Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic

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  • Current Version: iOS 4.32
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  • Compatibility: Android
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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic App

Avoid traffic jams, police traps, and accidents with Waze, the #1 real-time navigation app. Get the fastest routes to your favorite locations and new destinations, all for free. Waze is a community of 90 million drivers. Here’s why: - Automatically reroute around traffic as conditions change on the road - Get police & speed camera alerts while you drive - Hear road directions by celebrity voices or the average Joe - Record your own custom voice directions to guide you on the road - Know how long your drive will take before you start driving - Find gas stations and the cheapest gas prices on your drive - Earn points and gain status as you contribute with road info - Low data usage from your phone - Waze works anywhere in the world For drivers who really don’t like to waste time or money: - Get notified when it’s time to leave for your destination by setting your drive in advance - Let Waze tell you when it’s time to leave for your events by syncing your calendar with Waze - Save time looking for parking with Waze parking suggestions by your destination - Choose to be routed on toll roads or to avoid them - Get a sound alert if you exceed the speed limit with the speedometer Note: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. Waze will automatically shut down if you run it in the background and haven't driven for a while. You have full control over your privacy settings. Learn more about the Waze privacy policy, including what information is accessed and how it is used: www.waze.com/legal/privacy


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Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app reviews

  • Enough with the marketing spam 1/5

    By Fission_Mailed
    Other maps apps don’t bother me with push notification spam about new features that aren’t relevant to me
  • Great app, one minor suggestion. 4/5

    By Sir James Silva
    Love the app! Use it religiously. One small gripe. Can you move the compass rose that pops up in the bottom left corner (the one you have to press to zero in on your location) so it’s not blocked by the MPH indicator? Maybe put it in an upper corner instead?
  • Review Great app. Sometimes it can’t find the property, but it usually works fine. 5/5

    By Lucy's girl
    Great app!
  • Piece of crab 1/5

    By Papi tolok
    Works when ever it feels like working! ..l..
  • Love/ hate but mostly like 4/5

    By mhnorthport
    For the most part, Waze is helpful and effective. I very much rely on it. I cannot stand, though, when it reroutes you to side roads to save like two minutes of sitting in traffic. More than once I have ended up in some sketchy places in an effort to avoid a backup, and I am not convinced that saves much time. Therefore, I wish Waze had a setting that allowed you to customize rerouting. I am also not convinced it does enough re-routing to other viable highway options once it sets a course.
  • New in town. 5/5

    By whiskey drummer
    82 years old. Just moved in with family. A very large area to cover. VA 40 miles one way and residential area and business in the other direction. Couldn’t have made it without Waze. Love it
  • iPhone X 5/5

    By Mike_Roma
    Just needs a quick update for the iPhone X because when I’m trying to use the app and charge my phone, the app won’t rotate upside down like any of the other iPhones do. Just a quick update to fix that up. Aside from that, this app is the best GPS app I’ve ever used.
  • Waze 5/5

    By Dirtydart2
    Works great, use it everywhere
  • iPhone X Support is sloppy. 1/5

    By Private Star Productions Inc.
    There is words being cut off and usable buttons being cut off. Google is really dropping the ball. Even Google Maps has zero support currently for the iPhone X. Very disappointing from a company so big. Although Android updates take a long time to get so maybe not so surprising. This just reinforces why I buy Apple hardware. Sloppy updating and software.
  • Alerts 4/5

    By Tennis Forever
    Don’t seem to be getting audio alerts all the time. Settings are correct
  • Annoyed 3/5

    By Br0wN3y3Ss
    I haven’t been too happy with this app lately. The first year of having it I gave it 5 stars. Now I’m only giving it 3. Anytime I try to report any like heavy traffic or a hazard it’s not working. It opens up and immediately closes again. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app and that didn’t fix the problem. It’s really annoying that 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Jaenpablo1234
    Excellent app
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Parsa7
    Best app for driving ever
  • Great app, HOWEVER... 3/5

    By Longstare
    App inaccurately senses lane changes especially when entering highway ramps from frontage roads. The app will still navigate as if you are on a service road for about a mile before adjusting itself. Not a big deal but annoying when it does happen. MAJOR NEGATIVE: Why does Waze need to know my location ALL of the time, even when app is not in use. Also, the app discourages you as a driver from input entires will driving; however, some ADs pop up over your map WHILE driving!! Please remove advertisements altogether. EDITED 11-24-17 HERE COMES THE ADS!!! I get about 3-5 ads per drive now!!!!! Horrible. Mark my words that a subscription to remove ads will be coming. What a way to kill an app!!
  • No hortizontal view! 3/5

