Verizon FiOS Mobile

Verizon FiOS Mobile

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  • Current Version: 5.8
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Verizon Services Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon FiOS Mobile App

Enjoy tons of entertainment with the Fios Mobile app. Access live TV, sports, original series, and On Demand content from virtually anywhere. Features: · Qualifying Verizon Wireless customers can now stream DVR content, live channels, and thousands of movies and TV shows without having it count against their data cap. · Enjoy Live TV at home and on the go*. Quantum TV users can enjoy every channel in-home right on their Fios Mobile app! · Stream your DVR content while home or away.* (Fios Quantum TV and Internet required) · Access thousands of Fios On Demand titles · Download premium content from select channels or any rental or purchase to your mobile device and watch offline. · Schedule and delete DVR recordings · Use your compatible mobile device as a remote control^ when watching TV at home. · Speak to Fios Mobile! Just hit the mic icon in the search bar and find content by speaking naturally. DISCLAIMERS: A compatible mobile device is required for use of the Fios Mobile App. Minimum OS requirements can be found in the app store listing. DVR and Live TV Streaming from your Verizon Media Server *Verizon Fios Quantum TV and Fios Internet subscription required for DVR streaming out-of-home. Live TV and DVR can simultaneously be streamed on up to 4 compatible devices per media server. No same-recording simultaneous streaming on multiple devices out-of-home. Access to live TV in-home channels requires Fios router. Premium movie channels or highest-tiered TV package may be required. NFL Network and NFL RedZone content available on tablets only. Content availability restrictions may apply. Wireless data charges may apply. Remote disclaimer ^Remote control functionality requires use of Fios router and HD Set Top box. Verizon respects your privacy. See our Privacy Policy at: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information Viewing Free of Data Charges: VZW postpay 4G LTE service & compatible device in U.S., Fios Quantum TV & Internet subscription req'd for DVR streaming out-of-home. Non-streaming activity such as app downloads, starting/restarting the app, going off airplane mode and transitioning from Wi-Fi to 4G LTE will incur data charges (approx. 1-5 MB per instance). For Verizon Unlimited customers, app data usage will be counted, not billed. Select content availability restrictions may apply.


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Verizon FiOS Mobile app reviews

  • Too limited 2/5

    By Nifty Lama
    App does not allow access to entire subscription when not at home.
  • Completely stinks! 1/5

    By Cham-in-London
    Worst app ever. They don't even try to make it work, . Reflects horribly on Verizon. Repeatedly states that service is not available....Troy again in a few minutes. Completely stinks.
  • Love the Convenience.... 3/5

    By ScribbleScrabbler
    I love being able to watch TV on the go or put on my noise cancellation headphones and watch my own thing when my husband is watching something I’m not really into. There are some glitches every now and then where the movies or shows just stop playing. Also, I believe that this service should allow you to watch your DVR recordings without having to pay additional fees or upgrading anything. I pay enough for cable as is so, this should definitely be included.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Ochomil30452
    It is a very good app, but not being able to watch live shows away from the boxes is a downside
  • Meh 3/5

    By Drc11022
    Inconsistent...sometimes works great; sometimes issues like others have mentioned crop up. Can't seem to delete bookmarks, which is very frustrating.
  • Fios 5/5

    By Soufeast__
  • Fios App 2/5

    By Sinamon4390
    I think the app is bare minimum ok..... it could use a lot of upgrades. The biggest problem Verizon has it their customer service and making it easy to get in contact WITH A PERSON! Not everything should be handled thru a computer. Thank you
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By Mav3067
    As of iOS 11 this app crashes every time I try and open it. Tried deleting and reinstalling to no effect. Verizon needs to up their app game.
  • Have to login-in for remote. 1/5

    By Rai L
    You used to have a separate app but it's gone. I don't want to give everyone in the house the login just so they can use their phone as remote. Why should they need to? Connecting through the wifi worked great. Why'd you get ridof the app? Pls bring it back or take some feature out from behind the login wall.
  • Not reliable what so ever! 1/5

    By RPiu
    Need serious update! Never works whenever I try using it! We watch the advertisements to watch it on the go and this and that but it's all lies cuz it NEVER WORKS!
  • Unable to browse channels 1/5

    By RacerX2005
    The feature of swiping left and right to browse channels while watching TV is no longer available after last update. Why would you drop such a great feature anyway? Also, we should be able to watch all channels that you are subscribed within the app, not just a handful.
  • Before yes, now no 1/5

    By Kb3htd
    Used app successfully for a long time. Last spring it didn’t know me anymore and after following instructions to change Password it didn’t help. I finally deleted it. Last week I downloaded it and enjoyed it working perfectly. In less than a week it doesn’t know me again and sent an email to follow instructions to try to help. I did as instructed and got to a “cannot help you today “ type message. I quit. Deleted again. My son, in the same house, on another iPad has NO problems!

