White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound

White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound

  • Category: Health & Fitness
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  • Current Version: 7.7
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: FITNESS22 LTD
  • Compatibility: Android
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White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound App

With this app you'll sleep tonight, guaranteed. Its the most effective & highest quality sleep app, with over 9,400,000 happy customers. FEATURED on ABC, CBS, BBC, Wall Street Journal, Successful Living, AppAdvice, AppCraver, 148Apps, Appolicious, & several radio stations RECOMMENDED BY TOP DOCTORS on HealthTap.com This is the famous "APP THAT HELPS THE WORLD SLEEP". Turn it on and you'll be asleep in minutes, guaranteed. Sleep Pillow provides an advanced set of high quality ambient sounds, premixed for perfect sleep enhancement. The sounds are recorded and enhanced to relax and make you sleep. They isolate, create a relaxed environment, and put you into a cyclical sleep pattern. The way these sounds are created will induce sleep even for difficult sleepers or in the noisiest environments. --- ULTIMATE SOUND SET --- ● Naturally recorded sounds ● Sound mixes - up to 300,000 combinations ● Pre-mastered & high quality Some of our sounds: light rain | medium rain | tropical rain | rain on tent | rain on car + wipers | thunder storm | wind & rain & thunder storm | wind-vane blade | wind in field | outside bonfire | inside fireplace | garden fountain | stream | bubbling stream | gentle beach waves | beach & white noise mix | beach waves & birds | row boat | motor boat | birds & gentle frogs | small tropical birds | distant birds | lake birds | jungle cave birds | jungle life | forest life | horse running in field | whale song | underwater dive | bubbles | cold drink with ice | quiet city traffic | city nightlife | luxury car ride | business class travel | train ride | wall clock | mother's heartbeat | thin wind chimes | medium wind chimes | thick wind chimes | wooden wind chimes | underwater melody | temple atmosphere | indian tent | beach resort hammock | soothing guitar | quiet piano | couple's getaway melody | dream catcher melody | massage atmosphere music | beach meditation music | quiet resort room | metronome | baby lullaby 1 | baby lullaby 2 | baby lullaby 3 | white noise | blue noise | radio crackle | ceiling fan | box fan | metal box fan | tall stand fan | small fan | hair dryer | vacuum | clothes dryer ---- OTHER FEATURES ---- ● Create sound mixes: 300,000 combinations ● Sleep timer with slow fade-out ● Alarm clock with slow fade-in ● App runs in the background ● App runs while device locked / screen dark ● Favorite sounds shortlist ● High quality nature images, to set the mood ● natural iPhone / iPod / iPad support --- PRESS & MEDIA QUOTES --- ● Wall Street Journal: "the hottest tracks on digital playlists: oscillating fan, crickets, waves..." ● AppAdvice: "No matter what the reason, Sleep Pillow can make a stressful mood just disappear." ● 148Apps: "remarkably easy to use… the sound effects included are recorded really well." ● Successful Living: "Great for those nights you have trouble falling asleep… it keeps its promise of getting you to sleep." ● AppCraver: "Cure Insomnia with iPhone and Sleep Pillow." ● WGNA Radio: "There's an app to help you sleep!" ----- CUSTOMER REVIEWS ----- Cobra16: "Great. After 30 years of chronic pain because of an accident, and using strong medications to put me to sleep, this is a god send. The free app let me go to sleep in less than 10 minutes. After two nights of restful sleep, I purchased the full version. Now, I am on my fourth night without narcotics. Thank You." Shannon Griffin: "...Sleep Pillow was a complete lifesaver… I wonder how I ever managed without" Zina zinelor: "…thank you for making my life a little better" TuneMeee: "I was not convinced it could get me to sleep until I woke up many hours later looking for my phone." Callmeloislane: "…literally the only thing that will put me to sleep…" ---- FREE VERSION ---- 9 Awesome Sounds ● Privacy Policy: https://www.fitness22.com/privacy-policy ● Terms of use: http://fitness22content.com/Components/WebPages/TermsOfUse/TermsOfUse.html ● We are here for you: support@fitness22.com


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White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound app reviews

