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  • Current Version: 9.1.6
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Whole Foods Market App

Get the most out of every shopping trip with the Whole Foods Market® app. Browse weekly sales, save your favorite coupons, redeem offers at checkout and find store hours and events. Explore New Offers Get digital coupons for exclusive savings and see what’s on sale near you to stock up on what you love. Plan Your Shop With the Favorites feature, you can save your favorite coupons to make it even easier to organize your offers and find them later. Save at Checkout Scan the barcode on your app or provide your phone number at checkout to redeem coupons at the register. Share the Experience Purchase a gift card to send via snail mail, email, or text - straight from the app. Your Store Find store locations, hours, special events and more near you. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions for the app, we’d love to here from you. Please email us at wfmapp.feedback@wholefoods.com. In order to provide reminders for special offers, this app may request location permission.


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Whole Foods Market app reviews

  • Nope! Not gonna do it 1/5

    By rafay1
    After all of the awful reviews, I’ve decided not to download this app and will shop at Sprout’s instead. Way to squander a good opportunity Whole Foods. Call me when you get a better-than-1-star app. I am will to try it but sounds like you need to return some of the functionality you removed. Don’t be like Apple, always removing functionality with a false sense of modernization. People are habitual and when you have a good thing, you corporations needs to stick with them.
  • Really? 1/5

    By Bryceradick
    10 coupons is the height of what Whole Foods / Amazon can muster??
  • Pointless 1/5

    By Toanwa
    This app is pretty pointless. The printed coupon book was so much better. Since Amazon, in all their wisdom, did away with that I thought I’d try this. I just don’t see the point to this. Moreover, I don’t see how and why the combination of Whole Foods and Amazon would release something so lame. Who gave the go ahead on this? Who thought, “boy, we’ve really outdone ourselves here, everyone! Good work all around!” Anyway... deleted.
  • Thanks for making this app useless. 1/5

    By SSL118
    I used to love the Whole Foods app for all the great recipes. Please bring them back. It’s now useless. The “coupons” are a joke and even the store finder has gotten worse.
  • They’ve made the app worse 1/5

    By MyMomPod
    I used to love this app when it included recipes and a shopping list for those items. Now it is nothing but a coupon app. I’ll be removing it.
  • Never works! 1/5

    By KG327
    I have had this app for over a year— maybe much longer— and have yet to save money with it a second time. It never works! It’s as though it shuts off functionality when I walk into a Whole Foods. Also, unlike other apps, it is only useful if you remember to show them your phone at checkout. Early on I was usually distracted talking with the friendly cashiers instead of showing them the phone and they never ask if you want to use the digital coupons like other stores’ cashiers. It’s a waste.
  • Whole Foods became bad. Corporate mediocre 1/5

    By daniel s v e
    Sorry. So sad that wholefoods’ service has become mediocre and plain bad. Time to look for alternatives!
  • There’s no points rewards anymore 1/5

    By Lovelines Inc.
    Just useless coupons. I definitely won’t spend as much as I did when this first launched and you got 1point for each dollar spent. Smh
  • Sad face 1/5

    By Auntie Awesome
    This app used to be so awesome! So many great recipes, coupons, dinner ideas - everything I could ever want. Now it’s just a fancy coupon dispenser... 😢
  • Utter Failure from the start 1/5

    By Cycleguy71
    I tried to create an account from the app. The user interface completely failed, after I entered a phone be number. The key pad would not retract and I could not scroll down to complete my action. Deleting app now...a TOTAL WASTE OF TIME.
  • Digital receipts 1/5

    By Jiggs1234_jiggs
    Feature request: please switch to using digital/electronic receipts instead of wasting paper to print in store. It would definitely give this app more value considering it doesn’t have a high rating. Agree with others that the coupons on this app have no value to me but regardless the app should contain all the same coupons available in the coupon book at the store - therefore there should be no need to print those also.
  • An app from two thousand and late 2/5

    By BobDinMD
    Wow - Amazon actually owns this company and Bezos allows this to be the mobile front door? Anyway download this app if you want something with zero value. You will also get to see items on sale or coupon non one (you included) wants.
  • Why no iPhone X version 1/5

    By jonodale
    Really? A number of update since it’s been release, but no iPhone X support?!?
  • No shopping list 1/5

    By Liquidawesome
    It would be nice if there was a shopping list feature like most other grocery store chains.
  • Useless 1/5

    By WB-Dallas
    Only coupons, nothing else. De-install ASAP
  • Wow, this app is really bad 1/5

