Via - Affordable Ride-sharing

Via - Affordable Ride-sharing

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Via - Affordable Ride-sharing App

Via is the new smart, affordable & easy way to get around your city. Request a ride on your phone and share with other riders going your way. You can Via in NYC, Washington D.C., & Chicago. Via is an easy, fast, convenient and smart way to get around. Via is an on-demand, shared ride service that picks up multiple passengers heading in the same direction, keeping rides affordable and little more than the cost of public transit! • Book a ride on your phone • Get picked up on a nearby corner • Share your ride with others • Save cash and reduce carbon emissions >How it works: Set your pickup and drop off to request a ride. We’ll match you with a Via driver headed your way. Our smart pickup coordination will direct you to a nearby corner to meet your driver, so your Via and its passengers never have to go out of their way. We pool riders into the same car efficiently and without delays, keeping our price point affordable for everyone. >Efficiency at its best: With Via in NYC, Washington D.C. and Chicago, you can stop the busy and bossy rush hour commutes. Our drivers take you straight to your destination at low costs. Our smart algorithm was built for ride sharing and our corner to corner pickups make the ride faster and affordable for everyone. >We promise low-fares for everyone: Save money on cabs and ride anywhere within our service area for affordable fares. Passengers get premium, convenient rides for only a few dollars more than a city bus or subway. Eligible users can pay using pre-tax transit dollars through approved commuter benefit debit cards. All payment is directly through the app, making paying for your ride fast and completely seamless. >Superior customer service: Having transit troubles? Send us a text message anytime, and we’re happy to help! We offer real-time customer support so you can enjoy your ride. >Community: We’re proud to represent such a diverse community of riders and drivers. Via recognizes the value of sharing with our neighbors and believes that everyone benefits when we work together to make our city a better place. When we ride together, we benefit our city, our planet and one another. Welcome to the new alternative, transportation system. >Your friends are our friends: Share the Via love! We’re sure your friends would rather ride with us than public buses, trains, subways, and metros or expensive taxis. That’s why we make carpools fun. Refer friends to Via and you will earn free Ride Credit when your friend takes a ride.! >Environmentally friendly: Help keep our cities clean. Similar to carpools or shuttles, we can reduce congestion and emissions by sharing rides with one another. >Where and when can I Via? You can ride Via in New York (including JFK, EWR, and LGA airports), Chicago (including O’Hare and Midway airports), and Washington D.C.


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Via - Affordable Ride-sharing app reviews

  • Unreliable 1/5

    By Nick Nuts
    Sometimes it works ok. But often you’ll find yourself waiting 20 minutes for a ride that the app says is 1 minute away, and then they cancel the ride saying you no-showed. Its frustrating in good weather, but when you’re waiting outside in the rain or freezing cold its infuriating. Some of the drivers are good, but many are unprofessional. My experience is in NYC. Other areas might be better or worse.
  • Great ride 5/5

    By Joe Riccardo
    Had a great ride from fidi to the west village.
  • Best cost effective way to travel 5/5

    By SugaMamaLuv
    Vía has the best courtesy and professional drivers. The cars are always clean and the ride is always smooth. Best part is they are most cost effective compared to the competitors.
  • Terrific App with one slight problem 5/5

    By TheSlightEdge
    Just started using Via and I’m really enjoying the service. Purchased a monthly pass in Chicago that gives me up to 4 free rides per day. Perfect for getting to work, and it’s great not having to worry about surge pricing like Uber and Lyft. The one thing I don’t like, however, is that you can’t see the estimated time for a car to pick you up until you order it. This is terrible and needs to get fixed ASAP. For those new to Via, definitely download the app. If you use the following code “adam4v6r” you’ll get $10 in free credit, which is a lot on free rides since Via is so cheap!
  • Yes 5/5

    By Alex_LiveSaX
    Great app!!!
  • Greatest ride share service in NY 5/5

    By Roplayed
  • Great 5/5

    By Mitchedy9
    So much better than Uber
  • Efficient and affordable 5/5

    By RoryDavis
    Via runs Mercedes Metris vans all over Brooklyn. It’s a shared ride set up, but even if no one else gets in, you pay a shared ride cost, which is less than any other service. So far, so good—I’ve been rolling around Brooklyn at about half the cost of Uber
  • I Love Via 5/5

    By Queenmfg
    I use Via regularly. I find it very affordable and convenient. I’m so happy that they finally expanded to all boroughs.
  • Great ride! 5/5

    By Mahhhhhk!
    Driver could not have been better!
  • Worst customer service ever. 1/5

