War Dragons

War Dragons

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  • Current Version: 3.90
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Pocket Gems, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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War Dragons App

War Dragons is a visually stunning 3D real-time strategy game that puts you in control of the ultimate dragon army. Join a guild, help your teammates launch attacks, and hold off enemy raids in true real-time fashion. The game now supports iOS 11! BREED LEGENDARY DRAGONS War Dragons has more than one hundred unique dragons possessing different attack styles, spell abilities, and classes. Breed your dragons to create an even more powerful army. See if you can unlock the furious behemoth Khrysos and dominate the battlefield! COMBINE FORCES WITH FRIENDS Start or join a guild to combine forces with other dragon lords. With true synchronous multiplayer, you can chat with teammates in real time and coordinate attack and defense strategies against other guilds. BUILD IMPENETRABLE FORTRESSES Strategize and build your island fortress with the optimal combination of lightning, ballista, and archer towers to best protect your base against enemy attack. ASCEND TO THE THRONE Participate in a wide variety of weekly events with the chance to win rewards, such as rare dragon eggs and treasure hunts, for you and your guild. Claw your way up the leaderboards to assert yourself as one of the world’s top dragon lords. CONQUER THE WORLD Claim surrounding territory by forging alliances with other Dragon Lords, riding your dragons into battle, and obliterating the enemy. Should you and your teammates succeed in conquering the world, prepare to reap the spoils of war and bask in eternal glory. EXPLORE THE CHAOTIC BEAUTY OF WAR DRAGONS The game was built on the Mantis Engine, a proprietary 3D game engine, featuring state-of-the-art graphics and cinematics. Experience mobile games like never before with the ability to visually explore all facets of its stunning world. PRAISE FOR WAR DRAGONS “The 3D graphics are spectacular for a mobile device, and this makes War Dragons stand out as the best-looking game of the bunch.” -GamesBeat “War Dragons from Pocket Gems gives us a taste of what it’d be like to unleash giant flying lizards on whatever poor ground-bound schmucks are fated to scurry under their shadows.” -Gamezebo “There's a combat section where your dragon will be flying through an enemy' encampments, and you deal damage to everything as you fly by. You'll also be building your own bases, forming guilds to help work with other players, and just trying to be the biggest, baddest, dragon-taming emperor of them all.” -Touch Arcade Please note that War Dragons is free to play, but you are able to purchase game items with real money. If you don’t want to use this feature, please disable in-app purchases. Your use of this application is governed by the Terms of Service available at http://pocketgems.com/terms. Collection and use of your data are subject to the Privacy Policy available at http://pocketgems.com/privacy.


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War Dragons app reviews

  • Not so helpful 2/5

    By slightlyburnt
    So I have been playing for about two months and enjoy the game greatly. It’s well made and a lot of fun. However, during their last event I needed to purchase some rubies to make it to the next tier to be able to get the rewards. I only had 623 points to go! The purchases failed and I missed out on the rewards. My I tunes has worked fine every other time I have spent money. When I explained this to PG they credited my purchases but said even though it was their fault they wouldn’t give me the rewards I was unable to get due to their mistake. Said I didn’t earn them so they won’t give them to me! But gladly took my money for the packs I purchased. I believe they were in the wrong and are unwilling to make things right. I hope they realize how wrong it is to do that to somebody.
  • This game was great once 1/5

    By khorne1134
    I started playing just about a year ago like most of the negative reviews it has been getting. And that last review lol what a joke obviously fake the developers would love to hear how to make the game better. Well developers here's an idea for you STOP WITH THE UPDATES FIND WHATS WRONG WITH THE BUGS THAT GOT PEOPLE BANNED FOR NO REASON!!!! INSTEAD OF JUST SHRUGGING IT OFF AND BELIEVING THEY ARE AT FAULT TOUR PROGRAMMING IS NOT PERFECT BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT PERFECT!!!! but it was and as I thought they are not recycling the dragons as they advertised they were going to do in the beginning instead they get another idea in their heads and forget about the old idea before long it's just going to be a bunch of player pillaging each other with armies of dragons that can't go any further than they are meaning more and more players will leave. In other words great idea poor business! Get it got it good. Temporarily banned???? Stayed in contact with them???? Fixed right away???? No you have not! How do I know because I am one of those players that did not get a temporary ban I got a permanent one! And not one person has got in contact with me at all I would check back once in awhile to see the status of what was going on and All I got were excuses as to why it hasn't been addressed yet finally I gave up and just waited for someone to contact me and well that was 2 months ago. And what happened all I did was log on check my mail tried to collect my tokens but it kept glitching like it was loading and then it wasn't then it was I had to press it several times for it to do anything and I received a sync error and I thought to myself ok well maybe it corrected itself nope continued to do the same thing so I went to do war runs because I knew we had wars active and it wouldn't let me it said they had been over several thousand hours ago! It wasn't my device I checked it the only thing I found that might have been wrong was the time was off by a couple of hours but everything else was correct I even tried an experiment and I set the date 2 days ahead and then I connected to the internet and right when it connected it corrected the date. I would have contacted someone right away like I had done in the past because I got screwed by the bugs more times than I could count but I had to start my way into work so I decided to deal with it after my shift and while on shift I received a text from a teammate asking me why I left the team. So I was lost and asked him what did he mean and he told me to log on so I took out my tablet and I tried to log on and it told me I had been banned. And after a few messages of getting put off in fact here I will give you an exact time frame of the last message received Oct. 27 the and it was the last message sent I never received one back.
  • New update 2/5

