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Vivint Smart Home

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  • Current Version: 3.12.3
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  • Developer: Vivint
  • Compatibility: Android
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Vivint Smart Home App

The Vivint Smart Home app is a complete smart home control system that connects doorbell cameras, security cameras, smart thermostats, door & window sensors, smoke detectors, and more into a single user interface. Our simple, intuitive app eliminates the need to switch between different home control apps or walk through the house flipping switches by hand. With the Vivint Smart Home app, you get to live more and manage less. Note: Vivint Smart Home SkyControl panel and service subscription required. Call 877.788.2697 for free installation. With the Vivint Smart Home app, you can: • Arm home security systems from bed to sleep more peacefully • Optimize climate controls for comfort and energy savings at once • See and speak with front-door visitors from anywhere with Vivint Doorbell Camera • Remotely lock and unlock doors for visitors with Vivint Smart Locks • Get mobile notifications when garage or front door are left open • Operate garage doors from anywhere within cellular or Wi-Fi networks • Make sure kids arrive home from school with the Ping indoor camera Note: If you're looking for the app that supports the Vivint Go!Control Panel, search and download the "Vivint Classic" app.


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Vivint Smart Home app reviews

  • Vivint system and app 5/5

    By phimpler
    A+++. Great app easy to use. Merged with Alexa and Philip hue easy and works all the time. So far.
  • Work to do 3/5

    By Grumpyvet
    I am having repeated issues with this app. It won’t let me arm from the app, or it says armed but is still green instead of orange and says armed for 8 hours when I just armed it. Lots of bugs in this version. Please fix
  • New customer 4/5

    By FireNation
    So far have been happy with the quality and speed of app and system.
  • Door camera 2/5

    By Chafa chief
    Love the systems but the app doesnt always play live feed from it. It takes forever loading and sometimes doesnt even load and if it captures stills they are 1-6 hours ago. Its not my network or my isp. They need to fix this.
  • Forced portrait mode? Color activities! 2/5

    By Lost in Tactics
    FORCED ORIENTATION: Stop “forcing” us to us this app in portrait mode only. This is unacceptable. Give every one their options. Make available in landscape as well. COLOR CORING FOR “AT GLANCE” ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: Color code the activities by day. EXAMPLE.. all of Monday activities are highlighted in blue, all activities of Tuesday in red.. etc. keeps it organized and tidy and allows us “the user” at a glance.. to quickly get where we need to, instead of scouring through heavy text. Aside from these very annoying factors. Excellent app, love that you use gestures to move around in the app. Very smart. Now build more of the convenience factor’s I express above and will make 5 stars. Thank you.
  • *Edit*Cropped on iPhone 6s Plus 4/5

    By Presdad12
    Thanks for fixing the issue I stated below regarding the cropped screen. Not sure yet about the Nest functionality. I updated the panel to 3.10 so I’ll have to give it a few more days or weeks before I can tell. I’m glad you guys added support on the app and the panel for Philips Hue lights but what about adding it for the Apple Watch? Any idea when this might be updated?? Thanks in advance! I’m pretty sure the “fix” you guys did for the iPhone X has caused an issue with the resolution on all other iPhones. Whenever I pull up a camera now, the image is lowered at the top and cut off at the bottom. Please fix this for users who haven’t made the leap to the X. Also, I consistently lose connectivity to my Nest. I have talked to tech support and performed a reboot on the Sky Panel at least 6 times and it will work for a few weeks and then stop. It’s not my WIFI.
  • Slow/Freeze's 1/5

    By Montgomery08
    The reason why I'm giving this rating is because I never had an issue with it being slow and freezing all the time. Now it does it all the time nonstop! It's irritating and super annoying. Please fix this problem because when I really need to see what's going on its says it's reconnection error! What's the point in having this if it's not going to work at all!?
  • Inconsistent 2/5