    By Mpb dnb
    I signed up to via because I had a coupon from on of the drivers so I downloaded the app and right away they flagged my account. I contacted customer service and was told they’re only able to unlock my account if I send them a picture of my id and credit card. I told them I did not feel comfortable sharing my information with them and asked if they could do something about it. They told me that was the only way so nothing was done in the end.
  • They’re getting better 4/5

    By L56885
    Most drivers drive at a normal rate, not extremely slow anymore. I like that they give you an ETA as well now, so you know what time you’ll arrive.
  • 😁 5/5

    By Victa ;)
    Great guy ! Easy to have a convo with. Lots of wisdom.
  • Great driver 😀 5/5

    By Dee Dash :)
    Good company +++++++++++
  • Used to be fantastic, now, don't bother 1/5

    By EFax user
    When I started using Via 2 years ago in Chicago, it was fantastic. Cars were clean, sometimes limo standard, love the concept of picking up and dropping off within 1-2 blocks to save gas. However, these past 6 months, the rides have been terrible. The standard of the cars has fallen significantly, some smell of smoke, another one of pot!!! The drivers have no idea where they're going even though they have GPS! I used to recommend all my friends to use Via, not anymore...
  • Marketing push notifications 1/5

    By ciamac
    This app sends spammy marketing push notifications and should be banned.
  • Great !!! 5/5

    By Hippo2u
    I wouldn’t be able to work if it weren’t for Via. Love all of you
  • The best prices in the city! 5/5

    By Melliiiiiiiii
    I love using Via, it’s always affordable and very convenient.
  • The Good - Bad - and Ugly 3/5

    By Hypethis
    If you’re a New York City commuter, Via is a hero. It offers an equitable transportation option for those of us who do not love the subways but don’t mind being in close quarters with other New Yorkers. But, quality has suffered as the company has expanded across the city. One day you might get a great driver with a well maintained car and the next, a surely person with a wreck. Routing algorithms have improved to a fault so leave time to get to your destinations or be prepared to pay more. Takeaway: Via is a great company. But please hold your drivers to the high quality you started out with.
  • Convenient Cheap Great drivers 5/5

    By Clandugan
    Via is low cost and convenient. Drivers are courteous and cars are clean.
  • Easy convenient and economical 5/5

    By Namrub
    Love the service
  • YES. 5/5

    By DjSmith211
  • Via-where have you been all my life? 5/5

    By Irwinpenny
    Via is without question the most incredible way to get around Manhattan. Forget about taxis, UBER, subways, etc. via is the only way to go! Amazing!!!
  • Really Good. Could Improve 4/5

    By onmimoofy
    There doesn’t seem to be a clear, obvious match between the Via car number on the app and the signage in the car window. Many drivers aren’t using the signage anymore. The app would be better if these two things were in sync and the sign were visible.
  • This app is garbage 1/5

    By $TiMaTi$
    I used this app for the second time today and call in a driver. This app automatically picks a location and makes u walk to your pick up location. First of all, I think that’s stupid. I should be picked up from my own location. Anyways, so I walk to the location I’m suppose to be and since there was snow and lots of call, I couldn’t identify where my driver was. So I called and it took the driver about 7-8 rings to finally answer. I was by a corner of two street. That’s where I was told to be by the app. Keep in mind it’s a normal street with traffic lights. In the traffic light , there a police officer waiting in red light. My driver says (on the phone) “listen I’m not gonna stop there because I don’t want a ticket because of u, so u have to move. Move somewhere else” and I’m like “what?” He then doesn’t even pick me up. I had to cancel the trip. Also In the car description , it said dodge but he wasn’t even driving a dodge. It was a van... horrible communication, horrible customer service, and this app does not seem safe at all. I’m going back to UBER or LYFT.
  • Getting worse 3/5

    By Penestanan
    Time quotes no longer realistic. Often changing cars. VERY annoying!!!
  • Via is great 5/5

    By Sjjr1
    I use Via almost everyday! It’s great and saves me a lot of money.
  • Via rocks!! 5/5

    By Remeart
    Best thing to happen to New Yorkers since bagels and cream cheese!!
  • Good but needs improvement 4/5

