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VLC for Mobile

  • Category: Photo & Video
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  • Current Version: 3.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: VideoLAN
  • Compatibility: Android
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VLC for Mobile App

VLC for Mobile is a port of the free VLC media player to iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. It can play all your movies, shows and music in most formats directly without conversion. It allows file synchronization with Dropbox, GDrive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive, iTunes, direct downloads and through WiFi sharing as well as streaming from SMB, FTP, UPnP/DLNA media servers and the web. VLC offers support for advanced subtitles including full SSA compatibility, multi-track audio, and playback speed control. VLC for Mobile is completely free and open source.


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VLC for Mobile app reviews

  • Great app, but needs to improve 1/5

    By F*** **u fb
    Love the Gesture of fast forwarding and rewinding, but adding multiple files into folder cause it to go reverse order of naming! There’s no way to auto sort I have to manually move them and when you have 30+ files per folder it becomes too much work. Please have a SORTING options by name/size/length/date...etc etc also it’ll be nice to have a view mode with no background screen cap.It makes some titles unreadable when the screen cap is all white like the font color plus the playlist just looks messy
  • 🛸 5/5

    By John Zalupa
    Love this player! But why don’t do HEVC 60 FPS playable? Especially .mkv format.
  • Bunches 3/5

    By Malta vacationer
    Up until this version, VLC worked flawlessly, now all titles are bunched up on top of each other, so you cannot choose.
  • Works but needs help 3/5

    By WolfPackUSAF
    Crashes constantly when sorting or organizing. Also when organizing won’t always save the changes. Sorting is weird and sorts from last to first instead of the other way around. Plays videos great though.
  • Its alright 3/5

    By ʕᴥ• ʔ
  • Apple Watch 3/5

    By Kik:iiisul
    Why can’t I skip 60 sec like the previous update?
  • Crashes if device goes to sleep 3/5

    By vfighter
    Upon wake up, hitting play crashes the app. Subtitles now work.
  • What a POS! 1/5

    By petethepoohbah
    Total pos on apple fav and iPad. Does not play videos or stutters or stop completely. Also won’t connect with Apple TV, don’t know if it vlc that is the pos or some totally stupid thing Apple has done but don’t waste your time with is pos.
  • Subtitles don’t work 3/5

    By Porlinn
    I got them to work 1 time haven’t been able to use them again.
  • No playback from local ftp 2/5

    By luparini
    You can browse ftp but you can’t play and download On tv version you can’t even browse ftp server it’s not possible to fw or rew vídeos on tv version on downloaded youtube videos
  • Good, not play audio continuously 4/5

    By popeyelk
    I like the play speed settings so that I can play whatever speed I like and very useful to study. It’s convenient to use iTunes to transfer file. However it can be improved: 1. When speed is not 1x, sometimes no sound can be heard and need restart the app. 2. It doesn’t play the file under “All Files” continuously even that feature is turned on, very annoying and have to click next to play.
  • This is the coolest app BUT 3/5

    By D5l
    Where’s picture in picture. Come on...
  • Used to be a great app. 1/5

    By Mr. Joefield
    Great app but recent update has killed Touch ID and audio still plays in the background even when that option is turned off. It also freezes quite a bit.
  • Touch ID not working after last update. 3/5

    By ThinkFlight
    Touch ID is not working after last update, yesterday 2-17-18
  • Passcode? 1/5

    By Carolynn181
    My iPhone software updated to the 11.2.5 and now my VLC is suddenly saying I need a passcode? I tried typing in my phones passcode but it’s not working and I never set a passcode for the app before so now all my music and videos are locked. Please fix soon
  • No work 1/5

    By kkxkddndj
    I tried to transfer video with via WiFi but it does not work
  • Works great! (Thanks for quick turnaround) 5/5

    By Jellotek
    Great app for playing all sorts of file formats. Team has great turnaround on bug reports too.
  • Make improvements 5/5

    By dkuhn02
    Super duper good, but can you make it to download multiple movies at once and be able to pause the downloads. Also show the download info on the lock screen. Also add Dropbox support
  • Bug in handsfree mode 3/5

