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USAA Mobile App

​​USAA Mobile gives you immediate and secure account access from your mobile device. Manage your finances, investments, insurance and much more—all from one convenient app.

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  • Bugs?!?!? 3/5

    By Sinshine
    Since the update I can no longer use the quick login. Please fix. Without a location I rely on the app and ATMs
  • This app can do it all 5/5

    By coleman0224
    Even though this bank only has one physical location, I have always been able to conduct any and all business through this app.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Diehard lsu fan
    You would think a company that is an insurance company and banking and investments will help make it easy to find the phone number to call them instead of chatting but it's nowhere on the app.
  • Very good app 4/5

    By F Aroundtheworld
    I really enjoy using this app over several other banking apps. I feel that the USAA app team have invested time and thought into this app. If there is one thing holding back the final star, it is that the page listing portfolio value seems to update once a day and isn't as dynamic as other apps. I would hope that USAA can fix this problem sooner than later. That one little thing would make this an outstanding app from my opinion.
  • Mobile deposit 1/5

    By macuser35
    Changing mobile deposit single handedly made this app totally useless and seriously questions my ability to keep banking with you. It makes no sense to take away bulk deposits. Now I have to deposit one at a time. So slow and clunky, it makes me want to wait in line at a Bank of America again. USAA is good but this change is the most inane since New Coke. Recall how that worked out. Still broken in this update. I'm going to order the mail deposit slips, it will be more convenient.
  • Maybe check back in six months…… 1/5

    By Tenderfoot2
    Long time USAA member here. Deleted this app about 10 minutes after I downloaded it. Kept getting error messages, and quick login wouldn't work either. I wasn't planning on doing much with the app, just checking account balances and nothing more. Couldn't even get that far. Maybe I'll check back in six months and see if USAA has fixed this app. Not sure why they are promoting this app when it has so many bugs.
  • Inconsistent or incomplete at best 2/5

    By Cover Your Assets
    So I set up PIN quick access but there's no place to login with a PIN. I set up touch access, but it says that failed, but then the app says I'm set up, but there's no prompt to swipe my finger. Finally, I could not find out my cc pmt due date. Better luck next time.
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Steven 190876
    It keeps kicking me off . Very frustrating
  • Banking 5/5

    By Toneloc1987
    For personal banking it's second to none.
  • Bugs 1/5

    By cloeploe
    I used downloaded the app and I can log in but when it takes me to the detour to set up my security questions i keep hitting next but it won't take me to the part to set up my questions it just loads and then stays on the next page
  • USAA is great! But not the app 1/5

    By HZurita
    May17th. Still doesn't work. I was hoping the last update would have solved this issue. I don't have a local bank. I have called the number listed. On hold for more than 20 minutes and then disconnected. Still no help. I am beginning to rethink not having a local bank. USAA, what is happening? After 40 minutes on hold I gave up. This is not the USAA I know. I am disappointed.
  • Lousy app 1/5

    By wmichaelstanton
    Use to be very good. Now none of the expedited login features work anymore. Touch ID-hah!!!! Pin ID function-double hah!!! I've been with USAA for over 30 years and the level, quality and value of service has seriously declined. They don't want to hear your story, they just want your money. This app has gone from good and shifted to the "dark side of the Force, Luke.". Too bad they spend millions of of investor dollars on commercial advertising. They've redlined areas I have lived in or my credit rating thus justifying questionable and ethical insurance practices to raise or lower rate structure. Where's the ethics now in serving the military vet, retiree or active duty persons. Meh! The once good app is now a miserably useless app.
  • This is the best app I have ever used! 5/5

    By Imohmgene
    I have never wrote a review for an app before but i am so blown away with the USAA app I had to. First it's very easy to navigate in the app and it has all the information you need about ANY of their products at your fingertips. All accounts with USAA are in one place and it's very easy to access account info and contact info for whatever product you have. EXCELLENT APP!!
  • Don't go there. 1/5