    By GenMarquez
    The app often gives me false readings on the garage. It tells me that it’s open when it’s not, takes multiple times to open and close it and lately the doorbell live viewing system is unavailable. I would have given it a 5 star if the features worked properly.
  • My little helper 5/5

    By Fit.nugget
    We starting using this because it came with our new home and I have to say I love it. Being able to see and talk to those in our front door has been a major help. On the other hand, I get to change the temperature or arm my home from my bed is amazing. I have zero complaints and I love it.
  • Fantastic 5/5

    By Nicoletaylorrrrrrrrrrr
    I’ve had Vivint paired with my app for 9 months now and I love everything about it! I’ve never had an issue with the app or my smart home system. I love that you can make custom rules that allow you to get the most out of your system. For example, I have the app work with my motion sensor and light dimmers so when I walk into my kitchen late at night for a glass of water, my lights automatically turn on to a dim setting. Also if I walk away from my home for more than 5 minutes and I forgot to lock my house, my Vivint system will lock my home for me. The best part is how it saves on my heating bill because it senses I’m not home through motion detectors and doors opening/closing and will automatically turn off my heater. Love my system, my cameras have always worked great and save all my clips!
  • Pathetic 1/5

    By marannathomp1
    This app is a poor excuse for functional. Ever since I moved into my new house it refuses to work with my door or thermostat. Why am I paying extra a month for this “luxury” if it NEVER works. Super disappointed.
  • Simple and safe easy access 5/5

    By Chrisanni
    So far the app has come in pretty handy. It is very easy to use and works flawlessly with my Vivint system.
  • Vivint 5/5

    By Landry Knight
    This app is awesome no bad guys come to my house.
  • Doorbell camera not working on iPhone X. 4/5

    By johnplacenet
    I can see the video but I can’t hear audio or talk through the app on my iPhone X. It works fine on older phones. Is there going to be a fix soon? Even the tech that came out couldn’t get it to work. Everything else is great though.
  • Va 4/5

    By Zocimo
    Very good app thanks
  • I love this app very convenient 5/5

    By cainmacka
    I love this app very convenient, helpful awesome
  • Review gaming 1/5

    By sir_pennyfeather
    Asks me, often, if I love the app. If I say yes it asks me to leave a review. If I say no it invites me to leave feedback in the app. Obvious gaming of the review system, and a waste of my time when I need to use the app often to arm/disarm system. Here is some public feedback for you - stop using your app to farm positive feedback.
  • Great app 5/5

    By JasmynP
    Works every time
  • Safe! 5/5

    By Kathy Haynes
    That is the best thing I can say. I was recently robbed at gunpoint. But, since getting this system - I feel safe in my house. LOVE IT!
  • Eh 4/5

    By "Eh" means bad
    It’s okay.
  • SLOW! 1/5

    By 534-475-043
    Someone could rob me for everything I own before this app would even load the initial video clip of them walking up to the house. Sad.
  • Mobile App 1/5

    By V-E-R-N
    Mobile app is not compatible with the iPhone 10. Two way communication does not work. Can view cameras. However, no sound.
  • Good. But problems with accounts. 3/5

    By The Most Humble Person Ever
    I was added to my account by following an invitation that was sent to me in a text message and when I use the app it registers when I do as the actions of the friends sent me the invitation very confusing but everything else in the app is worked perfectly fine. I like the cameras and the log of activity
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Stlsuperman
    I love it
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jake0706
    I have LOVED Vivint so far. I have had 0 issues. Everything works as advertised and the app is always dependable!
  • Doorbell video doesn’t work most of the time on the app 2/5

    By Angieyant98
    I have the same problem Birmingham44 has and have to reboot my system almost weekly and then it may work for a day if I’m lucky. Not very happy but unfortunately I signed a 5 year contract😡
  • ***Vivint's faulty equipment allowed us to get robbed on the night before Christmas Eve*** 1/5

