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USA is your destination for full episodes of your favorite USA shows, including new episodes available the day after they air on television and back episodes of some shows. Log in with your TV provider account (cable, satellite or telco provider of TV) and open up a whole new way to enjoy USA – anywhere and anytime. USA Features: • Full episode viewing when you sign in with your TV provider account • Save your favorite shows to your watchlist for quick access to the latest episodes • Chromecast and AirPlay! You can now start the episodes in the app and stream USA to your TV and Apple TV. • Free trial – watch up to 3 full episodes of your choice for one month • Can't finish an episode in one sitting? The app saves your place! • Special clips, interviews and behind-the-scenes video • USA TV program guide • Facebook, Twitter, and email sharing


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  • Trash APP 1/5

    By fuxFox
    Just like the other reviews I see. This app when connected to chromecast starts blinking. At which point it proceeds to randomly skip around the video position. Sometimes forward sometimes back. This is a magical way to ruin and spoil anything that may be happening in the episode. I don’t know if this failure is a function of the chromecast... where in apple is the problem for not wanting to cooperate with google products or if it is just the creators of this app that made it a piece of trash. You know the hbo go app works perfect. The amc app works perfect and still manages to force me to watch adds. There is 0 excuse for an app to function this poorly. You all need to scrap this piece of trash. Hire some new developers and start all over. Then again, other then mr robot, who uses this app? How many of your law and order viewers go to the app?
  • It's amazing 5/5

    By Yonayloves
    I really enjoy watching all of USA television shows. I love how they're all available on this app. What I love the most though is that I don't have to be connected to wifi in order to watch the shows unlike other tv app.
  • Piece of crap 1/5

    By mGee2007
    Fix the jumping and skipping problem. This is a steaming pile of garbage.
  • Fix the skipping and restarts! 2/5

    By DefinitelyGlen
    This is HORRIBLE. How can we watch a show, get involved, show that we WANT TO WATCH, when we can’t even get the plot?!?!? I thought it was just my phone, chromecast, everything but USA but nope. Get to streaming if you aren’t going to provide your viewers the ability to see the program correctly. ESP when it’s something you need to watch like Sinner or Damnation. It’s a cluster you need to fix. I checked out other reviews and seriously, it’s sad.
  • Awful 1/5

    By lfbj00
    God this app is awful now. You cannot watch live tv for more than 5 minutes without constant buffering, and then it re-starts the live tv causing you to miss parts of the shows. This just started after all these guys have got to fix this, or don’t advertise live tv as an option.
  • Can't watch anything 1/5

    By Haylee G.
    Seriously cannot watch a full episode of anything. It buffers, then skips several minutes, then says the app is unavailable. Its not my internet because all my other apps work just fine. So disappointing.
  • Missing episodes 1/5

    By MJ864257899532
    Why am I only able to see 3 episodes of "The Sinner???" Using a Roku
  • Chromecast fail 2/5

    By Nyn123456
    Chromecast barely functions on this app. As soon as the show starts playing the app is basically useless-- no controls whatsoever.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Mia Bia
    Please help. I can’t control the videos once I play them. And the app kicked me out while I was watching. Now I can’t go back in and watch it from where I left off and it won’t let me fast forward. Someone fix it please.
  • Great app 5/5

    By bighoppy1
    Works great. Thanks for the awesome app.
  • Concerns “His men will always remember” 2/5

    By Pierce21582
    Very professional
  • Great 5/5

    By Ewil2015555
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Iloveronweasley93
    USA, you need to fix this. Your app just wants to skip around an episode, totally unwarranted - sometimes forwards, sometimes backwards, it never pauses before it does it so there’s no warning (not that this would be any better if it did). I tried numerous times to disconnect from my Chromecast, close out the app, reconnect - but the problem wasn’t the connection to the internet or the Chromecast. The Google Home app allowed me to pause, start and stop play. It was YOUR app - the app that was actually supposed to be the STREAMING app - that didn’t allow me to do any of those things, or even to skip back/forward to compensate for the backward/forward skipping your app was doing on its own. What a mess. Get it together. 😒
  • Best app ever 5/5

    By ckahunanui66
    I think that it is a good app to use if you are bored or just staying home
  • No cable too bad 1/5

    By gwenaellp
    I have enjoyed colony for two seasons, one of the best show I have seen in the last few years and I have been watching a lot Unfortunately I have recently returned my cable box and because USA wants me to sign in with my provider that I don’t have , I’ll have to miss the next season and all the commercials I would have seen if they would make their shows available through the app
  • USA Network 5/5

