Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar

Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar

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Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar App

Weather Underground for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is your everything weather app. Powered by our network of 200,000+ personal weather stations, this app provides hyper-local forecasts and current conditions, interactive radar, customizable alerts, and much more to ensure you’re always prepared for whatever the weather brings. CURRENT CONDITIONS • Get current conditions from local weather stations or drop a pin in your neighborhood • Stay updated with the best weather data including temperature, “feels like”, wind speed and direction, today’s rain accumulation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and pressure • Swipe through hour-by-hour and 10-day forecasts including chance of precipitation and daily weather summaries • Compare today’s weather with local historical data • Report local weather and hazards to help your community • Monitor air quality, UV risk, and local flu outbreaks with the Health tile • Know when first and last light will happen with the Sunrise/Sunset tile INTERACTIVE MAP • View the weather map’s improved layers including weather stations, radar, satellite, heat map, rain accumulation, crowd reports and more • Scroll through time with our interactive play-bar for radar and satellite • Track global storms on the Hurricane and Tropical Storm tile APPLE WATCH Get all your weather data at a glance with Weather Underground for Apple Watch. Quickly view current conditions, hourly and 10-day forecasts from local weather stations, and stay ahead of the storm with severe weather alerts and radar. WIDGETS, ALERTS, & MORE! • View weather at a glance in your notification center with forecast and radar widgets for iOS 10 • Keep an eye out for extreme weather with severe weather alerts • Discover real-time weather on webcams around the world • View stunning weather photos with the WunderPhotos tile • Access Weather Underground’s wealth of online resources including ski reports, infographics, scientific discussion and more • Geek out with the weather radio tile • Customize your experience with light & dark modes, map types, units and rearrangeable tiles “Weather Underground combines a slick design with a focus on really useful weather information.” - PC Magazine “What really helps this weather app stand out is its “hyper-local” data from enthusiast weather stations around the world." - TIME Magazine About Weather Underground: Founded in 1995 as the first online weather service, Weather Underground supplies weather data solutions to the many of the leading media companies and millions of users across the globe through their mobile apps and website With over 200,000 personal weather stations worldwide, Weather Underground is able to provide meaningful and reliable weather data to people in real-time. Weather Underground is part of the Weather Company and based in San Francisco, California.

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Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar app reviews

  • Wunderground rocks 5/5

    By Twsig
    I use Wunderground to tell if my classes can be in or out for sporting events etc. love nexrad
  • Reliable no matter where you are 5/5

    By Ladygrania1
    No matter where I am, I can always count on Weather Underground.
  • App crashes 1/5

    By The Real Rulesman
    Sick of the garbage on the Weather Channel app. Looking for something reliable for weather. Not this app. Just paid via my iPhone to remove ads. When I log in on my iPad the app crashes. $1.99 wasted.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Ktben1
    Easy to use right on target to weather
  • By far the best app out there for weather 4/5

    By lukethedrifter1
    Subject says it all!
  • Wunderground 5/5

    By MrsPrindle
    The only weather app and information I need. Weather channel too complicated and often not what I am looking for. This one is very good.
  • I'm Back. 5/5

    By Darth Vaulter
    I shifted to Accuweather's app a couple of years ago but don't like the recent updates. I recently returned to Weather Underground and love it's updated (since I've been away) version.
  • Weather Lover 5/5

    By Agirlwhogetsit
    One of my students told me about WU. Love the accuracy.
  • Weather Needs 5/5

    By Paulh7777
    Very accurate and allows some user input for better accuracy.
  • So far 5/5

    By Techno feet
    Had it awhile and love the depth of information. The ads do not detract from its usefulness.
  • Wish it had better Apple Watch support 2/5

    By Sebastian42
    Really like the visual layout. Forecasts are great. Apple Watch is buggy. Especially the complication. Doesn't update for days when you travel unless you click on it.
  • Could be great 1/5

    By uinazi
    But it isn't and apparently never will be. And the latest version broke the Today widget. Internally inconsistent too." That was August 2016. Now May 2017. Still broken. Settings for Today widget to show conditions but widget keeps reverting to graph. This after a year since the bug reported. And they charge money for this!
  • Excellent for People who work outdoors 5/5

