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Warframe App

Warframe Nexus is the companion app for the game Warframe, and will be your mobile connection to the Warframe universe. Check your Inventory to plan for your next mission, build and claim items from the Foundry, take care of your Kubrow, refine Relics, and deploy and collect Extractors all while on the go! Warframe Nexus also dynamically tracks active Alert missions within the Warframe game client and notifies players when new events appear. Push notifications are supported with this app.


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Warframe app reviews

  • Ignores cell data settings 2/5

    By Handcannon44
    Great app for alerting me while I was away from xbox to items I want but I turned off cell data on both app and iPhone settings because I didn’t need alerts when away from house but it seems to ignore thoughs setting and contour to give me notifications using cell data had to delete it to stop unwanted cell data usage real bummer
  • Nice~ 5/5

    By punipunichen
    This is great! I can’t tell if this is a good thing or not, I now carry a phone that acts as my ship management system!!! I now do the boring stuff on the go, so when I fire up the game, all the waiting stuff will be done; I can jump straight to action now if only if I can use this for trade chat... oh, one thing though, ALART pictures need to be the object, I actually want to see the mod screen shot, click to inlarge.
  • Hey Canada 5/5

    By Almonds penh
    I haven't used the app yet busy it's downloading. I'm sure it will be great and a few bugs here and there. Iv been playing warframe for 2 years now. Can you please make it so we can collect the daily reward on the app?? I know it defeats the purpose but we're already hooked!
  • Pretty good missing bounties 4/5

    By Polentaroot
    Pretty good. Only recommendation I have is to give notifications when invasions change and include current plains of eidolon bounties. Maybe day night cycles would be cool too
  • PS4 connection does not work 1/5

    I tried logging in multiple times, with verifications via pictures and audio. None of them work. Complete crap.
  • Needs to improve 3/5

    By Psykchk26
    I hate that it doesn’t keep you signed in so you don’t get alerts for alerts. I also hate that you can’t be on the app while playing the game. I wish it was more like the destiny app. I also wish we could see what is on the mods and how many of each mod we have.
  • Notification badge means what? 4/5

    By eslai
    Pretty good for me, but the app should have a notification icon over whatever section has the new item in it. Right now, my app will have a notification badge on the icon, but when I open the app I can't tell where the new thing is.
  • One Issue 4/5

    By Ro77w3ill3r
    This app it’s really really really cool, BUT, when i’m going to Arsenal i can’t change my warframe or another stuffs. But, really, IT’S AWESOME!!!
  • OP 5/5

    By Kinshadow
    I love this app
  • Foundry Doesn’t Work 2/5

    By DokRokHard
    Everything just says “none”
  • If only live chat worked 4/5

    By Jimbolal0
    If chat worked like in game it would be a great app
  • Great app 5/5

    By Itssowrong1
    Awesome utility but please update the app to support the larger iPhones properly.
  • Update it 4/5

    By Giancarleau
    Also maybe make it so we can buy platinum with our Apple ID, unless this is the same situation with Steam?
  • I love having warframe on the go 4/5

    By Twilightking32
    My only issue or request is not being able to sell any inventory items while not at the computer. Or possibly applying mods to weapons. I’m not sure of the programming behind these things but would love to see it.
  • Perfect Companion 4/5

    By Nick Barbadoro
    Love this companion app, especially for seeing current stats and news... Only thing that is missing that would perfect it, honestly, is support for the iPhone X display. Once this happens, I’ll give it the five stars I know it deserves 👌🏼👍🏼😎
  • Login 4/5

    By Huntermaster31
    This app is very handy but when I am online I want to check how much time is left building a item. I don’t want it signing me out of Warframe. It just makes me want to delete the app but otherwise it is a good app.
  • Love it, but a bit buggy 4/5

    By Dkicker43
    I love the usefulness of this app. I’m constantly traveling for work and it lets me deploy and collect my extractors and, as long as I have credits, build what I need from the foundry. All while I have no access to the game. However, this last update bugged out the graphics of items, and now in the inventory/foundry I have trouble seeing how much I have of each item, and the items required for the foundry. Otherwise, still a phenomenal help.
  • Great! 4/5

    By KRodriques99
    Updated: This app works great! Just crashes when phone goes into standby but DE will get it fixed, I’m sure.
  • No longer able to log in 2/5

    By Saiyancj2
    As much as I loved the app, I noticed that for lately I can’t actually login to my PlayStation account on it. I get an error stating kick active session and when I select both options nothing actually happens. I deleted the app and redownloaded it but no change.
  • Great app 3/5

    By Jester2500
    Loved and used this app all the time but now it won’t let me log in! Just tells me there is a session active and asks if I want to kick so I do but then it says it can’t connect!!! PLEASE FIX THIS!!! I need this app again!!!
  • Would really love except.... 3/5

    By Kifyi
    I got this to track alerts and it doesn’t save filter settings. No matter how many times I set them and hit apply, they reset.

