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Wikipedia App

Explore your world, find a quick fact, or dive down a Wikipedia rabbit hole with the official Wikipedia app for iOS. With more than 40 million articles across nearly 300 languages, your favorite free online encyclopedia is at your fingertips. App features: Night reading - Appearance controls let you read Wikipedia in comfort, with dark mode, text size control and image dimming to customize how you read. Places - Find Wikipedia articles about places next door or across the globe, with a map and location based search experience. On a trip or your daily commute, with Places it’s easy to learn more about the world around you. Explore feed - Discover the depths of Wikipedia through your explore feed, which surfaces Wikipedia articles and captivating freely-licensed photos. It includes a diverse array of interesting content, including: - recommended articles based on what you’ve already read - featured articles hand-picked by the Wikipedia community - daily top read articles - picture of the day - events on this day in history - random articles - nearby landmarks Find and search - Easily find what you’re looking for by searching within articles or using Spotlight. You can even search with your favorite emojis! Quick access - Add Wikipedia to your device's Today screen to pick up exactly where you stopped reading your last article, or see the top-read articles and trends of the day. Easy touch navigation, including 3D touch - Multi-touch gestures like swipe, tap, and 3D Touch features complete essential tasks more quickly and simply. Save articles - Save articles for reading later, even when you’re offline. Multilingual support - Search for and read Wikipedia articles written in any Wikipedia-supported language — there are nearly 300! Share - Easily share articles, images, and facts from Wikipedia on social media or by email. Or use Handoff to continue reading articles across your iOS devices. Want to know more behind the scenes of the Wikipedia mobile app for iOS? Check out these resources: To send feedback, from the app tap: Settings Gear > Send app feedback Contribute to our app localizations: Code at GitHub open source repository: About the Wikimedia Foundation The Wikimedia Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports and operates Wikipedia and the other Wikimedia projects. The Wikimedia Foundation is a charitable organization funded mainly through donations. For more information, please visit our website:


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  • Great site...however 3/5

    By Koala sez
    I wish they would link donations to an IP address. I donated on my Mac but on my phone they are asking for a donation. I donate it every year. STILL GET POPUP ASKING FOR $$$. I DONATED 30 BUCKS IN NOVEMBER. NEVER AGAIN IF YOU CANNOT STOP NAGGING.
  • Excellent 5/5

    By Trigeminy6
    Used for years and the information I receive is very useful and accurate. It is where other servers have learned to direct me. I use it daily now and gradually got here since 1996. The critiques are already accomplished by many others over the decades and I mostly agree. Except I have noticed that too many non critical thinkers do not have much experience, but discount the encyclopedia outright as “teachers” not recommending the site to “students”. Since I have been given gifts of critical thinking from my parents and siblings and experience, and reviewing data, it is almost always a direction I would take that if someone said not to do XYZ .. and especially, in this case, not to read or use such, it is precisely where I would go to start a search. Happily I am. bmthomp
  • Wikipedia app is very good. I like it! 5/5

    By SnaiDog
    This app is really good! This app is really good like source of information if you know what you need/want or at least about what you need/want to know. It’s not app where you can go to home page and see interesting article. You need to search article which you need so you need to know its name. It is not a news app, yes it has a news section, but there are not much news and it is very difficult to find news on a particular topic in which you are interested, for example, there you can filter news by country but results will be really bad. It is not news app, but it’s good source of information. This app also like the website supports many languages. It’s an international app. Full list of supported languages you can find in the app description. But some people say that Wikipedia is not accurate source of information. Partially I agree with this statement because anyone can edit or create an article in Wikipedia, so for scientists this source is not good. Also in different languages this app has different articles with a little bit different information. OK, let’s summarize, this app is the best in its class of apps where you can find information about different topics. In my opinion Wikipedia app is very good. I like it!
  • View Edit History 4/5

    By PlsNo428
    What's left for the app is the ability to view the edit history of the pages. Also a swipe back to the previous page that iOS allows naturally since like iOS 7.
  • The Best!, 5/5

