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  • Current Version: 3.2.1
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Walmart Grocery App

For a limited time get $10 off your first order of $50 or more. Plus, we’ll deliver or load the groceries into your car for free. What’s available? Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, pantry items and more. What’s the cost? Most in-store pickups are free. Delivery is a little extra. Where’s it available? Enter your ZIP Code into the app to check availability. How does it work? Simply register, select a convenient pickup or delivery time and build your basket. Key features •. Add items from the app and check out from another device • Browse or search aisles by department • Fast reordering with "favorites" • Convenient pickup and delivery times. Same-day pickup also available. • No subscription charges, markups or hidden fees. This app monitors the user’s location for no other purpose than to provide accurate and timely service.


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Walmart Grocery app reviews

  • Review 5/5

    By Aicram1951
    Joy and Joey are excellent employees. They always do a great job and are always friendly and helpful. Thanks for hiring people like that. Great service.
  • Better!!! 5/5

    By TabithaRod
    The search function has improved!!
  • Life Changer! 5/5

    By Michael Lynn
    So glad our Walmart has pick up. As a busy mom of 4 kids, this has made a huge difference. Not wanting to deal with the crowd of Walmart had me spending most of my money at Publix. Now I can have the low prices and convenience of avoiding the crowd. Associates have been amazing every time. I use the service weekly and my life has become easier because of it!
  • Those groceries… 1/5

    By PhelineCat
    I've been exposed to walmart stores a dozen or so times, I know the corporate policies (as much as possible), I read "Nickle and Dimed", I smell the cheap plastic when I walk in and know what happens when they leave a community after all the locally owned businesses are shuttered (example: Welch, West Virginia) so I don't even want to see the app. I hope if I hide it I'll never see it pop up.
  • Order Ready For Pickup Doesn’t Work 1/5

    By RedStar2112
    How about fixing the bug that lets us know when an order is ready for pickup? This used to work but hasn’t for many months. The local Walmart employees tell me they have reported this as well, and that I just should show up at my reserved time. For the record, the order shows as processing until I pick it up. Then it shows as picked up. Please fix this!!
  • Best service ever! 5/5

    By tallblndgal
    Can not say enough about this service. Convenient, easy to use, pleasant employees that are very customer service oriented and smiles abound!
  • Great service 5/5

    By Napi45
    Summer was so sweet. I loved her smile and her cheerful attitude.
  • Love, but have one request/suggestion... 4/5

    By Jacebanty
    I really love Walmart grocery pick up. After doing many many orders, I have only had a few errors or weird substitutions. More often than not though, the substitutions work in my favor. ONE REQUEST/SUGGESTION.... I wish I could “save for later” in my cart. Sometimes I want to save a fresh item/produce for a later date closer to when I’ll need it. So I don’t want to remove it, but just want to purchase/pick up later. This would be such a great option. Thanks!! :)
  • Love love 5/5

    By tamichik2
    This has changed my life . With 2 kids under 2, life can be crazy. This app has given me back time and energy . Thank you Walmart.
  • Great service! 5/5

    By Doodkebug
    I love this service! Such a time saver! The best part is I haven’t had anything go wrong! The delivery folks are timely and friendly. Cassandra was especially helpful today. I am a full time caregiver for my mother and this is such a time saver for me. Plus I can bring her along for a ride but not have to leave her in the car. Great, great service. Thank you!
  • So convenient! 5/5

    By M!ch3ll323
    This is a weekly pick up for me, we have been using this app and Grocery pick up for the fuel center and am completely satisfied! •It’s convenient •It’s faster •you can work on your grocery list all week! •Less germs of a grocery store •”if you have kids” this is life changing easy! Only thing sometimes they won’t have one of my items, but if it’s something we have to have like “toilet paper” I do check it so we will accept a substitute.
  • Life Saver!! 5/5

    By Cutestchick1224
    Mom of 4... need I say more?!? Use the Walmart PickUp weekly! Sometimes 2x a week! Thank you for starting this service!!!
  • App crashes 1/5

    By TommyGirlMo
    When I open the app it says it needs an upgrade before it is usable. . In the App Store it says it already upgraded. It is stuck in a loop!!!’
  • Real time saver! 4/5

