Wooly Blast: Matching Puzzle

Wooly Blast: Matching Puzzle

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  • Current Version: 1.7.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • Developer: TokyoPlay
  • Compatibility: Android
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Wooly Blast: Matching Puzzle App

Welcome to the incredible world of Wooly Blast, the colorful matching puzzle game that puts you in a 3D world! Wooly Blast is a 3D spinner game that is not challenging, but is very relaxing and captures your attention with a lovely colorful world. Its superior game design and smooth gameplay relieves stress through and combines challenging puzzles and fun! Challenge your brain and blast matching color blocks! Spin your playing field and defeat enemies, explode bombs and use powerful boosts! Try your luck with roulette, interact with Ty the tiger and advance through wonderful worlds! Spin around 3D puzzles explore this fun world. Just TAP, SCROLL and BLAST all the blocks away! Use your match game skills and power-ups to solve the puzzles. Advance through colorful maps and amazing 3D stages to see more of the wooly worlds. FEATURES YOU WILL LOVE: *Free to play *Unique 3D game play. Spin and match endless color blocks! *Spin for daily rewards! *Updates all the time! Match Colors in 3D! Match blocks in this spinning puzzle games and accomplish all your goals. You’ll only beat the level with more matching blocks! Daily Rewards Spin the roulette wheel daily! Unlock and collect rewards every day. Blast Your Way to the Top of the Leaderboard! Play and see if you can get the highest score! Will it be you or your friends that top the Facebook Leaderboards? Can you match your way to the top? Blast blocks today with Wooly Blast!


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Wooly Blast: Matching Puzzle app reviews

  • Hi 5/5

    By Blue car1
    This game is a very awesome refreshing different game I love it
  • Wooly Blast 5/5

    By Pokie chu
    Great game
  • Wooly blast 5/5

    By Willow Mae
    I love this game,I would recommend it to others.
  • Addictive 4/5

    By Missyven
    Love the game—play it all the time! I like the challenging levels. I do wish there was an “Undo” button. And what happened to watching a video when a Voodie gets to the top/bomb explodes to get a second chance? Suggestion—award coins for each level completed. Like 1 coin per star you earn on each level.
  • Addicting 5/5

    By courtbrookcj
    5stars all day long can't stop playing!!!!! Love the game only thing I wish it would change up some things every so Often with diffrent rewards and diffrent ways to break blocks. But I love this game!!!!
  • Videos went from 10 coins to 3 2/5

    By Reviewer0623
    Love this game, but Watching videos just went from getting 10 coins to 3. I’m level 383 and am now going to find another game because of this change. What a downgrade!! There’s way too many free games out there to have to sit through 5 minutes of ads to restock lives.
  • Love this 5/5

    By My last try on nickname
    I love this game. I can’t stop playing. It is challenging but also doable. I have been playing this game for awhile. I love it. It’s still my favorite game. I wish there were two of them because I would have two of them to play. Maybe you can do a little different version of this.
  • You lost a star! 4/5

    By elblondee
    Why did you take away the extra coins per video. Now to I’ll have watch the same ads over and over and over. Oh yea that brings me to another point. Why am I seeing ads of apps I already have on my devices that I’ve had for 6+ months? As smart as technology is, that shouldn’t be happening!
  • Woolley Blast 5/5

    By Pedro's Girl
    I just love this game. It's so different. It's fun and challenging. Thank you!
  • Fun 5/5

    By McFun1
    Variety in game set ups. Fun.
  • Love this app 5/5

    By samidogooder
    Love the 3D effects
  • Scammed 3/5

    By Blazetail360
    On PocketFlip, I did the request to get to lvl 15 and did so. I had not got my coins. Ive been waiting
  • Love the game, but there is an issue to resolve 5/5

    By Yadi2015
    THANK YOU! You fixed the bug and I’m playing again. Love this game!!!!
  • Update! 5/5

    By Lazy Pins
    My only issue so far, as I read others have the same issue, is my lives don’t fill up. I have to buy them with my coins. For now I’m deleting this game. It’s really fun but it’s says I have FULL LIVES and there’s none there. FIX IT AND ILL BE BACK! Thank you for fixing the issue!
  • PJS 5/5

