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Verizon My Fios

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  • Current Version: 5.12.1
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  • Developer: Verizon Services Corporation
  • Compatibility: Android
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Verizon My Fios App

Get access to your Verizon Account and Services when you want, where you want with the newly redesigned My Fios app. Not limited to Fios, the app allows all Verizon TV, internet and home phone customers to interact with Verizon bill pay, rewards, support and more on their smart phone or tablet, 24/7. Tools and features include: - BILL AND ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT – View and pay your bill, see bill history, sign up for paper free or auto pay billing services, update your profile and more. - COMMUNICATIONS – Listen to voicemail, review call logs and important messages from Verizon. - MY REWARDS+ – Check point balances, track recent activity, redeem points for gift cards and learn how to capture more awards. - SUPPORT – Type your question and get support information and tools for your Verizon services. - CONTACT US – Have a question or an issue you can’t solve through support? Chat with us or call us directly. - MY WI-FI INFO – Your home network wireless details are at your fingertips with My Fios. Connect all of your devices in a snap. - SPEED TEST AND Wi-Fi ANALYZER – Test your home network speed and the health of your Wi-Fi connections (available for Quantum routers). Get step by step instructions on how to improve your Wi-Fi health. -ENTERTAINMENT – Access featured movies and trending shows. Seamlessly connect to the Fios Mobile app for advanced entertainment features.


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Verizon My Fios app reviews

  • My Fios App 1/5

    By LP1031
    I downloaded this app and originally could log in and see my bill etc. For some reason, now when I log in it says my bill is $0 because my service is disconnected. 🙄🙄. No it isn’t. I can see all I have when I log in on my laptop. This app has become useless. Can’t do anything with it!!
  • App not functioning properly 1/5

    By Saadhu24
    Had this app for long time but now suddenly last week onwards it start acting funny. I added face recognition for iPhone X and now I only see billing option. Rest of all options for TV, internet etc. are not showing. I was using internet option to manage my internet devices, so I can give access to my Kids’s when I needed. I took some of the offline but since I can’t access to internet I can’t put them on.. this is so frustrating. This needs to be fixed ASAP. Not sure if someone else is facing same issues?
  • Slow to open 1/5

    By Lithdrea
    My app is always slow to open. It takes more than 3 minutes, then it times out. How am I to pay a bill for the good internet through a poor quality app?
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Fifofigtfogif
    One of the worst app I have used. Crashes everytime I open it. Happened to me on different phones so issues is definitely with the app.
  • Takes forever 2/5

    By iNic+
    Wont even load on my iPhone X. Weak
  • Basic tool not worthy of an app 1/5

    By PS-123456124456
    This is the most basic app Also to force an update when new version just came 2 days back is unacceptable
  • Wish I stayed with Comcast 1/5

    By Pezsgirl
    Have had horrible customer service and constant freezing and issues with the internet. It’s slower than Comcast. Such a disappointment
  • Services 1/5

    By Dammie2006
    My services are not working as they should and no one seems to care...but your forcing me to make a payment or you will disconnect my services which seems really unfair to me.
  • Easy 5/5

    By PWallnuts
    Love this app because it make my life so much easier to see everything about my bill - and make payments. Also the service is excellent.
  • Very user friendly 5/5

    By Sports&highheels
    Really easy and super mobile friendly. Verizon app is crazy easy to use.
  • Can't register 1/5

    By Anonymous4587
    I spent an hour trying to register so I can pay my bills. I continually get an error message..."can't verify account". No clarification of what the problem is, but I'm certain I know my phone number and zip it's on the bill.
  • 100/100 does not give even 30/30 1/5

    By NimishS
    Verizon claims to give 100/100 but it’s a fake claim. I don’t get even 30/30. I regret quitting Cable as that atleast gave me 40/25.
  • Always locked out 1/5

    By Cheryl's iPhone 6 Plus
    My account is always locked days wrong user ID. I use Touch ID and I haven’t changed fingers. So what’s up. I go through customer service and still get locked out with Touch ID on. It asks if I’m a robot all the time. Every so often I can get into the account but not often. Why? That’s my question.
  • Simple to use 5/5

    By Rwandamark
    Intuitive, simple to use. thanks!
  • Lost discontinued voicemail 1/5