    By Thatguy0134
    I enjoy being able to apply extractors and build in the foundry, but I would love to be able to do everything else that u can do aboard the ordis aside from navigating, I want to change my arsenal and possibly even the decorations, make money purchases of platinum, and above all else, I WANT TO PLAY THE ZEPHER MINI GAME ON MY PHONE, please please please do this
  • Error: 312 4/5

    By EggNotBar
    It won’t let me sign me in and it just says Error: 312.
  • Big Report 3/5

    By Xionman
    The settings tab does nothing. After changing all the settings, hitting apply doesn’t change them and theirs no way to get them to stay. So I’m just kinda wondering why it’s there if it doesn’t have a function. Cuz I’d like to be notified for some stuff. Just not every second. Another just nice enhancement, would be the codex and how searching works. In order to “unsearch” you pretty much have to click search when the search box is blank. That just seems a little weird and inconvenient. All things considered I do lave the app and it’s really helpful. Just feels like there’s a lot of work to be done on it.
  • One small bug 3/5

    By Moimf
    When I try to log into my profile, it keeps saying that my information is wrong, but I checked and it is.
  • Good update? 5/5

    By PumpkinSpice707
    What happened with the updates? It looks like old warframe3': anyway great game. :)
  • Riven Mods Support 5/5

    By lv ReApzZ vl
    Love this app! Please update for Riven Mod support for Rivens you currently have!
  • Too buggy 1/5

    By Nurros
    App could be useful but I can't even change the alert settings without it bugging out please fix it
  • So glad to have this companion app! 3/5

    By SynthetikSoul
    Love having access to the foundry and my extractors when I’m away from home and can’t play. Notice an issue when trying to view my weapons from the Inventory section of the app. Appears everything else is viewable. Would like to see credits balance in foundry for items ready to build. Also would like to be able to edit, fuse, transmute, or sell mods and possibly even customize mod configurations? Loving what you guys are doing with the game. Thank you.
  • Useless 1/5

    By Siromnoms
    I can't even login o my account on this because it says the password is incorrect yet I checked and reassured that it is correct. So the app won't even let my check my items due to it not accepting my own password
  • Horribly outdated 1/5

    By Jay[[[[
    This app has so many issues it's not even funny. Can't navigate scrolling as it stops on every item. Can't view previous chat history. If you close out of the chat you lose all of the text. The text itself doesn't scale to your screen and goes off to the side. The keyboard constantly blocks what you're typing. Can't edit loadouts from what I recall. Biggest issue: every time after a day of reinstalling, it gets stuck on an infinite load screen! They need to rebuild this entire app as it's very inferior. Should also look into integrating it with other databases like the Warframe market and wiki.
  • Yep I knew it 3/5

    By FoxerBlood
    This app is handy for many things, but it broke my game where I can’t even have my progress saved. I knew something like this would happen when I downloaded.
  • Why is there no market? 4/5

    By Loaphs
    I love this app, being able to do in-ship stuff like the arsenal, or the foundry, but the one thing that I hate is that there is no market. I’m looking at warframes and pets, but I want to see the materials on how to get them, and purchase blueprints if possible. Beside that, this is a great app.
  • Not fixed 2/5

    By DrPhresh
    Most recent update says it fixes the issues where console users info isn't saved when logging in, this is false. If you close the app, 100% of the time it will log you out. Sad to see this is still an issue a year later.
  • Login rewards 4/5

    By Pjdevaney
    I would like the app to give login rewards but I understand why it doesn’t
  • Better 5/5

    By thestonegamer
    The recent update really made it easier for me since I would constantly have to re-enter my login information every single time I opened the app.
  • Great app, just needs updates. 4/5

