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  • Current Version: 4.0.4
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  • Compatibility: Android
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UPS Mobile App

Easily manage shipments on the go with the UPS Mobile app. · Track and nickname shipments · Create shipping labels · Find UPS service locations · Estimate shipment costs and delivery times Make Home Delivery Quick and Easy with UPS My Choice® Sign up for UPS My Choice in the app—it’s free and easy. UPS My Choice sends delivery alerts right to your mobile device, letting you plan your schedule and make changes to shipments going to your home no matter where you are. With UPS My Choice on the UPS mobile app you can: · Get delivery alerts letting you know when your package will arrive · Have your packages delivered somewhere else, like a friend’s house, or delivered on a different date that’s more convenient for you · Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without a signature. · Track packages without tracking numbers as incoming deliveries are automatically added to your app’s Delivery Planner list Even if you don’t log in, you can: · Track packages and freight shipments · Save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list · Find and quickly filter UPS service locations · Get a quote on shipment costs and transit times

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UPS Mobile app reviews

  • Waste of space 1/5

    By PeterPost1
    They removed many of the features. It unenrolled me from UPS Mychoice, deleted my package history. Repeatedly logs me out, deletes my tracked packages every time, and is generally usless beyond a single time check on a tracking code because nothing is retained.
  • Not fully functional 2/5

    By Msnlnx
    Can't copy and paste tracking numbers anymore. Was using daily but now it's too time consuming.
  • Constant updates, never working 1/5

    By DMV_Ninja
    Always updating but never seems to work.
  • no way to log in to My Choice 1/5

    By stardust047
    only option is to register for My Choice... I already have it and there is NO way to log in. useless.
  • Issues tracking multiple packages 2/5

    By Jrodian
    This app works fine if you only need to track one package. If you need to track more than one, when you enter the new tracking #, it deletes the other package that is in transit from your tracking list. Not great.
  • Very good App needing one fix. 4/5

    By Matt-again
    USPS's App allows scanning of barcodes for tracking EVEN BEFORE the transaction enters the system. The tracking number stays in the App. The UPS App allows scanning, but if the transaction is not in the system, the scanned number is list and must be entered again later. Please, keep the scanned number in the App for several hours for later tracking.
  • App as bad as the service 1/5

    By Kingairblade
    I hate UPS, but unfortunately sometimes I buy something and have no choice. High percentage of damaged items compared to other carriers. As for this app? Its horrible and useless. Cant even add a tracking number to see when they are going to drop off your damaged goods
  • Can't sign 1/5

    By Wiggy!!
    The worst!!! They make a challenge to sign in. I tried 5 times tooooo many! Ridiculous!!
  • Package left at different and unknown individual 2/5

    By 02 Chevy
    UPS driver just dropped off package at individual that I had no ideal as to whom they were ..never had this type of problem before shocked
  • Worse than useless-recommend not relying on this app 1/5

    By Frustration Landia
    Gave me false information about where my package was and when it would be delivered. Package was sitting at customer center, app said it was out for delivery. Gave wrong information about access point. Falsely reported that package was delivered to access point when in fact I had to drive 30 minutes to customer center to pick it up.
  • No point. 1/5

    By Swingler
    This app is little more than a shell around a "mobile" web site and crappy one at that. If they won't pay real developers to make a real app, they should just pull this crap off the App Store.
  • Worthless 1/5

    By Madeyemoony
    What is the point of this app if it doesn't actually track your packages? I have no option for delivery estimates on a package that requires a signature. So now I sit all day hoping I can catch them before I have to leave to take care of other things and if you don't catch them well then you are simply out of luck and need to find where your package is sitting and trek to retrieve your package that you paid shipping on. Not easy when you live in the middle of nowhere and the nearest ups is 50 miles away.
  • Not recording all my deliveries 3/5

    By Isabelyta
    I enter the new tracking number and erases another one, not one from the past, but another that I am expecting soon. It doesnt allow me to enter my id
  • A waste of time!!! 1/5

    By DugongPinoy
    Apps not updating status of your package...Official website is better!
  • Nothing but problems 1/5

    By KH-NY
    I've had nothing but problems with this app. It's basically a "comedy of errors." UPS is a big company, and evidently, they don't feel compelled to oversee their own app development. Sad.
  • Total Rip Off 1/5

    By Tristanandrachel
    Paid $20 to have 4 packages redelivered at a later date since we were out of town. App listed our home address as the delivery address. When no packages arrived, and the tracking number just showed "Exception", we called "customer service" to find out what was going on. Turns out they "delivered" the packages to the UPS Customer Service Center 30 minutes away. No, they would not deliver them to the house. No, they would not refund the $20. Charlatans! Will never use this again.
  • Useful app 4/5

    By tarynbritches
    Thank you UPS for fixing the MyChoice Log-in issues! I love this app because it alerts me to packages coming my way. Very helpful.
  • Awesome app. 5/5

    By Jeepfreak38
    Was able to reroute my package through the app. Nice work ups. 👍🏽
  • Forgets login 2/5

    By Dexter Davenport
    This app forgets your login, even when you check the remember box.
  • Locks and crashes 1/5

    By shoppingking63
    App locks and crashes
  • Not good at all 1/5

    By Vellyvell23
    Shameful how bad this app is was there any effort put into the development
  • Worthless app now 1/5

    By Gecryan
    Removed personal shipping account my choice with this update. Stay away!
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Trinston O.
    Doesn't recognize my log In details and will not allow me to re-create account. Info retrieval doesn't work either. I had to use a third party app which worked find. Even when I could log In shipping information sometimes work other times didn't. Just use third party app save yourself frustration.
  • My Choice?!?!?! 1/5

