Werble - The Photo Animator

Werble - The Photo Animator

  • Category: Photo & Video
  • Release Date:
  • Current Version: 1.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • Developer: Horsie in the Hedge LLP
  • Compatibility: Android
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Werble - The Photo Animator App

Transform your photos into spectacular and captivating looping animations that will command attention wherever they are posted! Fun and fast, Werble will help your social media posts stand out from the crowd. Werble lets you quickly blend powerful art and special effects with your photos, then share with friends or to your social networks! Save time and surprise yourself by tapping the dice button to randomize the look, or fine-tune the result with simple tools! Personalizing your loop library is part of the fun: choose only what you like and blend different loops together to see your creative potential explode! - Stand out from the crowd on social media - Post your creations to all social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter etc) - Creates animated Facebook profile pictures - Creates both animated GIFs and videos - Fun, fast and easy to use - Powerful creative possibilities - Surprise yourself: randomize the look until you love it - Streamlined tools to edit manually if you wish - Customize your library from a vast range of loops - Regularly updated with new loops and features - Post with #werble and you might get featured in our feed


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Werble - The Photo Animator app reviews

  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Yana.osa91
    Can’t wait portrait size for pictures and mask tool. + Also, I think it would be awesome to make filter “running clouds” “shining sunset” “shooting starts” for summer sky or something like that :) not only bad weather, lol. Thank you
  • Changed Review... 5/5

    By Boogie like
    UPDATE It didn’t charge on ANY that say “Get” So not sure what others are talking about. So far great app!! So it said the “Get” ones are free. Yet I had to allow it to be installed and then stated my purchase was good. My card can take days to pull anything through ITunes so I’m not sure if I paid for it or not. Can you confirm it was indeed free. I did the weather one which was first on list.
  • Fees 3/5

    By Superboy526
    App works well but you have to pay for every individual set up which gets pricey also they conveniently don’t put the price as you pick them up in the app which suggests you are not being charged.
  • Wow! Great app! 5/5

    By SB Pizza lover
    ❤️❤️❤️ this app! The free version has plenty of great stuff to get you hooked & then you just gotta purchase it cuz there’s so much more fun stuff to use. Easy to use, fun, & helps a person be more creative with their photos. Would highly recommend it! 😁😁👍🏻👍🏻
  • Best app I've purchased all year! 5/5

    By rovross
    Outstanding app that is user friendly! Apply effects to your paintings in minutes that transform your picture and give it life. I highly recommend purchasing👍 Also, great customer support!
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Rolamoe
    I love it
  • Unclear if I’m being charged. 1/5

    By AmandineFranceB
    The app seems cool, but I accidentally think I purchased a few things, at what cost, I don’t know since it is not listed. In the category called “Free”, when I select a filter, I get a pop up asking me to confirm my purchase with Touch ID..... if it’s “Free”, why am I confirming a purchase. I took a screen shot with the “Free” category asking me to confirm my purchase and buy taking that screenshot (to try an submit here as part of my review), it confirmed my purchase. I think I’m just gonna delete this App because it seems to have in-App purchases for every “Free” filter. Very misleading.
  • One of the few apps i can honestly say is in a class of its own 5/5

    By Dayday104
    Amazing effect.... hoping for more effects and customizable effects as far as words... FINGERS CROSSED I would say if you are able to find away to make these easy edits to video it will 10x better than it already is now. Also if you could customize Texts. I use an app called VideoStar its great you should take a look at the comparisons. But you guys have great affects that can be used in so many ways
  • Purchase what 3/5

    By Hester420
    If there all free why does it say purchase on my iPhone when I click to download one
  • Love this app! 5/5

    By thebranddr
    Loving this app! Cannot wait for more filters to come out!!
  • Why wait? 5/5

    By OpinionOfMine
    Seriously, anyone can take fun ‘photos’,... but, with Werble, the fun continues,... adding all sorts of animated overlays & enhancements with an easy user interface. And, new features on the way?... you guessed it, the fun continues to continue.
  • A Designers Dream 5/5

    By SethManning
    This is hands down the BEST photo editing app on the App Store and they still have a few major updates to release, imagine that, the best app will only get better and I cannot wait. I have not had more fun designing in years, Werble allows my imagination to run wild, and when I hit a road block, I write to Werble and they are happy to listen and help out even. Best App, Best Company and Best Customer Service. Period.
  • Professional Quality and Speed 5/5

    By Brad3D
    Werble is fantastic. It’s like having after effects and an asset library with me at all times.
  • How many times I have to pay? 2/5

