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Wegmans App

The Wegmans app gives you the power to shop smarter with tools that save you time at the store and help you make great meals easy! Shopping Lists: Create and save lists that are organized by aisle based on the items you buy the most. Plus you’ll see an estimated total for the items on your list. You can even share your list with another family member – so everyone can help with the shopping! Shoppers Club: Sign in with an existing Shoppers Club account or sign up for a new account and your key tag will always be with you from within the app. Digital Coupons: Clip digital coupons right from the app to your Shoppers Club account and scan your key tag at checkout to redeem. Recipes: Find, view, review and save your favorite recipes from Wegmans menu magazine right to your own recipe box. And you can even add the ingredients you need to your shopping list. Product scanning: Product scanning allows you to quickly and automatically add on-hand items to your shopping list. Pharmacy Refills: Quick and simple refills – right online! Store Information: View any Wegmans store hours, phone numbers and department hours. Plus, get driving directions based on your location. Receipts: Be sure to scan your Shoppers Club key tag at checkout and view your receipts right in the app.


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Wegmans app reviews

  • Painfully slow... 3/5

    By Abby21447
    Please, please stop asking me if I want to change my store every time I open the app. I just want to access my card at the checkout!!
  • Can't log in! 1/5

    By Lm5590
    I have my shoppers club card in front of me. I entered the number and my last name, but it says my account cannot be found. It makes no sense because I know my information is correct! I was told at a store that I need to make a purchase to activate my card first, which I did several weeks ago.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Aly26474
    I love this app so much! Besides loving wegmans the app is the real reason I shop there because it makes my least favorite chore faster and more tolerable! I love that I can look up what I am buying before hand and see if they have it and what it looks like. I do wish on the produce they would maybe display the plu so it would be easy for me to tag all the produce at once instead of running back and forth because I can’t remember al of them. I know you can look it up on the scale but that is sometimes hard to find
  • Use this app daily 5/5

    By Jabrah
    Love the app. Would really love the option of collaborating on shopping list with another user.
  • Fantastic App! 5/5

    By OMGnj
    I love this app - it’s packed with helpful information and convenient content (like a store map and even copies of receipts for past purchases)... very easy to make a shopping list before you go - especially useful if you’re trying to stick to a budget, as you can also estimate how much you will spend at checkout. If you shop Wegmans regularly, download this app and take some time getting familiar with all that it has to offer!
  • Constantly resetting password 2/5

    By logres0
    This is a great app when you can get logged in. For some reason I have had to reset the password over and over again. It seems to work but then when I get to the store I am unable to login because it keeps telling me my password is invalid.
  • Can't sign up 1/5

    By Annoyed&Deadly
    I have a wegmans card and the information I type in is correct yet it keeps giving me an error. Can't use it if I can't even sign up...
  • Terrible...... 1/5

    By Agolder29
    Had the same problem as SweetNC. Downloaded and tried to connect my club number. App told me it was not found. Then I tried to just make a new account and says my email address is already in the system. Well.... yeah I have the card but the app doesn't recognize the club number. How is this possible? How can a top rated company have such a bad app now a days..Disappointing
  • Can't renew a prescription because screen redraw cuts off order button 1/5

    By nonlnyr
    I'm on iOS 11 so perhaps this problem is new. But it seems that, in the prescription reorder dialog, the screen only draws on the left and you can only access the clear entry and add another prescription buttons, and not the actual order entry button. Also, much of the text on the right is cut off. I'm afraid this isn't the first critical bug I've faced with this app. You all need a bit more beta testing before releasing your updates.
  • I like this app! 3/5

    By Thatgirlvit
    I really like this app. It makes it so convenient to not have to go back-and-forth through aisles trying to look for product. The only reason I gave it three stars is because I feel that the correct price of a product should show when it's in pounds. I thought I was saving on a product but really I was paying more than other stores change. Other than that I love the app.
  • Would Be Great 2/5

    By GrannyDar
    Keeps crashing. Also there should be a Main "My Products” list where you can select what you are going to shop for to put in "Shopping List”. Plus of this app is arranging what goes in ''List'' to aisle numbers of your store.
  • ...for right now! 1/5

    By SweetNWC
    Soooo....I downloaded the app, entered my Shoppers Club number carefully & correctly to create an account ...and got an error message each time that said a match to my could not be found!! WHAT'S UP WITH THAT??😳 Fix it, or face what every developer dreads: The Uninstall!!😠
  • Great app 5/5

