War of Nations™ - PVP Strategy

War of Nations™ - PVP Strategy

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  • Current Version: 5.2.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: RockYou, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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War of Nations™ - PVP Strategy App

Build your military empire and conquer your enemies by becoming a war mastermind. Raise a powerful army and join an alliance to take over the world in this free-to-play MMO Strategy game. NEW – Report to Alliance Base, one of the biggest game expansions yet! Explore new environments, construct new buildings, and collect new resources in your march to victory. Then, vanquish your enemies in epic single-player Campaigns and recruit new Commanders, Specialists and Implants to seize the day. =WAR OF NATIONS FEATURES= EXPLORE AN OPEN WORLD Build up to 11 outposts on a giant world map occupied by other players. Strategically choose the best coordinates by building on rare resource patches and avoiding enemy territory. BUILD & MANAGE STRATEGIC ALLIANCES Coordinate attacks with up to 50 players around the globe. Join a strong Alliance to protect each other and devastate enemy bases. BATTLE IN SINGLE-PLAYER MODE All-new Single-Player Campaigns will challenge players like never before! Come back daily for new missions and rewards! MANAGE YOUR ALLIANCE BASE Introducing an all-new hub for your Alliance. Build the powerful Alliance Command, Monument and Material Compound to get the leg up and enable team boosts. DEPLOY BATTLE TACTICS Overwhelm your enemies with different battle strategies by stealing, raiding, capturing, or occupying enemy bases. Level up your defense by building base shields or teleporting outposts. RECRUIT UNDEAD SOLDIERS Recruit new Zombie Commanders to lead your army and devastate the enemy. UPGRADE & FUSE YOUR STRONGEST COMMANDERS Artificially fuse & equip your commander with hi-tech gear. Send the toughest ones with your units to conquer your enemies. UNLOCK POWERFUL HI-TECH UNITS Research to unlock up to 18+ powerful units with multiple levels of upgrades. ENGAGE IN REAL-TIME EVENTS Display the power of your alliance in World Domination, King of the Hill, Players Arm Race & more. ACCUMULATE VIP POINTS Collect rewards for playing, including larger armies, Commander upgrades, exclusive events and much more. Conquer the world with high-tech weapons, powerful Commanders and vicious specialists. Level up and explore to gain the upper hand, and crush the opposition. Download War of Nations and claim your territory today! Visit our Forums: http://forums.rockyou.com/forum.php? Follow us on Twitter: @rockyouinc Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Rockyou Watch us on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC3d94dVqq6hCb-WGNExZqw/feed Use of this application is governed by RockYous Terms of Service. In addition, please note that RockYou respects your privacy and asks you to review the RockYou Privacy Policy. The RockYou Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be found in the Legal section below as well as at: Terms of Service: https://rockyou.com/terms-of-service/ Privacy Policy: https://rockyou.com/privacy-policy/ Customer Support: http://support.rockyou.com/


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War of Nations™ - PVP Strategy app reviews

  • Best game ever.! 5/5

    By Yemah
    Me and my brother are among the oldest players in w21. We have invested lots of money on this game and my brother was a far stronger and active player. But now its been over a year my brother has been chat banned.! He tried everything he can to contact you guys and get it corrected but somehow it hasn’t worked. He can’t even write a review here for some reason.This is a war game where you might have few incidents involving bad chats. Besides anyone can report you out of anger or jealousy . But since he has invested lots of his money here and he wants to play the game still i think you guys need to give this a series consideration. Pls help him. His Id is DnR Pete. Lvl 55 w21. Thanks
  • Do not waste your time or money 1/5

    By Ilkslaya
    They can’t keep the servers stable but worry about putting snow on the map. Good job. Game is no longer about skill or even teamwork. It’s just pay to win the same event every week. Also the automated responses here and in “support” are a joke. They will also chat ban you with no explanation and you have no way to appeal so have fun being constantly banned because sore losers report you all the time. The game is garbage. Don’t bother with the auto response to this review either, I’ve had enough talks with your “development” teams. Nothing will change.
  • Hel1OfAGod 1/5

    By Hel1OfAGod
    I play in the top team in world Realtra for the past 5 hours no one in the world can get into there game I hope there is a gift for all of us that have had a problem today please fix this
  • Majestic 1/5

    By Store0486
    Several years ago the game was fun. Many players & alliances. Game events were tiered so small players could improve. Now, it's all about who spends the most. Constantly new commanders & same old events repeat. Players leaving rapidly. World 23 is down to a handful & only 4 significant alliances. No way smaller players can gain strength & compete unless you are willing to spend a lot.
  • Changes and improvements needed 3/5