    By Sunshinee0823
    Game crashes every 10 minutes. If I open the chat, open the emails, or try to join attacks. I love the game so I don’t uninstall it but it’s so annoying that I can’t finish attacks or defenses.
  • Amazing game! 5/5

    By Kaida33656
    Highly recommend this game it is super fun!
  • Getting Frustrated 1/5

    By egstout74
    I have enjoyed this game for quite some. The graphics and action are great. The interaction with teammates and others is also a great aspect of this game. The worst part of this game is the developer, and unfortunately they are getting worse. The game has become frustrating to play due to the number of glitches. Connection issues are becoming more and more frequent. Hacks and exploits are also becoming common place, with little response from the developer. Unfortunately a couple teammates and friends have quit because they are not willing to spend the money it takes to progress passed a certain level, or just the shear time it takes to grind it out if you don’t want to spend the money. There is a beta to over haul the game, that really looks intriguing. However, the tutorial is next worthless. The lack of direction leads to poor choices that are irreversible. A quick note to support results in a canned answer that does nothing but frustrate you more. Overall, I have enjoyed the game for the time that I have played, but a quick read through most of the league chats and you will find a plethora of frustrated gamers hoping the Atlas beta will fix the game. ****Edit**** I had to edit my rating down from two stars to one star. The beta, which is called Atlas, will be the reason I stop playing this game. Atlas is a convoluted mess designed to make you spend hours and hours playing with very little progress. Unless of course you want to spend a literal mountain on money. All of this hard work and progress can be wiped out in a single battle, making you start the entire process over. If you are a casual gamer, when Atlas is released completely, this game will not be for you. ****Response**** I have been talking with you for about a month or two about an issue and my last response from PG was pretty much, “that’s too bad and there is nothing we can really do”. In fact most issues raised and mentioned in league chats or forums basically say they are tired of getting canned answers that doing nothing to rectify the glitches in the game. But here are a couple Gold Chests so everything should be fine now. As far as hacks and exploits, go read the Sapphire II Angry Hatus League Chat right now. There are so many hacks and exploits that you have looked the other way. I won’t mention them in this review (because ever WD player knows what I am talking about). To most of the gaming community you seem to be fine with the exploits or have basically said you have given up on trying to fix them so deal with it. I have been part of your community for over two years and I also find it disingenuous to respond on a open review like it actually matters but in the closed setting of the help line you basically told me too bad it cannot be rectified. It’s almost seems like you have taken a class, and scored really well, on how to upset your customers in every conceivable way.
  • If you ain’t payin u ain’t playin 1/5

    By La's fiiinnnesst
    Love the game but you are not gonna get far in events if you don’t pay.
  • Needs to be consistent with fairness 1/5

    By Jclaw8207
    This game can be fun to play but it is not consistent with fairness it fluctuates back and forth so they can get players to spend money.
  • money hungry 1/5

    By mikebrcp
    all this game is about how much money they can milk out of you, recommend not playing
  • It’s great but... 4/5

    By CreekBoI13
    I like to say I love this game but I don’t like at the beginning they forced me to get on a team before I wanted too.
  • Fun but expensive! 3/5

    By Longhairedcountryboy
    Would be great game but too expensive.
  • Different Format, Same Horrible Pay To Play Game 1/5

