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USAA Mobile App

​​USAA Mobile gives you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. Manage your finances, investments, insurance and much more—all from one convenient app.


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USAA Mobile app reviews

  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sea7horse
    Crashes constantly. Cannot use.
  • So slow after recent update 2/5

    By DanW0225
    Using it on an iPhone X is near impossible after their update. It takes forever to load on WiFi and an data. Please fix this.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Sasuke12115
    This current update makes the app run unnecessarily slow and it doesn’t help when aspects of the app simply don’t work at all.
  • Another step backwards 1/5

    By raync72
    I’ve been a member of USAA since 1991 and they’re about to lose me as a customer. This latest “update” is one of the most annoying in a long while. When trying to use mobile deposit, there’s a flickering white box that you have to line up the check with. It’s nearly impossible with the way it jumps all around the screen. And then when by some miracle it does take a picture, it can’t read the numbers at the bottom despite them being crystal clear. Repeat this several times and you might get a check to deposit. USAA, I’m tired of your continuing customer service failings. This is merely the most recent example. I’m not sure what’s happening, but I’ve long stopped recommending you to others and I’m about to lump you in with Bank of America and Wells Fargo - places I’ll never do business with.
  • Check deposit part... 1/5

    By DannyJoeK
    Needs a lot of work.
  • Always useful 5/5

    By R. Old Man
    I rely heavily on this app including mobile deposits and continually find it fast, accurate and useful. Mobile deposit function continues to improve. Very pleased with USAA and the application. I have been a member for over 42 years.
  • What the heck happened to this app? 1/5

    By Scribe62
    This used to be my favorite banking app. No muss no fuss and the camera work to deposit checks was the easiest I found anywhere. This latest update has royally screwed that up. It took me forever to deposit some checks today. The camera wouldn’t line up. When it did take a photo — which seemed perfectly clear to me — I kept getting error messages. Other times it would snap the photo and cut off the bottom account and routing numbers and the app was perfectly happy to accept those pics. WTH? Please fix this app NOW!!!
  • Quick log on 1/5

    By dollymop22
    I want to go back to my PIN log on. And even though I have it set for that, it won't let me. It changed on its own a few weeks ago. About the same time I could not get logged on, and was asked to change password. I did, but I want to return to the one I had. I have received several emails, that just say from USAA - without your emblem on it- and I was asked to verify a whole slew of questions, including my GRANDPARENTS' names. I don't recall having to do that when I opened the acct. Also it asked for my school Mascot. Well in Denmark we don't have school mascots, nor do I have any siblings. Something is going on with this website, that's not right.
  • Doesn’t work 1/5

    By Mjcrh328
    Every time I try to open the app, it says that the certificate is not valid and closes the app. I can’t look at my accounts when I need to. Not very happy with the app.
  • Paycheck Planner Disaster 1/5

    By CshamMom
    I used to love this app, especially for the Paycheck Planner feature. Unfortunately the newest update is far too complicated and my transactions are all messed up. It won’t let me update my transactions so it’s showing a ridiculous -$1000+ balance for me. Please fix this, it’s my favorite part of the app.
  • Beware 1/5

    By Adidas1233467
    Company has lost its values. Bank somewhere else.
  • Crashes too frequently. 2/5

    By loljohnjk
    I think this app is great and totally meets all my needs, but I have major issues with planned transactions lately. App constantly crashes and I lose my progress. This is HUGE for me because this app is essentially my budget. Hope that the issues will be addressed soon.
  • Not the app prior to new outsourcing tech support 2/5

    By EngineerReview
    The new outsourcing tech support has taken away many of important funny 1) Time to logout when you switch to another app e.g. phone call. People do forget they were on the banking app and the logout time is important 2) Taking away our ability to transfer to other non family USAA accounts (attached) without going to an outside app. How much did they get for sending USAA account holders here? 3) The fact you need to now remove your cellphone every month and add it back to continue to get on time updates of action concerning your accounts e.g. debits on your posted by cardholders to validate them. 4). Their lack of taking suggestions is obvious. They hang up on people who disagree with the way the app and website are being handled. To make a suggestion is something they cannot handle. 5) Putting the Norton VIP code on the app. Not sure how anyone else feels about security but that is why it should never be on the phone you use to access USAA. It is only your pin to someone accessing your data. And it doesn’t take 30 seconds to get your pin.
  • USAA auto insurance is more affordable 5/5

