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  • Current Version: 5.2.0
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Vudu - Movies & TV App

Get the free Vudu app and instantly watch movies and TV wherever and whenever you want. No subscriptions, no late fees, and nothing to return. Watch the newest releases including Star Trek Beyond, Bad Moms, Sausage Party, and The Walking Dead Season 7, weeks before DVD, Netflix, and Redbox. Or visit Movies On Us to watch thousands of titles for free with limited commercials. Stream you favorite titles to your iOS mobile devices in HDX and other compatible devices with Airplay. Get Vudu on your favorite iOS mobile and smart devices: • Watch thousands of movies free with limited commercials, with Vudu Movies On Us • Browse our entire library of 100,000 titles, own Blu-ray or DVD with bonus • Download your movies and TV to your phone or tablet to watch offline and on the go • All your movies in one place – link your UltraViolet and Disney Movies Anywhere accounts By clicking "Install", you agree to Vudu’s terms of service at


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Vudu - Movies & TV app reviews

  • Easy and Awesome! 5/5

    By StephUSI
    We have used Vudu for a long time and love it! We like that it’s associated with Walmart. Our family can watch all of our movies anywhere and anytime!
  • Won't stay logged in 1/5

    By stmck
    The app is on my own password protected iPhone and on my Apple TV located in my home so timing out the password is just stupid. Other apps with more sensitive data do not do that.
  • Good but needs full screen option 4/5

    By zentao411
    Great app, so far. Downloaded a movie in my collection to my iPhone X to watch offline on a plane. Works, but there is no option to use full screen! Kind of defeats the purpose when the movie can’t take advantage of all the screen space.
  • Downloads keep failing! 1/5

    By Unleashed1783883
    This app is great except for. 1. Most of my downloads keep failing at like 99 percent! So annoying. 2. Why cant we rent movies right from the app? That’s it, please fix this and this will be a great app.
  • Not for iPhone X 3/5

    By Xiombarq
    Loved this app until I got an iPhone X. Now all my movies show on 2/3 the screen. Almost not watchable.
  • Por qué ya no puedo comprar directamente en la app?? 1/5

    By Curvo Gomoso
    Vudu en Android puedes comprar las películas y series directamente desde el app. Pero, en mi nuevo iPhone no puedo. Alguien me puede explicar??
  • Don’t be creepy 1/5

    By dclindberg
    I get needing location info while scanning for the disc to digital service. You have no need of that while I’m not using your app. Don’t ask for more privileges than you need.
  • Not bad. DTD is invaluable. 3/5

    By JangoSnow
    Disc to Digital is awesome for going digital with your collection. If it wasn’t for DTD I wouldn’t be using this app. Some minor gripes: on iPhone X, it needs to have full screen (pinch or double-tap to zoom). Also, the bottom bar that is used for swiping to home needs to disappear when viewing movies. Few of the movies I own seem to have any special features but really should. More caption language options would be nice too.
  • Next update 3/5

    By Jeffy2284
    Great app, but Vudu needs a fast forward and rewind button.
  • Privacy issue! 2/5

    By Shep88
    Use of D2D requires you to enable location access to “always”. Won’t work if you only select “while using”.
  • No way to watch offline. 1/5

    By carolinadmz
    If they made it possible to watch the movies we already have in our library, then I would give it a five stars. So far it’s useless because you need internet to watch. I’m going stick to iTunes because obviously, Vudu doesn’t care to fix this problem, even though so many people are complaining mainly about not being able to arch offline.
  • Can’t download 2/5

    By James angry man
    I don’t know what’s going on since the last update, but can’t download anything as it all errors out. Need to fix this as I am a frequent traveler and want to view my movies as I travel and don’t have signal in many areas, including the airplane!
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By amig72k
    So far no issues with watching my movies. However, no options to purchase movies via the app. So I have to go to the website on my phone to buy a movie.
  • Please update 1/5

    By AndroidJD
    Need an updated app for the iPhone X!!! Screen size needs to be bigger now that the 10 screen is bigger.
  • Movie pls 5/5

    By StoneBullet3
    I love the app it is just... I really wanna watch the movie "Wonder" the movie about the kid with the problem with his face. Please add this movie 😢.
  • Free with ads. Why not standard 1/5

    By imtz86
    Vudu why not give the free movies with ads STANDARD streaming and not HD. Give us a choice to watch it STANDARD.
  • Service is great, app needs revamped 1/5