    By Dajeeps
    I have been using the pickup service for about 5 months and it’s been about that long since I’ve been inside a grocery store. The app itself works well enough to get the order placed, but the location feature that lets them know when I am there to pick up my order is hit and miss. It isn’t that big of a deal though because I have my phone right with me and can call them, and they come right out. If I had wish list for this app, it would be to make it easier to store a couple of different base lists. There is a favorites list, but it shows everything I’ve ever bought and doesn’t make it easy to find frequently purchased items.
  • Brilliant initiative!!! Great experience!!! 5/5

    By mrtn🌺
    Great experience; we didn’t have any problems. I was able to do my grocery list at home, no rush, and set up a pick up time for the next day. When we got to the store, an associate got our groceries and loaded them in the car. He explained that we had one substitution; we actually got a better product without paying extra for it. All my produce were so fresh and perfect! Very convenient; overall a great experience!!!!
  • Love this Walmart app! 5/5

    By Jeffpb3
    I’ve been using Walmart Grocery Delivery for years and finally there is an app. I can now see the items up close and the reverse side for cooking instructions. If you use Walmart Grocery Delivery, get this app.
  • DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!!! 1/5

    By OldBugGuy
    The Feb 15 version is "buggy as Hell". Using old version for 4 weeks. No problem!! Update with Feb 15th version and all hell breaks loose! Opens OTHER apps on the app store! Starts playing music! When I try to make orders it goes crazy. Jumps from one item to next! Enlarges screen! I have looked at and work with hundreds of apps. Have never seen anything like this! Started in the Apple IIe days. Have done limited programming. Have worked with very sophisticated medical programs. HAVE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS ! If you have a problem then call Walmart as I did. Have iPhone 6+ and version 10.3.3.
  • Saves Time and Frustration 5/5

    By Electra310
    This app is a great complement to the Walmart pickup service. It holds items in your cart till you check out, so I use it for my grocery list through the week, adding things as I run out in the kitchen. Then I just checkout and pick up, easy as could be.
  • What a deal! 5/5

    By afiliatreau
    I love going to pick up my groceries. The folks are very friendly and courteous. The few substitutions they have had to make have been a bonus for me. It is hard to believe this service is free.
  • For the busy parent 5/5

    By PlutoRobyn
    Ever since I got pregnant with baby #2, I was finding it hard to wrangle toddler and grocery shop at same time. This app and the process are seamless. Just register, order, and purchase...that is all it takes. Pull up at your preferred store or the store you will be by, pick up, and take home. It’s a free service. I will never go back to stepping into store and shopping again!
  • Glitchy 3/5

    By GC1613
    For about 6 weeks, the app has stopped connecting about the time I get to the store. It’s ability to recognize that I’ve arrived at the store is sporadic, so I often have to end up calling because I’m at the store but not “Checked In.”
  • Awesome service! 5/5

    By I would get it cuz it awesome
    The Walmart grocery pickup has totally been a Godsend! Working in our family business leaves me with little time to shop, but having this app lets me shop from home during the week and set my pickup date and time.I use the Wadsworth Walmart and I like be their associates! They have all been super friendly, efficient, and caring!! Thanks Walmart for a great service!!
  • Check ins rarely work. 3/5

    By JRKow
    This service is a life saver with a newborn. The ordering always works and I’ve never had an issue with adding to my order, but 8 times out of 10 the check in function never works. I get to the store and the staff looks genuinely confused about me being there to pick up. Great app, but it would be better if all the functionality worked properly.
  • Samsung galaxy S7 1/5

    My wife loved this app and the ability to prefer and pick up groceries without entering the store. Then one day is said it needed to update. When she tried to update the app it now says her phone is not supported. Please fix!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I can't change the store choice! 3/5

    By Jolontru
    you Only list a new store not open yet! i travel around my state i want access to ANY Walmart if it doesn't carry food, tell me!!!
  • vegetables are very very fresh 5/5

    By Grace_fang
    I usually buy food from farmers’ market! But last week I tried a pick up service in Walmart, I bought several vegetables in Walmart, it turn out to be a species, all the green vegetables are very very fresh! I love it.....
  • iPad, please! 5/5

    By okcjulie
    I love Walmart Grocery pickup! Please add an app for my iPad or Android tablet. Thanks!
  • Update 2/5

