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WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets

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WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets App

With an easy-to-use interface and a risk-free guarantee, WinIt is the best way to manage and fight your NYC parking and traffic tickets. We've partnered with seasoned parking specialists and traffic attorneys who have been fighting tickets in NYC for over 20 years to provide you with the best odds of winning your fight! Upload all your tickets Check the status of your disputes at any time Keep an eye out for new violations with our Ticket Guardian auto-dispute feature Parking ticket disputes are risk-free: WinIt only charges 50% of the ticket amount, only when your ticket is dismissed! Before you fight your traffic ticket, get a quote from a real attorney for the cost to fight it! Download today and see why the New York Times calls us "Heaven-Sent"! WInIt has been featured in: The New York Times "An App to Help You Win the Parking-Ticket War" Macworld "The Week in iOS Apps: WinIt lets you fight your parking tickets" New York Post "This app will fight your parking ticket so you don’t have to" PIX11 "New app helps you get NYC parking tickets dismissed" AOL NEWS "New app will fight your parking ticket for you" THRILLIST "This app fights your parking tickets so you don’t have " ABC NEWS "Have a parking ticket? There's an app to help fight it" If you have any questions, problems, or feedback, don’t hesitate to send us an email at


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WinIt - Fight Your NYC Tickets app reviews

  • Do not download 1/5

    By Louislax13
    This app has already lost me roughly $500 Had an easy to dispute ticket that had been duplicated but the app was not able to dismiss this ticket, but even before then i had wanted to dispute the ticket myself as it was an easy one. But they had automatically processed the ticket and I had to pay the duplicate ticket because they lost. Now again i had my car towed and got a ticket under false pretenses and because they are processing without my permission (auto dispute was turned off) i will likely lose another $400 because of this application. Save yourself from it and just download the NYC mobile app to dispute your ticket that is mentioned on the back of your ticket. You will likely save more money that way.
  • Ticket dismissed! 5/5

    By xilr8r12
    Success! My bogus parking ticket was dismissed thanks to the experienced WinIt team! This app is thoughtfully designed and a piece a cake to use. The whole process was effortless. Many thanks to the WinIt team for saving me time and money!
  • Great service - they got my ticket dismissed! 5/5

    By Samn2
    I did not expect that I would be able to get my ticket dismissed on my own because the situation seemed complicated, so I signed up for WinIt. They were able to get my ticket dismissed, and kept me updated through the process of fighting it. I’m happy with their service, and would recommend to others.
  • Impressed 5/5

    By John18374528194$
    I was surprised and impressed as to how quickly, professionally, the WinIt app took care of my ticket and how easy it was for me. Granted nothing is guaranteed, but if you don’t feel like dealing with a ticket this is a perfect app. I’ve already recommended the app to people.
  • Great Experience 5/5

    By Kotlyn monika
    When my friend told me about this app after he knew that I got a double Peking ticket, I downloaded the app and created an account, I thought that no way to win a double parking ticket but I challenged WinIt. I liked the idea it’s very convenient, WinIt continue to follow up with me from day 1 through email, they kept sending me emails every week to assure you that we here and we working to dispute your ticket. Till the day that I got an email saying WE DID IT YOUR TICKET DISPUTED. I was very very happy. I recommend this app for all. It’s very convenient, Reliable and honest. Thanks for WinIt Team.
  • Awesome 5/5

    By The Mix King
    The app and the team saved me 50% about $57. It worked ... and saved me money. Great app. I give it a 5 star. Thank you win it.
  • Don’t Ever it use for Traffic violation 1/5

    By Plmmgg
    Very low winning rate. Use Winit to handle traffic violation. Paid 250 up front for attorney, after 6 months ended up pay full violation and full 5 points deduction. Attorney didn’t try to contact me gather more information about my case. Very Very Disappointed for the service.
  • Great App! 5/5

    By DomoH.
    I love this app. They keep you updated with the status of everything regardless if you win or lose. Although they can’t win every ticket I get it I’m more than thankful for the ones they do win! I’ll take half price any day for prices of tickets! Thank you WinIt!
  • Great! 5/5