    By HzTs Terror
    Here’s the thing, you guys have a good idea but are not perfecting it. There are some things that would enhance gameplay and improve a persons perspective and satisfaction on this game. I have read through a lot of reviews and most of them are basically saying there all about the money and support is crappy. I haven’t had to use support yet but I do agree on the money part. The game does become reliant on money later on. I know you need money to help this game and others that you are making/improving but the cost for items in the gold store are way to high, it takes most of your starting gold to buy anything useful. Then if you want to make faster or better progress you need to buy more. I would say either give more gold or make the price lower. Now there are some things that would improve the meaning of alliances and gameplay. For instance, you only have a “Outpost Teleport.” That limits your “Homebase” only and not your “Outposts.” If you could add a “Homebase Teleport” that would help alliances join together and reinforce each other both offensively and defensively. Say you don’t like the area you are in (maybe a player keeps attacking you) or one of your objectives say you need to take out 2-8+ renegade outposts and you need to get closer. That’s where your outpost teleports come in, but once those objectives say you gotta attack higher level outposts. Instead of leaving your outpost unsecured when you teleport (like if it’s a really hard base to beat) and attack with all your troops, that leaves your outpost vulnerable to a nearby player. This has been a problem in a couple games and it’s a great way to lose your resources. Let’s say that you are able to bring your main base to that area. Within a short notice you can send reinforcements to your outpost and defend. This could add an aspect to the game and could provide strategy to your attacks during this period. It could also add an interesting side to alliance wars (not the Global Domination) Speed ups are early on hard to get once you get through the first rush of objectives and you use all of them. The store over prices them and it doesn’t help that you can only request help from your alliance every six hours. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have a help cool down but I do see the reason why it’s there. The way you do it is that you can send help in the form of a message. If people kept sending help messages it would overwhelm the chat. That’s why you should add a different way to send help and help other alliance members. Like the way the help is in Invasion and Game of War: Fire age. It’s an icon that leads to a screen of things that people need help with and you can press a button to help. This would give you a reason for there not to be a help cool down and would give newer players a chance to grow faster. You are on the right track but just some things could be changed and added. Please take the time if at all possible to implement any of these features. It would help the game a lot. Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  • War of Nations Review 1/5

    By Jamesash1960
    I'm quitting this game! I don't recall how much I've spent money wise. But over time a lot! There are many other games you can play much cheaper. They have attempted to up grade, however by the time you save enough to get the required Commander the items you saved are worthless because the Commander is no more. It also takes to long to get you Commander upgrades. I've enjoyed building friendships with other players but in the end it's just a game! I'll be turning my bases over to those who are willing to spend their fortunes on nothing!
  • Good, Bad & Ugly 1/5

    By Bud-L123
    Good- the game is fun and addictive Bad - the game requires in-app purchased if you want to achieve some sort of success. Also your success builds upon itself and are time limited. Ugly - Be prepared, this game crashes a lot! Typically during crucial events. The maker of the game VERY RARELY accepts fault. When their server failed, i believe they blamed the maker of the server not their management of the server. When software crashes in the middle of a timed event, its your responsibility to know to log off and log on repeatedly. if the software crashes right after an update has been pushed, again not their fault. If an error causes two months of successes to be, well just below average, its your fault as well. In the event that there is a crash that they just can't slide past, here is what they do: we will refund a very small amount of "gold" "resources" for what was used in the last 24 hours. but you spent your gold and resources 168 hours ago to get ready for the event..... get the picture? Fun when it works, You got to spend along the way, it Crashes when you are about to have success. Even Uglier - Itunes has advised me that in-App purchases are "at your own risk". I have had a couple of refunds. I have also had the documentation to show that it wasnt my fault. I think Itunes is tired of the Ugly too ..... Not to much different than before. Notice that all the responses from the vendor are the same. Yip. That’s how the game goes. Ugly
  • Orrible 1/5

    By Cristian yensen
    No, descargar, en si ya es una pérdida de tiempo, gráficos horribles, animaciones pobres, no vale la pena
  • Attack Spam 5/5

    By Victor_0857
    This is very short but please consider this idea. Have you ever been attacked over and over again by the same player? My bases keep getting attacked. After a lot of attacks can you automatically put immunity from that player or be immune for 24 hours?
  • The Fin 2/5