    By Bonehead move
    Recent changes at USAA have made me think about closing my account there after 25 years. I come from a Military background. These include not being able to pay my USAA auto loan from my USAA Investment account. Not being able to pay my USAA Visa card bill from my USAA Investment account. Until recently these were all things I could do " internally". Well they stopped allowing that. Now it's just plain bad. Must link to an outside bank or open a checking account with USAA and be busy moving funds around all the time. Such a shame. What was management thinking? Must have to do with fees. Overdraft. Can you say Wells Fargo?
  • Love this app! :) 5/5

    By Harry_Potter_lvr
    It's so handy! From depositing a check to filing a claim everything is so easy to do on the app! :)
  • Crossword puzzle 2/5

    By indymrs
    The puzzles would not load so not a very nice present for Mother's Day. Every other app loaded as well as the news.
  • Crashes every time 1/5

    By Howlands
    When I toggle between any other app and USAA app it crashes. This app was great for years but the last 1-2 years I've been noticing some terrible flaws in mobile deposit, crashing, and overall "glitchy".
  • 10 seconds splash screen then quits 1/5

    By CharlieA.
    USAA no longer supports the iPad app, so I downloaded this one. It won't open on an iPad with IOS 9. Totally nonfunctional.
  • Basic functions work well enough! 4/5

    By searvo
    I can't speak for the rest of those on here, but as far as transferring money, paying bills, resetting pins, and quickly viewing my balance, this app is just fine. I prefer to use a PC for anything more than a simple transfer, anyway.
  • Great app - useful 5/5

    By Meagls
    I am on this app daily and it works great. From transferring to just checking amounts. It's updates quickly. Great app! Easy to use.
  • Mobile deposit stopped working on IPhone 7 1/5

    By Agent86-1
    The latest update has made mobile deposit stop working. First it says it can't read the numbers on the check and when it does it gives an error message: Our system is down right now. Please try again later. I've been trying for a week with multiple calls to USAA. It is a known issue. Solution-fix it or roll it back ASAP
  • Great Banking App 5/5

    By IronAg45
    This app works flawlessly for me. I don't know where the negative reviews are coming from but I have been able to use the Mobile deposit function every time without issues. Great app and great company!
  • Update fail 1/5

    By Jlynphone
    Newest version is a guaranteed crash right now. 👎🏾I get a blank screen every time I open the app. I actually really use this app everyday and this current version is useless right now please fix it
  • New update: investments/trading! 3/5

    By RedCandy
    5/10/17 new update: re: INVESTMENTS/TRADING, etc. Switched to Fidelity few years ago; we quit using USAA for investments because it's not real time trading. My husband became very active in stock trading etc., and because USAA doesn't have the capability we need, it didn't meet our needs. Our USAA rep even told us they're not real time trading that's why there's such a lag and limitations. We moved everything out of USAA and is now in Fidelity which has been a huge improvement for us. Husband uses it for position trading , and will begin day trading next. We've done quite well ever since. We still use USAA for banking and car insurance (don't recommend for homeowners insurance since they screwed us; we have 40+ years combined w/them too) USAA obviously doesn't read these customer reviews. I'll check and see if this gets posted. ;-) Update: I've downgraded my rating because Touch ID constantly tells me I have to enroll in Touch ID when I have already done that when the feature was added way back when. Now almost every time I use it in told I have to enroll again! Every. Time. And go through the disclaimer, agree with the policy, then I get an email telling me I'm now enrolled, woo hoo (when I've always been enrolled anyway) then I get to do it all over again the next time! Does anybody test out these updates before they're releases? I guess not. Seems like every single app out there is the same. Very suspicious and skeptical of updates. I won't do them until they get good reviews. I've contacted USAA via the app feedback but nothing good comes of it so I guess they don't really look at the critiques. USAA-fix this please I like this app a lot. I use it all the time for transfers and is the fastest way to deposit checks. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is why do I now have the "option" to post to Facebook or twitter upon completing a transfer? That is just too silly...yet easy to accidentally tap the icon to do it. Can you imagine seeing a status like, "Joey just transferred $1000 to his savings from checking" ? Why is that even incorporated into a banking app? Really, take it off of there.
  • Don't use for trading 1/5

