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Virgin America App

You’re so dialed. The new Virgin America app makes managing your mood-lit ride seamless and easy. Book a flight, check-in, access your mobile boarding pass, receive flight alerts, view your Elevate points and more–on the go. Put your finger on autopilot and download a little awesomeness. Travel Features: • Check-in for upcoming flights up to 24-hours in advance. • Get instant notifications when it’s time to check-in, board, or for any flight changes such as a delay or gate change. • Manage your trips on the fly. Change seats, add traveler info, change your itinerary, and more. • Store your boarding pass or save to Wallet. • Check flight status for all Virgin America flights. • See all flight sales instantly. • Quickly compare all available cabin classes. • Purchase seat upgrades with ease at check-in. • Purchase flight extras including priority security and boarding, checked bags, and more. • Purchase airport lounge passes. • Save preferences including credit card information, guest companions, cabin preferences, and favorite city information. • View your Elevate profile such as available points and status. • Tune-in and take-off to Spotify playlists for every destination. • Gold and Silver Elevate members get a direct number for customer care.


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Virgin America app reviews

  • "Book a flight"? 2/5

    By appsainthard
    Under app description, it states "Book a flight" but, as we all know, ya can't. Otherwise, always happy with Virgin.
  • Never works... 1/5

    By Rbduc
    This app is useless - constantly pops up error messages and the closes/crashes
  • Worst airline 1/5

    By dont recomend
    They stole my clothes and my kids stuff too i will defenetly not take this freaken airline ever people watch out for ur stuff!!!
  • Non functioning 1/5

    By USMC03
    App does not work. Loops in an unknown error. Was unable to retrieve boarding passes or flight info.
  • Case of the disappearing boarding pass… 1/5

    By Chaos215bar2
    Hey, guys. If the only boarding pass you’re going to provide — you know, the one with the flight number — you might want to actually keep it there until *after* your precious customers are done claiming their baggage.
  • Error code no matter what 1/5

    By aliiien
    I couldn’t check in. I couldn’t get my boarding pass. Everything popped up with a perpetual error code. App crashed.
  • Hire 1 competent dev 1/5

    By amopeyant
    Dear god this is a useless app. Plz fire your overseas budget dev team and spend some actual money on a working app. Such low hanging fruit and you just can't figure it out...
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Diwndidbdj
    They literally canceled my ticket and didn’t tell me until less than 24hrs before departure. Meanwhile the app continued to tell me that my flight was good.
  • Buggy; Can’t check in 1/5

    By Aggalioop
    We literally can’t check in when checking a bag. Always get an error and no ability to bypass and pay for the bag when we get to the airport. Terrible!
  • Best thing going for App 1/5

    Is that it is being put out on 12/31. Probably a good thing. Not helpful as a source of flight information. Even flight delays known ahead of time are not reflected in App.
  • Message saying unknown error pops up 1/5

    By Pxaxtx
    I keep getting a message that pops up saying unknown error when I try to log in. And if I continue as a guest and try to check in to my flight the same message pops up. Very inconvenient.
  • New features walkthrough? 3/5

    By EtherLegacy
    It would be nice if the app would walk me through new features like other apps. The update says it’s easier to plug in my known traveler number. I’m not booking airfare and just want to add my number to my account. I’ve tapped everywhere I can other than booking a flight and it is impossible to enter the number anywhere.
  • Book through the app??? 1/5

    By deedeac
    Uh, why, in this world of very modern and up-to-date technology can I not book a flight on the mobile app??? Okay, maybe considering the merge with Alaskan Air, but aren’t able to be searched for and shown this one is an Alaskan flight and this one is Virgin??? Uh, not sure why I kicked my other airline to the curb. Plus, flights are 3xs more expensive than the others for One Way flights. Guess I’m paying for the experience; it was cool that one time, but was really just “eh!” Not that amazing.
  • Flight deleted every time I closed app 1/5

    By dcashaleemd
    Every time I closed app my flight went away. Which meant I had to refind re enter confirmation # three times and find boarding pass again at two security check points. Then when boarding I didn’t have enough internet so despite being first class and premium levels I had to get out of line get gate agent to print boarding pass and now I’m the last person on the plane. Waiting in huge line. Never using this app again
  • Hardly works 1/5

    By pdubs01
    It's 2017 and this company can't make a decent app.
  • Needs work 1/5

    By Soundingon
    I just entered the information for an upcoming trip and closed the app. When I opened the app again, all of that information was lost. Which basically means I wouldn't have received any information or important on that flight. This is the main reason why we use apps like this. Notifications..... This app should hold all of your information and allow you to check in without having to enter you flight confirmation codes again. It has potential. I say check out deltas app for a great example of the best flying app.
  • Useless!!! 1/5

