Waitr - Local Food Delivered

Waitr - Local Food Delivered

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  • Current Version: 2.3.9
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Waitr - Local Food Delivered App

Delicious local food delivered to your door! If you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking, we bring the restaurant to your home – The closest thing to downloading dinner! WHAT'S THE CATCH? Order delivery for a flat fee or carryout your meal for free. Plus, we do not set minimums on orders, so order the whole menu or just a drink. We have a network of drivers ready to pick up your food as soon as you order. With over 2,000 restaurants on Waitr, you're sure to not go hungry. USE WAITR WHEN: * Place an order for yourself whenever you’re hungry. * Place a group order at work when you don’t want to collect cash and orders from everyone. * Place a future order when you know you’ll be busy when you get hungry. #FightTheHanger * Who wants flowers anymore? Surprise loved ones with a delicious sandwich. IS THIS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Join the 400,000+ people who use Waitr and love it! Don't believe us? Here is what our customers have to say. The best This is the best designed and easiest to use delivery app I've ever used. So easy and convenient! ---------------- by Bhghhhttyyuu Food delivery made easy! Very simple to use and a really good variety of restaurants to choose from. The food has always arrived on or early and the drivers have been very friendly. So convenient and so easy! ---------------- by Travlena FEATURES: * Photographed menus * Convenient ordering process * Group orders for any sized parties * Secure mobile transactions * Customer service team ready to assist in anyway See if Waitr is available in your city: http://waitrapp.com/cities


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Waitr - Local Food Delivered app reviews

  • Awful 1/5

    By Nosfan1019
    This is the second review I’ve left for this app. Apparently they’re really successful at pulling away restaurants from Uber eats but terrible at making a functional app. I’ve tried giving this thing 4 credit cards on two separate occasions, no luck. Now my order says the items are unavailable. I cancel that and now all I see is group order options. I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Hands down the single worst app I’ve ever used.
  • :) 5/5

    By Meggy2456
    Love the Waitr app. So easy and convenient when you’re hungry and don’t want to go anywhere or cook anything!
  • NEVER USE 1/5

    By FuckWaitrApp
    ordered for pickup and waited a hour after estimated pickup
  • Yes!!! 5/5

    By Jessiee Brunner
    So excited this is available in my area. Rating it a 5 to spread the word so others will order too and KEEP it in the area!
  • Push notification ads you can’t turn off. 1/5

    By breakerfallen
    Okay app that requires too many gestures to go through menus. No way to keep notifications of orders on but turn off ads pushed through notifications.
  • Wouldn’t recommend 1/5

    By Love2singa
    This app has a wide range of selections but is very underdeveloped. A few of my friends and i all have had experiences of the app reporting the orders as not delivered, then the driver calling a half hour later with the order. inconvenient and expensive.
  • Could’ve Been Great 1/5

    By Recoomebvghhvxsshvcdg;
    Waitr could’ve honestly been a great app and a great service, but it failed. I don’t think people minded the $5 fee, but not allowing your customers to tip after the food gets there is pretty bad. Also, my past two experiences with Waitr have honestly just been atrocious. The first time my order was not as I modified it and Waitr didn’t want to refund me my money for just that item. Then, the app was giving me an error message saying that some restaurants weren’t delivering to my house even though they were less than two miles from me. Of course, I contacted customer service about this and they took forever to get back to me in the first place and then literally did nothing to even try to fix this issue. Waitr has become unreliable, slow, and just too pricey for this many problems. I’m officially pulling the plug on Waitr.
  • From a person who never leaves reviews 3/5

    By kristenley
    I love this idea, especially in the south. So so thankful we have it, since where I live does not have Eat24, UberEats or PostMates. However, I wish all the restaurants did not add 15% to the item total in order to pay the Waitr fees, but I guess they’ve got to do what they’ve got to do to stay in business. However, I use affiliates with my business and I don’t inflate my prices just for them. I eat those costs because I wouldn’t of had that sale without them. Where my real problem sits with the actual app is the customer service messenger area. Waitr states they typically respond in 10 minutes, but then 20-30 (& 1 time 40) minutes go by before anyone responds. One time I ordered and my order never even showed up! Again, I think this is a great idea, but some details just need to be worked out. But overall, glad that this exists.
  • App is Ok, Service is Usually Terrible 2/5