    By jmac93427
    Hands down, this is the best app available. It is edited and monitored very well, it is easy to read, and yet thorough. It lists sources. This app is trash talked by academia because of end user input. The rest of the world knows that the world has more exposure and experience than all of academia combined! Great job, admins!!!
  • Double tap on picture. 4/5

    By Samboh91
    When viewing a picture, the double tap to zoom, zooms in way too far. An adjustment to this feature, to decrease the zoom amount would be very appreciated. Great app other than that though.
  • Great app! 5/5

    By DaCubanDude
    Wikipedia has outdone itself. Thanks.
  • Needs a forward navigation button 3/5

    By Helgi Hundingsbane
    Nice to have a back button, but how about a forward button too? Super annoying trying to navigate without that. Otherwise, a solid app.
  • A vey happy student aged 80. 5/5

    By Ron Mi.
    Wikipedia seem to me to be the most peer reviewed source of information up there with SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. Keep on keeping on!!!
  • Simple, intuitive interface 5/5

    By Troy W
    Good: - easy navigation - clean interface Bad: - nothing I can think of
  • Excellent! 5/5

    By Averwere
    Love the app, esp., the clear definition of all the fine print that normally accompanies a legal document. I am fascinated with knowledge & sharing it w/others. Great example for all scholars!
  • Thank you 5/5

    By Replicat
    Thank you!
  • Better than ever 5/5

    By Anonymous3875446
    I used a link on my home screen for many years as the wiki app was never very good. I am very glad I checked back recently because it’s incredible. Apart from editing, it’s a better interface than the desktop version
  • I️ can look up stuff online 5/5

    By I love a good rest
    I️ love to look up stuff on the computer. I️ can google anything. I️ need a iPad to research on it. I️ love looking up.
  • Perfect! 5/5

    By Banjero
    Thanks for a great App
  • Garbage and misleading 1/5

    By hadtousegoogleinstead
    This app has a lot of information available but it is impossible to look for an specific content when needed, once you look for something it will show you a lot of results of different topics but none of them are the one you are looking for, after browsing for your answer you will spend a lot of time browsing through non related information to what you are really looking for, in the end, a lot of garbage topics and misleading contents.
  • Thank you Wikipedia 5/5

    By stdqueen89
    I would like to thank Wikipedia for all my school work and I dedicate it to whoever made Wikipedia. Thank you :)
  • Widget Names 3/5

    By Apple Aficionado
    The widget names need to be properly capitalized to look professional. The way they are now look like sloppy programming.
  • Wrong Chinese/Kanji Character 1/5

    By ellional1005
    The Chinese/Kanji character for “language” on the third startup screen is wrong, it’s should be flipped horizontally and written as “語”
  • Amazing 5/5

    By Chickengirl1023
    This app is so clean and organized. Would rate ten stars
  • I use very few apps; this is the one I use the most 5/5

    By Ji Kal
    I'm glad it still works. I don't use many apps anymore. I use Wikipedia all the time, and I don't have to get the latest iphone to use it. I am very grateful for Wikipedia and to Wikipedia.
  • A good app 3/5

    By comunauta
    It’s the first one app which lets us to expand our horizons.
  • Does not load with my iPhone 7 1/5

    By Prime Subscriber
    The app will sit on the load screen indefinitely. Deleted!
  • Excellent 5/5

    I use this practically every day. The information that it provides is thorough. I go right to Wikipedia in lieu of using a browser search engine. Great app!!
  • 진짜 대박! 5/5

    By 내가 좀 쩔어
    Always been interested in a lot of different subjects and love to read. Besides Apple Music and Twitter this one of my top 3 all time favorite Apps 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
  • Wiki 5/5

    By Ehsanmohamadipoor
    It’s awesome Now I know everything 😃
  • Excellent 5/5

    By geopittman
    This app is a wonderful source of information for people and a great public service experience. I am a retired man who has an interest in our political system, future generations and experiences of human behavior. This app is a great educational tool and a excellent source of knowledge.
  • Needs a fwd button 3/5