  • Sleep 5/5

    By Smash ants
    It works
  • AWESOME 5/5

    By Fancy pets
    My baby and I fall asleep to the app's sounds every night. I love that I can jump from app to app and the music STILL plays. So convenient!
  • 💤 5/5

    By Blazercakes
    Sorry, feel asleep while I was supposed to write this.
  • Deleting app; 1/5

    By mdoemnrosk
    Do not delete your app. You will loose all your previously purchased tones. You will have to rebuy them at a higher cost than first purchased.
  • ❤️ this App 5/5

    By NeverAfter Drums
  • Works like a charm. 5/5

    By aadebiyi
    Every time I can’t sleep, I set the whale noises on the 15 minute timer and next thing I know, I’m waking up the next morning. Awesome.
  • Great for these reasons and bad for these reasons 5/5

    By Mystical Moon
    1. To get all of the sounds is only twenty dollars and they let u sample the sounds first 2. There is a timer that turns off the noise for whe. U sleep, also u can use it while the device is off or is in a other app 3. The best and most popular sounds are already free and they are great. 4. Before I got the free version I used the massage one combined with the ticking noise (volumes adjusted) with a exercise ball sometimes. Doing that allowed me to concentrate and dose t distract me at all! These are my complaints 1. The timer only goes to fifteen min unless u want one hour and fifteen min, it takes me about thirty min to fall asleep and I don't wanna drain the battery 2. They don't have a seven day free trial for premium and it's not clear how to buy it Otherwise I luv this app 💤💤💤😍😍😍💤💤💤👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  • Love it! Help the battery life? 5/5

    By Snuffy76
    Great app - use it almost daily for sleep or background work noise. Excellent sound banks and love the ability to create saved mixes of sounds. (I paid the $10 to unlock everything or whatever it is now). My only wish is that it wouldn’t drain the battery as much - one of the higher drain apps I’ve used.
  • Where is the Baby Pillow app of yours? 3/5

    By BreadEnthusiast
    Is this the latest version of baby pillow? I had the app with me since 2012, and when i have my own family I informed my hubby about the app and when we got pregnant I used to play it with our baby. Please bring it back... I like the old version much better. I have changed my device and sadly the old app is gone.
  • Great app for sleeping 5/5

    By Danny Milea
    Great for sleeping
  • Thunder to sleep 5/5

    By Rebeccacar
    I mostly use the storm to sleep. It has enough variety. I find with certain loops I find the pattern and my mind starts focusing on that and not relaxing.
  • Great app 5/5

    By tabrownsugar
    My son and I uses this app a lot when it's hard to get to sleep.
  • Love it 5/5

    By Be kcal
    It's an awesome app lots of noises to choice from
  • I don't really like this app 4/5

    By mama stinka
    I can only do 1 sound for mixing the other sounds.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By McManny1046
  • Great way to fall a sleep 5/5

    By beefncompany
    As the CEO of Beef&Co clothing line I find it hard to sleep. And with these peaceful sounds they help me pass out and fast!! Great app
  • Sonic ambien 5/5

    By tolkie16
    I’ve been using this apps water sounds for years and highly recommend it for use when sleeping in hotels and other strange environs.
  • Calm 5/5

    By C'Rae
    Wonderful app! I love the calming sounds to go to sleep to.
  • Best app ever❤️ 5/5

    By Princess Monda
    I have to have some kind of sound like either white noise or water fall or rain to be able to sleep. I’m using this app on my phone at home or when I’m traveling. I’m extremely happy with it( so as my husband!!).
  • Good sleep! 5/5

    By Dolphingirl1590
    Love the ease of this app!
  • This app is amazing 5/5

    By Pillow_8745329
    This app helps drown out my surroundings and fall asleep I highly recommend this if I were you I’d hit the download button NOW
  • Good but too expensive 1/5

    By Gibbygibb63
    This app is good... awesome in fact but it’s way to expensive. Their are other apps that let you download and keep a organized library of sounds. But they make you pay way too much for sounds. I mean 100 SOMETHING REALLY. I would rather use a better, cheaper and more organized app I give three stars. BTW I pretty sure that over expensive in app purchases is... well... OVER EXPENSIVE
  • Awesome app 5/5