    By M&TAllen
    I was with state farm for 10 plus years... I was on the phone making a transfer into one of my mutual funds and they recommended I get an estimate for auto insurance. With slightly better coverage, I saved over $700 for a 6 month policy. USAA has also always provided me with phenomenal customer service. This app works as it’s supposed to. No complaints here.
  • Fast and easy to use 5/5

    By intimidator13
    I appreciate the constant updates to the app, usually for security reasons, in comparison to my other bank app. It’s fairly intuitive and easy to use. Logging in is fast and easy using the fingerprint option. I think they were one of the first banking institutions to incorporate it. Very happy with both app and bank and whoever keeps my info safe!
  • Won’t log in on cellular. 1/5

    By Che driver
    I’ve tried numerous times and the app will only work on WiFi.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Marine3444
    Can no longer send money to others and keep getting error codes every time I try to do anything
  • Connection Issues 1/5

    By JoJoJoey*
    I’ve been using this app for over two years but the most recent update has a big issue. Every time I log into my account my phone loses its connection to the internet. I have to click back into accounts again in order for it to load. Please fix this issue.
  • Behind compared to other banks 1/5

    By BrassMonkey6
    -Still cant add new bills through the app -Charges you for postage when paying a bill (Other banks do it for free) -Insurance prices get beat out by just about any other company For a “non profit” bank they sure do overpay their CEO Stuart Parker. Nearly 3 million last year. Perhaps they can use that money to improve their app and be more competitive with insurance prices.
  • Face ID does not work! 1/5

    By Davidj's Review
    The facial recognition worked fine before this last update my iPhone X. I have logged out, I have reinstalled the app and I have rebooted the phone. Every time I go to set up the facial recognition, it tells me that there are system errors and to call a number. Could you please fix the app!
  • Fix check deposit 1/5

    By BraydenCool
    Update made it so you can’t get deposit a check, keeps trying to take pictures of the front side. I try to manually put info in, and I’m stuck loading. This app has continually gone downhill ever since it was created.
  • Can’t Deposit Checks 1/5

    By Nadelson
    Usaa what happened? You guys use to be ahead of the curve. Now I think you guys forgot how software works.
  • Very useful- minus some conflicts 4/5

    By Mr bigglsworth
    I've used this app consistently for 3 years. It's been great and very utilitarian. It's responsive and well organized. The only major frustration I've come across is with the mobile deposit feature. I do a lot of contract work and am often paid by check. Literally every time I want to deposit a check I have to update the app to the latest version or I am unable to complete the transaction because of a glitch. I suspect the app l no longer communicates with the server because of security updates, but who knows. It always turns depositing my weekly checks into a 30 minute ordeal. I appreciate that the developers are on top of security updates, but it seems like there must be a way to work around that issue.
  • Slow and useless 1/5

    By Frustrated shopper 2
    I love USAA. But the app is slow and clunky. Tonight I tried to give feedback inside the app but the screen hung and I couldn’t even do that. I get notices that my bill is ready but can’t view it. I’m sick of this working poorly.
  • I can’t download 1/5

    By Ablo96
    I have had the Usaa app for quite a while until today because the app would not let me update so i chose to delete it & then redownload & it still chose to not download i have been waiting for 10 mins not & all i still have is the loading circle although i tried once on LTE & now on wifi & nothing. 🙄
  • Horrible 1/5

    By AScotty33
    Every time I open this app it crashes. It wiped my bars and says no internet connection found. It completely knocks out my service with Verizon. I’ve deleted and reinstalled several times. It takes me about 4-8 times to finally get into the app. This only started happening recently with all of the updates. Would be nice if it would be fixed so people on Verizon could actually use the app as intended.
  • Great app, one problem 4/5

    By Galloncm
    Please fix the Zelle function! I can’t send or receive money from friends because the features won’t initialize!
  • USAA Awesome app 5/5

    By Aviator6872
    Awesome app, no complaints!!
  • Iphone x issues 1/5

    By nofearliving
    I get a connection error at the dashboard it doesnt load in my bank info. This only happens on iphonex
  • I’ve had no problems 5/5

    By 0331Cleland
    Everything has been spot on for me
  • Opposite direction 1/5

    By Disappointed in app progress
    In the past year or so, this app has become less and less user friendly. Historically the app match some of their solid service levels
  • The Best Banking and financial app in the industry 5/5