    By grf819
    Don’t bother with this app. Since Virgin and Alaska have merged, you will not be able to get your boarding pass with this app - you will be redirected to Alaska Air website, but still won’t be able to get boarding pass! Log into Virgin Air website and get it there!!
  • Slow, featureless, and generally useless. 1/5

    By Snail Tail
    App takes forever to simply open. Once you’re in, you can’t even book flights, change seats, or purchase extras. The app redirects you to the website for all of this, so you may as well skip the app and just log in to the Virgin website on your browser.
  • Sad 1/5

    By gordonross
    The painful death of a great airline. Virgin getting bought by Alaska is a tragedy and watching them slowly starve their acquisition is almost unbearable.
  • Fastest way to book a Virgin flight 2/5

    By socalgecko
    I USED to love this app so much! It's a shame it’s been crippled by the Alaska merger. Removing the ability to book flights was a huge step backwards. It was far zippier than their website.
  • Doesn't show delays... 2/5

    By Frmbostn
    My flight is delayed by more than an hour. Still shows ONTIME on the app, still sending me prompts to board. Also, doesn't allow me to see seat map once I've checked in. Even if there are no seats available, I should still be able to see that. This could/ should be MUCH better...
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By choppygirl77
    Worst of the worst is the loading time. Takes too long to load my boarding pass and it’s embarrassing when you’re in the line to security check and boarding the plane. I regretted not having my boarding pass printed out. Then there are too many ads. Some interactions just don’t make sense. Like you’ll expect to swipe to see next flight but it takes you to an ad, then tab on the flight card doesn’t give you the details you need.
  • Useless. Avoid. 1/5

    By Idle Chatter
    Can't get past "continue as Guest" screen. The app just displays "logging in..." I know Virgin and Alaska are merging. The Alaska app is functional and actually does stuff. The Virgin app is junk.
  • Fix this app Please! 1/5

    By Airansun
    Every other airline has smoothly functioning apps, to make and change reservations, to check on flight status and to issue e-boarding passes. Your app can’t even remember my flight, from one usage to another within three hours, unless I reenter my name and confirmation code EVERY time. And I HAVE an elevate number, which hasn’t made me feel elevated at all.
  • Pointless, Can't Book 1/5

    By VermillionCorazon
    The app doesn't recognize my account and a pop-up directs you to the Virgin website to book flights. Deleting.
  • Awful 1/5

    By GVAZBill
    The negative reviews are correct! This thing does' take a login, I can't even proceed as a guest, though I have been an Elevate member for years. Horrible!!
  • Needs work, but why bother! 1/5

    By bayhuntr
    Every time I sign in to do anything with. VA reservation made on Alaska site, I have to reenter the confirmation code, jumping between apps to enter it, if I can’t memorize it. Lots of errors. When adding boarding pass to Wallet, it crashes, tried a few times... it was apparently kind of working because I had 4 boarding passes in my wallet.. Why bother fixing it if airlines are merging why?
  • Could be WAY better 1/5

    By Citikid
    Signed up, entered my info & elevate #. I'm logged in and the app recognizes me but does not have my flight info. Tap on "manage" and get: "Oops! We Couldn't find any upcoming flights." I have to click on "Find my flight" and enter my name and confirmation number. (Which I have to dig for) My flight appears but does not have any status updates - my flight was very delayed but nothing in the app reflected that. Not intuitive - in order to get to my boarding pass I had to click on "check in" which I had already done last night. So inside "check in" I see a cryptic description of my flight. I tap on that and I get a window with "view boarding pass" at the bottom. It would have been easier if I just used a browser to go to their web page. You also have to swipe horizontally to see connecting boarding pass' not intuitive since vertical scrolling is how much of the app works. No indication to swipe horizontally. To make matters worse if you quit the app it looses everything and you have to do all of the above all over again. It's not only the unintuitive interface but the fact that the app knew my name but not my flights ( unless I searched) was very unpleasant. Happy I printed my boarding pass. Oh... the text is cut off on the right when you open FAQ topics on iPhone 6.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JxleeSF
    Can't change flights, can't pay for flights(!), keeps kicking you out. Completely worthless. I wonder how much $ Virgin is losing on this app.
  • Terrible :( 1/5

    By Fugjcjxgvgd
    App keeps kicking me out when I try to view my boarding pass. Useless junk.
  • Never remembers my flights! 2/5