    By Dai5276
    Best idea ever! They’ve beaten about 90% of my cases.
  • It Actually Works! 5/5

    By Ms. Diarra
    So, I initially used the app to stall for time with regard to paying the ticket. To my surprise they actually got it dismissed, and all I had to pay was half of what I was going to pay the government. Now, I have been to court on several occasions to dispute tickets and sometimes to no avail. Whoever these lawyers are, the definitely know the law and I can only hope the offer classes next😇! Jerijah
  • 60 % rate of success for me in NYC 4/5

    By euthanasia9763
    The app is very user friendly. I was able to save $142.50 so far by using WinIt to dispute my NYC parking tickets. 2 successful dismissal out of four $115 parking tickets. 1 successful dismissal of $55 parking ticket.
  • Amazing Customer Service 5/5

    By Void1995
    I love this app. It really helps deal with parking tickets and I spoke with one of their customer service guys named Zack who was really nice and helpful and did a great job explaining everything to me. Honestly, he was so good he should get a raise. I highly recommend everyone use this app. Only good can come from it.
  • Excellent 4/5

    By jenslee79
    Easy and simple app for fighting your parking ticket. WinIt updated me frequently via email and best of all, they won the case!
  • Definitely a Win 5/5

    By Rad rad
    Best app I ever downloaded. Must have if you live in NYC and own a car. Win it helped me dismiss several tickets . I saved over hundreds of dollars . I don’t even know what they say to the judge to have these tickets dismissed . I’ve referred several of my coworkers and now I’m the office hero. Hats off to the Win it team . Great job ! Keep it up.
  • Parking ticket 1/5

    By Walk in my shoes
    “Win it” cannot beat your tickets! They don’t even try to get fine reduced ! Waste of time!
  • Pretty useful app 4/5

    By Kl521
    They cleared 2/3 fire hydrant tickets for me so that saved me $115 can’t complain at all
  • Someone knows what to do, great job 👏 5/5

    By Dhanshidi
    Thanks a lot for taking care of my ticket that is also so quick.
  • Like it 5/5

    By Odko11
    So simple and saves your money and time!
  • It deserves a big AppLause 👍 5/5

    By Rakibul Khan
    Hassle free, headache free and free of charge to try it. Did I mention wasting your entire day in the court to fight your ticket ? Courteous team who keep you informed about the progress while you go on with your regular life. Definitely recommend.
  • You can never go wrong with saving money 5/5

    By Milonotsohappy
    This app does miracles and it so easy to use . when I used to get tickets before I normally would just pay it because I didn’t want fight the ticket simply because it was a long process. Thanks to this app I can avoid going to the DMV and I lose nothing by just submitting the ticket and letting them fight it for me. So far they have won mostly all my tickets and have saved me a lot of money.
  • Easy Peasy! 5/5

    By ToastRoven
    A coworker of mine told me about this a couple of years ago and it has definitely saved me money. Anytime I feel the judge won't rule in my favor, I just fill out the ticket info and submit. No worries about late payments. So far WinIt hasn't lost a case...
  • 😡 1/5

    By D R S NY
    I have never won any ticket and tried to make a payment multiple times recently. The payment I recently made went through the first time but confirmation wasn’t received. I tried to make the payment again and it was accepted and taken from my bank account. I come to find out the fine increased and the payment was denied and sent back within a day or so. Fine increased by $30. So if you incur any fees they won’t credit you what they owe you. Also, I never received a credit for one of my referrals and you are supposed to when they process a ticket for your referral. Just had this issue “sorted out.” Basically it’s my fault my payment didn’t go through and even though I made the payment before the fine increase I was only given a $10 credit. Long story short - Do not give this company your money. I’m using my $10 credit and deleting this worthless app. I bet most of these positive reviews are from people that work with winit. You guys aren’t winning anything. Long story short - this app is garbageeeee
  • Saves time and money ! 5/5

