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VZ Navigator App

Try the all new VZ Navigator FREE* for 30 Days and then pay only $4.99/month thereafter, or use it when you need it for just $0.99 for 24 hours of use. VZ Navigator is a premium navigation application that provides the most complete, accurate, and easy-to-use navigation assistance available. Enhanced 3D maps, intuitive local search and natural turn-by-turn voice guidance get you to your destination quickly and efficiently. Advanced features such as Doppler weather radar, gas prices, and movie showtimes give you valuable information to help save time and money. Simple and Adaptive Maps With a focus on optimizing the user experience, the map has been totally redesigned. Every feature, from the advanced gestures and unified color scheme to the high-fidelity landmarks and transparent 3D buildings has been expressly composed to balance simplicity and capability. Customizable map layers include real-time traffic, satellite view, Doppler weather radar, and favorites. Personalized Local Searches Search has been enhanced and is now better than ever. With TripAdvisor ratings and reviews integrated into points of interest, choosing local places to visit is a snap. With our improved Gas Station search, effortlessly view and compare all nearby stations and prices on the map. Our Movie search has also been overhauled to be easier to use, whether you’re just browsing or looking for specific movie or theater. Additionally, you can add any store brand or place category to your Explore panel, allowing one-tap to find your favorite places no matter where you go. Streamlined Navigation Helping you confidently and safely maneuver around streets and highways on your journey is our primary goal. Visual & Voice Lane Guidance and Realistic Highway Signs ensure you’re always in the right place at the right time while preparing for maneuvers. Natural Voice Guidance provides references to real-world landmarks like stop signs and traffic lights to help you make turns with confidence. Our navigation experience has been refreshed with real-time traffic integrated into your route, along with one-touch access to your upcoming maneuvers and route overview. Plus, take advantage of our customizable Speed Limits & Alerts to stay safe – and possibly even avoid a ticket. *Offer valid for new VZ Navigator subscribers. Limited time offer. Customer will automatically continue with the $4.99 monthly subscription after the 30 day trial period ends. Unsubscribe anytime using the “My Account” menu option in the app or by calling 1.800.922.0204 within 30 days of downloading the app to avoid being charged.

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  • VZ Navigator 5/5

    By Chuck659
    If not the, definitely one of the Best GPS applications Available. Extremely valuable and equally accurate constantly updating and refreshing to keep up with changing times and routes. Has proven to be invaluable with detours and shortest routes possible. HIGHLY recommended. I have a relatively expensive GPS system well over $200 that is nowhere near as accurate and easy to use as this simple application. Way to go VZ navigator!
  • Great app! 5/5

    By DixiePride87
    Works every time! Much better than google maps app. I wish it was cheaper though...
  • Wow loved it 5/5

    By Caknr
    Really great app, Navigation is improved with dark theme.now I can navigate by listening to music.one of the best navigation App to trust.
  • Unfailingly the BEST! 5/5

    By pationtheroad
    Accurate, fast reliable. Enough said.
  • Not for use with 18-wheelers! 4/5

    By Jchbass77
    Love the app when using it in my car or motorcycle, but will get you into trouble if you use it for navigating in an 18-wheeler. Otherwise, almost flawless app.
  • Best I've Ever Used! 5/5

    By fenderpicker
    Wouldn't use any other nav system. Accurate to the inch. Great traffic updates and detour info. I love it and have been using it happily for years. I've tried others but they didn't measure up to VZ Navigator!
  • Thanks for nothing 1/5

    By Garbage HellNo
    This app no longer works. It can't even get me to my destination on a reasonable route. Sends me wayyyyy out of the way. Thanks for scrapping the best app ever. Was great and now it's ruined. Just give us back the old one. Can't even tell me now if my destination in on the right or left. Sends me 10 miles out to return to a location a block away. Ridiculous. My friends and I are joking that you are in cahoots with the gas industry. You broke it, we loved it, fix it!
  • VZW 4/5

    By Captlogi
    99% accurate. Address on left but VZW says right. Other than that, great!
  • Chrysler Pacifica Issue 3/5

    By Techman~Jim
    Love the app except it don't play sounds at all while phone is linked wth car radio via Bluetooth. Want it to play navigation over Pacifica radio when paired with radio. What do I need to know to fix this issue.
  • Terrible route options 1/5

    By Guiness51
    I live on Long Island in New York and often visit my fiancée's brother and my own brother in upstate NY. While I generally know the way I use this app to try and make sure I'm using the currently fastest route and avoiding any unusual traffic delays. Unfortunately this stupid app will only give me routes that take me through NJ. Many years I've been traveling upstate and find that this is the worst way to go and absolutely not the best option and anyone that regularly takes that trip agrees. I've been an idiot and hoping for a long time that they would change something to make the app chose better route options or at least make more available. After this weekend I'm finally done and I am unsubscribing. I've been clicking on detour and it keeps telling me no alternate routes available that's completely wrong. I'm fed up with this app that's one of other problems I won't get into that this app has.
  • Scrap it 1/5

