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Verizon FiOS Mobile

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  • Current Version: 5.10
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Verizon Services Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon FiOS Mobile App

Enjoy tons of entertainment with the Fios Mobile app. Access live TV, sports, original series, and On Demand content from virtually anywhere. Features: · Qualifying Verizon Wireless customers can now stream DVR content, live channels, and thousands of movies and TV shows without having it count against their data cap. · Enjoy Live TV at home and on the go*. Quantum TV users can enjoy every channel in-home right on their Fios Mobile app! · Stream your DVR content while home or away.* (Fios Quantum TV and Internet required) · Access thousands of Fios On Demand titles · Download premium content from select channels or any rental or purchase to your mobile device and watch offline. · Schedule and delete DVR recordings · Use your compatible mobile device as a remote control^ when watching TV at home. · Speak to Fios Mobile! Just hit the mic icon in the search bar and find content by speaking naturally. DISCLAIMERS: A compatible mobile device is required for use of the Fios Mobile App. Minimum OS requirements can be found in the app store listing. DVR and Live TV Streaming from your Verizon Media Server *Verizon Fios Quantum TV and Fios Internet subscription required for DVR streaming out-of-home. Live TV and DVR can simultaneously be streamed on up to 4 compatible devices per media server. No same-recording simultaneous streaming on multiple devices out-of-home. Access to live TV in-home channels requires Fios router. Premium movie channels or highest-tiered TV package may be required. NFL Network and NFL RedZone content available on tablets only. Content availability restrictions may apply. Wireless data charges may apply. Remote disclaimer ^Remote control functionality requires use of Fios router and HD Set Top box. Verizon respects your privacy. See our Privacy Policy at: Please note: This app features Nielsen’s proprietary measurement software which contributes to market research, like Nielsen’s TV Ratings. Please see for more information Viewing Free of Data Charges: VZW postpay 4G LTE service & compatible device in U.S., Fios Quantum TV & Internet subscription req'd for DVR streaming out-of-home. Non-streaming activity such as app downloads, starting/restarting the app, going off airplane mode and transitioning from Wi-Fi to 4G LTE will incur data charges (approx. 1-5 MB per instance). For Verizon Unlimited customers, app data usage will be counted, not billed. Select content availability restrictions may apply.


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Verizon FiOS Mobile app reviews

  • Huge Dissatisfaction 1/5

    By Regret to have Switched
    I question the quality of talent from Verizon developers when building this app. If you have made the move from Xfinity to Fios you will understand the frustration caused by this app. This app simply does not do the job- Honestly, I rather have no app. In order to watch most channels, I have to be home. Especially the ones I like to watch. So what is the point...there is a reason we pay for boxes (unless we are in the bathroom). Makes me wonder what Fios developers were thinking when designing and pushing this app. How embarrassing. It is a huge miss when you compare to apps like the one Xfinity provides. This app is useless outside of your home. Makes me regret switching from Xfinity to Fios...(and yes I am sticking with it unfortunately- not in the mood to go through installation experiences any time soon) Fios, please step up your game with this app. Spend more resources on this app and less on apps that help us pay your bill quicker. Honestly- if this app reflects the level of talent, innovation, and competency from Fios employees tied to this app- they are at the bottom of the group. Please spend more resources so you can catch up with your competitors. This app is currently pathetic, pathetic! Free of charge consultation: I suggest Fios spends a couple of hundred $$$ on an Xfinity membership and take a look at the Xfinity app. Great great things on the app(ex: I can be in another app and still be able to watch Xfinity in the left hand side; I can continue watching whatever I am watching while I am scrolling through channels)

    By DARKCHILD1d92
  • Worst app by far 1/5

    By juicy couture
    This app is terrible. It never works. I try to use it while at home with the WiFi on and in the room next door. It always closes out and no shows load up properly. I tried to file a complaint through the app as advised and I cannot even submit because I keep getting an error message through that as well. What a joke Verizon.
  • Works better on Android 4/5

    By Mumwup
    Works flawlessly on a Samsung S6; but, continuously loses wifi signal on my iPhone 6. Except for iPhone issue, works well. -5 stars on Android. -3 stars on iPhone. -4 stars overall.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Pcov85
    This app is a big disappointment... I really wanted it to work well.
  • Excellent for my needs. 4/5

    By JanieRuGal
    Easy to use!
  • Not good 2/5

    By Jmg2384
    Stream isn't good and constantly skips. To Comcast we go.
  • This has some important features missing 1/5

    By Abcdpwbshanwhuaj
    Please add chromecast support and I will change my rating.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Jetta17
    I can not watch programs that are recorded on my DVR in my home on my iPad. IPhone, yes. IPad no!
  • Aggravating more than anything... 1/5

    By Mysticminion
    App is awful. Crashes every time I use it. The video goes in and out it lags. Says it cannot connect to the set top box even within close range. I wishe there was an alternative app I could use...
  • How do I give it zero stars? 1/5