    By Cupholderking
    Recently moved to NYC and received a parking ticket my first week here. My friend recommended me this app and I’m very glad he did. All I did was upload the ticket information and they did the rest . 2 months later my ticket was taken care of . Very pleased with the service . Saved me time, money and hassle of having to take care of it on my own.
  • Love it! 5/5

    By BiserJ
    Easy to see and fight tickets! I live in New York City where every month I get at least one ticket for expired meter or something... I won every time so far with win it! I’ve tried fighting tickets my self in the past with no luck, even when I’m 100% innocent and sure to win and still lose. I really rather use the app! Would be grade if their fee is less but I rather pay that then a full ticket! Thanks! Keep it up!
  • 🤙🤙🤙🤙 5/5

    By MichaelKirik
    well done
  • Amazing 5/5

    By B-Man:D
    Putting all your information about your ticket is easy and has no hassle. This app and the workers really work, it may take a few months but it actually beat my ticket. I only had to pay half, I didn’t mind because I’m just happy that i didn’t pay so much for my ticket. Also you don’t have to stress because when the ticket sends a mail or email about being late, there really wasn’t any late fees, WinIt took care of everything.
  • Great Warior 5/5

    By Samia Razu
    WinIt App is one of the best warrior to fight for your ticket ... they are a large army to fight for you and protect you... thanks WinIt...
  • WinIt is awesome 5/5

    By Nick sta nyc
    Verify simple easy to use app. Never had to reach out to support because WinIt constantly provides updates on dispute! Had this app since inception and so happy I had it as it saved me a lot of $$.
  • Being there when you can’t 5/5

    By allboost
    As a New Yorker we find ourselves Always out of time and always busy.So when mishaps occur such as your typical parking tickets,it’s good to know that you have a team such as winit on your side. They make it one less thing to worry about they take care of everything from fighting the ticket to getting it paid
  • Good 4/5

    By Lovemylife85
    I like this app it’s definitely helpful. You post all the info about the ticket and they keep you very informed through the whole process and let you know as soon as it’s dismissed. I will use again for sure.
  • Great 5/5

    By alci21
    Amazing app never have a problem always they keep posted with everything no complaints.
  • Pay 4 times more than my original ticket fine 1/5

    By panda yea
    My ticket from NJ,I pay $375 for the attorney for accident ticket two weeks later a person from attorney office ask me to be appear at court I told him that I'm not in USA faxed him the proof that my flight was booked before I got this ticket, told him I'll be back on April,if the court needs me to be there, that few days later they calls me again that my ticket is done ask me to pay $335 or $339 for not taking out any point when my original ticket was only $85 dollars so I agree as long as my ticket be done ASAP. I gave them my card number to pay for it. One month later I still don't see any charges from my card also I received another reschedule notice from the court but my court time is end of January. I call them again they still told me ticket is done and ignore the court notice ,I ask how long does it take for my ticket to be settle the lady just told the attorney will take care of it but don't know when if she doesn't know when will my card been charge, obviously my ticket is not done ."so does it mean they able to fight my ticket by not take out point by keep pushing my court time,but wants me to pay more or they actually transfer my ticket to NJ attorney cause they are locate in NYC that's why they wants to charge me more. I don't know. But I know ,if my ticket is really settle it's shouldn't take more than one month for me just to pay for it and normally I can just pay on app but this time they told me I have to gave them the card number and the $339 penalty is will charge by the law office not the court. Don't know why but never again
  • Helpful 5/5

    By TourkmanGuy
    Awesome app to save your money. Nothing to lose everytime using it and helped a lot. Strongly recommend you will need it :))
  • Helpful app 4/5

    By WebGirl79
    Really great app. I’ve had 67% of my Parking Tickets dismissed so far. The fee for the dismissal is a little high... but of course it’s still much cheaper than paying the actual parking ticket. Easy to use & I like how it alerts me to new parking tickets I may have otherwise forgotten about. Also, I referred my friend & received a $5 credit which was helpful!