    By SSIV78
    Do not use this app for trading. Tons of bugs. Keyboard stays "open" blocking necessary fields for trade. App crashes when trying to place trades.
  • An app that never fails, to disappoint. 1/5

    By Tinman2621
    This app and bank/company used to be top-notch, but they've clearly made some changes over the past few years, many of which have been turning people away. Most recently, the ability to successfully deposit checks has basically vanished due to multiple errors, which is a necessity since the vast majority of users are nowhere near one of their financial centers; speaking of which, they are closing all but a handful of these over the next year. USAA was once at the top, but now they're barely staying off the bottom. The time has come to switch banks, auto insurance, and stock trading platforms.
  • Check deposit function DOESN'T FUNCTION 1/5

    By Scubafiend
    Can't use your own camera app, and their POS won't stop autofocusing so even if you take the shot over and over and can read the routing numbers JUST FINE, it says it can't. My other banking app takes check photos just fine all of the time. I can't believe they can't fix this problem.
  • Mobile Deposits Frustating 1/5

    By SharpTenor
    If you need to deposit checks, consider another bank. The app is very slow after changing check deposits to one at a time. Major step backwards showing they are out of touch with member needs.
  • Great app- use it for all my needs 5/5

    By Ellieharb
    I use the app all the time to transfer money and deposit checks by taking a picture. I've never had any major issues at all. Really no complaints. A lot of the low star reviews are people talking about USAA in general, which we all know is pretty much the best bank there ever is- with the best customer support you could ever ask for.
  • Doesn't work AT ALL 1/5

    By WillMcDonnough
    Worthless, hasn't worked even one time. Keeps giving me an error message. The only reason I tried the app is because the USAA website won't let me sign in because it keeps blocking the password entry field with a pop-up that can't be cleared. Very very unimpressed. Seriously USAA, you actually create this garbage?
  • Gets the job done! 5/5

    By GaryTully
    Happy to see the mobile deposit changes. Easy to use. Nice work USAA.
  • Glitching! 1/5

    By DawnSmith42
    Keeps glitching. Worked great at first.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Eric J.K.
    At this point I have uninstalled the USAA Mobile app to attempt correcting a mobile deposit/camera issue, and now cannot reinstall the app, period
  • Idiotic Login Makes Login Impossible 1/5

    By Bummer Toons
    USAA used to have such a marvelous app. Now, they've implemented to dumbest possible login process. It's actually impossible to log in using the mobile app now! You have to enter your username and password in the app as before, and you have to request a security code to enter, as before. But the idiotic bug is that the instant you switch to iMessage or to your email to access the code, the USAA app goes back to the login screen and forces you to re-enter your user name and password, and request yet another verification code! You cannot enter the first verification code because the app recognizes that you have requested a new one and invalidates the first one! So you now cannot access your account using the mobile app. Seriously? How did USAA's developers miss this glaring flaw? The app login screen has an option to allow you to use your PIN for faster login in the future, but you still can't log in the first time because of this idiotic bug where the USAA app resets to the login screen the instant you go to retrieve your validation code.
  • Touch ID login fails on iPad version 1/5

    By squeezil1
    None of the biometric login options, including Touch ID, works on the iPad version of the USAA app. Touch ID works fine on iPhone version of USAA app. Touch ID works properly with all other apps on this iPad. With the USAA iPad app, upon trying to enroll in Touch ID, Facial Recognition, or Voice recognition, it immediately tells me to call USAA for enrollment assistance. I've done that, but for a week now USAA has been unable to solve it. Uninstalling and reinstalling iPad app doesn't solve it either. Very disappointed.
  • Non-USAA Accounts not syncing 1/5