    By Jbabb01
    This app was fantastic with a few exceptions. Some products always say out of stock. Even while in the store looking at the product the app says it’s out of stock. The new updates for the most frequent and most recent purchases is a fantastic IDEA; only if the features worked. My app crashes after clicking on one of those. I have tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling the app and it did not help. Fix these and it will be great
  • Love love love 5/5

    By Embrace Change
    This is so great and convenient. Use saves so much time. Please add a pickup by another person options. 😎
  • Nice Idea...But 3/5

    By Jst4fn4
    My first time using app and I'm extremely disappointed. Great value items that are available using pc are Not available using this app!!!
  • Love this! 5/5

    By Acrocoachtracy
    This saves so much time. I usually get 95% of my order. I think I’ve only had substitutes 3 times out of all of my weekly pick ups.
  • Quick Easy Convenient 5/5

    By TheEpicFaceDude
    I used the online shopping for the first time and I’m hooked. Shop for groceries while I was sitting at home with my family. Picked them up at a time that was convenient for me and Rob Delivered them to my car. He was very polite and answered all the questions I had about online grocery shopping They were out of a product and they substituted for me. I was able to decide if I wanted the item or not. Definitely my new way of shopping! Can’t wait for home delivery in July!
  • Siri integration 3/5

    By Serhii Aksiutin
    I want to see how Siri is adding items to my cart
  • Spoiled and don’t care 5/5

    By Gb2cool
    When I first heard of this, I thought it was so lazy, and that I would never do it. Well, my husband and I decided it wouldn’t hurt anything, and we would get $10 off the first time so we’d save money. We were so impressed the first time so we did it the next time and the next time. I don’t know if it just my neighborhood market (on hwy 71 in Ft. Smith, Arkansas)that makes this such a great experience, but I couldn’t imagine not using this anymore. My daughter is 7 months old, and with the flu going around, I don’t want to risk exposing her more than I have to. This saves me time and hassle with a young baby. Aside from that, the produce was as fresh as I would pick it or even fresher, the staff is always quick to bring my order out to the car, they show me eggs before putting them in my car, and they are always polite and happy. Great job Walmart! Kudos to the marketing team as well!
  • Thanks to Walmart support this app can now be utilized by blind people! 5/5

    By tlbarr1
    This app was formerly mostly unnavigable by persons using voiceover with iPhone or iPad. As of two days ago this has completely changed! The app itself is easily navigable, easy to use and easy to schedule a pick up time, Even while using a screen reader like voiceover. Nice job Walmart! Dash Les Barr was here A.k.a. Kilroy
  • I like Walmart again 5/5

    By Winna Winna CKNDNR
    I usually hate going into Walmart. I don’t like checking out because it seems like it takes forever in store. Unloading kids and reloading/ shopping at all with them is not fun. I also don’t have one very close to me, so it’s not very convenient. Walmart Pickup is a whole different ballgame. They are fast, efficient, have never gotten my order wrong or forgotten an item. It’s two minutes away from my house. I grocery shop while laying in bed or waiting for carpool pickup. It’s literally saved me so much time! Aside from saving me time, I am MUCH better at sticking to the items I actually need instead of randomly buying items that catch my attention at the store. Saves me a ton of money just because of that. I would probably use it twice as often if the order minimum was $15 or $20. I have a hard time getting to $30 as often as I would like, so I end up stocking up on items I buy frequently, but that is the only part I don’t like.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Nicole rn
    We can’t live without this service. I use it 2-3 times a week. That said, it’s pretty obvious that millennials are shopping for me. If I order uncommon things like a ‘springform pan’ it was ‘out of stock’. I have a hard time believing Walmart is out of these. My opinion was they didn’t know what it is was. Sometimes we laugh as the struggle to pronounce Merlot. We get a lot of Mer-‘lot’. Cracks me up. Their substitution picks can be a bit off. For Malbec wine they substituted for a Rosea (yuck). If I had kids or a family I was managing, I might be more upset. But nothing big. The staff are very friendly always eager to help. And they put up with my big dogs. I love having this convenient method plus, my back can’t take those floors!
  • Love it! 4/5

    By cubsinsix
    Love this service so much! It saved me when I broke my foot. One suggestion..why don’t you let us put our parking spot number not just our car color. This way the workers don’t have to come out and ask our name.
  • Grocery Ordering 5/5

