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WhatsApp Desktop

  • Category: Social Networking
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  • Current Version: 0.2.6969
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: WhatsApp Inc.
  • Compatibility: Android
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WhatsApp Desktop App

With WhatsApp on the desktop, you can seamlessly sync all of your chats to your computer so that you can chat on whatever device is most convenient for you.


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WhatsApp Desktop app reviews

  • Would give have given it a 5 star rating butttttttttttttt 3/5

    By Rod23!!!
    Doesn’t have the ability to make calls thru the desktop app or web.
  • whatsapp 1/5

    By Cwatson50
    Can’t delete it. Will go to Apple and tell them. I guess they will report this.
  • not bad! 3/5

    By Mehdiima
    i do not understand why my phone should connect to internet then i send messages please change this option
  • When I updated the recent upgrade. It upgraded then it repeated this till I had to stop it? 4/5

    By James A Smith IV
    The update went thru , but then it started to update the same version agaian and it would not quite?
  • No support for other languages 3/5

    By MentorNeto
    A good start, but the app miss a lot of features
  • Bugs 1/5

    By Lis_
    I’m not able to foward messages or insert images.
  • Version 0.2.6430 stoped to work on my 2010 MBP 1/5

    By c.urdaneta
    Version 0.2.6430 stoped to work on my 2010 MacBook Pro. I went back to browser version

    By Jeiuytcrxeywztxryctfuvygiuh
    This app WON’T even let me uninstall it. its a terrible app and for some reason the creator made it so i can’t even force uninstall it..
  • Needs Touch Bar support 3/5

    By MD, PhD
    Needs Touch Bar support. Ignoring the drawback that the app relies on the connecting to your phone, the rest is OK.
  • Good but can be better 3/5

    By SWEDE1994
    App is good as a start but needs more attention like video and voice calling feature as in iPhone
  • Missing features 3/5

    By saverhagen
    Still no support for the touchbar, very dissapointed. I also would like to see the avality to place calls and video calls
  • the desktop version doesn’t have video/voice call 4/5

    By kiana_az
    whatsapp is a good application but please add the Video/Voice call to the desktop version, too!
  • O app deveria trabalhar com o touchbar 2/5

    By Danvitorgomes
    o app é bom e funcional… mas se macbook tem touchbar pq nao consegue acessar os emojis? esse app nao foi desenvolvido para usar o touch bar e isso eh uma falha terrivel.
  • Not much point 1/5

    By TylerC101
    I don't understand why my phone has to be connected to the internet for this app to function. If my phone only has to be connected to the internet (and not the mobile network) why can't my computer being connected to the internet serve the same purpose. It's the standard issue I have with whatsapp -- if you're not using my phone's mobile connection why is it so strongly tied to the phone? They need to rewire things to be less dependent on the phone concept. Apple's message app doesn't need me to have my phone connected to the internet to work, why should this? I got the desktop app for when I travel and I can't always connect my phone to the web or can't connect it as easily.
  • LOTS of room for improvement 2/5

    By Fath8r
    The app has to be open on your phone at the same time you’re using it on the computer otherwise you lose connection to Whatsapp…what rocket scientist thought of this? This would be like using iMessage on your Mac and you can’t use it because you don’t have it open on your iPhone…this should be a seamless app, not dependent on another app to be open on another device to be able to function properly.
  • Good to send messages from Desktop 4/5

    By TheDeveloper07
    Please add calling feature from WhatsApp desktop.
  • whatsapp must be installed on your phone 2/5

    By American girl 990
    The app store description should say whatsapp must be installed on your phone. The desktop app is of no use otherwise.
  • Follow up review 2/5

    By Urbanwild
    What isn’t made clear on WA landing page is that you need to go to Whatsapp app, settings, web/desktop to accomplish this. Classic geek thought “I know it, you should know it, too” omission...
  • Need a “Mark as read” option and touch bar support 3/5

    By IJD21
    When i keep getting notifications from WhatsApp it blocks a portion of my screen for a few seconds, leaving it unusable. They should implement a “mark as read” option next to the reply button. Apple has added this feature to messages on MacOS High Sierra and it makes a world of difference. A second thing that needs to be supported is support for the touch bar. Maybe add some things like emojis, forward, and reply buttons. Besides that, this app does what its supposed to do.
  • Alternatives to scan the code must be there 1/5

