VPN by NordVPN - Web Security

VPN by NordVPN - Web Security

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VPN by NordVPN - Web Security App

Enjoy safe and unrestricted Internet access with the world’s most advanced VPN. With NordVPN app for your Mac, you can privately surf the Web and secure your Wi-Fi connections against various cyber threats. Read on for more! PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY Open the app and pick one of our 2000+ remote servers that are located in 60 countries. This will hide your IP address and you will appear to be somewhere else. STAY SECURE NO MATTER WHAT With the NordVPN app on, all your Internet traffic is strongly encrypted and extremely difficult to decipher. What is more - we don’t keep any logs of your activity. ENJOY YOUR ENTERTAINMENT CONTENT It’s nice to know that using the NordVPN app, you can easily access websites and stream your favorite videos, even if they are not available in the country you are traveling. It’s bliss for travelers! JUST CLICK AND RUN Click the activation button to turn your protection on and off. To select a server, simply click on the map or browse the country list. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE THESE FEATURES: -P2P-friendly -No bandwidth limit -Friendly 24/7 support -Automatic Kill Switch -Servers for extra security: anti-DDoS -Connect up to 6 devices under one account -Military-grade encryption protocols (IKEv2/IPsec) Ready to go? Try NordVPN for MacOS now! Automatic Renewal • NordVPN is a paid service so you'll need a subscription to get started. You can choose from three subscription plans: $11.99/month, $41.99/6 months and $68.99/12 months. • The payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase. • The subscription renews automatically unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period. • Your account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of your selected subscription. • You can turn the auto-renewal off by going to your Account Settings. • The current subscription cannot be canceled. • You are welcome to read NordVPN Terms of Service and Privacy Policy here: https://nordvpn.com/terms-of-service/


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VPN by NordVPN - Web Security app reviews

  • Works perfectly except on macOS El Capitan v10.11.6 4/5

    By Microsoft Teams
    macOS version 10.11.6 (El Capitan) 1. The application keeps asking for my password. It will not save to the Keychain. 2. The application does not use my perfered server on startup. macOS version 10.12.6 (Sierra) 1. It just works. 2. You can double your protection if you have an app that can bind to the VPN network interface.
  • Absolutely terrible- DO NOT DOWNLOAD/PAY FOR THIS!!! 1/5

    By donotusenordvpn
    My VPN hasnt worked in a week. I have wrote into support multiple times and they havent responded. I am loosing money by not being able to connect and work. I would highly recommend not choosing this company for a VPN. TERRIBLE Customer service and EVEN WORSE application. I wish I could give this 0 stars

    By Kilroy164
    Caution, this is a 3rd party app. It is NOT from NORD VPN. Using this app may lead to security leaks. Download the correct application directly from NORD VPN’s website ONLY.
  • Their openvpn app from their site is tops !!! 5/5

    By stolendreams
    Update: I don’t recommend Nords IKEv2 app for Mac because I hanen’t tried it for many months although they have done some updating since then . I had a few issues with the app from the App Store as others have had too ( maybe these issues have been resolved ) So far I am very happy with this vpn for speed and security , but "only from the OpenVPN app from the Nord site" . They are (In case you didn’t know ) based in Panama which for your data is very secure . In United States alone they have over a thousand connections in openvpn and about five+ different servers that I use that ( I am only mentioning the ones I use)they contract and this is just the tip of the iceberg if you were to count all other countries . I could go on and on in praise of Nord but I don’t work for them . Look into the reviews on it for yourself they’re rated number 1 . And one other thing they do that most don’t is chat for support .
  • Trouble with Amazon Shopping. 2/5

    By Rotortool
    I really liked the service but becoming tired of band-aid repairs. I’ve traded emails with tech-support for 2 months on an issue using Amazon and still dont have a solution. I realize Amazon is not excited about VPN’s and would assume all VPN’s will struggle from time to time, just dissapointed with their slow reponse to a known issue.
  • nothing but trouble 1/5

    By Mcfreeak
    I wish I had read the app reviews before wasting money on this vpn. constantly locks up my imacs wifi. Then I have to remove it and restart iMac. Nord support gives you tons of suggestions to fix problems. None work. They also like to claim problems will be fixed next update. No good. It took me longer than the thirty days to decide this app was crap so Im stuck. I understand this app works fine on windows but dont waste your time and money for a mac.
  • Secure But Somewhat Unstable on macOS 4/5