    By DannyHOOAH
    WHERE ARE THE MOVIES??? I can't watch any it's like I have to buy it first which makes no sense. I don't know maybe I just don't know how to use the app.
  • Freshen up this app please 2/5

    By CRUZ217
    Can we get app to work consistently? Poor rating when I'm not in the home. I would like to view DVR during those times and I'm blocked by the app. Looking forward to improvements.
  • So so 3/5

    By Quikthe7
    It's good for the remote features and seeing what's on, but to watch actual shows; it's trash! Buffers ALL the time and restarts the show.
  • Just one more thing 3/5

    By quiltlady8834
    I love this ap and use it all the time but I wish I could multi-task with it.Playing Scrabble or Solitaire while listening to news is one of my guilty pleasures. But you can't open another ap while using this. So I watch for an upgrade!
  • Limited App 2/5

    By AllenO.
    Could be a great app once Verizon decides to listen to its customers. Right now the app is very limited. Only supports Apple TV for video casting. Limited access and poorly designed interface for accessing what's on now. When you think of it Verizon could simply mirror the on screen menu and preview opinions on the phone to solve the navigation issues but then who would pay the monthly rental price for the boxes?
  • Come on Verizon, your better than this! 3/5

    By Webbertz
    When I first downloaded this app I was extremely impressed. Movies and tv shows were very accessible with the format being great and problems were few. Now, a 5 star review is 3 stars as I'm having the same issues as many others. 10 or so minutes in to an episode or movie I get kicked out and put back to Fios screen. When I hit play again it starts from the beginning and if I try to forward to the point I was at I have to rewatch all commercials leading to that point. Then I get kicked out all over again. Think it's a recent update that has started this. I'm expecting Verizon to fix this bug asap as it's been going on for weeks. Also get random error codes when shows try to load.
  • Verizon fios 5/5

    By Sifred11
  • How this is not the best TV app? 1/5

    By johnnylove67
    Dear Fios/Verison Let me first say my #1 wish is to view TV would be through this the FIOS TV App on Apple devices but your application does not function properly. It looks fine, the choices are fine, the layout is fine, FIOS internet service and speeds are the best I've experienced. It's just this app does not work on any consistent basis. It's so bad that I have been trying out different providers. I have yet to go beyond their trial periods but if I find one that makes my viewing experience better then I will switch. The old boxes we have to have are a technology that times has come and gone. Gone like 10 years ago. Why can't you get your act together and deliver the very best TV application. I wouldn't think twice about another service if this app actually worked. It varies from unusable to barely usable. 90% of the time the app won't work until I close it and reopen it. This is fun when I'm in a rush to view something. Trying to watch DVR recordings is another giant waste of time. I could get it work some of the time but I'd spend so much time attempting this that I gave up. I recently downgraded my level of service from Fios. I got rid of all but one actually box. Boy I hate myself for wasting more time trying this review. I the idiot for doing this. I'll take the blame for wasting my time ranting but my try wish is..... that you FIOS / Verizon get your head out of the sand deliver a TV Cable application that replaces the stupid boxes and that works seamlessly. I don't hate you I want you to do it. If anyone is actually reading this I'd be happy to share real user experiences. This is rant but it is based in truth.
  • Pretty good 4/5

    By Kdiggitydawg215
    I can watch jeopardy, local news and my judge shows, Yay! I just wish I could cast to my tv, and sometimes the stream just stops, but that might just be the internet.
  • Still no local TV 1/5

    By misterbtfoom
    When will be getting local TV stations?
  • Garbage. Fix it. 1/5

    By hann3rs3
    This app is the worst. Constantly crashing and full of bugs. Needs to be fixed desperately. Can't wait recorded shows without it crashing constantly. Doesn't resume at the correct spot. Can't fast forward without it crashing. So useless.
  • It's better than Comcast 4/5

    By Matt Yank
    Since update 5.7 the app has been better. However, I do not like the restrictions of channels when not on home wifi. I should be able to watch which ever channel I want when I want if I'm playing for it!!
  • Crashes constantly 1/5

    By mplish
    Crashes and freezes more than any other app I have. Would be great if only.....
  • Great! 5/5

    By Harbinger-1
    Works perfectly, no issues.
  • Mobile 3/5

    By collier dad
    Don't like to have to login because you can't recognize my login ID and Password!!! Please correct this problem. Took me almost 1 hour to manually login
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Mefeldman23
    Always crashes, freezes and never seems to work
  • Works well 5/5