    By bamitsbritt123
    Very helpful, could find everything easily
  • I love it... Update 👎🏼 1/5

    By Sandylh1976
    I just love this app that lets me put coupons in my card, make shopping lists and categorizes them by aisle and even lets you know how much you will b spending. A+ app. Update: 9/14/17 Used to love this app now it's useless after last update. Fix it so we can enjoy it again or I'll just uninstall. Can't log in, won't save my lists, won't add items to my lists etc. like I said useless.
  • One major glitch 4/5

    By Moofa
    From time to time, and not sure what I do to trigger it, my shopping list will either disappear or lose upwards of half the items. They come back later after a few manual refreshes but it is inconvenient. Otherwise no issues.
  • What happened to this app? 2/5

    By Scribe62
    This used to be my go-to app for shopping at Wegmans and even if I just wanted to create a shopping list. Now when I try to add an item like butter, for example, I get suggestions like buttered popcorn, shea butter body wash, etc. Do I get regular edible butter, no! And this is just one example. What gives?
  • It Erased my Shopping List! 1/5

    By HeatherMG
    I just opened the app this morning to check my shopping list I made last night, and all but one of the items just disappeared off my list! When I tried to search for those items to add them again, I couldn't find them anymore. I use this app mainly for the shopping list, and now I can't use that at all. Please fix this app!
  • Update is a mess 1/5

    By possumus
    After the last update the app is unusable. Cannot search for products and my history is all but gone. Very disappointed.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Brokenblossom
    Won't accept my password- went to reset password and after I entered my email it kept giving a "server error". It's been a month and hasn't been resolved.
  • Will not add shoppers club to wallet 1/5

    By nhburkes
    Will not add shoppers club to wallet. "There was an error when downloading your pass"
  • Demanding drivers license information? 1/5

    By Disocactus ackermanii
    I will never sign up as a customer. They won't let me sign up unless I give them my drivers license information. Even a police officer cannot demand to see your drivers license if you're not operating a motor vehicle. I can understand Wegmans wanting a form of identification so they can track my buying habits but are they afraid I'm going to be speeding through their store or pushing a stolen shopping cart?
  • Network error makes this app unusable 1/5

    By amec251
    I got to "choose a store" and it says network not available! So I can't finish signing up and nothing I did up to that point is saved. I see many others have this issue too. When will it be fixed?!
  • Network error 1/5

    By DaGhost1971
    After 5 tries I still cannot access the app due to network error.
  • Unbelievably, they made a bad app worse 1/5

    By a non-emouse
    And now the aisle number is missing on the grocery list. Also new bug: deleted grocery list reappears and continues to do so when deleted. New update, new fail. Scan an item on the shelf at the store, app says can't find item. Scan a newly purchased item at home, app says can't find item. The web site is just as bad. Store is ok, but their app and website are 18th century. It boggles the mind that they are so inept.
  • Network error 1/5

    By Cline1213
    Can't use the app because there's a problem with network connectivity. This needs to be fixed.
  • Network error 1/5

    By Champagnelil
    Like other reviewers, I get a network error and cannot proceed
  • Can't register 1/5

    By earthday0422
    As with previous reviews, go through entire process using Shoppers Club card and then can't access network to complete the process. So can't use the app.
  • User friendly app 4/5

    By TMFizz
    I really like Wegmans app. It is very user friendly. I love that I can search products and their prices. My only complaint is that the coupons are not for everyday necessities. They are only for the specialized food.
  • app keeps getting better 4/5

    By Smtfish
    This app is actually useful and adds value to the shopping experience. I don't really care for the data collection but I trust the company and appreciate that you share some of that info in a way that helps me. Past history of specific purchases, list of store visits and amounts, coupons, and scannable shoppers club card are useful features.
  • It works fine 5/5

    By Monshing
  • Network error 1/5

    By Marry yourfarts
    On sign up. Can't proceed.
  • Network Error 1/5

    By Nanners2323
    I go through the whole registration process then get a network error so cannot use app. How do I fix this??
  • Unreliable 1/5

    By BurnRN717
    Many times the app shows what aisle something is in, but when you shop for it, the item is in another aisle altogether. Also items that are "not available" actually are available at the stores. I really expected more from this app.
  • 😠Common spices are listed as "not available." Really? 3/5

