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Virgin America App

You’re so dialed. The new Virgin America app makes managing your mood-lit ride seamless and easy. Book a flight, check-in, access your mobile boarding pass, receive flight alerts, view your Elevate points and more–on the go. Put your finger on autopilot and download a little awesomeness. Travel Features: • Check-in for upcoming flights up to 24-hours in advance. • Get instant notifications when it’s time to check-in, board, or for any flight changes such as a delay or gate change. • Manage your trips on the fly. Change seats, add traveler info, change your itinerary, and more. • Store your boarding pass or save to Wallet. • Check flight status for all Virgin America flights. • See all flight sales instantly. • Quickly compare all available cabin classes. • Purchase seat upgrades with ease at check-in. • Purchase flight extras including priority security and boarding, checked bags, and more. • Purchase airport lounge passes. • Save preferences including credit card information, guest companions, cabin preferences, and favorite city information. • View your Elevate profile such as available points and status. • Tune-in and take-off to Spotify playlists for every destination. • Gold and Silver Elevate members get a direct number for customer care.


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Virgin America app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By GVAZBill
    The negative reviews are correct! This thing does' take a login, I can't even proceed as a guest, though I have been an Elevate member for years. Horrible!!
  • Needs work, but why bother! 1/5

    By bayhuntr
    Every time I sign in to do anything with. VA reservation made on Alaska site, I have to reenter the confirmation code, jumping between apps to enter it, if I can’t memorize it. Lots of errors. When adding boarding pass to Wallet, it crashes, tried a few times... it was apparently kind of working because I had 4 boarding passes in my wallet.. Why bother fixing it if airlines are merging why?
  • Could be WAY better 1/5

    By Citikid
    Signed up, entered my info & elevate #. I'm logged in and the app recognizes me but does not have my flight info. Tap on "manage" and get: "Oops! We Couldn't find any upcoming flights." I have to click on "Find my flight" and enter my name and confirmation number. (Which I have to dig for) My flight appears but does not have any status updates - my flight was very delayed but nothing in the app reflected that. Not intuitive - in order to get to my boarding pass I had to click on "check in" which I had already done last night. So inside "check in" I see a cryptic description of my flight. I tap on that and I get a window with "view boarding pass" at the bottom. It would have been easier if I just used a browser to go to their web page. You also have to swipe horizontally to see connecting boarding pass' not intuitive since vertical scrolling is how much of the app works. No indication to swipe horizontally. To make matters worse if you quit the app it looses everything and you have to do all of the above all over again. It's not only the unintuitive interface but the fact that the app knew my name but not my flights ( unless I searched) was very unpleasant. Happy I printed my boarding pass. Oh... the text is cut off on the right when you open FAQ topics on iPhone 6.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By JxleeSF
    Can't change flights, can't pay for flights(!), keeps kicking you out. Completely worthless. I wonder how much $ Virgin is losing on this app.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Idle Chatter
    Can't get past "continue as Guest" screen. The app just displays "logging in..." I know Virgin and Alaska are merging. The Alaska app is functional and actually does stuff. The Virgin app is junk.
  • Terrible :( 1/5

    By Fugjcjxgvgd
    App keeps kicking me out when I try to view my boarding pass. Useless junk.
  • Never remembers my flights! 2/5

    By lgusty
    This app literally never remembers my upcoming flights and I have to re-entry my confirmation number each time I open it. Since the primary use of this app is to check into flights, I'd say it's a big failure. Add your boarding pass to wallet and save the hassle. This app is lame!
  • Worst 1/5

    By Boogy 12378q
    This has to be the worst of all Airlines apps. You have to sign in for every move you make. It doesn't remember that you just signed in. Every time I want to look at a different status or check my seat, I have to resign in. I'm not talking about leaving the app and come back in. I sign in, than check my status it makes me sign in again. Plus it doesn't keep you tsa precheck info. I have to redo it every time you have a new flight. Worst app.
  • Worst travel app 1/5

    By KriegerMarine
    This app used to be really good. They updated it and now it fails with every use. I can no longer launch the app - it's been 1 1/2 years since it last worked!!! I love the airline, but hate the app. It's sad to see such an advanced company take a tank when it comes to technology.
  • Unable to book through app 1/5

    By Sick@0369
    I've updated app to most recent update yet every time I've tried to book a flight it redirects me out of the app into safari website link 😠
  • Major log in issues 1/5

    By mightydac
    Can't log in with the email and password that works perfectly on the website. Not clear how to even report this as an issue
  • Impossible to book flight 1/5

    By Sapi Ompong
    First of all, to book a flight you will be directed to their website. What's the point of having an app? Second, once in the website, I can only select a departure date. All dates beyond departure dates are shown as "not available", thus no return date can be selected.
  • Fails to show updated flight info 2/5