    By rosita131
    Suddenly my voicemail stopped on a number used for many years. It took an hour to get a person. Many disconnects after your callback. I asked to have it reinstated but was told it was now on my fax line! I explained this was your error. I yelled, threatened and finally after agent put me on hold to talk w technical person 2 times for at least 15 minutes, was told it was reinstated I hope by tomorrow. This entire interaction which took total of two hours was unnecessary and wasteful of my time. A call back in 2 days is scheduled. We shall see.
  • Bug in App? 3/5

    By JoeJPC
    Is there a bug in this version of the app that is preventing remotely scheduling DVR recordings? I tried to record a show while on vacation on two different DVRs/Verizon accounts and both give me the same error message. I have scheduled shows remotely on previous version of this app and it worked fine.
  • Unsatisfactory internet 1/5

    By ClearfulEarful
    I was promised at least 100 MBPS upload/download speeds by the saleswoman, but I have yet to experience it. I expect more from Verizon!! Don’t make promises you can’t keep. If it isn’t corrected, I’ll be looking for another provider.
  • Might as well use the website 1/5

    By uniquenicknamesareridiculous
    This app is a complete piece of garbage. It’s an app that is a mobile optimized version of the website using the same copy as the website. It is not intuitive and half of the functions don’t work or throw you into a repeating loop of content.
  • Buggy app in one area 4/5

    By DjScribster
    The app is great overall. The only problem I have on the iPhone 6 plus is when I want to check out who called me. Everything else works fine, that part crashes the app. I'm running the latest I os as well.
  • Still buggy 2/5

    By Name999999999
    I think Verizon released this one too quickly. It asks me to set up my voicemail even tho it’s been set up fine. But worse after you listen to all your messages your phone still continues to blink. Sheesh!!
  • Lies 1/5

    By Sweetplum03
    I was told that I could watch TV on any devise NOT TRUE. You need home WiFi
  • Overpriced internet service 1/5

    By voodooru
    Typical rip off
  • App fails to open 1/5

    By rnadyb
    Total failure
  • Too expensive 1/5

    By Alexhorne013
    You have to pay for everything what’s the point of buying the channels then have to pay to watch episodes on demand
  • Great service 3/5

    By VAGIJane
    Great service, quick on service and support, but very expensive.
  • Pretty nifty so far! 4/5

    By Izoflame
    Super easy to see bill details, voice mail, missed calls, and pay the bill. Not so great at blocking nuisance calls. Some of the worst offenders have distinct IDs that never changes even though the numbers do. There’s gotta be a way to block nuisance callers based on that...hope someone at Verizon’s reading this!
  • Tv 1/5

    By grimmsgirl
    I’m having trouble with all movie channels it’s like it’s skipping
  • Should be one app 3/5

    By Skittles128882
    It would be nice if this app and the Verizon mobile app were one - for those of us that need to maximize phone space, it’s annoying to need both. The functions in both apps are great, I just think it should be one that includes everything.
  • App is trash 5/5

    By Driss axis
    This app is useless. It freezes all time. Fios router goes out of service and resets all passwords and you have to reconnect all devices. I have 5 security cameras and I have to reconnect them every time the router resets passwords. Worthless.
  • Points 5/5

    By Powerful diamond
    Do I revive my points

    By alrapc
    Easy and convenient
  • Fios is prohibitively expensive 1/5

    By RTBMT
    I am waiting for the first chance to move to another service. Fios is more expensive than my oil or electricity bill. That simply isn't right.
  • A little bit slow 4/5

    By nyczazn
    The app could be a little bit faster to make it more enjoyable
  • An I change my plan 3/5

    By Barbara cureton
    Can I change my plan I would like just to hav Internet
  • Very unhappy 1/5

    By Unsatisfised customer
    When I moved back to an area where I had FIOS prior and was very happy with it, I of course subscribed to FIOS again. That was a huge mistake. As bad as I disliked Comcast, I would go back to them in a minute. FIOS customer service is worse than Comcast if you can believe that. Cannot wait until my contact is over then it’s bye bye to FIOS.
  • My Fios app 1/5