    By stlewi
    DC Customer. I’ve been using Via for over a year in DC. I’ve seen improvements with the app. The estimated wait time has improved, but is still bad. I expect to wait TWICE as long as the app says. The estimated drop off time is always wrong. I expect to be dropped of 10 minutes LATER than what the app says. The routing is TRASH. It often leads me through more traffic. The cars are ok. The drivers are ok. Most are not familiar with DC and follow the poor routing. The pricing has gone up and up. That is pure garbage. While it’s still cheaper than other ride services, the price increases are unwarranted because there are in minor improvements in service. The worse thing about Via is not knowing where you’ll be dropped off. That level of uncertainty is a travesty. Riders need to know BEFORE they book the ride. Actually, the worse thing is that Via doesn’t go to ALL parts of the city. DC is a small city. There is no reason why we are limited to a small section of it. No reason at all. Overall, the drop off uncertainty, long wait times, poor routing, inexperienced drivers, and limited service it makes Via seem SUBSTANDARD. HOWEVER, I like Via a lot. A. LOT. It’s affordable. And that is huge. The affordable ViaPass is crucial to my happiness. It takes me where I need to go. I recommend the service, and hope for speedy improvements.
  • Safe driver 5/5

    By LoriBBB
    He was a safe driver and offered my daughter a water when she was very thirsty.
  • Nice Driver! 5/5

    By Lady Chorot-Bernard
    Very polite driver, very patient and car smelled good. Had Mom with me. She loved the ride and now wants to do this on her own!!! Thank You so much
  • I lovia 5/5

    By uuuuuuuuuuudu
    A great app and smooth ride
  • Can not sign up 1/5

    By Georafap
    Please fix. I can’t even sign up. Stuck on credit card > expiration date.
  • Price Change Not Working 1/5

    By Freezy bird
    I used to be an EXTREMELY loyal via exclusive rider, but then a while ago they upped their prices and now it’s just no different from uber or Lyft, just with slightly worse service. The prices used to be $5 or under for anywhere in Manhattan and now the lowest price you can get is $5. The only appeal of via was that it was cheap and now it’s not even that. Please go back to the old price system or I won’t be a return used.
  • What was life like before Via? 5/5

    By HK Rosie
    Must for any true New Yorker!
  • Via 5/5

    By muzickka
    Via offers the best service, quick pickups and excellent drivers . The app is much improved. I used to find it difficult to call a cab with the old VIA app before but now it works perfectly fine.
  • VIA - intuitive app and reliable service 5/5

    By WorldAppCritic
    Best deal in town....
  • Was not happy 2/5

    By ElkyKiss
    Customer service should be more easily accessible
  • 5 Stars 5/5

    By Swaggy Dreamer
    Awesome service
  • Great ride! 5/5

    By Don Juan 9
    Really great driver!
  • Cheap & Cheerful 5/5

    By ShemleyGordon
    Surprised by all the negative comments. Personally I can’t believe it took me so long to start using Via. Cars are brand new and drivers polite. And most of all it’s so cheap.
  • Idiot driver ....f-ing listen 1/5

    By Tip NYC
    I called the driver twice to let him know I could not meet him at corner pickup and needed to be picked up at the door address because I was with my grandfather and his is using a Walker. He just said yes I'll be there in 2 mins and when he arrived he was waiting at the corner and just cancelled the ride leaving us in the cold!!!!!
  • Incredible! 5/5

    By Sharing in Style
    I love Via. Amazing service, friendly drivers, and routing that actually MAKES SENSE!!! Essential for getting around, don't know how I survived before Via.
  • I can’t even log in 1/5

    By ronronner
    No wonder it’s cheaper than competitors.
  • Awesome rides in nyc 5/5

    By phdizzzle
    Convenient , quick, and well priced rides in nyc . I recommend via to those who are looking to alternatives to the other guys .
  • Awesome 4/5

    Love it but hate that sometimes they leave so fast
  • Great drivers— great app! Love Via! 5/5

    By 888*
    Via is the way to go! The routes make sense, the drivers are top notch professionals and the cars are excellent. Share rides are a game changer for New York commuters but Via is by far the best service I’ve used.
  • Great for getting me where I need to go! 4/5

    By CPW GAL
    I’ve been using VIA for almost two years and I love the service. The only thing I miss is the two minute warning alert to let me know the car is coming.
  • Not worth it. Just use Lyft 1/5

    By ridgewoodqueen101
    I’ve always had a terrible experience with this app. Drivers will leave in less than 20 seconds if you’re not at the meeting point which is always a street corner out of the way/ too far away then you request, and they don’t drive remotely safe at all. If I wanted to contact the driver and let them know I was running late because I needed to lock up my apartment, there is no phone connection- just a dead end between me and the number provided by the app to the driver. It’s not worth it for the low price unless you’re willing to deal with a HOT mess. Just use lyft or Uber instead honestly
  • Not perfect but pretty awesome 4/5

    By E&
    Good stuff

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