VPN + TOR Private Web Browser

VPN + TOR Private Web Browser

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  • Current Version: 1.6.7
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  • Developer: Eduardo Lostal
  • Compatibility: Android
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VPN + TOR Private Web Browser App

Note: ON SALE!!! DOWNLOAD NOW... Most advanced Tor Browser that helps you access the internet with privacy. Tor protects you by bouncing your communications around a distributed network of relays run by volunteers all around the world: it prevents somebody watching your Internet connection from learning what sites you visit, and it prevents the sites you visit from learning your physical location. -------------------- Tor Browser has the following notable features: - Internet access tunnelled over the Tor network. - Websites do not see your real IP address. - ISPs and insecure wireless networks cannot see your browsing. - Access .onion websites: anonymous "hidden service" sites only accessible through Tor. - Advanced browsing capability with tabs, and popover detection and blocking. - Support for audio and video playback. Have you found a bug, got a suggestion, or want a new feature? Email us at: support@amateurpros.com Please visit our website to read about our Privacy Policy or Terms of Service. Privacy Policy: http://amateurpros.com/privacy.html Terms of Service: http://amateurpros.com/tos.html


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VPN + TOR Private Web Browser app reviews

  • Malware or Spyware! 1/5

    By GhostOne87
    This is malware or spyware do not use it!
  • Cannot access sites after paying 1/5

    By 10smom
    Websites are blank. Ads interferring. Asking for more money. Pure crap
  • Waste of 0.99 cents 1/5

    By Bruxinth
    So I upgraded to Tor Browser "Pro" because I thought I wasn't getting some privacy/Tor features promised in the description. How did I know I wasn't getting any Privacy? Because I still have the same F-ing IP address! Even after upgrading, the stupid app would not do what it promised to do, even after selecting "Canada" as my default country. My IP address remained the same as it would be without Tor. This POS software is a scam, and they should be sued or at least kicked off the App Store.
  • POC rip off 1/5

    By ThisNicknameIsTakenPleaseChooseAnotherOne
    This is not a tor browser. <--- end of story
  • Lock renders browser useless 3/5

    By Meaq
    When app locked with passcode the app freezes saying "rendering connection" or no avail, otherwise great as far as can tell.
  • Free version worked but after upgrading it stopped 1/5

    By Nopenope999999222
    The free version worked fine then i paid to upgrade and the app is totally unusable it freezes at launch after entering a pin and reinstalling did nothing for me
  • Scam 1/5

    By Somektoto
    It doesn't work, just search "my ip location" and it will show you your location and your ip.
  • Have to reinstall frequently 1/5

    By D3V011
    Keeps getting stuck on "rendering for connection" status, requiring reinstallation.
  • Not anonymous at all!!! 1/5

    By ErikaGreene
    Ok first I downloaded this app specifically to submit what I mistakenly believed would be a completely anonymous crime report to a law enforcement agency. After submitting my crime tip, I next went to a Wikipedia page and checked both "talk" and "contributions" based on my IP address. (Before I started using this Tor app, I specifically deleted my cookies and temp files.) The Wikipedia page correctly identified my IP address and all of my prior Wikipedia contributions with that specific IP address. This means that this app is a 100% complete and total fraud because it did not conceal my identity or location.
  • Keeps crashing 4/5

    By Could have liked the app...
    All too often, the app crashes while I'm scrolling through a web page and I have another tab open. The open app simply disappears, when I restart the app, I have to re-enter the URL.
  • Confused 1/5

    By Avalonsoldier
    Thought this would actually connect to TOR exit nodes and through the proxy exit node would obscure my IP - nope! Says exactly what my IP is and does nothing to change the geolocation. Also, can't even change exit nodes, or even choose a node. So what the hell is this app supposed to do?
  • Failed 1/5

    By ابو السيوف
    Twitter does not open unfortunately I paid in dollars without interest
  • This is a scam 1/5

    By Jon3021
    This is a scam it doesn't really work. They just take your money to turn the ads off.
  • Bogus 1/5

