WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

WGT Golf Game by Topgolf

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  • Current Version: 1.37.0
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • Developer: WGT
  • Compatibility: Android
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WGT Golf Game by Topgolf App

The #1 free 3D golf game, by TOPGOLF Media, as seen on NBC Sports, Golf Channel, DIRECTV and Fox Sports. Featuring new Stroke Play on the Front 9 of Pebble Beach; Plus Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Bandon Dunes, Chambers Bay and St Andrews from the PGA Tour. This sports game is a full game simulation built with the best GPS and 3D technology. World Golf Tour players can use their existing web accounts and virtual golf equipment. Requires a fast internet connection. Does not support iPad 1, iPhone 3 or iPod Touch 4. Recent Reviews... * "Great game! Unreal graphics! It's as close to playing prestigious courses as you'll ever get." - 5 stars - Ricky Vaults * "This app is a ton of fun and very much like a real golf experience... in every mental way as well as course management and club selection." - 5 stars - Miranda 33 * "Super experience with family and friends" - 5 stars - Wil9015 WGT Golf Mobile includes... * Golf Courses – over a dozen championship golf courses, including: Pebble Beach (2010 USGA US Open), Chambers Bay (2015 USGA U.S. Open) Bandon Dunes (Golf Digest #1 rated resort), Bethpage Black (2009 USGA U.S. Open), Celtic Manor (2010 Ryder Cup), Congressional (2011 USGA US Open), Harbour Town (PGA RBC Heritage), Kiawah (2012 PGA Championship), Merion (2013 USGA US Open), Olympic Club (2012 USGA U.S. Open), Pinehurst (2014 USGA US Open), St Andrews (2015 British Open), and Valhalla (2014 PGA Championship) * Golf Simulation – swing, drive, chip and putt using different golf shots from different lies on the tee, fairway, rough, bunkers and greens in this realistic 3d golf simulation * Game Formats - full 18-hole stroke play with putting and 9-hole closest-to-the hole golf game formats * Head-to-Head Multiplayer Mode - play real-time stroke play golf games, invite friends to play, chat live, and learn how to play * Introducing Topgolf multiplayer game mode, compete with up to six players featuring unique scoring system that awards points for hitting targets in the outfield * Country Club - join a private country club, play in private club tournaments, and earn club rewards * Golf Tournaments - special tournaments with prizes including the WGT Virtual Tour on Golf Channel and paid Ready-Go tournaments * Golf Equipment - upgraded virtual golf clubs and golf balls from Callaway, Cobra, Ping, TaylorMade and other top sports equipment manufacturers * Golf Accessories – popular options like Putter Pal, Shot Pal, XP Boost, Level-Up Boost, Hole-in-One challenges and more * Replays - share your best golf shots with friends via Facebook, Twitter or email via Everyplay * Support - Supports iPad 2 or later, iPhone 4, 5 and 6 or later, and iPod Touch 5 or later. Does not support iPad 1, iPhone 3 or iPod Touch 4.


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WGT Golf Game by Topgolf app reviews

  • Game 5/5

    By Richard Chadd
    The best golf game since tiger woods
  • Not cool 2/5

    By RCA27
    Hey WGT, I love that I can meet ppl from everywhere BUT I just was playing a game with someone from the area I grew up in and got disqualified because I was trying to have a conversation......... how about you f***ing fix that so I can enjoy meeting and having conversations with other ppl. Kinda messed up don’t ya think?? I’m sure you get enough money that a leisure game can be made possible
  • Good, almost great! 4/5

    By M3End
    I echo comments about the expensive balls and equipment. The pricey golf clubs (irons especially) are less consistent distance wise. Also, some slightly offline hits are punished severely by distance or line. My complaints are relatively minor, as this game has provided me with a golf fix until I can get outside and play!
  • Fun Game 1/5

    By Blue Statesman
    I love this game but they rip you off. The further you get the better clubs you need. You can purchase credits in order to buy the clubs, or there are ways to earn free credits. Many can continually watch videos and get clubs at no cost. For me the videos continuously mess up and even when I watch them they don’t give me credit. When I emailed, they put off the issue on Fyber instead of fixing the problem. They just want their money... so though it’s fun for a while... eventually they will rip you off. They didn’t fix other issues I had originally either. Good luck folks. Beyond that... the game seems rigged at times. Sometimes you can’t miss a shot and others it is like you have never played the game. The system is set to help them get money, not continue in the fun.
  • Can’t play much unless... 2/5

    By Daveturton
    ...you sign up and give them your personal information. They try to make you buy in-app purchases constantly. Excessive ads. Just put a price on the game and be done with it. Game play is great beyond that other crap though. I’ll just be deleting the app but I felt like people should really know what they are downloading.
  • Great graphics but...... 2/5

