War and Order

War and Order

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  • Current Version: 1.0.66
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Camel Games Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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War and Order App

Orc Knights, Elf Sages, Dragon Riders, and other incredible warriors are waiting to fight for your empire! Raise a massive fantasy army for HUGE, spectacularly animated battles! Axes fly, dragons roar, and fireballs sizzle as you clash with enemies from all over the world in real-time. Call on your allies to rush to your aid on horse- and lizard-back. Repay them with your undying loyalty as you take castles, slay ogres, and stake new territory as a tribe! THIS is the game you won’t be able to put it down as your screen lights up with constant new battles, chats, and upgrades! You must battle to become more powerful than any king in history! But you can’t do it alone. It’s up to you and your allies to unite the fantasy races like never before as you conquer an endless world of empires and imagination. ◆HOMELAND • Recruit and train over 30 unique soldiers. • Construct and upgrade tons of buildings for new soldiers, buffs, and resources! • Research new technology FAST for cutting-edge tactics and weapons! ◆ALLIANCE • Friend, feud, and chat with players from around the world in real time. • Help each other build and expand your cities faster. • Rally together to take down enemies you could never face alone! • Share and expand territory to enjoy exclusive buildings and bonuses! ◆CONFRONTATION • Sweep the battlefield in huge real-time PvP matches! • Build your force to leviathan proportions! • Engulf other lords' castles as you expand your territory. ◆CONQUEST • Attack other player's castles to plunder their resources and climb power rankings! • Vanquish roaming monsters for their treasures, from man-eating Ogres to massive Dragons. ◆EMPIRE • Take over the Royal City to rule over the realm with unheard of power and privileges! • Explore unknown lands to find elite resources, ancient ruins, and more surprises! • Grow your alliance territory for richer rewards and resources! Follow War and Order on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WarandOrder1/


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War and Order app reviews

  • Good real-time Strategy game 5/5

    By Abbot-Henderson
    Imagine ‘Game of War’ or ‘Final Fantasy XV: New Empire’. Now imagine those games had an invisible, secret knob that controlled how prevalent and annoying the in game advertisements were. Now imagine that knob was turned up to 10 and stuck on that setting. Now imagine the same game with the knob turned down to 2 or 3. Boom! That’s ‘War and Order’ right there. Way better experience, over-all.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Geomd1
    Fun game. Customer service is also amazing. Very customer focused.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Jjgina
    Love this game. Would love a weekly shield
  • Love it 5/5

    By Jed-I1
    Friggin awesome game
  • Merge groups 2/5

    By Megtg
    The first 200 or so kingdoms have all gone dead because they have refused to merge kingdoms and expect people to start over again in new kingdoms. People of invested heavily and you just walked away from the game because of that. They need to merge kingdoms before many of their longtime players just walk away
  • What a blast! 5/5

    By Tippsde
    Easy to play Very challenging as you progress Well designed Play for free or pay to get rewards Excellent
  • Insanely better than I was expecting 5/5

    By Jezuzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    I have previously played IOS games of this type, and they usually fizz out because of inflation, and I’ve been playing War and order for a few months and I’m not gonna lie, it’s awesome. I love the way the game visually looks, and I love the sense of comradeship that you get while hitting enemies and growing. I haven’t spent much, just a little in the beginning since I had it, and a few bucks here and there for the developers who seem like they’re trying hard, thanks guys, but even though I haven’t spent much I’ve been super active and I’m pretty good in my realm 535. I really enjoy this game, and if I were to change one thing, it would be the number of elite tiles that pop up, in a crowded realm there’s a lot of resource hungry people, not saying it’s impossible to get resources, but it would be a tad bit easier if there was some more floating around! -(TRA) SantaScent (Realm 535)
  • Free stuff 5/5

    By Fisterdude
    Fun game, just started and already addicted to it. Will definitely keep me occupied when bored at work
  • Fun and addicting but... 4/5

    By P-n-o-y
    Fun and addicting... Developers needs to focus on finding a way to get rid of Hackers and Cheaters way too many obvious players but they still find a way to not get caught. Game name - PNoyTagas Realm - 573
  • Fun activity 3/5

    By bones2dust
    I like the game a lot just one problem is there shields don’t last as long as they say
  • Great game! 4/5

    By BobbieMD
    Doesn’t break the bank, intuitive and appealing to new players. Not a huge gap between free and paying players.
  • Too expensive 3/5

    By Ghostdroid
    The game is a really good game packs are expensive, teleports are too expensive how do you expect me to attack and return to my territory. It's more like FarmVille still one place gather resources and grow your castle.
  • Awesome game 5/5

