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  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Walmart
  • Compatibility: Android
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WM1 App

The WalmartOne mobile app is for Walmart associates to access their schedule, paystub and useful content on everything from benefits information to company news.


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  • Works when it wants 2/5

    By Bloodmonney
    Every time I want to load my schedule view my pay stub it hardly works and if it does it takes forever to load. We all depend on this app. Please make it better
  • Fix the bugs 1/5

    By apsusano
    All I want to do is look at my schedule and pay stub that is all and for my job title is a need but I never get to look I literally have to call my store and find out from my store manager I think cooperate needs to pay attention to more important things first instead of changing the stores around which customers hate as well as prevention loss
  • We need an update! 1/5

    By Jedpasco1738
    When theres an emergency like right now i cannot call in sick. And now Im gonna be forced to go to work.
  • Fix the issues!!! 1/5

    By Dona_chole
    I love what this app and what it’s suppose to do but what I hate is that it’s NEVER working and is constantly crashing which ultimately defeats the purpose of what this app is used for... FIX IT!!!
  • Slow AF 1/5

    By Anner628
    The app is so slow and glitchy, and constantly “times out.” I’ve had to try a minimum of 4 times just to check my schedule or my pay stub. Walmart is a billion dollar company. Surely they can afford to shell out some cash to update and make this app work faster and smoother, instead of running it like they’re a thousand dollar company.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By NicktheCline
    Worthless, just like Walmart's efforts to "care" for its associates.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By khorky
    Worst app ever!!! You are a multi billion dollar company get it together.
  • WM1 1/5

    By jdex17
    This is a terrible app it does not work. Needs updating bad. Can’t see my schedule or anything
  • Nothing ever loads 1/5

    By L1oN5_C0m3
    It doesn’t matter if I am on WiFi or data, the app will time out before ever loading a schedule or pay stub.
  • Worst app ever 1/5

    By Ptvlife
    Walmart you have a lot of work to do this app is very inconvenient it doesn't work have the time when your trying to check your schedule or pay stub I've been with you for almost to years and this app is still absolute crap
  • Trash can 1/5

    By ktpscoot
    I hate this app literally had to try for over an hour just to look at my pay stub
  • Trash. 1/5

    By Parmasion
    Slower than watching a 4K video on a Motorola Razor.
  • Walmart one app 1/5

    By Titotyy
    Lags and really slow most of the time doesn’t work really needs fixing
  • Needs Major Improvements 1/5

    By lexi.boyer
    The app never loads, so that makes it pretty impossible to rely on it to see my work schedule or pay stub.
  • Useless 1/5

    By jj josephat
    I just started working at Walmart and thought it was cool how everything could be done using the app. Little did I know the app is useless for everything. Half the pages won’t even load and when they do, they are unresponsive or glitchy. It’s disappointing how the Walmart retail apps meant for customers get more consistent updates than this app for associates. I would have expected more from such a large, reputable corporation as Walmart.
  • Junk. 1/5

    By Dr. Doot
    Just like it’s company.
  • Frustrated user 1/5

    By Rory Skye
    App doesn’t work more than half the time. Update the app, please!
  • Security questions 1/5

    By Biggs400
    It won’t let me put my whole answer in for the security. It stops me from see my pay stub and my and stock. It will be good if you put something so you can update them wen they not letting you see your stuff even when you might have put in the wrong stuff or if you forgot it need to do something about that ASP
  • cant check schedule 1/5

    By chris browns wife 💍😘
    literally only got this app to see my schedule. it was cool for the first day , but now its not showing up anymore. just a blank space......
  • Trash 1/5

    By goochtroop
    It's 2017 Wal Mart. Get with the times and update your app. It's total trash, it crashes if you leave it and try to return. Spend the money and update the app.
  • Doesn’t do anything(10/10/17) 1/5

    By elchamber
    Everything they've suggested does NOT WORK.
  • Fix your scheduling 1/5

    By Thekr8z
  • No schedule 1/5

    By k8ybean
    I log in to this regularly and less than half of the time can I even check my schedule. This is the primary function of this app. 🙄 Needs an update!
  • Frustrating 2/5

    By Lady Sweet poison
    Every time I want to check my schedule it takes me like 10-20 minutes because I have to refresh and refresh and keep clicking schedule hoping it pops up. Hopefully they fix it
  • Terrible app from a terrible place to work 1/5

    By walmarthater
    Walmart has been taking away so much from their associates you would think they could drop some money on the app. The app pushes a social media vibe onto you when all you want to do is look at your schedule, call in, or see your pay stub.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By Valkyrie vi
    Needs fixed
  • Aweful 1/5

    By Wysse96
    Yeah, Walmart one is pretty much garbage.
  • Horrible 1/5

    By Sidewyndr
    For a company the size of WalMart one would think they would hire developers that knew what they are doing.
  • 3 months 1/5

    By Screaming Lord Stanley
    Can’t register. Keep getting “oops” message and “having difficulties try again later” message. So far the app is useless. Description of app says it has all sorts of helpful things. Guess I’ll wait and wait and wait..... please fix it. About ready to delete the app.
  • Update ! 1/5