    By Slappy Madison
    This game has great graphics but on an iPad mini. It freezes....ALOT! It's not just mine, my friends are all saying the same thing. You start off with clubs that barely get you down the fairway and the only way to upgrade is by winning tournaments or buying clubs from the pro shop. First off, ya can't win tourneys with the clubs you are given so there's that, second, the clubs prices in the pro shop are about what you'd pay for actual clubs. Why would anyone pay that kind of dough for virtual clubs.....seriously. Oh yeah, there's a ball spin option that when you do go to use it......surprise....it doesn't spin your ball.mIve overshot my ball because I thought it would spin back after using backspin...but it doesn't. Again the graphics are great but the developers need to work on EVERYTHING else...I'm done.
  • Love it 5/5

    By aimnkim69
    This game is awesome.
  • Fun game 4/5

    By cdwoolsox
    Really good graphics, conditions. But Pro shop has very little you can buy with coins, you need tokens for almost all items.
  • Fun and realistic 4/5

    By Yoopergirl33
    Just started playing it. Seems to be easy to learn how to play. Nice graphics. I’ve enjoyed playing it!
  • Well done! 5/5

    By The flying Serb
    Very realistic.
  • Great graphics 2/5

    By Jet Pilot Guy
    Expensive game in order to “earn” good equipment. A bit inconsistent in game play. They cut off any texts if the other player leaves a message at the conclusion of the round.
  • WGT 1/5

    By DE Duffer
    Fun game but inconsistent and getting slower all the time. Wait between shots is worst then on Billy Casper muni courses. They need to upgrade their equipment to handle the amount of play they receive. They don't tell you how fast greens are until you are on them make first hole green shot a gamble. They say if you spend money ads go way but you still wait for your opponent to watch ads. The higher the level the worse it gets, meters skip, draws fade, the wind levels and speed are inconsistent hole to hole. They fill the game with so much BS you spend half the time waiting for game to load. They keep saying they are working to make it better but it keeps declining.
  • Game has too many outside thing other than golf 3/5

    By sloone12
    Winner equipment is ok. The team concept is a waste of time, and the overall experience is not worth playing all the time. Just to many distractions.
  • Good for golf fans 4/5

    By Schlott96
    I really enjoy this game. I am not good at golf in real life, so I appreciate that this is so realistic to make me feel good lol. It is kinda pricey for balls and such, but for the most part you can get around it
  • Poorly executed 1/5

    By JaynVA
    I had to uninstall this game as it’s too inconsistent and can’t stand having to see the insulting language kids like to put. They really need to change their chat system to something pre-typed saying like some other games. I got tired of playing some online games because of the young kids that like to log in and test how vulgar they can be. This is one of those games.
  • Was an outstanding game until..... 1/5

    By Redzone_L1C4_ATL
    This was an outstanding game until they got “pretty” with it. It was the only true mobile golf simulator that actually made sense. Not sure what ball effects have to do with golf but I guess I’m just boring....lol. I’ll just mute the sound so I won’t be annoyed. Still a good game though. Updated!! 2/15/18 Reduced to 1 star, no longer enjoyable to play. With the new apparel, guys with maxed out stats get the most benefit. I guess if you the money to spend on a mobile app then by all means , go for it. Sorry but I’d rather spend money somewhere else.
  • Bad servers 1/5

    By Alej1980
    Games stop and freeze in the middle of rounds. Get pop up that reads “Server error” and I loose my XP and coins. SMH.
  • TIN CUP FU¢K UP! 1/5

    By RoseOlson
    Whenever it is a close match, very often the game will close stating I lost because I forfeited!! What in actual fu¢k?!!! The stupid game keeps saying I forfeited when I haven't. It's usually just before I am about to win!! Then, it just pops up with YOU LOST THE GAME BECAUSE YOU FORFEITED. No, WGT, you are a glitching POS liar. I am not quitting my games. Please fix this and give me some credits as it happens WAY TOO OFTEN. Until then, I will never purchase another thing ... just in case it thinks I forfeited premium clubs. Please fix this glitch.
  • Great Game 5/5

    By Mark48103
    I cannot play the real game of golf very well. But this game really lets me enjoy the strategies and play of the game. Very realistic!
  • Worse By The Day 2/5

    By C-Dis
    You guys need to get these bugs that pop-up at the most suspicious times at the end of a tournament or when I have a sponsor box activated. And please tell me how a level 81 player with starter clubs always finds a way to beat me. Yet his profile stats are comical. All numbers end in zero and they have less than 5 ROUNDS completed... This is a hard game and I have enjoyed and supported this app... I am no longer dropping a dime on this app until it's stable.... -OneTimePlaya; Level 62; Tour Pro; 76.21 avg
  • Once great..now junk 1/5

    By Gamecockdad
    Greed has destroyed what was once my favorite game.
  • Best Golf Simulation 5/5

