Waze Carpool - Ride Together

Waze Carpool - Ride Together

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  • Current Version: 1.27
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Waze Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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Waze Carpool - Ride Together App

Heading to work? You’re not alone! Let Waze Carpool pair you with a Wazer going your way & cruise down the carpool lane together. Who are Wazers, you ask? Well, they’re regular commuters just like you who use the Waze app to avoid traffic on their daily drive to work. Why ride with Waze Carpool? ◦ Cut your commute time - By riding together, you can access the carpool lane ◦ Avoid crowds & transfers - Grab a seat & enjoy zero stops between pickup & drop-off ◦ Get the fastest routes - Waze offers live traffic updates, so you get to work on time Ready to try Waze Carpool? Your first ride is free! NOTE: Waze Carpool is currently available in California and Israel. Keep it installed and we’ll notify you as soon as it becomes available in your area!


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Waze Carpool - Ride Together app reviews

  • Tkanks!!!! 5/5

    By sexysophiie
    Thanks!!! 😀
  • Not able to book a ride 1/5

    By Akshaey
    Ain’t able to get a single ride. All I see while booking a ride is, ‘Uh-oh internal error’
  • Buggy app 1/5

    By jackrinjames
    Took multiple tries to be able to successfully request a ride, I kept getting an "uh oh, internal error" message. I finally get through and later I got a ride pickup confirmation. This morning I go to the pickup spot and waited 15 minutes. I ended up having to call an Uber because he was late. I tried messaging him but the app kept giving me a error message again and then I tried called him but the app wouldn't let me place a call. Later the driver on his end said that the app told him that I had cancelled the ride last night. So many problems with this app I would not use again. In theory it's great because the rides are cheaper than Uber but the app needs to get itself together.
  • Sometimes you just have to stick to what you’re use to (Lyft) 1/5

    By GoldieRoxx
    First time trying to use the app and I can’t because I keep getting an internal error message when I request a ride..
  • Great idea but poor software 3/5

    By aakashavaani
    I use the app frequently but there are many times where I keep getting “Internal error” and I can’t request a ride. I hope they release a more stable version.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Lucyhnn
    The application worked for one day only, then everytime i try to schedule a ride it gives me internal error message. Crap!
  • Can’t request ride on weekend 2/5

    By Tinydelta
    Keep receiving an internal error on my ride requests this weekend. I can’t request a ride for Saturday or Sunday.
  • Great IDEA 1/5

    By Jasmin cash
    Hope to use this app as soon as possible. Hurry up and get to my area 😢
  • Bummer for me 1/5

    By Thikkythikk
    I just Move To Issaquah Washington from California and heard about this app from Co Workers Downloaded it get a first free ride but There isn’t no carpool available in my area yet.
  • ADG 5/5

    By Nrod_babe
    I like the price
  • Requested multiple rides, no drivers responded 1/5

    By motherlynoah
    I live in the Bay Area, and there was an ad at a bus stop just a block away from my house. I don’t like using Uber for my commute because of issues with the company, Lyft is too pricey.. so I installed this app. First ride is free, and it looks like my commute price will go from ~$20 to ~$4 with this app. Sweet? Too good to be true. I requested rides 8+ hours ahead of time, and no drivers responded to my request. Uninstalling. Hopefully this app picks up and more drives come on board, but for living right next to Facebook, Instagram, Oracle, etc, it’s kind of crazy how dead it is.
  • Great ridesharing 5/5

    By jj09526349802630
    App is clean and easy to use. Intuitive. I had no problems communicating with my driver were there on Wi-Fi or cellular network.
  • Can we change the carpool app logo? 5/5

    By Ridership-X
    Now looks same as the regular waze app. Can we put two persons in the carpool app logo to make it more obvious as a carpool app? Thx!
  • Love this app! 4/5

    By Jackiebbyxxxo
    Much more fair than Uber or Lyft. You pay for gas, not for time or mileage. I only wish it were more accessible as you have to wait hours for a ride confirmation at times. Always book in advance. Sometimes you don’t get a ride at all, but the rides you do get are always great and friendly.
  • Cannnot request a ride 1/5

    By LongBeachDude
    App won’t let me request a ride for tomorrow
  • Great service 5/5

    By davidweinrot
    Good for humanity
  • Great App! 4/5

    By OjjojjojjojjO
    Updating my review as promised! It now works a lot better! It now only show connection error occasionally. But it still works! Great App! LOVE wazecarpool absolutely! It was convenient to arrange rides. All my carpool partners are really nice fun people!
  • Useless 1/5