    By MacDelta
    Your IP address is discernible by anyone who cares to look it up. You are not using anything other than a browser running on the iOS WebKit framework which is about as transparent as a neon sign in letting anyone with a little knowledge and a cheap app determine your ISO address. YAWN! If you want a Tor browser, get off your butt, and turn on an inexpensive "Tor computer," and browse knowing only you and the NSA know what it is you are doing. That the NSA and equivalent "security" agencies in other countries are hopelessly inept when a user turns to a Tor browser is a myth. Don't take my word for it. Start asking "anonymously" for yellowcake uranium on your super-secret Tor setup. You might want to price out doors at Lowe's or Home Depot ahead of time. Yours will likely be unusable after your "visit" from US special government agency representatives. Tot has been history for quite some time. Start reading Popular Science, ArsTechnica and similar online periodicals — it's the year 2017...
  • Doesnt do anything for privacy 1/5

    By Ilikegoodapps71
    Tried this app because i wanted better privacy in this day and age of stolen info and it had good reviews, hated the ads so i paid for pro instantly(dumb of me) First off it forces you to use a handful of search engines, ones i cant stand, like bing, That aside and this is IMPORTANT, This so called Tor powered browser does nothing for privacy, checked on tor to test connection, told me I wasnt connected to tor network, tested my ip address and it showed the only one from my provider. No settings in app to change to fix it, vpn was not shown in settings on phone. The one star rating is forced, deserves less then zero
  • Not a TOR browser! 1/5

    By Hagemon75
    Like one of the previous users mentioned, this app DOES NOT proxy your connection over TOR. Your IP and location are accessible to sites you browse. Simply google your IP and compare to safari... Use the Red Onion app... it's slower of course... because it's actually routing you through TOR - which is what you want for privacy. :)
  • Odd glitch 5/5

    By Jdjscnbdjs
    As soon as I bought the premium version then exited it and re entered it's been stuck on rendering Tor browser..
  • This GARBAGE doesn't hide your IP. 1/5

    By iETH4N
    I demand my $1 back. This doesn't hide my IP at all. I can see my real IP on any findmyip site.
  • Scam 1/5

    By Ryan bbb
    This is a web browser and does not hide you IP address. Don't take my word for it. Once you get the app search for what's my IP address and then you will see it's your IP address.
  • Ohhhhh yeaaaaaaa 5/5

    By You do know me
    This app is so good.............it makes me wet
  • Fake 1/5

    By lmao42069
    Claims to be a Tor Browser. Does not in fact have any Tor connecting functionality. Also wall-to-wall ads
  • Major bug: all traffic bypassing Tor 1/5

    By liltechdude
    There seems to be a major bug in the current version of the software. The browser fails to pass the Tor check and multiple sites are reporting my real IP address. I don't see any indication of the app actually attempting to connect to the Tor network. I purchased the pro add on, which doesn't make a difference. I've sent the developer an email. Hopefully they will fix this issue soon.
  • Doesn't connect to tor network. 1/5

    By liljwalk
    Fake app.
  • Great usually 3/5

    By iTunesBreaksEveryComputer
    Got the paid version because of ads, and it works great on Wifi, but it fails over anything else like mobile data where there are restrictions. Its not the fastest, you can't add plugins like obfsproxy, and the details of the routing is nil, but its enough to act as a proxy. The agent spoofing and javascript toggles are great. Overall pretty good, yet needs work.
  • Fake Scam 1/5

    By Patuxent78
    Browser doesn't use Tor. It's just a regular browser. Run an IP location check and see that it's tracking your actual IP in the browser. It's fake. It's a scam.
  • It doesn't work 1/5

    By Javier jggf
    It doesn't hide my real IP. This is just another web browser
  • This not a TOR network 1/5

    By Tanousone
    Type "what's my ip" into the browser and it shows your IP what's waste I even paid for the premium... DON'T USE THIS ITS NOT A REAL TOR BROWSER!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By JeffKirby
    Doesn't act as a VPN. Tried to log onto a USA site from UK and it couldn't connect. This is website where I have an account, but they limit access to the USA. Another site that I did log into, I checked with a web site that will test to see if you're hidden, and it wasn't!
  • Fake Privacy App 1/5

