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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: iOS 4.32
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Avoid traffic jams, police traps, and accidents with Waze, the #1 real-time navigation app. Get the fastest routes to your favorite locations and new destinations, all for free. Waze is a community of 90 million drivers. Here’s why: - Automatically reroute around traffic as conditions change on the road - Get police & speed camera alerts while you drive - Hear road directions by celebrity voices or the average Joe - Record your own custom voice directions to guide you on the road - Know how long your drive will take before you start driving - Find gas stations and the cheapest gas prices on your drive - Earn points and gain status as you contribute with road info - Low data usage from your phone - Waze works anywhere in the world For drivers who really don’t like to waste time or money: - Get notified when it’s time to leave for your destination by setting your drive in advance - Let Waze tell you when it’s time to leave for your events by syncing your calendar with Waze - Save time looking for parking with Waze parking suggestions by your destination - Choose to be routed on toll roads or to avoid them - Get a sound alert if you exceed the speed limit with the speedometer Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Waze will automatically shut down if you run it in the background and haven't driven for a while. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy


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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • 1 Star for asking me to review. 1/5

    By TheMichaelSoto
  • Waze 5/5

    By HollinTolland
    Waze is the best because it gets you the fast way though
  • Confusing--NO--Impossible! 3/5

    By Tututoyou
    UPDATE: CANNOT PLAN A TRIP FROM ONE PT IN A DISTANT CITY TO ANOTHER. IT KEEPS THROWING ME BACK TO HOME CITY! INSTRUCTIONS WRINF AND USELESS! Frustrating! This is another one of those apps that is incredibly hard to use. I'm not a dummy. I made it through two graduate programs, but this thing makes me feel overly challenged. I wish they would simplify this, make it intuitive, and provide some decent instructions. That said, when it works, it's pretty good at warning if stopped traffic. But sometimes the roadside impediments are gone but still listed. Of course I have no way of knowing how to inform the app of that.
  • Audio problem 4/5

    By scaikey
    I love the Waze app. The only problem I have, is that the audio continually stops working
  • Earlier prompts for multiple turns 4/5

    By D_Carlson
    It’s nice that there is a “warning / prompt“ when there’s a couple turns relatively close. This is fine for city streets and side roads. It would be great if this would happen sooner at highway speeds. For example, there is an off ramp I usually take and there are two lanes. At 1000 ft. before the split there is a prompt to “keep left.” At highway speed or if traffic is heavy a stranger to this intersection could get caught/ stuck in the wrong lane and miss their turn. Upon entering the off ramp it would be nice if there was a prompt saying “exit right, then keep left.” Or exit right and stay in the left lane (or right lane , based on destination).
  • Could be great 4/5

    By Vanessa Koi
    I wish the voice would speak the name of the upcoming street so I wouldn’t be forced to look at the screen.
  • Small Icons 3/5

    By DakotaMilkshakes
    Thank you for finally updating the app to only track you while using it. I’m an iPhone X user and lately, the circular info icons on the map have become small colored dots making it difficult to see what they are. Is this by design or a bug?
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Lovie 145
    All I can say it’s GREAT!!!!
  • Best GPS app ever 5/5

    By Amlatch
    Great app!! Has never steered me wrong. They make it entertaining.
  • Horrible app 1/5

    By Adi levy
    Keeps changing directions all the time, when You start navigating it takes you the wrong way and then changes direction
  • Bluetooth issue 3/5

    By GS-home
    I’m having problem’s when I turn Waze on while listening to music via bluetooth. I usually have Spotify or Youtube but once I turn Waze on the music starts coming out of the phone rather than the car audio. This has happened several times now and I thought it was a Spotify problem but clearly it’s you as this has happened when using youtube. Please fix as this is not safe while driving!
  • Doesn’t work crashes 1/5

    By CharlesW3
    App keeps closing and crashes or freezes when I try to start a route..... It always says router server timed out and it doesn’t work at all I don’t use app anymore and I have always kept up on updates hoping it will work but never does I haven’t used it over a year now because of the issue I’m going to delete shortly if not fixed...
  • Disappointed 1/5

    By 6-4-3 Double Play
    Just drove back from one of the loveliest dinners in the shittiest place alive. Waze brought me through a road with 4 tolls within four miles of each other with no warning. The last toll had a line a half mile long. Disappointed in this evening, and this app. A terrible end to an otherwise great night.
  • Disappointed long time Waze user 1/5

    By VadimZee
    Ranked top 2000 waze user in my state (VA), was using Waze since almost it’s first release. One of the last versions introduced a significant lag (2-4s) in displaying actual position - it’s the worst thing happen to the app. I never had so many missed turns and exits before. It’s terrible. Please fix it. I tried on a couple phones (6/6splus) - issue is the same. Thank you.
  • Is it just me.... 2/5

