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  • Current Version: 1.07
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: Tequila Works, SL
  • Compatibility: Android
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WonderWorlds App

Welcome to WonderWorlds, a place of limitless imagination, of adventure, discovery, beauty, and maybe just a little peril. The Bozos have landed and it’s time for you to clear up! Grab, jump, tumble and throw your way through hundreds of hand-crafted levels collecting objects, stickers and costumes along the way. But that’s not all. Have you ever wanted to make your own little dreamworld, or even waking nightmare? A medieval zoo, some kind of castle of superhero loneliness, or just a mad photo gallery of your holiday? A race track, a cheese festival, a turbo-powered hedgehog helicopter. It’s all there for the building, and the only limit is your imagination. And hey, don’t forget to join the WonderClub. Here you’ll discover the full potential of WonderWorlds, share your manifest mindscapes and explore our crazy, inventive community. WonderWorlds is a place where the make-believe becomes real. We can’t wait to see you there. *Buy the WonderBundle In-App Purchase to unlock:* - The entire single-player campaign - journey to the end of our story. - A ton of creative content to allow you to build your own adventures (pretty much, EVERYTHING we used to create the single-player campaign!). - Loads of individual items and complete outfits for your avatar. - Unlimited access and sharing to the WonderClub where you can play countless levels made by the WonderWorlds community.


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WonderWorlds app reviews

  • Love 5/5

    By Artistgirl77
    I love this game so much!!! I just wish there was more information accessible on how to work some of the interactive components while creating a level! I know what they’re supposed to do, I just don’t know how I’m supposed to do it!!
  • Having a little trouble... 4/5

    By :[JaredGaming]:
    Hello! So I recently downloaded this game and, personally I love it! But it has just one little kink. At the start of the game when it asks you to create your character, not all the options show up. Then it soon closes out of that window and most of the time leaves you as a half finished character. I don’t know if this is part of the game or if it’s a problem. If you could look into it or try to fix it, that would make the playing experience better for me and for others experiencing this. Thanks!
  • Uh... Something went terribly wrong... 1/5

    By Clay Rudolph
    I want this to serve as a warning to those who buy things impulsively. I don’t know if it’s Apple’s fault but please don’t buy this game right now. Don’t risk it. This is a great game, but this is a potential risk of wasting your money. Please heed my warning. I really didn’t want to have to write a review like this for one of my favorite games... I spent 4 dollars, upgraded to IOS, reset my device countless times, tried purchasing the full version several times, all in vain. I love this game, I want to support it, but I just wasted 4 dollars on a bug. Please fix this, or at least provide some form of compensation for the money lost on this once-promising app. Edit: I really appreciate the response and hard work on this app. With that said, I have tried the remedy you have suggested (even before suggested) to no avail. It simply prompts me to buy the game again.... I appreciate it, hopefully this will be patched soon.
  • Great! 5/5

    By Walid A.
    It’s like if you combined LittleBigPlanet and Tearaway into one game, I felt like I’m playing one of Media molecule’s games. I love it
  • What a Game! 5/5

    By RedstoneWolf15
    I have to be honest, I’ve been looking for a game on the AppStore exactly like this ever since I was about 12. This game is seriously a dream come true. Although the game requires just $4 to continue playing the story, it rewards you with unlocking everything else there is to unlock at the moment (except the XP items). What a prize! WonderWorlds is far too creative and executed almost perfectly. The controls are a little odd. I’d personally love a fixed joystick (both meaning fix the joystick and a joystick fixed in place haha..). There happens to be a somewhat infuriating bug though. I’ve downloaded the Wondernauts space suit and it said the download was A-Okay yet i only received the pants. I’ve gone carefully through every tab and all I have is the space pants. It happened to me with the backpack too. Now, if I click on the button to Randomly dress myself, I can get the wondernauts helmet and shirt. It (along with the backpack) just doesn’t show in my acquired items. Please fix this bug and I really hope you guys make more levels and more packs ;) this is an amazing game!
  • Have An Explore 5/5

