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Weight Watchers App

With our easy-to-use Weight Watchers app, you’ll always have access to the amazing features we offer including thousands of delicious recipes, tools to help monitor and meet your weight-loss goals, and the support you need each step of the way. With your Weight Watchers subscription, you can: • Post pics or videos sharing your victories, and get your daily dose of inspiration and positivity on our exclusive social community, Connect • Discover recipes, browse restaurants, and see how many days you were in the Healthy Eating Zone on our updated My Day screen • Easily track your weight and earn badges for your progress • Swipe right to quickly track multiple items from Search, Frequents, and My Foods • Sync with Apple Health to convert your daily steps into FitPoints, our measurement for activity Download the app today so you can start focusing on what truly matters—enjoying satisfying, delicious food and living the life you love!


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Weight Watchers app reviews

  • WW app 5/5

    By BobbilouRh
    The app is easy to use. This makes tracking easy & at your fingertips. No more paper & pencil, losing the tracts or remembering to write it down. Portion sizes are easy to adult. There are lots of foods in the list to choose & the bar scanner makes finding the points on an item a snap. Wonderful upgrade! It would be nice to have the bar scanner available when creating a recipe.
  • Not working 1/5

    By Josie Cassens
    Flat out does not work on my iPhone X
  • Would get a 5 but can’t save recipes 4/5

    By judge diva
    Really helpful but try as I might, I cannot get app to allow me to save my recipes.
  • Love the new weight watchers 5/5

    By vivapr
    It’s easy to use and follow happy with my weight loss and I never feel that I am on a diet plenty of food and restaurants choices and best of all fresh vegetables and plenty of fruits with no points 👍
  • WW review 5/5

    By Naptural Goddess
    WW is great! The app is my life line! Just love it.
  • Weekly points. 4/5

    By jeankf
    If point values are too high when I put food in I just do not eat it. I was shocked to see how many points s are in some foods. However if I do not tack a day I'm not sure how to handle the weekly points.
  • Love It 5/5

    By colin.lovett
    Just Love It!
  • Update your ww site to included.... 4/5

    By countrygirl6966
    I would like to see how much protein, carbs and fats I am eating —also sodium!
  • Water 5/5

    By rmbarker314
    Need way to track water intake please
  • Deceitful app 1/5

    By KyKy1980
    Lately this app has been very deceitful. When you scan the bar code for an item and the information is coming up and it is cutting the nutritional information in half based on the portion size. For example let’s say the nutritional information for an item says that 1/2 a cup of that item is 90 calories, when it’s scanned WW says that it’s 45 calories for a 1/2 cup. NO! The label says it’s 90 calories for a 1/2 cup of that item. And even when you try to manually enter the info into the points calculator it will do the same thing. Weight Watchers is LYING to their clients. This needs to stop! This hasn’t been an issue until lately and I’m begging to start to question the motives behind it. I may just delete this app permanently because of this deception.
  • Great except hard to find your favorites 4/5

    By Zsuzsi99
    Makes tracking food easy, and the recipes are great. Really like the filtering by dietary preferences. I would have given it five stars except there seems to be no obvious way to find your favorites from the phone app. It’s easier from the iPad or non-mobile version.
  • So easy to stay focused 5/5

    By utherjorge
    I loved that I can track food immediately and search recipes in a snap. I also use it frequently while I’m grocery shopping so that I can stay on the plan. It connects me to others embracing this lifestyle change and as cheesy as it may seem, I love the little badges whenever you accomplish something for the first time.
  • Love 5/5

    By glynnsbride
    I love this app. My favorite thing is the barcode. I use it everyday and love it making choices at the grocer store.
  • Convenient and accountable! 5/5

    By Lillie cake
    LOVE the scanner! Restaurants and recipes at your fingertips! Love seeing your progress!!
  • Can’t create custom food 3/5

    By Kunoichi Katana
    I find the page and enter all the requirements. It gets stuck on serving size and will not let me progress to naming it. I was attempting 1/3 cups then tried 30grams. Neither worked even after restarting app. I have an iPhone 7.
  • Weight 5/5

