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Untappd - Discover Beer

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  • Current Version: 3.2.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: Untappd, Inc
  • Compatibility: Android
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Untappd - Discover Beer App

Discover and share great beers, breweries, and venues with your friends, while earning badges for exploring beers of different styles and countries. Discover nearby venues, events, and beers that you'll love Keep track of the beers you like and create lists for later Get alerts when your favorite verified venues add new beers Find new venues with great beers, anywhere in the world Follow your friends and see what beers they're enjoying For help and support, visit http://help.untappd.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/untappd Facebook: http://facebook.com/untappd Instagram: http://instagram/untappd Untappd reminds you to please drink responsibly.


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Untappd - Discover Beer app reviews

  • Fun but confusing to use 3/5

    By friedlina
    I really enjoy using this app because it’s fun to keep track of what beers I try and where I try them. I wish the app made t easier to go back and edit posts, specifically in regards to tagging friends. I also wish the process of finding locations of the beers was more user friendly. In general I would recommend the app but I think it has a few usability aspects that could be worked out better.
  • Cool 4/5

    By The  Dude
    Pretty cool app
  • Couldn’t live without it 5/5

    By Culehand80
    It’s everything to me. In the beginning the badges helped me discover new styles of beer. Then it became my favorite social network as I have met so many great beer people. I don’t know what I’d do without it, as my whole craft beer experience is logged within it. I have over 3100 unique check ins.
  • Opening Notifications Crashes iPhone 2/5

    By ChrisCrowley
    Whenever I open a notification from the lock screen, it actually crashes my iPhone 6S and the phone restarts by itself. This behavior seems to be unique to this app.
  • Untappd rules 5/5

    By Neverender0911
    I’m kind of biased because I volunteer for the app, but it’s great. It’s great way to keep track of what you drink. Craft beer rules!
  • Would like to see a calorie count for brews 4/5

    By Moriahcatherine
    I love how much this app has grown since I started tracking in 2016. I’d really like to see calories for the brews I’m drinking in the future!
  • One of the best apps available 4/5

    By Cold 40s
    Scan works perfect for android but for iPhone 8 it does not scan the beers at all.
  • Great app 4/5

    By SCHemenway
    This is a great app that many of my friends use. Would like to see the ratings fine tuned to tenths instead of quarters.
  • Great resource, but would like more. 4/5

    By rustyjaw
    This is my go-to for checking in beers, seeing what friends like, and also for searching for consensus on what’s good. BUT, while I understand the character limit on reviews, I think there is a missed opportunity for a beer blogging area in the app. Something that allows for more free-form and extended viewpoints on beer and subject surrounding beer. To me, that would be a fantastic addition to an already excellent app.
  • Haptic feedback needs to go 1/5

    By gorrrgoth
    Not only it it useless, it makes the app uncomfortable to use. The fact that there doesn’t seem to be an option to disable it is a huge oversight.
  • User Averages 4/5

    By Unimpressed34
    Love the app. Great way to learn about beer. Would be awesome to have user averages? What is the average rating of all the beers I’ve checked in?
  • Great social media! 5/5

    By Pomanti
    Untappd has become my favorite social media by far! I recommend it to every beer lover I know. Five stars!!
  • 5/5 5/5

    By Cookie monster0
    It’s a fun app to have with a group of friends that are into drinking.
  • Drop this app 1/5

    By Glass-I
    This app is demeaning to brewers, the men and women who pour their heart and soul into making a beverage for you to enjoy. Sure there are bad beers, but beer is an art form. Do you rate Da Vinci’s work, or Kubrick’s movies, or The Beatles music? To take something so subjective and distill it down to a rating with no context by some user who may have know idea how to make beer or what makes a beer good is offensive. Rating a Pilsner against a Bourbon barrel aged stout is a joke and no one on here seems able to make that distinction. Screw this app and the trolls that use it!
  • Unusable. Needs major update. 1/5