    By kernel95
    I'm a landscaper in metro Detroit and my job heavily depends on accurate weather reporting, because it's Michigan and we experience 4 seasons in one day Most of the guys have their own favorites but it's divided into three main categories. Weather Underground, accuweather, and the local Fox 2 News Detroit. The guys who have Wunderground app always have the best argument for what's going to happen because they give you so much info. Highly recommend. 10 out of 10.
  • Been using a long time 5/5

    By Aquaventures
    This is my go-to weather app!
  • Great weather app 5/5

    By Larry 1776
    The data and accuracy are excellent. I could do without some of the environmentalist narrative BS.
  • Was good but...... 2/5

    By Apple scrapple
    Planned a kayak trip and the day before it said 10% chance of rain. Woke up to a monster thunder storm and checked and said 40% chance of rain. Crazy winds when the app said there was only 8 mph. Checked the weather again now it's up to 80% chance of rain. Yeah you should download this if you're trying to be your own weatherman
  • So Close 4/5

    By Not a fake user
    I really like this app. It gives you so much information with such simplicity. Wind speed and directional, precipitation potential, cloud cover, etc with graphic clarity. It just needs ONE MORE THING: a future radar map. I don't get it. Wunderground already has this feature on their Storm app. Just put it all together! Then you can have the 5th star.
  • Waste of Money 1/5

    By Life 360 Fan
    I paid for this app because the free app had the most obnoxious ads I've ever seen. The ads were constantly changing and flashing. I couldn't even concentrate on trying to view the weather, so I went ahead and paid for the ad-free version. But ever since I bought the app I've been unable to sign in and use it because the app doesn't recognize my password. I've clicked the box in order to change my password and immediately a pop up tells me that an email with the code/link/info has been emailed to me so I can change my password, however Weather Underground doesn't send me an email. The email never arrives. Buyer beware.
  • Good app. Needs minor work. 4/5

    By NVDude
    This seems to be the most accurate of all weather apps but only when using the phone app. The watch app is usually behind like many are reporting. I would like to expand the watch complication to include the custom weather alerts I have setup in the main phone app.
  • Doesn't do its' job 1/5

    By Sum1r
    This app used to be the best. It never updates when a new watch or warning comes out. Not with the icon nor when looking at the map.
  • Must have app if you really want to know the weather 5/5

    By christianready
    By crowdsourcing the weather.
  • Good App 4/5

    By Jeff in Carlsbad
    Minor issues, like my station not showing up or with a different name. Otherwise - it's great.
  • Hour by hour forecast 5/5

    By Big Red37
    The hour by hour precipitation forecast is incredibly accurate....Love it!
  • Good Weather App 4/5

    By dqchilidog
    This app works well for me. I like that crowd reporting feature.
  • Works great here in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 5/5

    By kjred4u2
    The best weather app in Mexico.
  • Review 5/5

    By Bruins 25
    Love the app!
  • Uneven 1/5

    By mowmow53
    Used to go to this app everyday. Now I don't because it seems so inaccurate much of the time ( telling me rain will continue when there's not a cloud in the sky & hasn't been raining at all.) Today, & other times too, there's nothing on the app at all. Will look for another.
  • TERRIBLE 2/5

    By Emotoman97
    The sad truth is this is the best weather app I've found. I still has some annoying bugs though. The graph of the precip chance makes no sense. How can it be lower on the graph for 60% than 10%? The blue ribbon that say when rain will start/stop is NEVER right or even close, and it doesn't always follow you as you are traveling. However, the actual forecast is more accurate than other apps, even 7-10 days out.
  • Mike Lenz 5/5

    By Ozie1
    Great app I've been using it since it came out
  • ? 1/5

    By RubenKincaid
    no allergy forecast, says the nearest weather station is 150 miles away... crapola.
  • Good 5/5

    By Admiral Kangas
    Seems to be the only weather app that is accurate.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By CatherineTheGreat37
    Perfect app wonderfully supplemented by Storm which should also be purchased.
  • Terrific app 4/5

    By edaylight
    Great to show differences in weather around an area. I purchased and added a personal weather station to WU and can see what's going on at my house when I'm away.
  • Great update 5/5

    By Drmcconnell
    Accurate and user friendly
  • Reliable detail oriented site 5/5

    By brokefrommusicstore
    Been using this for years. Great for travel plans.
  • Easy to use and accurate! 5/5