    By Avery Y.
    Have An Explore

    By TwisterLBP
    The level system is fantastic as well as story. This app has charm and was great price thanks for making this!
  • Love the game❤️❤️ 4/5

    By Hema 66469
    Love the game. Just wish on the game play section they made things a little more clearer. One thing in particular I was confused about was when I tried to make a world and wanted to make it so I could pick an item up( a key in my experience) I couldn’t figure out how. If anyplayer knows how to I would love to learn how to. Other than that love the game.
  • Controls 3/5

    The controls are sluggish and not precise
  • Okay let me explain 5/5

    By Toltenite
    This game's controls are NOT that bad. You just have to get accustomed to them. It's an IOS game, and a great one at that so please don't be picky. Secondly the only real complaint I have is the lack of costume items. In a game that emphasizes creativity you have to have more options in that area. Third, and this is just a really minor complaint but still a complaint nonetheless. They should offer external controller support. If they do that, I promise this will be a top seller on the store. And please, PLEASE support the developer by buying the full game. If you think it's good now, just wait until people start supporting this game. I think this is a very good game and the bonus is there are no Ads, thousands of user created levels, and customization to ease your creative mind. 5 stars
  • Very disappointed 1/5

    By FrostedOreos
    I just started this game and it is constantly freezing up while trying to go through the tutorial.
  • Won’t even load 4/5

    By CCChan3l
    Thanks for your prompt reply. Logging out of the Game Center did the trick!
  • (Still) Can’t Load Game 3/5

    By AngryMuffinGamer
    I just bought the WonderBundle and I enjoyed the limitless possibilities! I was curious what the ribbons did when you select that mode so I tapped on it, and the screen glitched out. At first I thought it was ok because I reloaded the game and everything was fine! But then I wanted to see if the ribbons worked this time and the same thing happened, alternatively... I was not able to load the game. I kept trying to reload until it got to the point where I had to reinstall the game. I had Game Center so I knew my data was saved.The first few seconds, the game seemed well until the screen glitched again. Now I can’t load the game anymore. Still giving 3 stars for graphics and creativity! Can you please fix this bug if possible? Edit: After the most recent update, nothing changed. Later I found out that I can still play the game, it’s just the screen is frozen. I wanted to restore purchases but I can’t if I can’t even see what menu I’m in. Can you try to fix the screen freezing?
  • Fix the controls, please!!! 3/5

    By SylarUchiha
    I love the game, and I’m willing to pay for the full access. Just fix the controls issue and I will pay for it. Thanks.
  • really cute! 4/5

    By Rose x Kanaya
    I love this it's so cute and I have faith that the game play will only improve from here💛 The controls don't work very well, but still really fun. I spent the four dollars for everything. worth it lol
  • No diversity 2/5

    By Merri d. Cox
    No diversty
  • Great fun 4/5

    By Emmanuel m. Cobb
    Great fun
  • I was wrong 5/5

    By G00GL3 G0GGL3S
    I wrote a review before saying that this game is overpriced, but now, after seeing this games level editor, I get it. This game has an incredible amount of potential when it comes to player level development. The level editor is essentially a streamlined game engine with boundless opportunities, and if they continue to update the level editor with new features, the possibilities are endless. My previous complaints of "meh" level design and clunky controls still stand, but with a few updates, the developer levels will become irrelevant soon anyway. They rly just serve to give inspiration to the player level designers. I've just made a level, and I got to use some of the most in-depth but simple in-game scripting I've ever seen! With a proper guide on how to use the level editor, and an improvement to the games controls, this game will definitely be worth the $4 price line.

