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what3words App

Use 3 word addresses to: - Find your way to anywhere in the world, even where street addresses don’t exist - Get deliveries to a specific entrance - Tell your friends precisely where your picnic is - Always find your tent (and your friends) at festivals - Tell your taxi exactly where you want to go - Plan and share your off-roading or hiking waypoints - Tell emergency services exactly where to find you - Know exactly where you parked your car what3words is a really simple way to talk about any location. It has divided the world into a grid of 3m x 3m squares and assigned each one a unique 3 word address. 3 word addresses are easy to remember and the simplest way to communicate a location with voice or text. Key App Features: - World map with what3words grid overlay - Search for 3 word addresses or street addresses - Satellite and map view - Compass mode - Works offline, without a data connection - Compatible with navigation apps including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Navmii, and Citymapper - AutoSuggest feature prevents mistakes - 22 languages


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  • Interesting. Interesting. Interesting. 4/5

    By Ezdra
    Interesting. But when I use voice to type address on keyboard. It inserts extra spaces after dot. It's hard to remove them each time. Bad. Bad. Bad. Can you trim spaces and extra dots automatically? Thanks
  • Interesting 3/5

    By N2tech
    How does the app deal with words that sound alike and or spelled the same? New knew wind windy.
  • Creative, Innovative, & Amazing 5/5

    By Goodjosie
    This app is amazing! I can find any 3x3 Meyer square in the world and allow others to find it as well. It's easy to use and is even fun to see the addresses of places you frequent. Overall, I love it so much.
  • Additional feature? 4/5

    By Abode v2
    Amazing idea, I love using the app. But I don’t have an easy of storing and remembering all the names and places I want. Can you add manageable lists or a place to store and save all my favorite locations? I need this, Thank you, Good luck with app!
  • Amaaaaaaazing 5/5

    By Manea Al mansoori
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Thompson Hill
    This is truly revolutionary. I suspect over time it will become the standard for how to navigate from one place to the next. I am fascinated by the whole concept.
  • Feels so good to join the x% that don’t have an address 5/5

    By chafifas
    Having a domicile -an address, was part of the establishment, but honestly...how could we feel good about that when 60%* of the world don’t have a domicile. Is it just poverty that groups us, couldn’t be education -as I am bilingual, healthy -thanks God, at 70 and wanting to be useful to the world. Wa have left, shaken off the communications grid as even the internet is wireless (celular) now. Pretty soon electricity via super capacitors, solar and wind sourcing it will voids of all those wires, but where are we..... enter what3words! Hip, hip, hurray!!
  • satellite view vs standard view 4/5

    By rem736
    it appears that for some squares, the standard view differs from the satellite view by one square.
  • GPS Error 3/5

    By too late to 'pologize
    Considering the poor resolution of a phone's GPS and given other reviews here, how can we expect the app to choose the right 3m square when such info is drifting unreliably?
  • Good, but don’t like the idea of someone decide 3Words for my address 4/5

    By dnans
    I match this with Internet DNS , Great easy to remember. But I want to decide my address 3Words. Some auto assign words like danger not ok to me. Next, other language support is crucial though. Take this review in good way , no hot feeling
  • Amazing but suggestion 5/5

    By toofy16
    Hope you as soon as possible connect this great app in most of the famous websites and delivery companies around the whole word. This will give a great success for this creative app. Thanks!
  • Like the 3.0 update 4/5

    By m2kw6s
    Appreciate the smoother UI. One complaint on compass mode: the compass needle being the direction pointer is strange. I suggest using a different kind of pointer. Also suggest making the degree readings a darker/more visible font color would be great too. Simply displaying the degree heading somewhere (in a larger font) would be great.
  • What3words Technology Uses 5/5

    By Slim Pkns
    Incredible innovation! Can you not see how useful this ?3Ws technology could be for other industries??? Think about it!
  • Login Difficulties 1/5

    By KF Lagos
    Why is the app rejecting email login with error messages? I have never logged into this app before now!!
  • Perfect 5/5

    By classical guitar chump
    Getting more and more of my friends to use it!
  • A promising reality (just three words) 5/5

    By CarlosCuellar
    As a global health professional, I can imagine a lot of uses to relief and prevent human suffering. I highly appreciate your ingenuity.
  • Use to be goodish 1/5