    By Wdrussell1
    This app is great honestly. The alerts are nice and extractors work flawlessly. I have had the app notify me before being notified in game of alerts, foundry items and such. The only reason it's not a 5 star is because it needs some updates. Performance is fine just the UI is built for older phones. It doesn't have to be major just a reality. To look better. I do wish this was an API instead of basically logging you in however. I can't be working my foundry on my phone while playing back to back missions or doing defense. If it were a true API this would sit a bit better.
  • Login required on each launch 3/5

    By Smljhndnsmr
    Now that this app has been around for a quite a while, I’d say the developers have gotten out most of the kinks. In the wake of one of its recent updates, however, I’ve found that I’m now required to input my PSN username and password EVERY TIME I launch the app. This used to not be the case. This is only mobile app that, in my experience, has ever required this of its user. The login norm for mobile apps is that additional login submissions are only ever required if the user is going to make some sort of real-world purchase.
  • It's great for when you're taking a 'break' 4/5

    By HitbyaParkedCar
    For when you're doing something else but you want to know when an alert gives you a catalyst or something. There's also a bug where none of the Arca weapons are available to craft.
  • It’s getting there 3/5

    By Zeonloe
    I’ll start this off by saying I love the game! For the app on the other hand... 1: I appreciate being able to use the foundry in the go. (So many ciphers!!!) 2: I would love to have a clan option! 3: Whenever I’m in the chat in the app, it doesn’t show up in the app, and it doesn’t show up in game for me. (I’ve been using it to type faster while I play.) Though everyone else does see it, so if they respond quickly it’s not that terrible. 4: Focus tree menu? Then again the focus system is changing so it might be a pain anyway. 5: Ever since the most recent update, it no longer automatically logs me in when I open the app. Really looking forward to POE guys! See ya!
  • Not able to sign in on p4 account 2/5

    By Justin Downer
    The screen stays on white for the duration I have it on. This hasn't been fixed for some time now so please work on it
  • Please fix your login glitch 2/5

    By slimblade
    Everything else is ok. But it's very frustrating typing in my email and password every single time. The "remember me" check box is broke. Please fix it. Did DE put you up to this? I ALMOST don't want to collect my extractors because of this hassle. Hold on, there's another Warframe app. I'll check that out.
  • Could be better 3/5

    By Umkiper
    While the features it had are great, it needs work. I signed in with Xbox and when I press to collect an extractor it closed. Not to mention I have to sign in every time I use it, and the notification badge on the icon will not go away.
  • OMG Great but needs small improvements 5/5

    By howlingdead
    I love that i can craft foundry items while at work and get an idea of what resources i need to grind for my next play session. I would like to be able to see the amount of credits i have from this app as I tend to go crafting crazy. Ability to buy blueprints from the market and or a direct platinum purchase area from the app. Also names on resource requirements would be welcome as well other that that five stars. Pip pip.
  • Do NOT claim through the app! 1/5

    By HORRID!!!!!
    Claimed some pieces for a frame I've been building. Logged onto the actual game today to discover that i do NOT have them anywhere in my inventory! Best part is i still used all my resources for it them. Well back to grinding that out again. Will be uninstalling. Just manage it on the game. Not worth losing progress over this app.
  • Can't be logged into both the game and the app.... 2/5

    By Apples(:
  • Useless sienc realse 1/5

    By SoMonkeey
    I cant apply the alerts filter GG
  • Its usefull 3/5

    By JediEdin
    Cant connect my xbox account, keep getting error messages. And there is no support button in the app for any kind of help with that. But i like having Alerts when they happen.
  • Problems In-Game 2/5

    By RedxDeath
    When I am logged in to this app while playing Warframe on PS4, the game is unable to update my progress, meaning nothing is being saved. I downloaded this app and logged in, and then played a few missions. After each mission, I was prompted with a warning that my game was unable to update my progress from that mission. When I logged out of the app, my in-game missions updated as usual. If this was fixed then I would definitely give more stars, as the app itself seems very useful.
  • Pretty neat 4/5

    By TheKansasMan
    I'd probably give it a 5 star rating if I could change my arsenal loadout and mods. Just a consideration for future changes to the app... The app works pretty well as far as alerts and invasions and other events. You can collect extractors from your phone or tablet which makes things significantly less clunky than the computer version. You can also work the foundry and set things to build if you have resources.

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