    By Chaos215bar2
    Rather than reloading the information for my delayed flight, the app first does nothing, then after manually closing and reopening, removes the flight entirely. (Because, why would I ever need to know about the flight I'm currently supposed to be on?) If you're going to try to replace even the lowly flight confirmation email eith your website and apps, make sure they work. Better, actually send confirmation and other emails *and* make apps that work. Email is searchable and still works when your own services are having trouble. Per-service apps are just a hassle that I don't need to deal with in the general rush of traveling.
  • 1 star is too much 1/5

    By akgirl17
    Their app is complete crap. You can check in, but it errors out constantly and I can never view or get my boarding pass, so I end up having to print one out. WHAT'S THE POINT OF A MOBILE APP IF I CANNOT OBTAIN MY BOARDING PASS? It doesn't matter if you check in under your account or as a guest. Does not work. Complete crap.
  • don't know what these joker are talking about 5/5

    By köödos
    this app is super cute and works really well. able to add it to 'wallet' on iphone also. love it
  • Dysfunctional App 1/5

    By mb2x
    Aside from the accompanying comments how ridiculous that the app requires reentry of one's Elevate and Known Traveler Number EACH time the App is accessed. Why doesn't Virgin beta test the App and do so at each iteration instead of turning off its customers? Is there anyone in Management paying attention because this is tarnishing an otherwise fine airline.
  • Bad design 2/5

    By Chrome stinks
    They wouldn't let me pick a seat weeks in advance with no clear reasoning why, only to show up and find out they stuck a 6'2 guy in a middle seat. Experienced based airline my a**. Step up your digital touch points UX team! At least warn people and explain why they can't book a seat. I would have chosen a different airline. I certainly will next time.
  • Alaska Air is killing Virgin America 1/5

    By mfresen
    The handoffs to the Alaska airlines website don't work, therefore this app is now useless. It's a shame, because it was the best airline app prior to the acquisition.
  • App is useless. 1/5

    By XboxBau5
    Whatever you tap, like booking or just looking at flights, it tells you to go to the website. What is the point of having the app if it's just going to redirect you to the website?
  • Can't sign in as guest 1/5

    By Sterist
    App keeps freezing when I try to sign in as guest. Have tried it multiple times since the last update. Delete the app now.
  • Booking sends you to a web page 1/5

    By Crewjboy
    What kind of stupid update is this? Booking sends you to a webpage where you have to re-authenticate. Airline/travel apps are some of THE worst in the IOS world. Don't look at the other pathetic examples. You can do much better.
  • App won't open 1/5

    By Huskerlv
    I loaded/deleted/reloaded this app probably 5 times. It will not open. It downloads, but it won't open from the app loading page or when I try to open it from my main screen. I gave an up to date iPhone 6 Plus. It should work.
  • Unusable now 1/5

    By NickWeHo
    They've removed all booking from the app, which means they've killed the functionality of one of the best apps available in the Apple Store. It was definitely the best flight booking app out there. RIP VIRGIN.
  • Booking redirect 1/5

    By Mjabr
    Trying to book flight redirects from app to mobile web. Horrible user experience and bad for business. Adding step in process will cut down on bookings.
  • No more booking through the app?! 1/5

    By Beeeclaat
    Why have the app? F*ck outta here!!!
  • No more in-app booking?! 1/5

    By Shessh
    Loved the app, but not this update. Why have an app if I get redirected to an external website to complete my transaction? It doesn't even sign me in automatically... Disappointed.
  • no more booking flow within the app?? 1/5

    By mgurreta
    WHAATT??? always a super awesome app and booking flow now redirects to the mobile web version ?? how disappointing! There is no app, everything redirects or open a mobile friendly version of the web. hopefully you change your mind and add the booking back.
  • Awful 1/5

    By ski470
    I fly twice a week and I actively avoid flying Virgin because this app is so awful. It never has my check in information for my flight, roll of the dice whether or not my TSA pre-check shows up. When I'm flying early Monday morning, dealing with the extra annoyance of not being able to check in is just not worth it.
  • Far and away the best airline app I've used 5/5

    By Bjsiwna
    Not sure why the other reviews are so negative. This app is nicely polished and does exactly what I need it to do: manage bookings, check in, and save my boarding pass to Apple wallet. I've had very few issues with the app, and all of them were because of complications between my Elevate and MileagePlan accounts, not because of anything wrong with the app itself.
  • Won't even open 1/5

    By rudeadam1
    Freezes on startup
  • This app is useless 1/5

    By Fjfjfnfjwwwjjb$$($4
    Alaska air should get rid of this app and use its own for virgin America flights. Crashes all the time, no useful features, terrible UI.
  • Useless 1/5