    By Cultos6
    I pay $3.99 yesterday for the tap to remove Werble, and today is asking me to reinstall and pay again $3.99? My question is I have to pay every day $3.99 to tap to remove the werble from my videos? Help me out here!
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By kshowell
    I love this app so much. I just wish that it had more sparkling effects. I love it because they do not charge you a arm and leg for the effects and it has no watermark. Please add more effects soon. I would be happy tp purchase them. Also it would be great if we could add text. Keep up the great work you guys
  • I never review apps, but seriously good one 5/5

    By Tampadaddy
    Great job on this app. Really fun and user friendly. Thank you.
  • Unable to Download Packs 1/5

    By EddieValiant
    I’m unable to download any packs. I have enough space and have a great connection, but no luck.
  • Feature Request 5/5

    By Billy bob jilly job
    First off, let me just say, WOW! This app is amazing. I love everything about it, literally everything. (Yes developers, EVERYTHING) However, I would really like to see a one feature in the future. Masking. I would like a masking feature which allows you to erase or “mask” parts of the effect. I would like this so I could for instance, make an effect be playing behind a certain object or person.
  • Deceptive!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD! 1/5

    By Obe1kenobe
    I downloaded this app and it said to click on the “free” packs to edit my photos, I clicked on one of the3 free packs, ( I made sure that it said “get” and not purchase) it downloaded a few “weather” filters, I checked my account, they’ve charged me $1.99 REALLY???? THIS IS JUST ONE SHADY APP... If I don’t get a refund, I will report it to Apple, $1.99 is not much, but to be sneaky and say it’s free then you charge for it, is just plain and simple robbery....
  • My gifs aren’t working??? 3/5

    By WiccanBeauty
    They were working fine for a few days and now they won’t work. They work in my camera roll, but any gif made from werble that I try to post or send stays static and will not move. Other gifs seem to still work when posted or sent if not made by werble. Seriously frustrating.
  • Would feel better if... 5/5

    By HdnGy
    I love the app and the great things you can add to a simple, boring picture. I enjoy having to use this app for amazing my friends and family members the pictures of places we go but would love to use this for drawn animated gifs that I make. So I tried drawing something then allowed it to have a movement that is descent at the end, when I finished to process the animation each time, there would always be a black background. It would be great if there is a option to turn the animated pictures transparent. If there is, I would like to apologize for the great mistake for being somewhat new to this app.
  • Needs masking 3/5

    By It's Gehrke
    I love the idea, but it’s not perfect just yet. I want to add raining to a picture, but not over the whole thing. I want to be able to make it look like it’s raining on the outside of a window, like behind the image. I only want it in that one area, not the whole thing.
  • Sizes 2/5

    By U3dme
    When I save a meme the bottom text does not stay at he bottom it moves it up too far towards the center.
  • In Love 5/5

    By ItsARandomUser
    Amazing app I’m completely pleased to have found this app and hope this will grow in popularity and will be consistent with its current state. I was very surprised with all the free features available to us! And the features that costed understandably prices were very worth it. Very happy I found this app and wish much success for the developers
  • By far my favorite app ever! 5/5

    By Rosi Ro
    **UPDATE** Although I love this app so much I really look forward to the new update that includes features such as using different sized photos, masking, etc. I check this page often to see when the new update is coming out. :) I use this app every day. It's addictive and perfect! I'm hoping more cool options will be added soon.
  • Awesome and Fun!!! 5/5

    By MuzikMan7
    This is one of the best apps I’ve downloaded ever!!! The only thing I’d like to see is an edit to where you can select parts of an image and bring it to the front and and add an effect in the background. Also want to ask if there’ll be a “Neon Alphabet” in the future?
  • Works 3/5

    By Operator001010
    Pretty good
  • 😡 1/5

    By Altavoz Grup
    annoying with this app that even if you have not made update of the software of Apple if you do not update it does not let you use it, and I can not use it when I want ... 😡
  • Lost purchase 3/5

    By FeedMeApps
    Good app but when I rebooted my phone and reinstalled the app, the watermark was back when I already purchased it to be taken off
  • Landscape would make it 5⭐️ 4/5

    By Jfal212001
    Love the app, it really is well done and a lot of fun to play with. My ONLY wish is that it didn’t confine you to a square photo. Would be great to add a landscape option since IG now supports that.
  • Enjoyable 5/5

    By Jin Raven
    Please add delete to this application ang reshape the items to make it better. Thanks
  • WERBLE 5/5

    By Donnie72364
    This is the best app I have ever used. Please keep adding new items....
  • Great App for Getting Creative!!! 4/5

    By Trainer Z
    Great app with lots of wonderful features for one to get creative but I must say I was a bit surprised and disappointed that other size ratios were not currently supported, especially 16:9/landscape ratio. I am eagerly awaiting the future update which the developers have stated that this feature as well as some other cool features will be added, then I will be using the app a lot more and changing my rating from 4 STAR to 5 STAR...
  • Rad!! 5/5

