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  • Current Version: 2.10.0
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Walmart Grocery App

For a limited time get $10 off your first order of $50 or more. Plus, we’ll deliver or load the groceries into your car for free. What’s available? Fresh produce, baked goods, meat, pantry items and more. What’s the cost? Most in-store pickups are free. Delivery is a little extra. Where’s it available? Enter your ZIP Code into the app to check availability. How does it work? Simply register, select a convenient pickup or delivery time and build your basket. Key features •. Add items from the app and check out from another device • Browse or search aisles by department • Fast reordering with "favorites" • Convenient pickup and delivery times. Same-day pickup also available. • No subscription charges, markups or hidden fees. This app monitors the user’s location for no other purpose than to provide accurate and timely service.


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  • Do not use 1/5

    By sundancr123
    What a sh*t show. There is literally no where in the app to check in. If you try calling the number on the email it goes to A voicemail that is full. Been waiting for an hour. I could have jut gone grocery shopping. Will never use this again.
  • Very helpful app 5/5

    By 🙎🏻Annette
    I had absolutely zero problems with this app. This app is extremely helpful —especially during the holiday season!! Placing the order online for what you need, reserving a time for pickup and then having the groceries taken to your car is super awesome in itself; but what’s even more impressive is not having to stand in super long lines and not having to swipe your card over and over because the chip doesn’t work. 😁. I will be using this app again and highly recommend it.
  • Easy and convenient 5/5

    By Jayjjay559
    Fast easy and convenient! Best part is never having to go into the actual store EVER again!
  • I love the services 2/5

    By Ashy Ashley
    I have an iPhone 8, and i have downloaded the updates but it’s still tell oops something went wrong... try again later...when i try to checkout, that’s so annoying and irritating....
  • 100 stars! AMAZING!!! 5/5

    By Hny Bny
    I cannot even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this app! Makes my life so easy! Love that I have a little bit of time to go back and add to my order when I forgot something (cuz I usually do). I love that I can start my list and not checkout until I'm ready - could be a week later. So convenient! Around the holidays especially it saves soooooo much time. Once you try it you'll never go back. I still go into Walmart for some of my shopping but the bulk of it is done through this app. Thank you for making my life so much simpler.
  • Where is the Check-In feature 3/5

    By kimmienicloe
    Worked great for a while but the last two weeks there is no check-in button!!!
  • Where did check-in go? 3/5

    By Fantasmaniac
    When I first started using the app I would receive an email telling me my order was ready and I could check in when I was on my way. After arriving at the pickup location I would be met with my groceries, no effort on my part. That piece of the app isn’t working anymore. When I tap on the check-in link in the email, it just takes me to the app, but there isn’t anyplace to check-in. I have to call when I get there. Not super inconvenient but I miss the check-in option. I’ve emailed tech support multiple times, but haven’t received any response. Everything else works great in the app. If you get the check-in working again, I’ll re-rate this app a 5.
  • GPS for Grocery check-in not accurate 4/5

    By Cpearl6314
    Love the grocery pick up feature, but the GPS is not accurate. If I had not been to this Walmart location before I would've been lost. In addition, it would've helped with quicker check-in if my phone had detected the location automatically, but instead I had to call them when I arrived to pick up my groceries.
  • Ok 4/5

    By Chris23c
    Love the app but since the last update I can no longer check in when I'm on my way
  • App not working 3/5

    By AwesomeMeagan
    When my order is ready for pick up I receive an email. It tells you to check in with the app. The app just says processing. I have only been able to check in with the app a couple of times in the beginning of summer. Now it never lets me check in I have to call when I get there. Order in app is always saying processing, very annoying
  • Check in not fixed 2/5

    By DC74
    I have the latest version and the check in feature is still not working. Tried signing out and signing in but no luck. I reported it to the store and they said others are having the same issue.
  • Normally good, but frustrated now ! 2/5

    By Keepin_Busy
    Normally, I have no issues with this app ! Now, I at least need a question mark or exclamation, or something when it tells me that I have an item that is no longer in stock. Fine, glad to find an alternative, but don’t have the time or patience to go through the 80 items I have on my list just to find that the GV pepperoni is now out of stock and I need to find something else ! 😡
  • Changed my mind 5/5

    By IbiSteph.
    I previously rated this app at 1 star. It has been greatly improved. The bugs seem to be worked out. It’s even easier to use than the website on my computer. Good job developers!
  • Works again! 5/5

    By Christys378, I tried again and the issue has been fixed! Love the app again...
  • Can’t check in 1/5

    By SunshineInDecember06
    It used to work. Now it doesn’t. Never updates my order as “ready to pickup” so I can’t check in. It’s annoying.
  • Love the concept 2/5

