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Verizon Cloud App

New Verizon subscribers: Download and install the Verizon Cloud app on your iPhone for a 30-day Premium trial. Verizon Cloud Premium lets you back up your contacts, photos, and videos to secure cloud storage, so you won't lose your important content if you lose your phone. You can opt out of the trial at any time during the 30-day period and enjoy free 'Contacts Only' support, or continue using the full service at $5/month for 500GB of storage. With Verizon Cloud Premium on iPhone, you can: • BACK UP your phone's content to your secure cloud storage • SYNC your devices - ACCESS your content when you need it, from your iPhone, iPad, on the web, or from any other Verizon Cloud compatible device • EASILY MANAGE your Verizon Cloud account and plan • CREATE & ORDER PRINTS & GIFTS using your favorite photos • EXPLORE FLASHBACKS – Relive your memories from past years with Cloud’s weekly Flashback feature • DISCOVER VIDEO STORIES – Create custom movies using unique filters and music with your favorite Cloud photos and videos • BEAM TO YOUR TV – Share your pictures, videos and music with family and friends on the big screen • SHARE select media content using your favorite native apps *Data charges apply. The Verizon Cloud app can be downloaded and used on both iPhones and iPads. Go to for the complete list. View the complete Terms & Conditions at:


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Verizon Cloud app reviews

  • Great 5/5

    By R1rida4life
    Life saver when setting up new phone!
  • Lost my pictures 1/5

    By VetMed21
    I’d downloaded this app sometime last year and only recently noticed that it had changed. All the pictures (that took HOURS) to download are gone. All I have left are my ‘free contacts’. What about my pictures? Do I have to pay to access them? Are they gone forever? I guess I won’t know because I will not pay the $5. In the future, they should let all Verizon Cloud users know if they’re going to change things and explain that the change could result in them losing saved information.
  • Help 3/5

    By DIPSTIK☠️💀
    How do I pay for the the yearly Verizon cloud
  • Morgan Sweet 1/5

    By Mosweet97
    The app logged me out after it updated and deleted all of my photos! 😡😡
  • App stuck in past 2/5

    By Abnlaraak
    No longer backs up photos past October 2017! Have uninstalled and reinstalled but no change. All systems/app current versions. Contacts back up fine. Very frustrating.
  • Upgrade or delete- really??? 1/5

    By lsouthers
    Why do I have to upgrade my iCloud ? I have 25gb of which I’ve used 1.7gb = 7% And come April 8 you’re gonna delete my account? What the heck is iCloud for- to back up! It came with my Verizon ..... HELP! I don’t wanna pay $5/mth for storage I will never use How do I backup my iCloud so y’all can just delete my account and I will make sure that when all other things expire, I’m taking my business elsewhere !!!
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Niki Norris
    Worked perfectly for me, up until I ran outta storage that is😂, dunno what everybody’s problem is, it’s not THAT hard people 😂😂😜😜
  • Very poor app 1/5

    By Swear nun
    Opened up my Verizon cloud like I have always done in the past to access my music and it now says I have no music in my cloud. What happened to my music?! Music that I paid for!
  • Photos 1/5

    By Jdnejcrnejcjnjnsr
    I had all of my old photos on there and since you have to pay now it deleted all of my photos and I can't get them back now😡🤬
  • Do Not Waste Your Time! 1/5

    By soamazin
    If I could give 0 I would!!!!! I have paid for and had This App since it was first developed but over the past three years for me personally it has lost my trust! I lost my pics three to four times and when asking for assistance I got no help to retrieve them they were permanently gone! It changes my plan without me knowing I just had this happen to me again when I called she said Jan 31, but there are no notes and she couldn't tell me why it happened! I don't trust it at all!!!! I lost the pics of my grandmama and me who now has passed because I trusted this app and it failed me no I have no memories of me and my grandma! I hate this app!!! Better realizability and retrieval is needed when this app deletes all your stuff and set up a new profile even if it takes u a while to nice it's gone bc that's what happened to me I didn't know how long it had been missing either way it's not my fault!!! I'm so over paying for a service that doesn't hold up to its standards!
  • Verizon cloud 1/5

    By getting tired of verizon
    What another cheap shot at your subscribers! Charging for your cloud! Thank goodness iCloud is SOOO much better, free or at least extremely cheap and more reliable! You guys need to go back and study customer service instead of looking up ways to buckle and dime your current customers to death! 😡
  • Horrible App. Used to free. 1/5

    By Korryp
    Used to be a free app now they charge for storage. Verizon could care less they just want to nickel and dime everyone. Every change they make lately is horrible for the customer. The new rewards program is useless. Time to switch carriers.
  • App won’t open. 1/5

    By Chunky Dad coach
    This app won’t even open.
  • Rotten app 1/5

    By sonny72562
    The app continually crashes. Can’t even get a screenshot to forward so developers can see what it says. If a person is going to pay for the privilege of cloud backup, then the app should work flawlessly. Am going to start researching different apps and maybe find something that actually works.
  • Dissatisfied customer 1/5

