WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

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  • Current Version: 1.35.4
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: WGT
  • Compatibility: Android
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WGT Golf Game by Topgolf App

The #1 free 3D golf game, by TOPGOLF Media, as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and Fox Sports. Featuring new Stroke Play on the Front 9 of Pebble Beach; Plus Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay and St Andrews from the PGA Tour. This sports game is a full game simulation built with the best GPS and 3D technology. World Golf Tour players can use their existing web accounts and virtual golf equipment. Requires a fast internet connection. Does not support iPad 1, iPhone 3 or iPod Touch 4. Recent Reviews... * "Great game! Unreal graphics! It's as close to playing prestigious courses as you'll ever get." - 5 stars - Ricky Vaults * "This app is a ton of fun and very much like a real golf experience... in every mental way as well as course management and club selection." - 5 stars - Miranda 33 * "Super experience with family and friends" - 5 stars - Wil9015 WGT Golf Mobile includes... * Golf Courses – over a dozen championship golf courses, including: Pebble Beach (2010 USGA US Open), Chambers Bay (2015 USGA U.S. Open) Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Bethpage Black (2009 USGA U.S. Open), Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Congressional (2011 USGA US Open), Harbour Town (PGA RBC Heritage), Kiawah (2012 PGA Championship), Merion (2013 USGA US Open), Olympic Club (2012 USGA U.S. Open), Pinehurst (2014 USGA US Open), St Andrews (2015 British Open), and Valhalla (2014 PGA Championship) * Golf Simulation – swing, drive, chip and putt using different golf shots from different lies on the tee, fairway, rough, bunkers and greens in this realistic 3d golf simulation * Game Formats - full 18-hole stroke play with putting and 9-hole closest-to-the hole golf game formats * Head-to-Head Multiplayer Mode - play real-time stroke play golf games, invite friends to play, chat live, and learn how to play * Introducing Topgolf multiplayer game mode, compete with up to six players featuring unique scoring system that awards points for hitting targets in the outfield * Country Club - join a private country club, play in private club tournaments, and earn club rewards * Golf Tournaments - special tournaments with prizes including the WGT Virtual Tour on Golf Channel and paid Ready-Go tournaments * Golf Equipment - upgraded virtual golf clubs and golf balls from Callaway, Cobra, Ping, TaylorMade and other top sports equipment manufacturers * Golf Accessories – popular options like Putter Pal, Shot Pal, XP Boost, Level-Up Boost, Hole-in-One challenges and more * Replays - share your best golf shots with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email via Everyplay * Support - Supports iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4, 5 and 6 or later, and iPod Touch 5 or later. Does not support iPad 1, iPhone 3 or iPod Touch 4.


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WGT Golf Game by Topgolf app reviews

  • This site 5/5

    By hotsauce826
    Great game. I’ve become an addict!
  • Glitches 1/5

    By One day at a time Todd
    Twice now that I was frozen out of a game and too often it is when I am using my sponsored time and I lose out!!!
  • Visually great, functionally average, expensive 3/5

    By Golfmon
    I rarely write reviews but this game is so frustrating. Visually spectacular, but want controls and shots are inconsistent unless you spend money. In app purchases are ridiculously expensive given the target audience. Incredibly dumb ads for either violent shooting games or kid like candy crush games. Could be an awesome game but run like an app targeted for 10 year olds.
  • Not Impressed 1/5

    By Woobstr112G
    The game is way too busy. There are too many things that make the app seem to cluttered. One other thing is why are most of the wind speeds always so high?
  • ShawnR1313 5/5

    By Light man alive
    Really enjoy playing this game. Only thing I don’t like is every time you play somebody from Britain when They are doing bad they forfeit. Would like it if you could pick what countries you want to play and don’t wanna play.
  • The Wind! 3/5

    By Ahenderson8842
    I am veteran of golf games on PC. I consistently win against Top Pros here, and I do really like the game a lot. Quite a few people here have mentioned how expensive the game can get, and I completely agree. But I think my main problem with the game is the amount of rounds I play that have wind between 20-30mph. It’s just absurd. 7 our of my last 10 have had wind between these amount. 2 were in the 10-20 range. I’ve had 1 game where the wind was below 10mph. That just seems very unrealistic to me.
  • Fun Time Killer 5/5