    By Horseshrink
    Not bad. I liked better the tabbed approach of an older app (no longer maintained.) However, my main beef is the absence of a FWD button. I want to travel both directions through my history.
  • Phenomenal; essential. 5/5

    By orangetwelve
    For years, I hated how the Wikipedia page looked in my browser. Stark white, black text, made to work with legacy browsers. But this app, combined with iOS’s ability to direct a link to a corresponding app, is awesome. Wikipedia links now open in the app. Which has dark mode. And location-based discovery features. Awesome. Someday, it’d be cool if Wikipedia could notify you of nearby entries (based on your choices/preferences, of course).
  • Bias predictions and low intelligence editors 1/5

    By DesertHelo
    Removing esteemed members of the scientific community because they do not fit their slanted view of the world. What happened to Günter Bechly? Your editor “Jo Jo emeritus” and an editor named ‘boy’’ “really?” Removed him from these pages. With a combination of maybe 3 days of scientific endeavors between them. So much for accuracy written here.
  • App 5/5

    By Chicory coffee drinker
    Can't do without this app. I use the app every day.
  • Rating 2/5

    By Gibbs140
    This app should be rated 17+ as it still allows access to the web via external links (and some external links are in fact adult websites).
  • Very great please read this Wikipedia help center 5/5

    By Nightmareisback
    I love it but can you guys do something about Charlemagne article because in political background there's a image of a nude woman in there that has nothing to do with Charlemagne.
  • Wikipedia - iPad 5/5

    By 6stringsor12
  • Rotation!!!!! 1/5

    By Pat the userbug
    Please, for the love of all that is good and holy, fix the bloody rotation delay!
  • Wikipedia good 5/5

    By china msn
    It's really great.
  • Just what I need 5/5

    By Tsember
    This app is convenient, frugal (because with Wikipedia Zero you often don’t pay data charges), and respectful, meaning that, at least in my experience, it has never veered into a programmed “shortcut” that some programmer thought was a cool idea that everyone would love, but that actually interferes with what I was trying to do. In particular, it is very good at letting you retrace your steps.
  • Nice app 5/5

    By Arashatashpour
    Nice app
  • Life makes sense with Wiki 5/5

    By golfgyrl
    Every day I use Wiki. One of the best.
  • Review 5/5

    By Mescalero Scout
    This is a great and very informative app. everyone should have it and use it.
  • Simply Glorious 5/5

    By Slobb420
    Awesome sauce
  • sina 5/5

    By sina eslamian
    دمشون گرم عاليه
  • new version is fabulous, but 3/5

    By supermansaga
    cant find page watchlist after logging in. Mobile editing ability is restricted.
  • Amazing content, one complaint 4/5

    By LoLaMC
    This being the official Wikipedia app it is not surprising that it gives access to the wealth of knowledge Wikipedia is known for. I only have one complaint: why doesn't saved content sync across devices? It could be done either through iCloud or across devices logged in with the same Wikipedia user name (otherwise what is the point of having a user name?). I used to have an app called Wikibot that did just that: saved articles would sync across devices sharing the same iCloud account.
  • Knowledge is Power 5/5

    By MALavallee
    ...the more you know
  • Great app great site 5/5

    By MrRemy
    Wikipedia and the app are great. What a great concept, still glad it's free, thank you for the countless hours of free reading and enlightenment from other avid learners that are also thirsty for knowledge that share what they know!
  • Needs to play media files 3/5

    By Whicky1978
    The format and pictures are nice but it does not play ogg files. I have not tried the vorbis files yet.
  • infojunkie 5/5

    By Nick the User
    This is by far my favorite web source for quick information. It remains to be seen how well this is executed on the iphone.
  • Doesn't allow me to go back 1/5

    By Sreins
    Once in the app - can't go back to prior selection. (Or at least it's not obvious). I have to close app.
  • Really Useful! 5/5

    By Destroyer090902
    Everything I need or want to know is right in front of my fingertips. Amazing app!

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