    By ItsFrownedUpon
    Got your response but obvious you didn't actually read me comment. Below, I realize the three words are random, you discontinued the best part of purchasing a word also ignored my refund request. So I stand by my use to be good and now add thanks for the canned response. Apps gone downhill and they got rid of the purchasing of a custom word. Seems more a gimmick now.
  • Game changing GPS system 4/5

    By Gritztastic
    The concept behind this app is brilliant- 3 words for any location on earth. So precise that a full size sedan has two distinct 3 word addresses. What this app needs though is built-in access to the camera so that users can take a picture, and get the 3 word location embedded in an overlay. Both for sharing and for reference. Another feature I would like is built in locati n sharing as a message 'app' (like the emoji and gif apps that you can access through the iOS message system). Also, if anyone is looking for a topo/ hiking gps app with w3w integration, check out pocket earth.
  • Very useful 4/5

    By Braillercd
    I'm starting to use the app more and more. The accuracy is quite amazing.
  • Fantastic app 5/5

    By iShrink
    Really easy app to use to find any address and get directions to any place on earth using just 3 Words in W3W!! Amazing and very innovative. The easy to remember address of the future to any point in earth!!
  • Awesome мундаг 5/5

    By Greetings from Mongolia
    Awesome idea! Good luck!
  • Directions 2/5

    By Space299
    When it comes to directions, it gives you the option to use either apple map or google map... isn't it awkward. So what the use of this if I have to use google map for directions every time I need to go somewhere...!. 👎🏻
  • An interesting idea 4/5

    By Debi9
    Mapping every terrestrial location by 3 English words, does seem to offer machine learning a "dictionary of places" to cross reference with human activity in those places. This has lots of potentially ill effects as well as good ones. Will machines recognize their Place of Birth? Will they mourn the passing of other machines? Or people who touch them?
  • Useful 5/5

    By Jjjjok
    This is a really cool app
  • Simply AMAZING! 5/5

    By LDimanS
    This app is what I needed for backpacking and hiking in the wild! Coordinating meeting points and planning your trips just got super easy! Thank you!
  • Good idea but App needs some work... 3/5

    By drt_byk
    I like the technical implementation of the addressing but the App needs to up its game a bit. A simple thing like supporting Landscape mode would be nice.
  • Dada-esque 5/5

    By KatWalk65
    Creative location place names and accurate GPS-what more could a girl ask for? Love this app. For the reviews saying it "use to be" better, perhaps the app only works for humans not bots.
  • Empowering 5/5

    By Jack sparra
    What a fantastic idea and so simple and highly effective. To enable a unique address to everything and everyone is inspiring. To do it with such a useable app is amazing.
  • برنامج رائع ودقيق لمشاركة موقعك بالتحديد 5/5

    By @2q8
    البرنامج يستفيدون منه الدول التي لا يوجد اسماء وأرقام لشوارعها وأصحاب الرحلات البرية والبحرية
  • Innovative concept 4/5

    By Gladly Manly
    The commenter below is incorrect -- the 3 words do not change. The grid is 3x3 meters; if you zoom in close enough you'll see the grid. At a small scale you won't have the precision to tap the same grid, so it may appear that the words "change." This is DNS for the real world. Similar to the MILS or USNG -- applications for EM perhaps. Great concept that needs wide adoption to succeed.
  • It's a joke 1/5

    By Dirtroadfun
    My friend and I both worked the map. The app does not keep the same 3 words. For me I seen it change 4 times in a minute. I was so hyped about this concept that I was going to write an essay on this. But after trying the app out and finding out that it does not work, well I can't sell this or even brag about it. I'm sure glad it was free to try out. Going back to standard methods. What a joke this is.
  • Outstanding service. I hope the whole world uses this some day. 5/5

    By Coryop
    What3words is a truly innovative idea. It has major uses in developing areas and for software development in general. The entire world's addresses can be stored in 10mb using the what3words system! As someone in the geospatial industry, this really excites me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Small bug to report: the satellite basemap toggle in the upper-right of the map covers up the north arrow when changing map orientation. Fix that!
  • Interesting app for the curious, secretive, and playful 4/5

