Untappd - Discover Beer

Untappd - Discover Beer

  • Category: Food & Drink
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  • Current Version: 3.1.7
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Untappd, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Untappd - Discover Beer App

Discover and share great beers, breweries, and venues with your friends, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries. Discover nearby venues, events, and beers that you'll love Keep track of the beers you like and create lists for later Get alerts when your favorite verified venues add new beers Find new venues with great beers, anywhere in the world Follow your friends and see what beers they're enjoying For help and support, visit http://help.untappd.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/untappd Facebook: http://facebook.com/untappd Instagram: http://instagram/untappd Untappd reminds you to please drink responsibly.


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Untappd - Discover Beer app reviews

  • Requires me to create an accnt before trying it out 1/5

    By Rich Silfver
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Endings never
    I like the app but i wish the rating scale would be in 1/10s instead of 1/4 increments...for example....some beers are just a little better than 3.75 but not quite 4
  • Make more user friendly 3/5

    By Homerunsox
    The idea of a social media app where users can share what beers they are drinking and check in at brewery’s is a wonderful idea. But the app is very non user friendly. It has way to many things going on at once. It takes me a little bit just to figure out where to check in a beer I’m drinking, and once I decide to check it in, I have about 10 different things to choose from regarding my rating for the beer, how I am drinking it, where I am, and others. It’s way too much going on. The app needs to focus on making it more user friendly and getting rid of a lot of the features that it has that make the app overwhelming.
  • Best! 5/5

    By Dude44882235
    Best app ever and focusing on documenting and discovering new beers!
  • Extra tap to scan... no good, no good, no good 2/5

    By georgecressy3
    Extra tap requirement after “Scan” (to choose Barcode or NFC) is no good at all. Just make a separate button for NFC, or have the option to select a default Scan method. I want to log a beer with one touch—or no touch!
  • My family’s go-to social media app 5/5

    By BpMan19
    Untappd has become the favorite social app in my family. When we all get together, we buy tons of new beers to sample, discuss, and log. We create locations that we all check into using Swarm. When we’re apart, we’re constantly recommending beers and venues to one another. It’s really been a way for us to use our love of craft brews to keep in touch and interact with each other even though we’re spread across the country. On a less sentimental, yet equally important note, Untappd has helped me gain a better understanding of which styles, regions, and breweries I really enjoy. It’s made it easier for me to keep tabs on when beers I love or have been wanting to try hit venues near me, and has also made it so much easier to recommend things to my friends and family.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By scootlykins
    Trying to add a beer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The app used to be great.
  • It has made me try beers I never would have. 5/5

    By Kdgelski
    I wasn’t into craft beer before using this app now not only is that all I drink but I go out of my way to find stuff I’ve never had and check out different beers on the app before I buy. I have told a ton of friends about the app and told them all to download it.
  • Activity Feed 1/5

    By AC1099
    The activity feed is significantly limited to just a few days.
  • One nitpick 4/5

    By rkroner
    Great app, except for the fact that the “Middle of the Road” badge might be the single most useless achievement imagined in any digital media since digital media became a thing.
  • FEEDBACK 4/5

    By Leader24032
    There should be a way to just pull up a venue and see all the beers I personally have had there.
  • Please add User Averages 4/5

    By Unimpressed34
    Love the app!! Very helpful and fun way to learn more about beer. It would be great to have User Averages. I’d love to know the average rating I’ve given to all the beers I’ve checked in as well as the average community rating of all the beers I’ve checked in.
  • Not fun anymore 2/5

    By Yahoo apps stink
    This app used to be great. The last few updates have made it slow, bloated and just hard to navigate. It seems there is a badge for every beer or venue. Latest update won't load. Had to uninstall and re-install😕. I am sure the developers can do better. Go back to what made the app the app!!!!
  • App in decline 2/5

    By RLB633
    This used to be a fun app. Then it got revised. Now it’s slower and just not better in too many ways to list. I’m thinking of just deleting it. It’s become a bore.
  • Helped me get more into craft beer! 5/5

    By Pluff_mud
    First and foremost this app is a cash cow for how much they generate from promotions and bars who become premium members. Good for untappd! Second, this got me into drinking and exploring more craft beer which is fantastic. Ok yes I’ll admit I mainly got hooked by the badges and leveling but the end result is I love trying new craft beer. It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. The only loser is my health and I’m ok with that! ...until I start having regrets later in life of course.
  • iOS 11 update 2/5

    By Hotdog123456
    After updating the iPhone iOS 11 the icons on bottom just displays squares
  • Good but needs help 1/5

    By Brneyes6
    Please update!! Need to be able to scroll without end on own feed and everyone you follow. Please change ability to edit check in location after the fact. Notifications need to be more timelined n spaced out than lumped together in one date. Ugh Also when you block someone their toasts should be deleted
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Alkejoen
    I love using this app. It's almost like playing a game, you unlock things as you try new beer & you can also add friends to see what they've had, as well as what they've rated. Must have app!
  • Please Go Native 4/5

    By CP_3
    Great platform, solid design, but everything feels a little off. Side note: the home screen of the app tries to do way too much. Reminds me of Yelp. Another side note: I've used the app a lot and don't have very many issues with it. When I get new people started on it, they don't know how to check beers in. I think this might be related to my first side note.
  • Finding Beer 1/5

    By Pearl & Jasper
    I have to delete the app all the time in order to find the beer I am drinking or venues. I do a simple search and it never able to find another beer like Shiner Bock. This app seems to work in other phones except iPhones.
  • Would never work for me 1/5

    By Monkey6978
    This never would let me create an account either through Facebook or my email. It just gave me an error message every time.
  • Issues with third party keyboards 1/5