    By MeganML84
    Ever since the last update, half of my non-USAA accounts will not sync properly. I have checked and re-checked the credentials for all accounts so I KNOW this is a USAA app issue. Please fix. I do not understand why corporate cannot hire and retain qualified code writers for their app. Perhaps spend a little less money on advertising, and more on retaining qualified employees.
  • Down 1/5

    By La creta tuya
    Been down for the past week not cool.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By WarMuffins
    I'm locked out of my account, never got to see my balance once. Also in the beginning it has a phone number u enter, i did my home phone because that makes sense. Turns out it has to be mobile so they can text you an activation code for security questions. I've called several times and theres no way to speak to someone for help. I went on website and same problem
  • All inclusive banking 5/5

    By Dapheeney
    I have used the USAA banking app since it first came out. At times there have been bugs, but they have always been fixed with updates very quickly. The most current version of the app is extremely easy to navigate and offers all the features I use the most, such as budget tracking and goal monitoring.
  • Just another big bank. Better off with BOA 1/5

    By 2wheelcowboy
    Just another big bank. They do not care for customers. Don't let the ads fool you into believing they "care" or they "know". Do your research on how they treat people and you'll see how they are just another big bank. Mobile deposit is still messed up. Not sure why you had to change it. It worked just fine the way it was.
  • Update breaks Mobile Deposit 1/5

    By Zircon57
    If you are on the previous version, stay there. Disappointed that a useful feature like this keeps getting broken through new updates.
  • Was ok, now not functional on phone 1/5

    By Lisa1223345
    I don't know what sort of updates have happened in the last month but the app has ceased functioning on iPhone. It doesn't matter if it's on wifi or using cellular data. It won't even open. Still works on iPad so not sure what's going on.
  • Market trades crashing 1/5

    By never did a review before
    The best thing about this app is when a company you have a lot of stock in explodes in price. Then you go to sell and the app keeps crashing. I've lost several good trades because of these crashing and it looks like I'm not the only one.
  • Mobile deposit is now horrible 1/5

    By Meva124th
    One check at a time, it won't do automatic capture, it keep saying it can't read numbers or signature... please fix it back to old version
  • Love it 5/5

    By Midnight incubus
    Great app never had any troubles with it. Keep it up!
  • Investments/brokerage terrible 1/5

    By Victoryordefeat
    Application crashes often when trying to sell. Most times I have to buy or sell from laptop because the app crashes every time I try to make a sale above 100,000 shares. Limitations on what companies you can buy also makes both USAA and its app more of a novice investment tool as trying to actually buy and sell on large income transactions is far too advance for USAA brokerage platform. Often times the stocks will hit your limit price but USAA will not sell or buy. They claim the price doesn't reach that level but according to the market and every other market tracking tool they are wrong. Bottom line, I am always on the go and the USAA brokerage section of the app is inferior and impractical for real traders. I find myself on the line with their brokers/technical support trying to get them to wave transaction fees due to USAA IT errors etc. than anything else.
  • Captain 5/5

    By Capt. Aigner
    Excellent banking app. Use it daily. Well done USAA!
  • Overall good 4/5

    By D Colter
    The app is very useful and helpful. The detractor from my rating is the "bumping and jumping" it does while going thru the Touch ID process. (Check out Discover's app) Please develop a more simple or transparent way of displaying the state of progress.
  • Loved it - now won't open!!!! 1/5

    By Lenore H
    For the past 5 days, every time I try to open the app, it says Internet connection lost. Try again. (I have NOT lost my connection because everything law works!!!!). I need help because I DEPEND on this app to manage my money and bills!!!!!
  • Great app 5/5

    By Taste-dis-lips
    Great app. I have no complaints. I use it daily. It crashes once in a while but it doesn't bother me.

USAA Mobile app comments

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