    By DOG37
    I love being able to watch my USA shows on my iPad or computer. Monday nights right now are really hard. My husband wants to watch Monday night football and I want to watch WWE. Our little dog wants us both in the same room. I put my Headphones on and enjoy my WWE. Thank you so much for being available on devices other than just TVs.
  • Won’t let me sign in 1/5

    By empress_jae
    I’ve been trying to sign back in to my account but a box pops up after I select my cable provider, telling me that my browser is not accepting cookies. ALL of my devices accept cookies and I’ve attempted to sign in using all of my devices and multiple browsers that are accepting cookies. What’s going on?
  • Not good for chromecast 1/5

    By Mobrobscene
    Buggy. Connects and disconnects from chromecast constantly. Difficult to scrub. Not usable.
  • Poor Cast Experience 2/5

    By Robert F......
    This app is very clunky. Casting will disconnect and it becomes impossible to pause or replay without restarting casting device. Needs major improvement.
  • Features and polish needed 1/5

    By friedchickenpapi
    Please let me stream Live TV directly from the AppleTV application. To have to AirPlay it to my AppleTV is such a poor experience because it's eating up bandwidth and causes the beamed stream to be very pixelated. I also can't use my phone to look at any other content while I'm AirPlaying to my AppleTV. I hope this update is coming soon!
  • Slow response time and too much buffering 2/5

    By Asianhybrid
    The app responds too slowly to taps of the pause and "back up 10 seconds" buttons. Also, even with 45 megabit bandwidth, the app frequently buffers. I have far fewer buffering issues with other streaming apps.
  • False Advertisement 1/5

    By tHEgRAVE
    Can't watch past season episodes. The phrasing on the USA site, makes you believe you can watch past season episodes with the App, but it only lets you watch CLIPS not the full episodes. I wanted to recap the last couple of episodes of season 2 of Mr Robot before starting season 3 but you can't do that unless you pay & buy them. I don't mind paying for something I haven't seen but not for episodes I've see already. Anyway they shouldn't be misleading and make you think you can watch them with the App when you can't. App Deleted!
  • Why ask for a review? 1/5

    By Lice ow
    I'm writing this review because, for some reason I was asked to, even though I was told that I didn't subscribe to your channel and couldn't use the app. I am pretty that I do subscribe to the channel and that I should be able to use the app! It doesn't matter I'll just watch it somewhere else.
  • Cannot turn off CC 1/5

    By Feffy Borth
    I cannot seem to turn off the CC subtitles?? I am using an ipad if that matters. On the app I see the option where you can choose to turn them on and/or off matter what I do - they will not turn off. I have deleted my app, re-downloaded it...but to no avail. The app itself is not very functional, or smooth to operate, so it doesn't surprise me. I use network/programming apps FREQUENTLY - if not every day, and this is the only one I have troubles with. Frustrating to say the least.
  • Mr. Robot <3 1/5

    By TMG8888
  • App terrible 1/5

    By tcarde@me
    Nothing else to say. Your team in charge of this must be bad too.
  • Functional 2/5

    By Tebor
    Live Streaming, the only reason I use the mobile app - because the Apple TV app does not have that ability - is simply terrible. It constantly freezes, lags, drops resolution quality, frequently requires AirPlay to be restarted, or the app closed out completely. It is able to stream live TV, but it’s unreliable at best. Two Stars.
  • Live TV 1/5

    By Curbyourchromecast
    I use a chromecast for live tv, it worked great until about a month ago. It's been a complete joke ever since
  • No chromecast button and constant crashing 2/5

    By Dken28
    Before the latest update, the live tv would crash about every ten minutes which forced me to restart the app. After the latest update the chromecast button is gone. Why?
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Jessikayf
    Too many adds. It "offers you 3 free episodes without signing in with a cable provider login" but only gave me 2 since it kept messing up during the 1st episode that I watched and telling me to "replay from the beginning" for no apparent reason. I have now tried 4 times to submit this review but it keeps telling me that the nickname is already being used and completely erases my review to make me start all over again 🙄😒
  • Issues... 2/5

