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UPS Mobile App

Easily manage shipments on the go with the UPS Mobile app. · Track and nickname shipments · Create shipping labels · Find UPS service locations · Estimate shipment costs and delivery times Make Home Delivery Quick and Easy with UPS My Choice® Sign up for UPS My Choice in the app—it’s free and easy. UPS My Choice sends delivery alerts right to your mobile device, letting you plan your schedule and make changes to shipments going to your home no matter where you are. With UPS My Choice on the UPS mobile app you can: · Get delivery alerts letting you know when your package will arrive · Have your packages delivered somewhere else, like a friend’s house, or delivered on a different date that’s more convenient for you · Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without a signature. · Track packages without tracking numbers as incoming deliveries are automatically added to your app’s Delivery Planner list Even if you don’t log in, you can: · Track packages and freight shipments · Save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list · Find and quickly filter UPS service locations · Get a quote on shipment costs and transit times

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  • Don't try and change the delivery address!! 1/5

    By Painless76
    I must say this is the worse case of an app ruining customer service. They give you an option to change delivery for $5. However to verify your identity you enter your phone number. However, like most people, you have a cell phone and don't pay extra to have a land line. If your cell number is not "public" then it won't verify you. Sure, lets make our cell phone number public so we can get sales calls all day! CRAZY!! The only other option is they can send you a letter in the mail in 2-5 days. That really helps when you need to change a delivery address on a package on its way!!! Just DUMB. They won't even accept a phone number from you after you have logged in with your user name and password!!! DUMBER!! Called customer service and they were no help. Just round and round about making my phone number public. Circle jerk!! Makes me want to sell my UPS stock. UPS, if you are listening get off your butt and realize why this app gets majority of 1 star. Wish I could give it "0". Start over please!!
  • It never loaded 1/5

    By Flaviusgf
    It never loaded to be able to use it . Crash from start! Ups is the worst mailing service . You pay for shipping and 9/10 time you have to go and pick up the package yourself WHY?
  • Poor App 1/5

    By SolegnA
    You'd expect a little more from a company this big. Other than telling me where my packages are the app is pretty worthless. UPS really needs a new designer. Don't add a comment section only to have preset comments. In the hands of a different developer it really has potential. UPS get off your butts! There are too many shippers vying for your customers, the digital age is here.
  • 1995 called, they want their email validation back 1/5

    By 1996user
    Useless without .edu, .com, .net or .org email address.
  • Impossible 1/5

    By Schu b
    For months I have been unable to delete the info that told me of a package delivery. I even deleted and reinstalled the app! Message still there. Can't delete or move to trash. Won't use again!
  • Ugh 1/5

    By SDDizzle
    I don't typically take the time to write reviews, but this app merits one. For whatever reason tracking information takes absolutely forever to update into this app. In the FedEx app when you type in the tracking number it shows the address the package will be delivered to. This app doesn't do that. So when the idiots at UPS wrote an 8 instead of a 3 on their secondary label for my package it took me three days to finally get the issue resolved with UPS because I couldn't find out where they were trying to send my package. Getting alerts at 10pm that they tried to deliver it at 2pm and got no answer. Had the app divulged their missed attempt when it happened instead of six hours later I could've dealt with it in a much more timely fashion. This app is garbage, and UPS isn't much better.
  • No more than 5 delivery info at a time 3/5

    By Kimon?
    In the past you can have and watch 20 delivery tracking number without any issue! Last year updates you can't do that! Only 5! Even if you enter more than 5 covers the older ones! I send a lot of email about that but no one hear me!
  • Works perfectly 5/5

    By darla64
    Not sure what the other reviews here are talking about. I have used this app for years and it works great for tracking and as a my choice member I'm able to redirect pkgs to my office when I'm not home. Never had any problems.
  • Only for casual tracking 1/5

    By rivox1
    No access to account options or past shipments...
  • Well, it's official.... 1/5

    By Hamsteak Studios
    Your app is equally as shi**y as your ability to deliver packages. How you're still a company blows my mind. I hope Amazon's delivery service buries your company.
  • Garbage in, garbage out 1/5

    By snailsarefaster
    This app provides inaccurate information. UPS ignores communications made through the app. The app is as useless as UPS.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By 124809536828924690
    Forced to register. Provided same useless info as mobile site 'in process'; asked me to validate 20 year old PII; surcharged me for changing the delivery address within the same zip code, and then failed to reflect the shipping address changes. Worst app ever. UPS is tired and old, needs new talent. Unbelievably bad product. Avoid.
  • This app is very useful 5/5