    By AmyPiac
    Where did the MyChoice tracking display go?!?! That's why I started using the app! So I could see anything scheduled to show up and had a viewing history! UGHHHH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO SCREW UP A GOOD THING?!?!
  • Horrible update(s) 1/5

    By mabrown76
    Ever since the app re-write it doesn't work on iOS 10.2, you can not view any packages you do not manually track i.e. My choice doesn't work, just a blank brown screen.. disappointing to say the least
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Yxshfh
    Worked fine until the last update. Now I see no packages at all.
  • Hate you!!! 1/5

    By #laflaka
    Ups have Stole 3 package of mine already and keep saying they delivered I have cameras in my house and I have seen them ring the bell once and since no one open the freaking door the took the package and still said they delivered the girl with red hair I have you on camera already 😡😡😡💩
  • What happened to my choice? 1/5

    By sickofthebugs
    Ever since the latest update, I can't see the my choice deliveries in the app. I can only track packages by entering the tracking number. I have to use the website to access my choice now. Defeats the purpose of the app. Deleting it.
  • Fix the F#%King app 1/5

    By No service Sam
    I've requested that you review the fact that when entering a tracking #, there is no enter button. Since you refuse, I rate you poorly. Fix it already !!!!
  • Still slow. Buggy. Inaccurate. 1/5

    By Thinkstorm
    I a time where we have tons of great experiences with shipping updates and realtime information about cars, cabs, trains, airplanes - this app is so far below par it's a disgrace. How can such a large organization such as UPS deliver such a dismal experience?!
  • HUGE app for what it does 3/5

    By LAX20531
    65mg app size + user data: what functionality is so unique that requires this amount of storage?
  • PM 5/5

    By Zheng888wang
    Never miss a delivery
  • Delivery change does not work 1/5

    By Mr Fixit One More Time
    Delivery change is a rip off... Do not request a date change, you get charged but your package is not delivered... If you can, redirect to local store. FedEx delivery change works perfectly, use them instead.
  • Faster, better and less cluttered 5/5

    By Ecfmg doctor
    I have been using UPS a app from 1 year. This version is by far polished and has much better interface than previous versions.
  • Need to delete old deliveries 2/5

    By Bandid34
    App is great for tracking the deliveries, but once the package has been delivered, please, give us a way to delete from the list.
  • WV Girl 5/5

    By Power Shipper
    Great app Love seeing all my packages Like being to print labels too
  • Rate quotes only show ground or next day?? 1/5

    By PaulRH63
    The rate quote only prices out Ground & Next Day?? What about 2nd-Day & 3-Day Service?? If I am looking for shipping cost, it would be nice to ALL RATES. Not just you cheapest & most expensive.
  • UPS shows disrespect to their customers 1/5

    By Zinoviy C
    Multi billion company UPS shows complete disrespect to their business customers with this applications: there no search options and only available is the search by tracking number. You don't need to have this application to conduct this search. No access to the history and to other search options. Shame on you UPS by publishing this very unprofessional application. Please have more respect to your customers and update the application as required.
  • Lies. Great app for false information 1/5

    By Grayson3367632
    UPS stole my wife's xmas gift. They tried to cover it up with bogus tracking information but they were never actually able to locate the package. They lied about its location, failed to return my calls and filled the record with falsehood to cover it up. "Brown" indeed. Like a skid mark.
  • Crap app and delivery service 1/5

    By Wborba
    This is just ridiculous, this app doesn't give any useful information, and this UPS service is a complete joke, all my packages have this exemption thing and no where to see what is that or when my package is going to be delivered, nothing, and no one knows nothing! Ridiculous
  • Mislead 1/5

    By C.Nichols
    Tracked my package from its origin to being in transit for deliver with a window of time on a specific date to rescheduling after the due date for 3 days later! Going back to the "other guys"!
  • Stopped working! 2/5

    By Quemonosoy
    After updating my password at the main UPS website in order to send a package, the app stopped working completely. It doesn't even run after deleting and reinstalling the app several times. What a disappointment!
  • UPS should be embarrassed 2/5

    By gt2760a
    UPS should be embarrassed to have an app like this out there for the public to use. It is old and outdated and very cumbersome to use.
  • Works well better than previous versions 5/5

    By TJayTom
    Does what it should. An improvement over earlier versions
  • My order got sent to the wrong person 1/5

    By Rosethao
    So I bought something from target and never got it . And it got sent to the wrong person . 😡😡😡😡
  • Doesn't save Prior trackings 1/5

    By garikapati
    Just updated to the newest version and when relaunched the app, all my previous tracking details are gone fully wiped out. UPS should publish the app to preserve the existing data.
  • Bad app 1/5

    By yanhoneycutt
    Haven't used such a bad app since I started using an smart phone. The whole app team including QAs should be shamed. Please learn something from other big companies, such as Delta. At this point, USPS is better than UPS for such convenient app.
  • Can't hold for pickup - no "T&C" checkbox 1/5

    By Broadway
    So on the page where you change the delivery option to hold for pickup, you're supposed to accept the terms and conditions however there's no checkbox to do so. You're essentially stuck! I'd beta test these apps before you release them. Seems like a half baked effort.
  • Great app for my needs 5/5

    By Gabriel's Dad
    This app tells me when my packages are coming. It is very intuitive and helpful because whenever someone sends me something via UPS it puts the package tracking into the app for me without my having to do anything. I do I have a UPS account but it was free, so it should work this way for everyone. I don't understand the bad reviews. Using the app as I describe I have not had a single problem. I use an iPhone 7 Plus.
  • Worked fine for years. Now I'm Locked Out 1/5

    By Kabit
    I'm not sure what changed with the app recently but now it will only allow me to login from a PC and the App keeps saying locked out. Newsflash! I know my username and password, I just verified it online and it works. As a multi billion dollar company get your IT department on a fix here. This is embarrassing for you as a company.

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