    By TheFinzilla
    I have played the game a awhile ago and it was fun but the problem was support didn’t help and it turned into a game where you had to use money to get anywhere in the game
  • Hard to get ahead 2/5

    By FLCarguy
    Bring a lot of money to this game, you will need it! It is really difficult for the smaller alliances to get ahead. The big guys take all the points in the various missions and crucify the smaller guys. Really needs a little leveling of the playing field.
  • Don’t start 2/5

    By Tscout
    Don’t play until they release a new world.
  • We need no more commanders and warcoms 1/5

    By Boomerang525
    The company spends to much time coming up with new commanders and warcoms. This in turn forces you if you want to be on top to spend, speed and speed. They have not done anything new with alliance base and nothing new with satcom. Along with new commanders come new materials that leave low end players out in the cold. The game should be rolled back to it’s original version. No 99’s and no home base attacking.
  • Lock out 1/5

    By Dakotajohns
    Your update just lucked me out. Thanks what bs
  • Bugs 2/5

    By Morgoth321
    When ever I update the app it says to update the app even though I just did
  • Constant issues 1/5

    By Darth Bizzallz
    Game constantly lags.. since rock you took over it’s been a down hill experience
  • Beware - very expensive, often broken 1/5

    By NoMo$4Gree
    To be successful in this game, you will need to spend A LOT of money to defend against the top players. It's hardly a game when you can easily purchase your way to the top. The game is simple - the person who spends the most money wins. Customer service & support is terrible. Today, the game won’t even open, says a new version 5.11 needs update. Follow link to App Store, & I have the current version, there’s no update option; even after reboot. It is impossible to login or update, meanwhile your likely taking a beating from others who may be logged in & you are defenseless. I probably missed an option to pay $ to have reliable access to the game - it’s how they make money. Stay away unless you have lots $ to be competitive!
  • Can’t upgrade 5/5

    By Aha as
    The App Store doesn’t give me the option to download the new version. I even turn off and on my phone and still don’t see the upgrade. I really need to get in. From Sour
  • Repetitive 2/5

    By Frankste the king
    Addictive game, but it’s the SAME exact weekly schedule with the same rewards. They won’t change the limited rewards even. There is a HORRIBLE LAG issue. Some days worse than others. Who cares about realistic, they get rid of good events and repeat the boring ones. Sadly this game will not be around too much longer with how everything is managed.
  • Highly recommend WON! 5/5

    By Robert-jr
    I have played WON for a while now. I have made great new friends through this game. I highly recommend this to my friends. But be careful this game can be addictive.
  • Becoming unplayable 2/5

    By SI Jim
    I have been playing War of Nations since it was released, and I found it enjoyable; however, within the last few months, I have been unable to play any events except the Campaign. Every base I have gets all of their units wiped out, so I can participate. I have had battles with 3,000 of every type of unit (oil & iron and variety), Defense Grid, and active attack & Defense boosts with a lower level Attack leader, and they wipe me out and I am only able to kill their low end units choppers, tanks, jeeps, etc. Then I have no units to participate in any events. I would not recommend wasting your time,until they are able to balance play and make it more difficult to bottom feed. I think I am going to give them a little more time to fix it before, give it up, and focus on Modern War which is more balanced for novice and experienced players alike. Also if you get attacked you don't receive battle points, and as soon as they added Carbon edition, every base was wiped of units. The people who use gold will be alone if this continues. Even events that I can participate in take a half an hour to find an opponent, which is much to long.
  • Unrealistic 2/5

    By ChiRaven
    If you are looking for a game that is at all realistic, this is NOT it. In what universe do jeeps go 88% faster than helicopters?Another glaringly unrealistic aspect of the game is the insane force multipliers attributed to commanders. Yes, a better commander can help their side, but overcoming impossible odds just because of leadership on every occasion just isn’t the way the world works. The game is an endless series of identical repeated events. Perhaps the only realistic aspect is the fact that if you want to "win" you’re going to have to shell out big bucks.
  • Having server issues in w5 1/5

    By Bigdpbigd
    I can’t submit an server issue because the window to type covers the submit button to even attempt to submit one. I have a picture to show connection error which has been showing for over 5 mins.
  • WAS the best game-UPDATE 1/5

