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UPS Mobile App

Easily manage shipments on the go with the UPS Mobile app. · Track and nickname shipments · Create shipping labels · Find UPS service locations · Estimate shipment costs and delivery times Make Home Delivery Quick and Easy with UPS My Choice® Sign up for UPS My Choice in the app—it’s free and easy. UPS My Choice sends delivery alerts right to your mobile device, letting you plan your schedule and make changes to shipments going to your home no matter where you are. With UPS My Choice on the UPS mobile app you can: · Get delivery alerts letting you know when your package will arrive · Have your packages delivered somewhere else, like a friend’s house, or delivered on a different date that’s more convenient for you · Authorize your driver to leave packages at your home without a signature. · Track packages without tracking numbers as incoming deliveries are automatically added to your app’s Delivery Planner list Even if you don’t log in, you can: · Track packages and freight shipments · Save up to 5 tracking numbers in your tracking list · Find and quickly filter UPS service locations · Get a quote on shipment costs and transit times For an optimal experience, please provide permission for the UPS Mobile App to access your following device features: Camera – Use your camera to scan a label and track a package Location – Use your current location to find the nearest UPS location Social networks – Use your social network accounts to log in to the UPS Mobile App Push Notifications – Receive push notification updates on package statuses


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UPS Mobile app reviews

  • Only Because I Have to Give A Star 1/5

    By jnf59
    This app certainly doesn’t deserve even one STAR. It’s horrible. FedEx is 10x better.
  • Don’t Bother 1/5

    By smithea007
    Useless application. I don’t know, maybe if you pay for the additional service there is some benefit to using this application. But as a basic person wanting to see what packages I’m expecting and when delivery is expected - forget about it! Needless to say the difficulties trying to log in, & link to my Amazon account. A bunch of wasted time on my phone which would take me in the end from the app to the website. In the end, I still didn’t get my accounts linked or find out anything about package delivery. Useless!
  • Need more 2/5

    By Hung n Blk
    App falls short of info it can get and give the customer. 1 in delivery options under driver instructions it should have a custom write in space. 2 in Push notifications it should have phone text along with the email notification
  • Fails even at basic tasks 1/5

    By M5Tech
    Downloaded app and tried to scan a tracking number off an existing label for a package that was delivered yesterday. Says not found or service unavailable. Tried several more labels. Same result. Deleted app from my phone. If I can’t even scan a label why would I try any of the more advanced features.
  • Won’t stay logged in 2/5

    By Myc J
    Every time i use this app i have to completely log in over and over. Every time i open the app it say something about you can be logged in. It’s very annoying but other than that it works fine for me..
  • I hate to complain but... 1/5

    By Fed Ex Dude
    I just go to the website from my phone. Don’t waste your time with the app. It never updates to let you know where your package is. UPS is awesome. This app isn’t. Fix it if you can UPS.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Hingiju
    Baddest Tracking package info ever without updating you're own shipment address! Worser than FedEx
  • It doesn’t work 1/5

    By F150 Dave
    It doesn’t work because I downloaded the app typed in my tracking number and the app told me that I had no package being delivered when I go on the website and type in my tracking number it says In transit on time but the app won’t give me any information saying I don’t have any packages being delivered.
  • Used to be better 3/5

    By ganger71
    It’s a good app if all you want to do is track your package. However if you want to manage your delivery it’s not very useful. You used to be able to change locations and even hold a package for pickup. Now you can just deliver it to your neighbor. Why did you take away the other options? I have had issues with deliveries before and now hold all of my packages so I can get them myself but now I have to use the call in option which works but not very efficient.
  • Minus -5 stars 1/5

    By Lori1313
    Don’t know what happened to this company. They used to be great. This app is terrible as is their site. UPS is so bad now, I will no longer buy from stores and sites that use UPS. Here in the Bay are a they are so inept aggressively rude. Had a driver yesterday lay in my doorbell and then grunt when I came to the door. They have thrown fragile packages at my front door, left packages halfway down the walk. Refused to put packages in an area to the right of my door that is behind a planter out of site, even though it says ‘Please put packages here’ and is plainly visible. FedEx and USPS manage to do it. So I like others on this thread will avoid UPS at all costs by avoiding the companies that use them to deliver items.
  • Horrible, horrible, horrible 1/5