    By Wetton Biased : )
    What was once great, is now absolutely an embarrassment for the team that created it. Terrible app.
  • Still awful-just fix it!!! 1/5

    By More VZ NAV sadness
    Newest release FAILS to fix fundamental problems. Cannot touch favorites on a map and be routed to it. Can only touch sponsored ads on map and get routed to those advertised places. We pay for this app to help us!! Used to be amazingly great. Broken now. Hoping someone at Verizon or VZ Nav reads these reviews. Also favorites can no longer be alphabetized -- display in some random order. Plus cannot back up new favorites. Moreover roads that used to be there are now gone. Spent now three hours on phone with lack of support. Been told works as designed. Designed by whom? Someone who's never driven?? Please fix and return old functionality.
  • I love it!!! VZ NAVIGATOR 5/5

    By SeattleLCCmember
    6 STAR if possible!! Great App! reliable!!
  • 😡😡👎👎 1/5

    By Christian Verville
    The fact that you have to pay for this is so stupid
  • Great so far, keep improving it. 4/5

    By iMacedon
    Great so far, keep improving it. Easy access to Detours is great.
  • Mr 1/5

    By One deal
    Horrible app.
  • Verizon Nav 5/5

    By EugBook
    This is one of the greatest app using in Las Vegas and I've ever had the pleasure of doing
  • . 3/5

    By Hail Southern
    Not always accurate. It is usually spot on with Google Maps though.
  • Lost 1/5

    By Mrs Cromwell
    This has lost us so many times this trip i am very disappointed
  • Ruined a great app 1/5

    By Charis707
    Old version: enter address and press GO. - On my way! New version: enter address and thumb through coffee shop options...no. Try again: enter address and more coffee shops...no! Try again: enter address...effing coffee shops again. Thumb though app trying to find where to enter address so I can GO! Horrible. I'd hate to think of trying to use this app during an urgent matter! Just use free Google Maps and save yourself some true frustration.
  • Great 5/5

    By Rgr1x
    Good Navi app! I use it more then google maps because of real time traffic and slightly more accurate for harder to find areas
  • Please change it back! Absolutely hate this new update! 1/5

    By 55lmp
    Have used this app all day long and it worked perfectly. I have used other GPS's and this is the best by far! 5 stars...
  • Horrible upgrade!!! 1/5

    By Rinaakk
    All these new upgrades and i haven't noticed any improvements.. CANT EVEN READ THE MAP ANYMORE!!! when you zoom in on the map all the street names disappear and if you zoom out only the major highway names are there. This defeats the whole point of a navigator!
  • VZ Navigator 1/5

    By MEOutlook
    1. Used to be a good option 2. Does not keep up 3. Archaic menu hierarchy 4. There are free options that may be better.
  • Slow 1/5

    By Brianelchulo
    Kept getting errors on connectivity between the app and my service and no loading on maps very buggy and groggy.ove the features but if i cant enjoy em whats the point
  • Please UNDO Update!!!! 1/5

    By MEtutoring
    I've used this app for 5 years without complaint and happily paid the monthly fee because it worked well. I will be canceling soon if it's not fixed. Wasn't broke... now doesn't load, hard to see, always searching for location- please, please undo the update!!!!!
  • The navi 2/5

    By Jrodhuskers
    This app is okay. Not good, not great but not bad. Tells you to turn at the last minute, directions are often wrong plus there are a lot of bugs. It would be better if were 3D, with the effects of looking out of your windshield. I would spend the money on a Garmin instead of relying on this app.
  • If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!!!! 1/5

    By Halo fan2314
    Was a pretty good app before the horrendous update!! Screen colors inverted and now make it actually harder to see! Traffic updates are much too vague now. Used to be route specific before with pinpoint accuracy, now it just shows "general" traffic lumped together in a jumbled mess! Trying to search for a new location is a joke now; you're force-fed "sponsored" places of destination that have NO relative bearing to the actual location you are searching for!!! Why in the heck would you take a pretty good, user friendly app that many people I am sure have used for years and create such a joke, terrible update??? Typical corporate stooges looking for another COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY way to reinvent the wheel. Way to screw up again! HATE, repeat HATE this so called "new" version. Looking for a new navigational app now!
  • Used to be great now horrible 1/5

    By Danimatorx
    Used to be able to search, find what you wanted, then hit go... can't anymore and made this app a royal piece of garbage to use.
  • Good app 4/5

    By Anime an
    Great app most of the time with occasional weird directions where roads do not exist.
  • Good prod gone bad 2/5