    By srikanthvamaraju
    The camera in my phone does not work to scan the code. It would be helpful if there was any text message authentication option alternative for the desktop version. The desktop version is a lifesaver. Hope you guys over there will fix this soon. So frustrated that I cant access the app from my macbook.
  • Improvement 4/5

    By Soud00000000
    Everything is good but for mac users I think that if you could add the emojis to the touch bar it will help a lot.
  • Audio 4/5

    By Give Me Honest Apps!
    I like WhatsApp for Mac OS Desktop. Very convenient compared to using a tiny iPhone keyboard and for sharing pics and such. But, the audio notification is too loud and there does not seem to be a volume control. It is such a nuisance so I turn off the audio notification. I’d rather turn it down.
  • Works well but needs a more minimalist design 3/5

    By ShawnConQueso
    With would be nice if I could had the pannel on the left. It’s too large for something that is only used occasionally.
  • need video call 3/5

    By Vidit Kalani
    its really good application but its need to update like a mobile application. its better when this web application has video call. if possible to give us a new update with video and normal calls.
  • Needs improvement 3/5

    By Shelling Ford
    The fact that this requires a wifi connection to your smartphone makes me wonder why I can’t do video nor audio calls. I appreciate that it is easier to type on my macbook but this should be a standalone version. Once the phone authorized the app it should work without it and there HAS TO BE VIDEO AND AUDIO CALLS. I would give this app 5 stars if it had video and audio calls.
  • Most features do not work. 1/5

    By Shri@Addtim
    Picture or video keeps loading forever. Unable to upload image, mp4 video or audio files to share from desktop. Whenever tried to upload any file, it says “1 file you tried adding is not supported.” This was not an issue with earlier, it was working fine in earlier versions. Please allow to upload 3gp files from desktop app too; all these are possible in mobile app, however.
  • excelente servicio 5/5

    By Pedro4130
    muy buen servicio, no sabia que se podia ocupar whatssap desde el mac. bueno bueno bueno!
  • Good desktop version 4/5

    By eurystomus
    I appreciate having the desktop version of this app as I can type on a full size keyboard far more quickly than on my phone! For the most part - clean interface, same UI, and relatively un-buggy. Most recent version - I seem to be getting weird, rapid/flickering screen refreshes (especially when my CPU is under load and the app doesn’t have focus) that wasn’t occurring before this update. Not sure if it’s specifically this app update or something else contributing to it (but it doesn’t occur in other apps.) One request - would be nice to have emojis autosuggest such as :) and :P (as they do on the mobile app) so it’s not necessary to bring up the emoji panel every time. Thanks for the development (and testing, to make this relatively bug-free!)
  • Good, but has potential to be better! 3/5

    By suavesuavecito
    I really like the idea of this, to function much like iMessage does! However, there is definitely room for improvement. I would really like to see video calls supported on the desktop version as it is on mobile, much like FaceTime but with compatibility between different types of phones. I think this is the most useful feature that could be added. However, as some other users have mentioned, it would also be quite nice for this application to function without having your phone on, nearby, and connected. These changes would make this desktop version SO wonderful, up to par of the mobile version we all know and love. Would love to see these features rolled out sometime soon, please!
  • iMessage is better 1/5

    By rlcarbonell
    iMessage is better because: •Message Desktop is independent from the iPhone •Much more interactive conversations •Cleaner weblink •Integrated apps with Message •less spams
  • Voice and video calling 3/5

    By Ethan1321
    Please give us calling features on the Mac version.
  • Terrible! 2/5

    By Reano De Vitto
    I am seriously considering to get back to the Web WhatsApp (browser version). The app is completely bugged, crashes a lot, takes a long time to send text messages. Audio messages usually get the player spinning infinitly. Seriously, these guys should spend sometime and rewrite this app from scratch.
  • I’m sticking with Telegram 1/5

    By Khwandshah
    This app requires my phone to be on and connected to the internet in order to be utilized, which really defeats most of the reasons WHY I installed it to begin with. The other problem is that it often has difficulty in staying connected, even when my phone is near my computer. I find no benefit from this application, so I will be sticking with Telegram.
  • The images are not availble or distorted after one day passes 1/5

    By holsteinson
    It doesnt allow multiple image and audio delete there is a big bug related to images between the android app and the PC mac app that distorts the images or doesnt allow the user to access them Cellphone batteries is drained fast
  • Why do I need my phone to be constantly connected? 2/5