    By KellieInGeorgia
    I’ve been a USAA insurance customer for decades and recently switched my banking from a major Brand to USAA. I’ve been amazed at the options for tracking finances. The app (and online) allow external accounts to be linked to a degree I’ve never seen with other banks. It will provide full transaction history for the external accounts and even let you schedule payments and transfers to and from external accounts. Many bank apps allow transfers to those other accounts, and NavyFed allows a transfer into their bank from external account one time - when the NavyFed acct is first opened. Several other banks have similar restrictions. Not USAA. The app is regularly updated and when glitches are mentioned to an agent (even using the simple online portal) the issues are immediately sent on to tech Support and I’ve seen updates address the glitch quickly. This is unheard of for a large entity like USAA. The app allows for more flexibility than most - what you choose to show or hide, as well as the priority arrangement is flexible. My only complaint with USAA re: banking and app is the lack of business banking. I moved from the major Brand after too many years of headaches and zero real customer service (nice people required to adhere strictly to Corporate protocols with no response to customer needs.) I moved my small business account to Navy Federal, where customer service is great, but linking accounts is a frustration - even between internal accounts. App check deposits have gone through with never a hitch for USAA. With NavyFed, I get a notice after the fact on almost every deposit of a tech issue and have to re-submit (often 2-3 times per check.) These Tech issues (software unable to read something etc) is extremely common for all bank deposit apps. USAA seems to have a superior in this regard.
  • Fantastic service 5/5

    By Ourwaytofall
    We’ve used USSA and its app for years. Love everything about this company. Always get results fast.
  • It needs an update or a patch for glitches 1/5

    By ShamefulCitizen
    Needs an update. Keeps popping up a window that says request timed out like some kind of spam pop up with 20+ windows to close but then completes the transfer I was trying to do. Also very slow at logging in and accessing accounts! Never had a problem before this.
  • Easy to Use 4/5

    By Nice and Sassy
    I love the app. It’s easy to use. I appreciate being able to communicate with insurance adjusters through the app. One thing I would change is depositing a check after a bank account have been overdraft. I was informed my a USAA member that if I cancelled automatic payment the day before, it would truly be cancelled. This is not the case. Out of 5 years of being with USAA, my account overdraft once. Now if I deposit a check over $200, USAA wants me to wait over 7 days for my money to be released. 100% inconvenient. I’ve never had any checks bounce. To wait 7+ days for my money to be released is the reason why I keep Navy Federal as my #1 bank.
  • Almost unusable 2/5

    By JR_Paris
    App used to work great until recently. Now I get timeouts on various things like clicking on a button while doing a transfer or just viewing transactions. And yes, I’m on the latest release.
  • USAA app times out after lastest update! 1/5

    By Liu Blew Chow
    New update results in frequent spinning USAA circle and eventual timeouts both logging in and navigating, very frustrating!
  • Incorrect information. 3/5

    By CMRnow
    After the stock market closes, I see the share prices of my USAA mutual funds are updated fairly promptly on the positions screen of my brokerage account. But the calculated gains or losses from the previous day both as dollar and percentage amounts are totally wrong. The date and time stamp is there, but the information does not coincide. It’s never fixed until the following morning. This is confusing and annoying. Sometimes it even shows a loss when it’s actually a gain or vice versa. What is going on? I expect better of you guys. You’ve been an impressive leader in mobile banking, but this is bad.
  • Needs better current reporting 2/5

    By Mommy++++
    So I am happy that usaa allows for us to create a pending transaction, so to speak, so we can keep track of what we know will come out of our bank account. Like a checkbook if you will. I am able to keep track of my balances and pending payments. I also use their bill pay options to pay some of my bills. These also show up as a pending transaction. It will also show your expected balance after these items have cleared. Or so you think. Just this past weekend , I had everything set up to be paid. When I go shopping, I always check my balance because everything is accounted for on this app. At some point, one of my scheduled bill paid bills disappeared off of my main account list of transactions that were pending. I am of course did not notice it until it was too late. I was charged an ACH return fee. There was no debit of the amount showing that it was attempted to be saved, and there was no return of funds showing that there wasn’t enough funds to send out to begin with. It basically looks like USAA just up and charge me fees without doing anything. So of course when I call and ask about what happened and why didn’t my account reflect the pending bill or payment of bill, I always seem to get the same “well I can see from my end...”, “from here I can see...”... Whatever the hell y'all can see on your end does’t help me when I am trying to manage my finances on my end!!! Why does what your looking at and what I’m looking at differ??? That sounds like some scandalous ish to me. It wasn't some surprise charge that you didn't know that was coming, it was a payment scheduled through you and it should have been the first item paid, not disappeared from view. Idk if this is a bank fail or an app fail, but it is a fail. Don’t offer a tool to keep track of ones finances and then ish starts disappearing.
  • Member # 001315403 3/5