    By angiemiah
    I’m learning a lot it is helping me I sure love ww
  • HORRIBLE - search results lacking and no barcode for recipe ingredients 1/5

    By Cutter957
    The search results are horrible and I'm paying for this program. I can search the exact name of product and NOTHING even close to what I'm looking to track. No barcode then I'm out of luck to track the correct item, which could make a big difference. My other option is to search everything online to find the UPC and add by the number.....so much time wasted! Adding a recipe - simple right? NOT! No barcode scan option. I have every ingredient in front of me but I have to search and hope I find the correct item. Please please please update with better search tool. I'm regretting my 6 month commitment due to this app (only on 2nd week). This app wastes so much of my time!
  • Recent updates on App 2/5

    By Grac62
    I personally do not like the recent changes to the app. Weight Watchers decreased my daily points daily since the new Freestyle Program. Much happier before the changes.
  • Scanner 5/5

    By blueyedhippie50
    The only thing I’m having trouble with is the scanner. It’s very light and distorted and has a hard time focusing in on the scan.
  • Please add Water Tracking! 4/5

    By andreaisbell
    Love the app and especially Connect. Can you please add a water tracking section?!
  • New program 5/5

    By Carlaandjim
    Love this diet this time. I find it a lot easier than past weight watcher programs.
  • Happy and ready to meet Oprah 😎 4/5

    By Blingwhat
    The app is very useful and in my opinion beneficial to success in the Wright loss journey. I find that not everyone that has a smart phone uses the app so I think that part of the process should include training for using it! A little more monitoring of the connect site to keep it on the positive would also be nice. All in all I am happy and successful! I would love to meet Oprah!!! 😎
  • Helpful app 4/5

    By Momeye
    I’m on my second week of WW and I have found this app to be very helpful. However, one thing I don’t like about it is that when you try to look up a food/dish value for a specific restaurant, it is difficult to find the food you are looking for quickly. The listing should have some logical order such as alphabetical or by groups (sandwiches, soups, salads, condiments, etc.). Best of all would be to arrange them by point value, lowest first. After all, that’s what we are looking for, isn’t it? That should be an easy tweak for the app developer to make.
  • Nutrition info 4/5

    By Mimi z
    I only wish that we could track our daily nutritional intake totals
  • Nutritional Info is WAY off. 3/5

    By Elebama
    Yes; WW has a points system so folks don’t have to track all the details, but for several weeks the additional nutritional information provided via the app (phone and iPad) has been crazy wrong. The info provided via computer is accurate. I contacted customer service online and on the phone weeks ago, and waited patiently to allow time for the issue to be sorted, but that hasn’t happened. For instance; 3 oz chicken breast grilled, skinless, boneless is accurately listed as having 0 points, but the app says 426 calories, 9.2 fat, 2.6 sat fat, and 80 grams of protein. I don’t think so!
  • Food searches 3/5

    By Ronnie1260
    Need better search options for food. Searched Oprah and just the chicken cane up?
  • Love This App 5/5

    By WYhealthybird
    Being able to track online has made this program so much easier. This is a real Win Win for me!!
  • Weight Watchers app 5/5

    By Izzleclaus
    It’s great being able to access food points, restaurant food and your daily progress! Love it!
  • I’m going to do this!😜 5/5

    By im losing it😜
    I love the new WW just wish you would give us more meal plans. I’m lazy I guess but-get bored with the same thing a lot. The idea of eating a fruit or veggie is awesome when I’m hungry and don’t want to blow my points. I’ve lost 16.2 pounds in this first month. I’m gonna DO this😜
  • Feel good 5/5

    By Lady Dean
    Keeps me on track with my food in take.
  • Stuck on search screen, can’t use app 1/5

    By RcvryGalDale
    I’d post screenshots here if I could... when loading the app, the search feature is highlighted and the rest of the interface is disabled. Though I can search for food and track an item that is available through the search result, I can’t ever get to the default view of the app. Initially the rest of the interface is disabled, however after searching it is gone completely.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By onewhoknowsbest
    Love my WW app. It's always with me and helps keep me honest and literally on-track. I also wish it gave us yellow dots for days that we track, even if we go over our points allowance.
  • Lost 77 bls 5/5