    By AF-420
    App keeps rotating "unknown error" at every click and shuts off when asking to view boarding pass. Totally unusable and broken. Should be pulled from the App Store.
  • Awful and Buggy 1/5

    By cbennett24
    Crashes constantly
  • Worst app ever! 1/5

    By mikeyP9
    With this app, one can log in with their elevate number or their trip confirmation number. I don't have an elevate number becuase I am an Alaska customer and booked this trip though their site. So I have to continue as guest with my confirmation number. After loging in the app tells me several times that I got an error (with no text) and I had to hit "got it" several times on each screen. I finally got checked it, tapped view your boarding pass, and the app crashes. Get back in, it remembers my trip (I guess that is a good thing), tap get boarding pass, the thing crashes again. And again, and again....I thought the boarding pass was the reason you put this pile of crap on your phone. A note to Alaska Airlines, don't bother fixing this piece of work, just throw it out. I have to use a paper boarding pass???? Really????? Not a happy camper here. Did I mention that the user experience is less then perfect and I am annoyed???
  • Always comes up when screen is locked 1/5

    By Meaculpaz
    Whenever I'm near an airport the virgin app comes up in the locked screen regardless of whether I'm flying with Virgin. I have a dozen other airline apps and none of them do this. Tried turning notifications off in lock screen but since it's a wallet app it won't go away so I'll be uninstalling
  • Huge Disappointment 2/5

    By Mark Ryan Castellani
    That's my first flight through Virgin. I walked in the plane and I was definitely impressed by the flight, the leg room; overall the plane has a lot more refreshing vibe than that of other airlines. However, I was supposed to arrive at 8:15pm. It's 10:14pm now, after a delayed takeoff and now to top it, the pilot just announced we would be stuck on the arrival runway for another 20 minutes with the stewardess prohibiting anyone to get up to go to the restrooms!
  • Don't goooooo 5/5

    By RobinKree
    I feel like Virgin becoming Alaska is like when you're a kid and your parents leave you home with the boring babysitter who you tolerate because you have to. Please tell someone to make Alaska's app as cool as Virgin's app. Thanks.
  • Keeps popping up on my home screen 1/5

    By Apartment owner / Airbnb host
    I downloaded this once when I had a virgin flight, then deleted it because I rarely fly virgin America. However, every time I'm in an airport, this app pops up on my home screen saying "Virgin terminal nearby." It's incredibly annoying and I can't seem to get rid of it.
  • UNSAT !!😡 Big Fat Zero 1/5

    #1 Fault: It cannot remember your RSVP !!
  • Perfectly designed and works great 5/5

    By Michael122903
    This app is just like the airline itself, perfect, fun, energizing and unique! Everything works how it's supposed to and all is perfect!
  • Disappointing app! 1/5

    By Aviary man
    Takes forever waiting for app to sign in to access your boarding pass at the most in inopportune times. And then after your initial departure time the boarding pass completely disappears from the app. What about the use case for delayed flights?!? Cmon product managers!
  • Unreliable flight status 1/5

    By 909traveler
    The flight status on app does not match flight status on site. Example, my current flight status has been delayed. I've even called VA and verbally confirmed the flight has been delayed by two hours. However, the app shows an on time departure ...
  • Fails to sign in, useless 1/5

    By DodgyLogic
    The app never signs in, so it's completely useless.
  • Awful 1/5

    By Colonel Twobeers
    Flights disappear. Come on, get with it. It's 2017.
  • Cannot Check In 1/5

    By Loooooooose
    This app will not let me check in or select a seat! An MVP Gold customer on Alaska - trying out a Virgin flight for the first time. Not a good start Virgin.
  • Endless loop 1/5

    I open it and it just says you have to update I click on the App Store and it opens the app which says I have to update I click in the App Store and it opens the app I open it ......
  • Looks good, functionality broken 2/5

    By Dapaintballer331
    Seat maps are ALWAYS WRONG which screws up the check in process. Changing seats in check in never works either. I love virgin but this is a disappointment.
  • Drains your battery! 1/5

    By diggitgetit
    Downloaded this to check in and track a flt and my phone went from 100% battery to 30% in 4 hours. Even after I closed out of the app completely (and I have location services off except when using the app and background app refresh off as well). The day after my flt I realized this app was the only change I'd made to my phone that used to hold a charge all day. Once I completed deleted the app and restarted my phone, my battery life was back to full days of charges. Terrible, especially when you're traveling and need all the charge you can get!
  • POS 1/5

    By Brainplanet
    I suggest the developers spend less time on stupid graphics and more time on making an app that actually works.
  • Works fine for me 4/5

    By Algonquin esquimaux
    It appears that this version is causing problems for those who had a prior version installed. Id give it 5 stars, but I have not used it enough to say. I did not, and it works fine for me. The integration with Spotify seems peculiar, but has not caused me any problems.

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