    By drew101
    Or are Waze's instructions/maps laggy since the iOS 11 update? I'm on a X and keep getting messed up by the slow timing of the navigation.
  • Enjoyed 5/5

    By JaeHamp
    Simply put! ONE OF MY MOST USED APPS!
  • Loving Waze 5/5

    By Onthego270
    Waze has saved me so much stress. It is wonderful when Waze gives me better routes and detours around traffic jams. Thank you!
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Simplyy777
    Life savior app 😃
  • Great app 5/5

    By Trailblaze'n
    I love it💖💜♥️
  • Shockingly awful 1/5

    By Needs better navigation UI
    I'm amazed at the amount of times it's told me to turn onto non existent roads, completely wrong directions, wrong speed limits, just terrible
  • Current Version Does Not Work 3/5

    By DukuleleD
    I started using Waze about a month ago and have found it very useful. However after installing the most recent update for the app Waze crashes each time I try to launch it. I hope the next update fixes this soon.
  • The Ticket Waze Got Me 1/5

    By Annoyed & Angry
    This app got me a ticket. It misdirected me into a one way tunnel because it couldn't get my direction and bearings right. This landed me a ticket and an argument with the enforcer. Can't rely too heavily on the app.
  • Offline maps 3/5

    By Hushero
    I love Waze, but I wish you can offer offline maps as soon as possible. Not a lot of users can afford data plans to consistently run Waze when commuting
  • WAZE Followers 5/5

    By Robin Realtor
    WAZE is great for directions, road issues, and finding the nearest gas stations and facilities.
  • Love Waze, but tired of reinstalling 3/5

    By William_Gartin
    When we started using “that Waze thing everyone keeps talking about,” it was a complete revelation to us for urban and travel navigation. Lately, though, I’ve been experiencing problems with Bluetooth, incomplete verbal alerts, and now, app crashes when using verbal commands. Waze’s unhelpful automated Help advice is consistently to delete & reinstall Waze. Words cannot express how sick I’m getting of reinstalling Waze for every issue. Some I’ve simply chosen to live with instead, as every reinstall seems to bring its own new issues. So, still love it, but REALLY hoping they put some expert resources into correcting these bugs in the future.
  • One thing! 4/5

    By Charles & Oma
    We really like Waze for directions. Sometimes it would be helpful to repeat a direction and give more heads-up about which lane to be in for upcoming turns. If there is a conversation going in the car it is easy to miss what instruction was given for next turn.
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Dointheimpossible
    Love the app...i use it everyday!! But question how do we get new voices on the app like before? i dig boy band but when do they change or what do we have to do to get the cool ones again?
  • Make these Tolls Clear 4/5

    By Mlkdaybride
    I’m a die hard Wazer but I HATE going somewhere with tolls using Waze. Recently Waze sent me on a “new route due to major accident” and I had to pay an $8 toll. When the detour will include a toll I need to know!! I don’t want to avoid ALL tolls but I just need to know when my new route will include additional tolls.
  • Two Issues 3/5

    By elizzieco
    First, having notifications on the home screen would be immensely helpful. The second issue is with reporting. Reporting a closed lane for construction is basically impossible, but so often necessary. Additionally, a way to move the report back by a few blocks, or a distance, should be added. If I'm passing a police officer, I'm not going to whip out my cell phone right in front of him. If it's near my house, I may not have the app open and need to blah blah blah. Both of these keep me from accurately reporting hazards to nearby drivers. Address these, and it's a five-star app.
  • Used to love it 1/5

    By jamesandthegiantapple
    I can say that I’m now switching to Google Maps. Waze used to be so reliable, but with time it has been the source of many frustrations. It has taken me in my Honda Civic off roading TWICE, despite me activating the option which says “avoid dirt roads.” Both times, I almost got stuck. It has also taken me through so many back streets when there was no initial reason for it (the main roads were fine). I slowly found myself ignoring Waze and going my own route, which paid off. It used to be that if you ignored Waze, you would be wrong. Doesn’t feel like that anymore. Major bummer as I used to recommend this app to everyone.
  • Amazing app 10/10 4/5

    By ShockFrog
    Only downside they got rid of Mr. T for a navigator option. And it was honestly the best option for long rides because it was so hilarious.
  • Good app that respects my privacy 4/5

