War Heroes: Fun Action

War Heroes: Fun Action

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  • Current Version: 2.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Fun Games For Free
  • Compatibility: Android
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War Heroes: Fun Action App

Battle players from all around the world in this free, multiplayer action game! Discover, collect and upgrade 30+ cards with different troops and weapons, from the destructive fighter aircraft to the treacherous landmines that will explode your enemies! Define your strategy and choose the 8 cards that you will use in the combat. Your decision will make the difference between victory and defeat in this clash! Game Features: - Real time strategy: no more boring turn by turn battles - 30+ different cards: fearsome troops, weapons and gun turrets - Upgrade your troops to make them more effective in combat - Clash against your opponents and climb to the top of the rankings - Pick the best general to lead your troops to victory in this war - Have the best army: soldiers, snipers, tanks... - Player vs Player combats online (pvp) - Play in 5+ fun arenas: each with its unique layout - Ideal for all types of players - kids and adults, girls and boys Start shooting your gun to fight and kill your enemies! Are your ready for the battle and adventure? Get your army ready and start the action! Play now for free this multiplayer card game! And may the best general win the war!


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War Heroes: Fun Action app reviews

  • Bugs 1/5

    By Pereaexprs
    This game was fun until you get to double elixir and try to drop troops in certain spots and they get dropped in the bottom right corner every time. It has become a waste of time to play this. Fix the bugs and then I will play again.
  • Really great game, especially if you find CR stale now 5/5

    By DeViN
    Don’t let these reviews lie to you. It’s not pay to play at all. Yes, money may help you advance, but you don’t need it if you are actually good at the game. I started 6 days ago and I’m a leader of a clan in the top 200 and I’m almost top 200 local (1500). And I did this ALL without paying a cent. The game is super fun and addicting, I can’t stop playing. Don’t let these sore losers in the reviews stop you 👌🏼
  • Awesomeness 5/5

    By Aloke Mishra
    It is the perfect game of tactics and skill. It is also really fun😊😊😊😊😍😍😍
  • Has potential 3/5

    By joshtheBo55
    Game has potential and is fun but it has lots of bugs. Frequent wifi signal crashes and I lose connection to the game. Please fix im playing on iphone 5s
  • Gesty 4/5

    By Dakara123456
  • Butty butt checks 1/5

    By Pin pin 999999
  • Fun fun fun 4/5

    By Phrogman
    Yay great fun we love to play as a family
  • Something ELSE Smells... 1/5

    By Read & Achieve
    I have been waiting for “help”, or “support” from this game’s “Help-&-Support” team. It has been NINETY-SIX HOURS without receiving help, nor support, nor the decency of a response... Deserve NEGATIVE stars for a COMPLETE lack of customer service!!!
  • Spend $ or get crushed 2/5

    By andrys8
    After a brief tutorial this game is all PvP. You'll play either people who are afk, or people who crush you with their advanced troops. At that point, there's no strategy -- you simply can't win. To get cards for upgrades, mostly have to boxes, which take a minimum of 3 hrs, and the time doubles when the box rarity increases. Unless, of course, you spend the currency they sell. Cards also require coins when upgrading -- to go from level 1 to 2 for a rare card required 400 coins, which is a lot! So be prepared to grind for that, or spend a long time opening boxes, or just spend real money currency. Also, the only two real activities are opening boxes and the core game. The core game only nets you a handful of coins and some player xp (badges). Player level gates your access to other warzones, which in turn gates your access to more types of cards.
  • Sudden death 3/5

    By RTylerB10
    Games great, except when you lose not because of your opponent, but because of the sudden death makes you lose heath?
  • It’s Junk 1/5

    By Chewski45!
    You have to pay to win, just like every other game. It's very unbalanced, not worth the headache. Cool concept though, just very unfair.
  • Better RNG and matchmaking please 2/5

    By Beastoman
    Let's be honest, most of us wanted to try this game because it's a re-skin of Clash Royale and in the beginning it really feels the same. However, the matchmaking in this game is atrocious as you rank up and the RNG just feels a little lopsided. It just feels a little ridiculous being a level 4 playing level 8's with level 5 tiger tanks who just destroy your anus in under a minute.
  • Would be good but... 1/5

    By Mizogucci
    The game is driven too much by revenue. They throw the balance off on purpose to get you to pay.
  • Good Game, just a few suggestions 4/5

    By Boob liker 64
    So for I have been playing the game for about a week and I am at 1300+ trophies, however on war-zone 5 sometimes when I place my troops like they get stuck, and can’t move, also I noticed that you only get like 7 coins per win, which I believe should be increased because cards take so much to upgrade 100’s to 1000’s Of coins, and it takes forever to get coins, and I also suggest increasing it from having 3 decks to having 5
  • 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤 3/5

    By Logan the clasher master

    By snipergvng
    Only thing it’s missing is alliance wars and friendly challenges!
  • Great game 4/5

    By Could be 10 stars
    This is a great game! Any and all clash royale fans will be very pleased, however I the reason I gave it four stars is that when I tried to purchase a special offer from the shop the game took my money, but didn't give me the special,offer! I was charged but didn't receive the offer, or get my money back. I would like to be reimbursed or to get the offer completed. Thank you. I will change my review to five stars if my purchase is reimbursed or completed.
  • Alliance 1/5

    By Bmshabbiir
    Whats the meaning of joining alliance ?... why not any card request or donating systm 🤐😰😰😰
  • Make the alliances worth something 3/5