    By Cousinbrucie2000
    If there is a worse ap out there, I don't know it. This piece of garbage hangs up and freezes all the time. I have reached a point of frustration with it that I have finally made up my mind to go back to Cablevision, which is a terrible service too, but at least what they provide as service actually works when it doesn't slow down or cut out completely. Are there any other viable options on Long Island? We're screwed! Quit Cablevision after 5 weeks! Terrible service. Fios better, but this Mobil ap still freezes way too often.
  • Mobile TV app 1/5

    By IAmCristalMichelle
    Mobile tv app that doesn’t allow you to see all the shows you have paid for. Useless app service.
  • Same problems that haven't been fixed in a year!!! 1/5

    By weakyt06
    While on LTE service, I am still experiencing constant freezes, playback speeds up, blurred picture, and audio doesn't sync with the video while trying to watch live tv shows. The problems have been going on for a year!!!!! I've given up using this Fios app because the problems are not being resolved. Are you even doing anything about the problem Verizon???!!!
  • They clearly don’t test their releases. 1/5

    By music critic#212328876
    I tried to send a note via the ticket system and also through their bug fix form when the ticket system didn’t work. Got “invalid character” errors where there was only an app created line break.
  • Used to be great, hasn't worked in months 1/5

    By Ev74Xx
    Can't see or program DVR since last update months ago. Too many bugs need fixing before I will use it again.
  • What the $&!? happened to this app??? 1/5

    By iPhone User 213
    Used to love this app. Also used to have good in-app support to report an issue and reach resolution, usually pretty quickly. Now cannot stream ANYTHING (on tablets) and cannot even report the issue! Calling Verizon tomorrow and not at all happy about it.
  • Mobile remote won’t work 2/5

    By Scuba jones
    One of the high points about this app is the electronic mobile remote. However, it won’t connect t9 the set top box anymore so is worthless. Come on Verizon!
  • Was great, now truly awful 1/5

    By Culaxman
    I used to enjoy this app as a casual way to watch sporting events as I was working around the house. The more recent “new & improved”versions are truly awful. They freeze every two minutes and have become useless. If Verizon can’t fix this app, I’m joining other family members in cutting the cord. This app was the last thing keeping me as a Fios customer.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Dave on the road
    I'm 3ft from my router and this is freezing more than an eskimos pecker. don't waste the time.
  • Fox channel on app 3/5

    By Ja_gullyute
    Every Sunday trying to watch fox from within the app; I continuously get buffered. Every other channel within the app works fine. No slow down, no buffering.
  • Hmmmmmmm? 1/5

    By DJ Pru
    That’s what comes to mind when I use the app: Hmmmmmm, I wonder if it will work? Hmmmmmm. What made it cut off this time? Hmmmmmm, all the other apps but this one is frozen. Hmmmmmm, seems like its not working again. Hmmmmmm, wonder why they keep asking me to rate this app? Hmmmmmm, the service tech asked me to delete and reinstall the app. Hmmmmmm, this is the only app that requires that I reinstall it repeatedly. Hmmmmmm, it’s working today wonder how long this will last. Hmmmmmm, they’ve only received a score of 3, wonder if they’re grading on a curve? Hmmmmmm, can’t give zero stars forced to give at least one star.
  • Inferior to other streaming apps 1/5

    By Dan031596
    Fast forwarding is not easy, when trying to skip ahead it is not accurate and it is slow to load. Overall, the app is slow and does not make finding what you want to watch easy. Displays a lot of movies that you have to buy which is annoying
  • Insufficient Bandwidth 2/5

    By OblivionToad
    This app seesaws from usable to totally worthless depending on updates. The most annoying thing is having to log in every single time you want to use it. Theses are intermittent issues. Sometimes it works ok. Just not now, when I'm trying to use it.
  • Buggy for a tech company of this scale 1/5

    By Matty Wass
    The Fios App is by far the most buggy app I have ever had to deal with. From constant crashes to getting kicked out of login, to over engineering, this app is a prime example of a company that is too far over its skis. Get your app together!
  • What happened to the remote function? 2/5

    By Jagtex
    Now the remote control function is gone?
  • Doesn't matter what show or channel, it never loads! 1/5

    By Abanae10
    I've been a Verizon Fios customer for sometime now, and usually I do not have complaints. I'm typically very satisfied with the provider, however, this app is less then satisfactory. My significant other often plays video games on our main t.v, which is not a problem because I have my iPad with your app right? Unfortunately, since I've had the app (2 years now) it never works. I'm able to sign in and select a show, but within 30sec the screen freezes and tries to load. After a minute it tells me to retry and check my connection. Every Time I follow the directions by checking the connection, just to find that everything is in fact connected and in working order. I'll even sit right next to the wifi box. It doesn't matter what channel or show I select, this is always the result. I'll usually try 5 or 6 times before I get annoyed and close out the app. That's when I go to Netflix or Hulu, I never have problems there. Some may ask why I don't just go there in the first place... I'll tell you why, because when THE APP finally does work I'll be able to cancel the other apps I use to watch shows. LOL. Deep down I'm rooting for you Verizon! You've just been coming up seriously short!! Please for the love of Television..... Fix it!!! 😳🤔
  • Shuts Down 1/5