    By DaWill76
    I first started out messing around with this tool about a year ago I think and I thought it was great. Recently, I started using it a little more and I’m like totally hooked. The one thing I’d love to see added to this is the ability to use transparent png photos with the option of multiple photo layers. Excellent app!
  • Holy Crap. 5/5

    By Regular person guy
    Honestly this is a god level app. It’s is absurdly simple to create professional style videos and gifs with this brilliantly designed, simple, intricate, and easy to use app. It has the feel of a $20 app, easy. I don’t hardly ever spend money on apps but this absolutely deserves the couple bucks it asks for. Even though there is a huge selection of designs and effects available for free, this gorgeous app is worth it. One question I have is, is it possible to add the effects in different shapes? Cause so far all I managed to find was a square shape that affects the whole pictured which is cool, but not always what Im looking for.
  • Who wants just a square? User interface is very busy and confusing. I paid 3.99 2/5

    By SkiSunFun
    Still waiting for LANDSCAPE mode so I can use in Twitter and insert into iMovie without it looking so obviously out of place. User interface needs to be cleaned up. It looks like a hurricane hit a 1980’s video arcade. Some fun layers though-hoping for more!
  • Great App!! 5/5

    By Nita909
    I have used and tried many photo apps but this one is the best hands-down and the customer service reps are great. I don’t know why others have had issues with purchases, downloading etc. I seen the prices upfront and I didn’t hesitate to pay for what I wanted. I have my own music page and soooo many people want to know what this app is called that I use. It is so great and I have no issues and if I have a question the customer service reps answer right away and are more then willing to help out. I can’t wait for more themes to come out. I get anxious to try the new ones 🙌🏼 ☺️
  • Good app with some updates could be great. 5/5

    By MasterHadu
    Needs 1 locking individual layers to prevent accidental changes. 2 Ability to increase transparency on parts of effects to get rid of the box edge. 3 Ability to Turn off effects not in use to keep performance from dropping.
  • Excellence 5/5

    By Rbschaffner
    Absolutely love this app best I’ve ever found for making custom gifs just wish had ability to do text at same time and animations on the text
  • Oops!!!! 5/5

    By Ertr
    So I get this awesome looking new app for my phone.. I open it to start playing around and wth do I see???? A merry Christmas tribute to one of the worst days in our Nations history Really???? The Twin Towers burning in a snow globe saying Merry Christmas. I am now on the hunt to shut you people down! I am so angry. I’m sharing pics with every Vet and First responder in the Nation. Ok, so my buddy just told me it’s a scene from Die Hard! 😬😬😬 5 stars!!! Apologies
  • Tons of fun 5/5

    By Dutch 1571
    Great app, but it would be nice if you could make the video last a little longer.
  • Please bring back 3/5

    By los4vws
    I love this app but now when you want to save it. It will give a list of the apps that you can share it too. But it doesn’t show you how long they will be. Now they are all 6 seconds. Please bring back that option. I want my videos to be 30 seconds. I would love to give it a 5 star rating. Which it was to me but now for 6 seconds that’s not long enough for a video
  • Doesn’t work 5/5

    By Jm2612
    It says you can make a moving profile pic, but it just wants to post it on my Instagram or my story Edit: thank you for responding I will sure do😀
  • So impressed! 5/5

    By BlueDressSaturday
    I’ve been having a blast making fan edits with this app! I’d love to see the ability to use multiple library images/photos as well as an eraser tool, please! 😃
  • Absolute inspiration 5/5

    By Keywiz
    I’m blown away by the power of this app. So much great content between the built in effects and the IAP’s. I’ll spend many hours designing pictures and having a great time with this. Please add a masking tool and in the future the ability to use video as well!!
  • Loving it 5/5

    By Camcorders
    Great app
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By SeanA.H.0321
    Awesome App!! I’ve Made So Many Short Creative Clips!! I Recommend 👍👏😊💯
  • Amazing! 5/5

    By Michael Universe
    Love the app.
  • Awesome! 5/5

    By Crystalface
    This app is awesome! Makes my photos come to life without much effort ✨ Update: So my issue was magically resolved after I 1) Uninstalled/reinstalled the app and 2) Restored my purchases. All my photos seemed to be loading from my iOS library 🙌🏼
  • Very Buggy 2/5

    By LeapingHare
    I purchased the logo removal for 4.99. Worked okay at first but had to re-install app because the free art I was installing was locked in an endless loop. This is a brand new iphone 7plus with plenty of memory so it shouldn’t have been a problem. Would like this fixed or my money back. Will update review based on your response.

Werble - The Photo Animator app comments


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