    By johnt48
    Buyer beware. There is no way to consistently advance in this game unless you spend big bucks. Some dragons (seasonal dragons) that you spend big money on can only advance so far. Conveniently for the designers you are not told this until it is too late. There is no manual or explanation of how to play so you’re pretty much playing in the dark. And PLEASE DON’T COMPLAIN because you will get a dirty, insulting text for your trouble. When a new feature is introduced to the game it is always buggy and the developer doesn’t seem to care. You will get no explanation, other than they are working on a workaround which NEVER works and the money continues to pour in. I suspect many of the five star ratings for this game are by the developers. I can not understand how a normal person could play this game for more than a month and not see how much money is required to be competitive. Ok, you have been warned, don’t say no one told you before you started.
  • Bad game 1/5

    By Get this app it's great 😀
    Hate this game Kick me out
  • Used to be great. 1/5

    By Oemememmsmem
    So first let me say don't get this game it the devs just want you're money now. Before it was all fun and stuff until I started seeing all the overpowered dragons. So then I kept on losing all my resources and every time I logged on it would try to get me to buy something. Then for no reason I was active for nearly everyday I was kicked from my clan. We were at the top of our league. Later on I checked on the clan they were at the bottom. This was devastating to me. For one thing I do by think there should be any reason for paying so much money on just one singular game. I believe that you should NOT spend your money on this game you will eventually regret it. This game used to be very good.
  • Stop updating! 3/5

    By DadDadDad?
    So, I’ve been playing this game for a while now. Then I went offline for a couple of month hoping for what I’m about to say was fixed! But I was wrong. So the process when someone sends you a value pack you get the prizes, they don’t work that well... It takes me five try’s to get one to open. I click out and back in for a while, I’m relived when I FINALLY Get it but I get so frustrated that the prizes give me a lower rank than my actual one! Builders hut, and the egg Hatcher thing also the sheep farm and lumber are so glitched!! After a day of letting the Lumber and sheep farm sit for a day I come back to 1 piece and wool and lumber.. I was not attacked... The builders hut is very complicated I can’t figure out how to upgrade! Maybe their should be something on your website that allows you to look for anything and get a answer like using a guild. So that’s my advice!”
  • War dragons review 4/5

    By RoseTheSkywing
    I think war dragons is a pretty good game, I love the graphics and how detailed and cool the dragons are. The fact that we can choose our own portraits is awesome and we are generally in control of our world in war dragons. With the fact that we can choose what towers to put on what island, and who we attack, or whether we start a team of our own or join another. It’s great with all the free reign. Also I like how there’s a single goal in mind, to be the best, get the best dragons build the best base, but with new updates like now you can build your towers to level 55 and the creators are always adding new dragons it never ends. But on the downsides of my perspective I think the fact that to level up a tower you have to wait a long time, ( depending on the towers level). Or to forge a time boost like a twelve hour speed boost is crazy, ( 30 hours... 30! That’s worth two speed 12 hour speed boosts). I’m only level 53 on this game and it’s taking 4 days to level up my fire turret from level 17 to level 18, it just takes so long to get anything useful done, like upgrading a tower, hatching a dragon egg, or boosts to forge. So if the creators of war dragons could lower the time to do these things I, and a lot of other players would be happy.
  • Do not download this game! 1/5

    By Nixed67
    Hands down THE most money grubbing company on earth. They make it impossible to play without spending money and if they have a “glitch” and lose your purchase (and admitted this) refuse to refund your money. Straight up d*cks!
  • Great game; terrible servers & customer service 1/5

    By AirG8tor
    As a player for over 1.5 years, I love the concept of the game and dragons. However, PG, and their staff, know how to put the “cus” in customer service...they are literally the worst ever. The customer service, if you can call it that, makes the game terrible to play, even as a paying player. They do not fix anything and if you get suggestions from them to fix their system errors, they will NOT compensate you to fix their error with any award/progress you earn in the game. I hate the consistent crashes and bullsh!t you have to deal with, especially when WD staff asks you for suggestions to fix their problems—they won’t fix it. WD staff asking for your help/suggestions is the equivalent of putting a pacifier in your mouth...get used to it. My suggestion, never start playing this game
  • Love the Game 5/5

    By D24525
    Fun playing as a family
  • Great game, but know what your getting into. 5/5

    By Ryan tot
    HEY, READ THIS! Sorry, I just know most people, like myself, are only interested in negative comments. This is a far better game than most app games out there by a long shot. The developers are constantly updating and running fun little events! Best of all if they feel like they've wrong someone some how they give extra gifts! I've been playing it for years now and there’s a lot to enjoy about this game. Give it a shot and be very aware that you will have a bit of a slow and rough beginning but once you climb over that first hill it levels off. Takes you a while to find your strengths.
  • Best game ever but cannot get the latest update to install 5/5