    By EricNau
    It does almost nothing, and the few things it does it does terribly.
  • No shopping list feature? Really? 1/5

    By virginiaesq
    WF app missed the boat. The worst: Can't believe a grocery store app doesn't even have the ability to make a shopping list (of any kind) let alone the items in their own stores. Sad. So far behind other grocery store chains and their apps.
  • A once useful app now a joke 1/5

    By Jazmundo
    This used to be a great app with recipes and all kind of useful information on the foods you'd find at Whole Foods. Now just an embedded google map with store locations - thanks but I know my area stores - and information on current sale items. Why would you take something this far backward with an update? As someone else said, just pull it.
  • Can I give lower than one star? 1/5

    By BigTimeMom
    Hadn’t been in Whole Foods for a while. Upon entering I noticed a sign to download the app. In the store, one of the items I was buying had a sign for digital coupons so I decided to download it. Tried repeatedly, it would not download. I had to go off the store Wi-Fi and use data to download the app. Immediately noticed that there were very few coupons – as other people are saying, what’s the point? The coupon I was using was a dollar off one macro bar. I bought two macro bars, but coupon was only credited once. Read the details, and apparently I would’ve had to have an additional coupon to present also to get a dollar off the second item. Not that big an issue, but many stores would credit the coupon a second time for the second item unless the coupon specifically stated Limit 1. As I said, not that big a deal. But once I got home, I wanted to see if Whole Foods carried a particular item I saw advertised in a magazine. Discovered that the app will not allow you to search to see specific grocery items. Nor does it have an aisle map.Pretty much a waste of time and space on my phone.
  • What could be more empty than the shelves at Whole Foods? 1/5

    By palm tree corgi
    Answer: the Whole Foods app. Have you tried changing your favorite store from the Plano location? I’m not sure it would make a difference to the discounts and coupons one’s offered, but it is impossible to do so, even after the latest update. Looking for discounts using the app? Put it away and grab the paper coupons at the entrance, because, as other reviewers have noted, the app ceased delivering discounts shortly after Amazon’s acquisition. Looking for tailored discounts based on purchase history, which I’m sure the smart folks at Amazon are accumulating? Forget about it. I’m a big Amazon fan, but this app is truly worthless.
  • This is what Amazon calls a shopping app? 1/5

    By Persnicketyone
    How come a grocery store like Wegmans has a useful shopping list and a tech giant like Amazon puts up with this?
  • Where did all my recipes go? 1/5

    By Dorkmont q knobnoster
    I opened the app today to look at some of my saved recipes as I'm about to go to the store and want to make my list, but I can't find my recipes in the app anymore. Not happy they've been removed.
  • What happened to this app!!?! 1/5

    By Monkey6978
    This used to have recipes and, well, work. Now it won’t even let me switch my store to one that’s not across the country from me. I think I’m just going to delete this.
  • Crashed 1/5

    By Jackie9212
    Wouldn’t even let me create an account. It froze every time I tried. Kind of useless.
  • Useless 1/5

    By JPH1984
    The coupons don’t work at my store. I can’t make a shopping list. All this app really does is tell me the address of the store.
  • Missed the mark again! 1/5

    By BradleyVT
    You release an update today months late and after the iPhone X release and you still can't get it to fill the screen. Horrible!
  • Recipe feature gone!! 1/5

    By Fretful
    I have used this in the past for recipes and shopping lists in the older version and now it it totally gone . Just a store locator app with a few coupons. Awful !
  • Zombie App 1/5

    By Antangil
    Not updated for iPhone X. Recipes are gone (and they had some good ones). Coupons and sales in different places, sales are hard to find. Obviously no longer a priority for WF/Amazon
  • No recipes? 1/5

    By Saura9876
    Enticed to download the app from the mobile website, but the surprised to find a terrible app with no recipes. Happy to redownload and update my review when the app is actually useful.
  • Too limited 1/5

    By Dulribeiro
    They never find my phone number at the store. I tried to double check it in the app, but I couldn't find this info anywhere. It also lacks other important information like when the offers expire, and some of the offers in the store.
  • Suggestion: Add a shopping list 1/5

    By J.knits
    A shopping list is standard for other grocers. Catching up with them would be helpful.
  • Useless App 1/5

    By A. Sealey
    Who’s idea was it to make these changes to the App rendering it useless? What happened to the recipes? Currently this App ads no value. I’m deleting it. ☹️
  • Better Off Without 1/5