    By widreamin
    Love the game....HATE having no lives. PLEASE FIX THIS GLITCH!!!!! Thanks for fixing the issue!!!!!
  • Fun and addictive!! 5/5

    By MiaSoph
    Used to play this game daily...lives now say full but counter stays at 0. How many people have to push reviews telling you “we CAN’T currently play the game” because of this issue. I’ll be deleting this one if not fixed soon. Additionally, it’s very frustrating that there is no place within the game to contact anyone in game support. It unbelievable that you pushed an update and did not fix the issue with lives...deleting this game Update: Reloaded this game today — still not fixed. Wrote to developer on customer support via e-mail a week ago...no reply. 👿👿 Looks like the developer has fixed this game! Hoping for the best as this is a great game when running correctly. 3D format makes this game challenging and really fun to play. It goes a step beyond and really makes you think moves through, 😀😀
  • The Fix 5/5

    By ricileigh
    I’ so glad the fix went through. I love this game more than the others I play.
  • No more moves!! 5/5

    By elainewitt
    I loved this gams, I’m at level 325, it says I have full lives, but the # says 0..... I have to go thru all the moves to get a free light just to play one time. I’m very disappointed.... NEW REVIEW ******** Now that the glitch is fixed I will now say this is my favorite game.. it’s very challenging and fun! Thank you wooly blast for fixing the glitch.. game is great!!
  • Great, Fun and Different 5/5

    By Lakelovinglady
    This game had some issues and I was going to quit playing but I decided to send a note to the developers through Facebook. The issues have been fixed and the game is fun again. I love the fact that people listened and fixed the issue pretty quickly. A lot of the games just ignore you. This is not your typical match three game so it doesn’t get boring.
  • Lives not regenerating! 1/5

    By VYSA28
    I played this game daily until a few days ago... now the lives are not regenerating without having uninstall & reinstall the app! This seems to be a common problem based on the reviews. Please fix!
  • Lives not refilling 1/5

    By Kells7767
    At most I get 1 life at a time. Game really needs a fix. Even with the latest update I still have no lives in the game. Clearly this isn’t just me having trouble.
  • Ridiculous! 1/5

    By LianneRC
    I’m deleting. I wish they would fix this...I do everything it says and still have to wait longer then it says. Other then that it could be a great game.
  • Tired of deleting and re-entering game 1/5

    By Billysgame
    When are you going to fix this game you have to keep deleting it and re-starting all over again I’m going to delete it now and not put it back on ever again so I read that somebody says that you have fixed it it’s a great game but it’s very annoying that he gets out for it playing it and then when you shut it down and you turn it back on the next day you say that you don’t have new games to play and then you have to delete it re-Boudet up and start all over again from level one
  • When are you fixing the game?! 1/5

    By Jenjenjennnn
    New update won’t refresh my lives... it’s been like a week. What’s up devs?!
  • Still Broke 1/5

    By Ok sandy
    I loved this game was on level 142 when it stopped regenerating lives. It’s December and even if you delete and reinstall the same problem occurs. Really sad this was a great game.
  • Problems 3/5

    By Shar91
    I only rated this game a three. I would have given a five plus. I was in the nineties when it would not give you any lives. It wants you to buy lives. Day after day nothing. I'm hoping it just a glitch. Can you please fix it?
  • Not worth it 1/5

    By DJ MARL
    Never gain new lives. If you stop playing and close the game, when you reopen the life timer restarts at 30 minutes and you never gain a life unless you sit there with the app open doing nothing for half an hour.
  • Fix it already 1/5

    By ButchieJane
    I love this love but have not been able to play it for days. Lives say full but no lives are there. Get with it and fix this problem already.
  • Frustrated 1/5

    By Dansgirl57
    DELETE DELETE DELETE. 1. Lives do not recharge 2. Coins gone and never purchased one item. Game freezes quite often. SO DELETE DELETE DELETE
  • No lives?! 1/5

    By CrystalFirstofHerName
    It was a fun game until the lives weren’t being restored. I see this is an issue for other players, too. Fix this, maybe?
  • This is a "What?" 1/5

    By Chickynipu
    Totally Weird, senseless game. Bye.
  • Not working 3/5

    By Jhart5864
    Can no longer play since update. Won’t accrue lives.