    By drovonus
    Best Gabe ever
  • Reapeditive 2/5

    By Devon is super cool
    It gets kinda reapedetive and boring after a few because there’s not much to do

    By alyray_awesomeness
    I went to play the game and I was told to update it, but when I came here there was no update option. So instead I clicked “open” but I was still told I needed an update. I have tried restarting my phone and everything and nothing is working
  • Fun!!! 5/5

    By Joeyopd1591
    The graphics are great and fun to play. The games doesn’t have much bugs!
  • Great game, poor support 3/5

    By Charlithegreat
    This really is a great game, especially once you find a team where you really fit. The events and divine dragons are the best part of this game. You do have to spend some money if you actually want to be a competitor in this game, so be aware of that going into it. I love my team. I’m an officer for my team too, and everybody is awesome. I have been playing for a few months now and have never exactly been “wowed” by the support team. They are mediocre, nothing more, but I’ve dealt with it. Until recently. When battling with your dragons, there are different spells that they come equipped with. I had an issue with one of the spells; I thought it wasn’t working correctly. It took a week, five different support team agents, a ridiculously difficult video upload (as the in-game screen capture feature WAS NOT WORKING EITHER) until I finally got a very simple answer to why my spell wasn’t working. It was so simple, that I didn’t even need to upload a video if one of the many agents had just asked the right question. (I’m going to get a little bit technical here so bear with me.) There was a defense tower causing my shield spell to get disrupted, but it doesn’t explain that very well when you tap to get more information about how that specific tower works, in my opinion. But the support agents should know that this tower disrupts all shields. So the very first agent that I contacted should have asked, “is the spell failing when you’re getting hit by a cannon tower?” And I would have noticed that yes, that is indeed what was happening. Instead I had to send in a video that I had to record on a borrowed device and then use multiple health potions (which are NOT FREE) while I used this one dragon over and over trying to recreate the problem and capture it on video, which was really stressful because they kept threatening to close the support ticket after 48 hours. This took me a week from the time I first sent the initial support ticket, to getting a non-answer, to clarifying my question, to being told to make a video, to telling them that my in-game recording wasn’t working, to recording it on another device, to uploading the video to YouTube, to sending them the link, to waiting for a response, to getting more non-answers, to finally getting an INCREDIBLY CONDESCENDING, but correct, answer. Now, my in-game video still doesn’t record consistently and NOBODY HAS EVEN ADDRESSED THAT ISSUE IN ALL OF THE EMAILS that have been sent back and forth. And they’re still sending automated emails about closing the ticket. So get the game, join a team, and hope that your teammates are more helpful and knowledgeable than the support agents.
  • Use to like it 1/5

    By Babygirlfla
    It use to be fun. Now with Atlas game within a game. No sense playing. I left my team. I might sign on to play if I have nothing better to do with my life and say hello to some people. I’ve been playing for like 20 months now not worth the bother. PG should have come out with 2 different games. Just look at their number of one star reviews and no response. Same with Facebook and heaven forbid you play the game and complain to them.
  • Best game in a long time by a long shot!! 5/5

    By buckzDon
    You'll love this game upon playing it. Used to play Game of war a lot but this game has you so much more involves where I felt the other was lacking in a lot of areas. Both strategically and enjoyable. Love this game!!! Play it inbetween classes at school every day at college or home inbetween studying or while out walking the dog. Also doesnt rely on money for you to become a good player. You can use money but I person don't like to spend money on games and I've risen the ranks to orange tier after my first season in the game can't wait for the next one to start!!!! I originally downloaded this game off an impulse and can say I'm so glad I did. Love this game XOXOXOXOXOXOXO to the game makers! You did an awesome job and thank you. ~Z
  • Most addicting game ever!!!!! 5/5

    By Lroy Eells
    Funnest phone game I’ve ever played!!
  • Addicted! 4/5

    By Keone808
    I’ve been playing for about 6 months & really do love this game. The dragon designs & ideas are quite innovative, game play is pretty simple & easy to learn although there is definite strategy involved, & just fun in general especially if you find a great team. Is the game buggy? Yes. I personally have not had any major bugs or errors, but teammates have. But how many apps actually run perfectly all the time? It is free to play, but competitive play is definitely for people with cash to burn (no pun intended). Still love this game!
  • Can’t play game 1/5