    By Climor
    This is the number 1 thing that’s draining my battery. My iPhone is constantly working in the background to keep the Whatsapp connection going, and sometimes it disconnects which shatters the entire app to pieces. I don’t understand how come other messaging apps like Skype, iMessage, Telegram etc. don’t have this redundant feature, making me completely dependant on my iPhone being constantly charged and constantly connected.
  • Nice and simple, but... 2/5

    By Quickpistol
    It does what it’s supposed to do. Though preferences are limited and having no other language option on autocorrect makes it a nuisance at times.
  • since the update 3/5

    By Mhardbett
    for some reason none of my images load. Was working fine before it updated on my desktop. Phone to phone it works fine, but when i open the app on my laptop, nothing
  • Other languages 3/5

    By Hobss
    I use Desktop App very frequently and rate it 5 stars. One anoyance that I have been expecting to get fixed is that by default there’s a language correction feature that underlines in red any word that seems to be speeled wrong in english. For those of us that write in different languages, it is pretty anoying not being able to disable this feature or change it to another language as a second best option. It is quite surprising that the Preferences window in the desktop app takes you to whatsapp preferences , not about the desktop client as it should be. Will review up if fixed.
  • It has BUG on MAC 1/5

    By Soshiyanet kami
    It does not work on my OS 10.12.10. After first time run will stop working and I even cannot delete it from my MAc dock menu until installing completely.
  • no touchbar support!! 1/5

    By Muhammad1-1-2
    Whating for tochbar emojis
  • Not as good as it can be 2/5

    By IronKrozZ
    In general lines is pretty good because of the productivity and comfort, but you can not talk unless your iPhone (in my case) is connected to the internet. The main idea of having a desktop application is that you can do the same tings on the computer as in your phone, so is a little dysfunctional. Other point quite important is the energy impact, if well was approved by Apple, is disapproved by myself as a laptop user, that means I use my MBP through the battery a lot and is not so good for me the energy and memory impact. There are alternative apps that do the same thing, better and for less resources costs. Despite the "bad" things still a great app. Think about it;)
  • What is wrong with you?! 1/5

    By Artin98
    Why don't you make completely independent apps like Telegram did?! It's such a pain working with WhatsApp I truly prefer Telegram. You just lost one user.
  • Without being able to connect to phone… app useless 1/5

    By Rockhopper09
    Needed the Whatsapp app on my mac because my iPhone stopped working. So download the app and asks me to scan a QR code on the iPhone. Well since that is not possible, cannot use app. Totally useless
  • doesn’t work!! 1/5

    By Chamel06
    doesn’t work on my mac!!! disappointed :-(
  • Seems to require a phone 1/5

    By b_wiley
    Since I don't have a smart phone, I was excited to see this app had a desktop version. But when I download it, the opening screen has nothing except a QR code, that it says to scan with your phone. No menu options, NEXT button, OK button .... nothing. Totally useless and deleted within 5 minutes of downloading.
  • It’s okay 3/5

    By Bluesky.namthip
    It’s a good app on App Store, but I would be great if we can make a phone call and VDO call like on phone. Hope the company will develope its function soon. :)
  • It works.. but 3/5

    By 9GOC
    I have used this app since it came out and worked just fine, but recently I have been getting the ¨Phone not connected¨ message very often and also a message that indicates that my phone is currently connected to another computer and I get the ¨use here¨ button. Which makes me concern about the privacy and security of my conversations.
  • No Independence Is Just Disappointing 1/5

    By Marty Quiogue
    For months, WhatsApp Web was a pinned tab on my Safari, so it wasn’t really convenient to use as a messaging app, considering Viber and Telegram had their own Mac clients. That said, it got the job done as an extension, and the need to have your phone connected was understandable for security purposes, since it was merely a website. Then this Mac app came along this year. I was excited and relieved that WhatsApp finally had an entry on the App Store, because I’ve used this app a lot to communicate with family. The one thing I expected out of it that would make this a step above the web version was its independence. Then I saw the familiar “Phone Not Connected” notice. And that’s where they fell short. How do you not make this a standalone when Viber and Telegram have been doing it for a pretty long while? This whole issue, to me, makes the app quite pointless. This should have never gone beyond the web in the first place. WhatsApp Inc, just know how much of an inconvenience this is and how much of an advantage your competition has here. And FIX the problem.
  • Waste of time 1/5

    By charles246
    not for desktops…i have a Mac and i get Zip
  • Data issue 1/5

    By Simma29
    had to delete the app it was draining all my data

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