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  • Current Version: 7.30.4
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USAA Mobile App

​​USAA Mobile gives you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. Manage your finances, investments, insurance and much more—all from one convenient app.

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  • ATM 5/5

    By Hgibbs0804
    I love the app because it has everything I need. But can you please make it easier to find a free ATM??? For example, my PNC app allows me to find an ATM without even having to sign in. As soon as I open the app I can either enter my information or find an ATM. I know we get reimbursed so much money every month, but those ATM withdrawal fees add up quickly. Being able to customize the order of the home page would be nice too. I'd love to put banking and then ATM right below that instead of having to tap a few times before I can find one. It's really annoying and makes me want to open an account at a local bank so I can just go to the bank. Otherwise, yay USAA!!
  • Bill pay function within App 4/5

    By tuffest1
    When I schedule the payment within bill pay, it prompts with an "OK" - - when I press ok, it thinks, then crashes! What is causing this? Please test and fix.
  • Definitely needs a rollback 1/5

    By SH in WI
    Rather than continuing to try to fix the new "features" that were introduced, the developers need to just roll back to the last version that actually worked. The last several versions in a row have serious problems. This came from trying to add things to improve the user experience. My experience is not improved! Three or four versions back, this was a useful app. I hope we can return to those days. ****** The latest update makes the app unusable. Not sure why they didn't do a rollback as soon as they noticed the problems referred to by many of the recent reviews here. I submitted trouble tickets on the web, and I didn't expect a personal response but I did think they they would fix the problems or, failing that, roll back to a version that worked. ****** Previous Review: Very handy to have: lots of convenient functions. Interface is pleasant to look at and easy to read, but could be streamlined: it takes more taps than I'd expect to perform tasks, and navigation feels patchworky and not planned out. But I would still recommend this app and am glad it is available. Anyone who uses USAA banking or insurance will find it helpful.
  • Mobile Deposit BAD in this version 1/5

    By ProWineTaster
    I just want the old version back at this point. The USSA app is generally very good, the update however changed the mobile deposit UX providing a worse experience. Mobile Deposit no longer easily detects the check or is able to read the account numbers, complains about bad lighting, and confuses front/back of check (get can't read numbers on bottom of check while taking picture of the back) also gets stuck while awaiting confirmation forcing me to do it again. ...this used to work just fine please fix!
  • Poor update for Mobil deposit 1/5

    By Fyrzout
    A good bank either needs lots of local branches or a good online app/deposit tool. USAA has chosen to do neither. The latest update is a huge step back in time and a complete waste of mine. Time to start looking at other banking options as this occurs much to frequently.
  • Menu fixed 3/5

    By Cube-monkey
    Thanks for fixing the menu issue. 3 stars as this should've been tested. Come on guys, you're slipping!
  • Awesome but poor check 3/5

    By 6140280
    Usaa leads the pack again....... Update: new iOS incompatible but all is well now. Works great Update- no longer able to deposit multiple checks at once...
  • App fail 1/5

    By 0317 ss
    App keeps closing on it's own when trying to place a trade. Will update review when issue is resolved
  • Mobile check deposit 1/5

    By kapple
    Worked great! Now it is terrible! Please fix!
  • What happened? 1/5

    By D.M. Clemons
    Loved this app. Then they updated it to something that doesn't work. Hurry up and fix the deposit issue. I am a lacrosse official and get paid in checks that I cannot deposit now!!
  • Quick login broke 1/5

    By BigDuke3000
    What happened? Usually update and no issues but now quick login is broke and forcing full login every time. Bogus. Fix this USAA!!
  • Mobile Deposit BROKEN 2/5

    By Kenaf7
    Wish I haven't updated the app. As others have mentioned, the mobile deposit is unusable. PLEASE put it back to the way it was! As of now, I've gone back to mailing my deposits. :-(
  • MAJOR Security Flaw 1/5

    By manchaman
    After update I pressed "Open" from the App Store. I was taken directly into the USAA app without verification by PIN or Touch ID. This MUST be fixed.
  • Solid App 5/5

    By Studo Roc
    Dependable app from a banking perspective. There should be a better brokerage and loan platform.
  • Track Money gone! 1/5

    By RangerRobAZ
    The latest version of this doesn't have a track money button any more. There is no way to track spending via the app any more. A budget tools button the replaced it doesn't even work.
  • Please fix mobile deposit!! 1/5

    By Al89015z09
    Whatever update you guys did seriously mucked up mobile deposit. It either doesn't work or takes absolutely forever to go through. I also can't do multiple checks at a time anymore. And the auto capture is horrible! Please fix mobile deposit! It worked perfectly before!
  • Biometric 2/5

    By So_Intense
    Biometric login is really screwed up with this update. I'm enrolled but it's still making me use my username and password.
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By Jbaldwin
    After update app does not work properly any more doesn't show any of my info any more. even though I'm signed in
  • No more push notifications! 1/5

    By Mr. Ferocious
    After this latest version updated I am not receiving my usual push notifications as before. I've already ensured that my settings are good and still no notifications! USAA please fix this immediately.
  • Needs fixing 2/5

    By markbyrn
    The quick login feature fails most of the time requiring a full login and the app is too messy and not easy to use.
  • Have to do a full login everytime 1/5

    By raven1307
    Quick login feature not working
  • Too many programs running in conflict 1/5

    By bluestreak426
    App shuts down often
  • Update Fails 1/5

    By lelecalhoun
    After numerous attempts, my iPhone still will not update the most recent version! Strange thing is, it won't even allow me to deplete the app and then reinstall. Unsure what's going on, but it must be fixed asap.
  • Don't cop out like messenger! 2/5