    By timwwinds
    Nord is my go-to VPN on Windows. The macOS version is noticeably less stable. On Windows 10, it is rock-solid and does what it says. On mac, I’ve had it freeze, get stuck supplying endless credential windows that refused to work with valid credentials, lose the app icon in the Dock, unexpectedly quit, and seemingly prevent the macOS from shutting down. The macOS version is the Little Girl With the Curl: When it’s good, it is very, very good. When it’s bad, it’s horrid. The only reason I give it four stars is because of the warm, glowy feeling I have for it from Windows. As a pure mac app, it rates maybe two stars. Even so, I still think it’s worth a try, anticipating updates to whip its scruffy mac performance into shape eventually, and also because the speed and connections have been very solid on both platforms -- when, of course, nothing else goes wrong on mac.
  • Gets worse, not better, after several months 2/5

    By NMBAM
    System info: MBP late 16/retina/touchbar/macOS Sierra 10.12.6. ISP is Comcast. Sept 2017: I’ve been using NordVPN for several months. I started out with the OpenVPN version. It worked great for a while. Then it started disconnecting many times per hour. After working with NordVPN customer service over and over (they were very nice and meant well), we could not find a solution. So, they advised me to switch to this (IKE) version. For about a month, everything worked smoothly. Now? Not so much. If the Mac goes to sleep for even a second, NordVPN disconnects. The previous setting for allowing it reconnect is gone. Now, there is a “kill switch” which is actually less than useless. Indeed, it kills ALL internet activity when the VPN disconnects, but reconnecting the VPN doesn’t bring back system services. I have to go through Preferences-> Network diagnostics to get it restored. I have no experience with other VPN services, so maybe this is just the nature of the beast. But when my pre-paid time is up with NordVPN, I will at least have to explore the other options. Indeed, if it gets much worse, I may have to bite the bullet and try another service even though I’ve prepaid to NordVPN. UPDATE Nov 2017. As I said, this is my first VPN experience (other than work) so I don’t know if this happens with all of them, but I will certainly be switching to another VPN when my subscription is up with NordVPN. Speed is not a problem, I will give them that. A native 70 Mbs connection is only reduced to 60-50 Mbs typically. Not a big deal. But when connected to VPN, NETFLIX DOES NOT WORK EVER. AMAZON also does not work (i.e. pages won’t load) when I’m on the VPN. Apple Mail connections to mail servers (AOL in particular) do NOT work. I have tried multiple different servers across the U.S. and Canada. No change in the results (or lack thereof). As my goal is to keep my ISP from tracking me, I am stymied.
  • Kill Switch does not work, you’re left unprotected without warning 3/5

    By Ramón Manuel
    The Kill Switch does not work, you’re left unprotected without warning. The developers are aware of this HUGE bug, say they are working on a fix, but no fix is forthcoming.
  • Works as advertised 4/5

    By fva3
    I had been using free proxies and manually configuring VPN seesions to be able to watch BBC TV in the States. Results were spotty so I signed up for NordVPN. At first, performance was slow, with loads of latency and buffering, making sports unwatchable. But after a brief chat session with NordVPN support and downloading the IKE version, performance was vastly improved with no pauses during an entire 3 set tennis match from London on BBC TWO. Set up is a breeze and easy enough for any Luddite who wants to spoof an overseas address or keep their travels on the web private.
  • More issues 2/5

    By PapaBeee
    Latest issue it seems when my Mac sleeps it disconnects the VPN. Kill switch is not working anymore. My bank apps on my iOS devices now force you to disconnect from this VPN to deposit etc. NordVPN has a tough job with websites constantly fighting them (Netflix, Amazon, etc). The entire industry of the internet is flawed. Think gun control. Everyone has to be insecure so they can protect us? Some of us are actulaly just using it for everyday privacy and security. Support has always been quick to respond which I have appreciated since I’ve had it. This technology is still to dificult to use for average joe user I think.
  • MacBook Pro users beware 1/5

    By Nerd ham
    I purchased this app after reading so many glowing reviews for NordVPN. However, it is one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made !!! First the use of this VPN on my MacBook Pro slows all the other downloads to basically a halt. Thats when the actual VPN is used. Whats the point of having a VPN if 1) is doesn’t start upon startup 2) you have to manually start it (if you can) 3) it slows everything else down. When i asked for my money back for the unused prorated amount they said it was past the time i could do that. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!!
  • High Sierra really slows this app down 5/5

    By klp51d
    Under Sierra this app was extremely fast on my 2012 iMac i5. 250Mbps from ISP was only slowed to 210Mbps. Under High Sierra with my 2017 iMac i7 it now crawls along at 90 - 120Mbps. Support tells me they are “working” on an update to the IKEV2 version! Perhaps, with all the, elsewhere, good reviews they have got they are now resting on their laurels. Pity, I signed up for two years with them. Not happy.
  • Meh…thinking of changing 2/5