    By Boon457
    Now add in the complete and total useless support! Wow open a ticket and the first email back is that they are closing the ticket as resolved--but if they find an issue...I have worked in IT support for countless years and I have never seen such a lack of caring, and Total disregard!!! Move on to others, avoid ROCKYOU, Inc all together!!!! The game certainly had its day, but the days of strategy and teamwork to get stronger and elicit competition have long since been replaced with how much you can afford to spend. Couple that with the game lag and downtime each time a new world or event is created, it isn't hard to see why the ratings are on the decline...it is really too bad as this was at one time one of the most fun games to hit the App Store.
  • This app is a money grab 1/5

    By Whyte Diddy
    Rock you is a clearing house for older games. They have not created any new content, except new commanders. Steer clear of this app. The only people that play are the ones that have invested enormous amounts of money and y new players are just bait for them.
  • Game is getting much better 5/5

    By My review username was taken
    Been playing this game for over three years. The game has gotten much better under the new developer. Recommend to get on a top team and u won't have to coin as much as long as everyone is active and competitive. Advice for developer - create periodic player suggestion surveys, the guys I play with have some great ideas.
  • Game is worthless 1/5

    By J5 m a! D
    Do not play or download this game because it is a money trap! You can't get nowhere unless you spend and they have taken the fun out of it..... The people that run the game are a bunch of Antifa supporters!
  • Account Recovery 4/5

    By Joker-Renee
    I've played for several years now and had a few accounts. I love the game, but I can't play at the moment because after getting a new phone I can't seem to get my account back. If i could recover my account I would love to continue playing.
  • Needs more real reviews, so here. 5/5

    By Reyls 26
    This is the first game I've seen dens respond to feed back. I used to have a high lvl account and I ran a famous guild. I don't know what happened but I lost all of it now I see the unappealing nature to new players. 1st DEVS. Please put off the transactions into a tab. PLEASE. WE NEED NEW PLAYERS. There needs to be a tab with all transactions. So stop shoving it in our faces. 2ND. This game is great. I've never seen anything like it. It truly gets more innovating and exciting every update, more stuff to do every time. Again sometimes it's unappealing to new players. 3RD. NPCs are farming tools and no threat at all. Please make these outposts attack bases and play actively like a player. It keeps newcomers hands full. Thank you for reading. If you want to further discuss this here is my number and PSN. 386-837-6674 My PSN is gojokid24. Thank you and goodnight OH OH AND LET US BUILD MORE OUTPOSTS. LIKE 15 OR 20
  • Fantastic game, but... 4/5

    By J@35
    I've played this game for several years now and I can honestly say it's the best MMO strategy game I've ever played. It's just the right amount of complex without being overwhelming, and it's just down right fun. The graphics are good and there are hardly any glitches. That being said, I never get notifications if someone attacks be or tried to capture a base of mine, even though my notifications are on. Please fix!
  • Once was a great game.... :( 2/5

    By VivBonnie
    Virtually zero tech support, VERY glitchy, game freezes an crashes constantly.. They are constantly doing updates but never fixing the problems at hand... Game has steadily went downhill for the past year now. This game once was alot of fun and competitive to play. You actually had to consider strategy, but now its only about spending money.no skill any longer required... Lots of better wAr games out there!! Don't waste your time or energy....lol I love the way u guys commented on my review... I have sent ticket after ticket about all the ongoing issues.. FYI there's EVEN MORE PROBLEMS NOW... YET y'all have fixed NOTHING.. MATTER OF FACT, game has gotten even worse plus y'all are tagging people's credit cards for things that we haven't even purchased.... this game was better off in the hands of funzio... I'm sorry but these are the facts whether y'all want to admit it or not!11
  • Money 3/5

    By Renovatingman
    Spend, spend, money, money, and more money. Has improved lately to make it less frustrating if you don't want to pay!
  • Worst case of greed. 1/5

    By What a racket77
    Name of owners were changed from Gree to Rockyou due to all the legal battles Gree was involved with over game. Still same owners just trying to avoid being forced to give back money they stolen from players. Apple of course gets their cut which is why they refused to allow true reviews by putting up minus stars or at least zero stars. The new company already lost over $100 dollars that they refuse to acknowledge and Apple refuses to deal with. So boycott all Gree and Rockyou products. Gree(dy) inc the owners of this game have made it the mission statement of their company to exhibit every sign of greed humanly possible. Take the latest upgrade forced upon everyone 2/8/16. The price to preform any and all upgrades have more than doubled, the company also deleted many of our purchases & ignore any attempt on the part of the customer to get them restored. The only people giving any sort of positive feedback our paid by Gree to do so. You have been warned enter at your own risk.( A 2nd job might help). Latest lowered levels of all employee/ hacker players to harass lower level players making sure you'd have to spend max $$$ to even play game. All the while lying about it and not even lowering levels of lower players they had promised in press release to lower as well. Their lying about these things are chronic and should be punished not supported by Apple. Their response if any to this review will be standard recording which never gets address just keep spamming you with empty emails that ask you the same questions you just answered in your email to them.
  • "WON" 2/5