    By Vtgfgdydudidi
    Rating: 1 star-because: I waited about a hour for this app the download on my IPhone 6plus. I was exited and went into the game. The intro worked but passed that if glitched out. I am a little disappointed because it took so long to download. I don't know if it was my phones though or the app. But the glitching is just annoying. Before I post this I will delete some of my games and see if it works. UPDATE: No, I deleted the apps o don't use. It still does not work.
  • Thanks! 5/5

    By Tpaln
    Thanks for the comment back! You can change it but it is ok to not change it. It’s just that maybe you can add more!
  • Cute Aesthetic, but unplayable 2/5

    By Morgana18
    I downloaded the game, drawn by the cute aesthetic, but... I didn’t even get past the tutorial at the beginning. My full-battery iPhone was completely drained in less than 5 minutes, something that even the most buggy phone games have never done to my phone before. Aside from that major issue, the controls were wonky enough that I likely wouldn’t have played much longer anyway.
  • Same thing with the controls... 4/5

    By aykaytee
    This game is cool and is very reminiscent of LBP, which is awesome. However, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out the controls, they feel clunky. I think this has way more to do with the platform than anything else. I have not purchased the full game (although I’m willing even at $4 because of the inclusive items) due to the fact that it is way too frustrating to control and I don’t want to spend money until that aspect is quite a bit smoother.
  • 5 mins of playing then pay $3.99 to continue 1/5

    By j- flicky
  • Help 2/5

    By mervinstheodore
    I bought the bundle, and it only says I bought it on the App Store. And when I check my purchases it says pending.
  • Level five is the WORST 3/5

    By kellen tops
    When I reached level five I couldn't play ANY other map except the maps I played so here's something try not to reach level five and I said NOT
  • Fun but won’t fully work for me 3/5

    By Jangus085
    I really like this game so I bought the full version and then it wouldn’t let me have any of the stuff for it, and if I tried to re-buy the package it would just tell me that I already bought it and to enjoy and I tried to uninstall it and reinstall but it still won’t work! If you know how to fix this please tell me it will really help otherwise I just wasted like 4 bucks for nothing!
  • Has good potential but isn't good 2/5

    By Ladycakes16
    The controls in this game are horrible wow
  • The wrong balance 3/5

    By JimJohnMarks
    They went for highly playable, simple controls here, which is a wise move given the light hearted (and wonderful) aesthetics, however the actual mechanics require a level of precision which isn’t especially possible given the simple controls. One of the goals on each board is to complete without losing a life point - which is basically impossible because of how coarse the controls are compared to the precision needed to complete the levels perfectly.
  • I can't get in 1/5

    By blahblahblah222232
    It will not allow me to get in the game. And it keeps on saying wonder worlds can't be reached right now. Don't waist your time
  • WONDERFUL! 5/5

    By SpencerOnion
    This game is wonderful, it has great graphics, it is somewhat challenging and is very fun to play. I would certainly recommend getting it.
  • Great 1/5

    By Britty berry
    Crashes won't even let me play
  • Controls need rework 2/5

    By Spaceghost1969
    Can’t even play on the iPhone X. Movement only controlled at bottom of screen and no room to move finger around. Graphics and physics are amazing.

    By G.money.63
    So I got the game and I bought the bundle but it won’t give it to me. Can you get it for me?
  • I Love It 5/5

    By BennyBoy365927
    Very good game, despite what other reviews say. The controls are a little annoying, but other than that this game is amazing. I also want to add it wont let me put clothes on my character. I don't know if its a glitch or something, but yeah. So overall, this game was very well made.
  • Crashes 1/5

    By Mhgtfcgtrdfgjutfcbhjik
    Seems like it would be a really fun game. However it crashes repeatedly about 5-10 seconds in. Bummer.
  • I love it 5/5

    By Mikusy
    It’s like LBP god you guys made a game no one can’t I love you guys for making it is
  • Absolutely love this game (in-depth review) 4/5

