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WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app available for iPhone and other smartphones. WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family. Switch from SMS to WhatsApp to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, and Voice Messages. WHY USE WHATSAPP: • NO FEES: WhatsApp uses your phone's Internet connection (4G/3G/2G/EDGE or Wi-Fi, as available) to let you message and call friends and family, so you don't have to pay for every message or call.* There are no subscription fees to use WhatsApp. • MULTIMEDIA: Send and receive photos, videos, and Voice Messages. • FREE CALLS: Call your friends and family for free with WhatsApp Calling, even if they're in another country.* WhatsApp calls use your phone's Internet connection rather than your cellular plan's voice minutes. (Note: Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. Also, you can't access 911 and other emergency service numbers through WhatsApp). • GROUP CHAT: Enjoy group chats with your contacts so you can easily stay in touch with your friends or family. • WHATSAPP WEB: You can also send and receive WhatsApp messages right from your computer's browser. • NO INTERNATIONAL CHARGES: There's no extra charge to send WhatsApp messages internationally. Chat with your friends around the world and avoid international SMS charges.* • SAY NO TO USERNAMES AND PINS: Why bother having to remember yet another username or PIN? WhatsApp works with your phone number, just like SMS, and integrates seamlessly with your phone's existing address book. • ALWAYS LOGGED IN: With WhatsApp, you're always logged in so you don't miss messages. No more confusion about whether you're logged in or logged out. • QUICKLY CONNECT WITH YOUR CONTACTS: Your address book is used to quickly and easily connect you with your contacts who have WhatsApp so there's no need to add hard-to-remember usernames. • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Even if you miss your notifications or turn off your phone, WhatsApp will save your recent messages until the next time you use the app. • AND MUCH MORE: Share your location, exchange contacts, set custom wallpapers and notification sounds, email chat history, broadcast messages to multiple contacts at once, and more! *Data charges may apply. Contact your provider for details. --------------------------------------------------------- We're always excited to hear from you! If you have feedback, questions, or concerns, please email us at: iphone-support@whatsapp.com or follow us on twitter: http://twitter.com/WhatsApp @WhatsApp --------------------------------------------------------- Note: WhatsApp is a telephony app, so iPod and iPad are not supported devices.

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WhatsApp Messenger app reviews

  • Great app 5/5

    By Eltoomer
    I love this app. Its a great place for free phone calls. Highly recommend it.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Butoto
    WhatsApp is a wonderful application
  • El Amista de ase pensar de la musica entre tu milmanera 5/5

    By agostina pancello querro
    El amor te Ase pensar en las personas Que no tiene un hogar y Una plata para vivir en family
  • Super easy to use! 5/5

    By Grannybikes
    My daughter told me to download this so we could chat while I'm in Europe. Works great!
  • ok 5/5

    By lm_vip
  • Its great 5/5

    By malamusu
    Wassapp is very good because all the Messages sends perfectly and the comuncation is Also great
  • No tengo amigos :v 5/5

    By Apolo11 11
  • Yeah it's better now. 5/5

    By e10. with a lightning port.
  • Conectado 5/5

    By As americas
    O WhatsApp foi a melhor e a maior descoberta nestes últimos tempos !!!
  • Confusing App 2/5

    By Xanthine Oxidase
    There is no clear instructions for how to add a new person
  • Great app! 5/5

    By Pdestroyer400
    Service member out in Japan, this really helps me get ahold of my family without having to pay crazy international fees! Great, easy to understand app!
  • Apps 4/5

    By enjoylifewhileyoucan
    Pretty awesome -:)
  • Solid 4/5

    By Pyro_Static
    Solid App. What else to say? Works.
  • Junior 4/5

    By Rjusib
    You should silence the calls when we don't want to answer because it's annoying when we click the button and it continues vibrating other than that it's perfect
  • Help 1/5

    By jackiieluna21
    So my number is not being verified I have uninstalled the app and it still hasn't work can you help me
  • Excellent App 5/5

    By Miss Meda
    We love this app. With family members living overseas we have easy access to text and phone calls. Good download speeds too. The multiparty texting is a great way to keep in touch.
  • 🍑Happiness Of Grace 🙏 5/5

    By Mitchell ❤️️😍⚡️
    Keep moving life together and happiness together😍
  • Good 4/5

    By trick19blue
    Good stuff

    By myki16
    I love this app and have been using it for a long time, but lately when ever someone texts me I receive their message perfectly fine but when I try and message them back they don't receive the message. So I have to close the app and send them a regular message which is really irritating. There is nothing wrong with my wifi or service in my area so I would like to know what's going on.
  • 👍🏽 5/5

    By 😍😍😘مشكورين
  • It needs more improvements 3/5

    By kodakx
    Where's stickers , backgrounds .
  • Thankful 5/5

    By Amaury's Mum
    Perfect platform for effective communication💯
  • crashing now and then 1/5