    By Ron tag
    12/23/17 10pm. Our Vivint panel and app said that our garage door was open so my wife swiped the button to "close our garage". In fact, our garage was already closed. The Vivint equipment was malfunctioning showing the garage door was open when it was closed. Due to this malfunction our garage was actually opened instead of closed and our garage was open all night long. That night we were robbed. We had wallets, cash, keys, and Christmas presents stolen from our cars inside the garage. After all was said and done we are talking about over $4,000 in damages. After calling the police and card companies the next morning we called Vivint expecting they would try to do something to make it right. After 45 minutes of diagnosing the issue, there was an issue with the equipment, but they told me "You should have checked your garage" and "we are not liable for the theft". ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME???? It is Vivint's equipment that malfunctioned and made us vulnerable to this theft in the first place! Why would I spend over 70 bucks a month for HOME SECURITY, only to have that system cause the theft??? After escalating to a manager I was told "we assume this malfunction has been happening for some time. If you would have told us about it, and then you were robbed, then we would be liable". As a home SECURITY company, you would think they would want to take care of their customers when they have been robbed. Even more so when it was Vivint's fault in the first place. Shame on you Vivint! We will be actively sharing our story and steering people away from your products and services!!!
  • Worked great when new 3/5

    By Skerbalicious
    When we signed up with Vivint in 2015 everything was great. Now for the last few weeks we have had nothing but trouble with the doorbell camera not recording and it is a new doorbell. It does sometimes show recordings on the sky panel. Support told me that it was either too far from my modem or it had to go through too many walls. Funny, I can log into apps on my TV which is at the other end of the house. In addition there are 2 laptops and my iPad that are in the same room as the TV and they work just fine. Plus even those clips that do show up on the sky panel never make it to either my phone app or my iPad app. Essentially the doorbell camera does me no good as I need to see the recordings when I am away from home. Apparently the last couple of updates that were supposed to fix “bugs” didn’t address this problem. Having a doorbell camera that doesn’t record is not good in the case of a break in. I’m not very happy with this system at this point.
  • Please fix the app! 1/5

    By Linzy711
    The app used to work great on my iPhone but now all of a sudden it won’t let me view the live feed from my doorbell camera. I don’t know what happened but please fix this issue. My family spends a lot of money on this “smart” home system and we should be able to access the system whenever we need to. Super disappointed.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Milissia JBC
    So far this app is amazing. I’m able to see what’s going on in my home while at work. If I forget to lock the door or set the alarm before leaving the house, I can set it from the app. The notifications are priceless. Overall great app.
  • Horrible app/company 1/5

    By Kaybash
    I’ve never had as much trouble as i do with this app and system. Once a month i have to call in and stay on the line for twenty to thirty minutes to trouble shootissues. Was told to update app and software. I did. Now it’s in constant maintenance mode and i can’t use the app at all.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Cameliao82cookie1234
    I'm very please with this app
  • Easy. Simple. Functional. 5/5

    By Father/Husband/Student
    The app is super simple to understand and to use! The only issue I’ve ever experienced was not being able to view my cameras at certain times when I’m away from home. BUT EVERYTIME I’ve looked into it, my WiFi at my house has gone down, or a simple deleting and re-downloading the app has fixed the problem. Love the user interface and how easy to use it is.
  • 10 🌟⭐️💫🌟⭐️💫🌟⭐️🌟💫 5/5

    By Aksonflower
    SERIOUSLY IF I COULD GIVE THEM 10 I WOULD. Their customer service was the BEST EVER experienced! When there was a glitch in system they took 1/2 hour almost to walk me through and make absolutely CERTAIN WE FOUND A SOLUTION! My sheer gratefulness from the bottom of our hearts! Love from Alaska
  • App always loses connection. 3/5

    By Kufelbear
    App is easy to use when it works. Most often it doesn’t tell me when someone is at my door. Plus installation was done halfway. I’ve asked for someone to come out and install my panel but I’ve never had anyone call back. Never told me I needed an outlet nearby so it’s plugged in and sitting on my china cabinet.
  • Hate this app 1/5