    By Bert4566
    Lately unable to watch any shows on the app. When show starts to play, the image freezes and generates an error.
  • Unstable at best! 1/5

    By craigish45
    This app is very unreliable, Dvr playback rarely works when i want it to.
  • Still no local TV stations 1/5

    By misterbtfoom
    Fios claims quantum users can view all channels in home. I have fios quantum and I can’t view local stations. So I should be getting a refund?
  • User remarks 5/5

    By Jibergmann
    A am a happy user. This app provides all I need to watch my favorite programs.
  • Stopped working with iPad 2 1/5

    By Karen @CopperDot
    I upgraded my Dvr to be able to use the app and it worked great for a little while. Then the most recent update came out and it no longer allows me to stream from the iPad. Others have reported this issue on the forums yet Verizon still seems to have no idea what to do. I've called twice and been given different answers and cannot seem to reset the set top box like the forums recommend. This shouldn't be an issue!
  • Fios 5/5

    By Lawton1
  • Fios Remote no longer works 1/5

    By Lines and Shapes
    Since the last update, the remote control function no longer can connect to my set top box. Very disappointed.
  • Disappointing 1/5

    By Sad Fios
    Really disappointing. It allows me to watch 5% of what I want. (Where did the other 95% go!?) It is only good at being a remote when I am too lazy to get up and find it. Not easy, confusing, waste of time.
  • It'd be great if it worked 1/5

    By Drooberreview
    Streaming Video from my Dvr to my iPhone Constantly freezes. Very frustrating. Basically impossible to watch.
  • What happened? 1/5

    By Bxpanther
    I don't know what happened but it use to work ok. Since the last update or two, it just doesn't work. I can get it on a show for about five seconds then it freezes.. I've deleted the app and reinstalled it about ten times now and it still doesn't work. I don't know why version can't get it working when their lesser technical competitors have versions that work fine.hopefully Verizon can get their act together and fix this problem. Not happy at all with the app...!
  • The app is always breaking down! 1/5

    By Astonvilla883
    The main reason I subscribed to Fios was to be able to watch my recorded shows on the app! The app is always slow and is always disconnecting! There is always a problem to watch recorded shows! Plus most sports events are blocked away from home due to copy rights! Copy rights? I spend more than $200 monthly and I can’t watch my sports events on the way home from work? Really unfair!
  • Outdated 1/5

    By jcunha1283
    I don’t understand why they keep updating this app and it looks like crap. The design of it in the UI looks horrible when you’re watching a video. the controls look like they were from iOS 4. you need to rebuild this app from the ground up.
  • Possible the worst app update ever 1/5

    By Gambit IAFF
    The app no longer recognizes my home network so I can’t get all the channels. Tech Support is useless so don’t bother to call. I was bounced around for over an hour only to finally give up and use better streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon Video. Maybe they will unfix the fix so it will work again.
  • POS 2/5

    By Steve-1300
  • Horrible 2/5

    By mgizzo
    Takes forever to get in and then when you finally do it shuts down. Never works when needed and doesn't do anything it promises
  • Remote 5/5

    By Torresjovel
  • Nice APP 4/5

    By Marymamcat
    Very convenient and nice To have when you want to watch quietly on your tablet. Wish there were more stations available.
  • Eh 3/5

    By Saratd1386
    Great to be able to watch DVR on tablet, finally, but the player is difficult to control.
  • Xfinity by far better app 1/5

    By gidgey8
    This app is terrible. I recently had the Xfinity App and it very easy to use. With Xfinity, it was as if my iPad is as easy as using an actual tv. This app is confusing and there’s too many options to press. Also, on demand there is only so many channels you can watch and all you can do is “record” whereas Xfinity gave you more options. Wish my area covered Xfinity otherwise I would be with them.
  • Total PoS 1/5

    By EffFiosMobile
    A total and unbelievable piece of junk. The streaming hardly ever works, if your lucky to get it streaming it will constantly buffer. Browsing for titles is a complete mess. And for all the money I pay Verizon they limit the devices that can use the service. I would fire everyone involved with the development of this software and rewrite it from scratch. I wish I could have rated it less than 1 star.
  • Tra 5/5

    By Tra048
    This app is the best
  • Doesn’t work since update 1/5

    Wasn’t the best app before the update, however it was functional. Now it is not functional.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Dolly Dulce
    Me gusta ❤💋🙏🏼
  • Greatness 5/5

    By Doug Duggarts

Verizon FiOS Mobile app comments


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