    By Wouldbethaicooker
    First the Verizon cloud was offered as a free service for Verizon customers. On February 7, 2018, I received a text message that all my existing data will be erased within 48 hours because Verizon is canceling the existing service, but will start charging for their new service. I visited our local Verizon customer service & the gentleman explained that Verizon is going to charge $5.00/month for their new service. This is a shabby business practice. No thanks! I removed all my data and deleted the app from my phone.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By lottiej52
    Wonderful app !!
  • Easily the worst app 1/5

    By mcguffin87
    They try to get you to free up your storage on your iPhone then they make it so you can't access your uploaded photos without paying an outrageous fee all while claiming to be a free app. What a scam.
  • Verizon cloud problems 2/5

    By Beachbum805
    Well I’m now On the last day and they’re canceling my Verizon Cloud unless I upgrade to premium or a back up off-line to another cloud service well for some reason I can’t do that and I can’t figure out how to upgrade to premium and I’m not paying for more in storage so my gonna lose all my stuff now that’ll make me very mad
  • Does exactly what it supposed to do 4/5

    By Melloooo
    Love the app has save me countless hours of having to re enter
  • Not sure about this app 2/5

    By WendyBurkett
    I’m having the same issue as Kerry. Verizon keeps saying one minute then two minutes than four minutes then four hours and then back down to 17 minutes etc. And you have to keep the app open for it to continue downloading. I have other stuff that I can be doing so I try this during the night while I am asleep and when I wake up eight hours later it is still downloading or saying it is. I just use Google drive now but now it keeps asking me through text to upgrade. Upgrade to what? My phone bill is already well over $200 a month with Verizon. They have great customer service but I am truly not sure what is going on with this app and if my pictures are saved or not!
  • Best app on the market 5/5

    By DDBishop33
    Love how easy it is to backup my stuff with ease best app available
  • Worse App!! 1/5

    By Girlhood ego
    Every time I try to download it kicks me out! Doesn’t matter if I’m connected to WiFi or not it just keeps kicking me out I can not save my pictures or anything to this app. Huge waste of time downloading this app! Fix it!!!!!
  • Verizon Cloud 1/5

    By Joelamos
    This app is...HORRID, talk about CLUNKY!!!! This app COMPLETELY RUINS.....R U I N S YOUR CONTACT LIST!!! 😡😡😡😡WARNING😡😡😡😡 I wondered....a few months ago.....why WHY W H contacts list jumped from 12-1300😡😡😡😡 I had to go through and DELETE DOUBLE AFTER DOUBLE AFTER DOUBLE AFTER TRIPLE!!! If THAT AIN’T BAD ENOUGH😡😡😡😡😡 I found that numbers and emails were being JUMBLED UP TO THE POINT I HAD TO INDIVIDUALLY CHECK EACH AND EVERY CONTACT......AFTER....mind you...AFTER I CHECKED EACH AND EVERY CONTACT THAT DOUBLED AND TRIPLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wife thought I didn’t know what I was doing and my fault.....BUT THANKS TO YOU GOOD FOLK.......she backed up Her Contacts....and guess what? HOLY DISASTER BATMAN!!!!! DOUBLES......and a BOAT LOAD OF....... NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME NO NAME😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 I gave One 1 Star......This app deserves no less than -10,000 stars......I feel BITTER YES AND SAD!!! Just knowing that this app is 🕷🦂POISONING OTHERS.....thanks for HACKING OUR PHONES......VERIZON IS DEFINITELY N O T IPHONE FRIENDLY!!!!!!!!! CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW😡😡😡😡😡 Hey sorry about the scathing review, done in frustration 😢 I’ve replied in an email....thank you!!!
  • Mem 1/5

    By Radmsn99
    Please allow retro back to the old Back up assistant! This one doesn’t work. Have tried many times with different criteria. Doesn’t work. The old one worked fine. Please allow it to be used
  • Not backing up 1/5

    By Mona_0223
    Lately the app is not working! It’s either crashing or not backing up anything. I thought today’s update would fix the problem but it did nothing!
  • Disappointed 2/5

    By Tribblez56
    Photos, after many years, just uploaded. Music still not uploaded. I wish it would as I no longer have a computer.
  • Company First, Customers Last 1/5

    By cust. gem
    Should be zero stars. Eliminating a decent amount of free storage and charging loyal, long-time customers to create more revenue for Verizon is a huge insult. I've removed all except contacts and won't use this Cloud again. An extremely cheap shot by Verizon that displays complete lack of integrity. Perfect example of pure corporate greed! Free storage is available elsewhere. Everyone should think about it!!!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By gaga2three
    Every time it backs up, it doubles some of my older pics! I back up all the time but it says last back up in September!! I’m really frustrated!
  • Cloud 5/5

    By Jkroossienjk
    Appreciate this app
  • Help doesn't work 1/5

    By Clooneytunes
    Loading (spinning wheel) icon just spins endlessly. The plus signs to expand Help items don't expand.
  • Horrible App! Will Soon Be Leaving Verizon 1/5