    By music.listener
    I knew a certain item was on sale at the store, but didn’t know when the sale ended. I downloaded the app, in hopes of finding that item and the end date of the sale. However, I found that only a selection of products were listed, and even then no dates were posted to let you know how long the sale was! Also, on the description part of each item, it would cut off and there’d be a “. . . “ There’s no way to read the rest of it though, so you’re left mid sentence with a minimal description of the product. Not efficient, not helpful, and much less frustrating to just go without the app!
  • This app does nothing 1/5

    By E-bony
    I expected to be able to shop on this app. My local grocery store allows me to purchase in app for curbside pickup or make a shopping list to promote an organized shopping experience. This app does none of that. I’m surprised considering they’re now an amazon company.
  • Needs iPhone X support Products Listings! 1/5

    By Libertyforall
    Needs iPhone X support! Needs their list of products & prices w/online ordering too!
  • Sad 1/5

    By bd99999
    They removed the recipe option and that’s the whole reason this app was useful
  • Ugh... what are you trying to do? 1/5

    By January Romance
    Whole Foods app used to be one of my favorites but no longer. I enjoyed creating shopping list, looking for recipes which often times connected to store visit to buy ingredients. Now it only shows where my store is, what store events are, and a few of no use coupons. Other store apps become very advanced over each upgrade to make it so convenient to use. They virtually show what is where and how much. This app is nothing but disappointing.
  • Bring Back Recipes 1/5

    By Jbusy15
    Recipes need to come back. I would lookup a recipe while shopping in your store so I knew what I needed to buy. Thank you for listening.
  • Seriously? 1/5

    By Maggie&Mommy
    Only 12 coupons total and not one for anything I’d buy. That is 100% of what is on the app. I’m so disappointed.
  • Keeps crashing 1/5

    By Kajg229
    When I open the app on my iPad it immediately crashes. I can open it without a problem on my iPhone.
  • This app use to be great 1/5

    By Mise 23
    This app use to be great. I use to get rewards all the time. I really miss when you could rack up points to get dollars off your food. Now, nothing I need is ever on sale and I never get an discount. There is no place to store your grocery list anymore. This app is just bland now. I’m just gonna delete it.
  • What’s the point anymore??? 1/5

    By SCG421
    All this app does is tell me where the closest Whole Foods is and what’s on sale. I know where Whole Foods is and it’s easy enough to find out what’s on sale! This app used to have cool things like a shopping list and recipes. All gone! What’s the point? Deleting!!!
  • Won’t even let me log in 1/5

    By Tpanicucci
    I’ve tried and tried and tried. I even logged out of my linked accounts (google and Facebook). Logged back into them with the same credentials and successfully got into them. Same issue with their site. I’m convinced Whole Foods simple does not want anyone to get any savings.
  • Just a few sale items 2/5

    By Todd02
    This app only shows a few sale items. Not very useful.
  • Terrible 1/5

    By Wizkhalifa.<$
    Don’t bother downloading the app. Used to work in its early days and was very useful as far as finding coupons that cater to your likes. Now the app crashes all the time. It brings up barely any coupons compared to the amount it showed in the beginning, and ones not relatable to your typical shopping. Don’t know how the app went so downhill.
  • Wholefoods app 1/5

    By jamiee_dd
    While i love wholefoods market, I find the app to be quite useless. They offer coupons for a bunch of items i dont use....
  • Not a customer 1/5

    By Wheezy 38
    Does Amazon know you have ruined this app. The only thing on the app was to pick a store and a few of that store's sale items popped up. Absolutely nothing else on the app. How can groceries be delivered when there are no items to pick from? Bad purchase Amazon.
  • Why did you ruin it?? 1/5

    By AlwaysAsk
    Just ditto to what everyone else has said: This used to be a great little app, convenient and helpful. Now it makes me want to throw my phone across the room. WHY do I have to search for and select "My Store" EVERY time, even though the app knows which one my store?? Then I can't see the sales, which is usually all I want. Aaargh, so frustrating and pointless.
  • Gift card on app 1/5

    By C0rgis
    Way too difficult to add a gift card to your phone. You have to make an account then make another account then verify the account then have a credit card associated to your account before you add a gift card which makes no sense to me. Maybe you just want a way to add a gift card your phone so you can be MORE LIKELY to spend money at Whole Foods. I guess they already have your money for a gift card and just don’t want to make it easy for you to actually use it.
  • Freezes 1/5

    By Shaina90
    Unfortunately, this app tends to freeze every time I try to view my local store’s sales. Most of the time the app is useless. Please fix this!

Whole Foods Market app comments


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