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Weight Watchers

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Weight Watchers App

The Weight Watchers Mobile app can help you lead a healthier, more active life. Now with your OnlinePlus or Meetings subscription, you can: • Post pics, share your victories, and get inspired every day on the NEW social experience, Connect! • Track your weight and follow your progress with the newly designed weight tracker • Add your favorite meals to the Recipe Builder • Swipe right to quickly track multiple items from your Favorites, My Foods, and Recently Added • Sync with Apple Health to convert your daily steps into FitPoints Happy tracking!


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Weight Watchers app reviews

  • Un happy 5/5

    By Sweetplum03
    Can't log my item. Being told I am not connected to the Internet. So I have to log onto my laptop to enter my daily meals. It seems like when you changed format every thing seem not to work correctly. Not happy 9-23-17 Love this app. What was I thinking I love love this app now that I know how to use. It is definitely not about the scale but learning how to use your points every day.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Kat1350
    I love this app. It beats writing it down!
  • Great an essential for weight loss in my opinion. 5/5

    By Shnitz2244
    Helps a ton!! I've lost 20 pounds so far An counting thanks guys!!!
  • Best Decision Ever 5/5

    By A Crabtree
    This app does what I've been doing with pen and paper - and so much more. The "connect" support is HUGE. Take the time to try it for a week. You won't be disappointed.
  • Bar code snapping WWer! 5/5

    By Sugar-Lump
    I love the barcode reader. It helps me when grocery shopping so well to get food that fits within my budgeted points. I picked the fresh fruit over canned pears saving 4 point. I chose deli chicken breast getting 3oz for 1 point! I recently rejoined WW and it is not the same program as it was even 4 years ago ! I love the changes and adding the barcode reader is one of the many positive changes.
  • Easy 5/5

    By turtlegirl1
    This app is very easy to use and it helps me stay on track!
  • It works!! 5/5

    By Scuba rider
    This app is so easy to follow and work with. I tried the app about 8 years ago and had to do a lot of research to find food info and to self input most items. Now it is so easy and almost everything is in the database. Thank you for making this process much simpler and easier to manage.
  • Best App for Weight Control 5/5

    By Domino Brown
    I love the WW app. It is simple to use & I love the Restaurants listings. It lets me plan my meal before I get to the restaurant so I can stay within my points. I have lost 15 pounds in 3 months. It's a lifestyle change.
  • IOS 11 issues 5/5

    By Amazaheri
    Great app, only issue is I have to login frequently to app every time I run the app. This is happening after upgrading to iOS11
  • Amazing app... but there is one teeny tiny flaw... 4/5

    By Itsallgood1227
    Ok... this app is actually pretty awesome! I have have been a weight watcher on and off for the last 15 years. It's been about 5 years since I used this app though, and now that I am back on the program, I really think the app is its best version yet. The only reason that I did not give this app 5 stars is because of a mistake that I made in the app this past week. When updating my weight, I mistakenly put in my weight wrong, causing the app the generate "milestone" messages I should not have gotten. When I fixed the weight, the messages stayed. So... now when I legit hit those milestones, I will not get them for real. It's just frustrating that when a small mistake was made, I could not fix it. Kind of annoying. Other than that... really, this app is amazing!!!
  • Love it 5/5

    By deadeyedot
    So easy to track with this new app
  • Awesome app! 5/5

    By Twocufz
    The scanner is soooooo fast! Very happy with this app.
  • App review 4/5

    By Rjane02
    I love the tracking and barcode ability. But when on Connect, we need the ability to scroll back to the top without having keep swiping to get there. Is there a way to get an arrow that would automatically take you back to the beginning?
  • Love this app 5/5

    By Jo Jo Puzzle Girl
    I love love love this app! I believe it would more difficult for me to manually track and calculate points. The scanner is an absolute essential tool I use while food shopping. The ability to create recipes is wonderful as I can adapt my favorite recipes to WW Smart Points friendly meals. The only drawback is the app's. Inability to use the scanner when creating recipes. It would be a welcomed improvement to be able to scan in ingredients to recipes instead of having to search for them. I also beta tested another WW app and found it cumbersome. I did not like it and switched back to the current app within hours. Overall, I am very pleased with the current WW app. Thank you for making my weight loss journey an easier path with this app.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By LoveDonAndGames
    I love this app. It's easy to use.
  • Solid but sometimes slow 4/5

    By chombajr
    The app works great for all my tracking - but the search feature can be very slow.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Jninemiller
    Works awesome and so easy to track points
  • Not free 4/5

    By 5andra52
    You must subscribe to Weight Watchers to use this app. The app itself is helpful once you subscribe ($200+) but it needs vitamin and water tracking.
  • New Weight Watcher App 5/5

    By Az Lil
    It has made life and tracking so much easier! Also love the restaurant look up!
  • Ww app 5/5

    By kbyan
    So very helpful. Makes staying with program so much easier
  • Ease of journaling 5/5

    By ruthlweldon
    Earlier in WW history journalism was really a pain! Now we are able to track our intake either by using the bar code scanner or by the search function to get the information necessary to complete our daily tracking...Thank you to your IT and programmers for lighting our load! Ruth W, Lakewood,CA
  • Makes tracking easy 5/5

    By Toppcat66
    I love this app. It's convenient and the scanner is the best feature on this. Food not found on the app can be added easily. Another great feature is the recipe builder in which your favorite recipes can be converted into point values per serving.
  • Easy to use 5/5

    By Charleewest
    The app makes working the program so easy.
  • Love This App! 5/5