    By Foxlangserv
    Every time I try to log in I get a different prompt to register again. I’m pretty sure I have three separate accounts now. Tried to reroute a package and now it’s locked up until next business day which is Monday. Today is Friday. Called customer service and they just blamed the shipper. In today’s era of zero personal accountability I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Ugh. App’s menus are confusing and keep coming back to the main screen prompting me to register.
  • App doesn't work 1/5

    By zhoffman
    I can't log in at all, it keeps giving me an error message
  • Late 1/5

    By mK080401
    I registered for this app so the I could track a package that I needed to sign for. I took off from work, because the app said that the package would be delivered between 11:30 AM and 3:30 PM. The package was not delivered until 6:30 PM. If one of the purposes of the app is to give people a span of time when the package will arrive, but the app estimate is completely inaccurate, then the app is not useful... at all.
  • Tracking multiple packages? 3/5

    By Cavernicola!
    This application is supposed to be able to track 5 packages without reentering individual tracking numbers each time that you need to track a particular package, how this is accomplished is unclear. Try this short cut, enter your tracking numbers in your iPhone’s note tablet, tap done. You can now tap any number that you have listed and it will automatically connect to UPS tracking. This works better than the tracking feature in the UPS tracking app. Go figure!!!
  • I dont know why so many poor reviews. Flawless. 5/5

    By ramonetl
    App is perfect and i get all notifications.
  • Totally Useless 1/5

    By Bill2go
    I enter a valid tracking number to track a package and it returns no results. I’m using iPhone X with the latest iOS. This app is currently useless to me. I only downloaded it to track packages and it will not do that.
  • Both the app and the website do not work 1/5

    By Lord Ogilby 
    You can't even do something simple like change your email address (once you put in the new email, it reverts to the old email automatically) or delete an old address or profile.
  • Worst app I’ve used 1/5

    By Carmenrevista
    If I could rate this frustrating irritating useless app any lower than 1 star I would. It was a total waste of Time. I can’t imagine anyone would think it Had any use after trying to use its circular logic and
  • Review about the app, not UPS, it is awful 1/5

    By CaptainFearful
    This is the least possible amount of work put into getting an app made. Put some little shell around it and everything else is a webview. This shows such a lack of concern for users and attention to detail that it is embarrassing. Why even bother doing such a poor job? This is even worse than using the web site.
  • Slow to load and inaccurate information 2/5

    By SuperShoeDiva
    The app takes a long time to load making a quick check impossible. The delivery times given and actual delivery times have bern just plain wrong! Hours late or not at all!
  • Why does it need to be so hard? 1/5

    By GermanIrish66
    Do the password specifications really need to be so hard for tracking a package?
  • cant blame app developer 1/5

    By pohennen
    Log in. Immediately says Im locked out for two many failed attempts. (it was one attempt) Im even logged in to their but It only shows my address with errors on it. (same addy you used fir 20yo UPS) UPS isnt really a choice. You are not a struggling company UPS. After trying on to manage packages over several months, I guessed the site is dysfunctional because they want people to use their app. I mean, would a company as big and healthy as UPS have IT problems for that long? Would CEO Abney allow that? So, I see the terrible, emotional reviews. Download it anyway. And it also doesnt work.

  • Hate this app and its service 1/5

    By iH8ups
    Trying to figure out where is my package download this waste of data can’t even make my account because I can’t retype my password. It won’t let me tap on it this app and this company is a joke
  • It really does nothing 1/5

    By DammitJammit
    The tracking details are vague. For example, when app is opened and I select “my packages” it tells me my package is estimated to be delivered by “END OF DAY.” If you click on that description, it says “END OF DAY” again, by the date is not the same. Additionally, it gives no details on arrival/departure scans under “Package Progress.” It only shows most recent activity, but without a date or time. Truthfully, the app does less than the website does. It’s basically an advertisement for users to upgrade to UPS MyChoice Premium.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Storm116
    The app doesn’t automatically track packages coming to your address like the FedEx app does. Also, the “Vacation” feature is useless. On multiple occasions I have set my vacation dates to have packages delivered to my local UPS store, but yet they were still delivered to my house while I was out of town. What’s the point of this app if the features don’t function as intended?