    By Hdtv208
    Continuing to have issues with the casting capability. When casting over a strong WiFi connection to a SmartCast tv or even a chromecast device, the app will cut out several times during live streaming. I have to stop casting and completely exit out of the app and start everything over. Which usually causes me to miss parts of the show I am trying to watch. I’ve tried just re-downloading the app.. and that helped for a bit.. but now it’s back to doing the same old things.
  • Just cycles and buffers. 2/5

    Chromecast support is cool. When it works. Which is never. The app would be great if it worked well. Unfortunately it will play for a minute and then completely go blank or buffer and display an error message. Other streaming apps have no issues so it's definitely not my connection. Unfortunately nearly all of the network tv apps are all the same. Poorly developed and under supported.
  • Terrible Terrible Terrible 1/5

    By Minimelolly
    This app is so disappointing.. Worst app ever
  • Disappointed! 2/5

    By Moonstone lady
    I also am disappointed in the quality of this app. I've had issues signing into the app, trouble finding episodes, continuing partially watched episodes, not having access to popular shows, and being locked out via Roku. It's the only app that gives me these issues every time. Guess I'll just have to wait for the shows to go on Hulu or Netflix to watch. 😡
  • Worst tv app in the history of the world 1/5

    By USA blows
    This app without question 100% blows. Could not even get through an episode without it fast forwarding and rewinding unprompted. Unbelievable. Get it together USA
  • Worst live stream app I've downloaded 1/5

    By Justin C.89
    Live content stream is sporadic, not worth the waste of time. Every other major network app I've downloaded seems to have their act together.
  • The perfect app for the viewer who loves commercials. 1/5

    By Brian Switzer
    It seems you may have some great content. Unfortunately, I'll never know, because this is what it is like to watch a show. Six minutes of the show- seven commercials. Four minutes show- six commercials. Eight minutes show- five commercials. There's no timed opt out on the commercials like most apps have, either- the viewer is sitting through the whole interminable ad. Netflix delivers programming with one commercial per show. As does HBO Go and Amazon. Why can't NBC? Delete.
  • App crashes when chromecasting 1/5

    By grakey123
    Whenever I'm using the app to chromecast live TV with my provider, it seems like it randomly crashes constantly. I'm not sure why it happens and i can't seem to find anything online about it - but it's gotten to the point where I simply just don't watch it on the app anymore.
  • Garbage at casting 3/5

    By L-Dawwg
    The app is garbage at casting. There is a giant lag between what's on the screen and what's on my phone. Additionally the buttons don't work while it's casting. Literally useless to use for casting
  • Logging in! 3/5

    By Bibiana15
    I like this app, but I have to log in everytime I use it, not good.
  • Love suits 5/5

    By Rach1105
    Glad to have this show at my fingertips
  • Commercials 2/5

    By CDeniece
    The reason I only watch tv from my electronics is the lack of commercials. Love the app, but I'm forced to watch commercials. Also, there is no 10 sec forward. There are just some things I don't want to see so I fast forward. Not available with this app. But, Amazon and HBO has that feature.
  • Love the live stream option! 5/5

    By Kimio]
    I have cable, but am able to skip the extra cost of additional boxes in the bedrooms, since I can watch my USA faves on the phone or iPad! Never have issues with the app or streaming on multiple device/platforms/OS. Love it!
  • I came for Mr Robot 1/5

    By Foot @hustlas_tweet2
    I downloaded this app because I say a S2 recap online thought the show was interesting checked my on demand and there was much of nothing I believe 2 episodes. I decided well I’ll download the USA app I’m sure to be able to watch season 1 and catch up on the show... NOT!!!! What a waste of download time! I’ll just find it on my FireStick. App removed!
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Tami3573
    I like catching up on this app rather than using my cable on demand app. Not as many advertisers and shows are available more readily.
  • terrible app 1/5

    By Whiiiiiiit
    Can't skip ahead, laggy, so terrible. Hate that I have to watch on this app.
  • This needs improved ASAP!! 1/5

    By tripod4536
    Crashes often and a restart is required. Could be so good but it is awful now.
  • Error 1/5

    By just how it be
    Keeps lagging every time
  • Don’t bother, this app barely works 1/5

    By Newsman123
    You can maybe start an episode, but good luck pausing or restarting it.
  • Mixed Feelings 3/5

    By Polengvii
    I love the app! Its very user friendly, but whenever i Chromecast live tv, every once in a while it will stop live tv and says there is an error. Like im literally watching right now and i missed like 5 mins of what im watching just to fix it.

USA Network app comments


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