    By Natsworld2
    What happened!!!!! This used to be awesome before the update. All the faves I had saved before the upgrade are gone. Please go back to the drawing board. Better yet, put it back.
  • Better before update. 2/5

    By Razzinhell
    I really liked this app before this update. Please go back. The only improvement is that I can see the time to my favorites on the home screen.
  • Use to work great. 1/5

    By DJMidnightCobler
    Shuts off in the middle of driving. Hard to set the address of locations. Makes up its own mind.
  • Better than Qualcomm's NaviGo 4/5

    By PonyHoss
    Title says it all🙂
  • Best navigation app period! 5/5

    By SalmonHQ
    I think the title says it all....
  • Worst Update Ever 1/5

    By REH.2.
    I used to love VZ Navigator. What the what happened to it?!? You type in an address & press "search," it goes back to the home screen. And there are times when the navigation tells you to head to the highlighted route, yet nothing is highlighted! This has gone from being a lifesaving app to being an absolute nightmare. Wish I could give this negative stars. 😡
  • Not an improvement 1/5

    By Mister TS
    I liked the old app better, my highest concern is that it takes a long time to find a route. Also if a detour is needed it does not recalculate an alternate route in a timely manner.
  • Beware of entering business name 2/5

    By Napacab48
    Always enter the address you know to correct. If a business has moved even years ago Verizon Navigator met not have been updated.
  • No longer works well 1/5

    By Dale6586843678
    Used to be a good app but they royally screwed it up with a horrible redesign. Now it is just annoying to use.
  • Used to be better, but still good 4/5

    By Mary J. Juana
    Extremely helpful and reliable guide; however, I liked the previous version better that the recent update.
  • VZ Navigator 1/5

    By Czanka
    Why did you ruin such a fantastic app? It was intuitive and worked nearly flawlessly. Now it is almost useless. Please fix it for those of use who travel by car. Rate it only one star. Steve
  • Wreck 1/5

    By Thundar83
    Before I could see the highway I was on & exits coming up; I was able to tap & expand the given route to make comparisons in mileage; most importantly, I loved the 3 routing options given @ the beginning of inputting the new route(gave me 3 choices) to avoid some road hazards! Next, I don't get preferences in the menu. Also, I can't list my favorites the way I want- only given 1 each( work, home & other), guess what? I've 2 jobs & need to label both as such- work. Lastly, this is stuck on street view- even when I'm clearly on the freeway! Should've left well enough alone! I use this app for 1 of my jobs because of the truck feature, which works well for 8 years( & don't even think of removing/changing this in any way)- it's useless now the it is... stuck on street view!
  • HATE 2/5

    By Duke2108
    Why did you change when old was working? Hate new:
  • Not an improvement 2/5

    By StarCarWilly
    I hate it! As soon as you zoom out a little you can't even see the roads,and where are the Interstate exit numbers? And it keeps turning I want north up that's how you read a map, it's like it was designed by 10-year-old who never actually looked at a real map. This used to be my favorite now I have to use Google map.
  • Rieview 3/5

    By karkofblabs
    It's pretty good. Now stop prompting me to rate it.
  • Always solid. 1/5

    By videojeff
    I've been using it for years. Rarely have weather interference. Gets me where I need to go.
  • Canceling after many years 1/5

    By Gleigh111
    I have used Verizon Navigation for many, many years. The latest update is so bad that I am canceling my service. When I paste an address in it gives me, not the address that I have asked for, but it gives me "sponsored" businesses around the location I need. I am paying monthly for this app!!!! Why do you need to send me to your advertisers!!!! Very disappointed!!!
  • Cancelled VZ Navigator after almost 8 years 1/5

    By Razorwired 1617
    I have had VZ Navigator since I had a Blackberry and it was an option on my Verizon bill. I now have an iPhone 6 Plus with the app. Never had an issue till recently. They removed the airport icon and even with search you get nowhere. They reduced the size of the font when viewing how many miles to turn requiring me to put my glasses on to see. They keep trying to get me to give them access to my contacts which is annoying. Take the hint I said NO. These updates stink and I had to cancel after almost 8 years of being a customer. Ironically somewhere along the way maps on my iPhone added all these features while VZ removed them??????
  • It's not working right now. 1/5

    By Rcpgame
    It's not working. No longer can find nearby places easily from gps. It's so hard to use. Old favorites don't work. I may cancel this membership.
  • fails on so many levels 1/5

    By Driver 8 take a break
    Delays in routing / direction instructions/ background colors are not day time effective making it very hard to see. Also can no longer easily set alerts for app to let you know when you are close to a certain business or school zone etc. screen used to zoom in and show you lane to be in. No more, now it's tiny arrows hard to see. PLEASE BRING BACK OLD VERSION ASAP!!!

VZ Navigator app comments

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