    By GLG iPhone 3GS
    I’m very disappointed with the recent communication I’ve experienced with USAA. I’ve been a member for 41 years and I’ve never had such a lack of continuity in terms of servicing my auto coverage. I’ve finally gotten my Proof of Insurance ID card and there still a lack of lienholder noted on the policy. I’ve recently been in an auto accident in which I suffered a broken back and 2) ribs. My 2014 Nissan Altima was totaled and I didn’t drive for almost 4 months... Yet USAA kept showing my auto policy still in effect and was billing me the entire time. I don’t get it, as I’ve been in Communique with USAA the entire time! I formerly had a Renter’s Insurance Policy and USAA was instructed to transfer the policy to a homeowner’s status and failed to do so. I suffered a burglary on 4/4/2017 and none of my contents that were stolen were covered! I’m slowly but surely losing confidence in my being serviced appropriately and I sought coverage for 30 days with nationwide as I finally replaced my vehicle with a 2016 Nissan Sentra. It was like pulling teeth to get my new vehicle covered and I still don’t know what the breakdown is on my new policy. I’m considering no longer maintaining coverage as a member and I’m very sorry I’m saying this but I’ve been treated very poorly in the last 5 months and I’m really at the end of patience with USAA.
  • Depositing a check should not require gymnastics 1/5

    By Disco123
    Beyond difficult to deposit a check. I can see all the information fine but yet the check itself can not be read. Please fix.
  • Calculator 4/5

    By IA7
    Love this app. Would be great if you could access a calculator with basic functions from all areas.
  • Login settings not preserved after updates 3/5

    By lar00ts
    Recent updates have caused the app to lose my settings for Quick Logon and Touch ID. I’ve had to completely uninstall/reinstall and re-enroll both features to get it working again. @USAA, if this kind of side effect is known prior to a release, it would be nice to be informed whether through Release Notes or an email. Losing settings like that with no explanation is a frustrating experience.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By PerduMessages
    This app is amazeballs. Seriously. I barely use my computer to log onto my account.
  • I can’t stand the new login changes!!! 1/5

    By $ Q $
    It’s one thing to make an app secure to ensure the happiness of your customers. But it becomes a nuisance when I have to use another app to give me a random code every single time I go to login. The quick pin feature does not work as intended and I don’t have the fingerprint login option anymore. We should have an option to allow for a full login verification after ex amount of days. But it should be our choice. It takes me a lot longer now to log on just to check something as simple as a translation and that’s after multiple attempts of trying to enter my pin and security code because the quick pin option is not work once you’ve made a successful login.
  • Login issue 4/5

    By LeYonidas
    Before the update it always remembered me and just had to enter my pin or thumbprint. After the update I have to login as if i was for the first time putting my password, pin and question in. What’s going on!?
  • Log on problem 3/5

    By StillBruce
    Logging on has become more difficult. The thumbprint was fine. For some reason, that went away and the visual I’d was started. It was inconsistent. So I went back to my four digit code. Now, even My quick log in is enabled, I am required to put in my password and security question answer in order to log in. Any answers?
  • iPhone X / quick login / Face ID support 1/5

    By ammogirl
    **1-star rating for the latest update/iPhone X support.** USAA! Get your act together. I am unable to login to my app at all anymore since upgrading my phone to iPhone X and the latest update. First, when I open the app it tells me to login to enable Face ID which I have now at least 10 times, each time receiving the email that says I’m now enrolled even though I’ve been enrolled in quick login since the start. Second, half the time it will just go to “enter pin” and when I do it tells me my pin is incorrect. It isn’t. I checked on my computer by logging in with my pin. Third, once or twice it’s actually made it to the step that has prompted me to enter my userid and password. However, now 2-factor authentication is enabled when I never enabled it. I don’t want to use 2 factor authentication on my phone. Stop it. These issues have prevented me entirely from using the app the way I have for years. It’s not convenient to pull out my laptop when I want to quickly check my finances. Every other app that utilized fingerprint login support has seamlessly switched to Face ID. Please fix this issue.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mygirlsdaddy66
    The app did work with iPhone X and Face ID for a few days and now it doesn’t. Uninstalled and reinstalled but didn’t work.
  • Crashhh 1/5

    By JusDave
    All this App does is Crash

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