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From Pulitzer Prize winning storytelling and photography, to rich-media videos, full 360-degree experiences and virtual reality, USA TODAY is able to not only tell the news, but allow you to be completely immersed in it. And with our local-to-national coverage, you can add news stories happening right in your own communities. FEATURES: • NEWS: Browse national, local, most popular and recommended stories. • NEWS ALERTS: Get news as it breaks by opting in for push notifications on News, Sports, Life, Money or Tech. Rich notifications allow you to get an article preview, save and share from your lock screen. • VIRTUAL REALITY: Bring the news to life with 360° video and virtual reality. Check out our new weekly VR series, VRtually There with three new thrilling VR experiences every Thursday. • WEATHER: Be prepared with live weather information from hourly to 10-day forecasts. Enable location services to customize local weather news and other location-based services. (Continued use of GPS running in background can decrease battery life.) • SCORES: Stay up to speed on the latest sports scores and schedules for NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, Golf, NASCAR, Indy Car, UFC, Fantasy sports and college football and basketball. • PUZZLES: Enjoy USA TODAY created daily crossword and Sudoku puzzles. (Sudoku available on iPad only) • STOCKS: Get a clear picture of the financial world, from stocks and IPOs to taxes and takeovers. Get personal finance tips and advice to improve your portfolio. • SAVED STORIES: Save your favorite stories to read later. • NIGHT MODE: Enable this feature to view the app using a black background and white text. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: • APPLE WATCH: Link the app to your Apple Watch to receive alerts to the stories you want to know as they happen. • WIDGET: Get a quick update on the latest headlines from your Home and Lock screen! No time to read the full story? Tap the bookmark icon to save for later. • iPAD PRO ENHANCED: Experience our captivating photography and stories in full screen or multitasking mode. • 3D TOUCH: Use 3D touch on our app icon from the homescreen for a quick shortcut to weather and your saved stories. AD-FREE SUBSCRIPTION OPTION: Now available on all of your devices - Subscribe today and experience great storytelling with no ads. Purchase an ad free subscription for $2.99/month with a 2 week free trial. Subscriptions are charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase and automatically renew each month or year, unless turned off in your iTunes account settings at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. For more details, see "Subscription Support" in the app's Settings for more details and customer service contact information. Privacy Policy: Terms of Service: TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: Our app features are constantly being improved based on your feedback, so we welcome you to tell us what you love and what you’d like to see more (or less) of. Contact us at: or on Twitter @usatodaymobile. For additional information, please visit


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USA TODAY app reviews

  • Annoying aspects 1/5

    By Nomnom691...
    Used to love this app, but it has developed so many annoying aspects... you have to make it stop (1) auto-playing videos and (2) most annoying of all, having it so that it clicks through on links and ads in articles, even when reader is just scrolling.
  • Latest App Update 2/5

    By Gator in Swamp
    The latest update is bad, it keeps crashing. This morning it has crashed 4 times in the last 30 minutes, it just shuts down. It is becoming very frustrating while trying to read the news
  • Slanted and Unreliable 1/5

    By MisterMikeMidwest
    The app works fine, but the content has sunk too unprecedented lows. USA Today was once unbiased, albeit bland, but in a rush to appeal to the far left has abandoned any sense of balance in its reporting. Sad.
  • Performance slipping 2/5

    By onerater
    While reading an article the page skips around, you loose your place and have to scroll around to find your place. Photos don’t load and don’t swipe like they used to. The mechanics, user interface has gone terribly down hill. USA Today is in bed with “ News articles” are often just ads for Amazon products. USA needs to get back to old fashioned reporting and improve the mechanics of their web site.
  • Clown Show 1/5

    By Langurss
    Your sensationalized attacks on the administration are getting worse! Do you realize how foolish you look? You really should take a more measured approach- you’re embarrassing yourself.
  • Following the lead of CNN 1/5

    By HondoGJ
    The editorial comments that you choose to print are nowhere close to balanced or fair. Quit pretending to be anything but another liberal outlet.
  • Very non neutral news 1/5