    By ElijahsMama3179
    Lots of fun!!
  • Game play 4/5

    By LowAgw
    Very similar to game of war with less pay to win. At least for now, im still a low level. I hope to see a balance of power where a high level play cant pick on lower level player. Or leave a buffer which prevents a player from repeatedly attacking the same player. A one hour shield after a defeat would be nice.
  • Sweet!! Finally!! 4/5

    By Ten8FiveOne
    I've played GOW, I've played MS, and this game is by far the best. It's your typical build your base, train your military type of game, but I haven't been harassed with "buy this, buy that" type of crap!! The game is easier to learn, it's user friendly, and you meet up with a lot of great people! Ok, I put a littl bit of money Into it, but no pressure. Im on this game everyday! Rock On!!
  • Best Game 5/5

    By DrNeeds
    This is one of the best mobile games I have downloaded in a long time I have been playing for over a year now and love the game so much I can't stop playing!!
  • WAO 5/5

    By Stonedrone
    Great game I love the graphics and team work but I think realms die really fast when your 5 to 6 months into it because lower castle people are always being attacked by very high leveled castles...Also union alliances should be able to support their allies too this change would be great...
  • WaO 4/5

    By Tdog4993
    This game is extremely addictive! When I get a new game I normally keep it for a few days, but this one has kept me hooked! The amount of strategy mixed with the fantasy of it really caught my interest. I recommend everyone try this game!
  • Great Game 4/5

    By Zt444a
    It’s a great game, the developers take your suggestions into consideration and keep up with in game issues. Teleports and shields seem overly expensive, but all in all quite nicely done.
  • Review 4/5

    By Assassin39503
    The game over all is fun. Graphics are nice and it doesn’t affect my IPhone to run it. The only thing I would recommend is way cheaper prices for gems and such. Way to high as most of these games are.
  • ρѕу¢нσ₩ØŁ₣ 5/5

    By AJ Cejic
    I love the game. Very clean. One thing I would like to recommend is the availability to send speeds/gems boosts. Items in general. It adds realism to team work for your Alliance. For those with no extra money. Your alliance can send items to you to help you grow faster. Other then that happy with game. 👍
  • War and Order 5/5

    By Judy400
    Lots of fun watching your castle and armies grow. Can’t put it down.
  • Fun on many levels 5/5

    By PCinefro
    This game promotes team building and coordination that build great friendships. The building goes quickly to start and you can easily get to level 9 in the three days you start off protected. And it is fun building and starting to fight after that. Highly recommend this game.
  • Review 5/5

    By Armydude322
    So game is a great game love the new events only thing I would like for them to add is. Allowing people to get materials from gathering. I think this will make it a little bit better to get better equipment
  • Fun 5/5

    By Ian519
    Awesome strategy game
  • LordTJ1 5/5

    By The interact
    This game is great. I like interacting with people around the world. The graphics are great. I could use more time boosts in different denominations of time. So far so good.
  • Great game 4/5

    By king.Sierra
    I really got addicted to the game, I love the graphics and sound effects and the camaraderie within the clans.
  • Fun 5/5

    By Instagram lover 2468013579
    This has been a fun and challenging game.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Dhull2454
    Love be the night colors and graphics.
  • How fun 5/5

    By Wtfupincloud
    This game is really fun and I have played non stop
  • I need your help 5/5

    By Mr.82nd
    I like your game quite a bit after playing GOW and Mobile Strike the last few years. I don’t feel your game is a endless money pit and I thank you for that. My only concern is I wish you would consider longer lasting shields. We’re leaving for vacation soon and will be gone 10 days and I have no way to protect my investment of time and money. Current shields are 3 days. I’m not comfortable giving someone I don’t know my log in information to shield for me. In other games I’ve seen accounts stolen that way. Well that’s my input. Thanks for a awesome game
  • Suicide Squad Rocks!! 3/5

    By Queen_Rhana
    This is a really awesome and addictive game. My fiancé and I play together and our alliance has become a brotherhood! The only thing that’s bad is the overcharging on pack buildups. Fix that and this game would be phenomenal!
  • WAO review 4/5