    By Elizabethlc2
    I’m almost completely home bound, so my granddaughter has been doing my grocery shopping for me. With this great app I can pick out what I want and so can she and put it all in one order. It has been a real blessing to be able to add things to the order as necessary. Then she can choose when she wants to go for it. Convenience at its best!
  • Use this 2x week! 5/5

    By Down with coins
    I use grocery pickup twice a week these days. I love the employees that help me at the Falcon, CO Walmart. Both Mary’s, and Cameron are awesome! There are some new folks too, but I haven’t learned their names yet. I know they will be awesome too.
  • Good but some aspects need improvement 3/5

    By shopping with pickup
    The app works like it's supposed to for ordering and check in. Pretty simple to use. The substitution, I feel like it depends on the employee pulling the order. I've had some orders where they will pull the same flavor but different brand and other times I'll get a completely different flavor. It would be great if you could add notes about a 2nd preference. The other issue is fruit, sometimes you get really nice looking fruit, other times not so great. Again, I think it depends on who pulls the order and what kind of common Sense they have. Example, I had 10 of the greenest bananas that took 2 weeks to ripen. Other times they'll do some green ones and 3-4 that are good to eat now which is preferred. Online stock and in store stock are not on the same page. You just have to spend additional time going elsewhere for the missing item. If you decline a substitution you have to make sure to check your receipts to confirm you are refunded the amount. If not you have to call them and spend additional time going through the process. It's supposed to save you time but sadly the are times where it feels like after dealing with it all takes longer than a normal trip would have taken.
  • Momof4 4/5

    By Florida2013g
    I love the app and the convenience of not having to drag the kids into the store to shop. The only issue I have is that the receipt is not compatible with savings catcher in the other Walmart app. The receipt just says processing and never registers and then disappears. I would like to see this issues fixed or I may have to go back to going in the store to shop especially since I spend hundreds of dollars per month grocery shopping for a family of 6 and would like to save money anyway I can.
  • Some Recommendations 5/5

    By lndsrbsmn
    I really like the app, some recommendations: - The app says you don’t need to call when you arrive because my GPS tracked me, but then store associates say you need to call when you arrive. - Suggest having people put in other identifying marks about vehicles or list what spot they park in when they arrive so employees know where to go.
  • Check in never works 3/5

    By ErienShaye
    I have had one successful app check in but the rest have not worked. It’s like the gps doesn’t go to the correct location so I have to call in every time. Kind of defeats the purpose of checking in. But the idea of this is amazing!
  • Great App 4/5

    By caitb127
    I love this app and use it to pick up groceries for my family every week. It’s great not having to bring my toddler and infant into the store. Some suggestions for the app though: 1. Filtering searches by price or size of item. 2. There should be an option to look at all the Rollback sales available. 3. Add more inventory to the site. There have been lots of times I wasn’t able to find something in the app but I know it’s carried in the store.
  • Love Walmart pick up 5/5

    By Aphidmame
    I hate shopping at Walmart and just in general. I do like the cheaper prices you can find at Walmart. Walmart pickup is awesome and the only way I shop at Walmart.
  • Love this App! Love the service! 5/5

    By Lvanwinkle
    Here are a couple of suggestions. Please build an iPhone widget so I can easily add items to my grocery cart. Why make a list and then add things to my cart? My cart can become my grocery list!! Team up with Hello Fresh or Blue Apron. I LOVED subscribing to those meal services yet hated all of the waste they created in packaging and freezer pacs. It would be awesome to have a few meals planned for the week and just pick up the ingredients.
  • 50/50 3/5

    By trangeha
    This service is a great time saver, however it’s been hit or miss lately. Sometimes the app doesn’t work and I won’t get an email that my order is done but it actually is. So I never know when to go get my groceries. I feel like maybe they should do it in 1/2 hour increments to spread it out a little because if you say the order will be ready from 5-6, you’re going to have 8 people there at 5 wanting their stuff.
  • Great, only one flaw! 4/5

    By crazycat41
    I live be the app and it saves time, but my only complaint is that it doesn’t always send notifications or let me check in, no big deal, but a minor pain!
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Trackingcops
    This is my 3rd time and I’m so glad I decided to try it! Not only does it save time but it keeps my family away from all the germs spread around during flu season! Utilizing this tool has also cut my Walmart bill down as my children aren’t seeing all the toys on display! I am 100 percent happy with this app and purchasing method! Thanks Walmart.

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