    By Vicster Lee
    I use this app daily to track my points. When shopping, I use it to calculate points of foods I'm considering for purchase. I love that I can enter a recipe and calculate points for various size servings. I used the app to compute points for my great-grandmother's cookie recipe! I love being able to create foods/recipes/meals. Makes it easy to track items like favorite sandwich combinations without having to look up each ingredient separately.
  • Easiest tracking 5/5

    By Drawsflowers
    This app is the greatest tool for tracking on my WW journey. When I use various devices it keeps my points instantly updated. Being able to save favorite meals and foods makes the tracking even easier.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By FB10000
    So easy to use!
  • My quick results shocked me 5/5

    By mscott40
    I've always struggled with my weight. This is the first system that showed real results and guided me in a way that I've always needed. I can still eat what I want, but I'm also encouraged to try alternative, healthy meals with similar delicious tastes. The recipes are awesome, and I find myself creating my own! And the connect feature keeps me going. Seeing other people's success inspires me to not give up. And there are lots of times that I want give up. It's a constant reminder that I'm not alone in this.
  • Success is in the tracking 5/5

    By OldWaveWriter
    I enjoy using the app to track my daily points. And I'm able to create recipes in the app and determine the points. The app makes clear the surprising number of points in foods I would normally have eaten without giving it a thought.
  • I Love it but...... 3/5

    By Shortcakes47
    I love the convenience of this App. Lately, however, it has not been functioning properly. It says "it isn't you, it is us. " Although I appreciate knowing it isn't my equipment, it is irritating. I have even tried uninstalling and then reinstalling, but that has not solved the problems. When it is working, I love it.
  • Amazing 5/5

    By wgtwtchr1
    I love this app and everything you can do with it!
  • Easy Peasy! 5/5

    By Fondue52
    Easy to track food intact, weight lose, and activity!! Wonderful recipes on this App as well!
  • Great Tracking Points would like nutrition tracking too 4/5

    By D&K_R
    Good job but how about nutrition tracking.
  • Easy tracking 5/5

    By CCP83
    Love it!
  • Traveling large and living light! Love tracking and seeing the pounds fall off! 5/5

    By His design
    Seeing results!
  • Could be better... 4/5

    By LisaBeeCee
    This app is essential to my success with WW & I have enjoyed it immensely. I’ve been using every version of it since its inception for years. However I’m super frustrated with the social media platform Connect. Oprah can’t we do better? No way to add sound or video makes it comparable to a 4-year-ago version of Instagram! No way to see who comments on our posts without looking at the scrolling list of comments, and every time I try to respond to a member it brings me back to the beginning of my comments feed & I have to scroll all the way down to where I was before I answered a comment on my feed. If I try to see all the responses to a popular post I have to either go to my actual post or try to pull down the list of comments and again, if I click on the response it will bring me back to the beginning of my feed every time. Not user friendly. Please work on Connect, it’s the best part of the app. Also if there was a way to share our personal recipes with our followers by linking the trackers that would be ideal.
  • App tastic! 5/5

    By Pbweawecw
    This app is great for tracking!!
  • A wonderful asset 5/5

    By Kll2u
    This app has been a wonderful help in my journey back to WW goal weight. I have been a Lifetime WW member for over eleven years, so I have seen many changes. I lost 80 pounds using the paper trackers. It was doable but so time consuming. The WW app is now a valuable tool that I can't do without. When they first introduced it, it was pretty awful. Now it is great! And, I'm sure that they will continue to fine tune it. Good job, WW tech team!
  • Makes tracking points super easy! 5/5

    By Ange6900
    I am so pleased with this app! So much easier to look up and keep track of your points than the old school method of a book, pen and paper! Nice job Ww!
  • Fun to Use! 5/5

    By JenneyJ
    The app is great and helps me stay mindful throughout the day of my eating and activity goals.
  • Keep on Tracking 5/5

    By Espinas5
    Love the how easy it is to use. It keeps me accountable for whatI eat and tracks my progress. Scanner is awesome!!
  • Love it!! 5/5

    By Ladykick73
    The app works great!
  • The app is helpful 4/5

    By Andi805
    I am enjoying the App. Anything that makes the journey easier is a good thing. What I don't like is I can only use it at home on wifi. I can't enter my meals when I am out.
  • "See more" is slowing me down 3/5

    By Jgifford
    I often scroll on if I hit see more from someones post and it doesn't pop right up. It's frustrating!
  • Great! 4/5

    By Lindsosh
    Don't like how I have to continually login. There are days that I have to login every time. Needs to update and save my info. Other than that, it's great.
  • Easy to Use, and it Works! 5/5

    By Bwelk608
    I've really seen results using Weight Watchers. I've lost 30 pounds by regularly tracking. What I like about the app in particular is that it doesn't make you feel immediately bad for going over your points for a day. You get weekly cheat points baked into your weight loss plan, and the app nurtures that feeling of staying positive. I prefer this to MyFitnessPal or Livestrong.
  • Very well made app 5/5

    By Sid Phyllis
    Easy to Navigate, great search options, easy meal saving, great tracking of points, even synced with my Fitbit app to help keep track of activity. The start up is a little annoying at first with the tutorials and walking you through features you might not need but after that it's great.
  • Super App 5/5

    By Carol in Corona
    Can't believe how many different foods and recipes are listed. The bar code feature is awesome when you are shopping. I switched to using the app and am glad I did.
  • Love it 5/5

    By thelovingchoice
    Super easy to use. Better than using desktop or other apps.
  • Great App 5/5

    By JonnR22
    Really easy to use and when used faithfully can really assist the user in losing weight. In 7 months lost 54 lbs and never really had any issues!
  • Love 5/5

    By PamG51
    Love love love this app

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