    By Qwertypoiuy54396
    I appreciate that Waze provides reliable time estimates for routes as well as a mechanism for users to share info on things that affect my commute. I’m a bit puzzled that the app encourages users to to report incidents via a visually complex series of screens (for example, selecting a type of hazard) while driving but shows a blocking screen that requires me to identify myself as a passenger before it allows me to request a route while driving. I get the need to limit liability yet this passenger screen step increases the risk of accidents. Finally, thanks for returning the option to share location only while using the app.
  • Updated 5/5

    By DIN1122
    I love waze but after the last update I got away from the car, I made a lot of mistakes
  • Great directions 5/5

    By Cupcake213
    The best alerts to police, speed limit, caution every. Waze makes ur travels so much better, so glad my friend introduced it
  • the map is delayed 3/5

    By DanielInojosa
    after the last update the map is delayed between the location of the car and the street that I have to enter.
  • Baxter & Lakeshore steep street 1/5

    By Tape queen
    Just saw KTLA5 News re: the steepest street near Baxter & Lakeshore in Elysian Park. Waze has been redirected traffic through the area as a shortcut, but without consideration to 1) drivers in bumper-to-bumper traffic in a steep incline and 2) neighbors impacted by the heavy traffic. Waze needs to be receptive to feedback and intel on traffic and routes. It only builds a better database and followers.
  • Use to love it 1/5

    By Danbuddy
    I use to love Waze. That was until I moved to Chicago. It always takes me underground when I need to be up top. Or thinks I’m on lower levels than I am. Doesn’t ever correct when this happens. Restarting the app doesn’t help.
  • No spoken directions 4/5

    By Latte AK
    It’s good except the spoken directions seldom work. It will give one direction to start the trip then nothing when I actually need to hear directions. 🤪
  • Used to work great 1/5

    By clint1310
    This app works good. However, I keep getting traffic notifications for Dallas. There are two problems with that; I am in Oklahoma City and I have notifications turned off. But it does get me to work on time.
  • I love Waze!! 5/5

    By Yaassbj
    All I can say is Waze is a lofesaver❤️
  • Still needs work. 3/5

    By KellyK376
    In an attempt to fix the street label feature, it still falls wildly short. Now as speech bubbles, the label still covers up a good portion of the path, and now has the added charm of flickering while the vehicle is in motion. This is not a once-in-a-while occurrence, but on every single trip. I’m still wondering why it’s necessary to have both the turn arrows AND the street labels. You either know the area, and are familiar with the streets, or you are not, and proximity to the next turn is adequate. I am still being directed toward major left turns without a signal, even with the filter on to avoid them. I think this is one of the simpler things that could be dealt with, since the roads are already ranked. I also have to deal with parking labels all over my destination that I can’t turn off. If I’m not familiar with the area, that means I’m fiddling with my phone when I should be focusing on not hitting things.
  • Pretty awesome 4/5

    By Kristinelauren987
    This app is pretty great but I’m disappointed they removed my favorite male voice with the last update.
  • Useful! 4/5

    By MrcoEx
    Waze is by far the best navigation app on the App Store. I use it every day and my community around me use it also, roughly 18,000 people have been helping me commute to work every day. There is one thing I do wish the awesome development team implement into the app. Lane By Lane guidance! This would be awesome! Thanks for the hard work waze team! Keep making driving fun!
  • Exelente 5/5

    By gringotecnico
  • Buggy All of a Sudden 3/5

    By Lost_calypso
    As an early adopter of Waze, I’ve relied on it for years and have become highly reliant on this app. However, it’s not working properly on my iPhone X... it often thinks I’m in a completely different place and is directing me to take streets that are not where I am...it will eventually catch up with me...and then get “confused” again as to where I am and how I should be proceeding. I thought maybe it was something that would be resolved with updates - but it’s been 2 weeks since I got my new phone and the problems persist. I hope you’ll get things sorted ASAP and hope it’s not an issue with the phones internal GPS.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Ndpanama
    Thanks wave for helping me to not get lost lately 😊
  • Trustworthy!! 5/5

    By 2MarketV
    I’ve learned to trust Waze, even when there seems to be a mistake. The only mistake is thinking my way is better. LOL
  • Improved! Great app! 5/5

    By Big P #1
    Waze listens! Finally they tell you the direction of your destination. I used it for the first time in a while and was shocked to hear "destination on your right". Makes life a lot easier!
  • Latest update shows huge lag in icon placement in map 3/5

    By afflatus2
    I find myself missing so many turns. I would cross an intersection and the icon on the map takes another two seconds to cross in the app. I make turns and icon takes 2 seconds to detect the turn. 2 seconds is a lot of time. That’s like a block in some places.
  • Waze is becoming better and better 4/5

    By :~]>
    Been using it since the very first generation. It’s getting better for sure. Keep it up!

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