    By Newbie2iP5
    Great way to take a stress break. Great graphics!
  • Smh 1/5

    By Clymax_Ep3
    Idk how this app has a 4.5 stars... But the power meter is sooooo off it’s not funny. To “own” not rent clubs you need to spend real money. Fix the power meter I’ll raise my star.
  • can’t advance to game 1/5

    By Charlie force
    In gets stuck when in “zoom in” mode, cannot click out of it, consequently can’t play any games!!!
  • Greeeeedy programmers 1/5

    By ninth1der
    1) Can't get any upgrades without cash ($USD, not game cash). 2) Latest update locks out any progress until you PAY for the "free" rewards.
  • Beautiful game but costly 3/5

    By RandofGA
    Another nickel and dime application geared toward making you spend money. If you want any distance of the tee or otherwise, you must pay or play endlessly to gain equipment. Get used to hitting the ball under 250 unless you want to spend money or copious amounts of time trying to gain coin.
  • Tired of buying balls 5/5

    By Ravens house
    It helps your game if you upgrade the balls you play, but then you have to keep buying them and they don't last long enough. It was fun but I'm done.
  • Not a golfer 5/5

    By Devotionals
    I'm not a golfer but I enjoy the realistic play. I could actually start playing golf after playing this for a while. What a great feeling to hit a tee shot or sink a long putt.
  • Used to be Fun... 2/5

    By E Z E
    Once you get good, they've got you. Expensive to be competitive. I am a level 91 tour master and I am Not sure why a guy who is level 96, but is somehow still a tour pro gets to play off of tees 15 to 40 yards ahead of me with the same, if not better equipment on most of the course and half of the tournaments. They also have the lower ranked players set up for success ( 3-4 foot gimmes, putts that miss by a good inch magically drop.) and the better players have to be meticulous. The power meter is also terribly inconsistent and I have solid 5G internet. I am too invested to quit now, but if I run out of coins, I am gone!
  • The Money Pit 3/5

    By Old One-Eyed Shark
    Great game. Eventually, costs more than it’s worth.
  • TioPapiTioToo 1/5

    By Tio Ran
    The WGT PLUS is NOT worth the money at all ! Haven’t noticed ANY help on the xp increase At All. $100 for seems like nothing!! I feel they should refund that money.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Christmas Adam
    Was given a good word for this game after being frustrated by the glitches in golf clash. I abandoned the other game once playing WGT. Great HD quality and quick learning curve. I enjoy the real feel to the shot selection.
  • Love It!!!! 4/5

    By Bluff City1
    Outstanding game. I can play for hours!!
  • EXCELLENT!! 5/5

    By Tbrito4
    Love this game so realistic better than any golf game I've downloaded app in the App Store.
  • DA70 3/5

    By D-70
    The game is starting to lose it’s luster with all of the updates that seem to make it worse. Sometimes you can take a great thing and just F’it up......
  • Review 4/5

    By birdiechris
    Agree fully with oct 9 post too many problems when players take the entire allotted time seem to hit a lot of miraculous shots kinda suspect a
  • Great. 5/5

    By MarkV915
    WGT Golf is a great game. It's simply the very best. Tons of entertainment and excitement too.
  • Player 2/5