    By Kslrc
    This game is by far one of my favorite games to play on mobile. It is beautifully made and well executed with noticable inspiration from Little Big Planet. Gives the same freedom that you can have in Little Big Planet right in your pocket and it is amazing! I pretty much bought the bundle almost immediately, because obviously I get some benefits, but also to support the developers for making such an amazingly adorable and fun game! Jumping into community levels is fast and easy and the fun really depends on which levels you enjoy. I love the community aspect and how you can see what other people have been up to. Although this game is amazing and fun it does have some drawbacks. Making a level can be downright tedious and borderline annoying. Things just don't go where to want them to. Another thing would be the controls. Although they do get some taking used to, they really aren't that bad. It can be annoying at times though when you want to move the camera but accidently jump instead or trying to move but your thumb doesn't quite swipe enough so you're just left with your character barely walking. I haven't noticed bad performance on my end using an iPhone 7+ though. My biggest concern is the battery. This game DESTROYS my battery. It's insane how much battery is drained in just ten minutes. Although this might be a rather ridiculous statement but the biggest thing that seems to be holding this game back is the platform. This game would probably be even better if it was on the switch or PS4/Xbox or even PC. Who knows where this game could go without the limitations of a phone. But for now this game is truly an amazing game with stunning visuals, intricate level design, fun customizations you can do, and an all around fun and adorable atmosphere.
  • Good, but controls need work. BAttery drains fast 5/5

    By ananth amin
    Also, please disable the weird circle that appears when you move the character- it’s unsightly. Other than that, AMAZING job, one of the most breathtaking games I’ve seen, period. This game severely drains iPhone X battery. Please fix it ASAP.
  • Potential is there 3/5

    It’s an absolutely gorgeous game and the Lil’ Big planet inspiration is extremely well done; not so much that it feels ripped off, enough that its its own thing while giving love to what inspirers it. However, the frame drops and stutter made me quit after the second stage. I have an iPhone 7+ latest iOS with everything closed except the game and every movement has frame drops. I will absolutely keep watching the game and hope optimization’s come. But it’s unplayable, to me, with the current frame drops. Edit: playing in English for what it’s worth (to answer dev question about possible bugs in certain languages)
  • How? 3/5

    By dalesmithtx
    It's okay but I'm can't get out of the part where you change the clothes
  • No diversity 1/5

    By OneOne284
    When creating your character There’s no option for creating a character with a different skin complexion. There should be way more skin complexions than just caucasian, it’s 2017 for crying out loud. 👎🏽
  • Keeps crashing!!! 5/5

    By Sweetiebears
    It keeps crashing when I walk to the stars. I see it's happening to many of you on here. Would like to play this game! Please fix. Ok thanks for the response. It works now
  • Help Please!!! 1/5

    By KiwiBomb
    I am soooo interested in this game and i would love to play it, but every time i try to customize my character, it will only let me choose one option and then go away. it won't let me customize the rest of my character. And every time I get to the star in the tutorial my game freezes and then crashes. I really want to play this game! Please help!
  • Great Fun 4/5

    By Giusep81
    Great platformer, takes allot of the ideas from the game little big planet on PS4. The control’s need work... but the game is worth $3.99 in App Purchase
  • Messaging 4/5

    By Somebroad
    The stickers or whatever for messaging don’t come in even though there is an option for them.
  • Bugged. 2/5

    By trinlove_06
    The game is beautiful, but it’s buggy. I wasn’t able to do a full customization, and the game repeatedly froze for me. So I couldn’t experience much of anything at all.
  • Very stressful 2/5

    By Craftinator2245
    The game has potential like everything does, but it's not the gameplay that's stressful, it's the controls, they move everywhere and hardly work, making each level even harder to get past, it honestly makes me wonder if the person/people who made this decided not to put much effort into the actual game and just the art that's in it.
  • IPA 4/5

    By Cushy,eijcbuurf
    Is this game gonna come out on ipad? I would love to play this on a bigger screen
  • Can't Even Play 1/5

    By sparrowlc
    Love the graphics, and it looks like it'd be fun, if it would actually play. The game crashes almost as soon as I open it every time.
  • Wonder Little Big Planet World 1/5

    By Piocabenitez
    This is just a plagiarism and a poor version of little big planet... what a bad game

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