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Vudu - Movies & TV App

Get the free Vudu app and instantly watch movies and TV wherever and whenever you want. No subscriptions, no late fees, and nothing to return. Watch the newest releases including Star Trek Beyond, Bad Moms, Sausage Party, and The Walking Dead Season 7, weeks before DVD, Netflix, and Redbox. Or visit Movies On Us to watch thousands of titles for free with limited commercials. Stream you favorite titles to your iOS mobile devices in HDX and other compatible devices with Airplay. Get Vudu on your favorite iOS mobile and smart devices: • Watch thousands of movies free with limited commercials, with Vudu Movies On Us • Browse our entire library of 100,000 titles, own Blu-ray or DVD with bonus • Download your movies and TV to your phone or tablet to watch offline and on the go • All your movies in one place – link your UltraViolet and Disney Movies Anywhere accounts By clicking "Install", you agree to Vudu’s terms of service at


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Vudu - Movies & TV app reviews

  • Disc to digital is worthless 1/5

    By sheila21212189
    Either the upc is not eligible at this time, or it requires that I be at my billing address to use- which I’m not sure how much more I can be at my billing address than in my living room. Also requires you to have the app set at as “always allow” for location, when “when using” should be plenty.
  • Beware! 1/5

    By Geekteach1
    I populated my VUDU account for years, and logged in over 200 movies before discovering that some of them were suddenly and mysteriously missing from my account. Contacting VUDU customer service yielded no positive results. They blamed Ultraviolet for the problem, even though the movies were missing from the VUDU site. In the end, I ended up losing 22 movies. Lesson learned. I redeem my new movies at the “Movies Anywhere” site now. I’ve had no missing movie problems there.
  • Beware of background battery usage 1/5

    By Ughuplay
    Spent 2 hours using my GPS in background and ate 12% of my battery despite me not using the app at all.
  • Fails to Stream 1/5

    By Heapso1217
    Whether I’m connected to WiFi or I’m trying to stream using my network service, I am not able to watch movies/tv shows using VUDU. I am trying to use a code I received Tuesday and have never used VUDU before, but it doesn’t look like I’ll be returning for future use.
  • disc 2 digital doesn’t work 3/5

    By Markslurpee
    no matter where in my house i am, it says it doesn’t match the billing address.
  • Horrible waste of money 2/5

    By VAshbourne
    If your able to get the movie to play without waiting 20 mins for it to load I hope the movie actually plays and your not stuck watching a scrabbled picture.
  • Sessions should never expire 1/5

    By stmck
    Signs out periodically. Netflix doesn’t do this, neither does Hulu. Even banking apps don’t sign me out. It’s my phone, keep me signed in. I do not like that the app requires use of GPS always to take advantage of disc to digital and deals. Should be “while using app”. The app doesn’t need to keep track of where I am always, And what happens to the discount we used to get for conveying 10 discs to digital?
  • No 4K HDR support on Apple TV 4K 2/5

    By sergiy_r
    Doesn’t make sense that such a large service hasn’t added this support six months after ATV4K was released.
  • Good, But Still Lacking 4/5

    By Bharger
    The issues the app has is not being able to stream from phone to Smart Devices other than Google Chromecast. Also the lack of organization for movies is not good (only having "Purchase Date, "A to Z", and "Release Date). The organization for TV is even more of an issue because the seasons of TV shows are separated instead of combined. Watchlist, being able to have the option to "Resume" or "Start Over" would be good (like on the Smart TV apps). However, being able to stream a number of Movies in HD is great and the addition of adding TV shows needs a little more work but Vudu has made seriously impressive strides in that regard. Not exactly app related but noticed quite a few of the movies that I used the Ultraviolet code for are now having the extra features. THIS IS AWESOME!! Would love for that to keep happening.
  • Streaming Player Upgrade! 1/5

    By thecarlosnino
    Please add more controls to the player!
  • Password login fails 3/5

    By Michele Hays
    With this App. It now does not let me sign in with my password that is connected to my account and my Walmart account. It says login failed. Try again. Reset password.
  • No “Recently Added” option... 3/5

    By O* HeLL YeaH!
    Please add movie search “Recently Added” option. It is missing on the IPhone app as well as the site search but still on Android app.
  • Needs updated 1/5

    By Donotupdate567
    Can not download movies to watch offline. It keeps failing after it’s downloaded. 😡
  • iPhone X Support 1/5

    By Richard03!!
    When are you gonna support the iPhone X and have full screen?
  • History and parental controls need help 1/5

    By Dec mom
    I would make two major suggestions to make Vudu more family friendly. A viewing history would be great to monitor what your family watches on vudu and also to refer back to what you enjoyed seeing. Also, a HUGE additional feature would be that the “covers” of the videos shown would coincide with your view setting (parental controls). Which I believe would be a first offered on the market (HUGE benefit!!). For example, if you setting is pg then all above rated covers would be blacked out or just not shown period. It just isn’t enjoyable asking your kids to turn their heads while you browse through the selections because the covers are indecent for their eyes to see and quite honestly, make the adults in the room uncomfortable as well. So much that we are unfortunately contemplating canceling our account. I wouldn’t think that this would be too hard to offer and would be highly beneficial to Vudu.
  • I LOVE IT!!! 5/5

