Waitr - Local Food Delivered

Waitr - Local Food Delivered

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  • Current Version: 2.3.2
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Waitr - Local Food Delivered App

Delicious local food delivered to your door! If you’re in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking, we bring the restaurant to your home – The closest thing to downloading dinner! WHAT'S THE CATCH? Order delivery for a flat fee or carryout your meal for free. Plus, we do not set minimums on orders, so order the whole menu or just a drink. We have a network of drivers ready to pick up your food as soon as you order. With over 2,000 restaurants on Waitr, you're sure to not go hungry. USE WAITR WHEN: * Place an order for yourself whenever you’re hungry. * Place a group order at work when you don’t want to collect cash and orders from everyone. * Place a future order when you know you’ll be busy when you get hungry. #FightTheHanger * Who wants flowers anymore? Surprise loved ones with a delicious sandwich. IS THIS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE? Join the 400,000+ people who use Waitr and love it! Don't believe us? Here is what our customers have to say. The best This is the best designed and easiest to use delivery app I've ever used. So easy and convenient! ---------------- by Bhghhhttyyuu Food delivery made easy! Very simple to use and a really good variety of restaurants to choose from. The food has always arrived on or early and the drivers have been very friendly. So convenient and so easy! ---------------- by Travlena FEATURES: * Photographed menus * Convenient ordering process * Group orders for any sized parties * Secure mobile transactions * Customer service team ready to assist in anyway See if Waitr is available in your city: http://waitrapp.com/cities


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Waitr - Local Food Delivered app reviews

  • Disappointed 1/5

    By PedCVNurse
    First time using the app, I joined a group order from where I work. My order appeared with the group order and my card was charged. When the food arrived my order was missing. It seems that if there are 9 orders listed the person picking it up would be able to determine 9 orders are present before leaving the restaurant.
  • User Friendly and Beautiful 5/5

    The WAITR app is comparable to that of a legit Silicon Valley A+ rate product. Their app utilizes HD food pictures for a lot of the items on each restaurants menu and the app does pretty accurate and reliable job of updating your order in real time. You can verify that your order has been received and is fact being prepared by the restaurant. You can also see when your driver arrives at the restaurant and when they are “headed your way” with the food (it’s not automated by a certain amount of time or anything like that). The only way the app needs improvement is in regards to the user gaining access to the driver directly once the food is “headed your way”. I’ve learned that just because the driver has picked up your order and it’s headed your way, it doesn’t mean that the driver is bringing it straight to you. The driver may or may not have additional stops to make along the way; either picking up or delivering orders for other customers. So even though it may be a 10 minute drive from your house to the restaurant, it generally takes longer due to the driver’s additional stops being made along the way. If you have a problem or delay, you have the option to contact their customer support team via the app’s internal messaging system which tells you as soon as your message is read, and they are Johnny-On-The-Spot with getting back to you. A live GPS Map feature like Uber Eats would be AMAZE though! Please don’t misunderstand my intent or be discouraged by my review though; I give the WAITR App a 5 star review for plenty of positive reasons that highly outweigh the minor critics mentioned above. In my plentiful customer experience with the WAITR App, I absolutely have seen all departments of the WAITR staff do an exceptional and professional job. The fee for the service is totally worth it!
  • Quick delivery on a snow day :) 5/5

    By Margotvolta
    For all the Momma's who didn't expect to be home with their babies, thank you for staying opening on this crazy snow day. Karisa arrived at the exact estimated delivery time! We are so grateful for fast, hot, delivered food. You rock waitr family!
  • Easy to use 4/5

    By nolaf
    Love the app. I use it for menus even if I'm not ordering. Most of my orders/deliveries have been great. Few times I've had food left off my order and had difficulty getting it taken care of but for the most part, great experience.
  • The APP is VERY GLITCHY 🤔😟 2/5

    By PammysPrayers
    It’s been almost an hour since I ordered, still no food. App doesn’t show a Estimated Time or anything so I have no idea when my food will arrive. And from what I experienced so far the APP is way to GLITCHY 😬😪😔
  • Waste of time, don’t bother! 1/5

    By BR Allen
    I have seen the ads for Waitr and finally decided to try it. Complete waste of time. I went through the process of setting up my account and place my first order. Unfortunately, you have to have a credit or debit card for the app in order to place an order and when I enter my card information, I get an error that the “Customer ID is invalid”. What ID? No information in the support section about this error and when I use the message system to try get help, I get no answer. So now I am sitting here, hungry, with no food on the way, and I have to go out, place my order again with the restaurant, wait for it to be prepared, and then go back home to eat it. No thanks. I’ll get faster service elsewhere.
  • Didn't even place my order 1/5

    By Nat004207
    I tried placing an order through both the website and the app. When I couldn't do that I tried placing the order by phone, which they couldn't do. After a combination of 3 hours of trying to place the order through both the site, app and phone-I am still food less. If I could give it zero stars I would. Good concept, unfortunately they still have some bugs to work out.
  • Not user friendly log in 2/5