    By Dirpy0104
    I noted that you did actually say what you fixed on the update.. not happy with not knowing WHAT you changed so I can be assured you're not trying to use my camera or microphone without my permission!
  • USAA app 1/5

    By App crashes at login
    It crashes as soon as I log in with this new release. Seems like something qa would have caught!!!
  • Crashes-please fix 1/5

    By WebbMitchell
    The most recent update causes the app to crash after attempting fingerprint login.
  • Fix deposit function 2/5

    By Klownyhat
    Whatever update you all did caused the deposit function to not scan properly. I used to have success with the auto caption function, but am now having issues depositing. This is a problem. An update would be best.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Ryanvsher
    Very impressed by this app
  • Keeps Crashing 1/5

    By Dukesdavid
    Newest version crashes after Touch ID login. Please fix...
  • Crashes every time! 1/5

    By RJJay
    Every time I've logged into this new updated version of the app it crashes! Each time I hit the info button to update non-USAA info, its crashes. Open a tab, it crashes. USAA has a lot of work to do to get this working again.
  • Crashes immediately 1/5

    By One Elusive Dude
    I am trying to sell some stocks that jumped up in price and... such my luck... app crashes. Missed opportunity.
  • Low mobile. Deposit limit 2/5

    By Vettdvr
    Mobile deposit too low sold car had cashier ck for &20000 at home week could not deposit to account went to another credit union to deposit
  • App crashes 1/5

    By NathanGoodman
    The app crashes after login. Reinstall did not resolve it.
  • Crash 1/5

    By Kenterainbow
    I'm having the same experience as other reviewers. That since the apps most recent update it consistently crashes when attempting to process your pin or finger print.
  • Only one annoyance 4/5

    By Annoyingrandomname25447
    The seemingly constant "some account information may not be available" disclaimer.
  • Newest update won't open 1/5

    By demeeder
    Shuts down after fingerprint login.
  • Crashes after login 1/5

    By Jagerjagerjagerjsjsjs
    Crashes immediately after Touch ID login.
  • Fix Deposit Moible! 2/5

    By DSVpgh
    Normally I would give this App 4 or 5 stars. I've been a USAA member for over 20 years. Since that time I've gone from mailing off checks, to scanning them and uploading them on a computer and then for the last few years I have been very happy with the Deposit Mobile App portion on my iPhone. Until this latest version. My wife is self employed and most of her customers pay by check. That was fine with the way the app used to run. I would sit down with a bunch of checks, take pictures of them all and then after I had all of the pictures taken go in and put in the amounts and deposit them all at once. It was easy. With this latest version each check must now be processed on its own. This has done more than double the time it takes to do the process it has exponentially impacted it since if I'm doing say 8 checks at once I now have 8 separate actions to take. I guess at least they made it easier to turn the LED light on for taking the pictures, but that far outweighs the now tedious deposit program. I would trade that slight improvement in one small aspect back for the old method. Other than that most parts of the app work well.
  • New version crashes 1/5

    By schoman
    After update it crashes right after touch ID login. Please fix ASAP.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Totter113
    Extremely impressed with how much information is in this app but laid out in an easy to navigate way. I find that I can do almost anything on the app that I need. No need to log in from a computer.
  • Great program, but... 4/5

    By Jbrph
    This is a great program, but why do I need to wait to the first day of a month before I can budget? Why can I not make the budget for that month atleast a week prior to the start of the month? Also, it would be nice to split the categories for each transaction. Other than that, it is a great program that I have not had problems with.
  • Great service, very useful app 5/5

    By crenea87
    I've banked with USAA for a number of years and their service has never let me down. They are always helpful to assist in whatever I need with friendly and prompt service. Now their app is one of the best apps on my phone. Everything I need at one touch and their security is top notch. Very impressed.
  • If it ain't broke...(mobile deposit suuuuccks) 1/5

    By Patricio del Oeste
    The mobile deposit feature worked great for years. With the latest update, the developers have totally screwed it up. It never works and send you on a maddening loop of error messages. You guys need to go back to the previous version until you get this fixed!!!
  • What happened to login? 2/5

    By Createanicknametheysaid
    App asks me if i want to use the app and then makes me login everytime. It doesnt remember that im enrolled in touch id, and makes me go thru all the challenge questions every single time.
  • Mobile deposit broken 1/5

    By Disappointed user 1010
    Go back to an old version. This one is no good. Bad bad bad.
  • Unable to deposit checks 2/5

    By Jcbird6
    The latest update has broken the ability to deposit checks. This is a critical feature for a bank without branches....
  • Update Broke Everything 2/5

    By ipinkdrummer
    Now the app logs me out all the time. Biometric Touch ID keeps showing me an error page. I tried to contact support through the app and that was broken also. - logged me out and stated that I should call instead Please go back to a working version!
  • Mobile deposit broken 1/5

    By dl97ag
    Joining the other bad reviews on this. Un. acc. eptable! Bring back ability to manually take the pics AND multiple checks in a batch. Until then I'm switching to my local bank's mobile deposit...
  • Deposit missing the Cha-ching 4/5

    By G OS
    Will go back to 5 stars after the fix of this wonderfully satisfying feature.
  • Mobile deposit update is more frustrating 3/5

    By mduds
    You used to be able to take pictures of multiple checks, one after the other, and then go through and choose accounts and amounts. Now, the app seems to require that you complete one check's deposit completely first. The first problem is that this is less efficient. The second problem is that, if you are depositing multiple checks at once, you cannot go back and look through all the images to make sure you got every check. I was depositing a few checks, all of the same amount. I was interrupted in the middle and one of the checks wasn't deposited. But, I can go through the images to quickly fix it - I have to wait until they all clear and the images are available. I hope USAA will note this issue and allow users to deposit a batch of checks like before.

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