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  • Current Version: 5.16
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USPS Mobile® App

Access popular® tools on the go with the “USPS Mobile® app: calculate shipping prices (limitations apply), find a Post Office™, look up a ZIP Code™, schedule a next-day pickup, request USPS to hold your mail, access Informed Delivery® to track packages and digitally preview incoming mail, and more. WHAT CAN IT DO? The USPS Mobile app allows you to: • Check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Certified Mail®, and certain other delivery services. Nickname your shipments and sign up for text and email alerts to notify you of the delivery status. • Calculate a Domestic or International Price to determine how much postage you will need when you ship a letter, card, large envelope, or package (limitations apply). Choose retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too. • Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Self-Service Kiosk (APC®) or collection box with an easy-to-filter locator. The USPS Mobile app uses your device’s GPS to show your closest options on a map, along with their Regular Hours, Special Hours and Last Collection Times, and provides mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions. • Look up a ZIP Code™ for any U.S. or Canadian address. • Schedule a free next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery. • Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep your mail at your local Post Office™ for you to pick up or be delivered by your carrier when you return. • Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your device’s camera (Note: this function is not available on iPad 1 and iPod Touch models without rear-facing cameras). The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of delivery status. Link to Informed Delivery to track packages and digitally preview your household’s incoming mail arriving soon; view grayscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces.


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USPS Mobile® app reviews

  • Informed Delivery 2/5

    By SmartShopper222
    The “Informed Delivery” option doesn’t load on the phone app.
  • Worst App Ever 1/5

    By Mail Lady Mom 0117
    No matter how many times I try, it won't recognize my debit card for the purpose of changing my address, which is ridiculous to need anyway. It says my billing address doesn't match the card address and I know it does. The website says the same thing. No wonder the USPS is flailing. They can't even design a decent app or website...😕
  • What do expect from the USPS 2/5

    By TimmyTro
    Need to fix log in issue with informed delivery. Makes no sense to have to go through the cumbersome log in process.
  • Has iPhone X support 2/5

    By paradiselost23
    But I don’t get why the app don’t have integrated log in why it sends me to safari
  • 👎🏻 1/5

    By fergmyster
    Is there anything about USPS that works?
  • Badly broken since last update 1/5

    By 69bigblock427
    Informed delivery will not load
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By &&@ll
    This app used to be great until the last update now it takes forever to load. You can take a nap, wake up and it is still loading.
  • Rubbish 1/5

    By schlendl
    Was OK. Ironically, I did online survey review for USPS this morning. Today, stopped working. Can't login. Can't reset password. App just freezes. Junk. Too bad. It had been OK. Deleted.
  • Very Slow 2/5

    By pantho199
    The app functionality is really good, but unfortunately it is very slow. Signing in and checking individual tracking is extremely slow.
  • waste of space on my phone 1/5

    By tinayork
    this app COULD be useful if it was actually accurate ... informed delivery definitely doesn’t work , it’s easier to use a tracking number thru safari for my packages cause this app serves no purpose .... 3 days AFTER i evieved my nail then it tells me i have incoming mail. my package is on the way yet the app hasn’t notified me in the ‘informed delivery ‘ section UNINSTALLING
  • Junk 1/5

    By Mrbrentbt
    Does not do anything but track a package. Waste of time
  • Barely useful 2/5

    By mk9s
    A few vaguely useful functions but there is no GPS incorporated so no "near me" functions like find the nearest mailbox or post office.
  • No notifications, REALLY? 1/5

    By Davidpriddy
    What’s the point guys? Your missing half of the reason for even having this app!
  • Doesn’t properly store tracking info! 1/5

    By Bmingram86
    I recently had around 8 packages I was tracking and they disappeared when I added a new one! What’s even worse is that the new one keeps getting replaced with the old ones when I refresh the page. Please fix the tracking so I can make sure my family gets my packages. Thank you.
  • Cannot add tracking # 1/5

