Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar

Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar

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Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar App

Weather Underground for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is your everything weather app. Powered by our network of 250,000+ personal weather stations, this app provides hyper-local forecasts and current conditions, interactive radar, customizable alerts, and much more to ensure you’re always prepared for whatever the weather brings. CURRENT CONDITIONS • Get current conditions from local weather stations or drop a pin in your neighborhood • Stay updated with the best weather data including temperature, “feels like”, wind speed and direction, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure • Swipe through hour-by-hour and 10-day forecasts including chance of precipitation and daily weather summaries • Compare today’s weather with local historical data • Report local weather and hazards to help your community • Monitor air quality, UV risk, and local flu outbreaks with the Health tile • Know when first and last light will happen with the Sunrise/Sunset tile INTERACTIVE MAP • View the weather map’s improved layers including weather stations, radar, satellite, heat map, rain accumulation, crowd reports and more • Scroll through time with our interactive play-bar for radar and satellite • Track global storms on the Hurricane and Tropical Storm tile APPLE WATCH Get all your weather data at a glance with Weather Underground for Apple Watch. Quickly view current conditions, hourly and 10-day forecasts from local weather stations, and stay ahead of the storm with severe weather alerts and radar. WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE! • View weather at a glance in your notification center with forecast and radar widgets for iOS 10 • Keep an eye out for extreme weather with severe weather alerts • Discover real-time weather on webcams around the world • View stunning weather photos with the WunderPhotos tile • Access Weather Underground’s wealth of online resources including ski reports, infographics, scientific discussion and more • Geek out with the weather radio tile • Customize your experience with light & dark modes, map types, units and rearrangeable tiles “Weather Underground combines a slick design with a focus on really useful weather information.” - PC Magazine “What really helps this weather app stand out is its “hyper-local” data from enthusiast weather stations around the world." - TIME Magazine About Weather Underground: Founded in 1995 as the first online weather service, Weather Underground supplies weather data solutions to the many of the leading media companies and millions of users across the globe through their mobile apps and website With over 200,000 personal weather stations worldwide, Weather Underground is able to provide meaningful and reliable weather data to people in real-time. Weather Underground is part of the Weather Company and based in San Francisco, California.

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Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar app reviews

  • Crashes after 10 seconds 1/5

    By Crashy McCrashface
    The app now inexplicably crashes 10 seconds after opening, every single time. Back to Apple weather until Wunderground can get their act together...
  • Wunderground 1/5

    By Ad jk
    I have the latest version for my iPad and it always crashes when I touch the screen. Awful!
  • Paid for no ads; still have ads 2/5

    By CaliNative78
    Why are there still ads? I renewed my subscription and I still saw an ad left on the app
  • Love WU!! 5/5

    By 1craftyladytoo
    WU is my go to when I am planning my day. It is usually accurate and I like how one can have a week overview as well as the day. I really miss the photograph feature.
  • Weather Geek's Little Bit of Heaven 5/5

    By Thebobm
    Very good site. Wide ranging. Better than most others graphically, and just a nice layout presentation of data.
  • Has always been t weather app 5/5

    By Spikez43
    If you don't have this get this and use this for the weather
  • App crashes now 1/5

    By mtbryan
    The app crashes now every time you scroll down to see more information. Only happens with new locations viewed. Still works for saved locations that have been on the favorites list for a while. Pretty annoying. Bug needs to be fixed.
  • Hasbro Toys 1970's Airliner 5/5

    By Feed The Beagle
    Entertaining .. joyful .. would be a perfect game for stewards to hand out to j-off miserable kids on the 20
  • Keeps crashing 3/5

    By Blackak
    As I scroll to the bottom of the app on my iPhone 7+, the app crashes. This is the latest version.
  • Dances with BloomSky and Storm. 5/5

    By ijak
    There are many great personal weather stations all over the place, and one of them is mine. I love the way WeatherUnderground supports my weather station. And I love that I can get worldwide granular weather data.
  • Sick app, great for hunters/fishers 5/5

    By the1afrothunder
    Use it before every outing
  • Great app, ad removal doesn't work 2/5

    By neopoe
    I love the app, to the point of paying to remove the ads. The remove ads feature doesn't work. It only removed one ad of two.
  • Loved this site since they first came on the scene 5/5

    By Nucklehead2
    I've been a fan for years first on my desk top, tablet now phone.
  • Best weather app 5/5