    By CarterMDiv
    The app is functional and haven’t had many problems with it. They need to update it and add another status stating the food is prepared but not yet picked up. The reason is often times it will take an hour and a half for our food, and it will arrive cool because it has been prepared but it has take so long for the Waitr driver to get it and deliver it. The cost would be justifiable if it weren’t for the extremely slow service. We have tried numerous orders from various places and service in our area has gotten slower and slower. Perhaps your area might be faster, but I will not be using the service anymore.
  • Awesome app that needs some minor improvements. DEVS, PLEASE FIX THE ISSUE AT THE BOTTOM 4/5

    By BrandonDabbs
    I work a job where traffic is so bad that if anyone forgets to bring lunch, 9 times out of 10 they won’t go get food. The $5 delivery fee is justifiable when you place a group order and don’t have to clock out (and not get paid) to go get food. Awesome app in general, but a few things developers could work on: 1. Tips should be given after the driver arrives. I understand that sometimes food is late because of the restaurant, and not everyone would be understanding of that, but my next point will prove why this shouldn’t exist. Disclaimer: I tip at minimum 30% wherever I go because I have friends that are waiters/waitresses and I understand the struggle. Also, I’m a decent human being. 2. My friends and I ordered through Waitr last week, and after placing the order we were told it would be an hour and a half, because that’s how long the restaurant takes for Waitr orders. (We waited over 2 hours altogether). PEOPLE SHOULD BE ADVISED OF THIS BEFORE ORDERING. 30-45 minutes is fine, but having to wait 2 hours when you’re hungry isn’t okay. It defeats the purpose of using the app. If developers worked on letting you know the time before placing the order prior to paying, this would be a 5 star review.
  • Response is quick 5/5

    By ghostbanshee666
    I love the app in many ways
  • Support Delivery Drivers 5/5

    By fuuian
    Tip is added before most likely as an incentive to tip. Otherwise people would abuse the system and make up excuses to not tip (cold food, etc). Blame terrible people who are too cheap to tip and too lazy to pick up food on their own.
  • Horrible customer service 1/5

    By haphhazard
    Good luck if you ever need customer service
  • I love Waitr! 5/5

    By grimmone42
  • First and last 1/5

    By Craijj1
    This was my first time using the app. I didn’t trust that things would go right and I should have followed my first thoughts. My order took over 65 minutes. It was also cold. One of the items inside turned over and ruined my entire meal. If delivery times will be long we I feel that a few things should take place: give accurate delivery time, do not prepare the food until it is closer to its pickup time so the meal isn’t cold or dried out, place the order inside of some sort of bin that will keep the meal upright even in turns, and offer faster response times when a customer have an issue with their order. It’s not like I ordered an pair of jeans from online. If I’m having an issue with food replying to a customer service issue 20 minutes later will not do! Bring on more phone support help during peak times and special events if needed. Not happy at all.
  • Pure Genius!! 5/5

    By Dyanneify
    I just placed my first order! It was worth it!! Fast!! My meal was hot!! The tip on order was for restaurant. I gave the driver a good tip! I want them to stay in business!!! I can get good food instead of just pizza! This was easy!!! I am all pro for this app!
  • Terrible... 1/5

    By Ftwsims
    Uber eats will destroy this one soon enough. Two orders unable to fulfill so I have to call in to get orders cancelled instead of being able to do so on the app. 3rd order says it will be delivered by 313. 313 rolls around and it still says preparing order. Will never use again
  • AVOID this fraudulent company! Deceiving food prices 1/5

    By cmoonbeam
    Waitr is using deceiving if not unethical business practices. I started noticing something fishy every time I wanted takeout without leaving the house. Every time I added food to my cart and started the checkout process I thought, “hmm.. this seems awfully expensive for 2 kids meals and a chicken quesadilla.” I followed my gut, went to the restaurant’s actual website for their (market) prices on the same menu items and guess what.... Waitr’s food prices (before delivery, taxes or the recommended 20% tip) is significantly HIGHER(sometimes double!). Hungry consumer beware you are probably overpaying for your “menu” dish as compared to the actual cost from the restaurant. For one restaurant, “Waitr’s menu” aka “restaurant menu” was double the actual price and in all cases it was more than you would pay than if you had just gone out to eat (at the same restaurant!) The deceiving part is that Waitr displays the menu as if you are looking at the restaurant’s own menu, pictures and all. You THINK you will be paying for a known product from a known vendor for their known (market) price. DOUBLE CHECK! You will be paying more than a convenience fee if you use Waitr. Waitr, you owe it to the general public to disclose your pricing policies and to not nest hidden costs in the menus of participating restaurants. You should not mislead customers with a “look a like” menu that is actually MORE (significantly more) expensive. Don’t use Waitr! Just order to go and pay for gas, at least you’ll only incur your travel cost and the inconvenience of leaving your house. Better that than paying inflated food prices on top of a hefty delivery/processing fee, taxes and a tip. Skip it! Save your money. Waitr, shame on you
  • Why tip before? 3/5