    By Allie's Mac
    Nightmare trying to get registered/logged in. Keeps trying to get me to Register then tells me I’m already registered then has me set up a password then won’t let me log in because my password is wrong. Then takes me back to the Register page.
  • Screen your drivers better 3/5

    By Bitchin laday
    Your drivers are almost always late and take over an hour and thirty minutes to deliver from a location that is less than 2 miles away.
  • Order from Waitr if you don't want to eat 1/5

    By Wazer666
    I'm writing this review after waiting over 2 hours after I've placed my order. I've been put on hold and have not been able t o contact anyone through the in office chat. I'm sure they'll offer me to compensate me meal which they've done the last few times this same thing has happened. I've learned my lesson. I won't be using Waitr ever again. I urge you to look elsewhere for delivery services.
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By Kel_michele
    Incredibly convenient and easy to use! Everything has always been fresh and hot! I work as a nurse and it's absolutely perfect!
  • LOVE this app and its service! 5/5

    By Fattothin
    My family LOVES the Waitr app. Thanks to its writers, investors, drivers, and all of the participating restaurants!
  • Cannot view order status 1/5

    By Xzibitsz
    What kind of developers did you pay to make this? They can’t show order status on mobile app if I leave the app screen. Should I just do nothing on my phone while I wait 2 hours for my order so I can see the order status? Also why is the tip auto set at 20%?
  • Maybe it got too big? 2/5

    By Dhawley81
    I’ve used this app many times and it has been great. Last few times, it has been super buggy.
  • Well worth it 5/5

    By Kilhyhvf
    Great for large groups and shut-ins.
  • App needs updating 2/5

    By thisboyjulio
    Once the app is closed out you cannot go to recent order and view estimate time of arrival or order status. I've closed out the app and reopened click on on recent order and nothing. I've spent over 30min with online chat support and have yet to receive a reply to my questions... when finally got a hold of someone. The representative Mackenzie told me I'll tell your driver to call you. This app needs fixing and updating so we can keep track of preparation and delivery.
  • Genius!!! 5/5

    By etxcarpenter
    We use this app to order lunch on a busy hospital floor. It's great to finally be able to have something other than hospital food or pizza!
  • Waitr is a scam!! 1/5

    By 0hMyyTash
    This is my first and last time using this app!! I was absolutely tricked into giving gratuity!! When I went to place my order, I took the gratuity off because I was going to tip the driver in cash. So the app was acting like it couldn’t same my card. I went back to the previous screen, then went forward to the order screen, selected my card, and without even hitting the “place order” button, the order was placed WITH the gratuity. My $30 order became a $40 order. I decided to give Waitr a try thinking “well maybe I should think outside of the box.” I’m a LOYAL UberEATS customer, and now I know why. If I could give Waitr 0 stars, I definitely would!! Never again will I used this horrible app!! It wouldn’t even give me the option to cancel the order...you have to call some toll free number to cancel!! Who has time for that!?!? This is awful!!!
  • Extremely Convenient 5/5

    By ZayJ34
    All of the drivers I've had so far have been great and the food has been timely. Recommend to my friends and coworkers
  • App is garbage 1/5

    By WaitrSucks
    Logs me out every time. When I try to sign in to my account it makes me try to register a new email and the kicks me off.
  • Used to be a great app. 5/5

    By Jollygrngiant
    I use waitr fairly often for work because I can’t leave the building to take my lunch break. Lately though the app will continue to log me out after either a day or two or sometimes in the middle of a purchase. This morning it won’t even allow me to log in any more. I can only register a new account. Looks I won’t be using waitr for my food service any more.
  • Buggy App 2/5

    By MathematicalShroom
    App would be great if it functioned Unable to submit order on two separate phones / accounts
  • Expensive 3/5

    By mattcabrera2014
    Group ordering doesn't split the cost of delivery. Very inconvenient.
  • App blames restaurants instead of itself 1/5

    By th121
    I've called restaurants before and figured out that the app lies about food being made instead of being on the way. Plus after the time exceeds on the estimated delivery time they don't take your messages.
  • Disappointed and will not use again. 1/5

    By foodgrl543
    Delivery took over an hour and a half. Customer service wouldn’t answer chat messages or calls. I would have canceled and ordered directly with a restaurant had I known they were short staffed and “backed up” with orders.
  • Solid but one issue 4/5

    By Recoomebvghhvxsshvcdg;
    Waitr is just super convenient. It’s great in that sense. It can get pretty pricey, but getting your favorite restaurants food delivered straight to your door is pretty worth it. But I’ve been encountering an issue literally every time I use waitr. On the screen where it shows me my order, everything becomes unresponsive. I can’t proceed to the next page and I can’t go back to previous page. I have to actually close out the app and restart it to order everything again. Not really a bad thing, but just more an inconvenience.
  • Lovely service 5/5

    By Shaniful
    App was very easy to navigate, food was delivered earlier than expected, and delivery man was wonderful. So happy I decided to try this out! Looking forward to when they add more restaurants in my area :) already a great selection though!
  • Terrible service 1/5