    By Dauniverse
    This is by far a very great way to deal with parking tickets, I recommend all drivers to give this app a try!
  • Helpful & Simple 5/5

    By Sup186
    Love the app. Easy to use. Got me off of a ticket already.
  • Great App 5/5

    By Elansinger
    Easy as pie! I’ve submitted two tickets and won both! WinIt keeps you informed about the progress of the ticket dispute. Worth every penny!
  • 100% recommended 5/5

    By Wondertwiny
    When I first heard about this app, I had doubts but then surprise!! It works really really well. They helped me with 3 tickets and I won all of them. I received periodical updates about the status of my tickets, the customer service is really good! I recommended this services 100%. The only complain that I have is because this works just for NYC. Please, Win it people! Extend your services to Westchester County!!!!
  • I won a ticket! 5/5

    By doublebuzzer
    Great app!
  • Must have app for driver in NYC 5/5

    By Dosuuwu
    My friend recommended this app to me. I got an parking ticket. Most of my friends told me that fighting parking ticket is wasted of can’t be win. But Winit made it. I only need to pay half of the amount.
  • It actually works 5/5

    By George1912
    After moving from Florida to NY I didn’t understand all the parking rules and racked up in just my first week a ton of parking tickets. I had just started my job and didn’t have time to contest them. Seeing this app and even with its positive reviews I was honestly skeptical. Could they actually dismiss my tickets? Would it be that easy to pay through the app if the couldn’t. I took the plunge. I got all three tickets on the app registered my card and let WinIt handle the rest. It worked. My tickets got dismissed all I had to do was pay the service fees for the app (a small price to pay compared to the 200+ dollars I would have had to pay normally) and I never even had to lift a finger expect to use the app. This is the real deal, and a must have app if you ever have a ticket in NYC. Don’t hesitate and “WinIt” today.
  • Real Deal 5/5

    By Annoyed770
    They won for me. Thank you!
  • Lifesaver 😭😭😭 5/5

    By Kevin 😍👑👌🏻
    Thank god I found this app to fight off my ticket cause if not I would of ended up broke. Recommend this app to everyone
  • Excelente 5/5

    By Jvillarino
    Me a ayudado a ahorrar dinero, siempre gana mis tickets
  • Only 1 out of 10 was dismissed... 1/5

    By Dante373
    I submitted 8 parking tickets and 2 Traffic Tickets... they weren’t able to get any of the 8 parking tickets dismissed... and only 1 of the traffic tickets (of which I had to pay $99 each up front for the fee...) glad one was found not guilty and saved me 2 points on my license... but 9 out of 10 we’re not saved... can’t say I highly recommend the app.
  • Dismissed!!! 5/5

    By gabriela santa
    Got a ticket for parking on a no standing zone $125..... was told about the app by my husband and thought I would give it a go since you have nothing to lose. If they don't dismiss your ticket you don't pay anything !! Although it took more than a month my ticket got dismissed!!! All I had to pay is $62.50 fee which is half of what I would’ve had to pay since I had no proof or time to go fight this ticket. I’m very please with app and I’m hoping that my other tickets get dismissed as well!!!
  • Very Convenient 4/5

    By Reg1229
    I do have to say, with all honesty, this app and the people behind it are making it so more ch more convenient for us. We get a ticket and we can’t afford to take a day off, and that’s where WinIt comes in. They fight the ticket for you and if they win you pay half and if they don’t, you pay nothing, it can’t get any better than that!
  • Great work!!!! 5/5

    By EeeSych
    Very responsive, very quick, I can’t believe they pulled it off without me giving them any physical evidence that I wasn’t at fault. Great work
  • Amazing app 5/5

    By Djmala palabra
    I saw this app on tv I dint believe it so i try it and is better than go to the dmv and get a lawyer there . Now you can just add your tickets and this app will help you without going to the dmv this is the best. Thank you
  • Easy to win it!! 5/5

    By Merda53
    The app is easy to use and keeps you updated on any delays. Great app and they help saved me money! The app is a win win!

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