    By Marquee fresh
    I had all my pictures backed up to the cloud and had NO idea that I now had to pay to access my photos! It wasn’t until I was attempting to search for a photo that I needed that I was blindsided by their new pay service. I’ve been a Verizon customer for years. I even stuck with them when they decided to discontinue their unlimited service the first time. I was previously on the fence about switching companies but this is the final straw. I’m officially done with Verizon. Years of memories lost!
  • Sucky sucky sucky 1/5

    By Day in Texas
    Who knows where anything saved. They just won five bucks more out of me every month. The phone bill is already too much.
  • The essentials 5/5

    By klphillipls
    Verizon Cloud backs up the essentials like media and contacts
  • Verizon Cloud App 1/5

    By Oldmom60
    This is just a money making app for Verizon. It may be good if it is the only app you use for storage. But if you have other means of storage (I.e., iCloud, One Drive, Space Monkey, Airdrop, etc.) it duplicates what you have already saved then charges you for extra data because you exceeded your data allowance for the month. I guess so - you have uploaded the exact same data 3-4 times. Who needs that many copies of anything? I deleted it from my apps after they charged me for extra data 2 months in a row. I finally got smart & saved money!
  • Great Backup 5/5

    By CVIOLA46
    I think that you need to help us figure out how to get the information needed from the cloud when we need it.
  • Did what I needed it to do 5/5

    By JamesFromSpokane
    I have an iPhone and I was having issues with the iCloud that wouldn't let me back my phone up. Used this app to back it up, just in time since I had broken my phone a few days later. Got a new phone, downloaded this app and all my stuff was there and put on my new phone.
  • Won’t open 2/5

    By sssdart
    Whenever I touch the open button on the app everything disappears I
  • Hard to use 4/5

    By Rex1313
    Although at times it’s very hard to use I was able to call customer service and get help it’s not an easy program to work with
  • Not bad 5/5

    By Ima take a shot of that nevo
    Keeps what u need
  • UGH!!!!! Horrible 5/5

    By Destini0820
    Okay I’m getting frustrated now. Something tell me to rate the app ha perfect because I’ve had nothing but trouble. I go to the reviews and not only am i but other people are wondering why the same thing... THE LIBRARY WON’T BACK UP!!!!!! Helllllp me this is horrible! Then y’all have the nerve to want somebody to pay to use the app please you won’t get a penny from me this is unacceptable!!!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By GregoryPBishopBOA
    Love it the app backs everything up no problems
  • Never has worked well. Don’t do premium 1/5

    By Ftjmb76
    I’ve tried Premium. Most of the time I can’t even get this app to open. It just keeps spinning around. When it does open (which is rare), it takes forever to back up just ~150 contacts. I wouldn’t trust it with my photos, docs, etc —that’s what iCloud is for.
  • horrible 1/5

    By lal_mal
    backup has missed pictures ever since went to paid service, now hasn’t backed up since 01/21, extra-annoying because as of mid-december i have to pay extra for cloud service (used to be included in my plan), going to research alternatives because THIS CLOUD SERVICE IS HORRIBLE
  • Verizon cloud 1/5

    By bobbulge
    What a rip off. I’ve been a Verizon customer for years never paying for cloud service. Now they have a ton of my pictures in there cloud and I have NO WAY to retrieve them and they decide to charge for service and are keeping my pictures hostage unless I pay up. I should cut ties with Verizon. I’ve been paying a bunch of money for there service each month and this is how they repay you.
  • Lost content 1/5

    By Stevi Beheler
    I’m so lost right now. There was an update??? And all my pictures are gone??? And now it’s asking me to pay to store pictures??? So I bought some storage hoping I would get my pictures back but nothing??? Where is my content??? Can I restore that or is it just gone???
  • Not happy 1/5

    By Brandon Kobe24
    The app randomly took away all of my backup photos and videos😡😡. When i went to the app settings I tried turning back on the photos and videos under what to back up and it won’t allow me🤦🏽‍♂️!
  • Disgusted customer 1/5

    By debej1972
    Clicked on 5 star by accident-Verizon & the cloud are horrible!!!!! Have been with Verizon since day one but am getting ready to leave forever!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
  • Deleted photos without warning 1/5

    By Mandofay
    Do not use this!!!! All my pictures were deleted by verizon when they took away the free cloud and cannot be restored. They said they sent messages beforehand but I never got them. So so frustrated.
  • Life 5/5

    By Emiliatprokop
    I love it
  • Deleted all my photos!!!!! 1/5

    By Candiceald
    I’ve been a Verizon customer for almost 14 years at this point and I’m so taken aback by this situation, I’m half tempted to take my business elsewhere. I had thousands of photos and now they are all gone due to not BUYING the premium version of a FREE app. I just opened my app up yesterday and all that was left was contacts. Way to go Verizon. Way to go.

Verizon Cloud app comments


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