    By bcampbell
    I’ve been using older versions of this app for years. I also use the UPS app (the best of the shipper company apps) and the Parcel app which handles all different shipping companies. Since I upgraded to iOS 11+, I was forced to update this USPS mobile app, as it would no longer open. I am so glad I left my iPad on iOS 10.3.3! Because the older version of this app excepts my USPS tracking number and saves it. So does the Parcel app. But... This iOS 11 compatible version of the USPS mobile app will NOT save or even show tracking information for the same tracking number mentioned above!
  • Tracking 2/5

    By Moofisilla
    As a small business owner it would be nice to log in and see all of my packages already listed, instead of having to scan each one manually. Perhaps a Settings option could be added where we could save our login and have access to all of the features on the main website.
  • In-App Services! 5/5

    By OverHereInSanDiego
    App has improved greatly! Now, InformedDelivery is inside the app vs launching Safari. HUGE!! Going full 5 ⭐️
  • No Payments 1/5

    By Lovelyme105
    Download the app to see if I could make a payment on my P.O. Box and renew it... nope nothing at all or anything about P.O. Boxes... I guess it's only good for certain things.
  • When it works 2/5

    By artfurious
    When its working its not half bad but most of the time its says “This service is currently unavailable” or it has other issues trying to load ot refresh
  • Worst idea for parcel in USA 1/5

    By andreiponze
    They either need to hack off relations with preachers Phill or know the difference between a diligent commitment to excellence service member that is honest vs just an honest boot leg trying crack a joke for the crowd in stead of his or her recovery.
  • Tracking history 3/5

    By Gamer619
    Doesn’t keep the tracking list
  • Re-design and fix!!!! 1/5

    By ShiroSinge
    This is great for tracking; BUT WHERE IS THE MENU?!! I can sign in using Safari, but not when using this mobile app. Crap and frustrating.
  • Lots of bugs 2/5

    By Xazilizax
    This app is buggy. When I give my tracking item a name, it saves it, but then it only shows like the first 4 letters in the name. For ex: If I put “Ryan’s Gift”, it only shows “Ryan” after saving it. Also, when I put in a valid tracking # and press seach, it takes me to the list of my other existing tracking, but doesn’t show me tracking for the one I just put in. Please fix! iPhone 6S user
  • No first class 1/5

    By Ohejjdhfbdhhdjcb
    How dumb! You can only ship priority mail with this app.
  • 5 stars for now 5/5

    By hefndja
    5 stars of mercy. You better fix this piece of crApp.
  • Great iPhone X Update 5/5

    By CntryClub007
    Great iPhone X Update in alignment with iOS 11.
  • Much improved 4/5

    By Grey painted walls
    Several items including the email alert function have been corrected. I use this app several times daily and appreciate the improvements.
  • Love this app 4/5

    By JM in NB
    Great app for USPS. I can’t wait until they add package delivery previews. Great to see USPS keeping up or staying ahead of FedEx & UPS.
  • iPhone X support added in last version 5/5

    By iRoper
    Missing information from the top of the screen are visible after the last update.
  • Works fine 4/5

    By Hhhfdd
    Would be cool if we were allowed to nickname the tracking numbers.
  • Useless 1/5

    By TexasFred
    On the old app I was aware of deliveries. On this app I can’t even log in, even if I clear the cache. Informed Delivery is not functional.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Stupidnicknameandallaretaken
    App is as useless as USPS itself.
  • Needs A Fix Immediately and Make it IOS 11 Compatible 3/5

    By Waiting for an iPad version
    The app is great for tracking all USPS packages; however, this app is not optimized for IOS 11 and has issues with showing the tracking information of packages when I tap on the refresh button. It also, would sometimes give an error message saying “that there has been an error, the tracking information server is having technical problems, please try again later.” Please optimize the app for IOS 11 and fix the tracking issues in this app.
  • iPhone X screen support please 4/5