    By TSBGK5
    There needs to be a way that you can donate cards while a member of an alliance, otherwise it’s stupid to have alliances. It would also be cool to double up with other players like they do in Clash Royale.
  • Tiger tank and airborne division 2/5

    By Nukasnake
    Either kill the tiger tank as a card or make it way weaker. The card has too much health with as much range as it has. The airborne division is annoying because it can kill your tower if you are busy defending a different push. Maybe make them a recruit squad rather than brave soldier.
  • Great but !! 5/5

    By Bkc.major
    Is it just me or all of you have a biiiiig lak in middle of the fight?? Always happens to me . Why the time to open a box to much 3 h 😢 Other this it's addictive game And great❤️
  • Ripoff of Clash Royale 1/5

    By Qpappa
    l tried it out and it’s just not fun, much rather play clash royale. The overtime system in this game is dumb as well.
  • Knock off Game with Little Variation 2/5

    By Ditch Mason
    This game is a cheap knock off of Clash Royal with VERY limited game play options and cards that are much too unbalanced.
  • Good game 5/5

    By soheeandyh
    Good game
  • Y 5/5

    By Sosruka
  • Great 5/5

    By Girl ette
    I know some people say it’s a rip off of clash royal but it has different mechanics making it feel like a completely different game and in my opinion it is sooooooooooooooooo much better
  • Terrible ripoff of cr 1/5

    By >:')
  • Nice little clash Royale take off 4/5

    By couple3eight
    Clever little take on clash royale. I like this game. Well made.
  • Super Fun 5/5

    By BleedinMuzik
    Most fun pocket game I’ve had.. better than clash of clans..
  • Update Error. 2/5

    By Grizzly_OwL
    After Update, My regular tank lvl 4 got dropped ~.~ in that case why did i buy Gems!?, every time x2 at the end game lags making me lose my progress.
  • Fun 3/5

    By ManCaptianCave
    Fun game
  • Terrible😢 1/5

    By 👍🏾🔥🔥
    Tim his game has terrible quality and is just a complete copy of clash royal but it is just a cheaper and dumber version
  • Good game 5/5

    By Stillmatthew
    Love this games i got 2 epics, and its my first time playing this
  • Do not like the overtime ticking damage 1/5

    By Ratiphi
    I am not sure if this is a new feature or what but at the moment when I enter overtime both players start taking damage ticks. This basically means if you have a tower with lower health, you lose. Regardless of how well your deck plays in overtime, regardless of how well your new push up a lane is doing. The opponent just has to throw everything at your push and sit back and laugh as your tower health ticks down until you lose. If this is a game mechanic for all matches, it needs to be removed. A time limit to matches will suffice. If this is a card people can play, it needs to be removed. This is a terrible game mechanic.
  • Not worth downloading 1/5

    By Top gamer 1357
    This is one of many games that would be a big hit but of course you have to pay lots of money to advance anywhere. There's no way when you start the game level 2 3 4 your fighting snipers that you can't even unlock until later in game but constantly fighting against them. There's no way it's another player it has to be computer. It's rigged so you win at beginning and once you get hooked you lose dramatically. Only way to advance is to spend lots of cash. It's impossible to advance without paying cash in this game. To bad because it would be a great game but to greedy I guess. They almost got me I was going to buy gems but luckily I realized the scam. Good luck gamers!
  • It’s ok but won’t let me update 3/5

    By Aricharding
    So I got the game and thought it was a lot like clash royal so it was cool but when the first update came ,after I got it, I clicked the”go to AppStore”button then there is no update button for me to click on it just says open game. This is a glitch or there is no update and the developers messed up. This is annoying😡😡😡.
  • Cool game 5/5

    By booman37
    It a cool game
  • I like this game but 3/5

    By Turtleminwoo
    Need more decks
  • FUN 5/5

    By Mathew132
    Really enjoy the game
  • Fix Game 3/5

    By RKO111
    Dropped in rating due to new update. I updated the app and when I try to play the game again it says I need an update. I tried restarting my phone and it’s still telling me I need an update. Please fix.
  • Fun game 5/5

    By Drivin always
    Super fun time killer. Don't have to spend money to have a good time.
  • Fun but please disable Social chat 5/5

    By Farka
    Fun game similar to Clash Royale, so far it seems pretty balanced. One feed back to the Devs tho, please disable or turn off Social chat. It’s literally constant rolling useless chatter of bashing and abuse. Perhaps make it cost a gem or 10 coins per chat so most conversations are meaningful if you feel Social is important to your app
  • كيف أغير اسمي 5/5

    By de los selvs
    لا اعرف طريقة تغيير الاسم
  • Abbas mobarhani 5/5

    By abbas mobarhani
  • Pretty fun game! 4/5

    By Blaze420/24/7
    Lots of action!
  • War Heroes 4/5

    By Erbz13
    GREAT game but in 5 minutes my battery went from 50% to 20% otherwise its good
  • Battling 5/5

    By Swagger-p
    Needs to be fixed so we can battle each other in our own alliances like clash royal
  • Amazing 5/5

    By zana kurda
    Nice and modern one
  • Fun but plateaus quickly 2/5

    By taco plate
    And the latest update will not install on iOS.
  • Says There’s An Update 3/5

    By Disgruntled76
    Cool game, though can’t open it right now. Click on game, and it says there’s an update and takes you to App Store. But, once there, no update and game won’t open until I download update. Perpetual loop of nothing until this is fixed.

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