    By Brass Tack
    What3Words is pretty cool to play with but I'm not sure of it's practical use, at least in he U.S., Europe, and other developed regions of the world. That said, I can visualize this as tremendous boon in less-developed countries. For me, I can visualize using this system in geo-caching competitions, locating camps in the wilderness, and other outdoor activities. For those inclined to more nefarious activities, you can set up semi-clandestine meeting locations. One addition I'd like to see (maybe it's already there and I just haven't found it) is full integration with Google Maps and other navigation apps. I haven't spent enough time with the app to give it 5-stars but it adding that integration, especially for the third-world countries, would take it there.
  • Terrible Buggy App 1/5

    By Jared9999
    Terrible app, requires registration, email confirmation, and login before you can use the app, for a map app!!! Show me another map app that requires registration. The whole idea here is awful, random addressing is chaotic and makes sorting and logistics a nightmare!
  • Continual crashing 1/5

    By foxinsox47
    I'm having the same problem that others are having: the app shuts down on my iPad as soon as it opens :-(
  • Crashing on startup 1/5

    By johan.pretorius
    Pity, doesn't seem to work on iOS 9.3.5.
  • Revolutionizing the way we communicate location 5/5

    By Ajskilla
    I think very generation we get to witness something that can change the world. This algorithm is going to do just that. The app itself has a few kinks to workout, but the idea behind it is unbelievable. If I could find out how to buy stock in this company I would immediately. This is a game changer for not only third world and developing countries it's a new and better way to communicate direction in the developed world. I am amzed.
  • Crashing Now 1/5

    By Angus of Clyde
    Doesn't appear compatible with latest iOS for iPad. App worked fine until I upgraded to 9.3.4. After that, the app displays the title screen, waits for a few seconds and then returns to the home screen.
  • Interesting idea, needs work 3/5

    By BarredOwl
    First off, I really like the idea of this app and its potential use in different industries. Issues I have are: 1. Any slight touch or movement on the map changes the locator words (which makes sense), but could lead you elsewhere. 2. Some locator words are very humorous, while others are odd, or just plain appropriate, but some probably should be swapped out due to their connotation / meaning / appropriateness (probably a few percent if that). 3. Search.Needs.Work! For example, try searching for 'snoring.peppered.zucchini' If you type 'snoring.' or 'snoring.peppered.' or even 'snoring.peppered.z', the results do not even appear. Would it not make sense to show the filtered results as you type? Again, interesting idea and concept, just needs a few tweaks. Heres.My.Review Hope.This.Helps Where.Are.You
  • IPad mini - splash scren and nothing else 1/5

    By Dmc75002
    Crashes immediately.
  • Account Set Fail 2/5

    By Rick5576
    This app sounds great, but seems buggy. When I tried to set up my account, it returned the error mssg: "user info does not match our records." Even though I'm not yet in their data base. 3 subsequent efforts could not resolve the issue. Hope they fix it.
  • Fascinating and useful 5/5

    By tomeetoe
    No problems for me loading and using app. Inventive solution to locating people. Great to use in unfamiliar areas, I can see it very helpful if traveling overseas.
  • Crashes immediately 2/5

    By VegardViking
    Crashes immediately and resolution still not updated for new iPhones...
  • Crashes 1/5

    By RSArunner
    Chrashes every time I open the map.
  • Fun and helpful! 5/5

    By robert 6
    Even if you don't use What3words for super-precise location anywhere in the world, you can have some fun with the three word locations! (Salad.powers.economies at the St. Louis Arch is one of my favorites)
  • Need work 1/5

    By cnun
    No good pictures and buttons are not working. (I can not add my places) i am going to uninstall app :(
  • What a useful app! 5/5

    By Ivaklein
    Notwithstanding the enormous potential this app will have on logistics everywhere and location search in places without clear postal systems, I can't wait to use this to search for friends in crowds as well.
  • Crashes and low resolution 2/5

    By gavinbeatty
    The search function crashes with almost any use I have put it through. I am using iOS 9 on an iPhone 6s and the resolution is clearly quite low. I have no other apps using this older/lower resolution.
  • We needed this 5/5

    By kcairos
    Thank you
  • Was cool, no longer works. :-( 1/5

    By Minhala
    I made the mistake of updating this app. I guess now it requires iOS 8. So now it crashes immediately upon opening. Bummer.

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