    By Momomoatsie
    I love this game to as a lot of fun. I realize from the reviews that we are all having trouble since last update. My shows installing app. It is in App Pending Download but I cannot REMOVE THE APP OR GET IT TO OPEN. PLS help us all! You have a great game and many people upset right now. Thank you! A daily player! I NEED TO HAVE THIS GAME REMOVED NOW AS I CAN PLAY NO OTHER GAMES AT IT IS TAKING UP SPACE! It just sits on my phone saying waiting. TURN THIS GAME OFF UNTIL YOU REPAIR IT. THERE ARE SO MANY COMPLAINTS THAT YOU NEED TO SEND OUT A CLOSE DOWN LETTER UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!
  • No lives 3/5

    By Kent12349
    Keeps telling me in 30 mins for the pass 3 days😒really want to continue playing this game but still not fix
  • Help Please 3/5

    By Braille2Teach
    I greatly enjoy the challenges of this 3-D game. However since it has updated—it will not give me lives. Lives only begin to regenerate if I am in the game. But the timer resents itself if I get out of it only to begin its reset once I open the game. How can I play with no lives...
  • Jknott31 1/5

    By Jknott31
    Lives wont replenish deleting game
  • Very frustrating 1/5

    By tammydoucet
    Can’t get but 1 life and suppose to have 5 have had it but 2 weeks can’t get but 1 life once a day fixing to disconnect if I can’t get support to write back after 5 th time asking for help
  • One life 1/5

    By &$@#!
    I don’t know what’s with this game. It’s really a good game, but it only gives me one life. If you don’t make that game, you wait until the life fills. No game gives you just one life. By the looks of other reviews, this game isn’t good.
  • Life’s not regenerating 2/5

    By Ship face
    I really love this game, but haven’t been able to play it for days. I have also uninstalled it and lost all of my progress in the game and still have no lives. Please let us know if this is going to be fixed.
  • No lives 1/5

    By LovelyFonseca222
    Since the update I haven’t had any lives to play with despite it saying full 😕 the heart has a zero yet the bar says full Update: over a week and this issue still hasn’t been fixed very frustrating 👿
  • Lives will not update 3/5

    By Spootified
    Love the game but for the last several days the lives do no update and renew😫. Please fix the bug!
  • No lives! 1/5

    By Peggegg
    Ok..... after most recent update, the lives STILL don’t refill. I was hoping they had fixed it since this update came so close to the last one. I wrote to the developers several days ago, with no reply, so I guess they are hoping we will be stupid and buy lives to keep playing. Well guess what! I loved this game, but will be deleting it and looking for a new favorite FREE game.
  • Lives don’t refill 1/5

    By Mimsd
    It was fun until it stopped working so I could play. My lives aren’t refilling.
  • No lives 1/5

    By Memstylist
    I haven’t had anything lives since yesterday afternoon.
  • Timer doesn’t change 1/5

    By Psychic Linda
    Just took this off my iPad and I am very disappointed. I got up so many levels and now it’s stuck on 29 minutes and still counts down from 29 minutes every single time. Never goes to zero and give you your lives. I thought I like this game now I can absolutely. Shame on the creators for not keeping up with it.
  • Fix issues please 2/5

    By Iywgkpi
    This was one of my favorite games. It keeps saying I have no lives left. Frustrating. I deleted and then added the game and it’s not helped and now I’m at the begging again. Every time I open the app, it says I have no lives. Fix the issues
  • Lives don’t recharge!! 1/5

    By MOM4GK7
    I love this game and I used to play it two or three times a day. Your new lives don’t recharge anymore. Your supposed to wait for 30 minutes and you have five new lives. It started a few days ago, I thought it was a glitch, it isn’t. I’m deleting this once awesome app.
  • Games needs to be fixed 2/5

    By Reesescup55
    My lives says full but I have to spend my coins in order to get lives to play.
  • Please fix! 1/5

    By M0rgz
    The game will no longer regenerate lives, which is very frustrating. Please fix, I LOVE this game!!
  • Please fix so I can play again 4/5

    By Fun game overall
    1. This game is addictive!! Don’t say you weren’t warned! 2. For days now I haven’t been able to play it because my lives haven’t been regenerating. It says “full lives”, as it should; but instead of “5” lives like it should, it says “0” and won’t let me play.

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