    By sidewayzScott
    Tried installing and reinstalling 3 different times. Won't connect to Facebook. WORTHLESS until updated. But I'll probably not even bother.
  • Broken 1/5

    By Ty butler
    This app is BROKEN. Whenever I open the app I get stuck on the always drink responsibly loading screen. I’ve been having this issue for almost a week now. I really enjoyed this app as I really enjoy beer... the idea is great, but they really need to fix this
  • Requires 3/5

    By Kevin Goodrich
    You to create an account
  • App won’t launch 2/5

    By TheGundark
    I love this app and use it all the time, but right now, it won’t launch. Keeps telling me I’m not connected to the internet, but clearly I am. Needs fixin’.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Kyle Sco
    How many times have you picked up a beer and thought “have I had this one before?” Problem solved. Untappd allows you to find, photograph and check in to those beers with ease. It has been my go to app for all things beer. They continue to improve upon it and I love being able to flash back and see exactly what I thought of each beer. If you enjoy beer, you’ll enjoy this app.
  • Proof read? 4/5

    By You Heard?
    I love the app - it’s great but you should proofread your update description.
  • New search rocks 5/5

    By hades.himself
    The new search is really good. It’s much easier to find beers now.
  • Sometimes works 2/5

    By Vddhbdfcfv
    I feel like this app never works when I need it to the most. It just won’t load
  • No Internet Connection 2/5

    By bjlauderman
    The past two updates have been super frustrating. I can’t open the app in any WiFi condition/connection. It’s constantly telling me that I don’t appear to be connected to the internet, and refuses to open (unless I turn the WiFi off). The searching has become faster and easier, but that’s about it.
  • Extremely Consistent 5/5

    By Cal37
    This is by far the best rating system used for beverages, compared to beeradvocate and beerate
  • Good in concept, not execution 1/5

    By TheoHux
    You add each beer to your database of beers you have had one at a time, and after adding each one, you are taken back to the home screen. So when you first download the app and want to list beers you have had already, you can expect to spend about 5 hours of time. Finally had to give up and delete.
  • Used to love it 3/5

    By DenverDean
    But forget about trying to check in beers at the GABF or tasting event. Even notifications off, it’ll still tell you about nearby venue. I get it, you gotta get paid, but it’s kind of annoying.
  • cant register 1/5

    By Jdjcdpakxnos
    app wont let me register... deleted it
  • Not working anymore 1/5

    By Teaser14
    After doing the update l can't get it to open
  • Awesome app 4/5

    By Erjers
    I love this app and use it all the time. It is really convenient to see what I have rated different beers in the past. It would be really helpful if there was an ability to sort the list of beers I have check in by highest rated.
  • Requires me to create an accnt before trying it out 1/5

    By Rich Silfver
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Endings never
    I like the app but i wish the rating scale would be in 1/10s instead of 1/4 increments...for example....some beers are just a little better than 3.75 but not quite 4
  • Make more user friendly 3/5

    By Homerunsox
    The idea of a social media app where users can share what beers they are drinking and check in at brewery’s is a wonderful idea. But the app is very non user friendly. It has way to many things going on at once. It takes me a little bit just to figure out where to check in a beer I’m drinking, and once I decide to check it in, I have about 10 different things to choose from regarding my rating for the beer, how I am drinking it, where I am, and others. It’s way too much going on. The app needs to focus on making it more user friendly and getting rid of a lot of the features that it has that make the app overwhelming.
  • Best! 5/5

    By Dude44882235
    Best app ever and focusing on documenting and discovering new beers!
  • Extra tap to scan... no good, no good, no good 2/5

    By georgecressy3
    Extra tap requirement after “Scan” (to choose Barcode or NFC) is no good at all. Just make a separate button for NFC, or have the option to select a default Scan method. I want to log a beer with one touch—or no touch!
  • My family’s go-to social media app 5/5