    By Yelnum
    Update 3 - Swype keyboard not working again in some fields within the app. Please fix. Update 2- Swype keyboard not showing again within Untappd. Update - I was contacted by untappd support and they indicated the issue stems from using a third party keyboard. Spot on troubleshooting and switching back to the native iOS keyboard does not crash the app. Hopefully they can fix the third party keyboard issue in future incarnations. This app was good until the latest update. Crashes almost instantly. Please fix.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jk roll
    Great to find beers. Great to socialize with grinds.
  • Need more apps 5/5

    By BillyBeckhamJR
    I've been using this app for a while now and since day one my girlfriend has been complaining that there isn't a version for wine or cocktails. Please shut this woman up and make some more apps. PS, please respond so I know this message was received 👌🏼
  • Great App 5/5

    By VonSpliff
    It's nice to be able to keep an organized log of all the beers I've tried
  • My pride & joy 5/5

    By NT_Astro
    Happy to see them finally organize the badges. Great app to remember what you disliked or admired about a beer you've tried. NOT ONLY THAT: you can discover what beers your local bars or restaurants are serving based on other people's UnTappd check-ins, check-in a beer with a beer's barcode, make new friends & tag them, earn badges as you progress through different goals. I love craft beers, craft beers love me too (sometimes).
  • Nice update 5/5

    By wmc0005
    Loved this app for years and I'm stoked to see the ability to toggle retroactive badges for users that have been using it for a while.
  • Doesn't feel very fluid 2/5

    By Nella2577
    Screens are always loading and reloading. Changes in one place aren't reflected in others. Loading is slow and jerky. Scrolling through long lists is excruciatingly painful. All in all it doesn't feel like a native iOS application at all, very disappointing.
  • Excellent app. Must have 5/5

    By Guvnorizer
    Must have
  • Won't login in at all 3/5

    By Bberry07
    Would love to try out the app but I can't get it to login at all. Tried with Facebook and signing up with an account. Both seemed to connect but then just stopped at the login page. I deleted and re-downloaded but nothing has changed.
  • They need to make iPad app 3/5

    By Matt Callia
    Nice app to track what you're having and to notate your thoughts. Wish that it was iPad friendly though.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By <3app player<3
    Love the app. Only suggestion I have is to change the "toast" button to "cheers"
  • Nice app to log beer, horrible for history 2/5

    By 657648747
    Just try to scroll back 6 months. Let alone the 5 years of history I have. Would nice to be able to dial in a month of history.
  • A long way to go 2/5

    By bluelunatique
    Getting better but so clunky. Too much lag time when you press buttons. Constantly freezes. Does not scroll smoothly. Notifications of friends check-Ins don't open to the specific page they reference. I could keep going but, really, after all this time should I have to?
  • I recommend! 5/5

    By MattVanarsdale
    Great app! Good way to track your beer count and learn about new beers!
  • Phenomenal. 5/5

    By ChicagoThot
    Greatest App ever invited.
  • solid social beer app 5/5

    By looneyneil
    great way to track and preview the expansive world of craft beer.
  • Bringing Beer Close, Bringing Friends Even Closer 5/5

    By delawarefan
    just started using the app and it seems they thought of almost everything there! will of course be a few tweaks along the way but they will work themselves out! great app and great concept!
  • Awesome but.... 3/5

    By PapaPhillfromSDC
    Ok so I like it but if I click a beer in a brewery menu and then have to click the location and then have to click that I purchased it at a location. Other than the multiple locations click, it's a great app.
  • It's ok 3/5

    By SnowMore
    Too many crashes. Should link with Google Maps easier. Should be snappier(and I'm on an iPhone 7+ so come on). More simplistic UI. More badges. Chat feature.
  • A worthy app 5/5

    By TheCooler777
    Everything I need in an app to remember and find all the brew I've had/been wanting.
  • Bad App 1/5

    By Paddyotool
    Forced to sign up-- long form-- country field at end won't populate so I couldn't get registered-- waste of time-- don't bother!
  • ???? 2/5

    By CARO_14
    I'm confused! I'm so happy this app exists, but it's not as user friendly as I want it to be. Am I the only one?
  • It.always.Crashes 1/5

    By Bratton58
    All this app does is crash. Over the past 2 days I have had to delete it and reinstall 6 times. Not worth the trouble. Veryyyyyy unstable....
  • A Must 4/5

    By NiteClubDwite
    This app is a "must" for any beer lovers out there. Easy interface and very helpful if you travel or are searching out different beers wherever you are.
  • I like the new look 5/5

    By norpnorp
    And thanks for always having a detailed list of changes in your release notes!!!
  • Ratings in Search! 5/5

    By dcs_foyle
    This is the best update yet!! Thanks for being so aggressive on feature additions, guys.
  • It would be 5 stars but... 4/5

    By Jeffhobart
    Why did you take away the find a brewery near me button? Venues are fine too but in LA/OC new breweries are popping up like crazy and it would be so much easier to see them only. Even a filter for the venue button would work.
  • Great app with one flaw... 4/5

    By Da real KJAM
    Love this app...slightly cluttered but no big deal. My biggest problem is the 140 character limit on check ins. That needs to be 200. I have the same problem with Twitter. 140 is NOT a sweet spot and so you end up writing gibberish to try to get your point across.
  • Keep getting error messages 5/5

    By Nak513
    I really like this app. My husband and friends use it regularly but almost every time I use it there is some kind of error. Would be 5 stars if the bugs could be worked out. *Update: After I wrote this review I was contacted by untappd to inform me that there was a server problem that has now been fixed. Since our conversation I haven't had any error messages so I now rate it 5 stars.

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