    By Lexi_nichole
    Someone really does need to update this app! My schedule maybe works twice a week. And sometimes my manager changes my days when I ask so I need to make sure it’s done before I just don’t come in and get a no call no show. You are all worried about our customers but what about us associates? Shouldn’t you try to make it a lot easier for us to get what we need to get to work on time???
  • It’s the worst app EVER! 1/5

    By Casheheart
    You can NOT ever rely on your schedule being posted! I suggest you print it! For a multi billion dollar company, your software is.....let’s just say you get my point! Wake up people! Does anyone care!
  • Useless 1/5

    By DA FR3AK
    Cant even log in about half the time. When you do get to log on, there's a 10% chance that the schedule will even load. This started happening after the new updates and "website" update. It's completely useless now. What's the point of having the app if you can't even use it more than half the time.
  • Very Disappointed 1/5

    By Pucca {^_^}
    I can’t logged in and even register again.It’s just very disappointed that I can’t check my schedule. They need to update the Apps.I am sure there are others who feel the same way.It’s just USELESS!! Please fixed it.:0(
  • Bug Problem currently. 2/5

    By Noce8282
    I love the app, but there is a bug that needs to be fixed. Every time I hit schedule it logs me off or doesn’t load at all. Especially at night. Please fix this issue.
  • Need to repair a lot ..!!!!! 1/5

    By Acedavid99
    The most common used " schedule and pay area " not working!!! The rate is 2 to 4 time open for every 10 time we try!!!. In pay area try to open pay stub, not open 1 or 2 time of 10 is work always say the answer is fail. Need to repair this we need this. This is a work tools!!!
  • Awful 1/5

    By karlas
    I cannot get anywhere with this app. It is way too slow. All I want to do is look at my schedule. Ugh
  • Stinks 1/5

    By Darnellgerm
    Always have to reregister and the Work schedule is always down. Get rid of it until you fix it. It’s useless
  • Never works 1/5

    By Dave1354366457647
    They haven't even updated it since 2015. You might think that the world's largest retailer would have a better app...
  • As Expected 1/5

    By A-swamp
    I had no expectations at all for this app and was still disappointed. All I got it for was to check my schedule and, as predicted, it's just as unreliable and generally unusable as the actual website itself, making this app a fundamental failure and ultimately useless. I don't expect anyone to pay attention to this app either as it Is in dire need of an update and has yet to receive one.

    By Louisa2821
    one of the world’s richest and widely known companies and yall’s app is a piece of crap. millions of employees who use this app on a daily basis and it only works when it wants to!
  • Horrendous 1/5

    By Ninjagod122
    Absolutely awful, every time I try and register the app crashes on me mid way through, it's one thing when it's just bad internet, but this is a constant problem no matter where I am or how good the internet is. This needs to be fixed.
  • Enjoy app, but 2/5

    By cjjr8352
    Still having issues with the app and walmartone.com to see my schedule. Been having problems seeing my schedule for the last 7 months. States it is unavailable or gives an error message or gives me a blank page. Have to get schedule at work. Wish I could use the app at home. Like to be able to see schedule on this app.
  • Deserves zero stars! 1/5

    By TurbotaterNat
    Would give it zero stars if I could. Literally the only thing I can do on this sorry excuse of an app is log in. That's it.
  • Very shitty😡 1/5

    By Alta heart
    The app sometimes works then it doesn’t work at all it is so annoying. Can’t wait for a new job so I can take this app off my phone!!
  • App does not retain my login 1/5

    By Redbeard5174
    I’ve been with Walmart for a couple weeks now and I was initially excited to download the Walmart 1 app so I could stay apprised of my schedule. Everything seemed to be working when I completed the initial setup, but the next day when I tried to log in, I got a message saying the username was incorrect. When I attempted to recover the username, there was no record of my email on file, even though I had received the confirmation code in my email, so I had to go through the entire register process again (which became an adventure in itself, as every time I went to enter the confirmation code, I got a message saying the app was having technical difficulties. This went on for days). I finally got registered again under a different username (using the same email) and again, it seemed to work for a day or so, but now I’m having the same issue again. I’m deleting the app from my phone because there’s no sense in having a useless app taking up storage space. I’ll just print my schedule from the WIRE at work.
  • Garbage 1/5

    By jdudnendcv
    You will never see you schedule and prolly get fired.
  • Crap 1/5

    By hec61
    Update This app i could see my schedule on the android version now it wont even pull up on here
  • Does not work 1/5

    By Spanglish_18
    This app doesn't even deserve a star I been trying to register for a week and when I finally did it won't let me login, trust me don't even try it.
  • This app needs to be deleted 1/5

    By derikwade10
    I can never get my schedule to open on the app. They neglect updating this app because they are focused on updating the customers app.
  • It’s bad. 2/5

    By pabdasnoots
    Fix it. It’s basically an emulator of the actual website and there are parts that will brick the part of the app if you click on it. Viewing my schedule is a pain because it takes 5 years to load and also is hidden through like 3 tabs. Same with calling off and seeing the paystub. Nobody cares about the stuff that’s happing with walmart radio, we care about the stuff that we actually need.

WM1 app comments


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