    By Frustrated parent D229
    I got a upgrade to my dvrs and wifi extender on 12/29/17 replaced the dvrs and added 2 set top boxes and ever since the app doesn't work I uninstall and reinstall about 10 times nothing the iPhone and my iPad let me download it but nothing happens if anything I loose more features now all I get is my bill balance the ads are even gone now what happen my iPhone and my iPad are showing the same I don't have a Apple computer I own a windows system which is running windows 10 I can't even find the app on my PC to delete them and I am not doing a factory reset on my Apple devices I have way too much money invested in programs and music so what do I do cancel my Fios
  • Please help 1/5

    By camello302
    I have problems with the audio all the time!!!!! The tv freezes and you miss like 4 seconds of the show and it comes back with no voice, the voice goes away and only comes back when you rewind, PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
  • Greedy 1/5

    By Thomson2342
    Had issues with identity theft. Couldn’t change my password to protect my account because of a late bill that I couldn’t pay because I had to cancel my card.
  • False advertising and TERRIBLE customer service 1/5

    By Astoria Boy
    They advertise rates that do not exist. They advertise an employee (Verizon connection) discount that does not exist. I have reported them to the business borough and I am taking this as far as possible. They just try to get you as a customer and then switch all their offers and take them all away. This is false advertising and it is illegal. Be careful!
  • Update is Not Better 2/5

    By App Rater 14
    Last version was pretty good, easy, straightforward user experience. The update makes it much harder to use, more swipes needed to complete the same tasks as before, second landing screen, multiple places to select record. Looks like the same dis-improvements to the Fios menus on the STB have been transferred to the app. The developer should be tarred and feathered for making customers unhappy. One star for making it worse than before. 2018–update—still too many steps to get to record a program. Now there’s a distraction, a second record button that records the next week’s program. Gee thanks—now I missed this week’s episode. (I’m trying to not get into the problems with the service itself here). When is Verizon going to wise up and serve the customer again? Maybe the new update will be better—stay tuned.
  • Just not worth the money 1/5

    By TraderWren
    If I didn’t have a contract I’d be gone. Fios is way overpriced and Verizon is a greedy awful corporation. I hate them all.
  • Sign in 1/5

    By Word Wit 1
    I always have a problem signing into Fios and have to get a temporary code to sign in. I want to keep the password I have and don’t get why Fios doesn’t recognize and when I reset with the same then it’s okay. Not happy wuss the online Fios or My Fios.
  • Bill to high 2/5

    By Edaw9
    I like FIOS but in my opinion it is overpriced. My bill keeps getting higher and I don’t see any improvement in service. Verizon has to make its services more affordable because there are alternatives out there on the market that are much cheaper.
  • One of the best 4/5

    By J!
    The new upgraded Fios app is amazing! Clear, bold and simple to use. Pay your bill in 3 taps! Love it! Thank you!
  • Missing phone call history 5/5

    By Pschutzva
    This is a review of the My FIOS app, not the Verizon FIOS service (with which I have no issues.) I used to be able to see some information about calls received on my home phone and now there is nothing. Please bring that back! Update 17 January - after a bit of back and forth with App Support involving my router and logging into Verizon Digital Voice (which I may not have done to that point), the Call History is back and the app warrants five stars again. Many thanks.
  • Not great 1/5

    By SuperPamma
    Internet is slow and unreliable and the way they “package” their channels is weird and expensive. Will switch as soon as I’m out of contract.
  • So Disappointed 2/5

    By Wmz1468532
    Decided to pay so much more for Verizon than other options because I wanted reliable, no stress, super fast internet. Despite their ads, the actual speed I get on all my devices is between 48mbps - 250 mbps. A far cry from the 980 mbps they claim. Everything I try to watch or load is constantly buffering. So frustrating considering I am the only person using my internet!
  • Make sure 5/5

    By TheCatons
    After fiddling around for months thinking my bill pay account paid the bill. I added this app to alleviate the concern to make sure it’s paid.
  • Review 5/5

    By Duio25
    Wonderful service and very simple to use it
  • TV Ads Lie 1/5

    By Potstech
    TV ads say watch fios on any device in your home. Was watching Fios Chan 467 on my TV. Tried to watch it on my Ipad mini 2 in another room. It said I could only watch it on my TV. FIOS lies to America daily. Just tried again with same results.

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