    By Llowkeybear
    I have this on my Samsung smart tv at home and it’s amazing. The movie Quality is good. Even tho it some times pauses at random points on HD but otherwise it’s amazing and I love how it releases movies earlier before there out on DVD which is what the people want and what this company have given! Thank you for your amazing work!!!
  • App is great but... 5/5

    By McDuff49
    It kills me that I can only get access to movies by scanning receipts. I received a few movies with vudu for Christmas, but can't download them to the app because of this. Also, you have to accept it for it to be added? I lost a movie that I had bought because I didn't open up the app within the allotted time aka.. even when you do have the receipt and upload it before the expiration date, you've got to figure it out before the date hits. Just venting.
  • Needs a lot of work 1/5

    By Spaz04
    As mentioned by many people the offline downloads needs ALOT OF WORK!!! flixter was better, the downloaded versions are a crappy definition
  • Still no iPhone X support. 2/5

    By DonnieG615
    Title says it all.
  • You owe me over $3,000 1/5

    By JohnnyLLong
    I have paid your company over $3,000 for entertainment titles and not only is your iPhone app consistently having problems connecting to Chromecast but your Xbox app also has horrific connection issues! Fix your technical issues!
  • Can't download HD on iOS 1/5

    By Culver burritos
    You can stream, but not download, movies in HD quality, only SD. Which makes this app, and buying movies from Vudu, practically worthless.
  • Update? 2/5

    By thewynn3
    Gave this a 2 star rating because it hasn’t been updated for the iPhone X yet. Looks like you’re watching a movie in a box because it doesn’t fill the whole screen
  • Not working!! 2/5

    By Ellimeyer
    I’ve spent a lot of money putting movies and TV shows onto my Vudu when Vudu isn’t working, you can imagine how upset I get, like right now. Fix whatever issues you’re having, Vudu.
  • Really cool 4/5

    By rmariecluff
    The disc to digital feature is really nice, although it seems to only work for older movies, and no tv shows. It’s still cheaper to buy a brand new bluray than it is to buy digital, but it’s nice to have most of my movies digital. Saves a lot of space.
  • Can't login anymore 1/5

    By Store.D
    I've reset my password a few times now, couldn't access to my account or any help from this service. I'm really confused with ultraviolet and all those services attached or linked to it... I'd rather buy from iTunes instead of using that messy "organization"
  • Like app but... 2/5

    By Sar454
    I have purchased dvd's and downloaded a few on my tablet. When I went to watch one it said it expired. Here is my problem with it. Why was I not notified that it was going to expire? There is a notification/alert. I went and notices other movies disappeared... I didn't even realize that Digital copies expired. Meh!
  • Add a 10 second reverse/advance option. 3/5

    By Food for cats
    Add a 10 second reverse/advance option. This would make replaying or getting to certain parts easier.
  • Buyer beware 1/5

    By Woozworld acc- hiphopdancy
    I've had several problems with Vudu and their customer service is terrible. Most recently I utilized the disc to digital conversion to convert a DVD copy of the Bruce Willis movie Last Man Standing to digital. I paid my $5 and ended up with a digital copy of some other movie I've never heard of. Contacted their support and never heard back. Sent a follow up and never heard back. Just beware of making a purchase, they're quick to take your money but will never respond to a complaint. Going forward I'll utilize Amazon for digital purchases.
  • Needs work. 1/5

    By Salvi_slv
    Needs the ability to download my own movies to my iphone and play them offline.
  • Little shaky 3/5

    By Soonerhawk
    Love vudu but.. -Need to be allowed more than 8 devices on our profiles.. It’s ridiculous that we are limited as much as some of us spend on movies. The Disc to Digital scanning is a little weak, I try and scan a bunch of my Blu-rays that are supposedly eligible For Example.. school of rock or the replacements. Keeps saying not eligible for disc to digital but on Vudu’s website it says it is. Lastly why isn’t this fully supporting the iPhone X?? Feel like this should’ve been done when the phone came out. It’s also worrying me you haven’t updated this app for 8 months when some of us literally have hundreds or thousands of movies through you. Also do what iTunes did and update our movies to 4K. Or at least discount us the UHD I’m not going to repay $30 to upgrade to UHD
  • Disappearing Movies 1/5

    By Chrissy__1998
    Now I love Vudu on my Roku tv but I don’t love the app very much. I have like 12 movies that I have bought on Vudu. The app only shows 2 of those movies in my queue. Now when I’m using Vudu through my tv I don’t have any problems. So it’s just the app for some reason. When I try to look up the movies that I have bought on the app, it tries to make me buy the whole movie again. I tried to delete the app and everything but no the same two movies pop up and it’s annoying. Please fix this. I promise you it’s now my phone or my connection. The fault is only with the app
  • Walmart/vudu 2/5

    By Cowpatchie
    I’m haveing an issue getting my movies when I upload my recipes on my Walmart app before it was fast and would load automatically now for some reason it’s not doing so .. I know I can manually upload it I just liked it better when it would do it for me
  • D2D 4/5