    By Coops boogie
    I’m new to these kind of games; but I do have to say this one shows incredible promise. After coming from Game of War: Fireage that used to be a fun game, but has ended up a dismal mess, mostly in part to Machine Zone’s greedy tactics and the constant daily changes to the game. I’m hoping that doesn’t happen here. The graphics here are wonderful. The layout seems similar to GoW, but thankfully less of a mess with endless things you have to do in that game. I hope here it will always be simpler and easier too maneuver. I like the concept of this game better all round. Though I wish when your army is out after attacking monsters you’d be able to keep sending them to attack other monsters instead of waiting to have to go back to your city first :-(. My main concern is that this company hopefully will listen to their customers and not just race through going ahead and changing the game too quickly. More value in the packs are needed .... the prices are ok but you DON’T get much in the pack 👎🏻. All of my teammates here in this game are all from GoW and they have been sickened by MZs lack of listening. So far War and Order is a very cool game . Worth checking out , (RBU) Twanggg / realm 517
  • A few suggestions. 5/5

    By WindyShadows
    This is a really fun addicting game but there are a few things that I hope to see in the future. One is that the more troops you send to gather the father they gather and another is an option to sell or trade the forging materials.
  • Enjoying 5/5

    By bishbob55
    I am enjoying this app totally. It’s smooth running and isn’t impossible to reach the next tier in game play like other games. Graphics and features are awesome too
  • Game very good 5/5

    By Z30D0506
    I like
  • Good 5/5

    By 6 God T
    Fun good
  • War and order 4/5

    By Brandonls615
    Good game very addicting . must spend money to keep up.. some big spenders ruin the game... (realm 524) had a guy in there buying rss from other players and the average castle level was 16-20 and he was already at 30 and he would go around burning everyone so they couldn’t build up... made me quit that realm .. i restarted in 579 and it’s much better but i wish we could transfer our castles from realm to realm for a certain amount of gems or something .. also the armor glitch /bug took way too long to fix
  • So much fun 5/5

    By sirjohnson0705
    I have had so much fun playing this game highly addictive and have a hard time putting my phone down definitely worth giving a shot
  • WOW 5/5

    By DBLDEEZnutz
    What a fun game!!

    I love this game. So addictive though. But I have had so much fun and enjoyed every minute of it.👍
  • Combat 4/5

    By Fix the game asap
    I love this game and what the creators of this have done so far. What I would like to see is; more ways of combative action against people within your on realm. Let’s say for instance, adding an arena and you and some of your alliance members go up against an opposing alliance.
  • Cannot log in 5/5

    By ohuohuo945
    It had this issue since I downloaded it the first time, I had to quit and opened it again to log in successfully. Well starting today, i cannot log in ANYMORE. My is iPhone X. Disappointed.
  • So much better 5/5

    By BiG JuJutsu
    Have played other games. This one is worth the time and the experience. Rest graphics and game play. Stop and take a moment to try. See you there.
  • Excellent Fun 5/5

    By Qtmemoe
    Far beyond most other war games games available. The pace, the cost , the strategy, you name it. Highly recommended fun .
  • Outstanding gameplay 4/5

    By Keola75
    I just started this game not too long ago and have had a lot of fun with it. There are so many things to do and the graphics are great. It would be nice to see additional deployments earlier. At level 11, two deployments makes it hard to farm resources and fight monsters efficiently. Better opportunities for climbing the VIP ladder would be nice as well. 100 points in a pack or reward is no help when you need 20k or 30k points to move up.
  • Probably my favorite in the genre. 4/5

    By Googergieger
    I've played many games in this genre and this one is probably my favorite. It seems a combination of the best from other games merged into one, with very few of the cons. Yes there is a pay wall like most games, but if you find the right server enough people don't spend or don't spend a lot to make the game competitive and fair for those looking for a war game not to spend money in. The customer service and developers respond to messages quickly. Though like a lot of games online seem indifferent to the fact many people violate the rules In world chat. Which if you advertise yourself as a family game you should monitor your chat and take complaints against people violating the rules more seriously. The one complaint on the gameplay I'd make would be that there should be a realistic option to gather resources to grow. Not gather for a two to three weeks for enough resources to upgrade your buildings to level 14 or 15 or whatever. Also the prices for packs aren't outrageous but the fact you have to purchase a 1.99 pack to get a 4.99 pack to get a 9.99 pack until 49.99 or 99.99 is rather annoying. I'd spend more on packs if I could skip the option of having to buy four packs for the one I want. Still I recommend the game to anyone that is a fan of the genre.
  • The best 5/5

    By smash1ne
    I love this game not much of a phone game player but this game has made me forget about my ps4 lol 👍
  • Good addicting game 4/5

    By Bootboxandy
    Well constructed game. Only flaw is the "pay to win" aspect. Other than that it's very fun.
  • Great game 4/5

    By Wyodaddy76
    Great game, the only concern I have is that they make it harder to raise vip points

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