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OFFICIAL Urban Dictionary app! Urban Dictionary is the people-powered slang dictionary. • Perform unlimited searches for free, forever • Look up both slang and non-slang words • Vote for definitions you like • Share on Facebook, Twitter, email and other services • See the full text of any definition • See today's Urban Word of the Day • See autocomplete suggestions when you search • Click on links to other definitions


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  • Urban Dictionary 4/5

    By D. Hill
    Urban Dictionary is a cool reference application that allows users to look up slang and non slang terms they are unfamiliar with and serve as a guide for those curious about the meanings of urban terminology. The app does a good job in providing full on definitions instead of just incomplete interpretations. Along with the definition is an example or two of how it is used in a sentence. The app is easy to use with a search field up top of the menu where one can enter words they want the definition for. Users have the option to share terms and their definitions with others. Users can also vote for words they like.
  • shut up jake 1/5

    By hellaweed
    on my dead homies stfuckup
  • DNC rigged for hilary. She let men die in Benghazi 1/5

    By AdamFRL
    A lot of cancerous trump definitions put out put all the liberal reddit idiots and than downvoted by the intelligent mass but also upvoted by the major majority of reddit idiots who use this app. So in conclusion if you are looking for 1 single break from politics and a laugh you will not get it here without your mood being ruined by some dotard definition.
  • Issue 1/5

    By Gffihrjfhhjdgwhvjv
    I can’t run it on iphone 5s ios 11.0.3 ...
  • Nice 5/5

    By Nyce Person
    I like it because if I don’t know any new slang, I can look it up here, and if you feel something is wrong, you can write your own definition
  • Version 3.0 Broken on SE 1/5

    By Tagggggggggg
    Hangs after launch with a purple background and the text “Waiting for Figwheel to load files”.
  • Nice but..... 3/5

    By Cat feeder
    I really like the app the thanks to the last update when you type in a search the suggestions list doesn’t drop down anymore can you please fix this
  • Merp 5/5

    By T yizzle
    Sup with the no landscape view brah?
  • Love that app 5/5

    By Bgs32686
    Finds definitions for stuff you could find absolutely nowhere else. Thanks to that app I get every slang out there..
  • No landscape view! 1/5

    By madaboutweims
    With the new update for iOS 11, the option for portrait view or landscape has been removed. Now it’s their way or the highway, in other words portrait view only and no landscape!
  • Rate 5/5

    By Ali shawki
    Good app it helps me and I learn many vocabularies
  • Good for learning new words 5/5

    By Cal.nel
    It's a good app for learning new words when you don't know what anything means specially in the world of slang
  • All these reviews are stupid 4/5

    By Door mop
    Its user generated first of all, and secondly, they are not going to change it to your liking. Get over yourselves. That being said please let us write definitions with the app
  • Yo 4/5

    By Taurtis477
    Yo wassup
  • Good app 5/5

    By I3atPoo
    The reviews here are blaming the app for user submitted definitions 🙄 the app works perfectly, the content is irrelevant
  • bad so bad 1/5

    By grummett
    dissing political stuff? religion jokes? who thought of putting this? you know... get your act together will you.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By CSProfes
    It's very funny regardless of political affiliation.
  • Useful, But Politics Ruined It 2/5

    By JakeM.S
    It's a good app, and I enjoy using it whenever some random slang or phrase comes up and I want to know the meaning behind it, however; the app is annoyingly politically and religiously biased with the words it features on the front page of the app. Much of the words featured are just Leftist agenda getting pushed down your throat, instead of actually funny words, and it's absolutely asinine. Most recently it's started taking jabs at religion as well, which is something nobody wants to hear about when you're on an app where you expect to have a good laugh. It's really no surprise why most of the featured words have more dislikes than likes.
  • Red White and Blue 1/5

    By Wish i didnt have to pick star
    It seems this app posts only anti presidential material. Get over it
  • R U Fat? 5/5

    By Peterspeeder43
    Lose weight now with a revolutionary thing called exercise. THE ILLUMINATI IS WATCHING
  • Hi 5/5

    By nsmdms
    How are ya
  • Won't Open 1/5

    By kbrooks1219
    Won't Open. Deleting.
  • Spinning Circle, "Error", Doesn't Work 1/5

    By JuanChocoPlasta
    Spinning Circle, "Error: connection problems" when my internet connection is fine.
  • Hi^^^^ 5/5

    By e12345g
  • Sad 3/5

    By jacellatorres214
    This app doesn't have my name "Jacella" and that really hurts hopefully you guys will do a update and give my name "jacella" a definition
  • Hi 5/5

    By Ktdltsoitos
  • Requested features 4/5

    By Jarecarebear
    How come we can't make an account/sign in or add a word on this app yet?
  • ADs 1/5

    By Sam98553
    The only thing new I see is the addition of ads...
  • Immature rubbish 1/5