    By Andie stew
    I love this app it helps me fall asleep at night and helps me to calm down when I am stressed this is an amazing app love it.
  • So good 5/5

    By gamer kyliy
    I love it so much thank you! Hi
  • Great App 5/5

    By Andre86andre
    It helps me sleep like a fat baby!!!
  • Night night! 5/5

    By TxTravelGirl
    Awesome app.
  • Thank God for this APP! 5/5

    By DDupree0303
    I started out using this app to help my little one fall asleep. It worked so well, I got addicted and now I use it every night for myself!
  • It is a amazing app 5/5

    By #honey_melon_girls
    I is really fun to make your own music
  • Try it! 5/5

    By madison-arrow
    Fell in love with this app upon my first use and been using it nightly since. No need anymore for Tylenol PM or a prescription to help with my insomnia. 5 STARS!!!
  • Must have! 5/5

    By Kenny1515
    We use it every night! Couldn’t sleep without it!
  • For Tinnitus 5/5

    By 2.0 Studios
    I have chronic tinnitus. And every day I hear a high pitched ringing that does my head in. I wasn’t able to sleep, I just could. The ringing kept me up at night. But then my mother introduced me to this app and it’s been life saving. Now I can finally sleep! Thanks sleep pillow!
  • Great 4/5

    By KunTreBrn
    This is perfect for many reasons. Everyone should try it - it has a sound for everybody.
  • Stop asking me for $20 3/5

    By jsclayton
    Nice app. Does what it’s supposed to. No chance I’m paying that much for more sounds. Please stop annoying me.
  • Great app, use it every day! 5/5

    By Charmander1234
    Love it!
  • Love It 5/5

    By jtmeiaframe
    Love this app!! Use it every night, even when traveling. Have it on every device I own, so never without!! I like the fact I can make my own sounds.
  • Love my noise maker app 5/5

    By K.rogers
    Definitely helps keep me calm down relax, drowns out noise so I can get some good sleep
  • The whales alone earn 5 Stars! 5/5

    By Reader1210
    The whales alone earn 5 Stars!
  • Sleep 5/5

    By Staciam00
    Best ever
  • Too Expensive 2/5

    By Patchesbuddy205
    Ok, I just want to immediately say that I understand that the initial app is free. But, all of the additional sounds are WAY to expensive! There is now way on Earth that I would ever pay $20 for some sound effects. I do realize as of 01/06/17 that to buy ALL of the sound effects is only $20, but the original price is $125! A stupidly expensive amount! Way too over priced. 3 out of 10. Would not buy again.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By Mahubba44
    I may be addicted:) I downloaded to help sleep in a noisy hotel, and two years later, I don't think I can sleep without it.
  • Soothing 5/5

    By Restless in WI
    It’s as simple as a fire one night or storms another night that just relaxes me after a busy day . By far one of the most used apps on my phone.
  • Love this app!! 5/5

    By splenderosa
    Use it every night, it’s amazing ❤️
  • Great sounds 5/5

    By DWS59
    Use this to help our grandchild (3mos old) sleep, we love the sounds thru our Bluetooth speaker.
  • EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/5

    By Racuey
    for several nights I could not sleep for me no noise is no sleep. Until my friend showed it to me i was amazed I never had sleepless nights P.s use a speaker with it 👍🏼
  • Terrific App 5/5

    By Gaurilla Unit
    Highly recommend it!
  • Come on now... 2/5

    By Cheryl RN
    $20 and there is only 1 thunderstorm option, and it’s not even a thunderstorm. One every 10 minutes you might hear a light roll of thunder. How about some of the Gregoria’s chants. None of that on here.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By kat8195
    Great app for sleep! I’ve used it many times at bedtime to help me sleep. Love the combination mode! 😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴
  • Good sound 4/5

    By Wun-jo
    Can be hard to navigate at first but the sounds are great.
  • Sleeping like a baby nightly... 5/5

    By Ej44wins
  • Love this app 5/5

    By jloncz
    This saves my life with my babies as their white noise. Dont change a thing!!

White Noise Sleep Pillow Sound app comments


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