    By JohnPthatsMe
    I love the app making it a lot easier ordering online from different places using the same technique instead of figuring out each different sites ordering process. The only issue I have technically isn’t an issue but more of an annoyance. I firmly believe in tipping well for good service, but only after service is performed. Tipping in advance gives me the feeling that someone may think I live too far out in the country for a lousy 30%tip. Or they may be someone who figures they already have the tip so why care about the service. The tipping in advance feature should be modified to be able to add a tip after the service or cash tip upon delivery options. I’ll don’t want to have to contact someone about poor service to get a tip refunded. I’d rather let the tip do the talking.
  • Drivers are weak link in service 1/5

    By Duckkllr04
    The app and selections are great, but the drivers and tip system are the flaw. Tipping before you get your order is counter productive to ensuring good service. Fix the tip to after the food is delivered and get better drivers, simple.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By NikeSailor
    Ive had a few orders messed up, chalked it up to the restaurant messing it up. When I finally complained to Waitr, they refunded me immediately even though it wasn't their mess up. Will definitely always use them!
  • Absolutely amazing 5/5

    By iTitanThompson
    Waitr is so convenient and easy to use for just about any meal. Fast food for an easy snack to a full meal from a credible local restaurant serving excellent cuisine.
  • Inconsistent 3/5

    By MerryKline
    We've had 2 out 3 orders have items missing. The first time customer service immediately responded & refunded the missing items. The 3rd time no one answered & nothing was refunded. Disappointing b/c this service would be awesome if it worked well.
  • LOVE Waitr! 5/5

    By Wyd twitter
    I use Waitr often and this morning I decided to order some breakfast from a restaurant I always order breakfast from. I usually always order the same thing, pancakes with eggs, bacon, coffee and a side of grits! This morning though I was missing my grits. So I reached out to the Waitr customer service and Miyah was super helpful and was able to refund the amount for the grits! I absolutely love this app!
  • Good app👍🏼 5/5

    By no jerk,bobblehead=)
    After all the bug fixes this app is great! My drivers are always nice and my food always gets to me in a timely manner! Love it☺️
  • Zero stars 1/5

    By ShaunnaJeffus
    I waited an hour for my food and received a call that they were cancelled my order because the restaurant was closing. Ordered at 7:30 and the restaurant closes at 9:00. I deleted the application.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By b-freakin-anca
    Both me and my mom tried ordering from this app. It keeps crashing when I go to log-in or when I try to place the order.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By houstonnnnnnn.
    This app is amazing! Best food delivery service there is. Employees are always helpful and friendly and estimated delivery times are always spot on
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Lsuash23
    Waitr needs to go back to the drawing board. Great idea, absolutely awful execution. Long wait times, cold food received, terrible customer service. Not to mention local restaurants take a hit when customers are dissatisfied. Lose/lose for everyone but Waitr.
  • Fantastic in Gulfport/Biloxi!!! 5/5

    By MonohnRN
    I use this app all the time!!! It’s nice when you don’t want to cook but you don’t want to go either!!! Has all of my favorite restaurants as well!!!
  • Delivery fee 4/5

    By Lllllllnnnnnnnrrrrrrrr
    My coworkers and I do a group order often. It would be great if the delivery fee could be split between people so just one person isn’t responsible for the whole fee. Other than that it’s great.
  • So easy and convenient 5/5

    By RonnieGirl17
    Love this App!! New to my area but have used 4 times in 2 weeks. Makes it convenient to order from your favorite restaurants. Delivery time is usually 45 mins to 1 hour.
  • A lifesaver at the end of a long day 5/5

    By TxBluesRev
    I have a crazy schedule. At the end of the day, the last thing I want to do is cook. Often, I don't have the time or the patience to eat out. Waitr brings the ease of a restaurant to the comfort of my home. I appreciate this service and use it often.
  • Horrible, horrible. 1/5