    By Hassanusmanqr
    its crashing now and then
  • Osm 5/5

    By Marsh😃
    Really like the app
  • Enjoy 5/5

    By Mike16388888888
    Wonderful chatting APP
  • freeze 4/5

    By pink_baby200
    ive been using whatsapp for a very long time now but this morning i was gonna send a text msg and it froze blank space and whenever i tried to open it. it will not load and for some reason it will go back to my homescreen ive tried rebooting my phone restarting it didn't help. plss help me i need it!! tnx
  • ☹️ 3/5

    By Enoc Elias
    Está muy buena la actualización pero el detalle está en que no puedo ver todos mis contactos por más amigos que tengo no me voy acordar de todos sus nombre. Necesito ver a todos ellos
  • The best 5/5

    By Jimmy pena
    We have to admit this is a real deal
  • Ok 5/5

    By Al.nfoth
  • WhatsApp Bug 1/5

    By sjain28216
    Whenever you put your personal pic as a wallpaper. WhatsApp stops functioning and get you to home. And then you again launch whatsApp to chat and after 10 sec of relaunching it quits again.
  • Ksa 5/5

    By moodxall
  • İrak 1/5

    By Nawzaf
    أنا اتصل مع آذربايجان عن طريق واتس اب ولا اسمع ما الحل
  • Crashing and dumbest update 1/5

    By Banaalcool
    It's crashing everytime and asking me to download it every single time
  • 👌🏼 5/5

    By TiTi Linda...Love👄
  • Please make it Apple watch compatible!! 5/5

    By Gevork604
    The greatest messaging app should be fully functional with the Apple watch. I mean Viber is, and I really don't want to use Viber.
  • Whatsapp 1/5

    By Hoptkins
    It keeps glitching so that every time I want to type the type box disappears. I exit and come back to find the type box available but without the send option on the side of the text box. I have to exit the app and come back on to be able to send the comment I had previously typed. It has happened so often that it's quite annoying... it also doesn't let me upload videos after recording.
  • Solid proven app 4/5

    By New iPhone 7
    Never an issue
  • مصر 5/5

    By مروه موسي
    راس البر
  • Awesome 5/5

    By Rednecklivin1
  • Zohra Zaveri 5/5

    By Zohra Zaveri
    Zohra Zaveri
  • HELP!!!! 1/5

    By Keekejdnejejn
    I have an iPhone 6 and I put in my number but it does not send it to me...I am not sure why. I have checked my number and everything
  • Missing tons of features! 1/5

    By Seyss
    - No self-destruct messages. - Can't save more than 5 photos/videos at once to Camera Roll. - Can't disable group/voice read receipts. - App freezes/stutters while downloading lots of media. - Video being played is interrupted once a background download finishes. VERY ANNOYING!! - Even after clearing up all chats, app still keeps lots of undeletable stuck data. - Can't clear all media and keep only text chats (no granular "clear all chats"). - No iPad / Apple Watch / iMessage support. - Can't backup only text to iCloud (no granular backup). - Swipe for media gallery shortcut removed. - Archived messages confusing implementation. - No background send from other apps (have to wait for the progress bar to complete). - Can't search inside individual chats. - Confusing "all starred chats" UI inside settings: make it like a regular group so we can have all the group features (mass share/save/select-all, etc). - If you move your finger while voice recording, you can lose all you already recorded, which is terrible for long messages. - No option to demote admins if you are the group creator. - Messages that failed to be downloaded have to be redownloaded one by one (Whatsapp should automatically retry downloading all failed messages until they are downloaded). - Non-admins can change group icon/name. - Web interface and Desktop app depends on phone connection/battery to work (no direct access to Whatsapp's servers). - While viewing all media, can't filter for video/photo/audio. - Can't make regular calls from Whatsapp itself. - No drafts like Telegram. - No music player. - No native Live Photos send support (stupidly converts it to a gif instead). - Clumsy and slow camera UI that crops your photo and takes no Live Photos. - Can't filter data usage by cellular/wifi.
  • Best 5/5

    By ktzsajid
  • Okek 5/5

    By Bo_3was90
    مايبيله كلام عجيب
  • Mi concepto personal. 5/5

    By "E" Mujer"
    Solo: FELICIDADES, por sus adelantos tegnoligicos y que sean utilizados solo para el bien. Salud y bendiciones a los que hacen posible estos adelantos y a sus Familias.
  • What 5/5

    By Mr.awsomenes
    It's cool 😎
  • Fix video call 3/5

    By Maga objd
    Plis fix video call option for iOS 7 , i dont have thanks after all Good
  • Decent app 2/5

    By Andki
    This app is okay. Not as good as iMessage. Needs Apple Watch support.
  • Life saver while traveling internationally? 4/5

    By Priceless1018
    The only issue was, I couldn't receive messages unless I had a wifi connection. So sometimes, I wouldnt receive messages until hours later, instead of "real time."
  • Chatting 5/5

    By Lahmorisjv10
    I would like to travel the world

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