    By Adlogo
    I will say this, years ago USA today would provide national and local news without putting a slant on it. However, these days it is increasingly clear they have adopted a extreme liberal agenda and no longer wish to provide news based on just news and facts. They will spin and slant every piece of news to continue divide this country and its people, truly sad. They have sunk below all the tabloids and are no longer consider a news source. I have discontinued my subscription and so have several of my friends and neighbors. I would not recommend this app nor paper to anyone anymore.
  • Ads block content 1/5

    By Eainca
    Ads will not go away and block content.
  • FIRE your editorial board!!!! 1/5

    By Drmhome1
    Your article stating Trump should be impeached is TRASH!!!! You should fire your publisher AnD editorial board for allowing such YELLOW journalism..... The article is FILLED with factual errors and ridiculous political propaganda!!! Your paper has ALWAYS been a liberal RAG..... But, in the last few years, it has simply become a haven for liberal bullsh*t and unsubstantiated, biased junior league reporting..... It is your paper that needs to be sent packing, not Trump.....
  • Bias Alert! 1/5

    By GeneonMAC
    Unfortunately, more liberal bias than news. What a shame when coverage of news is so slanted. Too bad.
  • Hate it 1/5

    By MeM5416
    Latest update and sudoku still doesn't work and crossword puzzle takes you to sudoku
  • Finally just deleted it 1/5

    By Brppadside14223333
    Too many jumping ads. Not acceptable!
  • Peculiar security behavior 1/5

    By Not Tin Zaw
    This app triggers my iPhone to prompt me to enter login credential frequently and strangely. The behavior went away after I uninstalled it.
  • MicroFont!!!! 1/5

    By Ygitguyfegujjgfryubfd
    Only app with size 6 font and no way to make it bigger. All other news apps let the user toggle the font size. Very poor design - no pinch zoom or text size adjustment available.
  • Tired of videos 2/5

    By OUsteeler
    I go to your app to read news, why does every single click on a story have to be a video? Give it a rest!
  • Disruptive motion ads 2/5

    By Motsumi
    Ads with motion and movement or that autoplay are too disruptive. It's like my kid calling "daddy, daddy, daddy ...." While I'm trying to read. Force ads to be stills only with no sound or motion--just like the old days of a printed newspaper. Every irrelevant, unwanted distraction hurts the reputation of USA Today and it's ad buyers. And it's heavy resistance to returning to the app. Be classy, not tacky.
  • Jumpy news 2/5

    By 1155aabb
    Six days after you released an update to stop the jumpiness in your app, it’s still there. The update did nothing, except make it worse. Please fix.
  • Can't read 2/5

    By Alpinejwh
    Can‘t read, can‘t zoom in, can‘t adjust text, can‘t afford monthly, sorry, can‘t have this app that I love this. Bye bye delete this lovely USA Today 😭
  • Cartoon 2/5

    By b747 Bob
    Daily editorial cartoon in opinion section will not update.
  • subscribe? 1/5

    By SignWays
    you think these guys know that the puzzles are not working?
  • Game is stuck on June 25,2017 1/5

    By John and Julie
    The game section is screwed up
  • Top stories 1/5

    By Clw86439
    Why is this a top story? So disappointing USA Today. Couple sells everything for sailboat. It sinks on day 2
  • Another bad update 1/5

    By BourgetFd
    Horrid. Now video ads play with no prompting, continue to play when you scroll by, and the audio cannot be disabled. Another horrible update. Greedy people trying to generate BS advertising revenue.
  • Much Better 5/5

    By RCH1739
    I just tired the App, Feb 9, 2018 and it is much better. It is no longer useless but works very well. I am changing my rating back to 5 stars. ******************** The app is now useless on an iPhone 5 and also the latest iPad. The latest update has an ad pop up and take over the screen. There is no way to get past the ad. The ad takes up most of the screen. The rest of the screen is black. It is impossible to read any news. If you have this app the best thing is to delete it and use another app. Rating is less than 1 star. This used to be my favorite news app but not anymore. I am also deleting it from my iPad. I will wait 3 to 6 months to see if it is still useless.
  • Crossword not opening 5/5