    By Sapps04
    This is the best golf simulator since Tiger Woods!
  • Complete money grab 1/5

    By Sampson0420
    Ridiculous pricing, phishing surveys, promos that don’t work. Complete scam.
  • Overall fun 3/5

    By angryplayers
    The one issue I have is allowing 45 seconds for your opponent to hit and if they exceed that they get a warning and then another 45 seconds. Takes forever to get through one hole. It should be 30 seconds and if you don’t hit your charged a shot. I do like the fact the game is not lost in ads.
  • Bugged 3/5

    By M. Askew
    I hit the ball at max. And it went 5 yds. Please fix.
  • Complete Bull$h!t 2/5

    By BRob76
    This games has great graphics which they probably obtained, however it it very inconsistent and is a money trap, very disappointing considering it punishes a person with a high golf IQ, do not expect to compete unless you want to spend money, very unrealistic expectations... if you think you know where and how to hit think again... you should not have to guess on power, knock downs, chips etc do nor react as expected at all, and if you want spin you have to buy it, Complete B$... Just Sad…………. 😞
  • Games physics are terrible 1/5

    By Mr. Thunder Pants
    Game play is mind numbingly slow. Impossible to be consistent, not even remotely. Don’t waste your data/time.
  • So fun BUT GLICHES UP 2/5

    By Krista1990
    FORFEITS ME FROM GAMES!! ***please update*****
  • Good game! 5/5

    By HottyToddyLand
    Fun and challenging game!
  • Great game 5/5

    By whirls151
    Best golf game out there. Wish you could play solo.
  • Great gAme 5/5

    By cant count
    GreAt game
  • Pay to win 1/5

    By midnightlaz
    Like most apps you have to pay to win. They will glitch your game if you don’t pay $$$$.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By bledsoe2000
    Remedy for cold winters
  • Good, good, good game 5/5

    By rrCarson
    This is a really nice game. I love the practice vs match options. The practice lets you get the hang of the finer elements.
  • Best golf game. Addictive!! 5/5

    By Freshchops
    I’m 3 days in and hooked. The graphics are unbelievable and the shooting is the most refined and realistic as they can be. It’s a perfect iPad (mini) game! I’ve read some of the neg. reviews and can’t see the justification other than likely rage gripes after a poor round of play.
  • Golf? 5/5

    By Tsuki56-yahoo
    I’m better in real life. This game is hot.
  • Love it 5/5

    By SpikeNY
    Fun to play!
  • Real action 5/5

    By Bubba!!!!!
    It’s great!
  • I did not enjoy this game of See Other Side 1/5

    By IggyVonnSnugglesworthJr
    App is broken, in continuous Black Mirror style loop, requiring an update via App Store, and only having Open as a selection option and not Update. Fix this please. My Friday night is now in shambles.
  • Warning! This game is hugely addictive 5/5

    By Bauma Shaw
    Love playing this game. It actually inspired me to become a real golfer. So fun and challenging with the stats tracking and superb graphics.
  • Great 5/5

    By Michaeljedmonds
    Best game on internet!!!!
  • Pretty realistic 4/5

    By Aztoboy
    Fun game that gives you more control over your game making for a more realistic game.
  • adds 5/5

    By Pat (down wid da ads)
    It’s a awesome game in really good to play with friends but the ads are absolutely ridiculous every gameSO MUCHHHHH
  • Pop pop 1/5

    By pynee's
    Just played a 73 rated golfer. Checked out his stats and he has hardly played at all with very little rounds, pars, birdies, etc and playing with WGT starter clubs. How does this happen? I’m 74 rated and took me months with 1000’s of rounds and he is shooting like he’s played this game for a long time. Too many issues that seem very fishy with these games and I’m done with WGT.
  • Great so far 5/5

    By TigerJr86
    Still learning it but like the functionality
  • Overall fun 4/5

    By Dgbthree
    Decent graphics and enjoyable
  • Not consistent 3/5

    By Topherquinn
    I’ve been playing this game for a long time and have dumped a bunch of money into. Extremely inconsistent, 120 yard shot with 29mph in your face . Choose club at 120 and it goes 130. Even spending money on upgrades you can’t figure it out. Done playing and wasting my money!
  • Cool63 5/5

    By ^Edna103178
    WGT is a cool golf game to play. I like it and enjoyed playing
  • A thinker's game 5/5

    By shanghai-34
    Great game to play. It actually helps me when I go out on the real course. It makes me think a lot more before I take the shot. I imagine seeing lines on the green as well. The only bad part about it is when I lose a match.
  • Ready to be ripped off? 1/5

    By intotv
    Want a game that is over priced, constantly deleting your profile and run by a bunch of prima-donnas? Top Golf promises to provide an exasperating experience! DONT WASTE YOUR TIME with this f%&#@‘d up app!

WGT Golf Game by Topgolf app comments


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