    By naz13154
    I do not like having to put my password in every time I access the app. Also, it seems that every time I enter the app all my items are bold faced, as versus unhighlighted. I keep the list in unhighlighted status and highlight items as needed. Please fix these two items 😠 I do like the reworking of the items on my list: using two lines for item description instead of one long line giving the whole brand name. Lots of times I had to "swish" the item to find out what it was. An update: could the app not return to the top of the list when I update quantities on items in the middle of the list?
  • Last upgrade not so good 1/5

    By Abcoho
    Old version is invaluable finding items in the store. New update, can't find anything so it just says item isn't carried in the store...I bought something at another store and then found the item in store at a lower price...not good to annoy your customers this way Wegmans!
  • Does have potential 4/5

    By ms-tnt
    Update: I like and use the app especially now since after adding to the cart you can get a idea of how much $$ is in your cart. Suggestion still. It be nice to add a custom price, allow the quantity below 1 (i.e. 1/2) add an item manually according to the price at the store you are in. Ex. Deli meats or fish..you getting 1/2 lb. the cart price will reflect only 1/2. Even the bakery items you could add the quantity and price manually. All Weighable items you could enter the price manually. It's still a pretty good app. I love the store like the app with list, item, price & aisle location. Keep updating to fix bugs. Also, the Created list keeps jumping in and out view.
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Annmarie0128
    Get an error message saying not connected to network
  • Digital Coupons 5/5

    By TEWegmans Groupie
    I wish more coupons were offered, but it's pretty cool--quickly-loading coupons and having those discounts automatically credited at checkout. Love Wegmans!
  • Lists 3/5

    By Mel319
    I honestly love this app and the store .. EXCEPT: why is your shopping list sorting alphabetically, instead of by location?? Alphabetical is useless! It made shopping/locating items so much easier when the app sorted your list by location.... please fix!!!!!
  • Doesn't work 1/5

    By Newuserhappy
    I feel like I gave up on this app a few years back. Re downloaded it hoping for improvement, but still doesn't seem to work.
  • Why password just see store??? 1/5

    By Dralphesq
    I only want this app to locate items in a particular store. What aisle, etc. will I find it, if at all in that store. No way will Wegmans allow that. It requires ID & password. Forget it,Wegmans. A royal PITA. I have scores of PWs, and I am not going to remember one for a supermarket just to find the unflavored popcorn salt. You can track my purchases at checkout. For me, the baggage you have added destroys simple utility. Zero stars if the choice were here.
  • Broken 1/5

    By JDH5902
    Latest update prevents the app from working. Will not access coupons. Tried to re-install the app & no luck. Piece of garbage. 0 Stars for the 13 July update
  • In no way convenient 1/5

    By lycaenid
    Why is this app like Fort Knox? I don't want to sign up or sign in. Even having done so it won't let me get to any features. Could you just make an app that lets me check price and availability at whichever store or stores I select. A grocery list for speeding things up seems like it would be beyond hoping for.
  • Can we add the delivery option to the app? 5/5

    By KillaChap
    This is probably the app I use more than any on my phone and it's awesome!
  • Why should I register just to find something in the store? 2/5

    By Muyserio
    I like your app; however, why should I register to find something in the store? I did it and your app upgrades do not remember previous information!! Please fix it!!
  • Crashes/cannot connect to network 3/5

    By TheJWs
    I love the app to plan my shopping trips - makes everything much quicker. The biggest problem I have is actually being able to use the app without it crashing or without getting an error about connecting to the network when I'm trying to add items to my list. This has been a continued issue, and really needs to be resolved at some point because it negates the convenience of this app.
  • No coupons 1/5

    By Ben_K
    I downloaded this to get coupons. I can't get any coupons. Waste of time.
  • Video 3/5

    By Mac13110
    What happened to the videos of Recipes?
  • Digital Coupons 4/5

    By smitty1843
    Since you're really pushing digital coupons they need to show up on my list. I added a few items to my list to try because you offered a coupon. After I purchased the items I discovered some of the coupons had expired so there was not credit for them on my cash register slip. If there had been a symbol on the list that a coupon was associated with the item and the symbol disappeared when the coupon expired, I could decide if I still wanted to buy it. Don't get me wrong, I still love shopping at Wegman's and the app is generally very good. It just needs improvement to make the user experience better with those digital coupons.
  • Stop making me sign-in every time 1/5

    By fernando_azambuja
    It would be more useful if would ask me to sign-in every time the app updates.

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