    By Aimsley7
    I really like this app because it gets the job done. It has helped me track my packages and I have never had an issue with it
  • UPS MyChoice non-functional 2/5

    By JohnMWhite
    App logs you out of UPS MyChoice every time you close the app. It allows you to login, and after that I can track packages. However, not useful as a mobile app if I have to enter in my login every time.
  • So sad! 1/5

    By Squirtarina
    It just keeps crashing! Won't even load completely! Never did this before this update!
  • Terrible new update 1/5

    By Clstepp
    I hate this new version. I can't see any info for upcoming deliveries only the tracking numbers for packages that have already been delivered which is NOT helpful. Please change it back!!!!!
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Shawn LoFAT Bernard
    It makes you create an account to track packages. Not even worth one star. I'm deleting the app off my phone to save more space. Smh
  • HORRIBLE 1/5

    By Rudy Magana
    This app is the worst!!! Don't try installing it you'll waste your time. Time is better spent getting a second cup of coffee rather than wasting your time on this app... I only wrote this review because it really frustrated me!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Yxshfh
    Worked fine until the last update. Now I see no packages at all.
  • Pretty good. 5/5

    By Scion_tC15
    I was pretty skeptical with all the bad reviews but the app is pretty good , package came about an hour later than what it's originally said but hey gotta account for traffic and etc.
  • So much potential. But no cigar 1/5

    By UPS Choice
    This could be the one competitive advantage against FedEx that kills FedEx. But the apps misses the mark big time. Even the info available on the website is not shown on the app. So you have to go to the website to get the info. Finally, UPS IVR is even worse than this app. Simple things a company can change to make the experience sticky and they fail to do it
  • A Waste of App Space 1/5

    By TimMayRaJah
    ALMOST as useless as UPS itself. Definitely sticking with FedEx from now on.
  • Just like ups 1/5

    By Yea, no
    Slow and unreliable
  • Estimated arrival an inaccurate and useless tool. 1/5

    By MomNurse8135
    Every package I get says an estimated delivery time of 315pm to 7pm. They then proceed to deliver my packages first thing in the morning. Every. Single. Time.
  • App functions 1/5

    By Smfjr1973
    App won't let me get a shipping quote or ship a package just loads all day an crashes every time. Needs a lot of work
  • Ok app but can't remove old address 2/5

    By El peón
    I moved and added my new address. When I tried to remove my old address there was no way to do that. I called UPS to ask them how to do it and they said it can't be done. Why would they want the wrong address in my account is beyond me. It's quite easy to add one so why is it so hard to remove one? It doesn't seem like it should be such a big deal to put a remove button under one of the addresses in my account, but there isn't one, and I doubt they will ever make that change. After all, we are just the peons that keep them in business, why should they listen to us?
  • Won't show tracking details 1/5

    By appfan0699
    Can't get tracking, yet go to website on my phone and can get tracking
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Getoutoftheway
    Will not recognize tracking numbers. Weird
  • Clearly an iOS app is not a priority for UPS 1/5

    By 8 bit snow
    Extremely limited, lacks the real time tracking map. Better off not cluttering your device with the brown poo.
  • Tracking Information is not Yet Available 2/5

    By ChrisCrowley
    I drop my package at the UPS store and hope to add the tracking # to this app after. I'm always greeted with the message "Tracking information is not yet available. Please try again later." FedEx lets you enter the tracking # immediately, why not UPS? At least let it remember the tracking # even if it isn't in the system yet. UPS uses a long alpha numeric number which is a pain to enter and I hate having to re-enter this number over and over again to see if my package is being tracked. This shouldn't be so difficult. To be fare FedEx's app isn't great either because it redirects the user outside of the app to their website for even the most simple of tasks, but at least it does a good job tracking.
  • Useless & Stupid 1/5

    By Vinsjewel
    UPS is trying to force everyone to move to this app, rather than providing actual info on the website. The problem? The app insists you set up an account to get any info. Also, it's no better than what I would get elsewhere. Bottomline is that UPS customer support is sorely lacking, and this app is a great example of how they are falling down (and just don't care).
  • Mostly useless 1/5

    By UrbanMom
    Multiple times the app is down, not able to record tracking number. Idiot "camera" icon doesn't work at all! Other than listing pick-up and delivery, it doesn't do anything. No alerts as to when package is actually delivered (you have to open the app to find out) and no functionality to notify or query UPS on package issues, such as when they fail miserably and "forget" the package at their facility and thus delay delivery. Useless app; waste of phone bytes.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Nightkittyxx
    I paid for ups my choice preferred membership, only for my account to never upgrade. Called customer service and spoke with multiple people, only for them to first tell me that's not possible and then eventually say "oh wow, it's true. Sorry, we can't help you we'll refer this up." And to never be called back, of course. Went through this whole process several times and tada, still nothing has been fixed. Seriously, garbage company.
  • Do yourself a favor and don't use the UPS app 1/5