    By Msndndn
    I tried to schedule a ride in three different occasions... with plenty of time/days ahead. They never found a ride for me. Pointless for me to keep trying.
  • Awesome scientist! 5/5

    By solamore
    Marshall was on time, and super cool guy to talk to. Found out he’s in breakthrough science and I find that super admirable.
  • Awful. I ended up late to work 1/5

    By irritated_rider99
    This app is terrible and riders beware. At first, it seemed good to use as an alternative to lyft or driving alone, and cheap. Riders can use Waze Carpool messenger to message the driver and vice versa. All seemed good so far as driver was picked and we messaged to each other about the destination. The next day, the only thing the driver messaged was he woke up late 10 minutes before pick up time. Then, no response. He didn’t bother to message or call me if he was still coming to pick me up while I am in the cold waiting until designated time. And once you click the “I am here” button, it doesn’t seem like you can cancel. Not to mention you cannot leave a review for drivers. I am sure if driver was on time and had no problems, it would be a great app to use. HOWEVER, if drivers or riders become a problem, it becomes a headache. My first impression and first non ride of Waze Carpool is terrible and I will just stick with commuting alone.
  • Crashes 3/5

    By MisterHollywood10
    Too many 😒
  • When it’s available 5/5

    By Jskeebe
    First ride was in a nice Audi S4 for 3.40 cents. Awesome app when there are drivers available around you. A tip is to increase the distance willing to walk to get your ride accepted
  • Sweet service 5/5

    By z33v
    Great saving over car ownership or taxis, or even busses sometimes
  • A community of “Cool-Poolers” 5/5

    By CoolPooler44
    Fantastic UI and even more fantastic people, it really feels like a win-win-win for drivers, riders, and Waze. Drivers cover gas, I get a ride, and Waze gets the satisfaction of building a super cool community of cool-poolers! Here’s why I’m excited about Waze Carpool: - Cost Effective. Same $ as Caltrain and it’s (almost) door-to-door. - Friendly. I’ve had great conversations with people I would never usually meet...even met a fellow Minnesotan. - Flexible. I can request a ride part way through the day in response to my meeting schedule or after work plans that pop-up. - Efficient. Waze takes us on the best routes to combat traffic. And I’ve saved so much time not walking to the Caltrain or taking ride-sharing apps. Excited to continue to carpool with Waze. One week in and I’m sold!
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By jdreams2012
    I wish this had come out sooner. It makes my life so much easier!!! And I save a good amount of money.
  • Great first carpool experience! 5/5

    By Mike A in LA
    The process was quick and easy. Nice to see live map connection of my ride coming. Joshua was super cool as well.
  • Can’t login & Horrible experience 1/5

    By Thanks_Jungle
    After connecting with the google account, can’t login to the app! “Uh-oh Something went wrong. Try connecting again.” I have to use my Android to see my trip. Please fix. Update: So the login bug was fixed. However, 30 min before the ride, an extra passenger was matched but the app didn’t update my time and waited for 20 min for the other rider. What’s worse, for some reason the driver doesn’t know where my location is even though I am at the exact location Waze shows me. We end up have to send each other the google location to find each other. What a shame! My usual commute with Bart is 90 minutes. This app doesn’t save my time and adds much more hassle and totally waste of time.
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By Charanzzz
    I scheduled a ride 4 times and Waze turned me down every single time, it couldn’t match a ride for me and I have to search for alternatives in the last minute which turns to be expensive.
  • Login broken 1/5

    By Mark Beck
    Login broken
  • Uh-oh. Something went wrong. Try connecting again 1/5

    By LinTunes
    Do you need a ride? Like being left stranded by system glitches that make Uber seem amazing? Try Uh-Oh Something went wrong. Try connecting again. a.k.a. Waze Carpool.
  • Busted in iOS 11 5/5

    By balonius
    Totally awesome before. Won't connect at all under iOS 11
  • Always let me login again and can’t connect 1/5

    By 啦啦啦0909
    Really really hard to use. It always log out my account and let me login again. And always said something wrong, need to connect later. But all of other apps work, only this one can’t connect.
  • Can’t sign in 2/5

    By why I can't submit my review
    The app was working fine until I updated it. After updating, I was frequently logged out from my account and today I can’t even login. Seems new version is adding up more bugs instead of fixing them.
  • Broken Login system 1/5

    By Teku45
    Only way to log in is with google account, and when I add credentials it keeps saying “oops something went wrong”
  • insensitive riders canceled after I drove there 1/5

    By skyranger168
    Twice it happened to me that insensitive riders canceled after I drove there. Waze needs to add penalty to riders who cancelled after drivers have started driving to pickup point. Then compensate the drivers.
  • Awful 2/5