    By Mohsin256
    The app gives the error: HTTP CONNECTION ERROR ever time I try to access the app after my first tracking request. This app should be removed from the listing as it is not in par with Apple’s App Store. Once the error is fixed then they could resubmit for review. The problem isn’t even reason. I have seen this problem since November of December of last year.
  • UPS.. lol 1/5

    By Samoedinnny
    I chose FedEx for my business and personal. Ups is so bad never on time I wouldn’t be surprised if they go out of business soon.
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By Shotokan68
    This is not only a review of the app but of your entire organization, I would rather use FedEx or DHL than your company. The item almost always comes well before you’ve updated your website with the tracking information. When calling into you’re customer service I invariably get someone named “Tom” or “Mary” but has such a thick accent I can barely understand them so I’m quite sure that their name is not Tom or Mary, let alone being in the United States. They almost always give ambiguous or vague answers to my questions, so I almost never call in anymore. Lastly I add on a day to arrival time.
  • *Negative* 5 star*less* 1/5

    By Maxfun lol
    New Rating: Negative 5 starless Update: Unfortunately, Amazon is still entrusting our orders with this excessively lousy carrier. And so we have to deal with UPS’ i-Parcel not showing up and the lies that they have delivered it already when they did not. Old Rating: 1 star Unfortunately, my order was sent through the local awful UPS here and it keeps on providing FALSE tracking informations full of LIES. They don’t answer the phone and keep lying at the expense of customers. They are too lazy to deliver.
  • Why would you use this service? 1/5

    By Spinh88
    The UPS app itself is fine I guess but UPS as a whole is the worst ever!! I don’t normally have problems with their service when it comes to packages that aren’t expensive but it’s a whole different story when it comes to anything else expensive like electronics or jewelry. Expensive packages somehow get “lost in transit”. My package was supposed to arrive 2 days ago and it was literally in the next town over from me but it ended up in another state that night. So to prevent the same thing happening again, I called and asked to pickup instead. I showed up at the facility to be told that my package was out for delivery. Guess what? they didn’t deliver it. I’m guessing they need time to think about how they can best steal my package from me.
  • Worst 1/5

    By Kolyanman
    My package was to come 4 days ago I called them they're telling me that there was problems with the weather and I'll get it by the end of the day 3 days already still didn't got it worst ever I'll try and avoid ups you're the worst
  • Bad services all around. 1/5

    By StingRayyy
    crap company will always go with another ship company. Did not ring door bell-tracker did not alert. Error keeps occurring when setting up in transit location on app and site..Laughable job.. poor service at pick up locations that aren't even ups stores. UNPROFESSIONAL contact number... I will never use this app/service again. Always going FedEx or USPO!
  • For a multinational logistics company, this is an embarrassment 1/5

    By evanovich555
    Like, really? Who has been or needs to be fired over this frustrating and useless waste of digital space?
  • Terrible App 1/5

    By Neo 2b
    Not only is the app slow, but it’s also unstable and requires to go through 50 steps to do a simple thing. I hate it, such a waste of time...
  • ... 1/5

    By BBxJoey
    Worst company ever
  • Jezzz 1/5

    By Jackharpertech49
    Waste of time.
  • Only 5 Tracking Numbers 1/5

    By Jim98747858
    Can’t delete any of the 5 tracking numbers allowed. This means that if you have 5 numbers listed that have already been delivered and want to add two new tracking numbers the app deletes the last one entered - the first new number. So the only way to track two new UPS shipments is to delete the app and download it again. FEDEX app doesn’t limit the number of shipments that can be tracked. UPS needs to fix the app.
  • Trash 1/5

    By Natalieeeeewineeeee
    UPS is garbage.
  • Terrible terrible app 1/5

    By Pumpvito
    For a large comoany the worst app I've ever used. Have to login every time even though I signed up with Tracking is awful. And tough too move around. Not worth it at all. At least it is free
  • Terrible App, Terrible Service 1/5