    By lgusty
    This app literally never remembers my upcoming flights and I have to re-entry my confirmation number each time I open it. Since the primary use of this app is to check into flights, I'd say it's a big failure. Add your boarding pass to wallet and save the hassle. This app is lame!
  • Worst 1/5

    By Boogy 12378q
    This has to be the worst of all Airlines apps. You have to sign in for every move you make. It doesn't remember that you just signed in. Every time I want to look at a different status or check my seat, I have to resign in. I'm not talking about leaving the app and come back in. I sign in, than check my status it makes me sign in again. Plus it doesn't keep you tsa precheck info. I have to redo it every time you have a new flight. Worst app.
  • Worst travel app 1/5

    By KriegerMarine
    This app used to be really good. They updated it and now it fails with every use. I can no longer launch the app - it's been 1 1/2 years since it last worked!!! I love the airline, but hate the app. It's sad to see such an advanced company take a tank when it comes to technology.
  • Unable to book through app 1/5

    By Sick@0369
    I've updated app to most recent update yet every time I've tried to book a flight it redirects me out of the app into safari website link 😠
  • Major log in issues 1/5

    By mightydac
    Can't log in with the email and password that works perfectly on the website. Not clear how to even report this as an issue
  • Impossible to book flight 1/5

    By Sapi Ompong
    First of all, to book a flight you will be directed to their website. What's the point of having an app? Second, once in the website, I can only select a departure date. All dates beyond departure dates are shown as "not available", thus no return date can be selected.
  • 1 star is too much 1/5

    By akgirl17
    Their app is complete crap. You can check in, but it errors out constantly and I can never view or get my boarding pass, so I end up having to print one out. WHAT'S THE POINT OF A MOBILE APP IF I CANNOT OBTAIN MY BOARDING PASS? It doesn't matter if you check in under your account or as a guest. Does not work. Complete crap.
  • don't know what these joker are talking about 5/5

    By köödos
    this app is super cute and works really well. able to add it to 'wallet' on iphone also. love it
  • Dysfunctional App 1/5

    By mb2x
    Aside from the accompanying comments how ridiculous that the app requires reentry of one's Elevate and Known Traveler Number EACH time the App is accessed. Why doesn't Virgin beta test the App and do so at each iteration instead of turning off its customers? Is there anyone in Management paying attention because this is tarnishing an otherwise fine airline.
  • Bad design 2/5

    By Chrome stinks
    They wouldn't let me pick a seat weeks in advance with no clear reasoning why, only to show up and find out they stuck a 6'2 guy in a middle seat. Experienced based airline my a**. Step up your digital touch points UX team! At least warn people and explain why they can't book a seat. I would have chosen a different airline. I certainly will next time.
  • Alaska Air is killing Virgin America 1/5

    By mfresen
    The handoffs to the Alaska airlines website don't work, therefore this app is now useless. It's a shame, because it was the best airline app prior to the acquisition.
  • App is useless. 1/5

    By XboxBau5
    Whatever you tap, like booking or just looking at flights, it tells you to go to the website. What is the point of having the app if it's just going to redirect you to the website?
  • Can't sign in as guest 1/5

    By Sterist
    App keeps freezing when I try to sign in as guest. Have tried it multiple times since the last update. Delete the app now.
  • Booking sends you to a web page 1/5

    By Crewjboy
    What kind of stupid update is this? Booking sends you to a webpage where you have to re-authenticate. Airline/travel apps are some of THE worst in the IOS world. Don't look at the other pathetic examples. You can do much better.
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Huskerlv
    I loaded/deleted/reloaded this app probably 5 times. It will not open. It downloads, but it won't open from the app loading page or when I try to open it from my main screen. I gave an up to date iPhone 6 Plus. It should work.
  • Unusable now 1/5

    By NickWeHo
    They've removed all booking from the app, which means they've killed the functionality of one of the best apps available in the Apple Store. It was definitely the best flight booking app out there. RIP VIRGIN.
  • Booking redirect 1/5

    By Mjabr
    Trying to book flight redirects from app to mobile web. Horrible user experience and bad for business. Adding step in process will cut down on bookings.
  • No more booking through the app?! 1/5

    By Beeeclaat
    Why have the app? F*ck outta here!!!
  • No more in-app booking?! 1/5

    By Shessh
    Loved the app, but not this update. Why have an app if I get redirected to an external website to complete my transaction? It doesn't even sign me in automatically... Disappointed.
  • no more booking flow within the app?? 1/5

    By mgurreta
    WHAATT??? always a super awesome app and booking flow now redirects to the mobile web version ?? how disappointing! There is no app, everything redirects or open a mobile friendly version of the web. hopefully you change your mind and add the booking back.

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