    By Zmmeo
    Unable to open the crossword. Please let me know if you are working on this. Rest of APP performing fine. Miss my Crossword though keyboard on my iPad Pro not appearing to let me do my puzzle. Please advise me as how to rectify this. Thank you!
  • Update made scrolling better but.... 4/5

    The latest update made the jumpy scrolling much better but some story links still expand after you pass them causing a minor jump. It’s still kind of annoying because while it seems to at least reserve the space for pictures, they still don’t load in until you get down to them. Why can’t it all load in right away when you click on the article?
  • Still tickin’ 5/5

    By guten guy
    Remember all those business trips where morning coffee included USAToday with all the news you needed for the day. Retired now and missing it? Get the App, USA Today is still tickin’ and is electrically delivered every morning with all the news you need to get you thru the day. Definitly 6 Stars out of 5!
  • A joke. 1/5

    By UNK11
    Today no article on Uranium one situation. Your leftist leanings are a joke. No journalism integrity. Grow up and do your jobs.
  • Significantly better update 4/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    The latest “updates” added a Sections icon that scrolls to the top and needs another tap to actually get to the Sections menu. (I can already scroll to the top of an article list, the same as every other iPhone app). At least they fixed the problem with text within each article jumping around as it’s scrolled through and various graphics & ads randomly pop in.
  • Crashes more than Stevie Wonder driving a car 1/5

    By Bad wemo
    Half way through an article and crashes. Have the latest update too. Highly intrusive ads that play the moment you scroll over them to continue reading articles. Totally get that USA Today needs to make money. I don’t fault them for that. But, they have sacrificed their user experience. Shame since this was my “go-to” news app for years. Searching out alternatives now.
  • Still not user friendly 2/5

    By Bandguy2014
    UPDATE: The developer seems to have fixed the auto play video problem so I have added a star. However, the user experience is STILL among the worst of any app I use. Frequently the content jumps when scrolling when an ad loads. Sometimes this jump is so extreme that my place in the text jumps clear off the screen. This is the only app I use where this is a problem and it is a problem that has been ongoing for a while. To the developer-Thank you for the earlier fix but you need to correct usability! OLD REVIEW: It is as simple as this-online ads that are obnoxious do nothing to gain you fans. Auto playing video ads that hijack my screen while i scroll through headlines are beyond obnoxious, they are basically user hostile. I have no issue with content providers earning money from advertising if it is done in a user friendly way. This is not. It is this kind of behavior that has led so many to use the ad blockers that publishers are so often complaining about. I will not continue to use this app if these continue to be a frequent part of the experience. .
  • Too many ads 1/5

    By mawtaow
    Too many ads. Deleting app.
  • Ms Lorraine 1/5

    By Giveup1
    Used to be a good AP Ages ago. Took forever to b e updated to iOS 11. Won, let u even review/ comment unless pay. for ads, sports. Not news...I. Will look for another news AP..
  • Don’t waste your time - Tabloid News 1/5

    By William Michael
    If you are thinking about giving USA Today a try for the first time, forget about it unless you like to bully others and love hate speech. Neutral news today is almost impossible to find. For a moment in time I gave USA Today an opportunity to be one of my sources of news as I am tried of constant President Trump bashing regardless if I am against or for him. USA Today is no different. They line and love to report negative news reports about Trump as well as his relationship with his wife. It’s interesting how we want to stop bullying in schools and across society yet the media, including USA Today and celebrities seem to get a pass on bullying, which isn’t right. It is hate speech and USA Today is similar to reading the National Enquirer. Perhaps feedback from readers such as me should be taken seriously as representing only one view point all the time amongst the masses isn’t wise as we live in a world where people have differences of options and expect the news to present all news all the time in a fair and non-bias way. I am disappointed in you USA Today and it’s not too late to change the way you report news as you are in a position to be that neutral source of news I and others want so badly.
  • Too many ads, videos, huge graphics, ... 1/5

    By acrisis
    Actual written news content is in the back seat, huge graphics, ineffective use of space, too many videos, ... put that menu bar on top, give us direct access to sections, let us block sections we don’t read (sport), ... don’t keep forcing the endless scrolling and tapping on us. PS: Thanks for the dev note, I guess? You should note that I update your app every time, and there are yet to be any positive UX or UI changes as noted in my reviews.
  • Ads Ruin a Great app... 1/5