    By mzahrte
    Don't know what you did, but you screwed up an already bad app. Kudos, you make developers look good.
  • UPS app and delivery notifications are awesome! 5/5

    By sadmac5150
    I hate poorly implemented tech, but the UPS app and their services deserve some love. I try to be fair and give kudos when companies are improving and will point out when they just don't get it. UPS has done a great job here. I enabled the notification feature so i get alerts when there's a delivery to my home address. Now I get reminders a day in advance and even an ETA time, when its been delivered as well. This is the best feature ever, no more constantly entering in tracking numbers per item, etc. very useful! Also, you can redirect a delivery to a nearby UPS store if you can't be home for a delivery, which works well and avoided me stress/freaking out already! Thanks UPS, keep up the great work!!
  • The only thing worse than this app, is UPS itself! 1/5

    By Jcg222
    I had a very important package arriving today. As soon as I received the tracking information, I called UPS and asked them for an estimated time of delivery. "By the end of the business day" is all they would tell me. Knowing UPS, that means from 7-8pm, (when I will be at work). The woman on the phone suggested that I download the app, and change the delivery address to my workplace. So, I did. And, boy, do I ever regret it! I paid the extra five dollars, and changed the address so my package would arrive safely, and where someone could sign for it. Today, I opened the app, only to find out it would be another TWO days because I changed the address to my workplace. My workplace is literally FIVE minutes from my home. I'm not sure why I'm more upset: Because the app never mentioned a change in delivery date when changing the address? Because the delivery date on app didn't change until the day it was supposed to be here? Or, because UPS has the worst custom service this side of Mediacom?!? Truly disappointed, completely dissatisfied. This app is garbage, as is UPS. Fed Ex from here on out! (The only reason I gave them one star is because I couldn't leave them zero!)
  • Does not work properly. 2/5

    By spdorsey
    I downloaded this app so that I could redirect a package that I would not be home to sign for. I wanted to pick it up at the UPS facility. I attempted to use the app to make this change and it denied my request on both my iPhone and my iPad. This is a specific feature of the app, but it does not work.
  • Works perfectly not sure why all the bad reviews 5/5

    By Poopified
    Works perfectly not sure why all the negative reviews.
  • Convenient 2/5

    By louvett94
    The app is convenient and does track but it's SUPER annoying you can't delete packages already delivered.
  • Good, helpful app 5/5

    By Texas Blue Boy
    I like knowing when UPS is going to deliver a package either at my door or wherever I have shipped it.
  • Bye, UPS in my rear view mirror.. 1/5

    By TeX_Az
    Current version of app doesn't support any iPhone less than the iPhone 5S. That makes it totally worthless to me. As another reviewer noted, I guess Fedex will be getting my business now. 1/30/2017 - app opens to a white screen and freezes. Stopped working under iOS 9.3.5 and iPhone 4S.
  • Cowboys88 3/5

    By handimanallen
    Don't Have A Way To Delete Previously Delivered Packages Like Whats The Purpose Of Being A My Choice Member If I Can't Delete My Packages That I've Already Gotten..Can We Please Fix This Issue
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Bearsfan81
    Can't even login but no login issues on the website! Please fix this trash..
  • Stop logging me out! 2/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    It's borderline useless to constantly get logged off, then need to dig up a username and password just to track my packages.
  • Junk 1/5

    By macuser35
    Paste works for me but it doesn't find the tracking number. Works from their website.
  • A screaming mess 1/5

    By Upsuser
    An embarrassment to UPS, this application should have never been released in its bug ridden state.
  • Utterly Useless 1/5

    By Grogboshi
    I downloaded the app in order to track and manage my packages, but it is merely a facsimile of their mobile site. As such, even though I am logged into the app and my MyChoice account, when I click to manage my shipments, it tries to make me sign up for a MyChoice account and there's no way out of the loop, so I can't manage anything. Might as well use ParcelTrack since it has the same tracking functionality but with more options.
  • Login broken 1/5

    By iRunsALot
    Unable to login
  • Just a white screen 1/5

    By Sammy Nerf
    Can't use the app--just shows a white screen. It's been doing this for weeks. I'm on iOS 9.
  • WV Girl 5/5

    By Power Shipper
    Did anything change? Still a great app Love seeing all my packages Like being to print labels too

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