    By Mark Ali
    Nice to connect outside of home.
  • Bad all around- 0 star if possible 1/5

    By Nikkie29
    Not only is the internet service bad but everything about Fios is horrible may I say I might just break my contract and go back to Comcast just for reliable internet and tax service. I paying more then I paid with Comcast and I have less channels. This is the worst mistake I made signing with Fios.
  • So close, now very disappointing. Again 2/5

    By MarylisaM
    I was SO pleased with this app, now all of a sudden it's freezing and can't tell I'm connected to my wifi. Seems to happen every day or so. Can't fast forward enough commercials without crashing. A real pain. And I was so happy....sadly, I've come to the conclusion that it's just poorly executed. 9/16: second time this month it's kicked me out and won't let me sign back in. When it works it's terrific but more glitches all the time. I've reset my password twice--so far-- last time I had to call customer service-- not easy in itself-- and they reset it (I'd done it 3 times already). Gets suckier all the time. Comcast is calling-- Verizon is the new DMV
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Sl8s
    App no longer works at all
  • Excellent app 4/5

    By Jeycol
    Thanks Fios
  • Ehhh 2/5

    By Dengsxr
    Love the idea but the app crashes constantly and I have to restart it all the time.
  • Works Well 4/5

    By Gen G
    Allows me to do what I wanted, which includes checking TV listings, setting DVR recording of shows, and watching recorded shows when I'm away from home.
  • Remote 1/5

    By Slims1079
    Remote on app barely works. Have to keep restarting app over & over for remote to return
  • How much money does FIOS have to make until they rewrite this app? 2/5

    By JackMacFlack
    I was told it's decades old. Netflix, HBO, Showtime, Xfinity all have easier to navigate apps, that are easier to use. Seriously, join this decade with the code. Upgrade!
  • Good until recent update 2/5

    By greenbean121998
    While I'm watching something, the app keeps crashing and taking me out the show. It's annoying
  • My favorite ap 5/5

    By Number one. Fan
    I am very pleased with the new fios ap. So far it works very well. Anything you can do with the television, you can do with this ap. Excellent and reliable.

    By OksanaCrazyRusski
    UPDATE: I finally went to HELP on the app and submitted an issue about my interruption. I heard back from FIOS a day later and they told me this: Thank You for using the FiOS Mobile app. In regards to your inquiry I have successfully pinged and port mapped your DVR. Proceed to ensure you can pair your mobile device with your STB and test to see if you have a connection and able to manage your DVR recordings/scheduling. I didn't have any single interruption after this email. You should do the same! Just contact them through Help menu in the app. No phone calls, etc. and they will fix it. ORIGINAL: I love everything about this app other than constant interruption of my DVR streaming with a message that says: "You steaming was interrupted due to your switching of networks". What the hell does that even mean? I am lying in bed watching a show. No one is switching anything. Sometimes I would get 10 interruptions in a 5-minute window. App just closes so you need to go back, find the show, restart it. After a while, you just say: forget it, and go to sleep. If they fix that, I would rate it a 5.
  • Crash! 1/5

    By Batman_fitz
    Please fix the crashes and freezes
  • This app is a POS 1/5

    By Couturehhhhh
    Like most things Verizon, The app is also crap. If you have nothing better to do than spend your day restarting the app after crashes over and over again, this app is made for you! For the rest of us that actually have lives to live and desire a product that works at least 40% of the time, this app is worthless.
  • Awful app. 1/5

    By Truly objective
    Limited view of channels. Constantly dropping wifi. Not as good as spectrum. I can't view more than half of the channels I'm subscribed to. No live tv on channels I want. Only old on demand movies and series. Terrible disappointing app.
  • Getting better. 3/5

    By NJWreckDiver96
    Better now that you can stream to an Apple TV.
  • When are you going to fix this app Verizon? 2/5

    By Phillyangel215
    This app would be great if it worked consistently but it does not. It's producing more errors and spinning wheels then video content. Verizon might get episode purchases from me if I was confident that I would be able to watch without issue. Fix the app Verizon or take it offline if you have to. If you want to advertise the various ways customers can access their subscription, it would behoove you to make certain each method works accordingly.
  • Very slow to boot up 1/5

    By tcollies
    Very slow
  • Pretty much worthless app. 1/5

    By Woreally
    Xfinity app although not perfect is light years ahead of this
  • Crash, reboot, crash, repeat 1/5

    By Cupcrazie
    Title says it all...constantly crashes then have to restart my iPad...unreliable at best. Stations in home network are fine, outside extremely limited...
  • Don't waste your time 1/5

    By Bluefeather
    What's the point of this app??
  • Great 5/5

    By Duke738
    Excellent app

Verizon FiOS Mobile app comments


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