    By mightymorphinpowerblader
    I’d love to be able to update my game.
  • Confused 3/5

    By allthedamnnicknamestaken
    Hey guys. Writing this because I have seen about 3 or 4 updates and no iPhone X optimization yet. Are you guys ever going to fix that? Thanks,
  • How I have a good idea of winter 5/5

    Why not make a snowy theme for war dragons that would be epic.
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Odephris
    If you love dragons as much as I, I can guarantee you'll love this game too. It has several species, and the art is something out of a book. Yes, there are other games out there, that have the same team and raid concept but let me tell you, not only does it have a team base style, you control your dragon when it's time to attack and other players can join you for a loot bonus! I wouldn't recommend a game if I hated it. Play it, you won't regret it.
  • Love It!! Very minor issues though... 4/5

    By DjBlizzard74
    I absolutely love this game! It’s beautifully done and the gameplay is amazing! And it doesn’t force you to buy content nor force micro transactions on you. You can play the game and excel at a reasonable pace with out purchasing packages and power ups unlike most mobile games of this caliber. I love the team concept and the chat! And the vast variety of beautifully designed dragons is wonderful. And the sound effects are dead on! ...... now for the minor issues. There’s only 3 issues I found with this game... 1) I mentioned how u can excel at a reasonable pace at the game; almost too reasonable. I say this, because actively defending your base is nearly impossible unless there is a huge difference between the attacker and defender’s level of base/dragons. Not a big issue I hope this doesn’t prompt any weird alterations to the game. 2) While attacking another player, you have to be very careful if u have an iPhone. While you are attacking; with a hunter,(tap to attack) it is very easy to receive a notification from another app, or message and accidentally tap the bar, thus exiting your game into another app; leaving the game, and completely ruining your attack. I’ve found that I have mistakenly tapped the “swap” button many times as well. 2) There are 3 attacking dragon types that I’ve noticed so far: warrior, hunter, and sorcerer. The warrior, and the hunter’s attacking mechanics are nicely done. But the sorcerer’s attack method (swipe over multiple targets), definitely needs work. It hardly ever works when targeting one tower or building, even more problematic when you get closer to that target. Also it becomes an issue when targeting towers closer to the top and bottom of your screen or HUD; accidentally activating your phone’s dashboards, obstructing the view of your game. Which is more of a user issue, not sure how that could be fixed aside from the player being more careful. But when u play a game like this, sometimes even one second can mean all the difference. But as specified, these are minor issues. And do not at all distract me from enjoying this awesome game! Would love to see a dragon battle feature somehow implemented in the future though!
  • Great game, but 2/5

    By CadenceMatah
    I am ANGRY that they are not recycling the seasonal dragons. That is wasteful and evidence that the developers are greedy, because the only way one can get ALL of the dragons, and their evolution stones is if they pay money. I AM ON DISABILITY, I CANNOT SPEND MONEY ON IPAD APPS! You call that sad, I CALL IT DISCRIMINATION. The developers of this game need to change the seasonal dragons and bring back the old winter season dragons. In addition to this issue, be forewarned that there is massive bullying on this app and app administration does not do anything to stop it because apparently they don’t understand the definition of the word bullying. Bullying: abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger, more powerful, etc. Due to a major lack of war balance, stronger teams rely heavily on targeting a weaker team in team wars to get ahead in the game. If that is not abuse and mistreatment of someone vulnerable by someone stronger and more powerful, then PG we’re going to have a major problem. If that isn’t enough, those same puffed up pigeon bases will further their bullying by boasting about their exploits and putting down the teams they are conquering. I am not going to be a silent witness to this behavior and if PG isn’t going to listen, then I’m going to turn to the internet. Bullying of any form is wrong and should not be tolerated.
  • Not that Good 1/5

    By Cowgirls-n-Boots
    I play games with my little boy and this one was one we thought we could play and team up together to play. I am consistently getting errors in the game like can’t connect to the server. Things are not getting updated on the game because you can’t connect. Really??? Thought this one would be fun to play however it isn’t. 😢😢😢
  • AMAZING!😍😍😍😍 5/5

    By Lily Joseohine
    Hello I’m Lily, I’ve been playing this game for a little over a year now and I’m in love! My team is great and I like be the competitiveness! Plus it’s fun to unlock and breed new drags. If you’re into long term games that just keep getting better as you play on, this is the one for you! War Dragons is a fun, exciting and challenging game for everyone (over 13😁). Anyways time to get back to the game, just thought I’d put in my two cents☺️ I TOTALLY RECOMMEND!!!! It’s so fun!!!! Ok now I’m going....see you out there!🐉🐲😁
  • Fun 5/5