    By Megan N R
    The app itself is good and it's all a great idea. However, we've ordered twice and both times have taken over an hour to get our food and by then it's all cold. I called customer support and it took me 22 minutes to get off of hold. We will just stick with our local delivery service.
  • You’re better off picking it up your self 1/5

    By soonermike08
    After using this app, your better off calling the place and picking up your food yourself. Terrible customer service, you tip your driver before they perform the service, and your food arrives cold. Don’t waste your time here. If Uber eats is in your area, use that. Otherwise go pick up your food yourself.
  • Nope 1/5

    By Amb94235
    Took an hour and a half to deliver food. Tipped 20% before food was even delivered - payment after delivery is not an option.
  • Buggy app 3/5

    By Sales_ninja
    It seems every time there’s an update to the app, I go through the entire order process, only to have the app crash at sign in, and I have to place the whole order again. I’m growing frustrated. Considering other options...
  • App just quit working 2/5

    By Gulf Coast Guy
    Last two tries you get to submit order and then nada. No further movement forward or backward. So, you then have to go online via web and order. If you want to go out of business you are well on the way.
  • Bad service 1/5

    By Jrenea334
    I placed an order and it never showed up. Almost an hour and half later they called and said the restaurant closed and they couldn’t keep up. Not worth the risk
  • Sign in problems 1/5

    By Anti-soraroxas
    Needs update because when I try to sign in it wants to register me
  • Super Duper Amazing!!!! 5/5

    By Credit builder 101
    Idk what I would do with it ❤️💙❤️
  • Horrible customer service and dirty business 1/5

    By B. Hays
    Simple as the above statement....will be out of business in a few years
  • Glitchy 5/5

    By Sebastian'sMommy
    Lately, ordering has been difficult. The app is very slow and freezes. When it has worked, 90% of the time our service has been great.
  • Convenient, but sometimes not worth it 3/5

    By MozzieJo
    So don’t get me wrong, getting food delivered to you is always convenient. But there are two things I don’t like about this app: 1) It can be super glitchy, for instance I’m still waiting on an order and it’s been over an hour. This isn’t the first time it’s happened either. However, the mobile customer service is always pretty helpful. 2) It’s stupid we have to tip before hand. Like I said before, I’ve been waiting for over an hour, so I might not give my usual 20% due to having to wait so long. The driver should earn their tip, not assume to get one.
  • Yay food delivery 5/5

    By Ralexa87
    One of the better food delivery apps I've used, and the drivers are all SUPER friendly. A+, high five, gold star.
  • Great when they actually show up! 1/5

    By Seagman
    Out of the 4 times I have used this app twice I ended up having to go get my food because the restaurant was closing and Waitr never showed up to get my food. I have talked to numerous people who have experienced this as well. Not sure what the problem is. Both times I gave ample time, hour and half before the restaurant was closing!!! No one reached out to tell me that they were running behind. So now I’m eating cold food!!! Very disappointing!!
  • So far so great! 5/5

    By JayBirdski007
    Have used them twice. Very fast delivery and food as ordered👌🏼
  • Great but... 3/5

    By kammy.sosaa
    I don’t like how whenever I order and it gives me an estimate time, I end up waiting over and hour. I always try to contact someone about it, but they don’t really answer.
  • $5 fee every time you order 1/5

    By GY79474
    The problem I've had on multiple occasions is the wait times are atrocious. And I'm not talking about the delivery, I'm talking about watching my app and seeing places like McDonalds take 41 minutes to make a Big Mac meal and a ten piece chicken nugget. Since this has happened to me with multiple restaurants, this leads me to believe tells me that Waitr has a consistent issue with order input.
  • Decent app but... 2/5

    By bluesclues42
    Great selection of restaurants in the area but they make you tip first. So now the drivers dont care at all if your food is on time or the order is correct. Secondly, there needs to be a review at the end of each delivery for not only the driver but the restaurant as well. To many times has my order been wrong, I've even recieved someone else order and not mine! Then had to wait another hour to get my order!
  • Yaaaaaasssss 5/5

    By alyciakatelyn
  • Love my app 5/5

    By Molliepolliewolliegoo
    Love it, very fast and efficient! Easy to use as well!
  • Love 5/5

    By Bripg
    This is awesome ordered lunch today and it got here in less than 30 minutes! And it was still hot like as if I was there eating it! I’ll definitely be using this again!
  • needs to deliver to where I live 1/5

    By Happy Arianna
    It goes past where I live and I can’t even have food delivered to me
  • Awesome service! 5/5

    By Jspud10
    Really great service! Always are able to help.
  • Excellent service. 4/5

    By Dealmaker6666
    Several nights ago the service was very backed up. When I inquired as to when I should expect delivery I was tod a time and that they would refund delivery charge. When new delivery time was missed I was refunded the entire cost of order. Which was eventually delivered but too cold and soggy to eat. Every one makes mistakes but you gotta love it when they take ownership and make it right. Tonight's order was hot on time and delicious.

Waitr - Local Food Delivered app comments


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