    By Dak3.0
    Use this app! Check your IP address on any site like dnsstuff.com and you will see that your IP address hasn't changed. I paid for the "full version" and nothing different. Your IP Address isn't obfuscated. App should be removed for false advertising.
  • Fails all tests 1/5

    By Gamefully
    I tried multiple tor test sites and all were able to detect my real IP. This doesn't work at all
  • This app is a FRAUD. DO NOT USE THIS APP 1/5

    By WrapRite
  • No "open in new tab" feature 2/5

    By Ameer S
    This is a fundamental feature to a browser. I had to switch to another browser because of the lack of this feature. Please add in next update. Otherwise 5 stars.
  • Fake App -- AVOID 1/5

    By spenglerama
    The app does not even change your IP address, not to mention Tor browsing. Read the reviews, they are all 5 star, a paragraph long, and sound the same. And then, in between, you will fins a bunch one star reviews stating pretty much what I stated above - it is fake, no Tor, no IP changing, nothing... I would give this app maybe a month or two before Apple takes it down from the Appstore... What a waste of time and a buck...
  • Sucked 1/5

    By Wilstabbathewombjabba
    You spend more time fighting the pop up ads than browsing.
  • Does not work -- check your IP, you're not anonymous 1/5

    By cyphonx
    This browser does not make your browsing a anonymous or send your through a proxy. It's pointless. Check your IP using a speed test or some other generic site and you'll see that it's your actual IP, not that of some proxy.
  • Different language 3/5

    By 123&$@789
    It shows up in a different language for me. It almost looks like it's from Serbia and it then brings up a page telling me that they need to make sure I am not s bot.
  • Zero privacy 1/5

    By Facon62Travis
    This browser has the same IP as my other browser. I don't see any benefit to using this, except more ads in my face.
  • Extremely slow and not worth it 1/5

    By Cannnn3
    The browser was extremely slow and couldn't even load websites that were mostly text based. I paid for the PRO version and it was the same disappointment except ads were blocked. Most of the reviews praising the app seems fake as well.
  • Good but 3/5

    By Volume1200
    Needs ad blocking. They pop up every second and take you away from the site you were on and you can't get back.
  • Warning!! This is NOT a Private browser 1/5

    By Logic00
    After testing this browser it has no privacy protections. Your ISP can see all the websites you visit from this browser and sell your web history. This app does not protect you from that. All it does is let you lock your browser with a pass code so no one else can open it in your phone. Scam
  • No good. 1/5

    By Viralmayhem
    Keeps freezing, ads are still popping up after paid for pro version. Don't waste your money. I would give it 0 stars if I could. I have tried many things to get it working but no go.
  • Doesn't seem to work 1/5

    By indyXray99
    I thought this browser would mask my IP address, but it doesn't work. If go to whatsmyip, my ip, service provider, and location are displayed. Am I missing something?
  • Love this browser 5/5

    By revverant
    Works great esp. when traveling and on an unsecured network

    By Friendly neighborhood bf
    IP addresses aren't hidden . Using your usual internet browser (not Tor) go to Google and search "what is my IP address" this will give you your real IP address. Now using Tor, which claims to hide your IP, go to Google and ask for ur IP. It will give u the same address. If google.com can track you, all of their affiliates (the majority of the web) can also track you
  • Fake! 1/5

    By Macman801
    How and why are there so many people giving it positive reviews? Have any of you tried accessing tor? It won't! Thing works as a browser and nothing more.
  • No longer works as advertised!! 1/5

    By BrandoneusRex
    Your ip isn't anonymous with this app
  • Know your location 1/5

    By S7/11
    What kind of vpn app sells your location to ads??
  • Adware mascarading as a browser 1/5

    By MKXT999
    Floating ad windows and a permanent ad bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Normal app 2/5

    By Ahmad Mandari
  • Fake onion browser 1/5

    By Spearmintkid123
    Guys stop giving this so many good reviews if you don't understand and don't know this is not a real onion browser neither connects you to a VPN. Just type in whatsmyip within the browser and you will see your actual IP address. They are just making money of you buying the non ad version. Stop supporting!

VPN + TOR Private Web Browser app comments


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