    By Sup my ninja
    Good for killing time but also getting vary expensive for add-ons
  • Great game!! 5/5

    By dota rules
    Long time player, great game to kill time. Addictive. Constant improvement and additions. Overall 👍
  • Fun but addicting 3/5

    By Rambosbro
    Most fun yet most addicting game I've played. Lock your wallet up because before you know it you won't actually have Amy money in it
  • Great game 5/5

    By bigpretty62
    Great game and fun to play...
  • This game will drain your money 1/5

    By Volodya Bzdel
    I played this game for 3 years !!!!!! I know what I'm saying👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
  • Crashes evry time 2/5

    By Gamer359546894
    Well, good job RockYou, force update, and now i can't even play. It loads the game, but then crashes before loading world trxtures so like 3-8 seconds evry time.
  • Wow 2/5

    By hellhoundsdeath
    Wow this game is still around? It is a money trap. I spent like 5000$ on this game and I tell you while you enjoy it for a while eventually the worlds die and you will start all over again. Best part came in when i had to switch from android to IOs. I did not download this game and It was one of the best decisions I made. Still I had good memories but it's still a money trap.
  • Major alliance takeover 4/5

    By Mikka99903
    I've been playing for a while now.But it's makes me mad that two alliances conquer the whole map.Also,during alliance wars,people port your base and they leave,makes me mad,Another issue is they have all the mega base or super base and you can't get one for nothing!The only npc is a trainer and you can't cap it or that alliance will destroy you.I hate people that coin and won't let people like me a fair chance.I went to w41 on the first day and the second day,all the megas were captured and they have blaze launchers,yes blaze launchers!Please fix these issue
  • Needs updates here and there 5/5

    By Jerrodd
    Great game also a money game if you want to stand out and win your gonna need to use some money. My command center upgrade time is at zero and I can't upgrade anything can you please fix the issue other than that, great game!
  • Glitch 1/5

    By War 8
    There's a glitch where you can cap opponents base in less than 5 minutes , take 2 accts to do it , rockyou refuses to fix this cheat. Don't waste time nd your hard earned money . World 8 is dead
  • Iron man 3/5

    By iron 34
    It takes a long time to build stuff, you need be a coiner, can become a money pit
  • War of nations. 2/5

    By jjd369
    This is a very fun and addictive game but be prepared to spend thousands of dollars if you plan on trying to be the best in you world. Otherwise daily and weekend events will be out of your reach.
  • Too much cheating 1/5

    By Not in the 1%
    Players openly talk about cheating in world chat how to hack free gold how to hack free weapon systems how to develop alts where the same player playing in the same world has three or four home bases under different names and you people dont seem to be interested in doing anything about if I need gold I have to spend my money to get it these people they just start running their hack program and all the sudden there gold meter is full you can go online and just type in war of nation gold hack war of nation a weapons hack you type in any hack and you'll get a program that shows you how to do it
  • W35 rage 5/5

    By SAMs hill
    6 supers 4 ports, lvl 18, 100 bucks each, best game ever, thousands invested, great people I pay to be friends with. You can chase your desire to be king, invest 10s of thousands and it'll be your world, after years of continued investing, no worries game will twist and you can invest 10s of thousands again. Seriously this game is built to spend every last dime you own, so don't come unless you are filthy rich, lots of connections, and celebrities, and also a lot of addicts who used to have money and now are broke sitting at McDonald's begging for food and money as they play their iPad.....it don't work so well
  • Money .. money ... money 3/5

    By alholaibi
    If you have a lot of money to spend on a game .. you are most welcome ... if you think you will not spend you are mistaking ... it is a money trap You will remember my words after 1st $100 or $1000
  • Money Trap WORST GAME EVER 1/5

    By iamColleenTuazon
    The only way to succeed in this game is to spend money. You will not have a fun experience. please trust me, you are better off not playing this rip off game!
  • Great game but dead 5/5

    By Amj129
    It's a great game, but community is dead, this game is therefore unplayable... RIP

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