Weather Now - Widget, US Alert

Weather Now - Widget, US Alert

  • Category: Weather
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 2.8.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: DeluxeWare
  • Compatibility: Android
2,175 Ratings
$ 4.99

Weather Now - Widget, US Alert App

Amazingly beautiful 3D images of our planet draws your attention for so long that you may forget that the application has other useful features that allows you easy access to precise, global weather information. Features: • Easily select different cities using the city carousel with national flags  • Chic 3D “home screen” with high-quality real-time image of the earth, atmosphere, the stars and the sun  • 15-day forecast chart with detailed daily weather conditions, independent day and night temperature charts  • 48-hour hourly forecast with detailed information with real-time changing of chart step  • Database of 80 000 cities with weather information, quick look-up and automatic detection of location • Temperature on the icon badge • Customized Weather Widget • Weather Maps The main features of “Weather Now” are the “home screen” and the forecast page with a unique way of scaling the charts. On the “home screen”, you can get information on the selected location such as local time and current weather with detailed weather conditions, and, of course, an incredibly beautiful three-dimensional image of the globe with realistic-looking atmosphere, the sun and the stars. You can manually turn it, increase and decrease its size, run the slow spinning animation or stop it. Installed in a cradle or dock station, the application can run as a screensaver, attracting your friends and fellows.  The weather forecast is provided by CustomWeather, Inc, an American weather provider of global weather information for over 15 years. CustomWeather is a leader in technology and meteorological innovation, providing local weather information to companies and application developers around the world.  The current weather data is gathered from thousands of professionally installed and maintained weather stations installed mostly at airports. WeatherNow only shows current weather from stations that have reported local weather conditions within the past hour. Current weather data is refreshed every 30 minutes; that is twice as frequent as most other weather providers can offer. Unique 48-hour forecasts from over 80,000 locations around the world provide a level of coverage and detail that simply cannot be found elsewhere.  Current weather information includes: description, air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, dew point, pressure, visibility, as well as comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.  Detailed weather forecast information includes: description, day and night air temperature, wind direction and force, humidity, UV index, probability of precipitation, and comfort index with reference to current weather conditions.


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Weather Now - Widget, US Alert app reviews


    By lidokey
    Love it and using it all the time. Recommend it to everyone.
  • Wish there was a detailed write up of the days weather 4/5

    By Bradleybp
    Wish there was a detailed write up of the days weather. The information is there, but not in write up form.
  • Invaluable! 5/5

    By jdavid41
    Invaluable for travel, stateside or international.
  • WeatherNow 5/5

    By Bradley (Bubby)
    Great application for weather on Earth.
  • Not what I thought 2/5

    By JAAKC
    Hard to use.
  • Not even 4/5

    By weather knot
    Not even close to reliable, don't waste your time with this App. Simple and ease to use that's the one star, after that everything else falls four no stars.
  • Solar eclipse 5/5

    By Lowxs
    It's August 21st and it's disappointing to see your developer didn't add any special features to the application to mark this great occasion.
  • Hmmmm... 3/5

    By therapyneeded
    Update 8-19-2017 Badge icon still doesn't update. Please fix ......................... It's a good app. But the badge icon with the temp won't update unless you open the app.
  • Crashes constantly after Aug 2017 update 1/5

    By PlanoArtist
    Prior to this, one of my favorite weather programs
  • Crashes after new update 1/5

    By Vermontier
    Crashes after new update.
  • Crashes 5/5

    By Mud 2
    the new update crashes all the time at start up Please fix
  • Doppler needs updating 4/5

    By scabeli
    The app is very nice. The graphics are sweet and colorful!!! The only thing that I think needs updating is the Doppler radar. It needs more realism.
  • Where is the moon? 4/5

    By lee-hee
    Cool app, but I want to be able to see the moons position relative to the earth and the sun.
  • A review 5/5

    By mikeoj32
    App will drive me crazy until I write this.
  • Buyer Beware 1/5

    By Turnkey26
    There are too many versions of this in the app store from Deluxe ware. Just a search of the app store for weather now and there at least three. I installed this version and paid to remove ads and get full access to the app on a 1 year subscription. Two weeks later I had to uninstall the app because it was reporting 88 degrees in Phoenix and the meteorologist was reporting 115. After I reinstalled the app and clicked the restore button it said that I had not paid. I tried using the to contact the developer but that just took me to a site about apps in general. So I contacted Apple and they are looking into it.
  • Craptastic 1/5

    By Disappointed 218
    Stay away from these rip off artists! If it's not crashing it's showing wrong alerts. Now the cheats have the audacity to try to CHARGE EXTRA for a fing widget that came with the app last week! Wow great response. How about making this stupid app refresh more than twice a day. Can I give this zero stars now??
  • Great app 5/5

    By Mykalx2
    Beautiful app. Great response.
  • Very Dependable and Customizable. With alerts 5/5

    By techdir
    Perfect for someone who need ACURATE specific daily and long term forecast delivered right to your ALERT screen daily morning and night. I ALWAYS KNOW THE WEATHER.
  • First Call 4/5

    By Philboyd
    All the info needed to make decisions. Great app.
  • Its good 5/5

    By Ahmadi Asr
    It is a good app with long forecast review
  • Dependable and accurate 5/5

    By DiMaxson
    Been using this for years, gives quick useful information no matter where in the world I have traveled to.
  • Awesome😁😁 5/5

    By Solaim
    This app is so helpful and so accurate!! Definitely one of my best apps on my phone!!!!😘😁💜💖❤️💙🦄
  • Great app! Love it! 5/5