    By MJ:BFI
    iPhone X screen support please
  • Crap... 1/5

    By HBjr
    Gives no information if package is out for delivery. Have no trust for service...said they had attempted delivery and a notice was left (to my house)...that was lie because I’m at my computer close to the house entry...and my bell rings loud. Don’t use USPS!!!!
  • This App is Useless 1/5

    By MCR_VIP
    The app does not let you synch you USPS by loging to your account, and therefore you cannot track your packages from your account unless you type the tracking number manually. Many of the features are just a link that launch so you can do it on the website.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Toochie1
    Won’t recognize my email when trying to log in, yet they send me emails at least once a week.
  • I wish I could rely on this, but, it’s wishful thinking. 1/5

    By Dewey8
    I have tried to use this to track packages over the past year, but, the tracking portion of this app is non-functional more than it works. Very frustrating. Kind of synonymous with the Postal Service I think.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By YoYoMama06
    Constant errors. Trying to add new tracking numbers doesn’t work, gets error message. Needs to be more stable.
  • Awful 1/5

    By streetacos
    I ship packages and need to scan and track them. I’m using I-phone 7. This app worked good for about a month. It has since quit working I’ve deleted and reinstalled it a couple times now. The ancient app in my iPhone 4 worked good. This app is horrible.
  • Not all that useful 1/5

    By AJO7846
    So much to be desired with this app, including integration of “Click and Ship” with everything else. If I’ve sent something from my account I should easily be able to track it in with app without copying and pasting codes. If I mail from a post office, Priority Mail receipts printed at registers don’t include a scannable tracking number. Have to type in very long number into this app. App developer could take a lesson from UPS and FedEx apps.
  • Useless 1/5

    By MelB6801
    Almost evert button wants to exit the application in order to open a web browser. What’s the point of an app that takes me to my browser when I can just bookmark the browser? LAME!
  • Slow 2/5

    By Schnauzerland
    I use this app all the time but entering the tracking number is slow and I typically have to enter it twice. The worst thing deleting. When there are 35 deliveries you have to delete. It should have a select option where you can delete old ones but now you hit them have to confirm. It has to reload tracking you have to scroll back down and do over and over and over. It’s a pain to delete.
  • Can’t track anything 1/5

    By Merrick24
    Package tracking does not work. 👎🏻
  • Least consistent app in the AppStore 1/5

    By BravoGol
    Some days it works. Most days it is broken. Today I clicked the link to app support and it opened the mobile USPS site. I clicked contact us and it called the USPS. Does anyone really think a USPS Call center provides support for the app? No. There should be an email to the cave where the developers work so they can get the info they need from users. By the way, current error, "Access Denied on this server."
  • Okay 2/5

    By Khiyri
    It always takes so long to load up for me when trying to track a package. The app is always reseting and it’s very annoying. Wish i could save addresses too.
  • Continuous Issues with App 1/5

    By Dr. Rita Fuzzmucker
    Try to add a tracking number and receive message that already tracking. No, was not. Closed app completely, Then was able to add. Changed description and sometimes it only displays part of the description. Very unpredictable. I’m a retired programmer and can’t find any consistently with the errors. It worked fine the first couple of years I used it but the last couple of months have been annoying. QA Please.
  • Tracking multiple packages is broken 3/5

    By RPS90483
    The tracking number capability is not working in the lest version of the app. You can input the tracking number of the first package and even label it. However, when you enter the second package tracking number, the app refreshes the screen to show the first. Force quitting the app sometimes resolves this. Another issue, deleting tracked packages doesn’t work.
  • Doesn’t track outside of the USA 1/5

    By CassyWiedem
    It shows Alert next to the bar and is orange and i had to figure out what that means and it means they DONT track outside of the USA i had to go on Canada tracking to fond out where my package is. Why spend the extra money and then they dont show where the package is...USPS isnt worth the money my boyfriend spent to send the package and for me to be able to see where it is when it doesnt show after it hits the boarder...just says CANADA and thats it... Waste of money!!!
  • Tracking 1/5

    By @nastya_asya
    I can’t track my package, today is a second day I’m trying to do this 😫

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