    By Mande4109
    Congrats, you managed to downgrade what was already a very complicated app. Why does it keep signing me out? Incredibly annoying.
  • Not functioning 1/5

    By AhmedNader
    The app is not functioning on iPhone 6s with iOS 11; it requests my cell phone number, but does not accept it, saying ‘Request contains an invalid argument’! Also, the default Waze app tell me ‘Phone number from unsupported region EG’ whenever I try to join Waze Carpool community.
  • Nice 4/5

    By Shinshinsanmoon
    My first ride was great :)
  • Very good 5/5

    By Alvaro sss
    Very good
  • Nice idea 5/5

    By Damnkaleigh
    This is great and will be truly amazing when it gets popular
  • Great concept easy to use app. 5/5

    By Northkal
    What a cool concept and fantastic system. It's my new go to rather than using Uber or Lyft.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Nojojo
    I cant make account and add my number ! Is it because its not working in saudi arabia?
  • first ride was free! 5/5

    By marrrsbarrr
    i tried this app cuz my car was being repaired and was glad the first ride is free :) now i will use it more both as a driver and passenger
  • Safe and save Alto of money and support community 5/5

    By Beautiful Professor
    This is my first time so I very concern about safety ... But I'm very happy with this and will use more in the future
  • Never connects 1/5

    By Stupid usernames already taken
    I've been trying to get rides for about the last four months and it says that there are over 150 drivers on my route and then it usually says connecting to 4-10 drivers (depending on the day) and it always times out. It's really stressful how they make you wait until the last minute to find out if a driver said yes. I've started setting it about 15-30 minutes early depending on how important the place is that I'm going to but it still never seems to connect me to a driver. How can it go from 150+ drivers on my route to no one?? I've emailed the help center and they didn't help at all. They said that I just need to be more patient but I live in a large city so shouldn't that help? I've tried deleting the app and installing it again but nothing seems to help. I really wish they'd fix this because it seemed like such a great idea and concept.
  • Great concept - poor execution 1/5

    By Breadnbutterfly
    Initially I gave this app 5 stars, I was amazed by the simple and generous approach. I've only had 2 rides since I got the app almost 3 months ago and both with the same driver. Second time, I was 4 minutes late, and when I got in the car I apologized and the driver smiled and said no problem. Next thing I knew, he gave me one star review. And no one NO ONE wants to give me a ride anymore. It's ridiculous! It's been TWO MONTHS! I get it, I was in the wrong when I was late but the driver lied to my face and said everything was fine, he said it WITH A SMILE!! I realized later, he probably did it to make sure I give him good rating which I did - 5 stars. I don't know how many times in the last 2 months (not a joke, TWO MONTHS!!) I emailed and messaged waze carpool customer support and explained the situation, asked them to do something about it. Every time it was a new person responding me with the follow up, so they never know anything about the case. it doesn't matter if I provide my case number, they don't bother reading. So I had to explain what happened over and over and over and over again. And every time they give me empty promises or blame it on updates. Last time I said that it's the rating and I asked them to erase it because it's crazy. I've only taken two rides and both with the same driver. It's been two months and I can't use the app. You know what they said? That they've investigated and results show that rating has nothing to do with it. Really? For two months??? It's just a coincidence? Then what? But they provide no answer. Basically, up until something happens, the app is great. But God forbid you displease your driver in any way, you're doomed. Don't even count for customer support. It simply doesn't exist. And they don't care about you anyway. Think about it, there are thousands of passengers like you and me but only so many drivers. So drivers are important, passengers are not. Remember that!

    By Vivilovet
    So I got the app thinking I'm all set, the whole concept looks great but it is not available in my area :( sadly. I think it would be great if it was.
  • *could* be awesome? 2/5

    By er-nat
    I have yet to get matched with someone who follows through. I am a driver (no other choice given my schedule) and I've been matched with ppl but they always cancel right before. I'll give it another 2 weeks before I delete the app. As much as I like the idea, and conceivably have a popular commute (given the amount of ppl on the freeway on the way home). But if I miss anymore OT from planning on picking someone up and they cancel I'm not gonna be happy. Ill try a bit longer.
  • Very cool but can do better 4/5

    By Oleg Naumenko
    This app has really evolved well since I first installed it. Please do something to make it more battery - savvy on my iPhone 5s! Thank You.
  • Could be better 4/5

    By WuTClan
    The app continues to grow. It's a long way from when it started but my only issue with directions would be showing my second step under the directions like google maps along with what lane I should be in about 0.5 miles ahead of time so I know when to switch lanes especially when there is a lot of traffic.

Waze Carpool - Ride Together app comments


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