    By Flaace
    I love the game, but it ha a serious flaw. Your scores are used to advance you in skill levels, but when you are scoring well it allows the other player to forfeit thus eliminating their bad game and your good one. This is a blatant cheat. If you put up one bad score it will hold you back forever and almost impossible to improve when players forfeit your good games. I was playing one 9 hole match and was 3 under when the opponent had a very bad 8th hole. He forfeited so his bad round and my good one were never reflected. He was rewarded and I was punished. Get it right WTG. Allow a forfeit, but with consequences. Second time commenting on forfeits because they are escalating at a fast rate…I complained to WGT and they gave me a bland and harsh reply that forfeiters were punished with higher entry fees…… bs…no player I’ve asked knows of this happening and wouldn’t care cause credits are plenty and that’s all they used for… half my games end with someone forfeiting to me… Other than this cheating flaw the game is great and I love it Update on forfeits: so frustrating when it continues to allow forfeits without dire penalties. In my last 50 games I was forfeited to 23 times. I won’t even play beyond 3 hole matches because my time is wasted when opponents forfeit on the last hole to save their record and thus nullify your effort as you don’t get recognition for the win. You get the coins but they only good for entry fees. FRUSTRATED
  • Nope 1/5

    By Riclando
    This is not a game of skill. Your abilities are determined by the gear you buy in app. You must purchase improved equipment in order to compete on a level playing field with other players. Expensive, unless you don't mind losing all the time.
  • Very realistic virtual golf 5/5

    By EmtGreen
    This is the best online golf game I’ve come across. I can spend hours playing tournaments or with friends. You can play people all over the world. The equipment is pricey but so is real golf. The top of the line golf balls cost $8 dollars for 3 and each ball last 3-18 hole rounds. So $8 for over 100 holes of golf is not bad. The top tier clubs can cost up to $50 but you can be competitive with the cheaper set ups. A player in my club shoots in the mid 50’s with the starter set. As far as the stray shots people talk about- it happens in real golf too. I’ve hit what I thought was a great shot only to end up short in a bunker. So yes it can be expensive and you will lose some balls but it’s no different than playing in real life. It’s as close to playing on the course as you can get. You can change your clothes, shoes, hair style, color of your hair, and play friends from anywhere in the world. Great game.
  • Rigged 1/5

    By Floyal Rush
    I’ve been playing for more than a year now. Graphics are really good but I’ll echo other comments on the money drain. If you want to be competitive, be prepared to break out the wallet. But most aggravating part is the game is rigged. I realize that might sound like sour grapes but I’ve seen other reviews that share my perspective. Case in point...last two days I’ve played several rounds with less accomplished players and I took a beating. I’m a level 89 Tour Master w/a 66.82 stroke avg. just played a level 40 w/a 150 avg. St. Andrews...22-30 mph winds. I played decently & parred all 3 holes. 150 guy hits into a 212yd par 3 w/22 mph cross wind and drops ball 2 feet from pin. Then hits a 245 yd approach on a par 5 two yds from pin. Right. He doesn’t even HAVE a 245 yd club. He birdie 2 of 3 holes on difficult course under incredibly difficult winds & tournament speed greens. I guess it could have been his career round but I’m not buying it. Then I get ads enticing me to spend more money on new clubs...as if that’ll help me beat Mr. 150. I don’t mind losing when I play poorly or a relatively even opponent plays better. But I’m not losing to a guy 40 levels below me when I play well. I spent a bunch on this game...bought the upgrade clubs, putter, irons. Stupid me. I’m deleting this game and cautioning all I know to avoid like the plague.
  • Extremely Realistic! 5/5

    By SteveSimi
    The online competition is great! Being able to play in Match play with a golfer who could be from anywhere in the world is awesome. After finding the right equipment and getting used to the right way to release, you can hit shots like the pros.
  • WGT Golf 4/5

    By Sandy Cass
    Most realistic graphics of any golf app, but not consistent as far as controls go. Sometimes wind and lie affect shot and other times they don’t. Disappointing
  • Great App 5/5

    By PhilJr64
    The app is fun and challenging. Awesome graphics! This is by far the best golf out that I have ever played. It can get expensive if you purchase some of the items nevertheless I gave it five stars because it is so much fun.
  • Robux 5/5

    By Spitts519
    I’m just here to get robux, that’s all :3
  • Pretty cool 4/5

    By Iureis
    Enjoy this app for the most part. Realistic action and sharp course details. Sometimes not totally consistent with sand or rough shots but overall plays really well. Have had only a few problems with weirdo players saying and offering inappropriate things during a match but sometimes it’s comical really. Or sad. Haha. Plays relatively fast if your opponent is paying attention otherwise sometimes it’s like an actual round waiting forever for shots. Overall I like it a lot.
  • BS 1/5