    By Popcornpatty
    Like others, I tried this for a Mac based on the MacWorld reviews. I’m paying for the service and may start asking for a refund. I have all of the connectivity problems the others are reporting. I also got the same ridiculous recommendation to disable my antivirus, ad blockers, etc. No thank you. Currently feels like “Groundhog Day” as I’m on at least round 3 of the same issues, the same old suggestions and the same old failed results.
  • Usually doesn’t work 1/5

    By Zonetones
    3 of 4 times, website connections fail using this VPN. Bought two years of service based on Macworld recommendation and no longer consider Macworld a reliable source of product recommendations. Unfortunately, I can’t think of a VPN that I’d recommend, but I’d recommend this one at the bottom of the list. Oddly, if I connec to Canadian servers, reliability improves. It makes me wonder what is different about US servers…maybe just a LOT more people trying to connect and cheaping out on capacing. The rating WAS two stars, however after finding THIS on the Nord website, it is one-star: "If you're using a PC (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux), try disabling any antivirus / firewall software you are using. Sometimes they interfere with VPN connections. Afterwards try to connect.” Disable antivirus/firewall? Really? *Seriously*?
  • Does Not Work on Mac - don’t waste time/money 1/5

    By businessman2017
    This VPN does not work on MAC. You will have to reboot your computer EVERY time you walk away from your desk. Customer support delays responding for 2-3 days on average. IT support will ask you to perform coding within your computer's Terminal to fix their problem. They refuse to refund the subscription despite their product not working. Is there a way to report this app to Apple to remove from their offerings?
  • IKEv2…v4.0.2…5 stars 5/5

    By basschakra
    v4.0.2… 5 stars…no issues…a GREAT update!!! running 10.12.6… v3.1.4 review below... i get better speed with this version for some reason . the drops can be aggravating tho. and as far as the ‘killswitch’ is concerned…it’s built into the IKEv2 version…no need to have to select it. you can prove this to yourself if needed... you won’t be able to reconnect to the internet after the connection is dropped unless you reconnect thru NordVPN or you actually quit the app. so tho your apps are still open there is no immediate exposure to a non-vpn connection until you actually quit the app itself. and frankly i hated having Chrome, for example, take a hard crash in the OpenVPN version with the killswitch. but that’s just me. anyway, hoping to see them solve the drops in the next update for IKEv2. until then they’ll get a 3… EDIT…just wanna add that the drops have decreased significantly after upgrading from 10.11.6 to 10.12.6 last nite. in fact i don’t think it has disconnected once since then. i’ve had notices. but no repeated sign-ins as before…and this is even after screensaver has kicked in…where it was certain to disconnect before. fingers crossed it continues… EDIT…changing to a 4…10.12.6 makes big difference in the reliability of this app for me...
  • Try it on a month-to-month basis if you must 1/5

    By big yawn
    Mac version is awful, doesn't work at all on El Cap. Spits up an error message and quietly dies. I'm soooo glad I didn't opt for a longer "no refund" subscription. At least now I'll only lose the few bucks associated with single-month subscriptions. Since this version doesn't work at all on El Capitan, I can't comment on its reported improvements. Previous version regularly failed to acknowledge my password, arbitrarily locked me out on a random basis. Regularly dropped connections. I lost count of how many times I called NordVpn support for "temporary access" while they tried to sort out billing issues. At least on the Mac version, if feel like you really have to try NordVPN it would be prudent to avoid long-term subscriptions until this product is viable. Tried to like it, it isn't there yet. It's awful.
  • Dont get this 1/5

    By lpuppy79
    The one from their website is much better. This one has a lot of errors and problems. Dont waste your time.
  • Way too many disconnects 2/5

    By LeadSolo
    I should have purchased a smaller subscription…this app constantly drops connection and spends more time reconnecting than should be allowed. I’ve tried manually selecting less utilized servers to no effect. I would not recommend.
  • Horrible App for the iMac 1/5

    By Fotoclyde
    I used this on our iMac for a few weeks and kept getting dropped. I then decided to remove the software and that’s when all my problems started. Although the software wasn’t present, a dialog box popped up continuously asking me to signin. If you got rid of the message, it came right back and if you signed in it also came back. We couldn’t use our iMac for days. I ended up creating a new user on the iMac so I could reinstall the software so I could contact customer support who, in turn, told me to just delete the software. They were very dismissive. I had to take my iMac to the Apple store and got them to remove it.
  • Not good 1/5