    By Fit4fun50
    I love how you easy the app is to use. It’s amazing to see the difference between some items you think would be the same.
  • WW App 5/5

    By Sisterdred
    I love the app! It’s so easy to stay on track and count my points. I really enjoy being able to create different recipes to keep my menu from getting stale.
  • Great guidance 5/5

    By Pondo7
    The only improvement I’d suggest is more specifics on items. Points for a cookie seem skewed like way low as compared to other foods.
  • Love Connect 5/5

    By PenBai
    I really have enjoyed the barcodes, they are so helpful!!
  • Oh so easy 5/5

    By WW Happy PamH
    This so beats writing your foods and points down. Click and go!
  • Living by the dot! 5/5

    By Missy head 1975
    Love the blue dot. It’s a quick check I’m doing the right thing. Love the rollover points & how it’s done for me. I wake up with a nice surprise, I have 4 more points today! Love WW, Love the accountability, & Freestyle makes tracking that much easier.
  • Lifetimer 4/5

    By D N Ga
    Let be the convince of this app but wish it had more Restuarnt items on it that had higher points EX: Dairy Queen small ice cream cone Also wish it had meats like Rib Eye Steak that I would grill at home not just what I would eat at a restaurant! I know it sounds like I’m contradicting myself but those are two things I couldn’t find yesterday !!!
  • This is giving me rage 1/5

    By JennyLou79
    I open my app to scan something first thing in the morning BEFORE I have anything to track and it WILL NOT let me get to any part of the app without tracking a food I’ve eaten today. Well, I HAVEN’T eaten yet because I want to freaking scan something first!! So stupid!!! Why???!!! Stop forcing me to track to utilize the app!
  • Love it!! Add water amounts 5/5

    By CJ in sunny Florida
    Still a few vegetable items that haven’t transitioned to “free” but otherwise I LOVE this app! It’s fun! Simple! SUGGESTION: add # of WATER glasses per day.
  • Love the app! EASY to use! 5/5

    By AliScho
    Great program. Really makes you think about your food choices. Effective program for losing and keeping off the weight.
  • Love the app 5/5

    By Bigtimedave34
    The points help me so much! When I’m hungry, I just check my points and if I don’t have enough it helps me say NO to cravings because I don’t want to go over my points!
  • Need more restaurants added 4/5

    By Noushigc
    Just signed up for WW online. It’s helpful and encouraging. I just wish they had more foods listed from more restaurants. It would help too if there were points for ethnic foods listed.
  • Mostly love the app ...but... 3/5

    By wire bender
    After a typo in entering my weight it gave all my reward msgs at once (hit 100 vs. 200). Unfortunately, deleting & correcting the typo did not reset the msg awards. Now the only msgs I get are for tracking & blue dots, none for lbs. or % lost anymore. The rewards really helped me & I miss them...needed them for encouragement. The app really helps me to track & I love that part! Also wish that all listed foods would have all options of measurement types (ie: some only have oz., or cups, or even just “servings”). Not sure if either of these are fixable, but would REALLY LOVE a typo reset that doesn’t clear out your WI history!!
  • Grandma 5/5

    By WW walker
    Great app it's awesome to see my fit points ! Still loving using the app! Great motivator! Keeps me accountable !
  • Took a while 5/5

    By SW Florida Grandma
    I am not as tech savvy as I would like to be so was a little skeptical about relying on this app for my tracking and information. However, NOW that I am used to it and comfortable with it, I find myself on the site a lot of the time during the day. It is helpful, informative and a great resource. And relatively easy to use. One happy svelt and getting svelter woman!
  • Best weight loss program ever!!! 5/5

    By Lori S in Cary, NC
    I have tried so many programs in the past, but this program is the only one that works and continues to be as successful as it is. I LOVE the app and the ease, in which you enter your daily food track. The Fitbit and Apple sync is genius. Way to go WW. Keep bringing it.
  • Great app 5/5

    By Dixiecup58
    I love this app. It has made my diet a lot easier. It’s great
  • Jane 5/5

    By New fish
    Love, love, love this app and the new program! Down 10 pounds without feeling like I am on a “diet”! This app tracks, teaches, connects members: LOVE IT!!!

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