    By Sweetsue02
    Hi! Love my Waze app but I can’t tilt my iPhone to get a horizontal view, which I need for my phone holder for my car. Please fix!
  • Waze is the app of my day and night 3/5

    By Da Waze
    I used to love this app. Until the recent update. It’s lagging big time during driving. Specially during the turns. I use Waze app all the time & it’s giving me heck of a hard time when is lagging almost all the time. I missed few turns & almost had my car crashed! There is going to be a big law-suit if you don’t fix this glitch. Everything started after the flash signs embedded. I have seen it lagging for 30 seconds at least. Please fix this bug!!!!
  • New version has a major delay 3/5

    I usually love this app but I’ve noticed with the most recent version, there is a big delay between where I actually am and where I show on the map. The audio announces my turns on time but the video doesn’t show that I’m at the turn until after I’ve taken it and it takes way too long to recalibrate after turning. This is why I stopped using Google Maps and now it’s an issue with this app as well. I also just got a new phone and I don’t know if that has something to do with it but it shouldn’t.
  • Great community. 5/5

    Most practical app I use on the weekly.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Cleric256
  • Waze - Everyone Needs This 5/5

    By robinruiz
    Waze keeps our family safe and informed. It’s accurate and interactive. We avoid major traffic issues, obstacles in the road, and are alerted to speed limits, red lightning cameras. Love this!
  • In love 5/5

    By SchrickerK
    I LOVE this app!
  • Best Application GPS 5/5

    By ArianaPhone
    خیلی خیلی عالیه ها و به نظر من بهترین در نوع خودشه
  • Not working well with new iPhone X 2/5

    By SOLE2000
    I've been a long time Wazer (and is without a doubt the second most important app on my phone!) and always considered it 5 stars, but now I'm seeing some issues with my iPhone X. Now, the navigation is constantly lagging about 30 meters behind, which makes it sometimes confusing to turn on streets which are close together. I've checked with other Nav apps (Google Maps and Apple Maps) and neither display this issue. Hopefully Waze can get this fixed soon...

    By Uhmcesar
  • Love WAZE!!! 5/5

    By WriterDonnie
    I am so thankful my friend told me about this app! It has made a big difference zipping through the crazy traffic here in Southern California. I totally recommend you use it when getting somewhere is important.
  • BP 4/5

    By NameMeCo
    Waze is phenomenal and I enjoy using it. Police and hazard alert are great. Only issue is it sometimes routes you on rural roads or small streets.
  • Crashing 1/5

    By Ms Swann
    Since i updated my Waze app then the only thing it will do is crash. I need help. Please help me!
  • Should come standard on phones 5/5

    By Jreck
    An absolute must if you drive anywhere. I use Waze almost every time I drive and is great to have up even if you don’t need directions.
  • Not compatible with Carplay 2/5

    By Theoneyouhate
    I love Waze. I wish it was compatible with CarPlay. It’s hard to navigate through traffic having to look down at the phone to see the map, especially now that the laws in Texas have changed.
  • Love It 5/5

    By Sunshine and golf
    I use it every day on the commute into work. Has saved me time after time. Last year after Hurricane Matthew closed down so many roads, it was the only reason i was able to get home.
  • Redona MVP 1/5

    By NBD20
    Why did you remove the coolest voice you had in there!? Now the app is just boring without Redona.
  • Best traffic monitor 5/5

    By ldicmund
    Has saved me hours. Awesome app. Use it everyday. Awesome new display format.
  • Constant navigation 5/5

    By Ejb0120
    Every time I get on the highway I have Waze working for me. Waze has saved me much time and many hours of aggravation by not getting stuck in traffic. We thank you for this app and the constant updates.
  • College road trips 5/5

    By Awesome Mr
    Love using Waze as my son and I visit colleges. Passenger is always marking hazards etc.
  • Don't upgrade 1/5

    By Big Odis
    Was a daily user of Waze until I made the mistake of installing the latest upgrade. Now not usable. Had to delete the app.
  • Keep crashing on iPad mini 4 cellular iOS 11 3/5

    By DonlinoP
    Please fix my Waze app keep crashing on my iPad
  • Waze is great! Just one thing though... 5/5