    By Erod07
    Ordered crawfish plate, they sent a burger.Wrong order sent, then was double billed. This was supposed to be a surprise for my hunny working out of state, ended up being a disaster. Been on hold for 35 minutes they say they didn’t double bill, I sent a picture from my statement which shows otherwise. I ordered from California to be delivered to Louisiana. This is nuts. Now I’m told I just have to “wait” for it to fall off. $29 twice for the WRONG FOOD. Crazy!! Save yourself the time and headache and don’t even use this app. I promise you’ll be happy. People are very nice to deal with, background laughing convo in the back is unprofessional. They really need to revamp their business.
  • It’s Alright 2/5

    By yankeeinhiding
    The interface is ok, not terribly easy to navigate. They charge a base administrative fee of $5, then ask you to tip the driver on top of that, which can quickly double the price of the meal for somebody ordering solo. Most times I’ve used it, I’ve gotten all the way to check out, seen how much the admin fee + tip were adding, and I just decided to drive to the restaurant.
  • Best app for Lafayette Broussard area 5/5

    By frankandmandy
    SO WORTH the few extra dollars for food to be delivered. We even get pizza delivery through Waitr because they always are here in 20 min. Our drivers are always texting me updates thinking they are taking too long but they never ever have kept us waiting. I’m currently on n a chemo regimen so it’s great when you have a child who needs to be fed ;)
  • Waitr is Excellent!!! 5/5

    By Waitr is Excellent!!!
    Every time I've used Waitr I have been pleased. My food is always hot, delivered before the estimated time and most important every delivery driver has always been extremely nice...plus they have a good variety of restaurants in my area. Please continue the great job you're doing!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Avelunna
    Food is always hot and arrives earlier than estimated. It's a pleasure using the service and working for them!!
  • Great customer service 5/5

    By E and e's mommy
    Waitr is wonderful to work with. I love the photos of the food in their menus, the delivery maps, and their drivers in my town are great. Any issue is always handled promptly and refunds are quick if needed. Keep up the wonderful work!
  • Poor search functionality 2/5

    By Sales_ninja
    The “what are you hungry for” search functionality is horrible. Enter “pizza” and the closest spots *on Waitr* don’t show up. It seems as if Waitr is monetizing search, rather than being agnostic to customer preference.
  • Awesome Idea, Poor Implementation 2/5

    By MetalheadMadman
    I can’t order delivery from a restaurant 4 miles from my house, but Waitr will deliver it to someone 20 miles across the metro area. Doesn't make sense.
  • Can’t even use the app 1/5

    By Mekalaxo
    I’ve tried to place orders, but it’s not accepting my cards. I’ve tried both and it keeps asking for me to put in info. I scanned it with the camera and type in both cards.
  • The app is so glitchy 2/5

    By Pfctubeear
    I love waitr, it has the potential to be fantastic. But the restaurants always forget something, the drivers always take forever and the food is cold, and most of the time I try to order food I can’t because the app messes something up. This is a consistent issue and it doesn’t seem like anything is changing to help.
  • amazing 5/5

    By Nickilucas
    absolutely great. im in love with this concept
  • App works. Waitr support is legit. But... 4/5

    By Amanda Hugginkiz
    So I use Waitr very often, and this continual problem hasn’t stopped me from using it or even caused hesitation, but it seems like the driver ALWAYS forgets something. Support is fantastic, and refunds are always quickly issued, but it’s frustrating. They’re growing as a company so some hiccups are to be expected, and they are vastly superior to Uber eats. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service, I just want to see them work out these kinks eventually. Maybe some sort of verification system on the drivers end.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Redfish Roadie 22
    I travel a lot for work and this app is great. I just wish you had more locations. Nothing in Jacksonville, Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham, Louisville and other cities. Need more coverage.
  • Love it 5/5

    By wtffffguys
    Love that I can be lazy and have sushi brought to me... BUT the girl that brought it just said “hi.....*gives food* bye!” I wish I could add the tip in after the food is brought so I can give them the amount I feel they deserve.
  • Wrong area no delivery 1/5

    By luvsgod2004
    The app gives wrong area for my address, says no delivery. They have delivered before to my address. Chat feature with the app was not helpful. Said to use the website... whats the point of the app? I won’t use unless fixed. Very happy.
  • Great service 5/5

    By ps44
    Love Waitr app! Great service all around. I have no problem paying $5 fee in order to have food delivered to me. It is so convenient, especially when I'm busy and don't want to leave the office for lunch but I'm hungry.
  • Works well with most restaurants 4/5

    By Seanswety
    Some that are listed as restaurants that waitr don't cooperate well though. Waitr should be quicker to deal with these issues. Otherwise it's great

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