    By hair1223
    I accidently hit log out and everything gone. Game is not-very realistic to actual golf. If u dont use the club givin u it ends up in a bad shot no matter how good u hit it. Hitting out of rough is such bs. Took it off my phone its as bad as golf clash.
  • E.Soto 4/5

    By NuYurRican
    I’ve had this game for awhile now. I must say, hands down the best looking and playing sim golf game out. Although, it has its flaws. It seems to be “set” on making the game owners a lot of money with the “upgrades” one needs to purchase just be become competitive. Then, the game sets you up to lose. I can take losing to another player at my skill level but, losing just so I would buy more gear just to have the game throw me a “slice”. Fix this and be happy that you’ve made the best game not the best cash cow. Really, haven’t you any sense of morals???
  • Oh my 5/5

    By Marco45190
    Love it
  • Iron joke 2/5

    By scubaphil66
    Realistic picture yes, realistic golf not even close. Power up clubs, what the hell is that. Clubs either drive or they don't. And irons are pathetic in the rough, you have to stroke a minimum of 2 just to get out where as in realistic golf it's one stroke and of course paying to play better uh ? Give 2 stars for picture
  • Not even worth free... 1/5

    By Phriend whith whords
  • It looked good but waiting time is too long 1/5

    By Trillmike
    Took way too long to wait for a shot. Also, let me align my putt the exact way literally every golf game lets me.
  • Great game 5/5

    By Just me 300
    Fun, filled with great courses and plenty of players.
  • Great Game 5/5

    A great game for competitive individuals or for just a relaxing time. So many different formats to choose from. Maybe they should organize a 4 man scramble format as well So much enjoy the messaging
  • Great game if you invest 5/5

    By Vnauduri
    Great game. Love . Best mobile golf game ever. But certainly needs some investment if you want to excel and do more.
  • Keeps me warm in the winter 5/5

    By TuddyD12
    This game absolutely keeps the golf juices flowing in a New York Winter. As realistic a game you can get
  • Best Virtual Game 5/5

    By FreeRiderXL
    By dar the best virtual golf game I have ever played.

    By Rob_Stutler
    GREEDY DEVELOPERS,GREEDY DEVELOPERS,GREEDY DEVELOPERS. Someone once said a fool and his money are soon parted. I’m no fool and refuse to pay the ridiculous prices for virtual FAKE equipment. Developers should be ashamed but they’re not because the world is filled with fools. I could play 18 holes of REAL golf once a month for a year at my local courses for the price you greedy developers charge for one set of FAKE clubs. Obviously you never read the game reviews because nearly all complain about your in app prices. Read the reviews that you keep asking for and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.
  • Boomerok57 1/5

    By bigdogmax57
    Worst bogus game you will ever play. Never get feed back on bs crap you may encounter. Make no mistake winner of each game has been chosen before you tee off so it would seem. All they want is money for everything. I would look for another game and not waste your time or frustration on this crap.
  • Game stopped working today 4/5

    By Dodgertron
    Game comes up Pick the room goes to ad Ad zero’s out and game doesn’t come up
  • Need better service 5/5

    By Nepalidai
    I love the app and realistic view. I would love to see the equipments available for lesser price or option to get it for free with points or coins
  • Too bad 1/5

    By shonkwife
    The game itself is realistic and well done. It's unfortunate that they want you to spend so much money on it. And frankly that would be enough, but literally, every SINGLE game I played I was getting propositioned by some lonely dude that lives in his mom's basement. It's not worth it. Find something else to play.
  • Fun app 4/5

    By Super_player54391
    This is a good app to play when you have some time on your hands.
  • Inappropriate “gummies” 3/5

    By wesref
    Too many gimmies given at about the same distance to one player and not the other just because the player receiving the gift has a lower ranking.
  • Best 5/5

    By Crush89hockey
    Best golf game ever

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