    By AstroMet
    Best weather app, period. Graphic of combined temperature trend and % precipitation forecast is the best thing since sliced bread - makes planning for the day(s) ahead easy.
  • SWAG forecasting 2/5

    By Akrenz
    When I see all of the five-star reviews, I have to wonder if I'm looking at the same Weather Underground app that others are looking at. I find that the forecasting, especially several days out, is not very accurate. Maybe that's the nature of the beast and weather really cannot be forecasted with a high degree of accuracy. However in my feeble mind, I look at the weather forecast so I can better plan an upcoming event. All too often, the five day forecast changes on the fourth day, the third day, the second day and even on the day of the event. I've seen a forecast five days out of 70% precipitation and as it gets closer to the day, 90% precipitation, 40% precipitation, 20% precipitation, 70% precipitation 50%, precipitation and then the day in question, it doesn't rain! Precipitation percentages even jump around the day of the forecast. At that point in time, I'm just as accurate looking out the window to see what the weathers doing. On 3/14/17 in the Chicago area, we had a major snowstorm. When snow was the initially predicted approximately five days prior, the accumulation was going to be less than an inch. We finally received 10 inches; it changed hourly. Additionally, my local weather forecast is now for Gary, Illinois. There is no such place as Gary Illinois! I live in Countryside, Illinois but the closest weather station is in LaGrange, Illinois - a half mile away. Update on 4/26/17 at 7:12 PM CDT. I just checked the forecast for my area it indicates that rain will continue with a 100% chance of precipitation. The skies are clear and when I look at the weather map, there's no precipitation indicated. Update on 4/26/17 at 8:17 PM CDT. Forecast still indicates that rain will continue with a 100% chance of precipitation but there's still no rain! This is what I'm talking about when I question the accuracy of Weather Underground and all the 5-star reviews.
  • As a sailor, I love it! 5/5

    By Trent12349
    As a sailor, I look at many sites and apps to see what the conditions are before I head out on the water. The most reliable and dependable has been WeatherUnderground. I trust their info to be updated and accurate which keeps me safe and out of potential harm when I am on the water. When I'm at home I depend on it, too. I love that there is a station just a few houses down from me now, too. What a great network and system!
  • Delete the rest 5/5

    By Loved DK on PC
    This is he only weather app you need. I live in the foothills near some mountains: we have weird weather and no app has ever been this right.
  • Now always with ads 3/5

    By Stegeroarus
    I loved this app, but with the latest update there is no longer a premium ad free version. So now the ad pace takes up more room (especially on a SE size screen). Please bring back an ad free version!
  • Wonderful weather app! 4/5

    By Wall map
    I always appreciate the app for Weather Underground. Not only does it give me the temperature for my individual area, it gives me wind speed and direction, humidity and precipitation, and a future daily temperature forecast for the week. It tells me whether the weather is good for hiking, and I like to read the weather news for the US.
  • Great for U.S. Weather... 2/5

    By Nateified
    The search for international weather falls short. For example, you search for São Paulo & it brings up some small village in Amazonas state. There's no option for São Paulo, the largest city in the Southern Hemisphere...
  • Inaccurate 2/5

    By My-Moxxie
    Shows cloudy when it's raining. Raining when it's cloudy. I often times send crowd report.
  • Smart forecasts are awesome! 5/5

    By Deelow2010
    I use the stargazer one with some mods, as it is often cloudy where I am.
  • Good but stations don't report 4/5

    By Ollie953
    I like the App but many of the weather stations it relies upon are not maintained and do not provide current info. Especially it seems, the ones close to my house/work/events.
  • Great weather app 5/5

    By Curmudgeon-Thats-Me
    I am a weather app junky. I have lots of them on my phone. This is my go-to weather app.
  • Best weather app 5/5

    By Suddzey
    This app is visually informative and accurate. Better than all the other free weather apps that are out there.
  • Weather818312 5/5

    By tboats81
    Great app love the live feed let's master the art of forecasting Mother Nature with☮️☯️😘🌞🌎🙏🌈⚡️🌪💦❄️⛈🌊
  • Was perfect 1/5

    By Avensdesora
    Frequently crashes.
  • Slow and Inaccurate 1/5

    By JW 299
    App tries to offer too much useless nonsense. Should focus more on the weather and not goofy crap.

Weather Underground: Custom Forecast & Local Radar app comments

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