    By spinningmoon
    Great app! Love it! Thanks to the developers!
  • Not as it should be 2/5

    By SER575
    I had purchased the 2.7.7 version and had issues, contacted support and was told to get the 2.7.8 version! Purchased this version (2.7.9) instead, and it is not working as it should either. No temp on app icon as it should, settings never stay as I set them, and frequently locks and/or crashes when app is opened. This app has great potential, but that won't matter if these issues aren't addressed.
  • Great weather app!! 5/5

    By TNcatwoman
    Although I have several weather apps, this is one of my favorites! The visuals are great and the forecasts are easy to understand. It doesn't alert me to lightening in the area (we've been hit several times) but another, less beautiful app does. Love it!! After the latest update, the temperature that appears on the app icon has disappeared! It's quite handy. Please don't banish it!!
  • Not happy with this app 1/5

    By scryed1
    Keeps crashing, paid for the full version. Thinking paying for the full version would be better. Boy was I wrong, my phone keeps freezing every time I use the app. The app it self would freeze when I would try to use it. Not wealth the $5.00, wait...I paid $5.00 for this app. WOW! One star!
  • Graet app. Not updating 2/5

    By Mike Puffer
    It's not updating on its own. Trying to get help is WAY TO COMPLICATED. YOU MEED PRODUCT CODE BERSION INFO ....... not taking that much time to say. It's not working people.
  • Great app I ever had 😘 5/5

    By Momomoravy
    Wish if the widget is free to enjoy much, I do like it and will keep using it.
  • Favorite weather map 5/5

    By Em's BFF
    Love this app.
  • Great Weather App 5/5

    By DASHIZNIT_5150
    Great app. I was lost on a very good weather app that doesn't drain my battery. Best app for weather, hands down.
  • No Longer Top Notch! 1/5

    By Shamus8534
    Update: Deleted app. Requested a review every time I open it causing it to freeze. I absolutely love this app! Not only is it beautifully designed, but the weather information it provides is quite accurate. Highly recommend.
  • Mediocre 1/5

    By Materboy
    You can find better weather apps out there. Mediocre feature set at best. No active radar display. Annoying pop up to rate the app
  • ....FIVE STARS.... 5/5

    By ....Radar App Lover...!!!
    ....five stars....n'uff said....
  • Wow 5/5

    By wrevansii
    This is unquestionably the most superior weather app on the store. Highly recommended!!!
  • Buena ubicación 4/5

    By Fede+G
    Muy buena, ubicación muy bien!
  • Somewhat correct 3/5

    By osp75/75
    Also pesky insistence for a review
  • Nice app 3/5

    By tortolalover
    Could be more consistent
  • My favorite weather app 5/5

    Use it all the time. Recommend it
  • Beautiful weather app 5/5

    A very nice, well designed app that is a pleasure to look at and of course to use.
  • Great app - when it doesn't constantly crash!!! 5/5

    By HitzHits
    It used to be my favorite weather app; however, since the last update it constantly crashes. Currently it's unusable. Please fix it and make it great again 👍🏽
  • Great summary app 4/5

    By Caposkia
    Love the extended forecast. The source changes their forecast a lot, so I take what it says with a grain of salt, but for the most part, this app gives a good idea of the current weather trends and the week ahead.
  • Wonderful! 5/5

    By Whannabe
    I love this app and would give it 4.5 stars if I could. The only thing keeping it off the 5 star list would be that I can't rearrange the list of locations.
  • Best of the Best 5/5

    By WynneWithThat
    I really love this app! It's easy & you get your info now- no tricks or trying to remember how to work it. Good job, I will never discard it!
  • Nice 3/5

    By DiDeTu
    This was my favorite weather app, it is very simple, concise, and gives you a lot of information on one single page, without too much tapping and scrolling. One of the main reasons that makes this my favorite weather app is the fact that the UI is very clear, crisp, well defined. The graphs and numbers are bold and colorful, very easy to read. Everything comes on a black background, creating beautiful contrast. However, there is one thing that really bothers me a lot, reason for the 3 stars: the short forecast is never 48 hours, it doesn't update every 4 hours as it's supposed to. Right now, for example, it's 11:30pm and the short forecast still shows the 12pm, 4pm and 8pm on the graph. Normally, once the time passes 4pm, the 12pm should disappear from the graph, when the time passed 8pm, the 4pm should also disappear. Like I said, it's 11:30pm now, and the first 3 time segments on the graph (12, 8 and 4pm) are still there, in detriment of the 3 segments at the end of the graph, which would actually give you the 48 hours forecast. If the graph shows more than 11 hours in the past, then that's less than 37 hours forecast, not 48.
  • Constantly asking for reviews 1/5

    By Composed use
    Keeps asking for reviews every time I open it. Hope the devs like 1 star! Seems to be doing this more often after the latest update.
  • I don't like getting badgered into writing reviews. 1/5

    By bulldogMP
    I am giving his application a one star although it is adequate I don't like being badgered into writing reviews. It's a waste of my time and energy.
  • great app 4/5

    By Bogie123
    great app
  • Best weather app! 5/5

    By cowtruck57
    I drive a truck for a living and this is the best weather app I've ever used! Easy to find out the weather I'll be headed towards.
  • Excelent weather app 5/5

    By Ng2tuy
    Excelent weather app ever. Can have anything we need
  • Stop with the pop ups to ask me to review 1/5

    By Zoo household
    I like the app but will only give it one star because the app continually asks me to rate the app and since it won't seem to stop unless I do. So here is the one star rating because of constant annoyance!

Weather Now - Widget, US Alert app comments


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