    By Akashrl
    In short, Waze is amazing. However, I’m on the iPhone X, and I noticed when I put the screen horizontally, there’s a big bar across the bottom the that cuts into my arrow pointer a little bit, and it’s a tad bit annoying to look at. It also uses up a lot of real estate on the bottom of the screen when the phone is horizontal, and I think the navigation screen should be maximized.
  • Great product 5/5

    By Barker of Whittier
    I love it!
  • Great App 4/5

    By Apro871
    I would love if you had a feature to see where your friends are when they are traveling, if they showed on my map that would be SO amazing for my work. We all travel with different vehicles and love Waze but find ourselves using Find my Friends and other apps to see each other’s locations. Please work on this 😉😬
  • Getting worse all the time. 3/5

    By Four2x4
    Getting more and more bloated and more buggy with each update. I wish there was a paid version with NO ads and other fluff. It was inevitable once GOOGLE purchased it, but, I'd rather pay for the app the way is was before Google bought it. Ads and pop ups are distracting. The layout could be so much better, for,example, the target address font size is minuscule as well as the speed. No speed limit info...etc.. I still use it all the time, but I wish they'd fix these issues. Should be a stop n go choice when reporting traffic.
  • Waze reliability 5/5

    By gojetta98
    As it relies on driver input, I can count on the latest travel information.
  • Wave 5/5

    By Wendifredlizibugdi
    Wave is the very best APP ever. No fear in getting lost, it’s the BEST!! Thank you WAZE
  • Don’t use 2/5

    By Jcckme12345
    I’ve officially stopped using this app as of today. It was good at first but my last several experiences trying to use this to avoid traffic have been epic failures. Waze tries to take me on all these terrible backroads that honestly aren’t even any faster than just sitting on the highway just to save 10 freaking minutes, if that, not even worth it. I’ll just use google.
  • Turn by turn lag has become problematic 1/5

    By Shalom43
    I've been a loyal Waze user since the very start, and despite issues that have been wildly annoying (such as adding superfluous directions to use me as a guinea pig to gather traffic data on random streets, or taking me on terribly inefficient routes that lose time because I'm asked to cross major intersections at rush hour without the help of a light of stop signs), I have stuck by the app. But lately, the gps tracking has been lagging to the point that I will routinely miss turns because the app is constantly behind me on the map. I thought this was an issue with my phone so I hard reset the app, and then rebooted my phone multiple times. But then I found out the problem was affecting other people. I thought maybe it was our cell provider, but as I asked around the issue was happening across the board. The issue has been persistent for the past couple weeks now and renders the app practically useless. What's the point of a turn by turn gps when it doesn't know where I am? Until this problem is fixed, I'm moving to Google Maps. Fix it, Waze.
  • Great application 5/5

    By ThankfulIUser
    Great application 👍
  • Speeding ticket 5/5

    By P-juice
    Just saved me from getting a speeding ticket!!!
  • Pro & Con 5/5

    By Kavon SK
    Pro: Great for smaller cities and suburbia due to the fact that they ACTUALLY report what’s going on so very efficient (good primary nav) Con: Tough in bigger cities such as New York where the majority care to use it and not report thus more surprises (good secondary nav) Either way can’t really go wrong it!
  • Waze is the best, but.... 4/5

    By Boozeslinger
    The usefulness and the beautiful maps make Waze an AMAZING app! It beats other navigation apps by bounds. Two features that my other navigation apps have that I would love to see, would boost my rating to a perfect four-star: 1-Haptic feedback on Apple Watch for turns, directions, and alerts. Not a full map interface. Just info and haptics so you don't have to glance at your phone as much for convenience and safety. Similar to Apple Maps. 2-show the info for what is 'now playing' on your phone. In the landscape mode of Waze there is plenty of room on the screen. Again, for safety and convenience. The Escort Navigation app does a great job. If you haven't tried Waze, download it now! It's traffic voodoo will blow your mind!
  • Latest update introduces display bug 1/5

    By Crash620
    Causing the navigation screen to shift the nav cursor to the right hand third of screen on iPad when displayed horizontally. First posted this Oct 28 and Waze has failed to fix as of Nov 22, 2017 despite recent updates.
  • Stopped working 1/5

    By ManiacalMatt
    No longer works.

Waze Navigation & Live Traffic app comments


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