    By MarcusandKita
    Inaccurate reads of the system, will not control my thermostat as promised, and the list goes on!!!
  • Not worth the money 1/5

    By Nicmils
    Since I got this system installed nothing but problems I will not recommend this to no one. Panel replaced 3 times already there is a camera on the panel but I’m not able to view the video. The garage controller takes forever to work if it works at all a waste
  • Great app so far 5/5

    By Brett185
    So far I have had the app and system for s week with no problems. I love being able to check on my home when I am away.
  • Unreliable 2/5

    By jlsflapa
    The app is so iffy. Works when it wants to. Forget trying to adjust your thermostat. Needs work.
  • Seamless integration 5/5

    By Chef151
    We have been a Vivint customer for 4 years now and recently upgraded to the new system. We use our system for both home automation and security. Both the system and app are greatly improved in speed and integration from the GoControl we previously had
  • Works good overall. 4/5

    By EvilPsycho666
    This app works pretty good for the most part. Sometimes it hangs and sometimes when arming or disarming the system the app takes awhile to update the status, but this could be caused by network issues. However my major complaint is with the latest update. When accessing the video from my cameras in full-picture mode on my iPhone 7 Plus it shifts the image down and I’m missing the last 1/8th of the screen and the top has a black bar. It didn’t do this until the latest update. Please fix! Thanks!
  • Slow 2/5

    By MyWay72
    Entirely to slow to see live cameras. Whole purpose for getting a camera is to check your house.
  • Worst camera app ever 1/5

    By Firecode625
    Glitchy doesn’t work when needed very much a waste of money
  • What happened? 1/5

    By JazzyBiz
    This app used to be great! I was able to view my doorbell camera and my kitchen camera on my phone and speak through them both but after our power went out due to a storm, it hasn’t worked right. I can’t see either camera, and I have tried multiple times resetting my SkyBox. I have even called Vivint twice to ask someone to come out and fix it, and they won’t. They just keep trying to reset it from their end, find that it doesn’t work, then tell me to give it time to fix itself and call back the next day. It’s like they don’t want to send anyone out to the house to replace it. Also, just recently we haven’t been able to change our thermostat from the app like we used to. It just keeps telling us that the action is unavailable and to try again. I’m pretty sure we are about to switch services.
  • Easy Navigation 5/5

    The Vivint app is so easy to navigate through and obtain current and live information on my property. It is reassuring to know that I can get updates and change settings away from home with this app. The Vivint Smart Home system is second to none!
  • Thermostat never changes 1/5

    By God Slayer
    The app always fails to change my thermostat. Whether I’m on WiFi or LTE. I always have to run upstairs to change it. Please fix this problem.
  • This company is still in beta 1/5

    By D.Adams
    Really been locked out of my house for a hour due to the app not working on a iPhone X. I can give access to people kinda when setting up a new user but when giving door access when you go to hit done it’s stuck under the Singapore strength WiFi battery logo. And forget about changing your own user on your phone. I tried to change a password and had to climb over a fence to get back in my home. Your solution a huge band aid just get on Safari or your web browser 😂🤣.
  • Best system ever 5/5

    By johnzurgan
    I love this system so much thank you vivint for all the stuff you have done with my family! My mom loves it and everyone enjoys seeing whos at my doorstep! Best system ever
  • Recent Update Issues 4/5

    By Dave McClain
    Normally I have no problem with this app. After the most recent update, the cameras act different. When I view a camera initially - in portrait mode, the view looks OK. If I rotate to landscape mode, the bottom half of the view is cut off. Almost like I've zoomed in. If I pinch to zoom it comes back, but only as long as I hold the pinch to zoom. It's weird and only started with this last update. I have an iPhone 8.
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Naja123456
    I love this app because if I forget to put on the alarm at home I can just arm it while at work and receive alerts so I’m never worried while way.

Vivint Smart Home app comments


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