    By AustinBAlex
    Disc to digital is the only thing I personally use Vudu for but that’s all I need to make it worth it! Love to convert my existing collection so I can take it all with me, would be 5 stars if I could convert my tv shows to digital. Maybe one day.
  • Auto play 5/5

    By Mark_Francis1990
    Thank you for putting Vudu on Apple TV, can you please add auto play for tv shows?
  • Greatest app ever! 5/5

    By The Real CoCo Butter
    If you’re like me, and have an extensive Blu Ray and dvd collection, but don’t want to carry movies around all the time, or are as lazy as I am and don’t want to have to get up and pop a disc in or out of a player, this is definitely the app to have. My favorite feature of ANY app I have is the Disc to Digital feature. You can scan the barcode of your movies from your library and upload them through the vudu app. ($2 for Blu rays IN HDX, $2 for dvd in SD OR $5 to upgrade to HDX) Also, most movies actually cost less to buy than iTunes through the website, too. BUT, with the Movies Anywhere app, a lot of those movies can be transferred from from VuDu to iTunes and amazon prime anyway. Download this app. Upload your movies for cheaper than regular price. Redeem your digital codes and download this app.
  • 5 steps behind other streaming apps 1/5

    By rockeyraccoon
    I am dumbfounded that I cannot purchase content through this app. I was about to buy a movie and it wouldn’t let me. Also, I tried to turn a few dvds into digital copies and the gps thinks I am nowhere near my billing/home address to use the service. It is astounding how much money they are losing from one customer. I wonder how much that comes to if you multiply it by all the people who have downloaded this app.
  • Download Failed 1/5

    By Rondo_09
    Every time I try to download a movie to watch it - download failed. So I delete it and try again. Download failed. The app doesn’t stream my movies all that well. Worthless app.
  • Good app, but.... 3/5

    By Julie C?
    It is VERY frustrating that they have this app but it doesn’t fully work on your iPhone. What’s they point of a phone app if you aren’t going to have it completely work on the phone?? Specifically, I have this app on my phone to rent movies because it’s almost the only way to rent a movie now. I can watch the renters movie on my phone, but first I have to use the app on my laptop to actually RENT the movie. Does that sound frustrating to anyone else??
  • Can’t watch anything on iPhone X without most of the screen being cut off 1/5

    By Bryan923451783
    Screen is reduced to small box on iPhone X with both sides, and top being cropped, would like a full sized viewing mode
  • Overall Great app with One Complaint 3/5

    By aramfam17
    Both the app and the website need to expand the sorting and organizational capabilities of the ‘My Vudu section. Also if you can allow for filtering and restrictions for secondary user profiles like children so we can sort out anything that may not be appropriate. Perhaps some type of folder systems and block feature/
  • Great 1/5

    By AJ78268
    Best “Movie Unavailable” simulator
  • Download issue 1/5

    By lil jay
    Please fix the download issue everyone is complaining about. When I download a movie, once it finishes you get an error message with a long set of numbers.. This is such an inconvenience!!
  • Pathetic!! 1/5

    By Osopolar186
    First I became unable to access my downloaded movies when I am not able to pick up Wi-Fi or LTE signal. That was bad enough! Now I have tried multiple times to reset my password because it didn’t recognize my password when I tried to get in to access my downloaded movies, but no matter how many times I reset my password I cannot login because it doesn’t recognize the new passwords. If anyone in the movie industry is paying any attention to this, I am no longer purchasing digital copies of your movies while I’m being forced to use an app as pathetic as this. I have wasted way too much money on movies that I can no longer watch because of this piece of crap app!
  • Cannot watch movies full screen 2/5

    By GuyWBailey
    Previously, I could watch movies full screen. But in the latest version, you can only watch the movie in about a third of the screen while still looking at all the Vudu advertisements. I can only assume the company is in trouble financially and needs a way to boost sales. I will no longer be buying anything from this company given they may be gone tomorrow and I’d lose scoop litter my movies.
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this app!!! 5/5

    By Nightz
    This app is amazing! Free movies you can watch, the ability to download your movies for offline watching, and now a disc to digital option! For just a couple of dollars you can convert nearly every movie in your DVD collection to a digital version!!! I LOVE this app!!!
  • No link with TV app 2/5

    By RCurlz
    App works fine overall but I find that it does not link to the central Apple TV app. Also being able to purchase and/or rent from the app would bring the star rating up quite a bit.
  • Terrible app 1/5

    By N/A 1234
    No updates. Just give up.
  • Great app need iPhone X update 4/5

    By Rob n Banks
    Can you update the app so that we have the option to go full screen on the iPhone X
  • Not a good app 2/5

    By duffbozeman
    When I scan a barcode to convert a movie it says I must be at my billing address. I’m sitting here at home. Cool idea though. Too bad it doesn’t work. :-(
  • This service is broken 1/5

    By Godzilla02192
    Every digital movie I own that I’ve tried to download, fails.

Vudu - Movies & TV app comments


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