because it says it's an old version of the app! Argh. App Store doesn't have a newer version!
  • Terrible 1/5

    By WhaleCome:3
    I opened the app and inserted my ethnicity "Asian" and I immediately got banned.
  • Ugh keeps logging me out! 1/5

    By Becksny123456
    Was working great until update, now you keep logging me out!! Change it back
  • Ask this guy how it went 1/5

    By Coxoxoxo233
    Never again
  • Terrible for international travel 1/5

    By GoBucks2017
    Tried to use this to scan in passports for an international trip. App failed to process the scan on an iPad Air, and the Android equivalent was no better on a Samsung tablet or an Asus phone. Finally worked on an iPhone 6s. United offers no other way to check in for international flights other than at the airport. If United is going to require app use for all remote check-ins, they should make sure their app actually works on the devices that say it does.
  • Just terrible 1/5

    By United airlines passenger
    First of all the internet is already bad then with a plane full with at least 50 people connected to it at the same time it's even worse. Second of all I will be on quite a long flight and I just wanted to relax and watch a movie since i didn't have the chance to sit with any friends. But NO. The stupid app decides to not work with me. My neighbors phone is working and he gets to watch a movie why can't I. United airlines thank you for a terrible flight. Plus my flight got delayed for three hours. I've been on this dumb plane for two and if I dont get to watch a movie in the next hour I think I just might go mad.
  • What is this 1/5

    By ljerry3388
    Inconvenient and unnecessary. Too much of a hassle to bother
  • Log out - need a longer time 3/5

    By Level 611
    New app update logs you out. Only allows staying logged in for up to one hour. Need longer options to not have to continually enter a password! This is not a fix that I like. Even one day would be better.
  • United Airlines App 2/5

    By Varajuan
    Just downloaded this app so I could check-in and submit a passport photo. Well, that photo option does not work. Why offer it if it does not work? Will be interesting to see how the rest of the features work.
  • Ya boi broke 1/5

    By phsyco316
    This wifi ain't free
  • Waste of space... 1/5

    By LMo1028
    Just like United Airlines. You can't even look at your boarding pass. The only option is to print it. Please get with Delta to design a better app and while you're at it, to train your rude employees.
  • It doesn't work 1/5

    By Dhcdjcdhc
    Its slow and just is overall bad
  • Great app 5/5

    By B Foles
    You 1-star nubbers need to relax. This worked great.
  • Check in does not work 1/5

    By jm8
    Data services not available all the time!
  • It won't work. 1/5

    By Ambjg
    I just tried to check in. I am at a strong internet site - my house - but it keeps telling me that no data is available. Blah. I'm certainly glad that I was able to check in using my laptop and printer. After checking in using my laptop, I went back to the app. It is still telling me that no data is available. Tsk tsk
  • Absolutely worthless 1/5

    By Minimalist Dead Cow
    Cannot check in to flights. Cannot change flights. Cannot see flight statuses. Constantly getting "data services unavailable" error. This app, much like United itself, is absolutely worthless.
  • Available upgrades 4/5

    By IyerDudes
    This app is getting better each day. Keep up the good work. A suggestion: it would be very helpful if I can see the upgrades available in my account. Then, as a future enhancement, perhaps we can look for upgradeable tickets and apply the upgrades, all through the mobile app?!?
  • Great app and has been for years when it was Continental 5/5

    By sxr71
    I normally log on to write bad reviews of apps. Today I thought I should write something supportive of an app I use regularly and that I find indispensable. I saw that the plane on the opening screen actually moves with tilting your phone just like the home screen. It's pretty cool. Of all the airline apps I've used this one lets you book a flight faster than anything else. So quick. The data for gates and departures should be preloaded and pushed for all flights of interest. Such as ones you are booked on. The only criticism I would have is that "United data services" is pretty slow. They must have to keep track of hundreds of thousands of passengers so it is understandable. It would be a great improvement. Overall the app gets the job done and does it well.
  • No Dragging Off Escort Service. 1/5

    By Hdbsisi
    I downloaded the app to book my next flight and I was shocked that after recent events there is no escort options, specifically to be escorted via "dragging off". United Airlines fails to meet the expectations of this not so potential customer.
  • Nothing works and United doesn't care 1/5

    By AvalonZ3
    Either the "free" wifi doesn't work for your "free personal device entertainment" or the app doesn't work. You can't use the wifi without the app, and you can't use the app with their broken wifi. Great for that 8 hour flight. Meanwhile the flight attendants are too busy trying to rent out non-functional iPads to give a d*** your own iPad doesn't work because of their broken system. They could just offer to come back later instead of rudely shutting you down. Not to mention they've stripped every amenity they can (food, entertainment, leg room, and customer service). Too bad i'm afraid i'll get dragged off the flight if i speak up. But even if i can barely afford my miserable flight, at least the top dogs at united can still purchase their third vacation home. Long story short: don't get the app, don't fly with them, and f*** united. PS. They lost my luggage while i was writing this review. Have a nice day the united way
  • Good Updates 4/5

    By Juggy007
    Latest release has fixed the major issues I previously reported. The ability to change flights and check for upgrade offers isn't consistently offered. Please update to make that experience consistent!
  • Onboard entertainment does not work! 1/5

    By rockandroll1
    Took a 10+ hr flight on a 747 from San Francisco to Tokyo and on the entertainment system completely failed both times. I could connect to wifi and watch all the trailers I wanted but every time I tried to watch a full movie I got the screen message "Your device is having trouble connecting to the network. Please wait a few minutes and then relaunch your browser. (Error 3500)" Of course the flight attendants were very nice but completely unhelpful. One even told me that the plane's wifi router could only handle a fraction of the total number of passengers so I should wait till after dinner when people went to sleep. Very helpful.... did that and of course it still didn't work. Tried rebooting and no luck. The guy next to me had the same problem. Will not be flying united on long hauls anymore.
  • Endless loop 1/5

    By bjaber
    Can't check in. Keeps telling me that my flight is with Delta and to check in with them. Delta keeps saying no record found. My flights are United Express and United.
  • Not functional 1/5

    By whydoineedausernametoreview
    Often redirects to website
  • Latest update crashes on iPad2 again 1/5

    By WTH?81737
    Nice job app developers: you managed to make the app consistently crash again on an iPad 2 when one tried to watch a movie via the Mobile Device Entertainment! How hard can it be to freakin' test the functionality on all sorts of Apple devices??? Horrifying performance, people.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By OG Hampster
    Always crashes and completely useless
  • deletes flights before they depart or before they arrive 2/5

    By J/S~~
    This app has had some improvement, but still has some fundamental problems. It deletes current flights before they arrive or even before they depart (if the flight is delayed). This is a serious problem if you bought someone a ticket and you need to meet them at the airport. You can't tell when the flight arrived. I can't access the reservation to get the flight number if I want to do flight tracking.

United Airlines app comments

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