    By Benjimeister
    On most platforms I enjoy VUDU. But with iOS the developers need to give it some attention. The iPad app is really good about picture in picture mode. Both iOS versions download offline copies in SD relatively quick. There is no way to redeem credits or UV codes from the iOS app. The iPhone X version shows a border left, right, TOP, AND BOTTOM. The interface in the new movies anywhere app makes users like me tempted to switch, if they pass VUDU and improve in PIP, and queuing offline copy downloads.
  • Make the movies actually downloadable 1/5

    By Sahhhhduude
    When downloading movies it always crashes. Fix this because this is the main reason I have digital downloads so you can take it anywhere even when there is no internet.
  • Waste of Time/Use iTunes for DC 1/5

    By JacktheCritic
    What a pointless app that doesn’t work half the time. I travel so much it seemed great, but when I can’t even download the movies that I own to my phone or iPad, I feel like I’ve been cheated of my money. I hate it and want all my digital copy downloads back!
  • Love It 5/5

    By Jolly Roger 1
    Been using this for years. Not sure about some reviews, like one that says that you can’t download movies because you can.
  • Red box de peliculas 5/5

    By rtghjhc47899411345
    Si Me dijo a los
  • Great for creating a super digital movie library 5/5

    By True Nightmare
    First of all, Vudu will connect with Disney Movies Anywhere and Ultra Violet to add all those movies into your library creating a super library. Next Vudu can be played on Smartphones, Computers, Smart TVs, Roku devices, PS4 and other gaming systems. It can download movies for later viewing. And finally, the best thing I've ever seen in an app is this Disc to Digital feature that lets you scan old DVDs and Blu Rays then lets you add them to you library of movies for $2 SD or $5 HDX. Not all movies will transfer but many will and it's so worth it to get movies like Lord of the Rings Extended Trilogy on here digitally for $2-$5. Well worth it, don't miss out. Edit: Now with the “Movies Anywhere” app, you can link your movies with iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Ultra Violet and combine them. However certain studios like Paramount and Lionsgate are not part of this deal, but all Universal, Disney, WB, Sony and 20th Century Fox movies are included
  • Vudu is a joke 1/5

    By MikeCage
    This app and company seems to be run by brain dead chimpanzees. Really, can you get some more competent chimps to bang on the keyboard randomly in order for things to work? They might be better than the chimps you have right now masquerading as programmers.
  • Buggy app needs download to phone feature fixed 2/5

    By JoVi24
    I can’t download my movies to my phone but my android tablet works fine with downloading
  • Needs to be more organized 3/5

    By TheDx82
    Everything plays as expected but having tv seasons all over the place instead of in organized series folders is less than ideal. Please fix - thanks!
  • iPhone X 3/5

    By crossroads1802
    Please update support for iPhone X, screen size wise, and HDR support.
  • Disk 2 digital doesn’t work 1/5

    By Yadayada23
    Freezes every time I try and the app isn’t capable of rating restriction for kids.... waste of the time to download
  • Always tracks you! Not good! 1/5

    By Mr.338192
    In order to use the disc to digital feature, I have to grant location services “always”, not just when I use the app. Why is Walmart trying to always track me? Constantly logs you out, overall bad design. GUI design is to make you try to buy movies you can't buy on the app. Who came up with that bad design? Same issues after several months.
  • Disc to digital not working 1/5

    By DMBTX4life
    Like DrivinWest said, it says network error when there isn’t one. Won’t let me pay for the ones I scanned. Lol. Now it doesn’t do anything until I scan a new title which it won’t let me. Terrible UX and a simple fix.
  • Still no HD 1/5

    By #!@%#$
    Still no HD, Now goin on 4 years of waiting still no HD download option only SD downloads. I give up.
  • Great 5/5

    By Fingufhdud
    Love it
  • Disc conversion useless 1/5

    By user987
    Constant errors about my physical location not matching my billing address. Apple maps disagrees. Wasted an hour on this junk.
  • Download does not work 2/5

    By mrgel
    Content is good, especially the free movies. 😊 however, the download function for purchases does work. The app downloads the content until the end the it gives a message that the download failed.
  • Lies 1/5

    By shouldnt have to pay
    I gave it a 1 because I was so excited to watch twilight, only for it to pop up with “how do I watch this?” So I tapped on it and I have to pay for it. So much for FREE movies
  • iPhone X 2/5

    By Wallball24
    Think they need an update that helps the app work with the iPhone X. I don’t like watching my videos in a small box instead of the whole screen.
  • Why does it need location all the time? 2/5

    By bryus
    The app won't scan discs for disc to digital unless you enable access to location always, while using app doesn't work.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Milgam53
    Vudu messed up my account and added a stranger’s email to my merged Flixster library. After 2 months of messaging support, I keep getting the same “troubleshooting” list. They refuse to fix my account and all my purchased movies are gone.
  • Stay away 1/5