    By arsz6733
    There is a bug when listening with handsfree. When stoping the video,audio won't stop and repeat the last sound that was playing
  • Reoccurring bug... 3/5

    By Fetrows
    This app is awesome - when it works. But this one bug keeps resurfacing, where it tells you to enter a password to open the app. Which would be great, if you HAD a password. Mostly, it just sits and says ‘incorrect password’ over and over, and won’t launch. I really hope they get a handle on this, because otherwise the app is fantastic.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Drbuman
    Best player ever seen in iOS , it can play almost every codecs , suggest you all to get it,
  • Issue restarting 3/5

    By AB3BO
    If interrupted, the mp3 that was playing, comes back in the play mode but there is no audio or studdering audio. Have to back 60 seconds to get VLC to pick-up audio properly. Otherwise no complaints! Great app!
  • Security no longer works 1/5

    By macman_84
    Update now allows secure presentations/video to be viewed from iOS files app even if VLC is locked and turning touchID access off no longer works. TouchID now fixed but still waiting on resolution to unrestricted file access through Files app
  • I can’t open it 3/5

    By KlevisX28
    I’ve had it secured with Touch ID and password and after the new update I’m not able to open the app with the password. I remember very well my password and it says incorrect and Touch ID for some reasons won’t show up.
  • SMB v1 only 2/5

    By CodeBoyJace
    Update your SMB version compatibility.
  • Are you Kidding!! 1/5

    By Soljie
    What the hell is this????. After the latest update i can’t get in the app it keeps saying wrong password when i put in the CORRECT PASSWORD.
  • Dnla not working for me on new version 3/5

    By Raymondo1111111234
    Can not see the server. It used to work then ran the upgrade and now the server is not appearing. Anyone know how to fix this? Is it a known bug?
  • Almost the best player app 4/5

    By Sayo Melu
    It is good But I couldn’t login OneDrive via my Office 365 account
  • Really good, but one question 4/5

    By ?LJ
    I really love this app. Really, I do. But is it possible to download software directly from photos? The closest I’ve been able to do is download it into my google drive and then download it into VLC from there, but apparently, I’m not supposed to do that cause it’s my school account. I really want to watch geometry dash levels sped up, and VLC is one of the few ways to do it so pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, either add that or tell me how! Thnx! P.S., if you add that or tell me how I will, definitely give you 5 stars VLC bye!
  • a few major bugs need to be fixed in this new update 2/5

    By blitzkrieg917
    If i pause video and leave it and iPad or iphone goes to sleep then go back into VLC the video will not play when press play button, you have to close video and reopen for it to start playing sometimes I have to close vlc altogether. Also if i go out of Vlc to main iPad interface and back, the video screen is black but audio plays If playback speed is set in default settings to anything over 1x speed when you play the video there is no sound...you have to drag the speed to less then 1x then back to 1x then back to 1.5x for audio to play Vlc still has prob with video not immediately showing when playback is set faster then 1x and I drag video playback to somewhere else in the timeline. Sadly i have had to start using other video apps because these issues are not being fixed. I do not have this issue with other video apps that i am using.....i have reinstalled the app and is uptodate.
  • Google Drive functionality broken again 3/5

    By Agent Ironspider
    This last update again broke the Google dive function. After you log in and allow I get an error message that says invalid URL.
  • No chromecast support 1/5

    By Shiva135
    Cannot stream to chromecast.
  • iOS issue 2/5

    By Bassimsoc
    Sir Hi ,i would like to ask if possible to how can I save movie in to iPhone’s camera roll which transferred from my pc by vlc app WiFi because I completely transfer its and saved in all files of VLC app So a second question why I never found ability to forward any movie downloading by your application and saved in VLC files to anther application like we chat ,Whatapp &line app why I hope to find your interesting by answering Regards
  • Files integration broken 2/5

    By TFowle
    The latest 3.0 update with files integration is great, except that I cannot view text files anymore as VLC hijacks them for whatever reason. Any time I try to open a .txt file within the files app, I get bounced over to VLC. And nothing happens. I can't view text files anymore, so until this is fixed, this app is not getting a good rating and it's being removed from my phone. It's like google drive all over again. So far I see no bug reports on the matter. Disappointing.
  • editing isn’t working 3/5