    By joe b.
    As a photographer, I pay close attention to the weather. This app is the best I've found. I love how you can customize smart forecast to show ideal times for photography. Great app!
  • Best weather app 5/5

    By MsMadeline
    Displays info really well, love the graphic hourly forecast. Smart defaults, nothing cheesy - it's a great app!
  • Keeps Crashing on iPhone 7 1/5

    By JMB651
    Suddenly keeps crashing and won't load. Please fix.
  • Latest version crashes 2/5

    By BeckaWru
    This has always been my go-to weather app; it's accurate, streamlined, and easy to customize. The latest update is a fail though-- The app crashes immediately after opening and it's become useless. Please fix this, guys!
  • Not what it used to be... 2/5

    By janhatesmarcia
    I've been using this app for a few years, but recently it's gone downhill. As others have mentioned, the removal of the Wunder photos feature is a huge disappointment. I enjoyed starting my day looking at those beautiful photos from places I'll likely never visit. Other problems: the radar preview doesn't update; data (such as flu reports) is often missing; ads are more intrusive. The issue that caused me to finally delete the app is constant crashes. The screen loads when I open the app, but when I attempt to scroll down the page, it crashes--even when I completely close and restart the app. Disappointed.
  • Rain 5/5

    By Hooterville organics
    The radar and accurate location plus hourly precipitation predictions are wonderful.
  • Best weather app 5/5

    By jinjog
    I live in Oklahoma where knowing what the weather is going to do is really important as we are the heart of tornado alley. Our local weather stations are absolutely immpecable but they are not always as accurate as Weather Underground. I use this app when I don't have time to waste. It's awesome!!
  • Same as any other now 1/5

    By Placid303
    Used to be the only weather app I liked. I've used Wunderground nearly exclusively for years. Now it's the ONE I never use because it's so buggy and hasn't worked right with Apple Watch in I don't know how long. I always check weather on my watch first. Then if I need to, I go to the app on my phone. Wunderground is USELESS as of right now. Can't wait until it's fixed
  • Adds won't go away 4/5

    By stp2112
    Well I paid for the adds to be gone and it is stop there, tried deleting and reinstalling the app and restarting my iPhone this is very annoying any suggestions?
  • Great 5/5

    By KaiaOC
    Great weather app! Has everything and it's the most accurate I've used thus far!
  • Zero Customer Support 1/5

    By Vdrumsroland
    I'm a paid subscriber and have been for three years. Where is the customer support?? One would think that a paid subscriber could ask a support question and get at least a reply but nope. Nothing of the sort as all of my questions habe fine unanswered for three years.
  • New Version Crashes Every Time I Scroll Down 1/5

    By NBCstinks
    I am a fan of this app in general but whatever is in this new update is causing the app to crash every time I scroll down to look at the multi-day forecast. Super frustrating. Please fix asap.
  • Forecast You Can Trust 5/5

    By Thameonn's Mathneon
    I rely on these guys to let me know what is coming. I don't know about other forecasts. They don't seem right all the time. Put your face in wonder ground, and you'll be fine.
  • Completely broken 1/5

    By dyeazel
    This was my favorite weather app, and I've tried a lot of them. The latest update has rendered it completely unusable. It crashes if I try to use a favorite location. I can't turn off ads, even though I've paid. There's no way to directly contact support that I've found. I'm really disappointed. If I take it off my main screen, I'll probably never use it again.
  • My personal favorite weather app BUT 5/5

    By The Lizard60
    I've been using this app for a few years and find it to be one of the most accurate available. I do use it in conjunction with two other meteorological apps, though. The newest update contains an activity planner which allows you to select the weather conditions that are acceptable and I deal for whatever type of outdoor activity you enjoy. However, in the past month, the application freezes as you scroll down towards the sunrise and sunset section and I have to restart my phone. I am not sure why this is happening I have not upgraded to iOS 10 but it would be nice to get this bug killed. SCORE: 90/100
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Glen-Bob
    GB This is my go to weather source.
  • The best weather app! 5/5

    By MrKellso
    I pay the low fee annually to avoid ads and find this to be the most accurate, and comprehensive weather updater and forecaster.
  • Great app 5/5

    By STLsunswept
    My goto for weather. My local news station app uses a bit less bandwidth however.
  • Easy to Use 5/5