    By hegartyb
    The delivery windows aren’t real. If you call customer service to say your package wasn’t delivered within the allotted time you saw in the app, they’ll deny you ever had an allotted delivery time. #upssucks
  • Good app. Period. 5/5

    By intellitech
    I truly don't understand all the bad reviews for this app. They're mostly complaints about things unrelated to the app. It's simple and easy to use and does what I want it to do. What more can you ask for?
  • What happened to the Live Map? 4/5

    By PinkEntry
    I use to get a link to follow my package I don’t see that option any more. Did you stop that service? And to the reviewer who didn’t get their Apple product. You’ve been robbed plain and simple. If possible ask the shipper to send your items in a unmarked & in plain packaging. Postal Service Employees are some of the biggest thieves on earth. Contact your Attorney General to file a complaint you also can file one with UPS but not much will come from there. If you really want to raise the stakes call Harrisburg to file. The thief and/or your package will be found.
  • Ineffiecent company 1/5

    By Susie004
    Horrible app! Like other reviews that I see I can't log in again since I have not used it for a while. Tried to change my password but all I get is a run around saying that it can't go through because it's already linked to my email etc. I end up screaming & beating on the table every time I try to get in-without success. There are no websites to go to for help. Deliveries are not the best either. They jerk you around a lot. Really starting to hate this company!!!!
  • Review the APP not the COMPANY. 5/5

    By Kaceyxleighh
    People are trashing the app because of bad UPS experience. That is NOT what reviews are for. Period. It’s meant to review the app itself. The app is fine. It works well on my iPhone 7 Plus. The app is easy to use, quick, and smooth. I’m not speaking on the service, even though there’s snow and my package is still supposed to come on time, but the app itself. It’s a solid app. I do wish I was able to access the “Map Tracking” feature, but hey, it’s not a big deal. Still not worth taking a star off for. Good app UPS.
  • As useless as their customer service 1/5

    By Nunayobidniz
    Was UPS taken over by a government union? Like their customer service, this app is inflexible and mostly useless. Driver instructions are limited to a predetermined list and there is no was to contact anyone to tell them where to drop a package. If I want to send a message from the app, I need to reference a shipping number but can’t copy and paste that number from a different screen. So I need another device look at while it type 95,000 digit tracking number or I need to write it down. Hardly useful for busy people.
  • Confusing App 1/5

    By N. morgan
    Poorly designed!
  • Read user agreement 1/5

    By Gregcheersykes
    Why would I accept your user agreement with an “arbitration clause” when I can just call you up and not be bound by that? Arbitration clause for a shipping tracking app is ridiculous. Take that clause out, and you’ll get more users!
  • My package 1/5

    By Moonbeatx
    My package is coming(Or maybe it’s not) from Florida to California, it traveled for 7 days (No updates so I’m guessing it traveled) and was supposed to get here on the updates on it so I was like I guess I have to wait still, the 28th comes and finally an update, my package is in a nearby town 50 minutes away, great so I might get it by today (I thought) no. It then tells me my package information was electronically received by the post office...didn’t know what that meant but okay so it’s in here now?? Who knows so I thought maybe I would get it on the 28th but nope, not here. Still no updates since the electronic info was received and it’s now 3:00pm on the 29th, maybe it will come today who knows?? I was told to mark it as lost by a friend but it keeps saying I didn’t put in a tracking number when I did?? I don’t know what’s up with it but I’ll update again if it doesn’t come today🙄
  • Love this App 5/5

    By Nekochan26
    I’ve been using the app for at least a couple of years and love it. Even used it to redirect an important delivery to the nearest UPS store when I knew I wouldn’t be available to receive it during the future delivery window. I primarily use the app to see what upcoming deliveries to expect and to know when the package has been delivered so that I can retrieve it right away. (I also get an email on this but it’s nice to have a notification pop up on my phone screen.) The only problem I ever had was this week when suddenly, I lost the ability to view upcoming package delivery windows. Turned out that I must have accidentally logged out of UPS MyChoice for which I usually use the “stay logged in” option. I’m logged back in now and everything is ok.

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