    By Pre-med guy
    Can't get my movies, won't send me email to reset password. Hate it
  • Come on make this app work 2/5

    By Hurley 123456789
    It’s great if you have WiFi or cell service but come on fix the down load issue it won’t let you download anything just keeps showing download failed 3328:898
  • Misleading location request, bad address handling 1/5

    By ManWithClue
    Claims to require in app location, but won’t enable scan capability unless you have Always allow location set in the app, for no clear reason. Further, won’t accept my address despite having allowed it to use a “corrected” address. Maybe this works for some people, but I have tried every reasonable (but, accurate) variation to no avail. Really needs work
  • Wish there was a rewind/fast forward option 2/5

    By Bethanie Berserker
    I use the app on my iPhone and iPad. I wish there was an option to rewind/fast forward other than sliding the progress bar.
  • Works Perfectly 5/5

    By Donna92058
    I’ve read the other reviews & can’t say I’ve had any issues. Everything has been working perfectly. I was thrilled to see that even though I hadn’t used the app for a few years all of my movies were still available. I love that I can scan a barcode & it’s done. The only thing I would like to see is the need to enable location removed.
  • Ad supported movies done right! 5/5

    By Budmercury
    Vudu’s new movies with ads feature is an industry leader for ad supported movies. Compelling content with a REASONABLE number of ads. Too often, with ad supported video services, the number and length of advertisements make for a terrible experience. Thank-you, Vudu for perfectly balancing ads with content!
  • Features don’t work 2/5

    By Kionodel
    The app is great for viewing movies that I had purchased from flixster, but you can’t purchase new movies from the app (you need to purchase from PC-it says). The disc-to-digital (for movies you have at home on disc) doesn’t function. For this it only gets 2 stars due to forums showing company has’t listened to customer reporting on this and fixed these features for years.
  • Disc to digital error 1/5

    By Andyy5
    11/1/17: Constantly giving me an error with every barcode scanned. Your version history also shows the last 5 or so updates came out in the last 15 min. Doesn’t seem right.
  • Won’t scan movies 1/5

    By Random username123
    Went online and confirmed that movies could be scanned and tried to do it at home, but it won’t scan any of my movies.
  • Digital copy 5/5

    By Josh skillful
    How do you get digital copy onto your app I have a lot of movies that I have the code for to put on my account but I can not because you will not allow it or because you need to put it in a better spot I can not find it and you are the last app that i know about that will probably do that the app that I was useing stoped it will not take any of my codes or let me wait any of it so know there is know way that I can do it unless I can find it or you add it to your app but besides that then your app is great ps I can find a digital copy on your website but when I put it in it ses something went wrong and that is it
  • Password 1/5

    By Stephanieharbison
    I reset my password because I forgot it, can’t log in now.
  • Could go from good to great with a few tweaks 4/5

    By imqboy
    Overall, I love this app. I buy most of my UV movies through VUDU, and therefore, I can access 99% of my entire digital collection through the app. Flixster no longer allows streaming, and the new (supposed-to-be-great) Movies Anywhere app doesn’t work with all movie studios, so the VUDU app ends up being my go-to place to watch my movies. However, there are a few things that could be improved: 1) It is ridiculously difficult to rewind or fast-forward the movie you’re watching. There are no 10-15 second skip buttons like almost every other streaming app has. You’re stuck with a less-than-precise slider that will frustrate you as you try to navigate to your desired place. I’m not sure why an app that allows you to change the volume by sliding your finger up and down wouldn’t also have a smooth and simple way to skip forward or back a few seconds while watching. 2) You can’t directly search your library for movies within bundles. One of the things I love about the VUDU service is their affordable movie bundles. However, trying to search for a movie in a purchased bundle using the library search feature is difficult. You have to either type in the word “bundle” to bring up all your bundles or type in the name of the actual collection that contains the movie (which you may not remember, depending on the size of your library and how long ago you purchased the bundle). For instance, if I want to watch Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs or Kill Bill, I have to start typing in “Tarantino 6-Film Collection,” since I happened to buy those movies as part of a Quentin Tarantino bundle. 3) VUDU’s customer support team is sloooooow. When I have an issue and reach out to them, it can take days for even an initial response. Is VUDU perfect? Absolutely not. Is it good app and service? I think so. Hopefully VUDU will take note of the problems I mentioned and make some improvements.
  • Not good for offline viewing 1/5

    By Jersey Jimbolito
    Had to register for this after the demise of flixster. I downloaded several movies to my iPad prior to a trip and was dismayed to see that you can only download them in SD quality.

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