    By Tenore54
    I added Weather Underground to my weather apps because the AcuRite Weather Station I recently installed allow me to send data to WU. I find the screens intuitive, easy to read, and easy to link to my station.
  • paid subscriber - still see ads 2/5

    By dhillatitunes
    I am a paid subscriber and still see ads. I've tried logging in and out and it still shows me ads and occasionally asks me if I want to remove them by subscribing, even though currently logged in and subscription valid until August 2017. waste of subscription money!
  • Crashing constantly in latest version 2/5

    By ddwillens
    Open app. Try to scroll down the page. Crash. Very consistent since last update and iOS 10.2.1. Unusable.
  • Crashes all the time 3/5

    By alumley
    I like the app but frustrated that it crashes so often. Please fix. iPhone 6 latest iOS.
  • Accurate Weather 5/5

    By Jersey Guy 08740
    Wunderground is easy to use, accurate and give all needed information for your location.
  • Great 5/5

    By Funashgame
    Works great always and is reliable!
  • Great App 5/5

    By USAFFlyer
    This is my primary weather app. Very versatile. Can show weather world wide.
  • Crashes all the time 1/5

    By Tkundla
    Nice app, but it crashes all the time.
  • The Mountaintop of Weather Apps - ironically named Wunderground 5/5

    By Gaelic Thunda
    La creme de la creme. Functionality and interface in perfect union
  • Support is a joke 1/5

    By Keyser Sosze
    Purchased the ad free version on 2 devices and worked fine. Had to restore iPhone and now can't get email/password validated to sign in to restore ad free. Tried numerous times to get the forgot password email but that never comes. Also tried emailing support a week ago and still nothing.
  • Great weather app terrible ad delivery 2/5

    By halfacat
    I've been using this app for years and appreciate that they can give it to me for free by serving ads. The problem is that it seems like the ads cause the app to load slowly and even crash a lot. This seems to be an issue for a number of websites and apps and it hurts them the most. Weather underground has built a great app but the ad server they are using is killing the usability of it. They need to get their ad provider to improve performance or find another one.
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Noneedtoknowname
    The layout of the app is amazing, the tools of it work wonders and its accuracy is astounding! This is definitely a finer app than many others and a whole lot more useful than most other weather sources. Weather Channel needs to step aside.
  • My favorite weather app 5/5

    By Snailicious
    It has been the better weather app compared to many weather apps I've been tried. It is more accurate, design is pleasing and easy to navigate, I can choose from a few nearby weather stations, and I like it!
  • Answer to a weather fan's prayer 5/5

    By Grey Wizard4
    After the PC version of WeatherBug stopped supporting historical rainfall data, I trolled the web for months seeking a replacement. A friend mentioned Wunderground and Voila! Everything a weather junky could dream of in one website. Incredible! Where do I sign to suppress ads?
  • Boring without Wunderphotos 1/5

    By doesdeer
    I guess there is more revenue from partnering with TWC and making room for their lame videos than there is by posting Wunderphotos from your original partners that put you on the map, the users. We have come to your site and helped make it with you, creating a community. Now that is gone in favor of WUTV and other videos that really don't draw people. Photos may seem silly, but silly gets views!! Look at how many views cat videos get on YouTube. We do miss you Wunderground and wunderphotos, and you will miss us
  • Simple & complete view of the weeks weather 5/5

    By BohicaScrewball
    The app tells me everything I want to know in a simple, clean and clear format. I can see the detailed radar loop easily, or the week at a glance, or details for the day.
  • Crashes 2/5

    By RandomNickname00
    Crashes every time I scroll down to see sunrise/sunset. Every time. I've quit the app and restarted the phone and it still does it. This has been my go-to weather app for years. Will I have to switch to another? You decide.
  • Love the new design 5/5

    By benvon
    The new look and feel is a breath of fresh air. The layout is clear and clean and the most used information is front and center. All the geeky weather data is still there for nerds like me, so I'm quite happy to chip in a few bucks to help pay for this excellent piece of software.
  • Pay for the app. Keep the ads 1/5

    By Twall777
    This was a great app. And now its getting bad. Ive emailed twice to no avail. I paid for this app twice and it still has ads. Also the widget always shows 105 degrees then it finally corrects itself. Fix the ads problem and it may go to 3 stars. Only because they wont respond to any inquiries.

Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar app comments

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