    By AmyMommy4
    App is always glitchy! I’m trying to check out, app says there’s some items in my cart no longer available, go to my cart to look, doesn't show which items are no longer available and WON’T LET ME CHECK OUT. So frustrating.
  • Handy but annoying 1/5

    By Cinnapatty
    16 Nov update: Still cannot check in on the app even when I receive an email telling me my order is ready. Having to sign in AGAIN and AGAIN everytime the app updates plus other random inconvenient times is a royal pain and makes me wonder what's the point? If not for that I'd give 5 stars because loading up my cart and placing my order via this app is EASY. It's just that when I go to check in when I want to actually pick up my order and I'm trying to get out the door to pick it up and the app wants me to sign in AGAIN that I get totally annoyed because I have to look up my password everytime. Ugh. Takes the easy out of easy. And now I have had the email for 45 mins saying my order is ready but the app apparently didn't get that memo so I can't check in and have to CALL instead.
  • Stone county Wiggins Mississippi 1/5

    By A long term customer
    I wish y’all had been the buy online here and pick up. I would shop a lot more often at Walmart. Hope you consider stone county ms Walmart.
  • It worked great - but now...not so much. 2/5

    By I'mMyHusband'sWife
    It is stuck in the “processing” mode and won’t let me check in from the app when I’m on my way. Also, it won’t let me transfer the TC to savings catcher. Frustrating!
  • Love the service but missing check in button 4/5

    By Suezgugs
    I have been using this app & service almost weekly since it was available. Unfortunately since the last update a week ago I know longer have the check in button available. It says my order is processing even though I receive an email stating it’s ready for pickup.
  • Almost 3/5

    By want it to work please
    I chose the pick up time from 3-4 in the afternoon, it switched me to the 4-5pm slot without notification. Then it said I could check in and my order is ready for pick up....but it's not letting me check in.
  • Can’t check in 2/5

    By Doctor Nuke
    Three times now after an order I have received both email and text messages telling me my order is ready. But when I follow the link to the app it tells me that my order is still processing and that it will let me know when the order is ready. I have to call in to see if the order is ready. Each time it is despite what the app says. The service itself is great. The app not so much.
  • Check in feature 4/5

    By mamacardec
    Where is it on the app?? Can’t find it.
  • Be nice if it was formatted to work with iPads 1/5

    By OMMerk
    Title says it all. No ready for prime time.
  • Great until recently/ maybe time change 1/5

    By ArmyPrincipal
    It was great hen last a Sunday it was not. The time changed - daylight savings. I received my email saying it was ready to pick up but the app would not allow me to say I’m ready. And again today. The man here says many are having the same problem and they are trying to have this fixed. Please do as I loved it before.
  • Love it BUT! 3/5

    By Torri Bell
    Love this app but the check in button on the app NEVER works! So frustrating!!!
  • Check in link in email doesn't work! 2/5

    By Shel559
    Love the service but it's so frustrating that the check in link in the email they send you doesn't work! It defeats the purpose of convenience. I have to call from my phone to check in. Disappointed! ☹️
  • Check in 2/5

    By Hsyeatts
    The check in option is not there anymore.
  • Eh- 3/5

    By Redgroverr
    I usually order my groceries on the computer at home. I received the text and email saying my order was ready. I went to the app and there was no ‘check in’ feature. I had to call (which is no big deal) but I’d rather have the check in button.
  • Please fix the new bug 5/5

    By hgsmark
    The new update does not let you check in. I love the app and service.
  • Huge help on estimating cost of groceries 5/5

    By SJMD85
    I needed to plan my grocery budget and this app helped me with the prices and availability of items. I like knowing roughly how much I will spend before I get to the register. More convenient way to do it!!
  • Great...sometimes 3/5

    By PTCkid
    When the check-in works, it’s great. But check-in works less than half the time, in my experience.
  • LOVE the service; annoyed by app 3/5

    By Grape Julius
    Update—November 7th: the check-in bug is back. 😑 At completely random times, when you get the email that your order is ready for pickup, the “check-in” bug disappears from the app and the “reserve a time” button takes its place. When this happens, no amount of finagling or restarting can bring back the “check-in” button—you’re just out of luck for that particular pickup and have to call when you arrive (a passable but far less convenient option). We should at least be able to click on the current order being processed and have the option to check-in there, but no such option exists—it’s the check-in button or bust. Please fix this!! If you hate grocery shopping--the long lines, the weird fluorescent lighting (at Walmart, at least), the annoying customers, the parking, the aimless wandering up and down aisles trying to find that one thing you can't leave the store without--then THIS is the answer. It's free, it's convenient, it's the one thing that Amazon can't match. I'm sold, and because of this app and this service-- after years and years of avoiding Walmart like the plague--I'm finally shopping there once again.
  • No pickup option suddenly 5/5