    By Goodby SplashID
    This use to be a terrific app until USA Today decided to ruin it with intrusive advertisement banners that pop up everywhere.. I’m deleting the app and moving on..
  • Let me control the scroll 1/5

    By Gemini 666
  • More ads! 1/5

    By jwwilson45
    Why is it that when they write the description for an upgrade to an app all you see is "bug fixes" and "we changed the flabrcator so it regurgitates after dark"? Never the truth... "We figured out how to make the ads pop up after you close an article and then be difficult to close"? "We figured out a way to make the ads pop up and block the news content you want to read" Okay, so an update to the update... It takes SO long for this app to open now it is really ridiculous! Every video you try and watch had a 15 second ad before the video starts.
  • Biased 1/5

    By Westy in GA
    This newspaper is a bit too far on the left. It has become evident and worse over the years. Canceling my subscription. When I was in journalism school, I was taught to never get your news from one source and to detect bias. Unfortunately, USA Today has lowered their standards and ethics
  • Just too biased 1/5

    By News7676
    I like the layout of the app, and the interface is beautiful. I just can’t handle how slanted this news outlet is. I am so tired of all the biased reporting among many outlets. I wish journalism would just report verified facts as news, rather than opinion (unless it’s the opinion page), and trying to force their political views on everyone else. I am deleting this app. Sorry USA Today, you have lost yet another faithful reader.
  • They need some improvement 3/5

    By Paso04
    I have been a loyal 360 news app user but their recent update which deleted the dark background made me look to USA Today as an alternative. USA Today could have a more user friendly layout with the sections at the top for easier use. Also, the page layout is a bit of a mess. However for now, it will have to do because it seems to be the only news app I can find with a dark mode.
  • Stopped working today 1/5

    By jholtermann
    Been using app for years with no problems until today. Now, after 5 seconds it shuts down!
  • Great app 5/5

    By ALS IFC
    Love this app. Nice layout and news articles.
  • USA Today 1/5

    By GamerKen
    Worst app on my device. Turns itself off, changes pages without being asked. This app is a piece of crap.
  • Exceptional 5/5

    By ime410
    I have used this app for a long time alongside other news apps and it finally occurred to me... I use and enjoy USA Today more than any other news app. I appreciate that columnists, news writers, etc., write stories that are relevant, informative, comprehensive, and, more importantly, trustworthy. There has always been something special about thumbing through the paper version of the USA Today but the app is the ‘paper’ that I never have to put down and is always there providing me with the latest events and stories that I can take anywhere. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
  • crashes all the time now on my iphone 7 1/5

    By sbsmithjax
    crashes all the time now on my iphone 7
  • Sports link 3/5

    By jerbear9440
    Update: the frozen link was promptly fixed. Very much appreciated. As app goes it is not bad. USA Today does not give great depth to stories so you end up with talking points. THANKS for CORRECTING THE ISSUE It appears the sports link is broken. Use to take you to top stories and now it goes to NFL scores. I have made no changes to settings that would prompt this result. Quite annoying.
  • App is OK. Content is not. 2/5

    By RandomCharsdvhkt
    The best thing about the USAToday app for iPad is the daily crossword puzzle. Otherwise, it is just one more big media propaganda rag. There is heavy focus on all the back-patting entertainment spectacles. The headlines and news articles are word-smithed to convey a bad impression if everything traditional. I just saw the lead article after the State of the Union Address. Whether you like the content or not, it is obvious that Donald Trump put on a good show. Yet USAToday leads with the line that swing voters rated it "on the plus side of mediocre.". Fortunately, there is no crossword in the Windows or Android version, so the decision it install is an easy one.
  • App is too choppy 3/5

    By guy508
    This app is not smooth. Scrolling is too choppy and not precise. Also app often quits. What’s up with that. Very annoying. These should not happen. Fix it!!
  • Sports goes to scores not articles 3/5

    By Mattbank
    Clicking Sports takes it to scores, not articles

USA TODAY app comments


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