    By Eastcoast99
    Selecting a file to rename or delete isn’t working. It’s too bad because I like VLC.
  • Short second videos don’t play well 2/5

    By Davi128
    This player is handy for opening and playing webm videos but what bugs me is when I play short clips it just video just freezes like its struggling to play the video and sometimes the videos glitch up where the videos just green pixels. These problems don’t seem to appear on longer length videos. 2 stars for now until this gets fixed
  • Love the App, no airplay video playback 2/5

    By Du_Voir
    Airplay doesn’t appear to work. I would love to make this my go to app but I primarily use would be through Airplay to my Apple Tv. It only plays the audio but not the video :( There should be better spacing on the controls. The iPad has plenty of space to space. It seems like it shares the same control layout as an iPhone. I always hit the volume slider when all I want to do is touch the Airplay button.
  • A little unstable 3/5

    By bhall7x
    When connecting to a local DLNA media server, VLC crashes frequently. Also, when playing back a local video, battery usage on iOS plummets and phone gets hot. Yikes!
  • Love the app 5/5

    By AhmadKarim
    I love this app. But I think its about time for a UI overhaul. Maybe a little more intuitive and more control for audio files/albums.
  • I CANNOT believe how functional this player is!!!! 5/5

    By UnderDogGiant
    If there was EVER a media player I would recommend for iOS, it’d be the VLC for the iOS! This thing is so smooth and functional this would be nothing short of what a mobile media player SHOULD BE!!!!!
  • Works great but no playlists 4/5

    By NoNeinNyet
    This app meets all of my needs for video playback on my iPad Mini 4 that the desktop version does except for one very important thing. As far as I can tell, there is no way to make a playlist in the app. I prefer to line the files up I want to watch in a playlist and just let it go. I don’t have that ability with this app which is why I docked a start from my rating. Give me playlists in a future version and I’ll give it the full 5 stars as long as all other functionality remains.
  • Top 5 app I use / Frequent updates = reliable 5/5

    By IrwinMFletcher
    It just works, and even on iOS 7! I'm on iOS 9 now but can really appreciate apps that support older platforms. Plays everything I throw at it with ease. Bugs seem to be quickly squashed. Streaming from a Mezzmo media server is rock solid. Apps that are free and get as many updates as this one does deserves 10 stars.
  • New 3.0 Update Not Showing! 3/5

    By $up3r annoyed!!!
    I read an article that says VLC has added Chromecast support as of version 3.0. I'd love that feature but unfortunately I'm on version 2.9 & there is no option in 's app store for me to upgrade the app (•̪̀●́). Please tell me I can get the update w/o having to update my iOS first... iPhone X, iOS 11.1.2 *If you fix that & add stretch (Not crop) to fill screen I will give this app 5 Stars.
  • Supported ios 5/5

    By Kidfgv
    Thank u so much for supporting old ios versions please keep it up and love ur program been using it since I was a kid for movies on Linux and windows
  • Until there is finally PiP support 2/5

    By Redice1212
    I will simply be leaving it at 2 stars. I have not read anything anywhere as to why this app still does not support PiP for iPad.
  • VLC for MAC and Windows plays ISO files 1/5

    By Navy Gunner
    Why don't the mobile version and iOS version play iso files?
  • A bug report 4/5

    By Fhdsky
    It’s a very good and handy app but in recent update when app find a bunch of videos and cluster those I can’t open it. By the way I use 6s.
  • Broken - audio cuts out frequently, doesn’t auto play next video 1/5

    By Iinjama
    Doesn’t consistently play audio and never auto goes to next video despite setting it correctly
  • Subtitles not showing 5/5

    By Evv77
    Used this app for years on my MacBook Pro and love it. Sadly, the iOS version is not as reliable. Currently subtitles are not showing after update on iPhone X. Edit: Subtitles fixed. Thanks! 5 stars again.
  • No 1/5

    By mablooba
    Don't get it it doesn't work at all.

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