    By ajvpharmd
    Used to work fantastically! The most recent update broke something and the pickup link in my email opens the App Store not the app, and there’s no check in for pickup button in the app now! It used to be great and track my location when I checked in so it was ready to load into my car right as I parked! Edit: they fixed it! Great timely customer service fixing the app!
  • Wish it worked.. 4/5

    By !(wheresthebeef)!
    Wish I didn’t still have to call when I got there for them to come out. I thought the app would compensate for that but it didn’t! I do love Walmart grocery though so I’m still giving it four stars. 👏👏
  • Grocery pickup check in 1/5

    By Dillawoman
    For some reason my iPhone 7 no longer allows me to check in. I hit the red check-in button on my email and it takes me to the App which I’ve had for months! Frustrating to have to call when I get there when it used to be perfect!
  • Broken 1/5

    By XxxUnRaTeDxxX
    Will not allow me to check in for pick up
  • This app definitely needs improvement 1/5

    By Sarah/g
    Have been waiting for 30 mnts because the app didn't show the check in box yet and trying to call the customer care with no resond!! The service itself is really cool and people are nice but the app is crashing and really ruining the experience.
  • New update issues 1/5

    By Hero D
    I love this app normally but today I couldn’t check in. Please fix this issue!
  • Not always working correctly 3/5

    By kcasbot
    App worked the first time I used it but it won’t work now. I was really hoping to use this on a regular basis but now I am not sure if it is going to be unreliable.
  • Shows promise. Needs work. 3/5

    By FakeJonyIve
    Been using the app on and off for a year. It aspires to do interesting things, and succeeds sometimes. But it misses the mark on consistency. Some days the app just hangs (doesn’t crash, but also doesn’t do anything). Some days the check in doesn’t work. Some days the order isn’t fulfilled correctly... and then it’ll work flawlessly for a couple of cycles... before faltering again. This app will be an interesting litmus test for WalMart. Can they build an app and service that are customer-centric (by 2017 standards)? Probably. If this app worked as designed, consistently, I think it would be there. Update: Walmart made contact. I re-downloaded the app and placed an order. It didn’t crash, but checkin was still broken. I think they’ll get there, but not yet. Same rating.
  • App is not right 5/5

    By BarBar001
    I had no problem placing my order but when I tried to let them know I was on my way could not get the app to work. Had to call in.
  • YES!! 4/5

    By Oitsmeyvonne
    I absolutely love the ability to order online and never get out of my car to get my groceries! Small complaint though...after the last app update, my app isn't letting me "check-in." I received the email saying my order is ready, and it's within the hour time-slot that I chose, but the app is still saying "we'll let you know when it's time to check in."
  • Loved it at 1st 1/5

    By Misshoo
    Has been crashing for the last 3 days
  • Awesome service, app needs work 5/5

    My app didn’t say my order was ready and I never got my email. I called the store at 6:20 (pickup time 6-7) and my order was ready for 6 pm. The app is easy to use as far as selecting items, but I’m glad I called because I would have been waiting a while!
  • Favorites disappear 1/5

    By W Patrick
    App is great when it works. Favorites list disappears every few days.
  • Annoying 2/5

    By Ryana22
    The first time i used it, it was working and I liked it. Now, it's all error. Pls fix it. Thanks
  • Convenient? No. Incompetent? Yes. 1/5

    By GirlWhoLovesToSave
    The app itself is amazing & extremely easy and quick to use. This lulls you into a false belief that the entire process will be quick & easy. I ordered this morning & chose a pickup time between 5&6 at 7 I called & told them to cancel my order. They told me I could pick it up tomorrow, I live 45 minutes away & work full time, that was not going to happen. They never apologized & said they cancelled my order. It still shows as processing & based on their show of incompetence this evening I am sure I will have to follow up or I will be charged for $80 worth of groceries I never received. I would not recommend this service to anyone unless you enjoy hanging out in parking lots for hours.
  • Make it work again 1/5

    By Matt27098
    This was a terrific app until the most recent update. Now when I go to check out, I just get an error code. I have emailed and called customer service multiple times. Still doesn’t work. I was even given a discount code. It might be helpful except that I still can’t check out. I was even told that my problem was referred to their engineering department and that they would be in touch within 3 days. That was 5 days ago. I would love to be able to use this app again. It’s almost like they don’t want my money. I suppose I will have to start shopping somewhere else.
  • Always offline 1/5

    By Shghhfdhiitgvfsaq
    The app doesn’t works at all always offline!

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