    By BpMan19
    Untappd has become the favorite social app in my family. When we all get together, we buy tons of new beers to sample, discuss, and log. We create locations that we all check into using Swarm. When we’re apart, we’re constantly recommending beers and venues to one another. It’s really been a way for us to use our love of craft brews to keep in touch and interact with each other even though we’re spread across the country. On a less sentimental, yet equally important note, Untappd has helped me gain a better understanding of which styles, regions, and breweries I really enjoy. It’s made it easier for me to keep tabs on when beers I love or have been wanting to try hit venues near me, and has also made it so much easier to recommend things to my friends and family.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By scootlykins
    Trying to add a beer is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The app used to be great.
  • It has made me try beers I never would have. 5/5

    By Kdgelski
    I wasn’t into craft beer before using this app now not only is that all I drink but I go out of my way to find stuff I’ve never had and check out different beers on the app before I buy. I have told a ton of friends about the app and told them all to download it.
  • Activity Feed 1/5

    By AC1099
    The activity feed is significantly limited to just a few days.
  • One nitpick 4/5

    By rkroner
    Great app, except for the fact that the “Middle of the Road” badge might be the single most useless achievement imagined in any digital media since digital media became a thing.
  • FEEDBACK 4/5

    By Leader24032
    There should be a way to just pull up a venue and see all the beers I personally have had there.
  • Not fun anymore 2/5

    By Yahoo apps stink
    This app used to be great. The last few updates have made it slow, bloated and just hard to navigate. It seems there is a badge for every beer or venue. Latest update won't load. Had to uninstall and re-install😕. I am sure the developers can do better. Go back to what made the app the app!!!!
  • App in decline 2/5

    By RLB633
    This used to be a fun app. Then it got revised. Now it’s slower and just not better in too many ways to list. I’m thinking of just deleting it. It’s become a bore.
  • Helped me get more into craft beer! 5/5

    By Pluff_mud
    First and foremost this app is a cash cow for how much they generate from promotions and bars who become premium members. Good for untappd! Second, this got me into drinking and exploring more craft beer which is fantastic. Ok yes I’ll admit I mainly got hooked by the badges and leveling but the end result is I love trying new craft beer. It’s a win-win as far as I’m concerned. The only loser is my health and I’m ok with that! ...until I start having regrets later in life of course.
  • iOS 11 update 2/5

    By Hotdog123456
    After updating the iPhone iOS 11 the icons on bottom just displays squares
  • Good but needs help 1/5

    By Brneyes6
    Please update!! Need to be able to scroll without end on own feed and everyone you follow. Please change ability to edit check in location after the fact. Notifications need to be more timelined n spaced out than lumped together in one date. Ugh Also when you block someone their toasts should be deleted
  • Awesome App 5/5

    By Alkejoen
    I love using this app. It's almost like playing a game, you unlock things as you try new beer & you can also add friends to see what they've had, as well as what they've rated. Must have app!
  • Please Go Native 4/5

    By CP_3
    Great platform, solid design, but everything feels a little off. Side note: the home screen of the app tries to do way too much. Reminds me of Yelp. Another side note: I've used the app a lot and don't have very many issues with it. When I get new people started on it, they don't know how to check beers in. I think this might be related to my first side note.
  • Finding Beer 1/5

    By Pearl & Jasper
    I have to delete the app all the time in order to find the beer I am drinking or venues. I do a simple search and it never able to find another beer like Shiner Bock. This app seems to work in other phones except iPhones.
  • Would never work for me 1/5

    By Monkey6978
    This never would let me create an account either through Facebook or my email. It just gave me an error message every time.
  • Issues with third party keyboards 1/5

    By Yelnum
    Update 3 - Swype keyboard not working again in some fields within the app. Please fix. Update 2- Swype keyboard not showing again within Untappd. Update - I was contacted by untappd support and they indicated the issue stems from using a third party keyboard. Spot on troubleshooting and switching back to the native iOS keyboard does not crash the app. Hopefully they can fix the third party keyboard issue in future incarnations. This app was good until the latest update. Crashes almost instantly. Please fix.

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