    By TheMacDaddy
    I don’t know why ScreenSharingAgent is asking me for my system password when I use this software. It’s invoked by this software every time. It’s just fishy. Additionally the software’s operation is clunky, when trying to add VPN configurations to MacOS. My goodness, this software reminds me of my days using Windows!
  • Pretty Good So Far - Then Not 3/5

    By Anonymyst
    This review replaces my previous one complaining about the lack of a kill switch. As another reviewer points out, and as NoardVPN confirmed, the kill switch for this IKEv2 App is automatic and blocks internet traffic when there is a sudden connection drop. However, there’s not a way to test this except by trying to connect during the occasional drop. If you disconnect in the software, or even quit the app, your mac will still be able to connect through your regular, non-anonymous IP address. Contrary to the negative reviews here, I’m finding the service pretty solid and the speeds are excellent. Support, through the NordVPS website chat, has been good too. The only minor issue I’m fussing with is that after initially connecting (Connected to Bla Bla #250), it takes a while before I can actually connect. But once that initial delay is overcome, everything is fast & solid! Update #2: Lots of disconnects/reconnects. Takes 1-3 minute to load first page after connecting. I’ve switched back to the OpenVPN protocol software from NordVPN. Speeds are a bit slower, but connections are more solid and pages load immediately after connecting.
  • Completely useless - and unethical to boot 1/5

    By me398
    The fact that MAc’s new OS might have created some challenges matters not a whit to these guys… and if you’ve had the software longer than 30 days — well, it’s your FAULT you bought it. I’ve had 4 downloads offered, the change the password strategy…. NOTHING works… and the Chat guys are clueless. STAY AWAY - this software is a rip-off.
  • Unreliable Connections Got Me Fined By ISP 1/5

    By Morganooche
    The Nord IKE app is very different from the Nord app that you download from their website. The Nord app that you can download from their website has a “Kill Switch” feature that will shut down the app when the VPN disconnects/drops. This app does not have the “Kill Switch” feature and when the connection dropped (which it often does) my internet activity was exposed to my ISP and I was hit with a DMCA notice. I cannot imagine why they would make customers use two different apps or why one has a “Kill Switch” and the other doesn’t. I’m so disappointed that I spent money on this VPN. The app is seriously lacking, servers are always down, download speeds are extremely slow and on top of everything you still get fined because their app keeps dropping the connection. I wish I could give it zero stars.
  • OK 3/5

    By Roztz
    NordVPN is really good if you are using a VPN to protect your data in coffee shops or other public places. I say this mainly because it is really, really good in regards to speed. However, if you’re looking for a VPN to leave on full time then this is not the one for you. It seems to have connectivity problems and is a bit unstable. I’m using it from the U.S. and I’m using servers in the U.S. so I can’t say this about all of their servers.
  • Network connection often drops 3/5

    By Born to Pun
    The VPN appears to be working fine once you’re connected. The main problem I’m having is that the network connection is dropping fairly often and then takes awhile to re-establish the connection. This is really annoying when you’re actually trying to get something done. I disabled the VPN yesterday to see if I’m having ISP issues, versus the VPN, but my connection has been solid ever since so I’m thinking that they need to do a bit more work to make it more solid and reliable. I saw the earlier comment by stolendreams. It’s interesting that he/she suggests getting the “other” version on their website. Shouldn’t both versions just work?
  • Not working properly 1/5

    By BitchyMe
    Issues: - "All Servers" list empty - "Standard VPN Servers" list empty "Connect on start" does not work as there is no server list to choose. “neagent” keeps asking for keychain permissions. Very annoying. Many disconnections. The speed is VERY VERY bad. On 1Gb/s optical fibre connection with 500Mb/s WiFi ac speed, I have only 100 Mb/s!! The support is not very knowledgeable and he does not really care about your problems. Hopefully I was on 3 days trial. Sure they will not get my money for their 2 years offer.
  • almost never works 1/5

    By rob.the.dude
    NordVPN was highly rated as a VPN for people in China, but I haven't been able to use it. It almost never actually connects -- I've had 2 or 3 successful attempts out of around 50. The UI is pretty but not very useful. Worse, the configurations they create ask you for a password each time you connect -- other VPN programs I've used don't do that (and they actually connect).
  • This app randomly works 2/5

    By Bobby Filet
    This app and the iOS app both have alot of problems. I really wish NordVPN would get it together with their apps as their service is good. However the iOS/OSX mac apps are lacking.

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