    By Maximusola
    Always something to do. Much more active than most games!
  • Lost account 1/5

    By DragWheelie
    Great game but my account was lost. Almost 5 months of playing and progress gone.
  • They don’t honor their word/Steal your money 1/5

    By AnyTheMILF
    I played this game from January 2016 until October 2107 when I requested a temporary transfer of my account to a teammate. My teammate decided to steal my account and the PX manager has decided to let him keep my account. Have been denied my account back to me. PX Manager is supporting a thief. Don’t play this game unless you’re willing to give your time and money without anything in return.
  • Love the game 5/5

    By Craftyjos
    I totally love this game and anytime I have any kind of difficulties or problems I am answered promptly with attention to detail. Awesome game!!
  • Very Solid 4/5

    By spenstein
    Gameplay is great. Good delay of gratification without a feeling of grinding. Controls are nice and rewards feel earned. Multiplayer is the main reason I play. Playing with friends and family is a lot of fun. The graphics and audio are the only reason I give this a 4 and not a 5.
  • Good game with long term vision 4/5

    By Clover Cat
    This is a good game, riding around in dragons and attacking other players. The graphics are nice, the dragons and play styles are diverse and it is a blast to play. You can play hard core dumping lots of money into the game or play every day with a small reasonably priced monthly fee. There are seasonal dragons that are very powerful and make for goals to keep you interested. A big strategic global map is currently being pushed out for further enjoyment. Download for free, play a bit and see if it’s you cup of tea.
  • Can’t send link invites 5/5

    By Quinto-Beans
    There’s nothing to tap for other people to be brought to the download page. Normally the “link” is just a highlighted blue “link” in sentence... But not in this game. Makes it hard for people to download... and you get less numbers of people cause the creators can’t even get this down.
  • Great game a year ago 2/5

    By jmwithington76
    This is a really fun game and I have met some really cool people from literally all over the world. The graphics are great, it’s easy to play, and the people you meet are the best part. Now saying that it’s time for the bad. For almost the last year every update to the game has had issues. Over the last three months or so it had just gotten so bad. A lot of players, myself included, keep having the game lock up for NO reason. They keep saying the same things over and over and over. I have done everything that they tell me to do from making sure all other apps are closed to reinstalling the game to lowering the graphics and still it locks up. I don’t just mean the game but it locks my phone up as well to the point where I have to force restart the phone. Also unless you plan on spending some MAJOR cash on this game it can become very monotonous and annoying. You ask why do I still play? Because I have an amazing team of people from all over the world that help each other out like there is no tomorrow. So all in all.... get the game and give it a try but you have been warned.
  • No support 1/5

    By Latihatesthisgame
    Want a money pit? Invest here! Horrible support. Problems are never fixed. Forums promise help but rarely deliver and people get rewarded for using exploits. Look elsewhere.
  • Started out great ended in failure 1/5

    By MyAr15
    Why mess with the game it was fun! Now that you added Atlas to it, it’s horrible now. That’s should be its own game. There was no point in merging the two together. That’s for messing up a good thing. So much to learn for not really anything good l, what a waste of time in money you’ve invested. I’ll just stay with the original WD and if we are forced to play Atlas. WD will be in trouble with losing their followers.
  • share cropping 1/5

    By Chris Mayeda
    A game purposely made to keep you at a disadvantage no matter how much you spend? You will never ever be on top. Every event makes a new tier dragon. Making your just earned dragons obsolete. Game developers cater to the big spenders. They have event after event every weekend that is always screwed up. Each and every event has some kind of error which you are never really compensated for. You can never win and no one is really a “friend or family” teammate. Everyone uses one another to get stuff you can’t really own. Even have people using 3 accounts to spy on teams to attack in war and leave the team they spy on to give their “real” team the advantage. Contact what you call support is like eating second hand sushi. No help no support other than giving you a headache and the squirts. Making each and every “new dragon” obsolete after each event? Try eating what you’re pushing.
  • Nice 5/5

    By LilMac003
    It's really good
  • Immersive dragon riding strategy game 5/5

    By BluHipo
    Hey guys I love it and am really enjoying training these dragons!
  • Funny game 5/5

    By obthe1
    5 of 5

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