    By Team_Sexy
    A great idea that was willfully hijacked as a Marxist mouthpiece. The Hag lost SIX MONTHS AGO. Get over it!
  • Very bummed 1/5

    By Big Red Daddy Jones
    You assholes. Your site is riddled with invasive advertisements, and pop-ups. I can't even search for a single word, let alone navigate in any way. Now I am forced to download the app in hopes that it will work the same way your website did. Functional and comprehensive
  • Ew 2/5

    By Makiaki Makiki
    So many weirdos post weird crap..and dumb 10 year olds should not be allowed to post😂
  • Stop the Political Garbage 1/5

    By bmwilder139
    Every since Trump won almost every daily post is some political lame joke. Get over it and quit being a titty baby and get back to funny stuff.
  • Going on Safari is more preferable than this app 3/5

    By Should be $5.99.
    It will be way easier to just go on Safari than to download to use this app
  • Yay 5/5

    By Ffybv
    Best app
  • Used to be funny but now to political 1/5

    By mike a long time user
    Months of daily politically centric BS terms. We get it, you are liberal. Great. I may be even as well but this is really rediculous. I used to get a daily laugh out of this until about november. Now I just deleted ti as it is just too much. Majority of the past months is nothing but Trump realted BS. Get back to what made you all good in the first place.
  • Was cool. 2/5

    By Eeffjay
    It's turning into people's views and opinions and not definitions now.
  • I don't care about the Trump stuff.... 3/5

    By gchata
    I'm not going to pretend I like the man, but I don't understand why after a few days of not opening the app that it shows that I thumbed up somewhat offensive (albeit hilarious) political posts and won't undo it.

    By Jared Mize
    I love this app it's so helpful when someone sends me an acronym that I don't know and sometimes I'll want to get on the app and see what's on the featured section. Before it was more of a comedic thing like "oh that's clever lol" or something like that, but recently, especially after the election, the featured page has been specifically centered to target Trump and his followers. This is a slang app not an app to voice political opinion.
  • Every day since election about Donald. Too political & don't use anymore. 1/5

    By DickMiles
    Get back to what was great!
  • Terrible Anymore 1/5

    By tf141recon1
    Ever since the presidential election everyday the Word of the Day is some stupid term for Trump, made up by some moronic teenager who has nothing better to do than vent his frustrations over an app. None of the attacks on him are even original, they either center around him being Fascist or his odd skin color. Like seriously is this the best you can do anymore? If you want to keep your sanity don't download this app. Invest your time in something more worthwhile. And for the love of God, Urban Dictionary, educate yourselves on the history of "fascism," "oppression," and whatever other terms you're perpetrating that Trump is with your app. They're big words to be tossing around.
  • It's Okay 2/5

    By Jedi_Master_Levi
    The app is alright. My friend and I enjoy goofing off on it sometimes, but all I see is bad things about Trump. There's also this one glitch that automatically dislikes posts, which I'm not a big fan of. It's a good app, as long as you're searching something specific instead of just scrolling through. Trump is everywhere, and it's getting annoying.
  • Was once an amusing app 1/5

    By Lisaponch
    Nothing more than Trump bashing. It's a one-trick pony, not what I signed up for.
  • Idiotic Drivel 1/5

    By Jkforster
    Stop the rant losers. As a HUGE amount of reviews say, this app used to have a purpose, now it is crap and crap some more. Such childlike behavior makes it easy to dump this app. LOSERS
  • No longer worth opening since election 1/5

    By Sloth❤️Chunk
    The word of the day has been nothing but Trump or politically related since the election. Deleting as it is no longer worth opening. There is enough political views forced down everyone's throat. Not sure why this app thinks they are making a difference in any way with their stupid, political words of the day.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Dwalk297
    It's all political now, noting funny anymore. They're also manipulating votes. Down vote something, log on the next day and it's mysteriously changed to an up vote. Nothing like what made it popular.
  • Left field crap 1/5

    By Oklahoma sky watcher
    This used to be a funny site but now it's just a bunch political crap.
  • Good app gone retarded 1/5

    By thunderstrk
    Used to use the app to figure out what people were saying to me but the huge list of new words you w allowed to bash the president is national enquirer low
  • Useless 1/5

    By Auster17
    Go use google, don't give them the dignity of having a successful app. All new words are about Trump and are just weak and desperate.
  • Useless drivel 1/5

    By OrwollFam
    Got this app to be able to look up the occasional pop culture reference that would come up on TV, online, or in conversation. Have discovered it's nothing more than a rant channel for disaffected folks who seem to think they're funny and clever, but who, in reality, are exactly the opposite. Don't bother with it...
  • Tired of the trump slamming 1/5

    By Monica in Raleigh
    Seems the word of the day since November is anti trump. Over it... deleting the app & not waiting my time

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